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Durgante, F.M.[Flavia Machado] Co Author Listing * Leaf-Level Field Spectroscopy to Discriminate Invasive Species (Psidium guajava L. and Hovenia dulcis Thunb.) from Native Tree Species in the Southern Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Durgarao, N.[Nagayalanka] Co Author Listing * Diagnosing skin cancer via C-means segmentation with enhanced fuzzy optimization

Durgun, Y.O.[Yetkin Ozum] Co Author Listing * Crop Area Mapping Using 100-m Proba-V Time Series
* Testing the Contribution of Stress Factors to Improve Wheat and Maize Yield Estimations Derived from Remotely-Sensed Dry Matter Productivity
Includes: Durgun, Y.O.[Yetkin Ozum] Durgun, Y.Ö.[Yetkin Özüm]

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