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Faelga, R.A.G. Co Author Listing * Estimating DBH of Trees Employing Multiple Linear Regression Of The Best Lidar-derived Parameter Combination Automated In Python In A Natural Broadleaf Forest In The Philippines
* Fully Automated Gis-based Individual Tree Crown Delineation Based On Curvature Values From A Lidar Derived Canopy Height Model In A Coniferous Plantation
* Mangrove Plantation Forest Assessment Using Structural Attributes Derived From Light Detection And Ranging (lidar) Data

Faerber, N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Playout for Low Latency Video Streaming
* Analysis of Error Propagation in Hybrid Video Coding with Application to Error Resilience
* Trade-off Between Source and Channel Coding for Video Transmission
Includes: Faerber, N. Faerber, N.[Niko]

Faes, A.[Annina] Co Author Listing * Glacier surface velocity estimation using repeat TerraSAR-X images: Wavelet- vs. correlation-based image matching

Faes, L. Co Author Listing * Wiener-Granger Causality in Network Physiology With Applications to Cardiovascular Control and Neuroscience

Faes, T.J.C. Co Author Listing * Imaging of thoracic blood volume changes during the heart cycle with electrical impedance using a linear spot-electrode array

Faessel, M.[Matthieu] Co Author Listing * Affinity Score for Grains Merging and Touching Grains Separation, An
* Hierarchical Segmentation Based Upon Multi-resolution Approximations and the Watershed Transform
* parallel, O(N) algorithm for unbiased, thin watershed, A
* Waterpixels
* Waterpixels: Superpixels based on the watershed transformation
Includes: Faessel, M.[Matthieu] Faessel, M.

