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Dura Bernal, S.[Salvador] Co Author Listing * Towards a real-time interface between a biomimetic model of sensorimotor cortex and a robotic arm
Includes: Dura Bernal, S.[Salvador] Dura-Bernal, S.[Salvador]

Dura, E.[Esther] Co Author Listing * Mean sets for building 3D probabilistic liver atlas from perfusion MR images
* Means of 2D and 3D Shapes and Their Application in Anatomical Atlas Building
* Towards a mean body for apparel design
Includes: Dura, E.[Esther] Dura, E.

Duraisamy, B. Co Author Listing * Object Matching for Inter-Vehicle Communication Systems: An IMM-Based Track Association Approach With Sequential Multiple Hypothesis Test
* Track level fusion algorithms for automotive safety applications
Includes: Duraisamy, B. Duraisamy, B.[Bharanidhar]

Duraisamy, P.[Prakash] Co Author Listing * Choosing Appropriate Homography Transformation for Building Panoramic Images
* Ground Extraction from Terrestrial LiDAR Scans Using 2D-3D Neighborhood Graphs
* Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Segmentation using Global-Constrained Hidden Markov Model and Image Registration

Duraisamy, S.[Saraswathi] Co Author Listing * Computer-aided mammogram diagnosis system using deep learning convolutional fully complex-valued relaxation neural network classifier

Duraiswami, R.[Ramani] Co Author Listing * 3D Structure Recovery and Unwarping of Surfaces Applicable to Planes
* audio-video front-end for multimedia applications, An
* Background and foreground modeling using nonparametric kernel density estimation for visual surveillance
* Canny edge detection on NVIDIA CUDA
* Efficient Computation of Kernel Density Estimation using Fast Gauss Transform with Applications for segmentation and tracking
* Efficient kernel density estimation using the fast gauss transform with applications to color modeling and tracking
* Efficient Mean-Shift Tracking via a New Similarity Measure
* Efficient Non-parametric Adaptive Color Modeling Using Fast Gauss Transform
* Efficient subset selection via the kernelized Rényi distance
* Evaluation of the Softposit Model-to-image Registration Algorithm
* Fast Algorithm for Learning a Ranking Function from Large-Scale Data Sets, A
* Fast Multiple Object Tracking via a Hierarchical Particle Filter
* Improved fast gauss transform and efficient kernel density estimation
* Joint Audio-Visual Tracking Using Particle Filters
* Mean-shift analysis using quasi-newton methods
* Microphone Arrays as Generalized Cameras for Integrated Audio Visual Processing
* Multi-level fast multipole method for thin plate spline evaluation
* Multimodal 3D tracking and Event Detection via the Particle Filter
* Multimodal Tracking for Smart Videoconferencing and Video Surveillance
* Near-optimal regularization parameters for applications in computer vision
* Non-Parametric Model for Background Subtraction
* Probabilistic tracking in joint feature-spatial spaces
* Quasi-Random Sampling for Condensation
* Simultaneous pose and correspondence determination using line features
* Smart Video Conferencing
* SoftPOSIT: Simultaneous Pose and Correspondence Determination
* Structure of Applicable Surfaces from Single Views
* Tracking Down Under: Following the Satin Bowerbird
* Tracking Humans from a Moving Platform
* video-based framework for the analysis of presentations/posters, A
* Virtual audio system customization using visual matching of ear parameters
Includes: Duraiswami, R.[Ramani] Duraiswami, R.
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Duraiswamy, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Thresholding-based Color Reduction Algorithm And Its Applications, An

Durak, B.[Bulent] Co Author Listing * email: Durak, B.[Bulent]: durak AT eti cc hun edu tr

Durak, L.[Lutfiye] Co Author Listing * Efficient computation of joint fractional Fourier domain signal representation

Durak, N.[Nurcan] Co Author Listing * Coronal loop detection from solar images
* Extracting salient contour groups from cluttered solar images via Markov Random Fields
* Principal Contour Extraction and Contour Classification to Detect Coronal Loops from the Solar Images

Duran Alarcon, C. Co Author Listing * first in-flight absolute calibration of the Chilean Earth Observation Satellite, A
* operational method for the disaggregation of land surface temperature to estimate actual evapotranspiration in the arid region of Chile, An
Includes: Duran Alarcon, C. Durán-Alarcón, C.

