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Gan, A. Co Author Listing * Prediction of Lane Clearance Time of Freeway Incidents Using the M5P Tree Algorithm

Gan, C.[Chuang] Co Author Listing * Automatic Concept Discovery from Parallel Text and Visual Corpora
* DevNet: A Deep Event Network for multimedia event detection and evidence recounting
* Learning Attributes Equals Multi-Source Domain Generalization
* Recognizing an Action Using Its Name: A Knowledge-Based Approach
* Salient object detection in image sequences via spatial-temporal cue
* Semantic Compositional Networks for Visual Captioning
* StyleNet: Generating Attractive Visual Captions with Styles
* Webly-Supervised Video Recognition by Mutually Voting for Relevant Web Images and Web Video Frames
* You Lead, We Exceed: Labor-Free Video Concept Learning by Jointly Exploiting Web Videos and Images
Includes: Gan, C.[Chuang] Gan, C.
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Gan, F.[Fuxi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive motion-compensated interpolation based on spatiotemporal segmentation

Gan, F.P.[Fu Ping] Co Author Listing * Object recognition of high resolution remote sensing image based on PSWT
Includes: Gan, F.P.[Fu Ping] Gan, F.P.[Fu-Ping]

Gan, F.X. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Sequence Coding Based on Global and Local Compensability Analysis
* Image Sequence Segmentation Based on 2D Temporal Entropic Thresholding
* Motion Estimation Based on Global and Local Uncompensability Analysis

Gan, G. Co Author Listing * convergence theorem for the fuzzy subspace clustering (FSC) algorithm, A
* Queuing Network Modeling of Driver Lateral Control With or Without a Cognitive Distraction Task

Gan, G.J.[Guo Jun] Co Author Listing * k-means clustering with outlier removal
* Subspace clustering using affinity propagation
* Subspace clustering with automatic feature grouping
Includes: Gan, G.J.[Guo Jun] Gan, G.J.[Guo-Jun]

Gan, H. Co Author Listing * Urban freeway users' diversion response to variable message sign displaying the travel time of both freeway and local street

Gan, H.C.[Hong Cheng] Co Author Listing * To switch travel mode or not? Impact of Smartphone delivered high-quality multimodal information
* Why do drivers change route? effect of graphical route information panels
Includes: Gan, H.C.[Hong Cheng] Gan, H.C.[Hong-Cheng]

Gan, H.T.[Hai Tao] Co Author Listing * Action recognition through discovering distinctive action parts
* Discovering distinctive action parts for action recognition
* Enhanced manifold regularization for semi-supervised classification
* Locally Adaptive Shearlet Denoising Based on Bayesian MAP Estimate
* Manifold Regularized Gaussian Mixture Model for Semi-supervised Clustering
* Manifold regularized semi-supervised Gaussian mixture model
* Self-training-based face recognition using semi-supervised linear discriminant analysis and affinity propagation
Includes: Gan, H.T.[Hai Tao] Gan, H.T.[Hai-Tao]
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Gan, H.X.[Hong Xiao] Co Author Listing * Bayesian belief network for positive unlabeled learning with uncertainty
Includes: Gan, H.X.[Hong Xiao] Gan, H.X.[Hong-Xiao]

Gan, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * content-adaptive wavelet-like transform for aliasing suppression in image and video compression, A
* Fast image dehazing using guided joint bilateral filter
* Improving the resolution scalability of orientation adaptive wavelets
* Non-Separable Wavelet-Like Lifting Structure for Image and Video Compression with Aliasing Suppression
Includes: Gan, J.[Jonathan] Gan, J.[Jiajia]

Gan, J.H.[Jian Hong] Co Author Listing * Image fusion based on visual salient features and the cross-contrast
Includes: Gan, J.H.[Jian Hong] Gan, J.H.[Jian-Hong]

Gan, J.J.[Jia Jia] Co Author Listing * Fast level set image and video segmentation using new evolution indicator operators
Includes: Gan, J.J.[Jia Jia] Gan, J.J.[Jia-Jia]

Gan, J.Y.[Jun Ying] Co Author Listing * Applications of Wavelet Packets Decomposition in Iris Recognition
* Real-Time Face Detection and Recognition via Local Binary Pattern Plus Sample Selective Biomimetic Pattern Recognition
* sparse representation and smoothed L0 algorithm for face recognition, The
* study for facial beauty prediction model, A
Includes: Gan, J.Y.[Jun Ying] Gan, J.Y.[Jun-Ying]

Gan, K.W. Co Author Listing * Chinese character classification using an adaptive resonance network
* Recognizing chinese characters through interactive activation and competition

Gan, L. Co Author Listing * Combined Optimization of Feature Reduction and Classification for Radiometric Identification
* Convolutional Compressed Sensing Using Decimated Sidelnikov Sequences
* Distributed compressed video sensing
* Efficient nonlinear DTI registration using DCT basis functions
* Elitist Chemical Reaction Optimization for Contour-Based Target Recognition in Aerial Images
* Fast dimension reduction through random permutation
* Hybrid organization and visualization of the DSM combined with 3D building model
* improved LBP algorithm for texture and face classification, An
* Improved Particle Filter Algorithm Based on Markov Random Field Modeling in Stationary Wavelet Domain for SAR Image Despeckling, An
* Lifting-based Laplacian Pyramid reconstruction schemes
* Non-negativity and dependence constrained sparse coding for image classification
* Novel Measurement Matrix Based on Regression Model for Block Compressed Sensing, A
* On lattice factorization of symmetric-antisymmetric multifilter banks
* Oversampled lapped transforms via time-domain pre- and post-processing
* precise time sequency match method of GPR high resolution step system, A
* Reducing video-quality fluctuations for streaming scalable video using unequal error protection, retransmission, and interleaving
* Spot image processing and simulation of the laser proximity fuze
* Triplet Markov Fields with Edge Location for Fast Unsupervised Multi-Class Segmentation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Undersampled Boundary Pre-/Postfilters for Low Bit-Rate DCT-Based Block Coders
* Unsupervised multi-class segmentation of SAR images using fuzzy triplet Markov fields model
* Wiener Filter-Based Error Resilient Time-Domain Lapped Transform
Includes: Gan, L. Gan, L.[Lu] Gan, L.[Lin] Gan, L.[Linlu]
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Gan, M.[Ming] Co Author Listing * Application of Analog Network Coding to MIMO Two-Way Relay Channel in Cellular Systems
* Discrimination of Settlement and Industrial Area Using Landscape Metrics in Rural Region
* Gradient Radial Basis Function Based Varying-Coefficient Autoregressive Model for Nonlinear and Nonstationary Time Series
* Reconstructing Historical Land Cover Type and Complexity by Synergistic Use of Landsat Multispectral Scanner and CORONA
* Rural Settlement Subdivision by Using Landscape Metrics as Spatial Contextual Information
Includes: Gan, M.[Ming] Gan, M.[Muye] Gan, M.[Min]

