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Frelicot, C. Co Author Listing * Another Look at Combining Rejection-based Pattern Classifiers
* Automatic analysis of the structuring of children's drawings and writing
* Binary codes K-modes clustering for HSI segmentation
* class-selective rejection scheme based on blockwise similarity of typicality degrees, A
* Content-Based Copy Retrieval Using Distortion-Based Probabilistic Similarity Search
* Content-Based Video Copy Detection in Large Databases: A Local Fingerprints Statistical Similarity Search Approach
* Family of Cluster Validity Indexes Based on a l-Order Fuzzy OR Operator, A
* family of measures for best top-n class-selective decision rules, A
* Feature statistical retrieval applied to content-based copy identification
* New Index Based on Sparsity Measures for Comparing Fuzzy Partitions, A
* On Selecting an Optimal Number of Clusters for Color Image Segmentation
* Online Weighted One-Class Ensemble for feature selection in background/foreground separation
* Optimum Class-Rejective Decision Rule and Its Evaluation, An
* Pretopology-Based Supervised Pattern Classifier, A
* robust semi-supervised EM-based clustering algorithm with a reject option, A
* School level recognition from children's drawings and writings
* Superpixel-based online wagging one-class ensemble for feature selection in foreground/background separation
Includes: Frelicot, C. Frélicot, C. Frélicot, C.[Carl] Frelicot, C.[Carl]
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