Duran Diaz, I. Co Author Listing * Blind Separation of Dependent Sources with a Bounded Component Analysis Deflationary Algorithm
Includes: Duran Diaz, I. Duran-Diaz, I.

Duran Faundez, C.[Cristian] Co Author Listing * Energy-Efficient Transmission of Wavelet-Based Images in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Tiny block-size coding for energy-efficient image compression and communication in wireless camera sensor networks
Includes: Duran Faundez, C.[Cristian] Duran-Faundez, C.[Cristian]

Duran, A. Co Author Listing * Cross-Diffusion Systems for Image Processing: I. The Linear Case
* Cross-Diffusion Systems for Image Processing: II. The Nonlinear Case
Includes: Duran, A. Durán, A.

Duran, B.S. Co Author Listing * Estimating the probability of misclassification and variate selection

Duran, C. Co Author Listing * Smoothness of Surgical Tool Tip Motion Correlates to Skill in Endovascular Tasks

Duran, C.M.[Cesar M.] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Sonoran Desert Vegetation Structure and Phenology with Ground-Based LiDAR

Duran, F.L.S.[Fabio L. S.] Co Author Listing * Multivariate Statistical Differences of MRI Samples of the Human Brain

Duran, J. Co Author Listing * algorithm for nonconvex functional minimization and applications to image restoration, An
* Chambolle's Projection Algorithm for Total Variation Denoising
* Collaborative Total Variation: A General Framework for Vectorial TV Models
* Demosaicking Algorithm with Adaptive Inter-Channel Correlation, A
* Implementation of Nonlocal Pansharpening Image Fusion
* Nonlocal Variational Model for Pansharpening Image Fusion, A
* Novel Framework for Nonlocal Vectorial Total Variation Based on L p,q,r-norms, A
* On the Implementation of Collaborative TV Regularization: Application to Cartoon+Texture Decomposition
* Pansharpening by a nonlocal channel-decoupled variational method
* Self-Similarity and Spectral Correlation Adaptive Algorithm for Color Demosaicking
* survey of pansharpening methods with a new band-decoupled variational model, A
Includes: Duran, J. Duran, J.[Joan]
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Duran, M.L. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction on MRI to Analyse Marbling and Fat Level in Iberian Loin
* Comparison of Algorithm Design Paradigms in Active Contours for Muscle Recognition, A
* Evolutionary Active Contours for Muscle Recognition
* Including 3D-textures in a Computer Vision System to Analyze Quality Traits of Loin
* perceptual similarity method by pairwise comparison in a medical image case, A
* Potential Fields as an External Force and Algorithmic Improvements in Deformable Models
* Qatris iManager: a general purpose CBIR system
* Recognizing marbling in dry-cured Iberian ham by multiscale analysis
* Testing Geodesic Active Contours
* Thresholding Methods on MRI to Evaluate Intramuscular Fat Level on Iberian Ham
Includes: Duran, M.L. Durán, M.L. Durán, M.L.[M. Luisa] Durán, M.L.[Marisa Luisa]
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Duran, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Spectral Unmixing: Using Artificial Neural Networks for Linear/Non-Linear Switching
* Robust Endmember Extraction in the Presence of Anomalies
* sensor for pipe inspection: model, analysis and image extraction, A
* Subpixel temporal spectral imaging
* System to Measure Gap Distance between Two Vehicles Using License Plate Character Height, A
* Time-Efficient Method for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Images, A
Includes: Duran, O.[Olga] Duran, O.

Duran, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Scatter-free imaging through biological tissue
Includes: Duran, V.[Vicente] Durán, V.[Vicente]

Duran, Z. Co Author Listing * Measurement and 3D Modelling of an Ancient Measuring Device: Nippur Cubit Rod
* Modeling of the Temple of Apollo Smintheus Using Photogrammetry and Virtual Realty
* Semi-automated Point Cloud Processing Methodology For 3d Cultural Heritage Documentation, A

Durand Dubief, F. Co Author Listing * longitudinal model for variations detection in white matter fiber-bundles, A
Includes: Durand Dubief, F. Durand-Dubief, F.

