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Gara, M.[Mihaly] Co Author Listing * Decision Trees in Binary Tomography for Supporting the Reconstruction of hv-Convex Connected Images
* Evolutionary Approach for Object-Based Image Reconstruction Using Learnt Priors, An
Includes: Gara, M.[Mihaly] Gara, M.[Mihály]

Garaas, T.[Tyler] Co Author Listing * Monocular Visual Odometry and Dense 3D Reconstruction for On-Road Vehicles
* Tracking an RGB-D Camera Using Points and Planes
Includes: Garaas, T.[Tyler] Garaas, T.

Garaba, S.P.[Shungudzemwoyo P.] Co Author Listing * Physical, Bio-Optical State and Correlations in North-Western European Shelf Seas

Garagnani, S. Co Author Listing * Parametric Accuracy: Building Information Modeling Process Applied to the Cultural Heritage Preservation
* Virtual Exhibition and Fruition of Archaeological Finds

Garai, B.C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Hybrid Fingerprint Matching Algorithm, An
* robust alignment-free fingerprint hashing algorithm based on minimum distance graphs, A
Includes: Garai, B.C. Garai, B.C.[Boul Chandra]

Garai, G.[Gautam] Co Author Listing * cascaded genetic algorithm for efficient optimization and pattern matching, A
* distributed hierarchical genetic algorithm for efficient optimization and pattern matching, A
* novel genetic algorithm for automatic clustering, A
* split and merge procedure for polygonal border detection of dot pattern, A

Garain, J.[Jogendra] Co Author Listing * BCP-BCS: Best-Fit Cascaded Matching Paradigm with Cohort Selection Using Bezier Curve for Individual Recognition
* Selection of User-Dependent Cohorts Using Bezier Curve for Person Identification

Garain, U.[Utpal] Co Author Listing * Advancing the state of the art for handwritten math recognition: the CROHME competitions, 2011-2014
* Approach for Recognition and Interpretation of Mathematical Expressions in Printed Document, An
* approach for stemming in symbolically compressed Indian language imaged documents, An
* Authentication of currency notes through printing technique verification
* Automatic Detection of Italic, Bold and All-Capital Words in Document Images
* Automatic Selection of Binarization Method for Robust OCR
* Automatic understanding of structures in printed mathematical expressions
* Color Feature Based Approach for Determining Ink Age in Printed Documents
* corpus for OCR research on mathematical expressions, A
* CROHME2011: Competition on Recognition of Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
* EMERS: a tree matching-based performance evaluation of mathematical expression recognition systems
* Event extraction from cancer genetics literature
* Extraction of type style-based meta-information from imaged documents
* ICDAR 2013 CROHME: Third International Competition on Recognition of Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
* ICFHR 2012 Competition on Recognition of On-Line Mathematical Expressions (CROHME 2012)
* Identification of embedded mathematical expressions in scanned documents
* Identification of Mathematical Expressions in Document Images
* Improvement of OCR Accuracy by Similar Character Pair Discrimination: an Approach based on Artificial Immune System
* JCLMM: A finite mixture model for clustering of circular-linear data and its application to psoriatic plaque segmentation
* Language identification from handwritten documents
* Lossless Compression of Textual Images: A Study on Indic Script Documents
* Machine Authentication of Security Documents
* Machine Dating of Handwritten Manuscripts
* Machine reading of camera-held low quality text images: An ICA-based image enhancement approach for improving OCR accuracy
* Machine-assisted authentication of paper currency: An experiment on Indian banknotes
* multiple-classifier system for recognition of printed mathematical symbols, A
* novel technique for the watermarking of symbolically compressed documents, A
* Off-Line Multi-Script Writer Identification Using AR Coefficients
* On Automatic Authenticity Verification of Printed Security Documents
* On foreground-background separation in low quality color document images
* On foreground/background separation in low quality document images
* On Machine Understanding of Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
* Online handwritten indian script recognition: A human motor function based framework
* probabilistic framework for logo detection and localization in natural scene images, A
* Probabilistic Model for Reconstruction of Torn Forensic Documents, A
* Recognition of Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions
* Role of Synthetically Generated Samples on Speech Recognition in a Resource-Scarce Language
* Segmentation of touching characters in printed Devnagari and Bangla scripts using fuzzy multifactorial analysis
* Segmentation of touching symbols for OCR of printed mathematical expressions: an approach based on multifactorial analysis
* Severity grading of psoriatic plaques using deep CNN based multi-task learning
* Stop word detection in compressed textual images: An experiment on Indic script documents
* Summarization of JBIG2 Compressed Indian Language Textual Images
* Syntactic Approach for Processing Mathematical Expressions in Printed Documents, A
* Unconstrained Bengali handwriting recognition with recurrent models
* Weighted Finite-State Transducer (WFST)-Based Language Model for Online Indic Script Handwriting Recognition, A
Includes: Garain, U.[Utpal] Garain, U.
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Garaj, V. Co Author Listing * Using Remote Vision: The Effects of Video Image Frame Rate on Visual Object Recognition Performance

Garakani, A.[Arman] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for detecting and sub-pixel location of edges in a digital image
* Machine vision methods and system for boundary point-based comparison of patterns and images
* Machine vision methods and systems for boundary feature comparison of patterns and images

Garali, I. Co Author Listing * Brain region of interest selection for 18FDG positrons emission tomography computer-aided image classification
* Region-based brain selection and classification on pet images for Alzheimer's disease computer aided diagnosis
Includes: Garali, I. Garali, I.[Imene]

Garamendi, J.F. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of the Liver in CT Using Level Sets Without Edges
* Box Relaxation Schemes in Staggered Discretizations for the Dual Formulation of Total Variation Minimization
* Fast Anisotropic Mumford-Shah Functional Based Segmentation, A
* Variational scene flow and occlusion detection from a light field sequence

Garanzha, K.[Kirill] Co Author Listing * Grid-based SAH BVH construction on a GPU

Garasa, S. Co Author Listing * Segmentation and Shape Tracking of Whole Fluorescent Cells Based on the Chan-Vese Model

Garat, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Compact Chord Property for Digital Arcs, A
* Digital Straightness and the Skeleton Property
Includes: Garat, P.[Philippe] Garat, P.

Garate, C.[Carolina] Co Author Listing * Crowd event recognition using HOG tracker
* Toward Abnormal Trajectory and Event Detection in Video Surveillance
Includes: Garate, C.[Carolina] Garate, C.

Garateguy, G.J. Co Author Listing * QR Images: Optimized Image Embedding in QR Codes
* Voronoi tessellated halftone masks

Garau, G.[Giulia] Co Author Listing * 2007 AMI(DA) System for Meeting Transcription, The

Garay Vitoria, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation of Tailored Accessible User Interfaces for Ubiquitous Services
* Virtual Characters as Emotional Interaction Element in the User Interfaces
Includes: Garay Vitoria, N. Garay-Vitoria, N. Garay-Vitoria, N.[Nestor]

Garay, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Attributing Accelerated Summertime Warming in the Southeast United States to Recent Reductions in Aerosol Burden: Indications from Vertically-Resolved Observations

Garay, M.J. Co Author Listing * MISR Stereo Heights of Grassland Fire Smoke Plumes in Australia
* Stereoscopic Height and Wind Retrievals for Aerosol Plumes with the MISR INteractive eXplorer (MINX)
* Synergistic Use of Remote Sensing and Modeling to Assess an Anomalously High Chlorophyll-a Event during Summer 2015 in the South Central Red Sea
Includes: Garay, M.J. Garay, M.J.[Michael J.]

Garbade, M. Co Author Listing * Pose for Action-Action for Pose
* Real-Time Semantic Segmentation with Label Propagation
Includes: Garbade, M. Garbade, M.[Martin]

Garbas, J.G. Co Author Listing * Wavelet-based multi-view video coding with joint best basis wavelet packets

Garbas, J.U.[Jens Uwe] Co Author Listing * High dynamic range video reconstruction from a stereo camera setup
* Methods and Tools for Wavelet-Based Scalable Multiview Video Coding
Includes: Garbas, J.U.[Jens Uwe] Garbas, J.U.[Jens-Uwe] Garbas, J.U.

Garbat, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape measurement system based on structure light and polarization analysis
* Combining fringe projection method of 3D object monitoring with virtual reality environment: concept and initial results
* Data Processing in 3D Video System Based on Data from Structered Light Measurement System
* Real time visualization of 3D variable in time object based on cloud of points data gathered by coloured structure light projection system
Includes: Garbat, P.[Piotr] Garbat, P.

Garbay, C. Co Author Listing * Distributed Local MRF Models for Tissue and Structure Brain Segmentation
* Distributed Markovian segmentation: Application to MR brain scans
* Dynamical Organisation for Situated Image Interpretation, A
* Edge-Detection By Estimation and Minimization of Errors
* Evaluation of Edge Detectors: Critics and Proposal
* Image Structure Representation and Processing: A Discussion of Some Segmentation Methods in Cytology
* Iterative Segmentation Method Based on a Contextual Color and Shape Criterion, An
* KIDS (knowledge-based diagnosis system)-a specialized architecture
* KISS: A Multiagent Segmentation System
* Knowledge and Strategies for Image Segmentation
* Low Level Vision as the Opportunist Scheduling of Incremental Edge and Region Detection Processes
* Multi-Agent Approach to Edge Detection as a Distributed Optimization Problem, A
* Multiagent System to Segment Living Cells, A
* new paradigm for segmentation, A
* Situated Image Understanding in a Multiagent Framework
Includes: Garbay, C. Garbay, C.[Catherine]
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Garbe, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Denoising Time-Of-Flight Data with Adaptive Total Variation
* High Accuracy TOF and Stereo Sensor Fusion at Interactive Rates
* Postprocessing of Optical Flows Via Surface Measures and Motion Inpainting
* Surface Normal Reconstruction from Specular Information in Light Field Data
* Variational Approach to Joint Denoising, Edge Detection and Motion Estimation, A
Includes: Garbe, C.[Christoph] Garbe, C.

Garbe, C.S.[Christoph S.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Confidence Measure for Optical Flows Based on Linear Subspace Projections, An
* Complex Motion Models for Simple Optical Flow Estimation
* Computing Range Flow from Multi-modal Kinect Data
* Dense Parameter Fields from Total Least Squares
* Depth and Intensity Based Edge Detection in Time-of-Flight Images
* Estimation of Surface Flow and Net Heat Flux from Infrared Image Sequences
* Feature Selection Using Multiobjective Optimization for Named Entity Recognition
* Fluid Flow Estimation Through Integration of Physical Flow Configurations
* Mixed OLS-TLS for the Estimation of Dynamic Processes with a Linear Source Term
* On errors-in-variables regression with arbitrary covariance and its application to optical flow estimation
* Probabilistic continuous edge detection using local symmetry
* Reconstructing Optical Flow Fields by Motion Inpainting
* Selection of Local Optical Flow Models by Means of Residual Analysis
* Statistical Confidence Measure for Optical Flows, A
* Thermography spatial resolution enhancement by non-rigid registration with visible imagery
* Time of flight motion compensation revisited
* Towards objective performance analysis for estimation of complex motion: analytic motion modeling, filter optimization, and test sequences
Includes: Garbe, C.S.[Christoph S.] Garbe, C.S.
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Garber, D.D. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Reconstruction Techniques for Texture Synthesis
* Computational Models for Texture Analysis and Synthesis
* Hierarchical tracker and method
* Texture Simulation Using a Best-Fit Model
Includes: Garber, D.D. Garber, D.D.[David D.]

Garber, F. Co Author Listing * Sequential Framework for Image Change Detection, A

Garber, F.D. Co Author Listing * Bounds on the Bayes Classification Error Based on Pairwise Risk Functions
* Pattern Representations and Syntactic Classification of Radar Measurements of Commercial Aircraft
* Quality of Training-Sample Estimates of the Bhattacharyya Coefficient, The

Garber, L. Co Author Listing * Gestural Technology: Moving Interfaces in a New Direction

Garbereder, G.[Gerrit] Co Author Listing * Multi Level Time Model for Interactive Multiple Dataset Visualization: The Dataset Sequencer, A

Garbey, M. Co Author Listing * Estimation of blood flow speed and vessel location from thermal video
* Imaging the Cardiovascular Pulse
* Interacting with human physiology
Includes: Garbey, M. Garbey, M.[Marc]

Garbez, M.[Morgan] Co Author Listing * Shape descriptors to characterize the shoot of entire plant from multiple side views of a motorized depth sensor

Garbin, E. Co Author Listing * MIC: My Ideal City

Garbin, S.J.[Stephan J.] Co Author Listing * Harmonic Networks: Deep Translation and Rotation Equivariance
* Interpretable Transformations with Encoder-Decoder Networks

Garboan, A. Co Author Listing * DWT-based robust video fingerprinting

Garbulsky, M.F.[Martin F.] Co Author Listing * Affecting Factors and Recent Improvements of the Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI) for Remotely Sensing Foliar, Canopy and Ecosystemic Radiation-Use Efficiencies
Includes: Garbulsky, M.F.[Martin F.] Garbulsky, M.F.[Martín F.]

Garca, A. Co Author Listing * Lbs Augmented Reality Assistive System For Utilities Infrastructure Management Through Galileo And Egnos

Garca, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Detection of objects composed of several regions by a region-configuration-estimation method

Garcea, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * 6DOF decoupled roto-translation alignment of large-scale indoor point clouds
* Camera-based indoor positioning using scalable streaming of compressed binary image signatures
Includes: Garcea, A.[Adrian] Garcea, A.

Garces, D.H.[Daissy H.] Co Author Listing * Projection-Slice Theorem: A Compact Notation

Garchery, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Synthetic faces: Analysis and applications

Garci'a Marti'n, A. Co Author Listing * People detection in surveillance: classification and evaluation
Includes: Garci'a Marti'n, A. Garci´a-Marti´n, A.

Garci, E.J.[Erik J.] Co Author Listing * System and method for inserting content into an image sequence

Garcia Alegre, M.C.[Maria Carmen] Co Author Listing * Estimation and Prediction of the Vehicle's Motion Based on Visual Odometry and Kalman Filter
* Multi-modal defect detection of residual oxide scale on a cold stainless steel strip
Includes: Garcia Alegre, M.C.[Maria Carmen] Garcia-Alegre, M.C.[Maria Carmen] García-Alegre, M.C.

Garcia Alvarez, J.C. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Region-of-Interest coders using perceptual image quality assessments
Includes: Garcia Alvarez, J.C. Garcia-Alvarez, J.C.

Garcia Andreu, G.[Gabriela] Co Author Listing * Combined Self-Configuring Method for Object Tracking in Colour Video, A
Includes: Garcia Andreu, G.[Gabriela] Garcia-Andreu, G.[Gabriela]

Garcia Aranda, J.J. Co Author Listing * Logarithmical hopping encoding: A low computational complexity algorithm for image compression
Includes: Garcia Aranda, J.J. García Aranda, J.J.

Garcia Armada, A. Co Author Listing * Discrete Bit Loading Algorithm for FBMC/OQAM, A
* robust support vector algorithm for nonparametric spectral analysis, A
Includes: Garcia Armada, A. Garcia-Armada, A.

Garcia Arteaga, J.D.[Juan D.] Co Author Listing * discrete search method for multi-modal non-rigid image registration, A
* Regional image similarity criteria based on the Kozachenko-Leonenko entropy estimator
Includes: Garcia Arteaga, J.D.[Juan D.] Garcia-Arteaga, J.D.[Juan D.]

Garcia Balboa, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Generalization-oriented road line segmentation by means of an artificial neural network applied over a moving window
* Influence of sample size on line-based positional assessment methods for road data
* Sinuosity pattern recognition of road features for segmentation purposes in cartographic generalization
Includes: Garcia Balboa, J.L.[Jose Luis] García-Balboa, J.L.

Garcia Baleon, H.A. Co Author Listing * K-Medoids-Based Random Biometric Pattern for Cryptographic Key Generation
Includes: Garcia Baleon, H.A. Garcia-Baleon, H.A.

Garcia Barnes, J. Co Author Listing * Normalized Framework for the Design of Feature Spaces Assessing the Left Ventricular Function, A
* Regional motion patterns for the Left Ventricle function assessment
Includes: Garcia Barnes, J. Garcia-Barnes, J.

Garcia Bermejo, J.G.[Jaime Gomez] Co Author Listing * Approach for Determining Bidirectional Reflectance Parameters from Range and Brightness Data, An
* Approach for Determining Phong Reflectance Parameters from Real Objects, An
* Hand Gesture Recognition for Deaf People Interfacing
* Industrial Painting Inspection Using Specular Sharpness
Includes: Garcia Bermejo, J.G.[Jaime Gomez] Garcia-Bermejo, J.G.[Jaime Gomez] García-Bermejo, J.G.[Jaime Gomez] García-Bermejo, J.G.[Jaime Gómez] Garcia-Bermejo, J.G.

