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Dubayah, R. Co Author Listing * Characterization of Canopy Layering in Forested Ecosystems Using Full Waveform Lidar
* Empirical Assessment of Temporal Decorrelation Using the Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar over Forested Landscapes, An
* Semiautomated Probabilistic Framework for Tree-Cover Delineation From 1-m NAIP Imagery Using a High-Performance Computing Architecture, A
* Sensitivity of Multi-Source SAR Backscatter to Changes in Forest Aboveground Biomass
* Uncertainty of Plot-Scale Forest Height Estimates from Complementary Spaceborne Observations in the Taiga-Tundra Ecotone, The
* Using InSAR Coherence to Map Stand Age in a Boreal Forest
* Validation of SRTM Elevations Over Vegetated and Non-vegetated Terrain Using Medium-Footprint Lidar
* Voxel-Based Spatial Filtering Method for Canopy Height Retrieval from Airborne Single-Photon Lidar
Includes: Dubayah, R. Dubayah, R.[Ralph]
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Dubayah, R.O.[Ralph O.] Co Author Listing * Human Land-Use Practices Lead to Global Long-Term Increases in Photosynthetic Capacity

Dubbelman, G.[Gijs] Co Author Listing * Bias reduction for stereo based motion estimation with applications to large scale visual odometry
* Manifold Statistics for Essential Matrices
* Training-free moving object detection system based on hierarchical color-guided motion segmentation

Dubbini, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of an Underwater Archaelogical Site: Comparison Between Low Cost Cameras
* Accuracy Assessment Of Underwater Photogrammetric Three Dimensional Modelling For Coral Reefs
* Evaluating Multispectral Images and Vegetation Indices for Precision Farming Applications from UAV Images
* Integrated Procedure to Assess the Stability of Coastal Rocky Cliffs: From UAV Close-Range Photogrammetry to Geomechanical Finite Element Modeling, An
* NDVI from Landsat 8 Vegetation Indices to Study Movement Dynamics of Capra Ibex in Mountain Areas
* Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for High-Resolution Reconstruction of Topography: The Structure from Motion Approach on Coastal Environments
* Validation Tests of Open-Source Procedures for Digital Camera Calibration and 3D Image-Based Modelling
Includes: Dubbini, M. Dubbini, M.[Marco]
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Dube, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * incremental rigidity scheme for structure from motion: The line-based formulation, The
* Real-time plane extraction from depth images with the Randomized Hough Transform
Includes: Dube, D.[Daniel] Dubé, D.[Daniel]

Dube, M.[Mridula] Co Author Listing * Piecewise Quartic Trigonometric Polynomial B-Spline Curves with Two Shape Parameters

Dube, R.P. Co Author Listing * Managing Geometric Information with a Database Management System
* Tension In A Bicubic Surface Patch
* Univariate Blending Functions and Alternatives
Includes: Dube, R.P. Dube, R.P.[R. Peter]

Dube, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient Multilevel Brain Tumor Segmentation With Integrated Bayesian Model Classification
* Video Compression by Mean-Corrected Motion Compensation of Partial Quadtrees

Dube, T.[Timothy] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the utility of the medium-spatial resolution Landsat 8 multispectral sensor in quantifying aboveground biomass in uMgeni catchment, South Africa
* impact of integrating WorldView-2 sensor and environmental variables in estimating plantation forest species aboveground biomass and carbon stocks in uMgeni Catchment, South Africa, The
* Investigating the robustness of the new Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager derived texture metrics in estimating plantation forest aboveground biomass in resource constrained areas
* Progress in the remote sensing of C3 and C4 grass species aboveground biomass over time and space
* Script Recognition: A Review
* Stand-volume estimation from multi-source data for coppiced and high forest Eucalyptus spp. silvicultural systems in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Includes: Dube, T.[Timothy] Dube, T.[Tulika]

Dube, Y. Co Author Listing * New Approach to Robot Orientation by Orthogonal Lines, A