Durand, D.M. Co Author Listing * Stable Detection of Movement Intent From Peripheral Nerves: Chronic Study in Dogs

Durand, F.[Fredo] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Durand, F.[Fredo]: fredo AT mit edu
* 4D Frequency Analysis of Computational Cameras for Depth of Field Extension
* aperture problem for refractive motion, The
* Benchmark of Computational Models of Saliency to Predict Human Fixations, A
* Bilateral Filtering: Theory and Applications
* Computational Re-Photography
* De-Emphasis of Distracting Image Regions Using Texture Power Maps
* Decoupling Algorithms from Schedules for Easy Optimization of Image Processing Pipelines
* Detecting Pulse from Head Motions in Video
* Efficient marginal likelihood optimization in blind deconvolution
* Estimating a Small Signal in the Presence of Large Noise
* Eulerian Video Magnification and Analysis
* Fast and Robust Pyramid-based Image Processing
* Fast Approximation of the Bilateral Filter Using a Signal Processing Approach, A
* Fast bilateral filtering for the display of high-dynamic-range images
* Halide: Decoupling Algorithms from Schedules For High-Performance Image Processing
* Image-based querying of urban photos and videos
* Laser speckle photography for surface tampering detection
* Learning photographic global tonal adjustment with a database of input-output image pairs
* Learning to predict where humans look
* Linear view synthesis using a dimensionality gap light field prior
* Motion blur removal with orthogonal parabolic exposures
* Motion denoising with application to time-lapse photography
* Motion magnification
* Noise-optimal capture for high dynamic range photography
* Non-iterative, feature-preserving mesh smoothing
* Patch Complexity, Finite Pixel Correlations and Optimal Denoising
* Phase-based Video Motion Processing
* Pictorial techniques and intrinsic images
* Predicting Range of Acceptable Photographic Tonal Adjustments
* Procedural Approach to Style for NPR Line Drawing from 3D model, A
* Real-time edge-aware image processing with the bilateral grid
* Reflection removal using ghosting cues
* Refraction Wiggles for Measuring Fluid Depth and Velocity from Video
* Revealing Invisible Changes In The World
* Riesz pyramids for fast phase-based video magnification
* Search-and-replace editing for personal photo collections
* Shapecollage: Occlusion-Aware, Example-Based Shape Interpretation
* Technical Perspective: Where Do People Draw Lines?
* Time-constrained Photography
* Topological Approach to Hierarchical Segmentation using Mean Shift, A
* Turning Corners into Cameras: Principles and Methods
* Two-scale tone management for photographic look
* Understanding and evaluating blind deconvolution algorithms
* Understanding Blind Deconvolution Algorithms
* Understanding Camera Trade-Offs through a Bayesian Analysis of Light Field Projections
* User Study Comparing 3D Modeling with Silhouettes and Google SketchUp, A
* Video magnification in presence of large motions
* video mesh: A data structure for image-based three-dimensional video editing, The
* Video Mesh: A Data Structure for Image-based Video Editing, The
* Visual Vibrometry: Estimating Material Properties from Small Motions in Video
* Where Should Saliency Models Look Next?
Includes: Durand, F.[Fredo] Durand, F.[Frédo] Durand, F.
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Durand, G. Co Author Listing * Recent elevation and velocity changes of Astrolabe Glacier, Terre Adelie, Antarctica

Durand, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] Co Author Listing * Automatic Handwriting Gestures Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models
Includes: Durand, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] Durand, J.B.[Jean-Baptiste]

Durand, L.G. Co Author Listing * new clutter rejection algorithm for doppler ultrasound, A

Durand, M. Co Author Listing * Differences Between the HUT Snow Emission Model and MEMLS and Their Effects on Brightness Temperature Simulation
* Large-Scale High-Resolution Modeling of Microwave Radiance of a Deep Maritime Alpine Snowpack
* Radiometric Approach for Estimating Relative Changes in Intraglacier Average Temperature

Durand, N. Co Author Listing * Machine Learning and Mass Estimation Methods for Ground-Based Aircraft Climb Prediction

Durand, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Extracting Soil Water Holding Capacity Parameters of a Distributed Agro-Hydrological Model from High Resolution Optical Satellite Observations Series

