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Droandi, G. Co Author Listing * Privacy Protection in Biometric-Based Recognition Systems: A marriage between cryptography and signal processing

Drobchenko, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Object Class Detection Using Local Image Features and Point Pattern Matching Constellation Search
* Object Localisation Using Generative Probability Model for Spatial Constellation and Local Image Features
Includes: Drobchenko, A.[Alexander] Drobchenko, A.

Drocco, M. Co Author Listing * parallel edge preserving algorithm for salt and pepper image denoising, A

Drochon, A. Co Author Listing * MagnetoHemoDynamics Effect on Electrocardiograms

Drochtert, D. Co Author Listing * Virtual archery with tangible interaction

Drocourt, C. Co Author Listing * absolute localization method using a synthetic panoramic image base, An
* Automatic detection of chemotaxis cells in angiogenesis process
* Experimental Results got with the Omnidirectional Vision Sensor: SYCLOP
Includes: Drocourt, C. Drocourt, C.[Cyril]

Droege, D.[Detlev] Co Author Listing * Registering Long-Term Image Series

Droeschel, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Omnidirectional Perception for Lightweight MAVs using a Continuously Rotating 3D Laser
* Omnidirectional Perception for Lightweight UAVS Using a Continuously Rotating 3D Laser Scanner
* Towards Multimodal Omnidirectional Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Includes: Droeschel, D.[David] Droeschel, D.

Droese, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Multiple Background Sprite Generation Using Camera Motion Characterization for Object-Based Video Coding

Droettboom, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Staff Removal Algorithms, A
* Staff Line Removal Toolkit for Gamera

Droghetti, S. Co Author Listing * Solar Radiation Estimation On Building Roofs And Web-based Solar Cadastre

Drogolyub, A.[Andrey] Co Author Listing * Depth Camera Based on Color-Coded Aperture

Drogoul, A.[Audric] Co Author Listing * Numerical Analysis of the Topological Gradient Method for Fourth Order Models and Applications to the Detection of Fine Structures in Imaging
* Topological gradient for a fourth order PDE and application to the detection of fine structures in 2D and 3D images

Drolet, B. Co Author Listing * Wetland mapping using object-oriented classification, a multi-scale approach for the Canadian Wetland Inventory (CWI) initiative

Drolon, H. Co Author Listing * Particles shape analysis and classification using the wavelet transform

Drolon, V.[Vanessa] Co Author Listing * Annual and Seasonal Glacier-Wide Surface Mass Balance Quantified from Changes in Glacier Surface State: A Review on Existing Methods Using Optical Satellite Imagery

Dron, L.[Lisa] Co Author Listing * Computing 3-D Motion in Custom Analog and Digital VLSI
* Dynamic Camera Self-Calibration from Controlled Motion Sequences
* Multiscale Veto Model: A 2-Stage Analog Network for Edge-Detection and Image-Reconstruction, The
* System-level design of specialized VLSI hardware for computing relative orientation
Includes: Dron, L.[Lisa] Dron, L.

Dronova, I.[Iryna] Co Author Listing * Landscape-Level Associations of Wintering Waterbird Diversity and Abundance from Remotely Sensed Wetland Characteristics of Poyang Lake
* Object-Based Image Analysis in Wetland Research: A Review

Droogers, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Hydrological Modelling using Satellite-Based Crop Coefficients: A Comparison of Methods at the Basin Scale

Droop, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Diatom Contour Analysis Using Morphological Curvature Scale Spaces
* Diatom identification: a double challenge called ADIAC
Includes: Droop, S.[Stephen] Droop, S.