Dubeau, F. Co Author Listing * Old and new straight-line detectors: Description and comparison
* Phase-Based Disparity Estimation: a Spatial Approach
* Weighted Pseudometric Discriminatory Power Improvement Using a Bayesian Logistic Regression Model Based on a Variational Method
Includes: Dubeau, F. Dubeau, F.[Francois]

Dubeau, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Mapping the Dabus Wetlands, Ethiopia, Using Random Forest Classification of Landsat, PALSAR and Topographic Data

Dubecky, F. Co Author Listing * Experiments with application of image reconstruction method based on perspective imaging techniques in X-ray CT mini system

Dubeda, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Technical and Phonetic Aspects of Speech Quality Assessment: The Case of Prosody Synthesis
Includes: Dubeda, T.[Tomas] Dubeda, T.[Tomáš]

Dubel, S.[Steve] Co Author Listing * Visualization of Features in 3D Terrain
Includes: Dubel, S.[Steve] Dübel, S.[Steve] (Maybe also Duebel, S.)

Duber, C. Co Author Listing * About Objective 3-D Analysis of Airway Geometry in Computerized Tomography
* Graph-Matching Based CTA

Dubertret, B. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Estimation for Optimized Structured Illumination Microscopy
* Fast and automatic reconstruction of structured illumination microscopy images with multiscale products
Includes: Dubertret, B. Dubertret, B.[Benoit]

Dubertret, L. Co Author Listing * Automated Registration of Dissimilar Images: Application to Medical Imagery
* Quantitative and kinetic evolution of wound healing through image analysis

Dubes, R.C. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Clustering Data
* Bootstrap Techniques for Error Estimation
* Can the Fractal Dimension of Images Be Measured
* Cluster Analysis and Related Issues
* Cluster validity profiles
* Clustering techniques: The user's dilemma
* Comments on An ensemble average classifier for pattern recognition machines
* comparison of tests for randomness, A
* Efficacy of Fractal Features in Segmenting Images of Natural Textures
* Experiments in Fitting Discrete Markov Random Fields to Textures
* Experiments in projection and clustering by simulated annealing
* Feature definition in pattern recognition with small sample size
* First Stage in Two-Stage Template Matching, The
* How many clusters are best? - An experiment
* MRF Model-Based Algorithms for Image Segmentation
* On-Line Recognition of Handwritten Characters: Alphanumerics, Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji
* Performance Evaluation for Four Classes of Textural Features
* probabilistic measure of similarity for binary data in pattern recognition, A
* Random Field Models in Image Analysis
* Remarks on some statistical properties of the minimum spanning forest
* review of ridge counting in dermatoglyphics, A
* Single-link characteristics of a mode-seeking clustering algorithm
* Some Experiments in Two-Dimensional Grammatical Inference
* Stability of a hierarchical clustering
* test for multidimensional clustering tendency, A
* Test for Spatial Randomness Based on K-NN Distances, A
* Tree classifier design with a permutation statistic
* Validity studies in clustering methodologies
Includes: Dubes, R.C. Dubes, R.C.[Richard C.]
28 for Dubes, R.C.

Dubey, A. Co Author Listing * CNN Based Yeast Cell Segmentation in Multi-modal Fluorescent Microscopy Data
* Deep Learning the City: Quantifying Urban Perception at a Global Scale
Includes: Dubey, A. Dubey, A.[Abhimanyu]

Dubey, M.L. Co Author Listing * Learning phase-rich features from streaming auditory images

Dubey, N.[Nijoo] Co Author Listing * Perceptual color spacing derived from maximum likelihood multidimensional scaling

Dubey, P.[Pradeep] Co Author Listing * Efficient Query Modification for Image Retrieval
* gradient-based foreground detection technique for object tracking in a traffic monitoring system, A
* Heuristic approach for license plate detection
* Interactive Modeling, Simulation and Control of Large-Scale Crowds and Traffic
* iPURE: Perceptual and User-friendly REtrieval of Images
Includes: Dubey, P.[Pradeep] Dubey, P.