Garcia Borroto, M.[Milton] Co Author Listing * Comparing Quality Measures for Contrast Pattern Classifiers
* Correlation of Resampling Methods for Contrast Pattern Based Classifiers
* Detecting Pneumatic Failures on Temporary Immersion Bioreactors
* Finding Small Consistent Subset for the Nearest Neighbor Classifier Based on Support Graphs
* Improving Fingerprint Matching Using an Orientation-Based Minutia Descriptor
* Improving the Multiple Alignments Strategy for Fingerprint Verification
* Introducing an Experimental Framework in C# for Fingerprint Recognition
* LCMine: An efficient algorithm for mining discriminative regularities and its application in supervised classification
* Novel Contrast Pattern Selection Method for Class Imbalance Problems, A
* Object Selection Based on Subclass Error Correcting for ALVOT
* Selecting Features and Objects for Mixed and Incomplete Data
* Selecting Objects for ALVOT
* Simultaneous Features and Objects Selection for Mixed and Incomplete Data
* Using Maximum Similarity Graphs to Edit Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
* Using Short-Range Interactions and Simulated Genetic Strategy to Improve the Protein Contact Map Prediction
Includes: Garcia Borroto, M.[Milton] García-Borroto, M.[Milton] Garcia-Borroto, M.[Milton]
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Garcia Bunster, G. Co Author Listing * Crowded pedestrian counting at bus stops from perspective transformations of foreground areas
Includes: Garcia Bunster, G. Garcia-Bunster, G.

Garcia Cabrera, L.[Lina] Co Author Listing * Median-Type Filters with Model-Based Preselection Masks
* Two Pixel-Preselection Methods For Median-Type Filtering
Includes: Garcia Cabrera, L.[Lina] García-Cabrera, L.[Lina] Garcia Cabrera, L.

Garcia Canadilla, P.[Patricia] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Haemodynamic Remodeling in Fetal Aortic Coarctation Using a Lumped Model of the Circulation
* Microstructural Analysis of Cardiac Endomyocardial Biopsies with Synchrotron Radiation-Based X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging
Includes: Garcia Canadilla, P.[Patricia] Garcia-Canadilla, P.[Patricia]

Garcia Capulin, C.H.[Carlos H.] Co Author Listing * Circle detection on images using genetic algorithms

Garcia Cardenas, R.P.[Ramon P.] Co Author Listing * Interpolation of GPS and Geological Data Using InSAR Deformation Maps: Method and Application to Land Subsidence in the Alto Guadalentín Aquifer (SE Spain)
Includes: Garcia Cardenas, R.P.[Ramon P.] García-Cárdenas, R.P.[Ramón P.]

Garcia Cardona, C. Co Author Listing * Multiclass Data Segmentation Using Diffuse Interface Methods on Graphs
Includes: Garcia Cardona, C. Garcia-Cardona, C.

Garcia Cascales, M.S.[M. Socorro] Co Author Listing * Solving a decision problem with linguistic information
Includes: Garcia Cascales, M.S.[M. Socorro] Garcia-Cascales, M.S.[M. Socorro]

Garcia Ceja, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * Contextualized Hand Gesture Recognition with Smartphones
Includes: Garcia Ceja, E.[Enrique] Garcia-Ceja, E.[Enrique]

Garcia Chamizo, J.M.[Juan Manuel] Co Author Listing * Improvement of Image Transform Calculation Based on a Weighted Primitive
* Real time motion estimation using a neural architecture implemented on GPUs
* Simulation of Automated Visual Inspection Systems for Specular Surfaces Quality Control
* Visual Input Amplification for Inspecting Specular Surfaces
Includes: Garcia Chamizo, J.M.[Juan Manuel] García Chamizo, J.M.[Juan Manuel] Garcia-Chamizo, J.M.[Juan Manuel] García-Chamizo, J.M.[Juan Manuel]

Garcia Consuegra, J. Co Author Listing * Integration of Gabor Functions with Co-occurrence Matrices: Application to Woody Crop Location in Remote Sensing
* methodology for woody crop location and discrimination in remote sensing, A
Includes: Garcia Consuegra, J. Garcia-Consuegra, J.

Garcia Cortes, S. Co Author Listing * algorithm for automatic detection of pole-like street furniture objects from Mobile Laser Scanner point clouds, An
* Algorithm for Automatic Road Asphalt Edge Delineation from Mobile Laser Scanner Data Using the Line Clouds Concept, An
* Automatic Detection and Classification of Pole-Like Objects in Urban Point Cloud Data Using an Anomaly Detection Algorithm
* Morphological Operations to Extract Urban Curbs in 3D MLS Point Clouds
Includes: Garcia Cortes, S. García-Cortés, S. García-Cortés, S.[Silverio]

Garcia Costa, C. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Model for Chain Collisions of Vehicles Equipped With Vehicular Communications, A
Includes: Garcia Costa, C. Garcia-Costa, C.

Garcia Crespi, F. Co Author Listing * Comparative study of Texture Analysis Algorithms in Textile Inspection Applications, A
Includes: Garcia Crespi, F. Garcia-Crespi, F.

Garcia Crespo, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * Semantic Annotation Architecture for Accessible Multimedia Resources
Includes: Garcia Crespo, A.[Angel] Garcia-Crespo, A.[Angel]

Garcia Daza, I. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Pedestrian Collision Avoidance Using a Fuzzy Steering Controller

Garcia De San Miguel, D. Co Author Listing * 3DVEM Software Modules for Efficient Management of Point Clouds and Photorealistic 3D Models
Includes: Garcia De San Miguel, D. García-De-San-Miguel, D.

Garcia Diaz, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * Decorrelation and Distinctiveness Provide with Human-Like Saliency
* Dynamic Whitening Saliency
* Goal-Driven Phenotyping Through Spectral Imaging for Grape Aromatic Ripeness Assessment
* Improving Scene Recognition through Visual Attention
* Saliency Based on Decorrelation and Distinctiveness of Local Responses
* Saliency from hierarchical adaptation through decorrelation and variance normalization
Includes: Garcia Diaz, A.[Anton] Garcia-Diaz, A.[Antón] García-Díaz, A.[Antón] García-Díaz, A.[Anton]

Garcia Diez, S. Co Author Listing * Sum-over-Forests Density Index: Identifying Dense Regions in a Graph, The
* sum-over-paths extension of edit distances accounting for all sequence alignments, A
Includes: Garcia Diez, S. Garcia-Diez, S. Garcia-Diez, S.[Silvia]

Garcia Dopico, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Locating moving objects in car-driving sequences
* Parallelization of the optical flow computation in sequences from moving cameras
Includes: Garcia Dopico, A.[Antonio] Garcia-Dopico, A.[Antonio]

Garcia Dorado, I.[Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Fully automatic multi-projector calibration with an uncalibrated camera
Includes: Garcia Dorado, I.[Ignacio] Garcia-Dorado, I.[Ignacio]

Garcia Duque, J. Co Author Listing * Bringing Content Awareness to Web-Based IDTV Advertising
Includes: Garcia Duque, J. García Duque, J.

Garcia Escalante, J.J. Co Author Listing * Morphological Background Detection and Enhancement of Images With Poor Lighting
Includes: Garcia Escalante, J.J. Garcia-Escalante, J.J.

Garcia Fernandez, A.F. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Road Estimation Using Onboard Sensors
* Long-Range Road Geometry Estimation Using Moving Vehicles and Roadside Observations
* Uncertainty Exchange Through Multiple Quadrature Kalman Filtering
Includes: Garcia Fernandez, A.F. Garcia-Fernandez, A.F. García-Fernández, Á.F. García-Fernández, Á.F.[Ángel F.]

Garcia Fernandez, A.L.[Angel Luis] Co Author Listing * comprehensive framework for modeling heterogeneous objects, A
* Evaluation of Boolean operations between free-form solids using extended simplicial chains and PN triangles
Includes: Garcia Fernandez, A.L.[Angel Luis] García-Fernández, Á.L.[Ángel-Luis]

Garcia Fernandez, I.[Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Modeling, Evaluation, and Scale on Artificial Pedestrians: A Literature Review
* Texture advection on discontinuous flows
Includes: Garcia Fernandez, I.[Ignacio] García-Fernández, I.[Ignacio]

Garcia Fernandez, J. Co Author Listing * Comparing Time-of-Flight and Phase-Shift. The Survey of the Royal Pantheon in the Basilica of San Isidoro (LeÓn)
* Interpretation of Topographic Data from Shape from Shading Method, Application in Villagarcía de Campos Castle
Includes: Garcia Fernandez, J. García Fernández, J.

Garcia Fernandez, M.A. Co Author Listing * Extraction of the Coronary Artery Tree in Cardiac Computer Tomographic Images Using Morphological Operators
* Support Vector Analysis of Color-Doppler Images: A New Approach for Estimating Indices of Left Ventricular Function
Includes: Garcia Fernandez, M.A. García-Fernández, M.A. Garcia-Fernandez, M.A.

Garcia Ferrer, A.[Alfonso] Co Author Listing * Assessing Optimal Flight Parameters for Generating Accurate Multispectral Orthomosaicks by UAV to Support Site-Specific Crop Management
Includes: Garcia Ferrer, A.[Alfonso] García-Ferrer, A.[Alfonso]

Garcia Fidalgo, E.[Emilio] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Appearance-Based Mapping and Localization Using Visual Features
Includes: Garcia Fidalgo, E.[Emilio] Garcia-Fidalgo, E.[Emilio]

Garcia Finana, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Classification of MRI Brain Scan Data Using Shape Criteria
Includes: Garcia Finana, M.[Marta] García-Fiñana, M.[Marta]

Garcia Fonseca, L.M.[Leila Maria] Co Author Listing * Assessment of a Modified Version of the EM Algorithm for Remote Sensing Data Classification
* Divide and Segment Method for Parallel Image Segmentation, The
* Geographical Approach to Self-Organizing Maps Algorithm Applied to Image Segmentation, A
* Image Re-Segmentation Applied to Urban Imagery
* Improvements in Sample Selection Methods for Image Classification
* Interpreting Images with Geodma
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Remote Sensing Data with the Interimage System: Major Characteristics and Recent Developments
* Nature-Inspired Framework for Hyperspectral Band Selection
Includes: Garcia Fonseca, L.M.[Leila Maria] Garcia Fonseca, L.M.
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Garcia Frias, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Block-based variable density compressed image sampling
* LDGM codes for joint source-channel coding of correlated sources
* Rate-Distortion Optimal Parameter Choice in a Wavelet Image Communication System
Includes: Garcia Frias, J.[Javier] Garcia-Frias, J.[Javier] Garcia-Frias, J.

Garcia Gago, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * Historical Single Image-Based Modeling: The Case of Gobierna Tower, Zamora (Spain)
* Non-Contact Photogrammetric Methodology to Evaluate the Structural Health of Historical Constructions
* Photogrammetric and Computer Vision-Based Approach for Automated 3D Architectural Modeling and Its Typological Analysis, A
* Photogrammetric, Geometrical, and Numerical Strategies to Evaluate Initial and Current Conditions in Historical Constructions: A Test Case in the Church of San Lorenzo (Zamora, Spain)
Includes: Garcia Gago, J.[Jesus] Garcia-Gago, J.[Jesús] García-Gago, J. García-Gago, J.[Jesús]

Garcia Galiano, S.G.[Sandra G.] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Method for Estimating the Spatial Distribution of Crop Evapotranspiration: Sensitivity to the Priestley-Taylor Coefficient
Includes: Garcia Galiano, S.G.[Sandra G.] García-Galiano, S.G.[Sandra G.]

Garcia Garcia, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * robotic platform for customized and interactive rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, A
* study of the effect of noise and occlusion on the accuracy of convolutional neural networks applied to 3D object recognition, A
Includes: Garcia Garcia, A.[Alberto] Garcia-Garcia, A.[Alberto]

Garcia Garcia, D.[Dario] Co Author Listing * New Distance Measure for Model-Based Sequence Clustering, A
* spatially aware generative model for image classification, topic discovery and segmentation, A
* State-space dynamics distance for clustering sequential data
Includes: Garcia Garcia, D.[Dario] García-García, D.[Darío] Garcia-Garcia, D.[Dario]

Garcia Garcia, R.P.[Ramon P.] Co Author Listing * Interpolation of GPS and Geological Data Using InSAR Deformation Maps: Method and Application to Land Subsidence in the Alto Guadalentín Aquifer (SE Spain)
Includes: Garcia Garcia, R.P.[Ramon P.] García-García, R.P.[Ramón P.]

Garcia Garrido, M.A. Co Author Listing * Accurate Global Localization Using Visual Odometry and Digital Maps on Urban Environments
* Combination of Feature Extraction Methods for SVM Pedestrian Detection
Includes: Garcia Garrido, M.A. Garcia-Garrido, M.Á.

Garcia Gomez, J.M.[Juan M.] Co Author Listing * Modelling of Magnetic Resonance Spectra Using Mixtures for Binned and Truncated Data
Includes: Garcia Gomez, J.M.[Juan M.] Garcia-Gomez, J.M.[Juan M.]

Garcia Gomez, R. Co Author Listing * On Using Cooccurrence Matrices to Detect Periodicities

Garcia Gonzalez, C. Co Author Listing * Need Of Nested Grids For Aerial And Satellite Images And Digital Elevation Models, The
Includes: Garcia Gonzalez, C. García-González, C.

Garcia Grinda, J.L. Co Author Listing * Management Documentation: Indicators & Good Practice at Cultural Heritage Places

Garcia Guerra, C.E.[Carlos E.] Co Author Listing * Response for light scattered in the ocular fundus from double-pass and Hartmann-Shack estimations
Includes: Garcia Guerra, C.E.[Carlos E.] Garcia-Guerra, C.E.[Carlos E.]

Garcia Guimeras, N.[Noel] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Blood Vessels in Ophthalmic Color Images of Human Retinas
Includes: Garcia Guimeras, N.[Noel] Garcia-Guimeras, N.[Noel]

Garcia Gutierrez, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Decision Trees on Lidar to Classify Land Uses and Covers
* On the evolutionary optimization of k-NN by label-dependent feature weighting
Includes: Garcia Gutierrez, J.[Jorge] Garcia-Gutierrez, J.[Jorge] García-Gutiérrez, J.[Jorge]

Garcia Haro, F.J. Co Author Listing * Conventional and fuzzy comparisons of large scale land cover products: Application to CORINE, GLC2000, MODIS and GlobCover in Europe
* Daily GPP estimates in Mediterranean ecosystems by combining remote sensing and meteorological data
* Directional Spectral Mixture Analysis Method: Application to Multiangular Airborne Measurements, A
* Exploitation of SAR and Optical Sentinel Data to Detect Rice Crop and Estimate Seasonal Dynamics of Leaf Area Index
* Identification of Ecosystem Functional Types from Coarse Resolution Imagery Using a Self-Organizing Map Approach: A Case Study for Spain
* Multitemporal Monitoring of Plant Area Index in the Valencia Rice District with PocketLAI
* Noise Reduction and Gap Filling of fAPAR Time Series Using an Adapted Local Regression Filter
Includes: Garcia Haro, F.J. García-Haro, F.J. Garcia-Haro, F.J. García-Haro, F.J.[Francisco Javier] García-Haro, F.J.[Franciso Javier]
7 for Garcia Haro, F.J.

Garcia Haro, J. Co Author Listing * Geostatistics for Mapping Leaf Area Index over a Cropland Landscape: Efficiency Sampling Assessment
* Stochastic Model for Chain Collisions of Vehicles Equipped With Vehicular Communications, A
* Vehicular Trajectory Optimization for Cooperative Collision Avoidance at High Speeds
Includes: Garcia Haro, J. Garcia-Haro, J.

Garcia Hernandez, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * MORFO3D Foot Database, The
Includes: Garcia Hernandez, J.[Jose] García-Hernández, J.[José]

Garcia Hernandez, R.A.[Rene A.] Co Author Listing * Document Representation Based on Maximal Frequent Sequence Sets
Includes: Garcia Hernandez, R.A.[Rene A.] García-Hernández, R.A.[René A.]

Garcia Hernando, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Novel spatio-temporal features for fingertip writing recognition in egocentric viewpoint
* Spatio-Temporal Hough Forest for efficient detection-localisation-recognition of fingerwriting in egocentric camera
Includes: Garcia Hernando, G.[Guillermo] Garcia-Hernando, G.[Guillermo]

Garcia Hernando, G.B.[Gloria Bueno] Co Author Listing * Transition Forests: Learning Discriminative Temporal Transitions for Action Recognition and Detection
* Transition Hough forest for trajectory-based action recognition
* Violence Detection in Video Using Computer Vision Techniques
Includes: Garcia Hernando, G.B.[Gloria Bueno] García-Hernando, G.B.[Gloria Bueno]

Garcia Lazaro, J.R.[Jose Rafael] Co Author Listing * Burned Area Mapping in the North American Boreal Forest Using Terra-MODIS LTDR (2001-2011): A Comparison with the MCD45A1, MCD64A1 and BA GEOLAND-2 Products
Includes: Garcia Lazaro, J.R.[Jose Rafael] García Lázaro, J.R.[José Rafael]

Garcia Lopez, D.A.[Daniel Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Modeling Aceto-White Temporal Patterns to Segment Colposcopic Images
Includes: Garcia Lopez, D.A.[Daniel Alejandro] García-López, D.A.[Daniel-Alejandro]

Garcia Lorenzo, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Pixon Represented Segmentation (APRS) for 3D MR Brain Images Based on Mean Shift and Markov Random Fields
* Trimmed-Likelihood Estimation for Focal Lesions and Tissue Segmentation in Multisequence MRI for Multiple Sclerosis
Includes: Garcia Lorenzo, D.[Daniel] Garcia-Lorenzo, D.[Daniel] Garcia-Lorenzo, D.