Droop, S.J.M. Co Author Listing * model of diatom shape and texture for analysis, synthesis and identification, A

Drop, F.M.[Frank M.] Co Author Listing * Objective Model Selection for Identifying the Human Feedforward Response in Manual Control

Dropkin, M. Co Author Listing * email: Dropkin, M.: mdropkin AT bu edu

Dropps, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Global Detection of Salient Convex Boundaries

Dropsho, S. Co Author Listing * DARPA Image Understanding Motion Benchmark, The

Dror, G. Co Author Listing * Classification of Moving Targets Based on Motion and Appearance
* Identifying Developmental Dysgraphia Characteristics Utilizing Handwriting Classification Methods
* Is Pinocchio's Nose Long or His Head Small? Learning Shape Distances for Classification
* Web-Scale Media Recommendation Systems
Includes: Dror, G. Dror, G.[Gideon]

Dror, I. Co Author Listing * Restoration of Atmospherically Blurred Images According to Weather Predicted Atmospheric Modulation Transfer Functions

Dror, I.E. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Target Recognition Via Sonar: A Neural-Network Model

Dror, R.O.[Ron O.] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of velocity estimation by Reichardt correlators
* How do Humans Determine Reflectance Properties under Unknown Illumination?
* Recognition of Surface Reflectance Properties from a Single Image under Unknown Real-World Illumination
* Statistics of Real-World Illumination
* Surface Reflectance Estimation and Natural Illumination Statistics
* Surface Reflectance Recognition and Real-World Illumination Statistics

Drori, I.[Iddo] Co Author Listing * Bilateral mesh denoising
* Example-based style synthesis
* Spectral sound gap filling
Includes: Drori, I.[Iddo] Drori, I.

Drory, A.[Ami] Co Author Listing * Automated detection and tracking of slalom paddlers from broadcast image sequences using cascade classifiers and discriminative correlation filters
* Semi-Global Matching: A Principled Derivation in Terms of Message Passing
Includes: Drory, A.[Ami] Drory, A.[Amnon]

Drose, M. Co Author Listing * 3-D Reconstruction of a Dynamic Environment With a Fully Calibrated Background for Traffic Scenes
* Extending Single-View Scalable Video Coding to Multi-View Based on H.264/AVC
* Low Bit-Rate Object-based Multi-view Video Coding using MVC
* Object-Based Multiple Sprite Coding of Unsegmented Videos using H.264/AVC
Includes: Drose, M. Drose, M.[Michael]

Droske, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Higher-Order Feature-Preserving Geometric Regularization
* Multiscale Joint Segmentation and Registration of Image Morphology
* Mumford-Shah Model for One-to-One Edge Matching
* Non-rigid morphological image registration and its practical issues
* Variational Approach to Joint Denoising, Edge Detection and Motion Estimation, A
Includes: Droske, M.[Marc] Droske, M.

Drosopoulos, A.I.[Athanasios I.] Co Author Listing * Efficient optical camera tracking in virtual sets
* modular approach to facial feature segmentation on real sequences, A
* Optical Camera Tracking in Virtual Studios: Degenerate Cases
* SOMM: Self organizing Markov map for gesture recognition

Drosou, A.[Anastasios] Co Author Listing * Activity related authentication using prehension biometrics
* Activity related biometric authentication using Spherical Harmonics
* Enhancing 3D face recognition using soft biometrics
* Event-based unobtrusive authentication using multi-view image sequences
* Interactive Visual Analytics Platform for Smart Intelligent Transportation Systems Management, An
* Multi-Objective Optimization for Multimodal Visualization
* Spatiotemporal analysis of human activities for biometric authentication
* Systematic Error Analysis for the Enhancement of Biometric Systems Using Soft Biometrics
* Unobtrusive multi-modal biometric recognition using activity-related signatures
Includes: Drosou, A.[Anastasios] Drosou, A.
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Drossart, P. Co Author Listing * Calibration of Hyperspectral Imaging Data: VIRTIS-M Onboard Venus Express

Drossos, K. Co Author Listing * Investigating the Impact of Sound Angular Position on the Listener Affective State

Drost, B.[Bertram] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Detection and Localization Using Multimodal Point Pair Features
* Graph-Based Deformable 3D Object Matching
* Hierarchical Voxel Hash for Fast 3D Nearest Neighbor Lookup, A
* Introducing MVTec ITODD: A Dataset for 3D Object Recognition in Industry
* Model globally, match locally: Efficient and robust 3D object recognition
* performance evaluation of point pair features, A

Drost, B.H.[Bertram H.] Co Author Listing * Almost constant-time 3D nearest-neighbor lookup using implicit octrees