Dubey, R.[Rachit] Co Author Listing * Depth Camera Based Fall Recognition System for the Elderly, A
* Design and development of a virtual reality system for vocational rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities
* Do humans fixate on interest points?
* immersive multi-agent system for interactive applications, An
* Improving Saliency Models by Predicting Human Fixation Patches
* Scene-Dependent Intention Recognition for Task Communication with Reduced Human-Robot Interaction
* What Makes an Object Memorable?
Includes: Dubey, R.[Rachit] Dubey, R. Dubey, R.[Rohit] Dubey, R.[Rajiv]
7 for Dubey, R.

Dubey, S.[Sipi] Co Author Listing * Robust and Secure Transmission over Insecure Channel through Higher Level Bit Replacement

Dubey, S.R.[Shiv Ram] Co Author Listing * Apple disease classification using color, texture and shape features from images
* Emotion recognition from facial expressions based on multi-level classification
* Local Diagonal Extrema Pattern: A New and Efficient Feature Descriptor for CT Image Retrieval
* Local neighbourhood-based robust colour occurrence descriptor for colour image retrieval
* Local Wavelet Pattern: A New Feature Descriptor for Image Retrieval in Medical CT Databases
* Multichannel Decoded Local Binary Patterns for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Rotation and Illumination Invariant Interleaved Intensity Order-Based Local Descriptor
Includes: Dubey, S.R.[Shiv Ram] Dubey, S.R.
7 for Dubey, S.R.

Dubey, Y.K. Co Author Listing * Intuitionistic fuzzy roughness measure for segmentation of brain MR images

Dubiel, F. Co Author Listing * Computer Understanding of Document Structure

Dubil, J.F.[James F.] Co Author Listing * Document image processing system

Dubin, S. Co Author Listing * Structured Light Using Pseudorandom Codes

Dubinskiy, A. Co Author Listing * multi-scale generative model for animate shapes and parts, A

Dubitzki, T. Co Author Listing * Parallel Computation of Contour Properties
* Parallel Region Property Computation by Active Quadtree Networks
* Some Experiments with Mosaic Models for Textures
* Statistical Analysis of Some Edge Operators
Includes: Dubitzki, T. Dubitzki, T.[Tsvi]

Dubnov, S.[Shlomo] Co Author Listing * Variable Markov Oracle: Algorithms for Human Gesture Applications, The

Dubois Fernandez, P. Co Author Listing * PolInSAR Analysis of X-Band Data Over Vegetated and Urban Areas
Includes: Dubois Fernandez, P. Dubois-Fernandez, P.

Dubois Fernandez, P.C. Co Author Listing * Capabilities of BIOMASS Tomography for Investigating Tropical Forests
* Characterization of Shannon Entropy and Bhattacharyya Measure of Contrast in Polarimetric and Interferometric SAR Image, A
* Forest Biophysical Parameter Estimation Using L- and P-Band Polarimetric SAR Data
* Forest Height Inversion Using High-Resolution P-Band Pol-InSAR Data
* Information Theory-Based Approach for Contrast Analysis in Polarimetric and/or Interferometric SAR Images
* Pine Forest Height Inversion Using Single-Pass X-Band PolInSAR Data
* Polarimetric and Interferometric SAR Image Partition Into Statistically Homogeneous Regions Based on the Minimization of the Stochastic Complexity
* Vegetation Height Estimation Precision With Compact PolInSAR and Homogeneous Random Volume Over Ground Model
Includes: Dubois Fernandez, P.C. Dubois-Fernandez, P.C.
8 for Dubois Fernandez, P.C.

