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Du, R.[Ruo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Stick-Like Features for Human Detection Based on Multi-scale Feature Fusion Scheme
* Comparative Study of Texture and Convolutional Neural Network Features for Detecting Collapsed Buildings After Earthquakes Using Pre- and Post-Event Satellite Imagery, A
* Design and Preliminary Evaluation of a Finger-Mounted Camera and Feedback System to Enable Reading of Printed Text for the Blind, The
* Facial expression recognition using histogram variances faces
* Flood Distance Algorithms and Fault Hidden Danger Recognition for Transmission Line Towers Based on SAR Images
* Identification of Pedestrian and Bicyclist through Range Micro Doppler Signatures
* interventional treatment plan system design on liver tumor, An
* Learn Concepts in Multiple-Instance Learning with Diverse Density Framework Using Supervised Mean Shift
* Lossless authentication of mpeg-2 video
* Lossless Data Embedding: New Paradigm in Digital Watermarking
* Object Categorization Based on a Supervised Mean Shift Algorithm
* SketchyScene: Richly-Annotated Scene Sketches
Includes: Du, R.[Ruo] Du, R.[Runlin] Du, R.[Ruofei] Du, R.[Rujun] Du, R.[Rui] Du, R.[Ruxu]
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