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Fu, B.[Bo] Co Author Listing * Application of blind deconvolution approach with image quality metric in underwater image restoration
* Bio-inspired Group Modeling and Analysis for Intruder Detection in Mobile Sensor/Robotic Networks
* Data-Driven Flower Petal Modeling with Botany Priors
* Detection of partially occluded pedestrians by an enhanced cascade detector
* Discernibility of Burial Mounds in High-Resolution X-Band SAR Images for Archaeological Prospections in the Altai Mountains
* Document Rectification Approach Dealing with Both Perspective Distortion and Warping Based on Text Flow Curve Fitting, A
* Efficient Fast Updated Frequent Pattern tree algorithm and its parallel implementation
* error filtration method based on local similarity of the character to identify soiled vehicle license plate, An
* Fiber Defect Detection of Inhomogeneous Voluminous Textiles
* Gully Erosion Mapping and Monitoring at Multiple Scales Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data of the Sancha River Catchment, Northeast China
* Image analysis by modified Legendre moments
* Image super-resolution using TV priori guided convolutional network
* Information hiding technique in most significant bit of still image
* Magnitude-Phase of Quaternion Wavelet Transform for Texture Representation Using Multilevel Copula
* Model Based Book Dewarping Method to Handle 2D Images Captured by a Digital Camera, A
* Multi-label learning based on iterative label propagation over graph
* Page Content Independent Book Dewarping Method to Handle 2D Images Captured by a Digital Camera, A
* Point-of-Interest Recommendations via a Supervised Random Walk Algorithm
* Quality Dynamic Human Body Modeling Using a Single Low-Cost Depth Camera
* Rapid-transform based rotation invariant descriptor for texture classification under non-ideal conditions
* research of MPPT implementation strategy based on the improved conductance increment method, A
* salt and pepper noise fast filtering algorithm for grayscale images based on neighborhood correlation detection, A
* Satellite Monitoring the Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of Desertification in Response to Climate Change and Human Activities across the Ordos Plateau, China
* Simulation Study on the Effect of Sand Digging and Heaping on SAR Imaging in the Pearl River Estuary
* symmetry and bi-recursive algorithm of accurately computing Krawtchouk moments, A
Includes: Fu, B.[Bo] Fu, B.[Bihong] Fu, B.[Bin] Fu, B.[Biying] Fu, B.[Bolin] Fu, B.[Bing] Fu, B.
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Fu, B.C.[Bwo Chau] Co Author Listing * Robust Moving Object Detection on Moving Platforms
Includes: Fu, B.C.[Bwo Chau] Fu, B.C.[Bwo-Chau]

Fu, B.M.[Bingmei M.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Quantification of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Levels in a Microvessel with and without Tumor Cell Adhesion

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