Dubois, B. Co Author Listing * Identification of atrophy patterns in Alzheimer's disease based on SVM feature selection and anatomical parcellation

Dubois, C.[Clemence] Co Author Listing * Building detection and building parameter retrieval in InSAR phase images
* Towards Change Detection in Urban Area by SAR Interferometry and Radargrammetry
Includes: Dubois, C.[Clemence] Dubois, C.[Clémence]

Dubois, D. Co Author Listing * General Approach to Parameter Evaluation in Fuzzy Digital Pictures, A

Dubois, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * 2-D-CELP Image-Coding With Block-Adaptive Prediction and Variable Code-Vector Size
* 3D Reconstruction Based on a Hybrid Disparity Estimation Algorithm
* Acquisition Processing Chain for Dynamic Panoramic Image Sequences
* Approaches to layered coding for dual-rate wireless video transmission
* Arithmetic coding of a lossless contour based representation of label images
* Bayesian Estimation of Motion Vector Fields
* Cancellation of Image Crosstalk in Time-Sequential Displays of Stereoscopic Video
* Coding image sequence intensities along motion trajectories using EC-CELP quantization
* Comparison of Stochastic and Deterministic Solution Methods in Bayesian Estimation of 2-D Motion, A
* composite approach to evaluate two interaction techniques for a 3D pointing task, A
* Context-independent real-time event recognition: application to key-image extraction
* Demosaicking algorithm for the Fujifilm X-Trans color filter array
* Demosaicking of Noisy Bayer-Sampled Color Images With Least-Squares Luma-Chroma Demultiplexing and Noise Level Estimation
* Efficient Multi-scale Stereo of High-Resolution Planar and Spherical Images
* Encoding and Progressive Transmission of Still Pictures in NTSC Composite Format Using Transform Domain Methods
* Estimation of Nonlinear Transfer Curves for Conversion of Color Images to a Known Color Space
* Fast and Reliable Structure-Oriented Video Noise Estimation
* Filter Design for Adaptive Frequency-Domain Bayer Demosaicking
* Frequency-Domain Methods for Demosaicking of Bayer-Sampled Color Images
* Geometric Method for Optimal Design of Color Filter Arrays, A
* Gradient-based algorithms for block-oriented MAP estimation of motion and application to motion-compensated temporal interpolation
* Guided Sampling in Multiple View Robust Motion Estimation Using Regression Diagnostics
* Image Sequence Coding
* Image up-sampling using total-variation regularization with a new observation model
* improved, wavelet-based, stereoscopic image sequence codec with SNR and spatial scalability, An
* Intermediate cubic-panorama synthesis based on triangular re-projection
* Least-Squares Luma-Chroma Demultiplexing Algorithm for Bayer Demosaicking
* Motion compensated super-resolution of video by level sets evolution
* Motion estimation and compensation technologies for standards conversion
* Multigrid Bayesian Estimation of Image Motion Fields Using Stochastic Relaxation
* New Method for Removal of Edge Artifacts Using a 2d Extrapolated Discrete Wavelet Transform with Biorthogonal Wavelets, A
* Noise Reduction in Image Sequences Using Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering
* On the Use of Ray-tracing for Viewpoint Interpolation in Panoramic Imagery
* Optimum alignment of panoramic images for stereoscopic navigation in image-based telepresence systems
* Parametric Block Estimation of Motion and Application to Temporal Interpolation of Video Sequences
* Random Sampling Nonlinear Optimization for Camera Self-calibration with Modeling of Intrinsic Parameter Space
* Real-Time Motion Estimation by Object-Matching for High-Level Video Representation
* Reconstruction of irregularly-sampled images by regularization in spline spaces
* Reconstruction of Nonuniformly Sampled Images in Spline Spaces
* Region-Based Motion Analysis and 3D Reconstruction for a Translational Video Sequence
* Regularized image up-sampling using a new observation model and the level set method
* Reliable and fast structure-oriented video noise estimation
* Robust VB 2D-CELP image transmission over CDMA Rayleigh fading channels
* Rule-based real-time detection of context-independent events in video shots
* Sampling and Reconstruction of Time-Varying Imagery with Application in Video Systems, The
* Scene sampling for the concentric mosaics technique
* Spatio-Temporal Gradient Method for Estimating the Displacement Field in Time-Varying Imagery, A
* Specification of the Observation Model for Regularized Image Up-Sampling
* Three-View Dense Disparity Estimation with Occlusion Detection
* Validation of correspondences in MLESAC robust estimation
* Wavelet Model-based Stereo for Fast, Robust Face Reconstruction
Includes: Dubois, E.[Eric] Dubois, E. Dubois, E.[Emmanuel]
51 for Dubois, E.