Garcia Lorenzo, M.M.[Maria Matilde] Co Author Listing * Mixed Data Balancing through Compact Sets Based Instance Selection
* Using Rough Sets and Maximum Similarity Graphs for Nearest Prototype Classification
Includes: Garcia Lorenzo, M.M.[Maria Matilde] García-Lorenzo, M.M.[María Matilde]

Garcia Lucia, J. Co Author Listing * Edge detection and classification using Mallat's wavelet
Includes: Garcia Lucia, J. Garcia-Lucia, J.

Garcia Macias, J.A.[J. Antonio] Co Author Listing * Abnormal Behavioral Patterns Detection from Activity Records of Institutionalized Older Adults
Includes: Garcia Macias, J.A.[J. Antonio] García-Macías, J.A.[J. Antonio]

Garcia Manso, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Image Analysis Applied to Morphological Assessment in Bovine Livestock
Includes: Garcia Manso, A.[Antonio] García-Manso, A.[Antonio]

Garcia Martin, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Relationship between Land Surface Temperature and Wildfire Severity in a Series of Landsat Images
* Assessing post-fire ground cover in Mediterranean shrublands with field spectrometry and digital photography
* corpus for benchmarking of people detection algorithms, A
* Hierarchical detection of persons in groups
* On collaborative people detection and tracking in complex scenarios
* People detection based on appearance and motion models
* People-background segmentation with unequal error cost
* Post-processing approaches for improving people detection performance
* Robust Real Time Moving People Detection in Surveillance Scenarios
* Sensitivity of L-Band Radar Backscatter to Forest Biomass in Semiarid Environments: A Comparative Analysis of Parametric and Nonparametric Models
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Garcia Martin, A.[Alberto] García-Martín, A.[Alberto] García-Martín, Á.[Álvaro] Garcia-Martin, A. Garcia-Martin, A.[Alvaro]
13 for Garcia Martin, A.

Garcia Mateo, C. Co Author Listing * Application of fusion techniques to speaker authentication over ip networks
* Assessing speaker independence on a speech-based depression level estimation system
* Introducing an approach for writer recognition based on the i -vector paradigm
* Multiscenario Multienvironment BioSecure Multimodal Database (BMDB), The
* On combining classifiers for speaker authentication
Includes: Garcia Mateo, C. Garcia-Mateo, C. Garcia-Mateo, C.[Carmen] García-Mateo, C.[Carmen] García Mateo, C.[Carmen]

Garcia Mateos, G.[Gines] Co Author Listing * Estimating 3D facial pose in video with just three points
* Human Face Processing with 1.5D Models
* note on principal point estimability, A
* Real-Time Extraction of Colored Segments for Robot Visual Navigation
* Time and Date OCR in CCTV Video
Includes: Garcia Mateos, G.[Gines] Garcia-Mateos, G.[Gines] García-Mateos, G.[Ginés] Garcia-Mateos, G. García-Mateos, G.[Gines]

Garcia Merono, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Time and Date OCR in CCTV Video
Includes: Garcia Merono, A.[Andres] García-Meroño, A.[Andrés]

Garcia Montero, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Fast Head Pose Estimation for Human-Computer Interaction
Includes: Garcia Montero, M.[Mario] García-Montero, M.[Mario]

Garcia Morales, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Environmental Variability and Oceanographic Dynamics of the Central and Southern Coastal Zone of Sonora in the Gulf of California
Includes: Garcia Morales, R.[Ricardo] García-Morales, R.[Ricardo]

Garcia Moya, L.[Lisette] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Ranking of Product Features from Customer Reviews
Includes: Garcia Moya, L.[Lisette] García-Moya, L.[Lisette]

Garcia Olalla, O. Co Author Listing * Adaptive local binary pattern with oriented standard deviation (ALBPS) for texture classification
* Adaptive pattern spectrum image description using Euclidean and Geodesic distance without training for texture classification
* Boar Spermatozoa Classification Using Longitudinal and Transversal Profiles (LTP) Descriptor in Digital Images
* Curvelet-Based Texture Description to Classify Intact and Damaged Boar Spermatozoa
* Local Oriented Statistics Information Booster (LOSIB) for Texture Classification
* Vitality Assessment of Boar Sperm Using an Adaptive LBP Based on Oriented Deviation
Includes: Garcia Olalla, O. García-Olalla, O. Garcia-Olalla, O. García-Olalla, O.[Oscar] Garcia-Olalla, O.[Oscar]

Garcia Ordas, D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive local binary pattern with oriented standard deviation (ALBPS) for texture classification
* Automatic Tampering Detection in Spliced Images with Different Compression Levels
* aZIBO: A New Descriptor Based in Shape Moments and Rotational Invariant Features
* Curvelet-Based Texture Description to Classify Intact and Damaged Boar Spermatozoa
Includes: Garcia Ordas, D. García-Ordás, D. García-Ordás, D.[Diego] Garcia-Ordas, D.[Diego]

Garcia Ordas, M.T. Co Author Listing * Adaptive local binary pattern with oriented standard deviation (ALBPS) for texture classification
* Adaptive pattern spectrum image description using Euclidean and Geodesic distance without training for texture classification
* Automatic Tampering Detection in Spliced Images with Different Compression Levels
* aZIBO: A New Descriptor Based in Shape Moments and Rotational Invariant Features
* Curvelet-Based Texture Description to Classify Intact and Damaged Boar Spermatozoa
* Vitality Assessment of Boar Sperm Using an Adaptive LBP Based on Oriented Deviation
* Vitality Assessment of Boar Sperm Using N Concentric Squares Resized (NCSR) Texture Descriptor in Digital Images
Includes: Garcia Ordas, M.T. García-Ordás, M.T. Garcia-Ordas, M.T. García-Ordás, M.T.[María Teresa] Garcia-Ordas, M.T.[Maria Teresa]
7 for Garcia Ordas, M.T.

Garcia Orellana, C.J.[Carlos J.] Co Author Listing * Application of Repeated GA to Deformable Template Matching in Cattle Images
* Image Analysis Applied to Morphological Assessment in Bovine Livestock
* Method for Interactive Shape Detection in Cattle Images Using Genetic Algorithms, A
* Neural-networks-based edges selector for boundary extraction problems
Includes: Garcia Orellana, C.J.[Carlos J.] García Orellana, C.J.[Carlos J.] García-Orellana, C.J.[Carlos J.]

Garcia Ortiz, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Co Author Listing * Interactive Browsing of Remote JPEF 2000 Image Sequences
* Interactive Streaming of Sequences of High Resolution JPEG2000 Images
Includes: Garcia Ortiz, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Garcia-Ortiz, J.P.[Juan Pablo]

Garcia Osorio, C.[Cesar] Co Author Listing * Forests of nested dichotomies
Includes: Garcia Osorio, C.[Cesar] Garcia-Osorio, C.[Cesar]

Garcia Otero, M. Co Author Listing * Securing Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Location Information
Includes: Garcia Otero, M. Garcia-Otero, M.

Garcia Palacios, E. Co Author Listing * Channel Time Allocation PSO for Gigabit Multimedia Wireless Networks
Includes: Garcia Palacios, E. Garcia-Palacios, E.

Garcia Palomares, U.M. Co Author Listing * Fast image recovery using dynamic load balancing in parallel architectures, by means of incomplete projections
Includes: Garcia Palomares, U.M. Garcia-Palomares, U.M.

Garcia Pedrajas, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * cooperative constructive method for neural networks for pattern recognition, A
* Improving Multiclass Pattern Recognition by the Combination of Two Strategies
* Supervised projection approach for boosting classifiers
Includes: Garcia Pedrajas, N.[Nicolas] García-Pedrajas, N.[Nicolás] Garcia-Pedrajas, N.[Nicolas]

Garcia Pedrero, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * GEOBIA Methodology for Fragmented Agricultural Landscapes, A
* Scale-Aware Pansharpening Algorithm for Agricultural Fragmented Landscapes
* Use of Machine Learning to Improve the Robustness of Spatial Estimation of Evapotranspiration
Includes: Garcia Pedrero, A.[Angel] Garcia-Pedrero, A.[Angel] García-Pedrero, A.[Angel]

Garcia Peraza Herrera, L.C.[Luis C.] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Segmentation of Non-rigid Surgical Tools Based on Deep Learning and Tracking
Includes: Garcia Peraza Herrera, L.C.[Luis C.] García-Peraza-Herrera, L.C.[Luis C.]

Garcia Perera, L.P.[L. Paola] Co Author Listing * Cryptographic-Speech-Key Generation Architecture Improvements
* On the Results of the First Mobile Biometry (MOBIO) Face and Speaker Verification Evaluation
* Speech Magnitude-Spectrum Information-Entropy (MSIE) for Automatic Speech Recognition in Noisy Environments
Includes: Garcia Perera, L.P.[L. Paola] García-Perera, L.P.[L. Paola] Garcia-Perera, L.P.[Leibny Paola] Garcia-Perera, L.P.[L. Paola]

Garcia Perez, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Image Retrieval Using Active Nets
* Significant Perceptual Regions by Active-Nets
Includes: Garcia Perez, D.[David] García-Pérez, D.[David]

Garcia Perez, M.A.[Miguel A.] Co Author Listing * Imputation of direction of motion in one dimension
Includes: Garcia Perez, M.A.[Miguel A.] García-Pérez, M.A.[Miguel A.]

Garcia Perez, V.[Veronica] Co Author Listing * Comments on: A locally constrained radial basis function for registration and warping of images
* Homeomorphic Geometrical Transform for Collision Response in Surgical Simulation
Includes: Garcia Perez, V.[Veronica] Garcia-Perez, V.[Veronica] García-Pérez, V.[Verónica]

Garcia Pineda, M. Co Author Listing * Robust Wrap Reduction Algorithm for Fringe Projection Profilometry and Applications in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, A
* Steered Response Power Localization of Acoustic Passband Signals
Includes: Garcia Pineda, M. García-Pineda, M.

Garcia Pineda, O. Co Author Listing * Compact Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar for Marine Oil Platform and Slick Detection
* Detection of Oil near Shorelines during the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Includes: Garcia Pineda, O. Garcia-Pineda, O. Garcia-Pineda, O.[Oscar]

Garcia Piquer, A.[Alvaro] Co Author Listing * Scaling-up multiobjective evolutionary clustering algorithms using stratification
Includes: Garcia Piquer, A.[Alvaro] Garcia-Piquer, A.[Alvaro]

Garcia Polo, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Predicting Very Early Stage Mild Cognitive Impairment Based on a Voxel-wise Arterial Spin Labeling Analysis
Includes: Garcia Polo, P.[Pablo] García-Polo, P.[Pablo]

Garcia Pozuelo, D. Co Author Listing * Constrained Dual Kalman Filter Based on pdf Truncation for Estimation of Vehicle Parameters and Road Bank Angle: Analysis and Experimental Validation, A
Includes: Garcia Pozuelo, D. Garcia-Pozuelo, D.

Garcia Quijano, M.J.[Maria J.] Co Author Listing * Significance of Altitude and Posting Density on Lidar derived Elevation Accuracy on Hazardous Waste Sites
Includes: Garcia Quijano, M.J.[Maria J.] García-Quijano, M.J.[María J.]

Garcia Ramirez, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * ROIs Segmentation in Facial Images Based on Morphology and Density Concepts
Includes: Garcia Ramirez, J.[Jesus] García-Ramírez, J.[Jesús]

Garcia Resua, C. Co Author Listing * Color Texture Analysis for Tear Film Classification: A Preliminary Study
Includes: Garcia Resua, C. García-Resúa, C.

Garcia Reyes, E.[Edel] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Role of Spatial Relations for the Object Recognition Task
* Background Division, A Suitable Technique for Moving Object Detection
* Compact Representation of Multiscale Dissimilarity Data by Prototype Selection, A
* Estimation of Pedestrian Height Using Uncalibrated Cameras
* Face Recognition with LWIR Imagery Using Local Binary Patterns
* Illumination Invariant Face Image Representation Using Quaternions
* Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Quaternion-Based Correlation Filters
* Illumination Quality Measure for Face Recognition, An
* Improving Image Segmentation for Boosting Image Annotation with Irregular Pyramids
* New Combination of Local Appearance Based Methods for Face Recognition under Varying Lighting Conditions, A
* new image division for LBP method to improve face recognition under varying lighting conditions, A
* Novel Approach to Robust Background Subtraction, A
* On Combining Local DCT with Preprocessing Sequence for Face Recognition under Varying Lighting Conditions
* Prototype Selection for Dissimilarity Representation by a Genetic Algorithm
* Quaternion Correlation Filters for Illumination Invariant Face Recognition
* Study on Representations for Face Recognition from Thermal Images, A
* Towards Scalable Prototype Selection by Genetic Algorithms with Fast Criteria
Includes: Garcia Reyes, E.[Edel] García-Reyes, E.[Edel]
17 for Garcia Reyes, E.

Garcia Reyes, E.B.[Edel B.] Co Author Listing * Dissimilarity Representations Based on Multi-Block LBP for Face Detection
* Gait-Based Carried Object Detection Using Persistent Homology
* Gait-Based Gender Classification Using Persistent Homology
* GaitGAN: Invariant Gait Feature Extraction Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Human Action Classification Using N-Grams Visual Vocabulary
* Human Gait Identification Using Persistent Homology
* Image Classification Using Frequent Approximate Subgraphs
* New Dissimilarity Measure for Trajectories with Applications in Anomaly Detection, A
* new proposal for graph-based image classification using frequent approximate subgraphs, A
* On Using Asymmetry Information for Classification in Extended Dissimilarity Spaces
* Persistent homology-based gait recognition robust to upper body variations
* Towards Cluster-Based Prototype Sets for Classification in the Dissimilarity Space
Includes: Garcia Reyes, E.B.[Edel B.] García-Reyes, E.B.[Edel B.]
12 for Garcia Reyes, E.B.

Garcia Rodenas, R. Co Author Listing * Monte Carlo Approach to Simulate the Stochastic Demand in a Continuous Dynamic Traffic Network Loading Problem, A
Includes: Garcia Rodenas, R. Garcia-Rodenas, R.

Garcia Rodriguez, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Active-GNG: model acquisition and tracking in cluttered backgrounds
* Geometric 3D point cloud compression
* Growing Neural Gas (GNG): A Soft Competitive Learning Method for 2D Hand Modelling
* Learning 2D Hand Shapes Using the Topology Preservation Model GNG
* Natural User Interfaces in Volume Visualisation Using Microsoft Kinect
* Nonparametric Modelling and Tracking with Active-GNG
* Performance evaluation of a statistical and a neural network model for nonrigid shape-based registration
* Real time motion estimation using a neural architecture implemented on GPUs
* Real-time 3D semi-local surface patch extraction using GPGPU
* robotic platform for customized and interactive rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, A
* Robust Modelling and Tracking of NonRigid Objects Using Active-GNG
* study of the effect of noise and occlusion on the accuracy of convolutional neural networks applied to 3D object recognition, A
Includes: Garcia Rodriguez, J.[Jose] Garcia Rodriguez, J.[José] Garcia-Rodriguez, J.[Jose] García-Rodríguez, J.[José] García-Rodríguez, J.
12 for Garcia Rodriguez, J.

Garcia Rojas, A.[Alejandra] Co Author Listing * Visual creation of inhabited 3d environments: An ontology-based approach
Includes: Garcia Rojas, A.[Alejandra] García-Rojas, A.[Alejandra]

Garcia Romero, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Adapted user-dependent multimodal biometric authentication exploiting general information
* Bayesian adaptation for user-dependent multimodal biometric authentication
* Comparative Evaluation of Fusion Strategies for Multimodal Biometric Verification, A
* U-NORM Likelihood Normalization in PIN-Based Speaker Verification Systems
Includes: Garcia Romero, D.[Daniel] Garcia-Romero, D.[Daniel] Garcia-Romero, D.