Drost, R.J.[Robert J.] Co Author Listing * Factor graph methods for three-dimensional shape reconstruction as applied to LIDAR imaging

Droste, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Customizable Visualization on Demand for Hierarchically Organized Information in Biochemical Networks

Drot, S. Co Author Listing * Object point processes for image segmentation

Drouard, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Head pose estimation via probabilistic high-dimensional regression
* Robust Head-Pose Estimation Based on Partially-Latent Mixture of Linear Regressions
* Switching Linear Inverse-Regression Model for Tracking Head Pose
Includes: Drouard, V.[Vincent] Drouard, V.

Drouhard, J.P. Co Author Listing * Neural-Network Approach to Off-Line Signature Verification Using Directional PDF, A
* Off-line signature verification using directional PDF and neural networks
* Shape Matrices as a Mixed Shape Factor for Off-Line Signature Verification

Drouiche, K. Co Author Listing * Highly regular wavelets for the detection of clustered microcalcifications in mammograms

Drouin, M.A.[Marc Antoine] Co Author Listing * Camera-projector matching using an unstructured video stream
* Camera-projector matching using unstructured video
* Characterizing the impact of optically induced blurring of a high-resolution phase-shift 3D scanner
* Efficient representation of the variant PSF of structured light system
* Fast multiple-baseline stereo with occlusion
* Geo-Consistency for Wide Multi-Camera Stereo
* High Resolution Projector for 3D Imaging
* High-speed transition patterns for video projection, 3D reconstruction, and copyright protection
* Improving Border Localization of Multi-Baseline Stereo Using Border-Cut
* Non-Uniform Hierarchical Geo-consistency for Multi-baseline Stereo
Includes: Drouin, M.A.[Marc Antoine] Drouin, M.A.[Marc-Antoine]
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Drouin, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * MONNET: Monitoring Pedestrians with a Network of Loosely-Coupled Cameras

Drouin, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Incremental Discovery of Object Parts in Video Sequences
* MONNET: Monitoring Pedestrians with a Network of Loosely-Coupled Cameras
Includes: Drouin, S.[Stephane] Drouin, S.[Stéphane]

Droulez, J.[Jacques] Co Author Listing * On-line fusion of trackers for single-object tracking
* probabilistic approach to camera pose and calibration from a small set of point and line correspondences, A
* Reliable camera pose and calibration from a small set of point and line correspondences: A probabilistic approach
* Self-motion and the perception of stationary objects
* Stereo correspondence from optic flow
* Velocity-Based Correspondence in Stereokinetic Images
* Visual Encoding of Tilt from Optic Flow: Psychophysics and Computational Modelling
Includes: Droulez, J.[Jacques] Droulez, J.
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Drouot, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Non-linear EEG Analysis of Idiopathic Hypersomnia

Droux, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System to Localize and Classify Wastes on the Streets, A

Drouyer, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Sparse Stereo Disparity Map Densification Using Hierarchical Image Segmentation
Includes: Drouyer, S.[Sebastien] Drouyer, S.[Sébastien]

Drovetto, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Image Registration for Face Matching Guided by the Surface Interpenetration Measure

Drozd, I. Co Author Listing * GUI for interactive speech synthesis

Drozdov, G. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Negatively Focused Ultrasound Detectors in Optoacoustic Tomography
* Robust Recovery of Heavily Degraded Depth Measurements
Includes: Drozdov, G. Drozdov, G.[Gilad]

Drozdz, A.[Agata] Co Author Listing * Fully-Automatic Method for Assessment of Flow-Mediated Dilation
Includes: Drozdz, A.[Agata] Drózdz, A.[Agata]

Drozdzal, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Aligning endoluminal scene sequences in wireless capsule endoscopy
* Deep Learning Features for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Analysis
* Human Relative Position Detection Based on Mutual Occlusion
* Interactive Labeling of WCE Images
* Intestinal event segmentation for endoluminal video analysis
* One Hundred Layers Tiramisu: Fully Convolutional DenseNets for Semantic Segmentation, The
Includes: Drozdzal, M.[Michal] Drozdzal, M.

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