Dubois, G.[Gregoire] Co Author Listing * Biophysical Characterization of Protected Areas Globally through Optimized Image Segmentation and Classification
* Indicators for Assessing Habitat Values and Pressures for Protected Areas: An Integrated Habitat and Land Cover Change Approach for the Udzungwa Mountains National Park in Tanzania
* Integrating Multiple Spatial Datasets to Assess Protected Areas: Lessons Learnt from the Digital Observatory for Protected Area (DOPA)
Includes: Dubois, G.[Gregoire] Dubois, G.[Grégoire]

Dubois, H. Co Author Listing * Digital Image Processing of The Ghent Altarpiece: Supporting the painting's study and conservation treatment

Dubois, J. Co Author Listing * Configurable Motion-Estimation Hardware Accelerator Module for the MPEG-4 Reference Hardware Description Platform
* efficient low-cost FPGA implementation of a configurable motion estimation for H.264 video coding, An
* Embedded Co-Processor Architecture for CMOS Based Image Acquisition
* Fast prototyping of a SoC-based smart-camera: A real-time fall detection case study
* FPGA-based accelerator for Fourier Descriptors computing for color object recognition using SVM, An
* Hardware Implementation of a Configurable Motion Estimator for Adjusting the Video Coding Performances
* Motion Estimation Accelerator with User Search Strategy in an RVC Context
* Real-Time 3D Face Acquisition Using Reconfigurable Hybrid Architecture
* Remote photoplethysmography based on implicit living skin tissue segmentation
Includes: Dubois, J. Dubois, J.[Julien]
9 for Dubois, J.

Dubois, J.L. Co Author Listing * DVFLEX: A Flexible MPEG Real Time Video Codec

Dubois, J.M.M. Co Author Listing * Detection des changements dans une serie d'images ERS-1 multidates a l'aide de l'analyse en composantes principales

Dubois, L.[Lucile] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Aortic Root Landmarks in Preprocedure CT Angiography Images for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Patients
* Reduced selective encryption of intra and inter frames of H.264/AVC using psychovisual metrics
Includes: Dubois, L.[Lucile] Dubois, L.[Loic]

Dubois, M. Co Author Listing * Structured Sparse Principal Components Analysis With the TV-Elastic Net Penalty

Dubois, M.R. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-based blended control for the energy management of a parallel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

Dubois, P. Co Author Listing * Analysis methods of CT-scan images for the characterization of the bone texture: First results
* Local fractal and multifractal features for volumic texture characterization
* Relationship between profile length and roughness variables for natural surfaces
* Sophocle: A Retinal Laser Photocoagulation Simulator: Overview
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Polarimetric SAR Data Using the Covariance Matrix

Dubois, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Improving the Spatial Solution of Electrocardiographic Imaging: A New Regularization Parameter Choice Technique for the Tikhonov Method
* Parameter Optimization to Solve the Inverse Problem in Electrocardiography, A
* VT Scan: Towards an Efficient Pipeline from Computed Tomography Images to Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation
Includes: Dubois, R.[Remi] Dubois, R.[Rémi]

Dubois, S.[Sloven] Co Author Listing * 3D discrete curvelet based method for segmenting dynamic textures, A
* Application of Digital Technologies in the Restoration of Historic Buildings and Heritage Objects
* Characterization and recognition of dynamic textures based on the 2D+T curvelet transform
* Comparison of Wavelet Based Spatio-temporal Decomposition Methods for Dynamic Texture Recognition, A
* Decomposition of Dynamic Textures Using Morphological Component Analysis
* Decomposition of Dynamic Textures Using Morphological Component Analysis: A New Adaptative Strategy
Includes: Dubois, S.[Sloven] Dubois, S.[Samuel]