Gan, P.[Ping] Co Author Listing * cloud detection algorithm-generating method for remote sensing data at visible to short-wave infrared wavelengths, A

Gan, Q.[Qifeng] Co Author Listing * computationally efficient importance sampling tracking algorithm, A
* Estimation of Performance Metrics at Signalized Intersections Using Loop Detector Data and Probe Travel Times
* Expression-assisted facial action unit recognition under incomplete AU annotation
* Facial Expression Intensity Estimation Using Ordinal Information
* High Performance Hand-Printed Numeral Recognition System with Verification Module, A
* Objective picture quality scale for color image coding
Includes: Gan, Q.[Qifeng] Gan, Q. Gan, Q.[Quan]

Gan, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Extended Isomap for Manifold Topology Learning with SOINN Landmarks, An
* Recognition of handwritten numerals by Quantum Neural Network with fuzzy features
Includes: Gan, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Gan, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]

Gan, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Uncertainty-Based Depth Map Super Resolution, A
* Correlation-Based Facade Parsing Using Shape Grammar
* Distance-Intensity for Image Registration
* Fast Neighborhood Graph Search Using Cartesian Concatenation
* Joint Learning-Based Method for Multi-view Depth Map Super Resolution, A
* Multiple View Based Building Modeling with Multi-box Grammar
* Robust Optimization Using Disturbance for Image Registration
* Scalable k-NN graph construction for visual descriptors
* Semantic Segmentation via Structured Patch Prediction, Context CRF and Guidance CRF
* Similarity-Aware Patchwork Assembly for Depth Image Super-resolution
* Structure-Sensitive Superpixels via Geodesic Distance
Includes: Gan, R.[Rui] Gan, R.
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Gan, S.[Shu] Co Author Listing * Application Research of Remote Sensing Images in the Land Use Special Planning of Tourism Industry in Yunnan Province
* Long-Term Ship Speed Prediction for Intelligent Traffic Signaling
* Mapping Deciduous Rubber Plantation Areas and Stand Ages with PALSAR and Landsat Images
* News sports video shot classification with sports play field and motion features
Includes: Gan, S.[Shu] Gan, S. Gan, S.[Sheng]

Gan, S.Z. Co Author Listing * Feature Modelling of High Resolution Remote Sensing Images Considering Spatial Autocorrelation

Gan, T. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Denoising by Singular Value Decomposition
* Automatic Hookworm Detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images
* Efficient embedded wavelet codec based on list structure
* Fast M-Term Pursuit for Sparse Image Representation
* Image denoising using multi-stage sparse representations
* Reducing video-quality fluctuations for streaming scalable video using unequal error protection, retransmission, and interleaving
* Sliding-window packetization for unequal loss protection based multiple description coding
* Weighted Unequal Error Protection for Transmitting Scalable Object-Oriented Images Over Packet-Erasure Networks
Includes: Gan, T. Gan, T.[Tao] Gan, T.[Tong]
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Gan, T.S.Y.[Timothy S. Y.] Co Author Listing * Differentiating Between Many Similar Features using Relational Information in Space and Scale

Gan, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Giraffe Behavior in Thermal Video

Gan, W.[Wenxia] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Multiple Downscaled Microwave Soil Moisture Products over the Central Tibetan Plateau
* MCL-JCV: A JND-based H.264/AVC video quality assessment dataset
Includes: Gan, W.[Wenxia] Gan, W.

Gan, W.H.[Wei Hao] Co Author Listing * Boosted Convolutional Neural Networks (BCNN) for Pedestrian Detection
* Object tracking with temporal prediction and spatial refinement (TPSR)
Includes: Gan, W.H.[Wei Hao] Gan, W.H.[Wei-Hao]

Gan, W.S. Co Author Listing * Designing a Fuzzy Step Size LMS Algorithm
* Fast arbitrary resizing of images in the discrete cosine transform domain
* Natural Sound Rendering for Headphones: Integration of signal processing techniques
* Perceptually tuned subband coder for JPEG
* Primary-Ambient Extraction Using Ambient Phase Estimation with a Sparsity Constraint
Includes: Gan, W.S. Gan, W.S.[Woon-Seng]

Gan, W.X.[Wen Xia] Co Author Listing * 33-Year NPP Monitoring Study in Southwest China by the Fusion of Multi-Source Remote Sensing and Station Data, A
Includes: Gan, W.X.[Wen Xia] Gan, W.X.[Wen-Xia]

Gan, X. Co Author Listing * Image enhancement through turbid media under a microscope by use of polarization gating methods
* Parallelizing band selection for hyperspectral imagery with many-threads