Garcia Rubio, C.J. Co Author Listing * Subspace eyetracking for driver warning

Garcia Salicetti, S.[Sonia] Co Author Listing * Active Differential CMOS Imaging Device for Human Face Recognition
* Adaptive Discrimination in an HMM-Based Neural Predictive System for On-Line Word Recognition
* BIOMET: A Multimodal Person Authentication Database Including Face, Voice, Fingerprint, Hand and Signature Modalities
* BioSecure signature evaluation campaign (BSEC'2009): Evaluating online signature algorithms depending on the quality of signatures
* Color-Based Iris Verification
* Effective elliptic fitting for iris normalization
* Fingerprint and On-Line Signature Verification Competitions at ICB 2009
* Fusion of HMM's Likelihood and Viterbi Path for On-line Signature Verification
* Fusion of Novel Iris Segmentation Quality Metrics for Failure Detection
* Generic Protocol for Multibiometric Systems Evaluation on Virtual and Real Subjects, A
* Iris Identification Using Wavelet Packet for Images in Visible Light Illumination
* Iris identification using wavelet packets
* Low Cost Incremental Biometric Fusion Strategy for a Handheld Device, A
* Maximum mutual information training for an online neural predictive handwritten word recognition system
* Modular neural networks for seismic tomography
* Multiscenario Multienvironment BioSecure Multimodal Database (BMDB), The
* new probabilistic Iris Quality Measure for comprehensive noise detection, A
* new protocol for multi-biometric systems' evaluation maintaining the dependencies between biometric scores, A
* Novel Personal Entropy Measure confronted with Online Signature Verification Systems' Performance, A
* On assessing the robustness of pen coordinates, pen pressure and pen inclination to time variability with personal entropy
* On line signature verification: fusion of a hidden markov model and a neural network via a support vector machine
* On measuring forgery quality in online signatures
* On Using the Viterbi Path Along With HMM Likelihood Information for Online Signature Verification
* OSIRIS: An open source iris recognition software
* Specific Sensors for Face Recognition
* Specific Texture Analysis for Iris Recognition
* Tuning cost and performance in multi-biometric systems: A novel and consistent view of fusion strategies based on the Sequential Probability Ratio Test (SPRT)
Includes: Garcia Salicetti, S.[Sonia] Garcia-Salicetti, S.[Sonia] Garcia-Salicetti, S.
27 for Garcia Salicetti, S.

Garcia Salinas, M.J.[Maria Jose] Co Author Listing * Empirical multiresolution models applicable to gray-level image processing
* Median-Type Filters with Model-Based Preselection Masks
Includes: Garcia Salinas, M.J.[Maria Jose] García Salinas, M.J.[María José] García-Salinas, M.J.[M. José]

Garcia San Miguel, D. Co Author Listing * Geometric calibration of a terrestrial laser scanner with local additional parameters: An automatic strategy
Includes: Garcia San Miguel, D. García-San-Miguel, D.

Garcia Santos, V. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Different Methods to Retrieve the Hemispherical Downwelling Irradiance in the Thermal Infrared Region for Field Measurements
* Landsat and Local Land Surface Temperatures in a Heterogeneous Terrain Compared to MODIS Values
* Monitoring Hydrological Patterns of Temporary Lakes Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Models: Case Study of La Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve in Central Spain
* SMOS Level-2 Soil Moisture Product Evaluation in Rain-Fed Croplands of the Pampean Region of Argentina
* Test of the MODIS Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Separation Algorithm With Ground Measurements Over a Rice Paddy
Includes: Garcia Santos, V. Garcia-Santos, V. García-Santos, V.[Vicente] García-Santos, V.

Garcia Sebastian, M.[Maite] Co Author Listing * lattice computing approach for on-line fMRI analysis, A
* parametric gradient descent MRI intensity inhomogeneity correction algorithm, A
Includes: Garcia Sebastian, M.[Maite] Garcia-Sebastian, M.[Maite]

Garcia Serrano, A. Co Author Listing * Multimedia Information Retrieval Based on Late Semantic Fusion Approaches: Experiments on a Wikipedia Image Collection
Includes: Garcia Serrano, A. Garcia-Serrano, A.

Garcia Sevilla, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Irregularly Shaped Texture Regions
* Analysis of Irregularly Shaped Texture Regions: a Comparative Study
* Analysis of the Effect of Image Resolution on Automatic Face Gender Classification
* Automatic Band Selection in Multispectral Images Using Mutual Information-Based Clustering
* Classification of Binary Textures Using the 1-D Boolean Model
* Clustering-Based Hyperspectral Band Selection Using Information Measures
* Clustering-based multispectral band selection using mutual information
* Color Image Segmentation Using Energy Minimization on a Quadtree Representation
* Comparison of Unsupervised Band Selection Methods for Hyperspectral Imaging
* Dealing with Inaccurate Face Detection for Automatic Gender Recognition with Partially Occluded Faces
* Face gender classification: A statistical study when neutral and distorted faces are combined for training and testing purposes
* Filter Banks for Hyperspectral Pixel Classification of Satellite Images
* From Narrow to Broad Band Design and Selection in Hyperspectral Images
* Fusion of Multi-temporal and Multi-sensor Hyperspectral Data for Land-Use Classification
* Gender Recognition from a Partial View of the Face Using Local Feature Vectors
* Multi-spectral Texture Characterisation for Remote Sensing Image Segmentation
* Multispectral Image Segmentation by Energy Minimization for Fruit Quality Estimation
* novel energy minimization criterion for color image segmentation, A
* On the Influence of Spatial Information for Hyper-spectral Satellite Imaging Characterization
* Scale Analysis of Several Filter Banks for Color Texture Classification
* Textural Features for Hyperspectral Pixel Classification
* Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using a Hierarchical Clustering Selection Process
Includes: Garcia Sevilla, P.[Pedro] Garcìa-Sevilla, P.[Pedro] Garcia-Sevilla, P.[Pedro] García-Sevilla, P.[Pedro]
22 for Garcia Sevilla, P.

Garcia Silvente, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Adaptive multi-modal stereo people tracking without background modelling
* Boundary Simplification Using a Multiscale Dominant Point Detection Algorithm
* Cell Image Segmentation
* Integrating Information About Edges Across Scale-Space
* Multi-Channel Based Approach for Extracting Significant Scales on Gray-Level Images, A
* multiple object tracking approach that combines colour and depth information using a confidence measure, A
* New Edge Detector Integrating Scale-Spectrum Information, A
* new methodology to automatically segment biomedical images, A
* Novel Scale-Spectrum Space for Representing Gray-Level Shape, The
* People detection and tracking using stereo vision and color
Includes: Garcia Silvente, M.[Miguel] Garcia-Silvente, M.[Miguel] Garcia-Silvente, M. García-Silvente, M. Garcia Silvente, M.
10 for Garcia Silvente, M.

Garcia Sobrino, J. Co Author Listing * Statistical Atmospheric Parameter Retrieval Largely Benefits From Spatial-Spectral Image Compression
Includes: Garcia Sobrino, J. García-Sobrino, J.

Garcia Sucerquia, J. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Numerical Processing of Electronically Recorded Holograms With Reduced Speckle Noise
Includes: Garcia Sucerquia, J. Garcia-Sucerquia, J.

Garcia Talegon, J. Co Author Listing * Assessing Pathologies on Villamayor Stone (Salamanca, Spain) by Terrestrial Laser Scanner Intensity Data
Includes: Garcia Talegon, J. García-Talegón, J.

Garcia Torales, G. Co Author Listing * Intelligent neural computing-based way for multi-sensor imaging radar data fusion
Includes: Garcia Torales, G. García-Torales, G.

Garcia Torres, J.M.[Jose M.] Co Author Listing * Self-adaptive evolutionary image registration using differential evolution and artificial immune systems
Includes: Garcia Torres, J.M.[Jose M.] García-Torres, J.M.[José M.]

Garcia Trevino, E.S. Co Author Listing * Distributed Classification of Traffic Anomalies Using Microscopic Traffic Variables
* Structural Generative Descriptions for Time Series Classification
Includes: Garcia Trevino, E.S. Garcia-Trevino, E.S.

Garcia Trigo, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Interactive Region Matching for 2D Animation Coloring Based on Feature's Variation

Garcia Tubio, M.P.[Manuel Pascual] Co Author Listing * Boosted Edge Orientation Histograms for Grasping Point Detection
* Combining Geometry and Local Appearance for Object Detection
* Image-Based Grasping Point Detection Using Boosted Histograms of Oriented Gradients
Includes: Garcia Tubio, M.P.[Manuel Pascual] Garcia-Tubio, M.P.[Manuel Pascual]

Garcia Ugalde, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * improved methodology to design rate compatible punctured turbo codes, An
* Improved spread spectrum image watermarking in contourlet domain
* Robust hybrid color image watermarking method based on DFT domain and 2D histogram modification
* Robust watermarking method in DFT domain for effective management of medical imaging
Includes: Garcia Ugalde, F.[Francisco] García-Ugalde, F.[Francisco] Garcia-Ugalde, F.[Francisco]

Garcia Ugalde, F.J.[Francisco Javier] Co Author Listing * Performance of HSR and QPP-based interleavers for turbo coding on power line communication systems
Includes: Garcia Ugalde, F.J.[Francisco Javier] García-Ugalde, F.J.[Francisco Javier]

Garcia Ugarriza, L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Segmentation by Dynamic Region Growth and Multiresolution Merging

Garcia Uribe, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Forward-Adjoint Operator Pair Based on the Elastic Wave Equation for Use in Transcranial Photoacoustic Computed Tomography, A
Includes: Garcia Uribe, A.[Alejandro] Garcia-Uribe, A.[Alejandro]

Garcia Varea, I.[Ismael] Co Author Listing * 3D Spatial Pyramid: Descriptors generation from point clouds for indoor scene classification
* Automatic Segmentation of Bilingual Corpora: A Comparison of Different Techniques
* Binary patterns for shape description in RGB-D object registration
* Combining Image Invariant Features and Clustering Techniques for Visual Place Classification
* improved Markov-based localization approach by using image quality evaluation, An
* ISDM at ImageCLEF 2010 Fusion Task
* new approach to speech-input statistical translation, A
* On the use of different loss functions in statistical pattern recognition applied to machine translation
* scaling problem in the pattern recognition approach to machine translation, The
Includes: Garcia Varea, I.[Ismael] García-Varea, I.[Ismael] García-Varea, I. Garcia-Varea, I.
9 for Garcia Varea, I.

Garcia Vazquez, M.S.[Mireya S.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Spatial Concealment of Damaged Coded Images
* Comparative Study of Robust Segmentation Algorithms for Iris Verification System of High Reliability, A
* Concealing Damaged Coded Images Using Improved FSE with Critical Support Area
* Local Quality Method for the Iris Image Pattern
* Optimized robust multi-sensor scheme for simultaneous video and image iris recognition
Includes: Garcia Vazquez, M.S.[Mireya S.] García-Vázquez, M.S.[Mireya S.] García-Vázquez, M.S.[Mireya Saraí]

Garcia Vega, S. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Cyclostationary Codebooks for Kernel Adaptive Filtering
* Kernel Spectral Clustering for Dynamic Data
* MoCap Data Segmentation and Classification Using Kernel Based Multi-channel Analysis
* Neural Decoding Using Kernel-Based Functional Representation of ECoG Recordings
* Time-Series Prediction Based on Kernel Adaptive Filtering with Cyclostationary Codebooks
Includes: Garcia Vega, S. García-Vega, S. García-Vega, S.[Sergio]

Garcia Vicente, F.[Feliciano] Co Author Listing * 3D Deformable Registration for Monitoring Radiotherapy Treatment in Prostate Cancer
Includes: Garcia Vicente, F.[Feliciano] García-Vicente, F.[Feliciano]

Garcia Villalba, L.J.[Luis Javier] Co Author Listing * Detection of Electronic Anklet Wearers' Groupings throughout Telematics Monitoring
Includes: Garcia Villalba, L.J.[Luis Javier] García Villalba, L.J.[Luis Javier]

Garcia, A. Co Author Listing * Application of global positioning system and questionnaires data for the study of driver behaviour on two-lane rural roads
* Building a hybrid land cover map with crowdsourcing and geographically weighted regression
* Close range photogrammetry and enhanced recording of palaeolithic rock art
* Influence of age, gender and delay on overtaking dynamics
* Influence of highway three-dimensional coordination on drivers perception of horizontal curvature and available sight distance
* Modelling vehicles acceleration during overtaking manoeuvres
* Ontology for Event Detection and its Application in Surveillance Video, An
* Precise Electrical Disturbance Generator for Neural Network Training with Real Level Output, A
* Reusing Multimedia Content for the Creation of Interactive Experiences in Cultural Institutions
* Robust fuzzy scheme for Gaussian denoising of 3D color video
* Simplification of color images using semi-flat morphological operators and statistical metrics
* smpUMHexagonS-based motion estimation algorithm for heterogeneous architectures, An
* Universal and Personalized Access to Content via J2ME Terminals in the DYMAS System
* Video Object Segmentation Based on Feedback Schemes Guided by a Low-Level Scene Ontology
* Volumetric Forest Change Detection Through Vhr Satellite Imagery
Includes: Garcia, A. Garcia, A.[Alfredo] García, A. Garcia, Á.[Álvaro] García, A.[Antonio] Garcia, A.[Ander] Garcia, A.[Arnaud] Garcia, A.[Alvaro] García, A.[Ana] García, A.[Alvaro] Garcia, A.[Alejandro]
15 for Garcia, A.

Garcia, A.J.S. Co Author Listing * Estimation of time-to-contact from Tau-margin and statistical analysis of behavior

Garcia, A.S.[Arturo S.] Co Author Listing * empirical evaluation of different haptic feedback for shape and texture recognition, An
* Mixed Reality Telepresence System for Collaborative Space Operation, A
Includes: Garcia, A.S.[Arturo S.] García, A.S.[Arturo S.] García, A.S.

Garcia, B.[Blanca] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction with Projective Octrees and Epipolar Geometry
* Automatic Tracking of Arabidopsis thaliana Root Meristem in Confocal Microscopy
* Keyframes detection and analysis in vocal folds recordings using hierarchical motion techniques and texture information
Includes: Garcia, B.[Blanca] Garcia, B.[Bernardo] Garcia, B.

Garcia, B.F.[Beatriz Felipe] Co Author Listing * approach to the radiometric aerotriangulation of photogrammetric images, An
Includes: Garcia, B.F.[Beatriz Felipe] García, B.F.[Beatriz Felipe]

Garcia, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * 3-D Translational Motion Estimation from 2-D Displacements
* Adapted Active Appearance Models
* ALIF: A dataset for Arabic embedded text recognition in TV broadcast
* Arabic text detection in videos using neural and boosting-based approaches: Application to video indexing
* Automatic jumping photos on smartphones
* Automatic Method for Video Character Segmentation, An
* Bayesian Level Sets for Image Segmentation
* Coarse-to-Fine Word Spotting Approach for Historical Handwritten Documents Based on Graph Embedding and Graph Edit Distance, A
* Code obfuscation using very long identifiers for FFT motion estimation models in embedded processors
* Comparing Robustness of Two-Dimensional PCA and Eigenfaces for Face Recognition
* comprehensive neural-based approach for text recognition in videos using natural language processing, A
* Comprehensive Representation Model for Handwriting Dedicated to Word Spotting, A
* Contribution of recurrent connectionist language models in improving LSTM-based Arabic text recognition in videos
* Convolutional Face Finder: A Neural Architecture for Fast and Robust Face Detection
* Deep learning and recurrent connectionist-based approaches for Arabic text recognition in videos
* Enhancing face recognition from video sequences using robust statistics
* Evaluation of video activity localizations integrating quality and quantity measurements
* Exploiting Contextual Motion Cues for Visual Object Tracking
* Face recognition using non-linear image reconstruction
* Facial biometry by stimulating salient singularity masks
* Facial Image Processing
* Fast Pixelwise Adaptive Visual Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects
* FG 2015 Kinship Verification in the Wild Evaluation, The
* Guest Editorial: Real-time motion estimation for image video processing applications
* Handwritten word spotting based on a hybrid optimal distance
* ICDAR2015 competition on Text Image Super-Resolution
* Improving texture categorization with biologically-inspired filtering
* Incremental Principal Component Analysis-Based Sparse Representation for Face Pose Classification
* Industry and Object Recognition: Applications, Applied Research and Challenges
* Iterative unsupervised object detection system
* Joint denoising and magnification of noisy Low-Resolution textual images
* Kernel Similarity Based AAMs for Face Recognition
* Learning a bag of features based nonlinear metric for facial similarity
* MATIS3D: An Adaptive Stereo Vision Machine
* Modeling Gaze Behavior for a 3D ECA in a Dialogue Situation
* Multiple Learned Dictionaries Based Clustered Sparse Coding for the Super-Resolution of Single Text Image
* neural architecture for fast and robust face detection, A
* Normalized radial basis function networks and bilinear discriminant analysis for face recognition
* Object pose by affine iterations
* Optimal projection of 2-D displacements for 3-D translational motion estimation
* Pairwise Identity Verification via Linear Concentrative Metric Learning
* PixelTrack: A Fast Adaptive Algorithm for Tracking Non-rigid Objects
* Pose Estimation using Point and Line Correspondences
* probabilistic Self-Organizing Map for facial recognition, A
* Resolution enhancement of textual images via multiple coupled dictionaries and adaptive sparse representation selection
* Resolution enhancement of textual images: a survey of single image-based methods
* Robust Binarization for Video Text Recognition
* Siamese neural network based similarity metric for inertial gesture classification and rejection
* Sparse Coding with a Coupled Dictionary Learning Approach for Textual Image Super-resolution
* Sparse shift-invariant representation of local 2D patterns and sequence learning for human action recognition
* Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Sparse Auto-Encoder for Sequence Classification
* Supervised Image Classification by SOM Activity Map Comparison
* Text recognition in multimedia documents: A study of two neural-based OCRs using and avoiding character segmentation
* Triangular similarity metric learning for face verification
* Unsupervised online learning of visual focus of attention
* Using Discriminative Motion Context for Online Visual Object Tracking
* Visual Focus of Attention Estimation With Unsupervised Incremental Learning
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The
* Wavelet packet analysis for face recognition
Includes: Garcia, C.[Christophe] Garcia, C.[Cecilia] García, C.[Carlos] Garcia, C.
59 for Garcia, C.