Dubois, S.R. Co Author Listing * Autoregressive Model Approach to Two-Dimensional Shape Classification, An

Dubois, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Compressive Imaging and Characterization of Sparse Light Deflection Maps

Dubos, C. Co Author Listing * ROC-based cost-sensitive classification with a reject option

Dubosclard, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Automatic Method for Visual Grading of Seed Food Products

Dubout, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Training of Linear Object Detectors
* Deformable Part Models with Individual Part Scaling
* Exact Acceleration of Linear Object Detectors
* Face Image Enhancement Taking into Account Lighting Behavior on a Face
* Face image enhancement using 3D and spectral information
* Tasting families of features for image classification

Dubovik, O.[Oleg] Co Author Listing * Development, Production and Evaluation of Aerosol Climate Data Records from European Satellite Observations (Aerosol_cci)
* GRASP: a versatile algorithm for characterizing the atmosphere

Dubovyk, O.[Olena] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Medium Spatial Resolution ENVISAT-MERIS and Terra-MODIS Time Series for Vegetation Decline Analysis: A Case Study in Central Asia
* In Memoriam: Gunter Menz
* Monitoring Forest Dynamics in the Andean Amazon: The Applicability of Breakpoint Detection Methods Using Landsat Time-Series and Genetic Algorithms
* Quantifying the Impacts of Environmental Factors on Vegetation Dynamics over Climatic and Management Gradients of Central Asia
* Spatio-temporal modelling of informal settlement development in Sancaktepe district, Istanbul, Turkey
* SPOT-Based Sub-Field Level Monitoring of Vegetation Cover Dynamics: A Case of Irrigated Croplands
* Towards an Improved Environmental Understanding of Land Surface Dynamics in Ukraine Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Time-Series Datasets from 1982 to 2013
* Using RapidEye and MODIS Data Fusion to Monitor Vegetation Dynamics in Semi-Arid Rangelands in South Africa
8 for Dubovyk, O.

Dubowy, J.N. Co Author Listing * Approach to the Correction of Distance-Dependent Defocus in Electron Microscopic Reconstruction, An

Dubra, A.[Alfredo] Co Author Listing * Registration of 2D Images from Fast Scanning Ophthalmic Instruments
* Visualization of retinal vascular structure and perfusion with a nonconfocal adaptive optics scanning light ophthalmoscope

Dubrawski, A.[Artur] Co Author Listing * Real-time visual analysis of microvascular blood flow for critical care

Dubrawski, A.W. Co Author Listing * Matting and Depth Recovery of Thin Structures Using a Focal Stack

Dubray, B. Co Author Listing * Feature selection and patch-based segmentation in MRI for prostate radiotherapy
* Prediction of Lung Tumor Evolution During Radiotherapy in Individual Patients With PET

Dubreuil, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Rainfall Patterns in the Southern Amazon with PERSIANN-CDR Data: Long-Term Characteristics and Trends

Dubroca, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Smart road that warns its network manager when it begins cracking
Includes: Dubroca, S.[Stephane] Dubroca, S.[Stéphane]

Dubrofsky, E.[Elan] Co Author Listing * Combining Line and Point Correspondences for Homography Estimation

Dubrovina Karni, A.[Anastasia] Co Author Listing * Active Contours for Multi-region Image Segmentation with a Single Level Set Function
* Multi-Region Active Contours with a Single Level Set Function
Includes: Dubrovina Karni, A.[Anastasia] Dubrovina-Karni, A.[Anastasia]

Dubrovina, A.[Anastasia] Co Author Listing * Efficient and robust image descriptor for GUI object classification
* Hierarchical Matching of Non-rigid Shapes
* Image editing using level set trees
* Laplace-Beltrami Operator: A Ubiquitous Tool for Image and Shape Processing, The
* Matching shapes by eigendecomposition of the Laplace-Beltrami operator
* SHREC'10 Track: Correspondence Finding
* Sparse Modeling of Shape from Structured Light
* Spectral Generalized Multi-dimensional Scaling
Includes: Dubrovina, A.[Anastasia] Dubrovina, A.
8 for Dubrovina, A.