Gan, X.C.[Xiang Chao] Co Author Listing * Blocking artifact reduction in compressed images based on edge-adaptive quadrangle meshes
* Detecting Periodically Expressed Genes based on Time-frequency Analysis and L-curve Method
* Microarray Missing Data Imputation based on a Set Theoretic Framework and Biological Constraints
* Missing microarray data estimation based on projection onto convex sets method
* POCS-based constrained total least squares algorithm for image restoration, A
* smoothness constraint set based on local statistics of BDCT coefficients for image postprocessing, A
Includes: Gan, X.C.[Xiang Chao] Gan, X.C.[Xiang-Chao]

Gan, X.Y.[Xiao Yu] Co Author Listing * Simulation of Urbanization Development Using Cellular Automata Model to Inform Urban Planning Policy in Zhangjiagang Region, China
* Visualizing the Instability Degree of Regional Cultivated Lands Using an Imagery-Based Model
Includes: Gan, X.Y.[Xiao Yu] Gan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu]

Gan, Y.[Yuqin] Co Author Listing * Application of pronunciation knowledge on phoneme recognition by LSTM neural network
* Fast depth map mode decision based on depth-texture correlation and edge classification for 3D-HEVC
* Fast inter-prediction mode decision algorithm for HEVC
* Low-complexity depth map compression in HEVC-based 3D video coding
* LSTM-CF: Unifying Context Modeling and Fusion with LSTMs for RGB-D Scene Labeling
* Simple and Fast Region of Interest Extraction Approach Based on Computer Vision for Sport Scene Images, A
* Sparse Feature Fidelity for Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
Includes: Gan, Y.[Yuqin] Gan, Y.[Yong] Gan, Y.[Yukang] Gan, Y.
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Gan, Y.Z.[Yang Zhou] Co Author Listing * Crown Segmentation From Computed Tomography Images With Metal Artifacts
Includes: Gan, Y.Z.[Yang Zhou] Gan, Y.Z.[Yang-Zhou]

Gan, Z. Co Author Listing * Consistency-Constrained Nonnegative Coding for Tracking
* Graph-Based Segmentation for RGB-D Data Using 3-D Geometry Enhanced Superpixels
* Learning Weight Uncertainty with Stochastic Gradient MCMC for Shape Classification
* Semantic Compositional Networks for Visual Captioning
* StyleNet: Generating Attractive Visual Captions with Styles
Includes: Gan, Z. Gan, Z.[Zhe]

Gan, Z.F.[Zhi Feng] Co Author Listing * Object tracking and matting for a class of dynamic image-based representations
* Object-Based Approach to Image/Video-Based Synthesis and Processing for 3-D and Multiview Televisions, An
* plenoptic video, The
Includes: Gan, Z.F.[Zhi Feng] Gan, Z.F.[Zhi-Feng] Gan, Z.F.

Gan, Z.H.[Zhao Hui] Co Author Listing * Articulated human body pose tracking by suppression based immune particle filter
* image encryption algorithm based on the memristive hyperchaotic system, cellular automata and DNA sequence operations, An
Includes: Gan, Z.H.[Zhao Hui] Gan, Z.H.[Zhao-Hui] Gan, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua]

Gan, Z.J. Co Author Listing * Two Convergence Theorems on Deterministic Properties of Median Filters

Gan, Z.L.[Zong Liang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive joint nonlocal means denoising back projection for image super resolution
* Collective Activity Recognition by Attribute-Based Spatio-Temporal Descriptor
* Improved Non-local Iterative Back-Projection Method for Image Super-Resolution
* Joint Motion-Compensated Interpolation Using Eight-Neighbor Block Motion Vectors
* Learning Based Adaptive Denoising Approach for Image Interpolation
* Low Complexity Image/Video Super Resolution Using Edge and Nonlocal Self-Similarity Constraint
* Single Image Super Resolution Method Based on Edge Preservation
* Topic-Based Knowledge Transfer Algorithm for Cross-View Action Recognition
* Wavelet Pyramid Based Multi-Resolution Bilateral Motion Estimation for Frame Rate Up-Conversion
Includes: Gan, Z.L.[Zong Liang] Gan, Z.L.[Zong-Liang]
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Gan, Z.P.[Zhi Peng] Co Author Listing * Nonnegative coding based ensemble tracking
Includes: Gan, Z.P.[Zhi Peng] Gan, Z.P.[Zhi-Peng]

Gan, Z.Q.[Zi Qiao] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Signal-Dependent Noise Level Function in Transform Domain via a Sparse Recovery Model
* Estimation of signal-dependent sensor noise via sparse representation of noise level functions
Includes: Gan, Z.Q.[Zi Qiao] Gan, Z.Q.[Zi-Qiao]

Gan, Z.X.[Zhong Xue] Co Author Listing * Visual Sensing and its Applications: Integration of Laser Sensors to Industrial Robots
Includes: Gan, Z.X.[Zhong Xue] Gan, Z.X.[Zhong-Xue]

Gana, B.S. Co Author Listing * Landsat-Based Detection and Severity Analysis of Burned Sugarcane Plots in Tarlac, Philippines Using Differenced Normalized Burn Ratio (dNBR)

Ganame, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3-D Breath-Hold Related Motion Correction of Dynamic Multislice MRI

Ganan, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * HOG-Based Decision Tree for Facial Expression Classification
Includes: Ganan, A.[Andres] Ga˝ßn, A.[AndrÚs]

Ganansia, F.[Fabrice] Co Author Listing * Audio-video surveillance system for public transportation
* Unified Approach to Shot Change Detection and Camera Motion Characterization, A
* Video Partitioning and Camera Motion Characterization for Content-Based Video Indexing
Includes: Ganansia, F.[Fabrice] Ganansia, F.

