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Du, T. Co Author Listing * Cross-Calibration of HJ-1/CCD Over a Desert Site Using Landsat ETM + Imagery and ASTER GDEM Product
* Effects of Distinguishing Vegetation Types on the Estimates of Remotely Sensed Evapotranspiration in Arid Regions
* Joint Processing of UAV Imagery and Terrestrial Mobile Mapping System Data for Very High Resolution City Modeling
* Kinect-Based Real-Time RGB-D Image Fusion Method
* Route Backtracking Method Based On Video And Road Network, A
Includes: Du, T. Du, T.[Tao]

Du, T.H.[Tie Hua] Co Author Listing * Comparison of the support vector machine and relevant vector machine in regression and classification problems
Includes: Du, T.H.[Tie Hua] Du, T.H.[Tie-Hua]

Du, T.Y.[Tian Yi] Co Author Listing * Hybrid superpixel segmentation
Includes: Du, T.Y.[Tian Yi] Du, T.Y.[Tian-Yi]

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