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Eun, H.[Hyunjun] Co Author Listing * Temporal filtering networks for online action detection

Eun, H.J.[Hyun Jun] Co Author Listing * Learning to Discriminate Information for Online Action Detection
* Saliency refinement: Towards a uniformly highlighted salient object
* Salient Object Detection Using HOS Based L0 Smoothing and Shape-Aware Region Merging
* SRG: Snippet Relatedness-Based Temporal Action Proposal Generator
* Superpixel-Guided Adaptive Image Smoothing
Includes: Eun, H.J.[Hyun Jun] Eun, H.J.[Hyun-Jun]

Eun, Y.[Yeonju] Co Author Listing * Optimal Arrival Flight Sequencing and Scheduling Using Discrete Airborne Delays
* Virtual Coupling of Railway Vehicles: Gap Reference for Merge and Separation, Robust Control, and Position Measurement
Includes: Eun, Y.[Yeonju] Eun, Y.[Yongsoon]

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