Ganapathi, V.[Varun] Co Author Listing * Real time motion capture using a single time-of-flight camera
* Real-Time Human Pose Tracking from Range Data

Ganapathiraman, S.[Subburengan] Co Author Listing * Efficient 3D characterization of raised topological defects in smooth specular coatings

Ganapathy, B.[Balaji] Co Author Listing * Localized principal component analysis based curve evolution: A divide and conquer approach

Ganapathy, S. Co Author Listing * Decomposition of Transformation Matrices for Robot Vision
* Enhancing Frequency Shifted Speech Signals in Single Side-Band Communication
* Increasing the robustness of CNN acoustic models using autoregressive moving average spectrogram features and channel dropout
* Multivariate Autoregressive Spectrogram Modeling for Noisy Speech Recognition
* Optimization Approaches to the Problem of Edge Linking with a Focus on Parallel Processing
* Preprocessing Techniques for Cursive Script Word Recognition
* Reconstruction of Scenes Containing Polyhedra from Stereo Pairs of Views
* Systematic Approach to Continuous Graph Labeling with Application to Computer Vision, A
Includes: Ganapathy, S. Ganapathy, S.[Sriram]
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Ganapathy, S.K. Co Author Listing * Matching and Retrieval Based on the Vocabulary and Grammar of Color Patterns
* MIRACLE: Multimedia Information Retrieval by Analysing Content and Learning from Examples
* Smooth Interpolation of Rotational Motions
* Vocabulary and Grammar of Color Patterns, The

Ganapathy, V. Co Author Listing * Minimal Delay Realization of First Order 2-D All-Pass Digital Filters

Ganascia, J.G.[Jean Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Text Categorization: A Symbolic Approach
Includes: Ganascia, J.G.[Jean Gabriel] Ganascia, J.G.[Jean-Gabriel]

Ganase, A.[Anjani] Co Author Listing * Scaling up Ecological Measurements of Coral Reefs Using Semi-Automated Field Image Collection and Analysis

Ganau, S.[Sergi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Nonlinear Filtering and Segmentation for Breast Ultrasound Images
* Demons Methods for Digital Mammography Registration
* Feasibility Study of Lesion Detection Using Deformable Part Models in Breast Ultrasound Images

Gancarczyk, J.[Joanna] Co Author Listing * Feature Vector Definition for a Decision Tree Based Craquelure Identification in Old Paintings

Gancarski, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Collaborative segmentation and classification for remote sensing image analysis
* Comparison between two coevolutionary feature weighting algorithms in clustering
* Empirical Study Into Annotator Agreement, Ground Truth Estimation, and Algorithm Evaluation, An
* Evolutionary Approach for Ontology Driven Image Interpretation, An
* Extraction of complex patterns from multiresolution remote sensing images: A hierarchical top-down methodology
* global averaging method for dynamic time warping, with applications to clustering, A
* Hierarchical extraction of landslides from multiresolution remotely sensed optical images
* histogram semantic-based distance for multiresolution image classification, A
* MACLAW: A modular approach for clustering with local attribute weighting
* Real-Time Fall Detection Method Based on Hidden Markov Modelling
* Remote sensing image analysis by aggregation of segmentation-classification collaborative agents
* Semantic rich ICM algorithm for VHR satellite images segmentation
* Spatio-temporal reasoning for the classification of satellite image time series
* Stain unmixing in brightfield multiplexed immunohistochemistry
* VHR satellite image segmentation based on topological unsupervised learning
Includes: Gancarski, P.[Pierre] Ganšarski, P.[Pierre] Gancarski, P. Ganšarski, P.
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Gancarskv, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Clustering of satellite image time series under Time Warping

Gancel, E. Co Author Listing * Skeletonization and 3D graph approach for thin objects recognition in pick and place tasks

Ganchev, T.[Todor] Co Author Listing * PROMETHEUS: heterogeneous sensor database in support of research on human behavioral patterns in unrestricted environments

Ganci, G.[Gaetana] Co Author Listing * Quantifying Effusion Rates at Active Volcanoes through Integrated Time-Lapse Laser Scanning and Photography

Gandarilla Aizpuro, F.J.[Fabiola J.] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Landscape Trends on Agriculture, Introduced Exotic Grasslands and Riparian Ecosystems in Arid Regions of Mexico
Includes: Gandarilla Aizpuro, F.J.[Fabiola J.] Gandarilla-Aizpuro, F.J.[Fabiola J.]

Gandelin, M. Co Author Listing * expert system for the automatic classification and description of zooplanktons from monocular images, An

Gandelin, M.H. Co Author Listing * new image shape analysis approach and its application to flower shape analysis, A

Gander, H. Co Author Listing * Laser Tracking System to Measure Position and Orientation of Robot End Effectors Under Motion, A

Gandetto, M. Co Author Listing * Localization and classification of partially overlapped objects using self-organizing trees

Gandhe, S.T. Co Author Listing * Dual Watermarking in Video Using Discrete Wavelet Transform

Gandhi, A.[Ankit] Co Author Listing * Decomposing Bag of Words Histograms
* Detection of Cut-and-Paste in Document Images
* GeThR-Net: A Generalized Temporally Hybrid Recurrent Neural Network for Multimodal Information Fusion
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Heterogeneous Concepts in Videos
Includes: Gandhi, A.[Ankit] Gandhi, A.