Durand, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Adapted Total Variation for Artifact Free Decompression of JPEG Images
* Deblurring of irregularly sampled images by TV regularization in a spline space
* Measuring and Improving Image Resolution by Adaptation of the Reciprocal Cell
* Multiplicative Noise Cleaning via a Variational Method Involving Curvelet Coefficients
* Multiplicative Noise Removal Using L1 Fidelity on Frame Coefficients
* Orthonormal Bases of Non-Separable Wavelets with Sharp Directions
* Sparsity-Based Variational Approach for the Restoration of SMOS Images From L1A Data, A
* Spherical Edge Detector: Application to Omnidirectional Imaging
* Stability of image restoration by minimizing regularized objective functions
Includes: Durand, S.[Sylvain] Durand, S.
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Durand, T.[Thibaut] Co Author Listing * Image classification using object detectors
* Incremental learning of latent structural SVM for weakly supervised image classification
* MANTRA: Minimum Maximum Latent Structural SVM for Image Classification and Ranking
* Semantic pooling for image categorization using multiple kernel learning
* WELDON: Weakly Supervised Learning of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* WILDCAT: Weakly Supervised Learning of Deep ConvNets for Image Classification, Pointwise Localization and Segmentation

Durandau, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Toward a Unified Framework for EMG Signals Processing and Controlling an Exoskeleton

Durant, D.[Dolores] Co Author Listing * Enterprise-based agri-geomatics: growing in value

Duras, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Interactive interaction plot
Includes: Duras, M.[Mario] Đuras, M.[Mario]

Durasiwami, R.[Ramani] Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov Model on a unit hypersphere space for gesture trajectory recognition

Durauer, M.[Martina] Co Author Listing * Crowdsourcing In-Situ Data on Land Cover and Land Use Using Gamification and Mobile Technology
Includes: Durauer, M.[Martina] Dürauer, M.[Martina] (Maybe also Duerauer, M.)

Durbha, S.[Surya] Co Author Listing * Stochastic Coloured Petrinet Based Healthcare Infrastructure Interdependency Model

Durbha, S.S.[Surya S.] Co Author Listing * hyperspectral reflectance data based model inversion methodology to detect reniform nematodes in cotton, A
* Investigation of evolutionary feature subset selection in multi-temporal datasets for harmful algal bloom detection
* Service Oriented Architecture For Wireless Sensor Networks In Agriculture
* Systematic Approach to Wavelet-Decomposition-Level Selection for Image Information Mining From Geospatial Data Archives, A
* Time Series Analysis Of Remote Sensing Observations For Citrus Crop Growth Stage And Evapotranspiration Estimation
Includes: Durbha, S.S.[Surya S.] Durbha, S.S.

Durbin, F. Co Author Listing * Design and Optimization of a Parallel Architecture Dedicated to Image Matching
* Design and Realisation of a Parallel Systolic Architecture Dedicated to Aerial Image Matching
* Multiscale Identification of Buildings in Compressed Large Aerial Scenes
* Parallel Algorithm for a Very Fast 2D Velocity Field Estimation, A
* Robust Recognition of Buildings in Compressed Large Aerial Scenes

Durcik, M.[Matej] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Performance of Three Satellite Precipitation Products over Africa

Durck, C.H.[Craig H.] Co Author Listing * Computer imaging system and method for remote in-flight aircraft refueling

Durden, J.M.[Jennifer M.] Co Author Listing * Ranking Color Correction Algorithms Using Cluster Indices

Durden, S.L. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Model Predictions With Measurements of Ku- and Ka-Band Near-Nadir Normalized Radar Cross Sections of the Sea Surface From the Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes Experiment

Durdevic, D.M.[Dorde M.] Co Author Listing * HFPaC: GPU friendly height field parallel compression

Duren, Z. Co Author Listing * Subspace Matching Pursuit for Sparse Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data

Duret Lutz, A. Co Author Listing * Multi-band segmentation using morphological clustering and fusion: application to color image segmentation
* Obtaining Genericity for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Algorithms
Includes: Duret Lutz, A. Duret-Lutz, A.

Duret, M. Co Author Listing * On Symmetric Alpha-Stable Noise After Short-Time Fourier Transformation

Durette, B.[Barthelemy] Co Author Listing * Efficient Demosaicing Through Recursive Filtering
* Simulation of the Retina: A Tool for Visual Prostheses
* Using Human Visual System modeling for bio-inspired low level image processing
* Visuo-auditory sensory substitution for mobility assistance: Testing TheVIBE
Includes: Durette, B.[Barthelemy] Durette, B.[Barthélémy] Durette, B.