Garcia, C.A.[Cornelia A.] Co Author Listing * Towards an Operational SAR-Based Rice Monitoring System in Asia: Examples from 13 Demonstration Sites across Asia in the RIICE Project

Garcia, C.A.R.[Carlos A. Reyes] Co Author Listing * Bilingual acoustic feature selection for emotion estimation using a 3D continuous model

Garcia, D.[David] Co Author Listing * DINDOW: Towards an Interaction Based on Spatio-temporal Memory
* Event-Based Architecture to Manage Virtual Human Non-Verbal Communication in 3D Chatting Environment, An
* Extensive Operators in Partition Lattices for Image Sequence Analysis
* Functional Simplification of the BCS/FCS Image Segmentation, A
* High-Frame-Rate Echocardiography Using Coherent Compounding With Doppler-Based Motion-Compensation
* Musimage: A System for Automatically Presenting Pictures Depending on the Music Being Played
* New Approach to the Automatic Planning of Inspection of 3D Industrial Parts, A
* New Automatic Planning of Inspection of 3D Industrial Parts by Means of Visual System, A
* Noninvasive Vascular Elastography With Plane Strain Incompressibility Assumption Using Ultrafast Coherent Compound Plane Wave Imaging
* NVC Emotional Model for Conversational Virtual Humans in a 3D Chatting Environment, An
* Proof of Convergence of the Horn-Schunck Optical Flow Algorithm in Arbitrary Dimension, A
* Recognition of 3D Object from One Image Based on Projective and Permutative Invariants
* Staggered Multiple-PRF Ultrafast Color Doppler
* survey of multimodal sentiment analysis, A
* Two-Dimensional Intraventricular Flow Mapping by Digital Processing Conventional Color-Doppler Echocardiography Images
Includes: Garcia, D.[David] García, D.[David] Garcia, D. García, D.[Daniel] García, D.
15 for Garcia, D.

Garcia, D.C.[Diogo C.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the effects of image compression in Moire-pattern-based face-spoofing detection
* Example-based Enhancement of Degraded Video
* Least-Squares Directional Intra Prediction in H.264/AVC
* Super-Resolution for Multiview Images Using Depth Information
* Transform domain semi-super resolution
* Video compression complexity reduction with adaptive down-sampling
Includes: Garcia, D.C.[Diogo C.] Garcia, D.C.

Garcia, D.D.[Daniel D.] Co Author Listing * Teaching Privacy: Multimedia Making a Difference

Garcia, D.F.[Daniel F.] Co Author Listing * Fast and robust laser stripe extraction for 3D reconstruction in industrial environments
* Machine Vision System for Flatness Control Feedback
* Real-Time Flatness Inspection System for Steel Strip Production Lines
* Shape Inspection System for Variable-Luminance Steel Plates with Real-Time Adaptation Capabilities to Luminance Variations
Includes: Garcia, D.F.[Daniel F.] García, D.F.[Daniel F.] Garcia, D.F.

Garcia, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Control of dermatology image integrity using reversible watermarking
* Decision Level Multiple Cameras Fusion Using Dezert-Smarandache Theory
* Efficient Multisensory Barrier for Obstacle Detection on Railways
* Image processing by self-generated spatial and spectral masks
* Optimized Regression for Efficient Function Evaluation
* Similarity Metrics for Intensity-Based Registration Using Breast Density Maps
* Texture-based watermarking of 3-D video objects
* To Drive Is Human
Includes: Garcia, E.[Eric] Garcia, E.[Esteban] Garcia, E. García, E.[Eloy]
8 for Garcia, E.

Garcia, E.B.[Edel B.] Co Author Listing * Delineating Homology Generators in Graph Pyramids
* Single Image Dehazing via Image Generating
Includes: Garcia, E.B.[Edel B.] García, E.B.[Edel B.]

Garcia, E.K.[Eric K.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Local Linear Regression With Application to Printer Color Management
* Color Management of Printers by Regression over Enclosing Neighborhoods
* OCR binarization and image pre-processing for searching historical documents

Garcia, E.O.[Esteban O.] Co Author Listing * Qualitative Transfer for Reinforcement Learning with Continuous State and Action Spaces

Garcia, E.R.[Edwin R.] Co Author Listing * Augmenting Heteronanostructure Visualization with Haptic Feedback
Includes: Garcia, E.R.[Edwin R.] García, E.R.[Edwin R.]

Garcia, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Active Learning Approach for Statistical Spoken Language Understanding, An
* Adaptive Training for Robust Spoken Language Understanding
* AVSS 2011 demo session
* Combining Several ASR Outputs in a Graph-Based SLU System
* Computer vision and laser scanner road environment perception
* CPU-Based Real-Time Surface and Solid Voxelization for Incomplete Point Cloud
* Depth Enhancement by Fusion for Passive and Active Sensing
* Discrete quality assessment in IPTV content distribution networks
* Driver Monitoring Based on Low-Cost 3-D Sensors
* new multi-lateral filter for real-time depth enhancement, A
* Operational Framework for Land Cover Classification in the Context of REDD+ Mechanisms. A Case Study from Costa Rica, An
* Phonetic-Based Approach to Query-by-Example Spoken Term Detection, A
* Pixel weighted average strategy for depth sensor data fusion
* Real-time depth enhancement by fusion for RGB-D cameras
* Real-time hybrid ToF multi-camera rig fusion system for depth map enhancement
* Spatio-temporal ToF data enhancement by fusion
* Unified multi-lateral filter for real-time depth map enhancement
Includes: Garcia, F.[Fernando] García, F.[Fernando] Garcia, F.[Frederic] Garcia, F.[Francisco] Garcia, F. García, F.[Felipe]
17 for Garcia, F.

Garcia, G.[Gloria] Co Author Listing * Human Mosaic Creation Through Agents and Interactive Genetic Algorithms Applied to Videogames Movements
* Textural Classification of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm after Endovascular Repair: Preliminary Results
Includes: Garcia, G.[Gloria] García, G.[Gloria] García, G.[Guillermo]

Garcia, G.A. Co Author Listing * Preprocessing and recognition of characters in container codes

Garcia, G.B.[Gloria Bueno] Co Author Listing * Eyewear Selector

Garcia, G.J. Co Author Listing * Improving detection of surface discontinuities in visual-force control systems
* Visual control of a multi-robot coupled system: Application to collision avoidance in human-robot interaction
Includes: Garcia, G.J. Garcia, G.J.[Gabriel J.]

Garcia, G.M.[German Martin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multi-Cue 3D Tracking of Arbitrary Objects
* Cognitive Approach for Object Discovery, A
* Semantic segmentation priors for object discovery
* Traditional saliency reloaded: A good old model in new shape
Includes: Garcia, G.M.[German Martin] García, G.M.[Germán Martín] García, G.M. Garcia, G.M.[German M.]

Garcia, H.[Heriberto] Co Author Listing * Continental Shelf-Scale Passive Acoustic Detection and Characterization of Diesel-Electric Ships Using a Coherent Hydrophone Array
* Vocalization Source Level Distributions and Pulse Compression Gains of Diverse Baleen Whale Species in the Gulf of Maine

Garcia, H.C.[Hugo C.] Co Author Listing * Novel Feature Selection Methodology for Automated Inspection Systems, A

Garcia, H.F.[Hernan F.] Co Author Listing * 3D Probabilistic Morphable Models for Brain Tumor Segmentation
* Bayesian Optimization for Fitting 3D Morphable Models of Brain Structures
* Bayesian Shape Models with Shape Priors for MRI Brain Segmentation
* Discriminative Training for Convolved Multiple-Output Gaussian Processes
* Driving Fatigue Detection Using Active Shape Models
* Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using Generalized Time Warping and Deep Belief Networks
* Gaussian Process Dynamical Models for Emotion Recognition
* Groupwise Shape Correspondences on 3D Brain Structures Using Probabilistic Latent Variable Models
* Kernel-Based Approach for DBS Parameter Estimation, A
* NEURONAV: A Tool for Image-Guided Surgery - Application to Parkinson's Disease
* Peripheral Nerve Segmentation Using Speckle Removal and Bayesian Shape Models
Includes: Garcia, H.F.[Hernan F.] García, H.F.[Hernán F.] García, H.F.[Hernan F.]
11 for Garcia, H.F.

Garcia, I.[Inmaculada] Co Author Listing * Efficiency of Closed and Open-Loop Scalable Wavelet Based Video Coding
* Evaluation of an iterative algorithm for three dimensional X-ray cone beam reconstruction
* Exploitation of Large Archives of ERS and ENVISAT C-Band SAR Data to Characterize Ground Deformations
* FSVC: A New Fully Scalable Video Codec
* Image Registration in Electron Microscopy: A Stochastic Optimization Approach
* Interactive Browsing of Remote JPEF 2000 Image Sequences
* Interactive Transmission of JPEG2000 Images Using Web Proxy Caching
* Landslide Activity Maps Generation by Means of Persistent Scatterer Interferometry
* load unbalancing problem for region growing image segmentation algorithms, The
* On Endmember Identification in Hyperspectral Images Without Pure Pixels: A Comparison of Algorithms
* Progressive Image Transmission in Telemicroscopy: A Quantitative Approach for Electron Microscopy Images of Biological Specimens
* Progressive image transmission over a noisy channel using wavelet transform and channel optimized vector quantization
Includes: Garcia, I.[Inmaculada] García, I.[Inmaculada] Garcia, I. Garcia, I.[Immaculada] García, I.
12 for Garcia, I.

Garcia, I.F.[Irene Fondon] Co Author Listing * Pattern classification of dermoscopy images: A perceptually uniform model
* Two-Phase Segmentation of Cell Nuclei Using Fast Level Set-Like Algorithms, A
Includes: Garcia, I.F.[Irene Fondon] García, I.F.[Irene Fondón] García, I.F.[Ignacio Fernández]

Garcia, I.G.[Inigo Gutierrez] Co Author Listing * Conoscopic holograms analysis using variations of the Hough transform
Includes: Garcia, I.G.[Inigo Gutierrez] García, Í.G.[Íñigo Gutiérrez]

Garcia, I.M.[Ignacio Martinez] Co Author Listing * Methodology for the Estimation of Effort for a Project of Virtual Reality: A Case Study: Ennui

Garcia, J. Co Author Listing * 3-D object shape recovering system for active scenes using colour disordered patterns, A
* Advanced algorithms for real-time video tracking with multiple targets
* Aircraft identification integrated into an airport surface surveillance video system
* Automatic Detection of Heads in Colored Images
* Bottom-up/top-down coordination in a multiagent visual sensor network
* Bridging from syntactic to statistical methods: Classification with automatically segmented features from sequences
* Chromatic Aberration and Depth Extraction
* Classification of indecent videos by low complexity repetitive motion detection
* Comparison Between Genetic Algorithms and the Baum-Welch Algorithm in Learning HMMs for Human Activity Classification
* Context-Based Reasoning Using Ontologies to Adapt Visual Tracking in Surveillance
* Demonstration of a Remote Optical Measurement Configuration That Correlates With Breathing, Heart Rate, Pulse Pressure, Blood Coagulation, and Blood Oxygenation
* Discriminant Context Information Analysis for Post-Ranking Person Re-Identification
* Extending surveillance systems capabilities using BDI cooperative sensor agents
* Fast Automatic Detection of Wildlife in Images from Trap Cameras
* Invariant Pattern-Recognition by Use of Wavelength Multiplexing
* Modeling feature distances by orientation driven classifiers for person re-identification
* multi-agent architecture to support active fusion in a visual sensor network, A
* Multitarget Tracking Video System Based on Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques, A
* Pattern-Recognition Using Sequential Matched Filtering of Wavelet Coefficients
* Person Orientation and Feature Distances Boost Re-identification
* Person Re-Identification Ranking Optimisation by Discriminant Context Information Analysis
* Single-Output Color Pattern-Recognition Using a Fractional Correlator
* Towards interactive authoring tools for composing spatialization
* Tracking People Motion Based on Extended Condensation Algorithm
* Transversal superresolution with noncontact axial movement of periodic structures
* Transverse resolution improvement using rotating-grating time-multiplexing approach
* Video tracking system optimization using evolution strategies
* Visual data association for real-time video tracking using genetic and estimation of distribution algorithms
* Wavelet Transforms and Neural Networks for Compression and Recognition
* Weighted regularized ASM for face alignment
Includes: Garcia, J. García, J.[Jesús] García, J. Garcia, J.[Justin] Garcia, J.[Jesus] Garcia, J.[Josep] Garcia, J.[Jesús] García, J.[Jorge] García, J.[Jonathan] García, J.[Javier]
30 for Garcia, J.

Garcia, J.A. Co Author Listing * email: Garcia, J.A.: jags AT decsai ugr es
* Analysis of coding risks in progressive transmission
* Automatic Characterization of Spiral and Elliptic Galaxies from Digital Images
* Axiomatic approach to computational attention
* Characterizing Planar Outlines
* Coder selection for lossy compression of still images
* Comparative visibility analysis of advertisement images
* Comparing Lossy Coders for Still Images
* critical examination of the assumptions used in dynamic allocation, A
* Defining a target distinctness measure through a single-channel computational model of vision
* Emergence of region-based transmission when computation is unconstrained
* From computational attention to image fusion
* How to Define the Notion of Microcalcifications in Digitized Mammograms
* Illusory Percepts Through a Constraint of Invariance in Integral Features Across Frequency Bands
* Image inpainting with nonsubsampled contourlet transform
* Information Theoretic Measure for Visual Target Distinctness
* Information visibility using transmission methods
* Integral Features: A Tool for Perceiving Image Distortion
* Integral opponent-colors features for computing visual target distinctness
* Integrating Information About Edges Across Scale-Space
* Method for Invariant Pattern-Recognition Using the Scale-Vector Representation of Planar Curves, A
* Multi-Channel Based Approach for Extracting Significant Scales on Gray-Level Images, A
* Multichannel Autofocusing Scheme for Gray Level Shape Scale Detection, A
* New Approach to 2D Shapes Characterization, A
* New Edge Detector Integrating Scale-Spectrum Information, A
* New Image Distortion Measure Based on a Data-Driven Multisensor Organization, A
* Normalized Redundancy Presentation for 2D Digital Images, A
* Novel Scale-Spectrum Space for Representing Gray-Level Shape, The
* On the concept of best achievable compression ratio for lossy image coding
* Optimized rate control in embedded wavelet coding
* Origins of illusory percepts in digital images
* Perceptual Measure to Predict the Visual Distinction Between Two Color Images, A
* Performance of the Kullback-Leibler information gain for predicting image fidelity
* Rate control optimization in embedded wavelet coding
* relationship between information prioritization and visual distinctness in two progressive image transmission schemes, The
* Relevance of knowledge from bit-saving in progressive transmission
* Representing 2D Digital Images Through a Normalized Measure of Redundancy
* Representing Planar Curves by Using a Scale Vector
* RGF Pandemonium: A Low-Level Representational Model for Images, The
* Role of Integral Features for Perceiving Image Discriminability, The
* Scale Selection Using 3 Different Representations For Images
* Scale Selection Using Three Different Representations for Images
* Scale-Vector Approach For Edge-Detection, A
* Selection of Natural Scales in 2D Images Using Adaptive Gabor Filtering, The
* Sustainable image transmission
* Using Models of Feature Perception in Distortion Measure Guidance
Includes: Garcia, J.A. García, J.A. García, J.A.[Jose A.]
46 for Garcia, J.A.

Garcia, J.B. Co Author Listing * INFOTREE: A Contextual Tree Approach to Supervised Pattern Recognition
* Infotree: A New Generic Method for Supervised Pattern Recognition Based on a Contextual Tree

Garcia, J.C. Co Author Listing * Detector of Electrical Discontinuity of Rails in Double-Track Railway Lines: Electronic System and Measurement Methodology
* FPGA-Based Track Circuit for Railways Using Transmission Encoding
* Low cost obstacle detection for smart railway infrastructures
Includes: Garcia, J.C. García, J.C.

Garcia, J.E.[Joan Enric] Co Author Listing * Computational Print Control

Garcia, J.F.G.[Juan F. Garcia] Co Author Listing * Region-based approach for the spectral clustering Nyström approximation with an application to burn depth assessment
Includes: Garcia, J.F.G.[Juan F. Garcia] García, J.F.G.[Juan F. García]

Garcia, J.I. Co Author Listing * Choice of Word Length in the Design of a Specialized Hardware for Lossless Wavelet Compression of Medical Images
* VLSI Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform for Lossless Compression of Medical Images

Garcia, J.J. Co Author Listing * Detection of moving objects in railway using vision
* Detector of Electrical Discontinuity of Rails in Double-Track Railway Lines: Electronic System and Measurement Methodology
* Efficient Multisensory Barrier for Obstacle Detection on Railways
* FPGA-Based Track Circuit for Railways Using Transmission Encoding
* Low cost obstacle detection for smart railway infrastructures
* Mangrove Forest Cover Extraction Of The Coastal Areas Of Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, Philippines Using Lidar Data
* Ultrasonic sensor system for detecting falling objects on railways
Includes: Garcia, J.J. García, J.J.
7 for Garcia, J.J.