Gandhi, A.S. Co Author Listing * simple and efficient approach for medical image security using chaos on EZW, A

Gandhi, B. Co Author Listing * Fast video shot retrieval based on trace geometry matching
* Fast video shot retrieval by trace geometry matching in principal component space
* Optimal video summarization with a bit budget constraint
* Perceptual Feature Selection for Semantic Image Classification
* Rate-distortion optimal video summary generation

Gandhi, D.[Dhiraj] Co Author Listing * Curious Robot: Learning Visual Representations via Physical Interactions, The

Gandhi, S.[Samir] Co Author Listing * Madagascar's Mangroves: Quantifying Nation-Wide and Ecosystem Specific Dynamics, and Detailed Contemporary Mapping of Distinct Ecosystems

Gandhi, T.[Tarak] Co Author Listing * Application of Planar Motion Segmentation for Scene Text Extraction
* Detection of Obstacles in the Flight Path of an Aircraft
* Detection of Obstacles on Runway Using Ego-Motion Compensation and Tracking of Significant Features
* Detection of obstacles on runways using ego-motion compensation and tracking of significant features
* Dynamic Panoramic Surround Map: Motivation and Omni Video Based Approach
* Looking-In and Looking-Out of a Vehicle: Computer-Vision-Based Enhanced Vehicle Safety
* Motion based vehicle surround analysis using an omni-directional camera
* Panoramic Appearance Map (PAM) for Multi-camera Based Person Re-identification
* Parametric ego-motion estimation for vehicle surround analysis using an omnidirectional camera
* Pedestrian Protection Systems: Issues, Survey, and Challenges
* Performance Characterization of the Dynamic Programming Obstacle Detection Algorithm
* Person tracking and reidentification: Introducing Panoramic Appearance Map (PAM) for feature representation
* Real-Time Implementation of Obstacle Detection Algorithms on a Datacube MaxPCI Architecture
* Reconfigurable omnidirectional camera array calibration with a linear moving object
* Robust Feature Selection for Object Recognition using Uncertain 2D Image Data
* Structure Recognition and Information Extraction from Tabular Documents
* Vehicle Mounted Wide FOV Stereo for Traffic and Pedestrian Detection
* Vehicle Surround Capture: Survey of Techniques and a Novel Omni-Video-Based Approach for Dynamic Panoramic Surround Maps
* Video and Seismic Sensor-Based Structural Health Monitoring: Framework, Algorithms, and Implementation
Includes: Gandhi, T.[Tarak] Gandhi, T.
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Gandhi, T.K.[Tapan K.] Co Author Listing * Unlocking the Mechanism of Devanagari Letter Identification Using Eye Tracking

Gandhi, T.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Jigsaw Puzzle Solver, An

Gandhi, V.[Vineet] Co Author Listing * Automatic analysis of broadcast football videos using contextual priors
* Detecting and Naming Actors in Movies Using Generative Appearance Models
* EEG-Based Mobile Robot Control Through an Adaptive Brain-Robot Interface
Includes: Gandhi, V.[Vineet] Gandhi, V.

Gandini, M. Co Author Listing * VLSI implementation study of a 10 Mbit/s video decoder, A

Gandjbakhche, A. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral imaging of Kaposi's Sarcoma for disease assessment and treatment monitoring
* Optical Signatures of Small, Deeply Embedded, Tumor-like Inclusions in Tissue-like Turbid Media Based on a Random-walk Theory of Photon Migration

Gandler, W.R. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of 3D Reconstruction Algorithms for a Small Animal PET Camera

Gandlin, R.[Rima] Co Author Listing * Multigrid Narrow Band Surface Reconstruction via Level Set Functions

Gandois, L.[Laure] Co Author Listing * Using High Spatio-Temporal Optical Remote Sensing to Monitor Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Arctic River Yenisei

Gandolfi, S. Co Author Listing * Close Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning Using a Mobile Mapping System for the High Detailed Survey of a Height Density Urban Area

Gandolfo, F. Co Author Listing * Role of Vision in Two-Arms Manipulation, The
* Vision During Action
Includes: Gandolfo, F. Gandolfo, F.[Francesca]

Gandolph, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Reliability-aware cross multilateral filtering for robust disparity map refinement

Gandomkar, Z. Co Author Listing * iCAP: An Individualized Model Combining Gaze Parameters and Image-Based Features to Predict Radiologists Decisions While Reading Mammograms

Gandor, F. Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric Mission Planner for RPAS

Ganea, E.[Eugen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Method for Efficient Detection of Salient Visual Object from Color Images, An
* Evaluation of Image Segmentation Algorithms from the Perspective of Salient Region Detection
* New Algorithm for Segmentation of Images Represented as Hypergraph Hexagonal-Grid
* New Method for Segmentation of Images Represented in a HSV Color Space, A

Ganebnykh, S.[Sergey] Co Author Listing * Moment-Based Pattern Representation Using Shape and Grayscale Features
* Tree-like data structures for effective recognition of 2-D solids
Includes: Ganebnykh, S.[Sergey] Ganebnykh, S.

Ganesalingam, S. Co Author Listing * Error rate estimation on the basis of posterior probabilities

Ganesan, A. Co Author Listing * Quantitative-Electrogram-Based Methods for Guiding Catheter Ablation in Atrial Fibrillation

Ganesan, G. Co Author Listing * Differential modulation using space-time block codes

Ganesan, K.[Karthick] Co Author Listing * Earlier detection of cancer regions from MR image features and SVM classifiers

Ganesan, L. Co Author Listing * Analysis of skin images using texture descriptor by a combined statistical and structural approach
* BIONET: an artificial neural network model for diagnosis of diseases
* Efficient Approach To Color Image Segmentation Using Intermediate Features Of Maximum Overlap Wavelet Transform In Peak Finding Algorithm, An
* Fault segmentation in fabric images using Gabor wavelet transform
* modified statistical approach for image fusion using wavelet transform, A
* New Statistical Approach for Micro Texture Description, A
* Orthogonal moments based texture analysis of CT liver images
* Orthogonal Polynomials Based Framework for Edge-Detection in 2-D Monochrome Images, An
* statistical design of experiments approach for texture description, A
* Texture Characterization Using Wsfs And Wcfs
* Texture classification using Curvelet Statistical and Co-occurrence Features
* Texture classification using Gabor wavelets based rotation invariant features
* Texture classification using ridgelet transform
* Texture classification using wavelet transform
* Texture classification with combined rotation and scale invariant wavelet features
* Texture image segmentation using combined features from spatial and spectral distribution
* Texture segmentation using wavelet transform
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Ganesan, S. Co Author Listing * Complete Description of Multiple Line Segments Using the Hough Transform
* robust Hough transform technique for description of multiple line segments in an image, A
* Thermal Imaging Based Elderly Fall Detection
Includes: Ganesan, S. Ganesan, S.[Sudakshin]