Durgun, Y.O.[Yetkin Ozum] Co Author Listing * Crop Area Mapping Using 100-m Proba-V Time Series
* Testing the Contribution of Stress Factors to Improve Wheat and Maize Yield Estimations Derived from Remotely-Sensed Dry Matter Productivity
Includes: Durgun, Y.O.[Yetkin Ozum] Durgun, Y.Ö.[Yetkin Özüm]

Durham, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Comparison of TMPA Satellite Precipitation Products in Varying Climatic and Topographic Regimes in Morocco

Durham, T.J.[Thomas J.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for image capture of information on documents

Duric, N.[Natasa] Co Author Listing * Application of In-Segment Multiple Sampling in Object-Based Classification
Includes: Duric, N.[Natasa] Đuric, N.[Nataša]

Duric, Z.[Zoran] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Duric, Z.[Zoran]: duric AT aic gmu edu
* Active Egomotion Estimation: A Qualitative Approach
* Adaptive and smart interface for VCR remote control using hand gestures
* Affine Invariant-Based Classification of Inliers and Outliers for Image Matching
* Analyzing Human Gait Using Patterns of Translation and Rotation
* Applicability of Green's Theorem to Computation of Rate of Approach, The
* Behavioral Visual Motion Analysis
* Controlling model complexity in flow estimation
* Detection and Location of People in Video Images Using Adaptive Fusion of Color and Edge Information
* Egomotion Analysis Based on the Frenet-Serret Motion Model
* Estimating Relative Vehicle Motions in Traffic Scenes
* Estimating The Heading Direction Using Normal Flow
* Evaluation of Affine Invariant-Based Classification for Image Matching, An
* Eye Tracking
* Function from Motion
* Gait Analysis using Independent Components of image motion
* Hierarchical interpretation of human activities using competitive learning
* Image Sequence Stabilization In Real-Time
* Integrating perceptual and cognitive modeling for adaptive and intelligent human-computer interaction
* Learning an Object's Function by Observing the Object in Action
* method of detecting and tracking irises and eyelids in video, A
* Minimizing the Statistical Impact of LSB Steganography
* Motion Estimation Using Statistical Learning Theory
* Motion prediction using vc-generalization bounds
* Predicting image matching using affine distortion models
* Progress on Vision Through Learning
* Qualitative Description of Camera Motion and Scene Depth from Histograms of Normal Flow
* Qualitative Description of Camera Motion from Histograms of Normal Flow
* Qualitative image based localization in indoors environments
* Quantative Description of Camera Motion from Histograms of Normal Flow
* Recognition of arm movements
* Recognizing Blasting Caps in X-Ray Images
* Recognizing Functionality
* Shooting a smooth video with a shaky camera
* Towards Lower Bounds on Embedding Distortion in Information Hiding
* Tracking Groups of People
* Tracking Interacting People
* Understanding Cognitive and Affective States Using Eyelid Movements
* Understanding Object Motion
* Using Eye Region Biometrics to Reveal Affective and Cognitive States
* Using Grid Based Feature Localization for Fast Image Matching
* Using Image Flow to Detect Eye Blinks in Color Videos
* Using Local Affine Invariants to Improve Image Matching
* Using normal flow for detection and tracking of limbs in color images
Includes: Duric, Z.[Zoran] Duric, Z.
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Durieux, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Advances in Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis with ontologies: A review of main contributions and limitations from a remote sensing perspective
* method for monitoring building construction in urban sprawl areas using object-based analysis of Spot 5 images and existing GIS data, A
* Monitoring forest areas from continental to territorial levels using a sample of medium spatial resolution satellite imagery
* object-based method for mapping and change analysis in mangrove ecosystems, An
* Object-oriented wavelet multi-resolution image analysis of the Siberian GBFM radar mosaic combined with MERIS imagery for continental scale land cover mapping
Includes: Durieux, L.[Laurent] Durieux, L.

Durieux, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Objective evaluation of compressed video's temporal flickering

Duriez, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Embedded Multigrid Approach for Real-Time Volumetric Deformation

Durigon, M. Co Author Listing * LR-PET Optimization Strategy for Protection of Scalable Video with Unreliable Acknowledgement
* Polyphase spatial subsampling multiple description coding of video streams with h264
* Real-Time Multiple Description Video Streaming over QoS-Based Wireless Networks

Durikovic, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Contour: A Texture Approach and Contour Operations

During, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Revolution in Spaceborne Radar
Includes: During, R.[Ralf] Düring, R.[Ralf] (Maybe also Duering, R.)

Durix, B. Co Author Listing * Skeleton-based multiview reconstruction

Durka Pelok, G. Co Author Listing * Photo-realistic representation of anatomical structures for medical education by fusion of volumetric and surface image data
Includes: Durka Pelok, G. Durka-Pelok, G.

