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Elms, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Decision-Support System for Safety and Security Assessment and Management in Smart Cities

Elms, A.J. Co Author Listing * Advantage of Using an HMM-based Approach for Faxed Word Recognition, The
* Combination HMMs for the Recognition of Noisy Printed Characters
* Combination of HMMs for the Representation of Printed Characters in Noisy Document Images
* Connected Character Recogniser Using Level Building of HMMS, A
* Hidden Markov Model Approach for Degraded and Connected Character Recognition: A European Perspective, A
* Modelling Polyfont Printed Characters with HMMS and a Shift Invariant Hamming Distance
* recognition of handwritten digit strings of unknown length using hidden Markov models, The
* Recognition of Noise Polyfont Printed Text Using Combined HMMS, The
* Representation and Recognition of Text Using Hidden Markov Models, The
Includes: Elms, A.J. Elms, A.J.[Andrew J.]
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