Dubrowski, A. Co Author Listing * Effect of Sound on Visual Fidelity Perception in Stereoscopic 3-D, The
* Effects of sound on visual realism perception and task performance
* Feasibility of a semi-automated approach to grading point of care ultrasound image generation skills
Includes: Dubrowski, A. Dubrowski, A.[Adam]

Dubska, M.[Marketa] Co Author Listing * Automatic Camera Calibration for Traffic Understanding
* Comparison of bubble detectors and size distribution estimators
* Five Shades of Grey for Fast and Reliable Camera Pose Estimation
* Fully Automatic Roadside Camera Calibration for Traffic Surveillance
* PClines: Line detection using parallel coordinates
* Real Projective Plane Mapping for Detection of Orthogonal Vanishing Points
* Real-Time Detection of Lines and Grids: By PClines and Other Approaches
* Real-time detection of lines using parallel coordinates and CUDA
* Real-Time Line Detection Using Accelerated High-Resolution Hough Transform
* Real-Time Pose Estimation Piggybacked on Object Detection
* Real-time precise detection of regular grids and matrix codes
* Vanishing points in point-to-line mappings and other line parameterizations
Includes: Dubska, M.[Marketa] Dubská, M.[Markéta]
12 for Dubska, M.

Dubuc, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * complexity space for curve grouping, A
* Complexity, Confusion, and Perceptual Grouping. Part I: The Curve-like Representation
* Complexity, Confusion, and Perceptual Grouping. Part II: Mapping Complexity
* Curve-like sets, normal complexity, and representation
* Indexing Visual Representations Through the Complexity Map

Dubucq, D.[Dominique] Co Author Listing * Detection And Discrimination Of The Thick Oil Patches On The Sea Surface
* Estimation of the Thickness and Emulsion Rate of Oil Spilled at Sea Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery in the SWIR Domain
Includes: Dubucq, D.[Dominique] Dubucq, D.

Dubuisson Jolly, M.P.[Marie Pierre] Co Author Listing * 2D Matching of 3D Moving Objects in Color Outdoor Scenes
* Automatic Construction of 2D Shape Models
* Color and Texture Fusion: Application to Aerial Image Segmentation and GIS Updating
* Contour Extraction of Moving-Objects in Complex Outdoor Scenes
* Cooperative Framework for Segmentation Using 2D Active Contours and 3D Hybrid Models as Applied to Branching Cylindrical Structures, A
* Deformable template models: A review
* Efficacy of Fractal Features in Segmenting Images of Natural Textures
* Fusing color and edge information for object matching
* Learning 2D Shape Models
* Learning-based Object Detection in Cardiac MR Images
* Modified Hausdorff Distance for Object Matching, A
* Object Contour Extraction Using Color and Motion
* Object Tracking Using Deformable Templates
* Optimal Polyline Tracking for Artery Motion Compensation in Coronary Angiography
* Segmentation of X-ray and C-scan images of fiber reinforced composite materials
* Tracking Deformable Templates Using a Shortest Path Algorithm
* Vehicle Segmentation and Classification Using Deformable Templates
* Vehicle Segmentation Using Deformable Templates
Includes: Dubuisson Jolly, M.P.[Marie Pierre] Dubuisson-Jolly, M.P.[Marie-Pierre] Dubuisson-Jolly, M.P.
18 for Dubuisson Jolly, M.P.