Ganesan, V. Co Author Listing * Simple Direct Computation of the FOE with Confidence Measures

Ganesh Co Author Listing * Dhaksha, The Unmanned Aircraft System in its New Avatar-Automated Aerial Inspection of India's Tallest Tower

Ganesh, A.[Arvind] Co Author Listing * Demo: Robust face recognition via sparse representation
* Fast L1-minimization algorithms and an application in robust face recognition: A review
* Information Retrieval System for Handwritten Documents
* Mapping facial expression recognition algorithms on a low-power smart camera
* Nearest-Subspace Patch Matching for face recognition under varying pose and illumination
* RASL: Robust Alignment by Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition for Linearly Correlated Images
* Robust Face Recognition via Sparse Representation
* Robust Photometric Stereo via Low-Rank Matrix Completion and Recovery
* TILT: Transform Invariant Low-Rank Textures
* Toward a Practical Face Recognition System: Robust Alignment and Illumination by Sparse Representation
* Towards a practical face recognition system: Robust registration and illumination by sparse representation
Includes: Ganesh, A.[Arvind] Ganesh, A.[Anantharaman] Ganesh, A.
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Ganesh, M.[Mani] Co Author Listing * simple computational framework for defect detection system with orthogonal polynomials transcoded coefficients, A

Ganesh, S.[Sumitra] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Human Actions using an Optimal Control Based Motor Model

Ganeshan, B.[Balaji] Co Author Listing * Texture Analysis for Identifying Heterogeneity in Medical Images
* Towards Detecting High-Uptake Lesions from Lung CT Scans Using Deep Learning

Ganeshkumar, P. Co Author Listing * CANFIS based glioma brain tumor classification and retrieval system for tumor diagnosis
* efficient automated methodology for detecting and segmenting the ischemic stroke in brain MRI images, An

Ganeshsingh, T. Co Author Listing * ACSIR: ANOVA Cosine Similarity Image Recommendation in vertical search

Ganestam, P.[Per] Co Author Listing * Real-time multiply recursive reflections and refractions using hybrid rendering

Ganetsos, T.[Theodore] Co Author Listing * Pigments Identification Using Raman Spectroscopy of the 16th Century Printed Book Osorio

Gang, G.J. Co Author Listing * Task-Driven Optimization of Fluence Field and Regularization for Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction in Computed Tomography

Gang, H.Z.[Hu Zhi] Co Author Listing * Interactive Image Segmentation Method Based on Dynamic Programming and its Application in Medical Image Analysis, An

Gang, L.T.[Li Tao] Co Author Listing * Cover Noise Interference Suppression In Multimedia Data Hiding
Includes: Gang, L.T.[Li Tao] Gang, L.T.[Li-Tao]

Gang, X.[Xiao] Co Author Listing * Fusion of MRI and CT images using guided image filter and image statistics

Gang, Z.[Zhang] Co Author Listing * Invisible barcode with optimized error correction
* MPEG-21 digital item adaptation by applying perceived motion energy to H.264 video
Includes: Gang, Z.[Zhang] Gang, Z.[Zhao]

Gangadhar, G.[Garipelli] Co Author Listing * oscillatory neuromotor model of handwriting generation, An

Gangadharaiah, R.[Rashmi] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Focus Group Identification from Online Product Reviews

Gangadharan, B. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for X-ray Scatter, Beam-Hardening, and Beam Profile Correction in Diagnostic (Kilovoltage) and Treatment (Megavoltag

Gangal, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Automatic Restoration of Old Motion Picture Films Using Spatiotemporal Exemplar-Based Inpainting
* improved motion-compensated restoration method for damaged color motion picture films, An
* Reconstructing coronary arterial segments from three projection boundaries
* Reconstructing ellipsoids from three projection contours
* Spatiotemporal Algorithm for Detection and Restoration of Defects in Old Color Films, A
* surface-based method for detection of coronary vessel boundaries in poor quality X-ray angiogram images, A

Gangam, P.[Priyanka] Co Author Listing * Recognizing face sketches by a large number of human subjects: A perception-based study for facial distinctiveness

Gangamani, H. Co Author Listing * Trends and Variability of AVHRR-Derived NPP in India

Gangapure, V.N.[Vijay N.] Co Author Listing * Causal Video Segmentation Using Superseeds and Graph Matching

Gangaputra, S.[Sachin] Co Author Listing * Design Principle for Coarse-to-Fine Classification, A
* Self-normalized linear tests
* Trace Model for Object Detection and Tracking, The
* Unified Stochastic Model for Detecting and Tracking Faces, A

Gangashetty, S.V.[Suryakanth V.] Co Author Listing * Edge detection for facial images under noisy conditions

Gangatharan, N. Co Author Listing * Stabilization of 2D nonsymmetric half-plane digital filters using the concept of reciprocity

Gangeh, M.[Mehrdad] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Visual Changepoint Detection Using Maximum Mean Discrepancy

Gangeh, M.J. Co Author Listing * Categorizing Extent of Tumor Cell Death Response to Cancer Therapy Using Quantitative Ultrasound Spectroscopy and Maximum Mean Discrepancy
* Computer Aided Theragnosis Using Quantitative Ultrasound Spectroscopy and Maximum Mean Discrepancy in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
* Dictionary Learning in Texture Classification
* Multiple Classifier Systems in Texton-Based Approach for the Classification of CT Images of Lung
* Nonlinear Scale Space Theory in Texture Classification Using Multiple Classifier Systems
* Random Subspace Method in Text Categorization
* Scale-Space Texture Classification Using Combined Classifiers
* Semi-supervised Dictionary Learning Based on Hilbert-Schmidt Independence Criterion
* Supervised Texture Classification Using a Novel Compression-Based Similarity Measure
* Triaging Diagnostically Relevant Regions from Pathology Whole Slides of Breast Cancer: A Texture Based Approach
Includes: Gangeh, M.J. Gangeh, M.J.[Mehrdad J.]
10 for Gangeh, M.J.