Garcia, J.L. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing-based Detection And Spatial Pattern Analysis For Geo-ecological Niche Modeling Of Tillandsia Spp. In The Atacama, Chile
* Topological Analysis of Amplicon Structure in Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) Data: An Application to ERBB2/HER2/NEU Amplified Tumors
Includes: Garcia, J.L. García, J.L. Garcia, J.L.[Juan Luis]

Garcia, J.M. Co Author Listing * Hand gesture recognition following the dynamics of a topology-preserving network
* Parallel Algorithm for Tracking of Segments in Noisy Edge Images, A
* Real-Time Extraction of Colored Segments for Robot Visual Navigation
Includes: Garcia, J.M. García, J.M. García, J.M.[Jose M.]

Garcia, J.O. Co Author Listing * Fusing Multiple Neuroimaging Modalities to Assess Group Differences in Perception-Action Coupling

Garcia, L. Co Author Listing * Class-Based Parametric Approximation to Histogram Equalization for ASR
* Parallel iterative reconstruction methods for structure determination of biological specimens by electron microscopy
* Towards a Real-time Framework for Visual Monitoring Tasks

Garcia, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * 4-dimensional geological modelling of the Skellefte District, Sweden
* Comparing Sphere-Tree Generators and Hierarchy Updates for Deformable Objects Collision Detection
* Detection of interannual vegetation responses to climatic variability using AVIRIS data in a coastal savanna in California
* Extrapolating Forest Canopy Fuel Properties in the California Rim Fire by Combining Airborne LiDAR and Landsat OLI Data
* Impacts of Airborne Lidar Pulse Density on Estimating Biomass Stocks and Changes in a Selectively Logged Tropical Forest
* Information and knowledge systems for integrated models in Cultural Heritage
* IP-Based Mobile and Fixed Network Audiovisual Media Services
* Real-Time Flatness Inspection System for Steel Strip Production Lines
* Retinopathy Online Challenge: Automatic Detection of Microaneurysms in Digital Color Fundus Photographs
* Video object trajectory analysis
Includes: Garcia, M.[Maria] Garcia, M. García, M.[Mariano] Garcia, M.[Mariano]
10 for Garcia, M.

Garcia, M.A. Co Author Listing * Acceleration of Filtering and Enhancement Operations Through Geometric Processing of Gray-level Images
* Acceleration of Thresholding and Labeling Operations Through Geometric Processing of Gray-level Images
* Analysis of focus measure operators for shape-from-focus
* Analysis of Temporal Coherence in Videos for Action Recognition
* Application-independent feature selection for texture classification
* Approximation and Processing of Intensity Images with Discontinuity-Preserving Adaptive Triangular Meshes
* Automatic Selection of Multiple Texture Feature Extraction Methods for Texture Pattern Classification
* Automatic texture feature selection for image pixel classification
* Closed-Form Focus Profile Model for Conventional Digital Cameras, A
* Comparative Evaluation of Classical Methods, Optimized Gabor Filters and LBP for Texture Feature Selection and Classification
* Defeating face de-identification methods based on DCT-block scrambling
* Edge-preserving color image denoising through tensor voting
* Efficient Approximation of Gray-Scale Images Through Bounded Error Triangular Meshes
* Efficient Approximation of Range Images Through Data-Dependent Adaptive Triangulations
* Efficient Focus Sampling Through Depth-of-Field Calibration
* Efficient generation of discontinuity-preserving adaptive triangulations from range images
* Estimation of distance to planar surfaces and type of material with infrared sensors
* Fast Extraction of Surface Primitives from Range Images
* Focus-aided scene segmentation
* Gabor-based texture classification through efficient prototype selection via normalized cut
* Generation of All-in-Focus Images by Noise-Robust Selective Fusion of Limited Depth-of-Field Images
* Graph-Based Perceptual Segmentation of Stereo Vision 3D Images at Multiple Abstraction Levels
* Illumination Robust Optical Flow Model Based on Histogram of Oriented Gradients
* Illumination-Robust Optical Flow Using a Local Directional Pattern
* Improving Shape-from-Focus by Compensating for Image Magnification Shift
* Improving texture pattern recognition by integration of multiple texture feature extraction methods
* Improving the efficiency and accuracy of visual attention
* Improving the robustness of variational optical flow through tensor voting
* Incremental Multiview Integration of Range Images
* Modeling Range Images with Bounded Error Triangular Meshes Without Optimization
* Multi-level pixel-based texture classification through efficient prototype selection via normalized cut
* Network Awareness of P2P Live Streaming Applications: A Measurement Study
* new energy-based method for 3D motion estimation of incompressible PIV flows, A
* new methodology for evaluation of edge detectors, A
* On Adapting Pixel-based Classification to Unsupervised Texture Segmentation
* On Adapting the Tensor Voting Framework to Robust Color Image Denoising
* On Improving the Efficiency of Tensor Voting
* On improving the robustness of differential optical flow
* Pixel Classification by Divergence-Based Integration of Multiple Texture Methods and Its Application to Fabric Defect Detection
* Pixel classification through divergence-based integration of texture methods with conflict resolution
* Recognizing specific texture patterns by integration of multiple texture methods
* Reconstruction of visual surfaces from sparse data using parametric triangular approximants
* Reliability measure for shape-from-focus
* Robust color edge detection through tensor voting
* Robust Color Image Segmentation through Tensor Voting
* Shape-based image segmentation through photometric stereo
* Supervised texture classification by integration of multiple texture methods and evaluation windows
* Two-stage Algorithm for Planning the Next View From Range Images, A
* Unsupervised texture-based image segmentation through pattern discovery
* Variational Approach for 3D Motion Estimation of Incompressible PIV Flows, A
* Variational Optical Flow Estimation Based on Stick Tensor Voting
* Visual attention based on a joint perceptual space of color and brightness for improved video tracking
Includes: Garcia, M.A. García, M.A. Garcia, M.A.[Miguel Angel] Garcia, M.Á.[Miguel Ángel] García, M.A.[Miguel Angel] García, M.A.[Miguel A.] García, M.Á.[Miguel Ángel]
52 for Garcia, M.A.

Garcia, M.I. Co Author Listing * Argos: An Advanced In-Vehicle Data Recorder on a Massively Sensorized Vehicle for Car Driver Behavior Experimentation

Garcia, M.J. Co Author Listing * Low Altitude Wind Simulation over Mount Saint Helens Using NASA SRTM Digital Terrain Model
* Registration of Real-Time 3-D Ultrasound Images of the Heart for Novel 3-D Stress Echocardiography

Garcia, M.M.[Maria M.] Co Author Listing * Correlation-Based Distance Function for Nearest Neighbor Classification, A
* Feature Extraction Using Clustering of Protein
* Predicting HIV-1 Protease and Reverse Transcriptase Drug Resistance Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
* Two Step Ant Colony System to Solve the Feature Selection Problem
Includes: Garcia, M.M.[Maria M.] García, M.M.[María M.]

Garcia, M.N. Co Author Listing * Impairment-Factor-Based Audiovisual Quality Model for IPTV: Influence of Video Resolution, Degradation Type, and Content Type
* Quantification of Gaps in Ablation Lesions Around the Pulmonary Veins in Delayed Enhancement MRI
* Scene change detection in encrypted video bit streams
Includes: Garcia, M.N. Garcia, M.N.[Marta Nuñez]

Garcia, M.P. Co Author Listing * OSSI-PET: Open-Access Database of Simulated 11C Raclopride Scans for the Inveon Preclinical PET Scanner: Application to the Optimization of Reconstruction Methods for Dynamic Studies

Garcia, M.S.[M. Sanchez] Co Author Listing * Geo-referencing naturalistic driving data using a novel method based on vehicle speed

Garcia, N.[Narciso] Co Author Listing * 3D Tracking Using Multi-view Based Particle Filters
* Adaptive Palette Determination for Color Images Based on Kohonen Networks
* Adaptive protection scheme for MVC-encoded stereoscopic video streaming in IP-based networks
* adaptive, real-time, traffic monitoring system, An
* Advanced background modeling with RGB-D sensors through classifiers combination and inter-frame foreground prediction
* Aerial Moving Target Detection Based on Motion Vector Field Analysis
* algorithm for FOE localization, An
* Analysis of pixel-mapping rounding on geometric distortion as a prediction for view synthesis distortion
* Analysis of the alternatives for stereo multiplex in 3DTV broadcast delivery
* Analysis of the depth-shift distortion as an estimator for view synthesis distortion
* Automatic bandwidth estimation strategy for high-quality non-parametric modeling based moving object detection
* Automatic Feature-Based Stabilization of Video with Intentional Motion through a Particle Filter
* Bayesian visual surveillance: A model for detecting and tracking a variable number of moving objects
* Block based Rate-Distortion analysis for quality improvement of synthesized views
* Buffer-Constrained Coding of Video Sequences with Quasi-Constant Quality
* Camera Localization Using Trajectories and Maps
* Capabilities and limitations of mono-camera pedestrian-based autocalibration
* Color-based 3D particle filtering for robust tracking in heterogeneous environments
* combined active contours method for segmentation using localization and multiresolution, A
* Comparison of Wavelet-Based Three-Dimensional Model Coding Techniques
* Contourless region-based video coding for very low bit-rates
* DCT based segmentation applied to a scalable zenithal people counter
* Depth filtering for auto-stereoscopic mobile devices
* Depth video coding for free viewpoint video oriented to the synthetic view perceptual quality
* Depth-based face recognition using local quantized patterns adapted for range data
* Detection of Stationary Foreground Objects Using Multiple Nonparametric Background-Foreground Models on a Finite State Machine
* Detection of stationary foreground objects: A survey
* Determination of Control Point Sets for Motion Description Based on Motion Interpolation Accuracy Constraints
* Dress Like a Star: Retrieving Fashion Products from Videos
* Edge-based depth gradient refinement for 2D to 3D learned prior conversion
* Efficient Image Segmentation for Region-Based Motion Estimation and Compensation
* Efficient Moving Object Detection for Lightweight Applications on Smart Cameras
* Efficient Prediction Error Regions Determination for Region-based Video Coding Through Shape Adaptive DCT
* Enhanced gesture-based human-computer interaction through a Compressive Sensing reduction scheme of very large and efficient depth feature descriptors
* extension to the PRO-MPEG COP3 codes for unequal error protection of real-time video transmission, An
* Face detection based on a new color space YCgCr
* Fast 2D to 3D conversion using a clustering-based hierarchical search in a machine learning framework
* Fast face segmentation in component color space
* Fast Mode Decision Based on Activity Segmentation in H.264/AVC Encoding
* Fast mode decision for multiview video coding based on scene geometry
* Fast mode decision on H.264/AVC baseline profile for real-time performance
* Fast Mode Decision on H.264/AVC Main Profile Encoding Based on PSNR Predictions
* Feature Extraction Used for Face Localization Based on Skin Color
* Fusion of pose and head tracking data for immersive mixed-reality application development
* graph-based approach for latency modeling and optimization in multiview video encoding, A
* Hand Gesture Recognition Using Infrared Imagery Provided by Leap Motion Controller
* Hierarchical Coding of 3d Models with Subdivision Surfaces
* Human-computer interaction based on visual hand-gesture recognition using volumetric spatiograms of local binary patterns
* Improved 2D-to-3D video conversion by fusing optical flow analysis and scene depth learning
* Improved background modeling for real-time spatio-temporal non-parametric moving object detection strategies
* Inference of Complex Trajectories by Means of a Multibehavior and Multiobject Tracking Algorithm
* Labeled dataset for integral evaluation of moving object detection algorithms: LASIESTA
* Learning 3D structure from 2D images using LBP features
* Learning-based depth estimation from 2D images using GIST and saliency
* Low Complexity Mode Decision and Motion Estimation for H.264/AVC Based Depth Maps Encoding in Free Viewpoint Video
* Malaria Cell Counting Diagnosis within Large Field of View
* Model-based analytical FOE determination
* Monocular Vision System for Autonomous Vehicle Guidance, A
* Multi-sensor background subtraction by fusing multiple region-based probabilistic classifiers
* Multiresolution Image Segmentation for Region-Based Motion Estimation and Compensation
* new fast motion estimation and mode decision algorithm for H.264 depth maps encoding in free viewpoint TV, A
* Novel multi-feature Bag-of-Words descriptor via subspace random projection for efficient human-action recognition
* Object Tracking from Unstabilized Platforms by Particle Filtering with Embedded Camera Ego Motion
* optimal yet fast pruning algorithm to reduce latency in multiview prediction structures, An
* Q-learning based control algorithm for HTTP adaptive streaming
* Quality of Experience of adaptive video streaming: Investigation in service parameters and subjective quality assessment methodology
* Rate control and bit allocation for MPEG-4
* Real-Time Audiovisual Feature Extraction for Online Service Provision over DVB Streams
* Real-time nonparametric background subtraction with tracking-based foreground update
* Recursive Camera Autocalibration with the Kalman Filter
* Region-based control points determination for multivector motion description
* Robust 3D people tracking and positioning system in a semi-overlapped multi-camera environment
* Robust and Accurate Registration of Images with Unknown Relative Orientation and Exposure
* Robust multi-camera tracking from schematic descriptions
* SADWT for Efficient Mesh Based Video Coding
* Segmentation-tracking feedback approach for high-performance video surveillance applications
* Sequence Independent very Fast Mode Decision Algorithm on H.264/AVC Baseline Profile
* Simultaneous 3D object tracking and camera parameter estimation by Bayesian methods and transdimensional MCMC sampling
* Stochastic rate-control of interframe video coders for VBR channels
* Study of the Navigation Parameters in Appearance-Based Navigation of a Mobile Robot
* Subdivision surfaces in MPEG-4
* Subjective Assessment of Super Multiview Video with Coding Artifacts
* Subjective assessment of the impact of transmission errors in 3DTV compared to HDTV
* Subjective evaluation of transmission errors in IPTV and 3DTV
* Subjective study of adaptive streaming strategies for 3DTV
* Systematic analysis of the decoding delay in multiview video
* Target Detection Through Robust Motion Segmentation and Tracking Restrictions in Aerial FLIR Images
* Temporal Pyramid Matching of Local Binary Subpatterns for Hand-Gesture Recognition
* Tracking-based non-parametric background-foreground classification in a chromaticity-gradient space
* Unsupervised segmentation algorithm of HRTEM images
* Versatile Bayesian classifier for moving object detection by non-parametric background-foreground modeling
* Visibility-Based Observation Model for 3D Tracking with Non-parametric 3D Particle Filters
* Visual Face Recognition Using Bag of Dense Derivative Depth Patterns
* Visual tracking of multiple interacting objects through Rao-Blackwellized Data Association Particle Filtering
* wireless video transmission control approach through Stochastic Dynamic Programming, A
Includes: Garcia, N.[Narciso] García, N.[Narciso] Garcia, N. Garcìa, N. García, N.[Nicolás] García, N.
95 for Garcia, N.

Garcia, O.N.[Oscar N.] Co Author Listing * Continuous Automatic Speech Recognition by Lipreading
* Detecting and Tracking Human Faces in Videos

Garcia, P. Co Author Listing * Estimating feature discriminant power in decision tree classifiers
* Inference of K-Testable Languages in the Strict Sense and Application to Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Inference of Reversible Tree Languages
* Learning subsequential transducers for pattern recognition interpretation tasks
* Nationwide Natural Resource Inventory Of The Philippines Using Lidar: Strategies, Progress, And Challenges
* Robust Automatic Speech Recognition Using PD-MEEMLIN
* Transducer learning in pattern recognition
* Use of Boolean Model for Texture Analysis of Grey Images, The
Includes: Garcia, P. García, P. García, P.[Paola] Garcia, P.[Pedro]
8 for Garcia, P.

Garcia, R. Co Author Listing * ACC+Stop&Go Maneuvers With Throttle and Brake Fuzzy Control
* Acquisition and visualization techniques for narrow spectral color imaging
* Adapting Low-Bitrate Skip Mode in a Mobile Environment
* Classification of Basic Human Emotions from Electroencephalography Data
* Contributions to empirical analysis of keystroke dynamics in passwords
* Detection of Matchings in a Sequence of Underwater Images Through Texture Analysis
* Efficient 3D Scene Modeling and Mosaicing
* Efficient image mosaicing for multi-robot visual underwater mapping
* Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images Using Improved IHS and PCA Mergers Based on Wavelet Decomposition
* Geostatistics for Context-Aware Image Classification
* Glasses detection on real images based on robust alignment
* Graph theory approach for match reduction in image mosaicing
* High level sensor data fusion for automotive applications using occupancy grids
* Image Blending Techniques and their Application in Underwater Mosaicing
* Image-Based Coral Reef Classification and Thematic Mapping
* Impact of on-board tutoring systems to improve driving efficiency of non-professional drivers
* Interest point characterisation through textural analysis for rejection of bad correspondences
* Interoperable Control Architecture for Cybercars and Dual-Mode Cars
* Lane-Change Fuzzy Control in Autonomous Vehicles for the Overtaking Maneuver
* Locally Adaptive Color Correction for Underwater Image Dehazing and Matching
* Match Selection in Batch Mosaicing Using Mutual Information
* Multi-scale underwater descattering
* New Approach to Pose Detection using a Trinocular Stereovision System, A
* New Color Correction Method for Underwater Imaging, A
* New Global Alignment Method for Feature Based Image Mosaicing, A
* New Total Body Scanning System for Automatic Change Detection in Multiple Pigmented Skin Lesions, A
* Planar Homography: Accuracy Analysis and Applications
* Power-steering control architecture for automatic driving
* Proposal of a parallel architecture for a motion detection algorithm
* Radio-Frequency Interference Mitigation for the Soil Moisture Active Passive Microwave Radiometer
Includes: Garcia, R. García, R.[Rafael] García, R.[Rosana] Garcia, R.[Rodolfo] Garcia, R.[Rafael] García, R.[Rodrigo] García, R.[Roberto]
30 for Garcia, R.

