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Erdil, E.[Ertunc] Co Author Listing * Automatic dendritic spine detection using multiscale dot enhancement filters and SIFT features
* Combining multiple clusterings using similarity graph
* Dendritic Spine Shape Analysis: A Clustering Perspective
* Image Segmentation Using Disjunctive Normal Bayesian Shape and Appearance Models
* MCMC Shape Sampling for Image Segmentation with Nonparametric Shape Priors
* Nonparametric Joint Shape and Feature Priors for Image Segmentation
* tool for automatic dendritic spine detection and analysis. Part I: Dendritic spine detection using multi-level region-based segmentation, A
Includes: Erdil, E.[Ertunc] Erdil, E.[ErtunÁ] Erdil, E.
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Erdin, H.E. Co Author Listing * Examination of Gathering Points' Capacity Regarding Mobility And Accessibility: Case of Bayrakli District, The

Erdinc, O. Co Author Listing * Spatial-temporal structural and dynamics features for Video Fire Detection

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