Ganger, K. Co Author Listing * Multi Source Streaming for Robust Video Transmission in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Gangeskar, R. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Estimation of Wave Height From Shadowing in X-Band Radar Sea Surface Images, An

Gangi, A. Co Author Listing * fast and automatic stereotactic registration with a single CT-slice, A
* Multi-view RGB-D Approach for Human Pose Estimation in Operating Rooms, A
* Pose Reconstruction with an Uncalibrated Computed Tomography Imaging Device

Gangkofner, U.[Ute] Co Author Listing * Dryland Vegetation Functional Response to Altered Rainfall Amounts and Variability Derived from Satellite Time Series Data
* Proba-V cloud detection Round Robin: Validation results and recommendations
Includes: Gangkofner, U.[Ute] Gangkofner, U.

Gangkofner, U.G.[Ute G.] Co Author Listing * Optimizing the High-pass Filter Addition Technique for Image Fusion

Gangl, A. Co Author Listing * Classification of Endoscopic Images Using Delaunay Triangulation-Based Edge Features
* Computer-assisted pit-pattern classification in different wavelet domains for supporting dignity assessment of colonic polyps
* Endoscopic Image Classification Using Edge-Based Features
* Predicting the histology of colorectal lesions in a probabilistic framework
Includes: Gangl, A. Gangl, A.[Alfred]

Gangloff, J. Co Author Listing * Robotic Compensation of Biological Motion to Enhance Surgical Accuracy

Gangloff, M. Co Author Listing * Development of an Innovative, Two-Processor Data Processing Unit for the Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument Onboard the Cassini Mission to Saturn--Part I: Hardware Architecture

Gangnet, M. Co Author Listing * Color-Based Probabilistic Tracking
* Integrated tracking with vision and sound
* JetStream: Probabilistic Contour Extraction with Particles
* Poisson image editing
* Poisson Image Editing
* Rapid Summarisation and Browsing of Video Sequences
* Sequential Monte Carlo Fusion of Sound and Vision for Speaker Tracking
* Towards Improved Observation Models for Visual Tracking: Selective Adaptation
Includes: Gangnet, M. Gangnet, M.[Michel]
8 for Gangnet, M.

Gangodagamage, C. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised land cover classification in multispectral imagery with sparse representations on learned dictionaries

Gangodkar, D. Co Author Listing * Robust Segmentation of Moving Vehicles Under Complex Outdoor Conditions

Gangolli, A.R. Co Author Listing * Two Pyramid Machine Algorithms for Edge Detection in Noisy Binary Images

Ganguly, A.[Amrita] Co Author Listing * Fast mode decision algorithm for H.264/AVC using edge characteristics of residue images
* Improved mode decision algorithm based on residues and early zero block detection in H.264/AVC
* Interventional 4-D C-Arm CT Perfusion Imaging Using Interleaved Scanning and Partial Reconstruction Interpolation
Includes: Ganguly, A.[Amrita] Ganguly, A.

Ganguly, A.R. Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection in Radiation Sensor Data With Application to Transportation Security
* Bayesian Sparse Generalized Linear Model With an Application to Multiscale Covariate Discovery for Observed Rainfall Extremes Over the United States, A

Ganguly, D. Co Author Listing * Detecting Sexually Provocative Images

Ganguly, G. Co Author Listing * Robust Sequential Estimator: A General-Approach and Its Application to Surface Organization in Range Data, The

Ganguly, M. Co Author Listing * automated method for counting and characterizing red blood cells using mathematical morphology, An

Ganguly, P.[Pankaj] Co Author Listing * Cubic Bezier approximation of a digitized curve
* Modified Arc tree based hierarchical representation of digital curve

Ganguly, S. Co Author Listing * Allometric Scaling and Resource Limitations Model of Tree Heights: Part 1. Model Optimization and Testing over Continental USA
* Allometric Scaling and Resource Limitations Model of Tree Heights: Part 2. Site Based Testing of the Model
* Exploring Simple Algorithms for Estimating Gross Primary Production in Forested Areas from Satellite Data
* Exploring Subpixel Learning Algorithms for Estimating Global Land Cover Fractions from Satellite Data Using High Performance Computing
* Global Data Sets of Vegetation Leaf Area Index (LAI)3g and Fraction of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FPA
* Semiautomated Probabilistic Framework for Tree-Cover Delineation From 1-m NAIP Imagery Using a High-Performance Computing Architecture, A
* Sparse unmixing via variable splitting and augmented Lagrangian for vegetation and urban area classification using Landsat data
* Structural Uncertainty in Model-Simulated Trends of Global Gross Primary Production
Includes: Ganguly, S. Ganguly, S.[Sangram]
8 for Ganguly, S.

