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Facao, P.E.D. Co Author Listing * Computation of Ego Motion Using the Vertical Cue
* Computation of Ego-Motion and Structure from Visual an Inertial Sensor Using the Vertical Cue

Facchi, A.[Arianna] Co Author Listing * Uav Multispectral Survey To Map Soil And Crop For Precision Farming Applications

Facchin, A. Co Author Listing * Calibration and Stability Analysis of the VLP-16 Laser Scanner

Facchinetti, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Mapping Plant Functional Types in Floodplain Wetlands: An Analysis of C-Band Polarimetric SAR Data from RADARSAT-2
* Planning the Motions of a Mobile Robot in a Sensory Uncertainty Field
Includes: Facchinetti, C.[Claudia] Facchinetti, C.

Facciolo, G.[Gabriele] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Cheeger Sets And Applications
* Attitude Refinement for Orbiting Pushbroom Cameras: A Simple Polynomial Fitting Method
* Automatic 3D Reconstruction from Multi-date Satellite Images
* Conservative Scale Recomposition for Multiscale Denoising (The Devil is in the High Frequency Detail)
* Constrained Anisotropic Diffusion and some Applications
* DA3D: Fast and data adaptive dual domain denoising
* Data Adaptive Dual Domain Denoising: a Method to Boost State of the Art Denoising Algorithms
* Exemplar-Based Interpolation of Sparsely Sampled Images
* Geodesic neighborhoods for piecewise affine interpolation of sparse data
* gradient based neighborhood filter for disparity interpolation, A
* Integral Images for Block Matching
* Iterative Gradient-Based Shift Estimation: To Multiscale or Not to Multiscale?
* Linear Multiscale Analysis of Similarities between Images on Riemannian Manifolds: Practical Formula and Affine Covariant Metrics
* MGM: A Significantly More Global Matching for Stereovision
* Multi-Scale DCT Denoising
* Non-local dual image denoising
* On stereo-rectification of pushbroom images
* Optimizing the Data Adaptive Dual Domain Denoising Algorithm
* Poisson Image Editing
* Relative depth from monocular optical flow
* Reliable Multiscale and Multiwindow Stereo Matching
* Temporally Consistent Gradient Domain Video Editing
* TV-L1 Optical Flow Estimation
* Variational Framework for Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting, A
* Variational Framework for Non-local Image Inpainting, A
* Variational Framework for Non-Local Inpainting
* Variational Model for Gradient-Based Video Editing, A
Includes: Facciolo, G.[Gabriele] Facciolo, G.
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Facello, M.A.[Michael A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Surface Structures in Digital Shape Reconstruction

Facey, O.E. Co Author Listing * Analysis of low-pass filtered shoeprints and pedobarograph images

Fachada, N.[Nuno] Co Author Listing * Spectrometric differentiation of yeast strains using minimum volume increase and minimum direction change clustering criteria

Facheris, L. Co Author Listing * application of tomographic reconstruction of atmospheric CO2 over a volcanic site based on open-path IR laser measurements, An
* Normalized Differential Spectral Sensitivity Approach Applied to the Retrieval of Tropospheric Water Vapor Fields Using a Constellation of Corotating LEO Satellites, The

Fachry, K.[Khairun] Co Author Listing * Enticing Sociability in an Intelligent Coffee Corner

Facini, O.[Osvaldo] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Water Stress in Grapevines Using Proximal and Remote Sensing Methods

Fack, V. Co Author Listing * Calculating Least Risk Paths in 3D Indoor Space
* On the Way of Integrating Evacuation Approaches
Includes: Fack, V. Fack, V.[Veerle]

Fackovec, M. Co Author Listing * Mobile ear recognition application

Facon, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of brain MRI through learning by example
* color morphological ordering method based on additive and subtractive spaces, A
* Forensic Analysis of Manuscript Authorship: An Optimized Computational Approach Based on Texture Descriptors
* Handwritten Artefact Identification Method for Table Interpretation with Little Use of Previous Knowledge
* Image segmentation by learning approach
* Postal envelope segmentation by 2-D histogram clustering through watershed transform
* Segmentation approach by learning: different image applications
* Segmentation of postal envelopes for address block location: an approach based on feature selection in wavelet space
* Skin Detection Applied to Multi-Racial Images
* Soccer video segmentation: Referee and player detection
Includes: Facon, J. Facon, J.[Jacques]
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