Durkin, J.R.[John R.] Co Author Listing * Using full motion 3D Flash LIDAR video for target detection, segmentation, and tracking

Durlak, P. Co Author Listing * Enhanced 3-D-reconstruction algorithm for C-arm systems suitable for interventional procedures
* Hierarchical Learning of Curves Application to Guidewire Localization in Fluoroscopy
Includes: Durlak, P. Durlak, P.[Peter]

Durmus, E.[Efkan] Co Author Listing * Optimizing the color-to-grayscale conversion for image classification

Durmusoglu, A. Co Author Listing * Facial expression recognition using geometric features

Durnell, L. Co Author Listing * Direction of regard determination

Duro, J. Co Author Listing * Assessing hypertemporal SENTINEL-1 COHERENCE maps for LAND COVER monitoring
* Generation of Advanced ERS and Envisat Interferometric SAR Products Using the Stable Point Network Technique
* Mapping Vulnerable Urban Areas Affected by Slow-Moving Landslides Using Sentinel-1 InSAR Data
* Validation and comparison of Advanced Differential Interferometry Techniques: Murcia metropolitan area case study
Includes: Duro, J. Duro, J.[Javier]

Duro, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporal cellular automata-based filtering for image sequence denoising: Application to fluoroscopic sequences

Duro, R.J.[Richard J.] Co Author Listing * 4DCAF: A temporal approach for denoising hyperspectral image sequences
* Hyperspectral image segmentation through evolved cellular automata
* Using classifiers as heuristics to describe local structure in Active Shape Models with small training sets

Durocher, C.[Carole] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Control of Captured Motions to Verify New Constraints

Durocher, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Robust Solvers for Square Jigsaw Puzzles

Durou, G. Co Author Listing * Application of vector filtering to pattern recognition

Durou, J.D.[Jean Denis] Co Author Listing * email: Durou, J.D.[Jean Denis]: durou AT irit fr
* 3D-spline reconstruction using shape from shading: Spline from shading
* Ambiguous Shape from Shading with Critical Points
* Beyond Multi-view Stereo: Shading-Reflectance Decomposition
* Creation of real images which are valid for the assumptions made in shape from shading
* Edge-Preserving Integration of a Normal Field: Weighted Least-Squares, TV and L1 Approaches
* full photometric and geometric model for attached webcam/matte screen devices, A
* Global Solution to the SFS Problem Using B-spline Surface and Simulated Annealing, A
* Integrating the Normal Field of a Surface in the Presence of Discontinuities
* L1-TV Algorithm for Robust Perspective Photometric Stereo with Spatially-Varying Lightings, A
* Multiresolution Approach for Shape from Shading Coupling Deterministic and Stochastic Optimization, A
* Non-convex Variational Approach to Photometric Stereo under Inaccurate Lighting, A
* Non-visible deformations
* Numerical methods for shape-from-shading: A new survey with benchmarks
* On Convergence in the Methods of Strat and of Smith for Shape from Shading
* Perspective Shape from Shading: Ambiguity Analysis and Numerical Approximations
* Photometric stereo with only two images: A theoretical study and numerical resolution
* Shape from Contour for the Digitization of Curved Documents
* Shape from shading for the digitization of curved documents
* Single-view Perspective Shape-from-Texture with Focal Length Estimation: A Piecewise Affine Approach
* Solving the Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo Problem Using Total Variation
* Solving Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo Using Total Variation
* Towards shape from shading under realistic photographic conditions
* Unambiguous Photometric Stereo Using Two Images
* Unbiased Photometric Stereo for Colored Surfaces: A Variational Approach
Includes: Durou, J.D.[Jean Denis] Durou, J.D.[Jean-Denis] Durou, J.D.
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Durovic, Z.M. Co Author Listing * Vessel Detection Algorithm Used in a Laser Monitoring System of the Lock Gate Zone

Durr, J.[Jasmin] Co Author Listing * Accurate Detection in Volumetric Images Using Elastic Registration Based Validation
* Discriminative Detection and Alignment in Volumetric Data
Includes: Durr, J.[Jasmin] Dürr, J.[Jasmin] (Maybe also Duerr, J.)

