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Fu, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Context Network for Scene Parsing
* Artificial and biological color band design as spectral compression
* Contextual deconvolution network for semantic segmentation
* DA-GAN: Instance-Level Image Translation by Deep Attention Generative Adversarial Networks
* Deep Learning Reconstruction Framework for Differential Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography With Incomplete Data, A
* Densely connected deconvolutional network for semantic segmentation
* Designing spectral sensitivity curves for use with Artificial Color
* Directional Discrete Cosine Transforms: A New Framework for Image Coding
* Dual Attention Network for Scene Segmentation
* Efficient VR Video Representation and Quality Assessment
* Exploiting Block-Sparsity for Hyperspectral Kronecker Compressive Sensing: A Tensor-Based Bayesian Method
* Feature Selective Networks for Object Detection
* Hierarchically Supervised Deconvolutional Network for Semantic Video Segmentation
* Human Model-Based Active Driving System in Vehicular Dynamic Simulation
* Image Quality Assessment Based on Local Linear Information and Distortion-Specific Compensation
* Image Tag Refinement With View-Dependent Concept Representations
* Improved Local Ternary Pattern for Texture Classification, An
* Improved Open Set Domain Adaptation with Backpropagation
* Kinect-Like Depth Data Compression
* Learn to Scale: Generating Multipolar Normalized Density Maps for Crowd Counting
* Learning Multi-attention Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Learning Pyramid-Context Encoder Network for High-Quality Image Inpainting
* Learning Rich Part Hierarchies With Progressive Attention Networks for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Learning Texture Transformer Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Look Closer to See Better: Recurrent Attention Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Looking for the Devil in the Details: Learning Trilinear Attention Sampling Network for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Making a smarter color camera
* Mapping Paddy Rice Using a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) with Landsat 8 Datasets in the Dongting Lake Area, China
* matching algorithm based on hierarchical primitive structure, A
* Motion Tracking Control Design for a Class of Nonholonomic Mobile Robot Systems
* Multi-level Attention Networks for Visual Question Answering
* Multi-Perspective 3D Reconstruction Method with Single Perspective Instantaneous Target Attitude Estimation, A
* Precise Sensor Orientation of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery With the Strip Constraint
* Region-of-interest based coding scheme for synthesized video
* Revisiting Anchor Mechanisms for Temporal Action Localization
* Screen content image quality assessment via convolutional neural network
* Show, Adapt and Tell: Adversarial Training of Cross-Domain Image Captioner
* Spatiotemporal Variation of NDVI in the Vegetation Growing Season in the Source Region of the Yellow River, China
* Strategy for Accelerating Multiway Greedy Compressive Sensing Reconstruction
* Use of Artificial Color filtering to improve iris recognition and searching
* WSOD2: Learning Bottom-Up and Top-Down Objectness Distillation for Weakly-Supervised Object Detection
Includes: Fu, J. Fu, J.[Jian] Fu, J.[Jun] Fu, J.[Jianlong] Fu, J.[Jing] Fu, J.[Jie] Fu, J.[Jixiang] Fu, J.[Jun'e]
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Fu, J.B.[Jian Bo] Co Author Listing * novel simulation framework based on information asymmetry to evaluate evacuation plan, A
Includes: Fu, J.B.[Jian Bo] Fu, J.B.[Jian-Bo]

Fu, J.C.[Jian Chun] Co Author Listing * 3D Cadastral Data Model Based on Conformal Geometry Algebra
* Novel Approach for Assessing Power Wheelchair Users' Mobility by Using Curve Fitting, A
Includes: Fu, J.C.[Jian Chun] Fu, J.C.[Jian-Chun] Fu, J.C.[Ji-Cheng]

Fu, J.F.[Jia Fei] Co Author Listing * Supervised single-channel speech dereverberation and denoising using a two-stage processing
Includes: Fu, J.F.[Jia Fei] Fu, J.F.[Jia-Fei]

Fu, J.H.[Jian Hong] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Kalman Filter with Different INS Error Models for GPS/INS Integration in Aerial Remote Sensing Applications
* application of GPS precise point positioning technology in aerial triangulation, The
* Hand-drawn grayscale image colorful colorization based on natural image
* Nonlinear bias compensation of ZiYuan-3 satellite imagery with cubic splines
* Semantic annotation for complex video street views based on 2D-3D multi-feature fusion and aggregated boosting decision forests
Includes: Fu, J.H.[Jian Hong] Fu, J.H.[Jian-Hong] Fu, J.H.[Jian-Hui] Fu, J.H.[Jian-Hai]

Fu, J.J.[Jing Jing] Co Author Listing * Depth sensor assisted real-time gesture recognition for interactive presentation
* Layered compression for high dynamic range depth
* Layered compression for high-precision depth data
* Two-Dimensional Histogram Modification for Reversible Data Hiding in Partially Encrypted H.264/AVC Videos
Includes: Fu, J.J.[Jing Jing] Fu, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Fu, J.J.[Jian-Jing]

Fu, J.L.[Jian Long] Co Author Listing * 360-Indoor: Towards Learning Real-World Objects in 360 Indoor Equirectangular Images
* Deep Attention Neural Tensor Network for Visual Question Answering
* Efficient Clothing Retrieval with Semantic-Preserving Visual Phrases
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Relaxing from Vocabulary: Robust Weakly-Supervised Deep Learning for Vocabulary-Free Image Tagging
* Searching parameter spaces with noisy linear constraints
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* What Visual Attributes Characterize an Object Class?
Includes: Fu, J.L.[Jian Long] Fu, J.L.[Jian-Long] Fu, J.L.
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Fu, J.N.[Jing Nan] Co Author Listing * Marine Biometric Recognition Algorithm Based on YOLOV3-GAN Network
Includes: Fu, J.N.[Jing Nan] Fu, J.N.[Jing-Nan]

Fu, J.S.[Jun Sheng] Co Author Listing * 3D map augmented photo gallery application on mobile device, A
* Convex MRF potential functions
* Indoor Objects and Outdoor Urban Scenes Recognition by 3D Visual Primitives
* One-dimension range profile identification of radar targets based on a linear interpolation neural network
* Performance analysis of single-query 6-DoF camera pose estimation in self-driving setups
* Spatially-Explicit Simulation Modeling of Ecological Response to Climate Change: Methodological Considerations in Predicting Shifting Population Dynamics of Infectious Disease Vectors
Includes: Fu, J.S.[Jun Sheng] Fu, J.S.[Jun-Sheng] Fu, J.S. Fu, J.S.[Jeffrey S.] Fu, J.S.[Joshua S.]

Fu, J.W.[Jian Wen] Co Author Listing * Robust Lip Region Segmentation Based on Competitive FCM Clustering
Includes: Fu, J.W.[Jian Wen] Fu, J.W.[Jian-Wen]

Fu, J.Y.[Jing Ying] Co Author Listing * On the Risk Assessment of Terrorist Attacks Coupled with Multi-Source Factors
* Simulating Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Terrorism Incidents on the Indochina Peninsula with GIS and the Random Forest Method
Includes: Fu, J.Y.[Jing Ying] Fu, J.Y.[Jing-Ying]

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