Faez, K.[Karim] Co Author Listing * 2D facial expression recognition via 3D reconstruction and feature fusion
* 3D Face Recognition Using an Expression Insensitive Dynamic Mask
* Adaptive Script-Independent Block-Based Text Line Extraction, An
* Adaptive Script-Independent Text Line Extraction
* Automatic traffic monitoring using neural networks from satellite images
* Blind correction of lens aberration using Zernike moments
* Chaotic target representation for robust object tracking
* Character representation and recognition using quad tree-based fractal encoding scheme
* Detecting and recognizing numerical strings in Farsi document images
* Diffusion-Based Face Selective Smoothing in DCT Domain to Illumination Invariant Face Recognition
* Effective Parameters in Search Space Reduction Used in a Fast Edge-Based Stereo Matching
* Efficient Face Recognition System Using a New Optimized Localization Method, An
* efficient method for recognition of human faces using higher orders pseudo Zernike moment invariant, An
* efficient selected feature set for the middle age Persian character recognition, An
* efficient steganography method based on reducing changes, An
* Estimating PQ Algorithm Message Length Using First- and Second-Order Statistics
* Expression recognition using directional gradient local pattern and gradient-based ternary texture patterns
* Expression-Invariant Face Recognition via 3D Face Reconstruction Using Gabor Filter Bank from a 2D Single Image
* Face recognition using adaptively weighted patch PZM array from a single exemplar image per person
* Face recognition using HMAX method for feature extraction and support vector machine classifier
* Facial expression recognition using dual dictionary learning
* Fast Edge-Based Stereo Matching Algorithm based on Search Space Reduction
* Fast Edge-Based Stereo Matching Algorithm through Search Space Reduction
* Feature comparison between fractal codes and wavelet transform in handwritten alphanumeric recognition using SVM classifier
* FHT: An Unconstraint Farsi Handwritten Text Database
* fuzzy hybrid learning algorithm for radial basis function neural network with application in human face recognition, A
* GA-Based Affine PPM Using Matrix Polar Decomposition
* Gait Identification Using a Novel Gait Representation: Radon Transform of Mean Gait Energy Image
* Gender Classification Using a Novel Gait Template: Radon Transform of Mean Gait Energy Image
* Handwritten Farsi (Arabic) Word Recognition: A Holistic Approach Using Discrete HMM
* Hybrid face detection system with robust face and non-face discriminability
* Hybrid Filter Based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for a Mobile Robot
* Illumination-Robust Face Recognition from a Single Image per Person Using Matrix Polar Decomposition
* Image Encryption through Using Chaotic Function and Graph
* Image Hiding by Using Genetic Algorithm and LSB Substitution
* Intensity mapping curve to diminish the effects of illumination variations
* Lexicon reduction using dots for off-line Farsi/Arabic handwritten word recognition
* Localization of Digit Strings in Farsi/Arabic Document Images Using Structural Features and Syntactical Analysis
* Localizing scene texts by fuzzy inference systems and low rank matrix recovery model
* Makeup-insensitive face recognition by facial depth reconstruction and Gabor filter bank from women's real-world images
* Makeup-Invariant Face Recognition by 3D Face: Modeling and Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform from Women's 2D Real-World Images
* method for the segmentation of connected handwritten Persian digits, A
* Multi-focus Image Fusion Based on Fuzzy and Wavelet Transform
* Neural Network Based Face Recognition with Moment Invariants
* New adaptive steganographic method using least significant-bit substitution and pixel-value differencing
* New Efficient Stereo Line Segment Matching Algorithm Based on More Effective Usage of the Photometric, Geometric and Structural Information, A
* new pan-sharpening method using multiobjective particle swarm optimization and the shiftable contourlet transform, A
* new segmentation and fuzzy logic based multi-sensor image fusion, The
* New Segmentation Approach for Ear Recognition, A
* New Steganography Based on L2 Technic, A
* new wavelet-based fuzzy single and multi-channel image denoising, A
* Non-uniform slant estimation and correction for Farsi/Arabic handwritten words
* novel two-stage algorithm for baseline estimation and correction in Farsi and Arabic handwritten text line, A
* Object tracking with occlusion handling using mean shift, Kalman filter and Edge Histogram
* Off-line Unconstrained Farsi Handwritten Word Recognition Using Fuzzy Vector Quantization and Hidden Markov Word Models
* One Dimensional Fractal Coder for Online Signature Recognition
* Open-set face recognition across look-alike faces in real-world scenarios
* Pose-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition Based on 3D Face Reconstruction and Synthesis from a Single 2D Image
* Precise Vehicle Speed Measurement Based on a Hierarchical Homographic Transform Estimation for Law Enforcement Applications
* Real-Time Pose-Invariant Face Recognition by Triplet Pose Sparse Matrix from Only a Single Image
* Real-world gender classification via local Gabor binary pattern and three-dimensional face reconstruction by generic elastic model
* Recognition of handwritten Persian/Arabic numerals by shadow coding and an edited probabilistic neural network
* Recognition of isolated handwritten Farsi/Arabic alphanumeric using fractal codes
* Recognition of middle age Persian characters using a set of invariant moments
* Recognizing faces using Adaptively Weighted Sub-Gabor Array from a single sample image per enrolled subject
* Reduction of the Search Space Region in the Edge Based Stereo Correspondence
* Regression Facial Attribute Classification via simultaneous dictionary learning
* Robust voice activity detection directed by noise classification
* Search Space Reduction in the Edge Based Stereo Correspondence
* Search space reduction in the edge based stereo matching by context of disparity gradient limit
* Signature Pattern Recognition Using Pseudo Zernike Moments and a Fuzzy Logic Classifier
* Steganalysis of LSB Matching Based on the Statistical Analysis of Empirical Matrix
* Strategies for Large Handwritten Farsi/Arabic Lexicon Reduction
* Structural decomposition and statistical description of Farsi/Arabic handwritten numeric characters
* Study on the performance of moments as invariant descriptors for practical face recognition systems
* Unconstrained Farsi handwritten word recognition using fuzzy vector quantization and hidden Markov models
* Unconstrained pose-invariant face recognition by a triplet collaborative dictionary matrix
* Unrestricted pose-invariant face recognition by sparse dictionary matrix
* Use of Legal Amount to Confirm or Correct the Courtesy Amount on Farsi Bank Checks
* Use of matrix polar decomposition for illumination-tolerant face recognition in discrete cosine transform domain
* Writer Identification Using Super Paramagnetic Clustering and Spatio Temporal Neural Network
Includes: Faez, K.[Karim] Faez, K.
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Faezah, M.Y.N.[M.Y. Nor] Co Author Listing * Multi-tiered S-SOA, Parameter-Driven New Islamic Syariah Products of Holistic Islamic Banking System (HiCORE): Virtual Banking Environment

Faezi, S.[Sina] Co Author Listing * Critical object recognition in millimeter-wave images with robustness to rotation and scale

Faezipour, M. Co Author Listing * SKINcure: A real time image analysis system to aid in the malignant melanoma prevention and early detection

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