Durrani, S. Co Author Listing * Gauss-Legendre Sampling on the Rotation Group

Durrani, T.S. Co Author Listing * Efficient Implementation of Accurate Geometric Transformations for 2-D and 3-D Image Processing
* Framework for Multi-Scale and Hybrid RKHS-Based Approximators, A
* Goal Driven Parameter Evaluation for the Detection of Objects in SAR Data
* intelligent perception system for food quality inspection using color analysis, An
* Multi-resolution based algorithms for low bit-rate image coding
* New Divergence Measure for Medical Image Registration, A
* RKHS Interpolator-Based Graph Matching Algorithm, A
Includes: Durrani, T.S. Durrani, T.S.[Tariq S.]
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Durrant Whyte, H.F. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Optimal Sensor Placement, A
* Camera calibration for miniature, low-cost, wide-angle imaging systems
* Consistent Integration and Propagation of Disparate Sensor Observations
* Data Fusion in Sensor Networks
* Decentralized Bayesian Algorithm for Identification of Tracked Targets, A
* Directed Sonar Sensing for Mobile Robot Navigation
* Dynamic Map Building for an Autonomous Mobile Robot
* Fully Decentralized Multi-Sensor System for Tracking and Surveillance, A
* Integration, Coordination and Control of Multi-Sensor Robot Systems
* Map-Building and Map-Based Localization in an Underground-Mine by Statistical Pattern Matching
* Mobile Robot Location by Tracking Geometric Beacons
* Novel Visual Perception Framework, A
* On Uncertain Geometry in Robotics
* optical navigation sensor for micro aerial vehicles, An
* Sensor Models and Multisensor Integration
* Solution to the Simultaneous Location and Map Building (SLAM) Problem, A
* Where am I? A Tutorial on Mobile Vehicle Localization
Includes: Durrant Whyte, H.F. Durrant-Whyte, H.F. Durrant-Whyte, H.F.[Hugh F.]
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Durrant, R.J.[Robert John] Co Author Listing * Bound on the Performance of LDA in Randomly Projected Data Spaces, A
* tight bound on the performance of Fisher's linear discriminant in randomly projected data spaces, A

Durrieu, S.[Sylvie] Co Author Listing * Discrete Anisotropic Radiative Transfer (DART 5) for Modeling Airborne and Satellite Spectroradiometer and LIDAR Acquisitions of Natural and Urban Landscapes
* Processing Full-Waveform Lidar Data: Modelling Raw signals
Includes: Durrieu, S.[Sylvie] Durrieu, S.

Durrleman, S. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Mixed Effect Atlas Estimation with a Diffeomorphic Deformation Model
* How to Build an Average Model When Samples are Variably Incomplete? Application to Fossil Data
* Parsimonious Approximation of Streamline Trajectories in White Matter Fiber Bundles
* Sparse Adaptive Parameterization of Variability in Image Ensembles
* Spatio-Temporal Shape Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data for Detection of Early Changes in Neurodegenerative Disease
* Statistical Model for Quantification and Prediction of Cardiac Remodelling: Application to Tetralogy of Fallot, A
* Toward a Comprehensive Framework for the Spatiotemporal Statistical Analysis of Longitudinal Shape Data
Includes: Durrleman, S. Durrleman, S.[Stanley]
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Durso, G. Co Author Listing * Performance Indicators for the Statistical Evaluation of Digital Image Classifications

Durst, B. Co Author Listing * Image enhancement through complex conduction coefficient modifications

Durst, C.R. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The

Dursun, S.[Serkan] Co Author Listing * Paired Transform Slice Theorem of 2-D Image Reconstruction from Projections
* Reversible Interger 2-D Discrete Fourier Transform by Control Bits

Durucan, E. Co Author Listing * Change detection and background extraction by linear algebra
* Illumination invariant background extraction
* Moving object detection between multiple and color images

Durumeric, O.C. Co Author Listing * Current-and Varifold-Based Registration of Lung Vessel and Airway Trees
* Population Shape Collapse in Large Deformation Registration of MR Brain Images

Durup, M.[Melanie] Co Author Listing * New Computationally Efficient Stochastic Approach for Building Reconstruction from Satellite Data, A
Includes: Durup, M.[Melanie] Durup, M.[Mélanie]

Durupt, M.[Melanie] Co Author Listing * Automatic Building Reconstruction from a Digital Elevation Model and Cadastral Data: An Operational Approach
* efficient stochastic approach for building footprint extraction from digital elevation models, An
Includes: Durupt, M.[Melanie] Durupt, M.[Mélanie] Durupt, M.

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