Garcia, R.A.[Rodrigo A.] Co Author Listing * Method to Analyze the Potential of Optical Remote Sensing for Benthic Habitat Mapping, A

Garcia, R.O.[Reinier Oves] Co Author Listing * Pathline-Based Background Subtraction Algorithm, A
Includes: Garcia, R.O.[Reinier Oves] García, R.O.[Reinier Oves]

Garcia, R.R.[Ricardo R.] Co Author Listing * Geometric calibration for a multi-camera-projector system
* Multi-view dynamic geometry capture using structured light
* Projector domain phase unwrapping in a structured light system with stereo cameras
* Selection of temporally dithered codes for increasing virtual depth of field in structured light systems
* Temporally-Consistent Phase Unwrapping for a Stereo-Assisted Structured Light System

Garcia, R.V.[Raul Vicente] Co Author Listing * CNNs Under Attack: On the Vulnerability of Deep Neural Networks Based Face Recognition to Image Morphing

Garcia, S.[Salvador] Co Author Listing * Class Switching according to Nearest Enemy Distance for learning from highly imbalanced data-sets
* Differential evolution for optimizing the positioning of prototypes in nearest neighbor classification
* IFS-CoCo in the Landscape Contest: Description and Results
* IFS-CoCo: Instance and feature selection based on cooperative coevolution with nearest neighbor rule
* Improving Gestural Communication in Virtual Characters
* Integrating Instance Selection, Instance Weighting, and Feature Weighting for Nearest Neighbor Classifiers by Coevolutionary Algorithms
* Interactive Multimodal Platform for Digital Signage
* memetic algorithm for evolutionary prototype selection: A scaling up approach, A
* Prototype Selection for Nearest Neighbor Classification: Taxonomy and Empirical Study
* Providing Physical Appearance and Behaviour to Virtual Characters
* Subgroup discover in large size data sets preprocessed using stratified instance selection for increasing the presence of minority classes
* Taxonomy and Experimental Study on Prototype Generation for Nearest Neighbor Classification, A
Includes: Garcia, S.[Salvador] García, S.[Salvador] García, S.[Sara]
12 for Garcia, S.

Garcia, S.H.G.[Sandra Haydee Gonzalez] Co Author Listing * Modelling of Urban Environments
Includes: Garcia, S.H.G.[Sandra Haydee Gonzalez] Garcìa, S.H.G.[Sandra Haydeè Gonzàlez]

Garcia, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Classification of High Dimensional and Imbalanced Hyperspectral Imagery Data
* Dissimilarity-Based Learning from Imbalanced Data with Small Disjuncts and Noise
* Empirical Study of the Behavior of Classifiers on Imbalanced and Overlapped Data Sets, An
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Fast k nearest neighbor search using GPU
* hybrid method to face class overlap and class imbalance on neural networks and multi-class scenarios, A
* Index of Balanced Accuracy: A Performance Measure for Skewed Class Distributions
* Insight on the Large G, Small n Problem in Gene-Expression Microarray Classification, An
* K-nearest neighbor search: Fast GPU-based implementations and application to high-dimensional feature matching
* Levels of Details for Gaussian Mixture Models
* Melodic Track Identification in MIDI Files Considering the Imbalanced Context
* New Performance Evaluation Method for Two-Class Imbalanced Problems, A
* One-Sided Prototype Selection on Class Imbalanced Dissimilarity Matrices
* Outer-Layer Based Tracking using Entropy as a Similarity Measure
* Searching High-Dimensional Neighbours: CPU-Based Tailored Data-Structures Versus GPU-Based Brute-Force Method
* Strategies for learning in class imbalance problems
* Theoretical Analysis of a Performance Measure for Imbalanced Data
* When Overlapping Unexpectedly Alters the Class Imbalance Effects
Includes: Garcia, V.[Vicente] García, V.[Vicente] García, V. Garcia, V. Garcia, V.[Vincent]
18 for Garcia, V.

Garcin, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Building Detection by Markov Object Processes
* Building Detection by Markov Object processes and a MCMC Algorithm
* Geodesic Image Matching: A Wavelet Based Energy Minimization Scheme
* Geodesic Matching with Free Extremities
* Non rigid registration of shapes via diffeomorphic point matching and clustering
Includes: Garcin, L.[Laurent] Garcin, L.

Garcke, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * Efficient Image Segmentation and Restoration Using Parametric Curve Evolution with Junctions and Topology Changes
* Image Segmentation Using Parametric Contours With Free Endpoints
* Segmentation and Restoration of Images on Surfaces by Parametric Active Contours with Topology Changes

Garcon, V. Co Author Listing * Motion analysis in oceanographic satellite images using multiscale methods and the energy cascade
* Ocean Turbulent Dynamics at Superresolution From Optimal Multiresolution Analysis and Multiplicative Cascade

Garcya Perez, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Topological Active Nets for Object-Based Image Retrieval
Includes: Garcya Perez, D.[David] Garcya-Perez, D.[David]

Gard, R.L.[Robert L.] Co Author Listing * Digital Picture Processing Techniques for the Publishing Industry

Garda, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Accelerating the multiple reference frames compensation in the H.264 video coder
* MMJPEG2000: A Video Compression Scheme Based on JPEG2000
* Motion detection, labeling, data association and tracking, in real-time on RISC computer
* Multi-spectral Sensor Dedicated to 3d Spherical Reconstruction, A
* omnidirectional stereoscopic sensor: Spherical color image acquisition, An
* Yet another mesh array smart sensor?
Includes: Garda, P.[Patrick] Garda, P.

Garde, E.[Ellen] Co Author Listing * Segmenting Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Using a Spatially Constrained K-Nearest Neighbour Approach

Gardel Kurka, P.R. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Volume and Position Recovering Using a Virtual Reference Box

Gardel, A. Co Author Listing * Commands Generation by Face Movements Applied to the Guidance of a Wheelchair for Handicapped People
* Discriminant Context Information Analysis for Post-Ranking Person Re-Identification
* Modeling feature distances by orientation driven classifiers for person re-identification
* Person Orientation and Feature Distances Boost Re-identification
* Person Re-Identification Ranking Optimisation by Discriminant Context Information Analysis
* Tracking People Motion Based on Extended Condensation Algorithm
* Unsupervised and adaptive Gaussian skin-color model
Includes: Gardel, A. Gardel, A.[Alfredo]
7 for Gardel, A.

Garden, K.L.[Kathryn L.] Co Author Listing * Computerized tomographic imaging is insensitive to density variation during scanning

Garder, L. Co Author Listing * Apictorial Jigsaw Puzzles: The Computer Solution of a Problem in Pattern Recognition

Gardes, J.[Joel] Co Author Listing * DocMining: A Document Analysis System Builder
* Multiscale and Multiorientation Recognition Technique Applied to Document Interpretation: Application to the French Telephone Network Maps, A
* Similitude Invariant Pattern Recognition on Technical Documents
* Symbol and character recognition: application to engineering drawings
Includes: Gardes, J.[Joel] Gardes, J.[Joël] Gardes, J.

Gardezi, A.[Akber] Co Author Listing * implementation and performance evaluation of a space variant OT-MACH filter for a security detection application using FLIR sensor, An

Gardi, L. Co Author Listing * Registered 3-D Ultrasound and Digital Stereotactic Mammography for Breast Biopsy Guidance

Gardiazabal, J. Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Servoing: A New Tracking Paradigm

Gardikis, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Scalable Media Coding Enabling Content-Aware Networking

Gardin, F. Co Author Listing * Combining Image Processing Operators and Neural Networks in a Face Recognition System

Gardin, I.[Isabelle] Co Author Listing * Eikonal-based region growing for efficient clustering
* Feature selection and patch-based segmentation in MRI for prostate radiotherapy
Includes: Gardin, I.[Isabelle] Gardin, I.

Gardiner, A. Co Author Listing * Automating The Photogrammetric Workflow In A National Mapping Agency

Gardiner, A.H. Co Author Listing * non-uniformly sampled Markov random field model for MAP reconstruction of magnetoencephalogram images, A

Gardiner, B.[Bryan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive tri-direction edge detection operators based on the spiral architecture
* Biologically Motivated Feature Extraction
* Biologically motivated feature extraction using the spiral architecture
* Coarse Scale Feature Extraction Using the Spiral Architecture Structure
* Corner detection on hexagonal pixel based images
* Design of Feature Extraction Operators for Use on Biologically Motivated Hexagonal Image Structures
* Design Procedure for Gradient Operators on Hexagonal Images, A
* Fast Edge Map Pyramids for Hexagonal Image Structures
* Fast low-level multi-scale feature extraction for hexagonal images
* Fast Multiscale Operator Development for Hexagonal Images
* Integral Spiral Image for Fast Hexagonal Image Processing
* Multi-scale Feature Extraction in a Sub-pixel Virtual Hexagonal Environment
* Multiscale Edge Detection Using a Finite Element Framework for Hexagonal Pixel-Based Images
* Processing Hexagonal Images in a Virtual Environment
* Square to hexagonal lattice conversion based on one-dimensional interpolation
* Tri-directional gradient operators for hexagonal image processing
Includes: Gardiner, B.[Bryan] Gardiner, B.
16 for Gardiner, B.

Gardiner, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) Measurements of Landfill Methane Emissions
* Field Validation of Remote Sensing Methane Emission Measurements

Garding, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Garding, J.[Jonas]: Jonas Garding AT bion kth se
* Direct Computation of Shape Cues Based on Scale-Adapted Spatial Derivative Operators
* Direct Computation of Shape Cues Using Scale-Adapted Spatial Derivative Operators
* Direct Estimation of Local Surface Shape in a Fixating Binocular Vision System
* Direct Estimation of Shape from Texture
* Estimating the Orientation of Multiple Textured Planes
* Extraction of Shape Features and Experiments on Cue Integration
* Properties of Fractal Intensity Surfaces
* Seeing the Obvious
* Shape from Surface Markings
* Shape from Texture and Contour by Weak Isotropy
* Shape from Texture for Smooth Curved Surfaces
* Shape from Texture for Smooth Curved Surfaces in Perspective Projection
* Shape from Texture from a Multi-Scale Perspective
* Shape-Adapted Smoothing in Estimation of 3-D Depth Cues from Affine Distortions of Local 2-D Structure
* Shape-Adapted Smoothing in Estimation of 3-D Shape Cues from Affine Deformations of Local 2-D Brightness Structure
* Stereopsis, Vertical Disparity and Relief Transformations
* Surface Orientation and Curvature from Differential Texture Distortion
* Uncalibrated Relief Reconstruction and Model Alignment from Binocular Disparities
Includes: Garding, J.[Jonas] Gårding, J.[Jonas] Gårding, J. Garding, J.
20 for Garding, J.

Gardlo, B. Co Author Listing * Best Practices for QoE Crowdtesting: QoE Assessment With Crowdsourcing
* Low-Complexity Voice Detector for Mobile Environments

Gardner, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Measuring Distance between Unordered Sets of Different Sizes

Gardner, J.[Jacob] Co Author Listing * Deep Feature Interpolation for Image Content Changes

Gardner, J.V. Co Author Listing * Seafloor: A Key Factor in Lidar Bottom Detection, The

Gardner, M.A.[Marc Andre] Co Author Listing * ros4mat: A Matlab Programming Interface for Remote Operations of ROS-Based Robotic Devices in an Educational Context
Includes: Gardner, M.A.[Marc Andre] Gardner, M.A.[Marc-Andre]

Gardner, M.E. Co Author Listing * Spectral resolution requirements for mapping urban areas

Gardner, R. Co Author Listing * Ridges for Image Analysis

Gardner, R.J.[Richard J.] Co Author Listing * New Algorithm for 3D Reconstruction from Support Functions, A
* Shape Estimation from Support and Diameter Functions

Gardner, S.L.[Scott L.] Co Author Listing * content based image retrieval system for a biological specimen collection, A
* Stitching algorithms for biological specimen images

Gardner, T. Co Author Listing * Minimising Systematic Errors in DEMs Caused by an Inaccurate Lens Model

Gardner, T.J. Co Author Listing * Sparse Contour Representations of Sound

Gardner, W.F.[Warren F.] Co Author Listing * email: Gardner, W.F.[Warren F.]: warren AT k2t com
* Interactive Model-Based Vehicle Tracking
* Motion Analysis By Translational Decomposition
* Shape and Motion Engine for Parameterized Models, A
* Shape and Motion from Linear Features
* Translational Decomposition of Flow Fields
Includes: Gardner, W.F.[Warren F.] Gardner, W.F.

Gardner, W.R. Co Author Listing * IUE User Interface, The

Gardos, T.R. Co Author Listing * Efficient receiver-driven layered video multicast using H.263+ SNR scalability
* Still-Image Compression II
Includes: Gardos, T.R. Gardos, T.R.[Thomas R.]

Garduno Ramon, M.A.[Marco Antonio] Co Author Listing * new method for inpainting of depth maps from time-of-flight sensors based on a modified closing by reconstruction algorithm, A
* Segmentation of Green Areas Using Bivariate Histograms Based in Hue-Saturation Type Color Spaces
Includes: Garduno Ramon, M.A.[Marco Antonio] Garduño-Ramón, M.A.[Marco Antonio] Garduño-Ramon, M.A.[Marco A.]

Garduno, E.[Edgar] Co Author Listing * Applications of the Geometry of Digital Spaces to Medical Imaging
* Image processing approaches to biological three-dimensional electron microscopy
* Parallel fuzzy segmentation of multiple objects
* Representation of enclosing surfaces from simple voxelized objects by means of a chain code
* Surface trees: Representation of boundary surfaces using a tree descriptor
Includes: Garduno, E.[Edgar] Garduño, E.[Edgar]

Gardzinski, P. Co Author Listing * Crowd density estimation based on voxel model in multi-view surveillance systems
* Human Activity Interpretation Using Evenly Distributed Points on the Human Hull
* Human activity recognition in multiview video
* Quality improvement Of 3-D voxel models based on histograms of model reprojection
* Unsupervised abnormal crowd activity detection in surveillance systems
Includes: Gardzinski, P. Gardzinski, P.[Pawel]

Garea Llano, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Robust Segmentation Algorithms for Iris Verification System of High Reliability, A
* Comparison of Fused Segmentation Algorithms for Iris Verification, A
* Iris Texture Description Using Ordinal Co-occurrence Matrix Features
* Optimized robust multi-sensor scheme for simultaneous video and image iris recognition
* Semantic Segmentation of Color Eye Images for Improving Iris Segmentation
Includes: Garea Llano, E.[Eduardo] Garea-Llano, E.[Eduardo]

Garea, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Experimental Comparison of Orthogonal Moments as Feature Extraction Methods for Character Recognition

Garefa, L.[Lambrini] Co Author Listing * Use of random time-intervals (RTIs) generation for biometric verification

Garello, R. Co Author Listing * Rectangular building extraction from stereoscopic airborne Radar images
* Statistical Analysis of Real Aperture Radar Field Backscattered From Sea Surfaces Under Moderate Winds by Monte Carlo Simulations
* Vessel Refocusing and Velocity Estimation on SAR Imagery Using the Fractional Fourier Transform
* Wavelet Transform of SAR Images for Internal Wave Detection and Orientation

Garestier, F. Co Author Listing * Deformation estimation on low coherence areas by means of polarimetric differential SAR interferometry
* Forest Biophysical Parameter Estimation Using L- and P-Band Polarimetric SAR Data
* Forest Height Inversion Using High-Resolution P-Band Pol-InSAR Data
* Forest Modeling For Height Inversion Using Single-Baseline InSAR/Pol-InSAR Data
* Pine Forest Height Inversion Using Single-Pass X-Band PolInSAR Data
* PolInSAR Analysis of X-Band Data Over Vegetated and Urban Areas

Garetto, M. Co Author Listing * Unravelling the Impact of Temporal and Geographical Locality in Content Caching Systems

Garey, K.W. Co Author Listing * DeTEC: Detection of Touching Elongated Cells in SEM Images

Garg, A.[Ashutosh] Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Event Detection using Duration Dependent Input Output Markov Models
* Audio-visual speaker detection using dynamic Bayesian networks
* BASS Net: Band-Adaptive Spectral-Spatial Feature Learning Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Bayesian networks as ensemble of classifiers
* Boosted learning in dynamic Bayesian networks for multimodal speaker detection
* Critical Analysis of Model-Based Incoherent Polarimetric Decomposition Methods and Investigation of Deorientation Effect
* Discussion of Nonlinear Variants of Biased Discriminants for Interactive Image Retrieval, A
* Emotion recognition using a cauchy naive bayes classifier
* Facial Expression Recognition from Video Sequences: Temporal and Static Modeling
* Fusion of global and local information for object detection
* Layered representations for learning and inferring office activity from multiple sensory channels
* Multimodal Speaker Detection using Error Feedback Dynamic Bayesian Networks
* Nonlinear variants of biased discriminants for interactive image retrieval
* Recent advances in the automatic recognition of audiovisual speech
* Vision-based Overhead View Person Recognition
Includes: Garg, A.[Ashutosh] Garg, A.
15 for Garg, A.