Gangwar, A. Co Author Listing * DeepIrisNet: Deep iris representation with applications in iris recognition and cross-sensor iris recognition
* Periocular recognition based on Gabor and Parzen PNN
Includes: Gangwar, A. Gangwar, A.[Abhishek]

Gangwar, R.K. Co Author Listing * Oceanic Rain Flagging Using Radar Backscatter and Noise Measurements From Oceansat-2 Scatterometer

Ganiatsas, G. Co Author Listing * Toward Emotion Recognition in Car-Racing Drivers: A Biosignal Processing Approach

Ganibal, C. Co Author Listing * 3D laser micro-sensor integrating control and data processing in an FPGA-based calculator, A

Ganihar, S.A. Co Author Listing * Decision fusion for robust horizon estimation using Dempster Shafer Combination Rule
* Metric Tensor and Christoffel Symbols Based 3D Object Categorization
* Realistic Walkthrough of Cultural Heritage Sites-Hampi
* Time driven video summarization using GMM
Includes: Ganihar, S.A. Ganihar, S.A.[Syed Altaf]

Ganin, A. Co Author Listing * Application and Evaluation of a Measured Spatially Variant System Model for PET Image Reconstruction
* Gender and age recognition for video analytics solution
* Online Audience Measurement System Based on Machine Learning Techniques
Includes: Ganin, A. Ganin, A.[Alexander]

Ganin, Y.[Yaroslav] Co Author Listing * DeepWarp: Photorealistic Image Resynthesis for Gaze Manipulation
* N4-Fields: Neural Network Nearest Neighbor Fields for Image Transforms

Ganitseva, J.[Julia] Co Author Listing * Automatic Landmark Detection for 3D Urban Models

Ganjam, A. Co Author Listing * Internet Multicast Video Delivery
* Understanding the Impact of Video Quality on User Engagement
Includes: Ganjam, A. Ganjam, A.[Aditya]

Ganju, A.[Ashwagosha] Co Author Listing * Snowpack Density Retrieval Using Fully Polarimetric TerraSAR-X Data in the Himalayas

Ganju, S. Co Author Listing * What's in a Question: Using Visual Questions as a Form of Supervision

Gankin, K.[Konstantin] Co Author Listing * Iris Segmentation System Based on Approximate Feature Detection with Subsequent Refinements

Ganley, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic alignment and comparison on images of petri dishes containing cell colonies

Gann, P.H. Co Author Listing * Detecting multiple sub-types of breast cancer in a single patient

Gannot, S. Co Author Listing * Generalized Theorem on the Average Array Directivity Factor, A
* New Insights into the Kalman Filter Beamformer: Applications to Speech and Robustness
* On the Average Directivity Factor Attainable With a Beamformer Incorporating Null Constraints
* Passive Online Geometry Calibration of Acoustic Sensor Networks

Gannu, B.[Bhavana] Co Author Listing * MAARGHA: A Prototype System for Road Condition and Surface Type Estimation by Fusing Multi-Sensor Data

Ganotra, D.[Dinesh] Co Author Listing * Discriminative analysis of lip features for emotion recognition
* Multiview Distance Metric Learning on facial feature descriptors for automatic pain intensity detection
* novel approach for pain intensity detection based on facial feature deformations, A

Ganovelli, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction for featureless scenes with curvature hints
* Fully Automatic Registration of Image Sets on Approximate Geometry
* Marching Intersections algorithm for merging range images, The
* Mobile Mapping and Visualization of Indoor Structures to Simplify Scene Understanding and Location Awareness
* Omnidirectional image capture on mobile devices for fast automatic generation of 2.5D indoor maps
Includes: Ganovelli, F.[Fabio] Ganovelli, F.

Ganpatrao, N.G. Co Author Listing * Indian topographical map symbols understanding system

Gans, H.[Harold] Co Author Listing * Patterns of Co-Linear Equidistant Letter Sequences and Verses

Gans, N. Co Author Listing * Performance Tests for Visual Servo Control Systems, with Application to Partitioned Approaches to Visual Servo Control
* Tracking Control of Mobile Robots Localized via Chained Fusion of Discrete and Continuous Epipolar Geometry, IMU and Odometry

Gans, N.R.[Nicholas R.] Co Author Listing * Predictive RANSAC: Effective model fitting and tracking approach under heavy noise and outliers

Gansawaf, D.[Duangrat] Co Author Listing * Robust compressed sensing in Gaussian noise environment by resampling with replacement

Ganske, P. Co Author Listing * Initial Approach to Segmentation and Analysis of Nerve Cells using Ridge Detection, An

Ganster, H. Co Author Listing * Active Fusion Using Bayesian Networks Applied to Multitemporal Remote Sensing Imagery
* Active Fusion: A New Method Applied to Remote Sensing Image Interpretation
* Affine matching of intermediate symbolic representations
* Automated melanoma recognition
* Feature Selection in Melanoma Recognition
* Multiscenario Multienvironment BioSecure Multimodal Database (BMDB), The
Includes: Ganster, H. Ganster, H.[Harald]

Gantenberg, H.W. Co Author Listing * Automated detection of fluorescent cells and measurement of their DNA-content

Ganter, M. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Triangulation Method for Computing the Skeletons of Free-Form Solid Models, An

Ganter, M.A.[Mark A.] Co Author Listing * 3D object identification with color and curvature signatures
* 3D Object Recognition from Color Intensity Images
* Matching Surface Signatures for Object Identification
* Object identification with surface signatures

Ganti, D.[Dheeraj] Co Author Listing * Computer-Assisted Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Using Quantitative Topology Features

Ganti, H.V. Co Author Listing * Wavelet video transmission over wireless channels

Ganti, R.K. Co Author Listing * Beyond Spatial Auto-Regressive Models: Predicting Housing Prices with Satellite Imagery

Gantt, J. Co Author Listing * Smart displays: A means of information domination

Ganugapati, S.S. Co Author Listing * ratio edge detector for speckled images based on maximum strength edge pruning, A

Ganz, A. Co Author Listing * Global Identification of Tracklets in Video Using Long Range Identity Sensors
* structure of narrative: The case of film scripts, The
Includes: Ganz, A. Ganz, A.[Adam]

Ganz, M. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for Automated Cardiovascular Risk Scoring on Standard Lumbar Radiographs, A
* Dense iterative contextual pixel classification using Kriging
Includes: Ganz, M. Ganz, M.[Melanie]

Ganzberger, M. Co Author Listing * Handprinted Word Recognition on a NIST Data Set
* Recognition of Handwritten Digits Using Template and Model Matching

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