Dubuisson, B.[Bernard] Co Author Listing * 3-D Information Derivation from a Pair of Binocular Images
* Distinguishing between Handwritten and Machine Printed Text in Bank Cheque Images
* Loose-Pattern Process Approach to Clustering Fuzzy Data Sets, A
* Projective Duality and Recovery of 3D Straight Lines from a Monocular Image Sequence
* Some Experiments on the Detection of Three-Dimensional Motion of Rigid Objects in Blocks World
* statistical decision rule with incomplete knowledge about classes, A
* String Matching for Stereo Vision
* study on the forms of smoothing filters for step and ramp edge detection, A
Includes: Dubuisson, B.[Bernard] Dubuisson, B.
8 for Dubuisson, B.

Dubuisson, S.[Severine] Co Author Listing * 3D+t Reconstruction in the Context of Locally Spheric Shaped Data Observation
* adaptive clustering for multiple object tracking in sequences in and beyond the visible spectrum, An
* Automatic evaluation of sports motion: A generic computation of spatial and temporal errors
* Automatic Facial Feature Extraction and Facial Expression Recognition
* Combinatorial Resampling Particle Filter: An Effective and Efficient Method for Articulated Object Tracking
* Comparison of Statistical and Shape-Based Approaches for Non-rigid Motion Tracking with Missing Data Using a Particle Filter
* computation of the Bhattacharyya distance between histograms without histograms, The
* Dynamic facial expression recognition by joint static and multi-time gap transition classification
* Energetic Particle Filter for Online Multiple Target Tracking
* ENMIM: Energetic Normalized Mutual Information Model for Online Multiple Object Tracking with Unlearned Motions
* Fast multiple histogram computation using Kruskal's algorithm
* Fragments based tracking with adaptive cue integration
* From Text Detection to Text Segmentation: A Unified Evaluation Scheme
* Fuzzy spatial constraints and ranked partitioned sampling approach for multiple object tracking
* Hierarchical Annealed Particle Swarm Optimization for Articulated Object Tracking
* Integration of Fuzzy Spatial Information in Tracking Based on Particle Filtering
* Introducing Fuzzy Spatial Constraints in a Ranked Partitioned Sampling for Multi-object Tracking
* Min-Space Integral Histogram
* Motion compensation based on tangent distance prediction for video compression
* Motion Compensation using Adaptive Rectangular Partitions
* Motion Estimation using Tangent Distance
* Multi-Output Random Forests for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Optimal recursive clustering of likelihood functions for multiple object tracking
* optimized DBN-based mode-focussing particle filter, An
* Pairwise Conditional Random Forests for Facial Expression Recognition
* Particle filtering with fuzzy spatial relations for object tracking
* Recursive Clustering for Multiple Object Tracking
* Recursive head reconstruction from multi-view video sequences
* Simultaneous Partitioned Sampling for Articulated Object Tracking
* solution for facial expression representation and recognition, A
* Spatio-temporal target-measure association using an adaptive geometrical approach
* survey of datasets for visual tracking, A
* TextCatcher: a method to detect curved and challenging text in natural scenes
* Time-series averaging using constrained dynamic time warping with tolerance
* Tree-structured image difference for fast histogram and distance between histograms computation
* Using histogram representation and Earth Mover's Distance as an evaluation tool for text detection
* Video Event Detection Based Non-stationary Bayesian Networks
* Visual tracking by fusing multiple cues with context-sensitive reliabilities
* What is a good evaluation protocol for text localization systems? Concerns, arguments, comparisons and solutions
Includes: Dubuisson, S.[Severine] Dubuisson, S.[Séverine] Dubuisson, S.
39 for Dubuisson, S.

Dubuque, S.F.[Shaun F.] Co Author Listing * Adaptation of foveation parameters for target acquisition in noise

Dubus, J.P. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Compressible or Incompressible Deformable Motions for Density Images
* Extraction of line segments from fuzzy images
* new perceptual organization approach to 3D measuring system based on the fuzzy integral, A
* new stereomatching algorithm based on linear features and the fuzzy integral, A

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