Garg, D.P. Co Author Listing * hierarchical labeled object classification system, A

Garg, G. Co Author Listing * appearance based approach for video object extraction and representation, An
* Application of triphone clustering in acoustic modeling for continuous speech recognition in Bengali
* Dual Photography
* Fast and Accurate Fingerprint Verification
* Fuzzy modeling based signature verification system
* Image based document authentication using DCT
* Synthetic Aperture Focusing using a Shear-Warp Factorization of the Viewing Transform
* Telecom Inventory Management via Object Recognition and Localisation on Google Street View Images
Includes: Garg, G. Garg, G.[Gaurav]
8 for Garg, G.

Garg, K.[Kshitiz] Co Author Listing * Detection and removal of rain from videos
* Photorealistic Rendering of Rain Streaks
* Real-time road traffic density estimation using block variance
* Vision and Rain
* When Does a Camera See Rain?
Includes: Garg, K.[Kshitiz] Garg, K.

Garg, M. Co Author Listing * Quantitative evaluation of margin sharpness of pulmonary nodules in lung CT images

Garg, P.K. Co Author Listing * Classification of Liss IV Imagery Using Decision Tree Methods
* Role of Satellite Derived Data for Flood Inundation Mapping Using GIS, The

Garg, R.[Ravi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Estimation of the Number of Deformation Modes in Non-rigid SfM with Missing Data
* Boundary macroblock padding in MPEG-4 video decoding using a graphics coprocessor
* Camera and Light Source Placement: A Multi-Objective Approach
* Camera-based document image matching using multi-feature probabilistic information fusion
* CRF Based Scheme for Overlapping Multi-colored Text Graphics Separation, A
* Dense Multi-frame Optic Flow for Non-rigid Objects Using Subspace Constraints
* Dense Variational Reconstruction of Non-rigid Surfaces from Monocular Video
* dimensionality of scene appearance, The
* Document indexing framework for retrieval of degraded document images
* Dynamic Mosaics
* Exploiting rolling shutter for ENF signal extraction from video
* Finding Paths through the World's Photos
* Greedy Search for Active Learning of OCR
* Locally Invariant Fractal Features for Statistical Texture Classification
* Methods for matching compressed video to ATM networks
* Moving Portraits
* Novel Approach for Image Super Resolution Using Kernel Methods, A
* Robust Trajectory-Space TV-L1 Optical Flow for Non-rigid Sequences
* Scaling CNNs for High Resolution Volumetric Reconstruction from a Single Image
* Spectrum Combining for ENF Signal Estimation
* Unsupervised CNN for Single View Depth Estimation: Geometry to the Rescue
* Variational Approach to Video Registration with Subspace Constraints, A
* Where's Waldo: Matching people in images of crowds
Includes: Garg, R.[Ravi] Garg, R. Garg, R.[Rhishabh] Garg, R.[Ritu] Garg, R.[Rahul] Garg, R.[Rohit]
23 for Garg, R.

Garg, R.D. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Approach for Information Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Imagery, A

Garg, S. Co Author Listing * Accurate eye center localization using Snakuscule
* Automated colorimetric analysis in paper based sensors
* generalised framework for script identification, A
* Hierarchical Frame-by-Frame Association Method Based on Graph Matching for Multi-object Tracking, A
* Magic Marker: A Color Analytics Interface for Image Annotation
* occlusion reasoning scheme for monocular pedestrian tracking in dynamic scenes, An
* on-line visual human tracking algorithm using SURF-based dynamic object model, An
* Robocodes: Towards Generative Street Addresses from Satellite Imagery
* Script Identification from Indian Documents
* sensitive and efficient method for measuring change in cortical thickness using fuzzy correspondence in Alzheimer's disease, A
* Variable complexity motion compensated error concealment in video coding
Includes: Garg, S. Garg, S.[Sanyam] Garg, S.[Saurabh] Garg, S.[Sourav] Garg, S.[Supriya]
11 for Garg, S.

Garg, S.J.[Siddharth J.] Co Author Listing * Voting-based active contour segmentation of fMRI images of the brain

Garg, V. Co Author Listing * Bag of Visual Words: A Soft Clustering Based Exposition
* Climate and Lulc Change Scenarios To Study Its Impact On Hydrological Regime
* hybrid framework for event detection using multi-modal features, A
* Searching OCR'ed Text: An LDA Based Approach
Includes: Garg, V. Garg, V.[Vikram]

Garg, V.K.[Vikas K.] Co Author Listing * DEEP-CARVING: Discovering visual attributes by carving deep neural nets

Gargalik, R.[Radoslav] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Depth Map Based People Counting
Includes: Gargalik, R.[Radoslav] Gargalík, R.[Radoslav]

Gargallo, P.[Pau] Co Author Listing * 3D and Appearance Modeling from Images
* Bayesian 3D Modeling from Images Using Multiple Depth Maps
* Conic Fitting Using the Geometric Distance
* General Specular Surface Triangulation
* Minimiser l'erreur de reprojection en reconstruction de surfaces basée images
* Minimizing the Multi-view Stereo Reprojection Error for Triangular Surface Meshes
* Minimizing the Reprojection Error in Surface Reconstruction from Images
* Occupancy-Depth Generative Model of Multi-View Images, An
* Photorealistic 3D reconstruction from handheld cameras
* Polyconvexification of the multi-label optical flow problem
* Shape and Reflectance Recovery using Multiple Images with Known Illumination Conditions
* Stereoscopic Image Inpainting: Distinct Depth Maps and Images Inpainting
Includes: Gargallo, P.[Pau] Gargallo, P.
12 for Gargallo, P.

Gargano, G.[Gianfranco] Co Author Listing * 3-D object segmentation using ant colonies

Gargantini, I. Co Author Listing * Counting Regions, Holes, and Their Nesting Level in Time Proportional to the Border
* Effective Way to Represent Quadtrees, An
* Filling by Quadrants or Octants
* Improvements to a Recent 3D Border Algorithm
* Linear Octtrees for Fast Processing of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Linear Quadtrees: A Blocking Technique for Contour Filling
* Mirroring and Rotating Images in Linear Quadtree Form with Few Machine Instructions
* Parallel 3-D Filling with Octrees
* Triangular decomposition
Includes: Gargantini, I. Gargantini, I.[Irene]
9 for Gargantini, I.

Gargees, R.[Rasha] Co Author Listing * Incident-Supporting Visual Cloud Computing Utilizing Software-Defined Networking

Gargesha, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Stem Cell Detection in Microscopic Whole Mouse Cryo-Imaging
* hybrid technique for facial feature point detection, A

Gargi, U. Co Author Listing * Image Database Querying Using a Multi-Scale Localized Color Representation
* Indexing Text Events in Digital Video Databases
* Performance Characterization and Comparison of Video Indexing Algorithms
* Performance Characterization of Video-Shot-Change Detection Methods
* VADIS: A Video Analysis, Display and Indexing System
Includes: Gargi, U. Gargi, U.[Ullas]

Gargiulo, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Combining visual and textual features for filtering spam emails
* Improving Performance of Network Traffic Classification Systems by Cleaning Training Data
* Multiple Classifier Systems for Image Forgery Detection
* Pattern Recognition Approaches for Classifying IP Flows

Gargouri, M. Co Author Listing * Text-Independent Writer Identification on Online Arabic Handwriting

Garibaldi, J.[Jon] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Correlation-Based Stereo Vision with Reduced Border Errors

Garibaldi, J.M.[Jonathan M.] Co Author Listing * Robust mixture clustering using Pearson type VII distribution

Garibaldi, S. Co Author Listing * Divergent Stereo for Robot Navigation: Learning from Bees
* Divergent Stereo in Autonomous Navigation: From Bees to Robots
* Log-Polar Stereo for Anthropomorphic Robots

Garibay, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Modified Binary Inertial Particle Swarm Optimization for Gene Selection in DNA Microarray Data

Garibotti, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Detection of 3D position of eyes through a consumer RGB-D camera for stereoscopic mixed reality environments

Garibotto, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * 3-D model-based people detection and tracking
* Binocular License Plate Reader for High Precision Speed Measurement, A
* Computer vision and image processing in postal automation
* Critical Assessment of 2D and 3D Face Recognition Algorithms, A
* Description and Classification of 3-D Objects
* Edge Tracking of subjective contours in Biomedical Imaging
* Three-Dimensional Surface Reconstruction Using Delaunay Triangulation in the Image Plane
* Video Surveillance and Biometric Technology Applications
* Vision-based navigation in service robotics
* White Paper on Industrial Applications of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Includes: Garibotto, G.[Giovanni] Garibotto, G.
10 for Garibotto, G.

Garibotto, G.B. Co Author Listing * 3DMODS 3D moving obstacle detection system
* Architectures for Image Processing and Computer Vision
* How to Make Business with Computer Vision Technology
* Landmark-Based Stereo Vision
* New Optical Distortion Model for Multi-camera Calibration, A
* Object Detection and Tracking from Fixed and Mobile Platforms
Includes: Garibotto, G.B. Garibotto, G.B.[Giovanni B.]

Garibotto, V.[Valentina] Co Author Listing * Edge Tracking of subjective contours in Biomedical Imaging

Garica, J. Co Author Listing * Hand gesture recognition following the dynamics of a topology-preserving network

Garica, J.A. Co Author Listing * RGFF Representational Model: A System for the Automatically Learned Partitioning of Visual Pattern in Digital Images, The

Garie, T. Co Author Listing * Design and Realisation of a Parallel Systolic Architecture Dedicated to Aerial Image Matching
* Parallel Algorithm for a Very Fast 2D Velocity Field Estimation, A

Gariel, M. Co Author Listing * Trajectory Clustering and an Application to Airspace Monitoring

Garifullin, A.[Azat] Co Author Listing * Unwrapped wavefront evaluation in phase-shifting interferometry based on 3D dynamic fringe processing in state space

Garigliano, R. Co Author Listing * Reductions in the Search Space for Deriving a Fractal Set of an Arbitrary Shape

Gariglio, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Tennis Training Application Using 3D Gesture Recognition, A
Includes: Gariglio, A.[Andres] Gariglio, A.[Andrés]

Garimella, A. Co Author Listing * What Men Say, What Women Hear: Finding Gender-Specific Meaning Shades

Garimella, S. Co Author Listing * Regularized Auto-Associative Neural Networks for Speaker Verification

Garino, P. Co Author Listing * Image: A Low-Cost, Low-Power Video Processor for High-Quality Motion Estimation in MPEG-2 Encoding
* VLSI implementation study of a 10 Mbit/s video decoder, A

Garipov, G. Co Author Listing * Correction to A New Type of Space Telescope for Observation of Extreme Lightning Phenomena in the Upper Atmosphere

Garkaynak, F.K. Co Author Listing * Automatic multiview synthesis: Prototype demo
* Automatic multiview synthesis: Towards a mobile system on a chip

Garland, E.J. Co Author Listing * Design and Evaluation of a Touch-Centered Calming Interaction with a Social Robot

Garland, H.T.[Harry T.] Co Author Listing * Automated stereo fundus evaluation
* High-Accuracy Optical Character-Recognition Using Neural Networks with Centroid Dithering
* Variable compression encoding of digitized images

Garland, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * use of entropy minimization for the solution of blind source separation problems in image analysis, The

Garlapati, V.K.[Vijay Kumar] Co Author Listing * Integration of RSM model for optimization of immobilized lipase mediated solvent-free synthesis of flavour ester by genetic algorithm

Garlaschelli, M. Co Author Listing * Query translation based on equivalence classes for heterogeneous multimedia repositories using XML and semantic annotation

Garmatyuk, D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multicarrier OFDM SAR Signal Processing

Garmatyuk, D.S. Co Author Listing * Ultra-wideband continuous-wave random noise arc-SAR

Garmendia Cedillos, M.[Marcial] Co Author Listing * Scalable Vision System for Mouse Homecage Ethology
Includes: Garmendia Cedillos, M.[Marcial] Garmendia-Cedillos, M.[Marcial]

Garms, E.M. Co Author Listing * TIR Spectral Radiance Calibration of the GOSAT Satellite Borne TANSO-FTS With the Aircraft-Based S-HIS and the Ground-Based S-AERI at the Railroad Valley Desert Playa

Garn, H.[Heinrich] Co Author Listing * Train Detection and Tracking in Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) Signals

Garn, L.E. Co Author Listing * Architecture, Hardware, and Forward-Looking Infrared Issues in Automatic Target Recognition
* Tape Format for Transferral of Image Data and Source Programs, A

Garnaoui, H.H. Co Author Listing * Visual masking and the design of magnetic resonance image acquisition

Garnavi, R.[Rahil] Co Author Listing * Automatic Eye Type Detection in Retinal Fundus Image Using Fusion of Transfer Learning and Anatomical Features
* Classification of Melanoma Lesions Using Wavelet-Based Texture Analysis
* Deep Learning, Sparse Coding, and SVM for Melanoma Recognition in Dermoscopy Images
* Global versus Hybrid Thresholding for Border Detection in Dermoscopy Images
* Retinal Image Quality Classification Using Saliency Maps and CNNs
* Segmentation of Right Ventricle in Cardiac MR Images Using Shape Regression
* Skin Hair Removal for 2D Psoriasis Images
* Sparse Coding Based Skin Lesion Segmentation Using Dynamic Rule-Based Refinement
* Texture Analysis in Lung HRCT Images
Includes: Garnavi, R.[Rahil] Garnavi, R.
9 for Garnavi, R.

Garneau, P. Co Author Listing * MPEG-4 Toward Solid Representation
* MPEG-4 towards solid representation

Garner, J.[Jacob] Co Author Listing * Video based soccer ball tracking

Garner, P.N.[Philip N.] Co Author Listing * Representation and linking mechanisms for audio in MPEG-7
* Simple Continuous Pitch Estimation Algorithm, A
* Source Position Estimation Using Radial Basis Functions
Includes: Garner, P.N.[Philip N.] Garner, P.N.

Garner, W.R. Co Author Listing * Processing of Information and Structure, The

Garnero, G. Co Author Listing * Survey applications using the Optech ILRIS 3D laser scanner and photogrammetry for a complete detailed CAD reconstruction of the objects

Garnero, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Vessel Lumen from Very Few Angiograms by Dynamic Contours Using a Stochastic Approach
* Anatomical data fusion for quantitative reconstruction in cardiac tomoscintigraphy using active contours of the organs of the thorax
* Cellular complexes: A tool for 3d homotopic segmentation in brain images
* cellular model for multi-objects multi-dimensional homotopic deformations, A
* Joined segmentation of cortical surface and brain volume in MRI using a homotopic deformable cellular model
* Segmentation of 3D Head MR Images Using Morphological Reconstruction Under Constraints and Automatic Selection of Markers
* Segmentation of the Skull Using Deformable Model and Taking Partial Volume Effect into Account
* Segmentation par modele deformable des regions osseuses de la tete dans les volume IRM
* Segmentation, Tracking, 3D Modelling and Matching of the Inner Ear Based on MRI Data
* Statistical Method for Source Localization in MEG/EEG Tomographic Reconstruction Problem
* Tetrahedral 3D finite element meshes of head tissues from MRI for the MEG/EEG forward problem
* Topologically controlled segmentation of 3D magnetic resonance images of the head by using morphological operators
Includes: Garnero, L. Garnero, L.[Line]
12 for Garnero, L.

Garnesson, P. Co Author Listing * Spatial Context in an Image Analysis System

Garnett, A.C. Co Author Listing * Estimating heading direction from monocular video sequences using biologically-based sensors

Garnett, J.[John] Co Author Listing * convex minimization model in image restoration via one-dimensional Sobolev norm profiles, A
* Image Restoration Using One-Dimensional Sobolev Norm Profiles of Noise and Texture

Garnett, N. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Category-Based and General Obstacle Detection for Autonomous Driving
* StixelNet: A Deep Convolutional Network for Obstacle Detection and Road Segmentation
Includes: Garnett, N. Garnett, N.[Noa]

Garnett, R. Co Author Listing * Sequential non-stationary dynamic classification with sparse feedback
* Universal Noise Removal Algorithm With an Impulse Detector, A

Garnica, C.[Carsten] Co Author Listing * Industrial Image Processing: Visual Quality Control in Manufacturing

Garnier, C.[Christelle] Co Author Listing * Dictionary learning for a sparse appearance model in visual tracking
* Prostate Segmentation in HIFU Therapy
Includes: Garnier, C.[Christelle] Garnier, C.

Garnier, J.[Jeremie] Co Author Listing * Absolute and relative height-pixel accuracy of SRTM-GL1 over the South American Andean Plateau
* Backpropagation Imaging in Nonlinear Harmonic Holography in the Presence of Measurement and Medium Noises
* Comparative Assessments of the Latest GPM Mission's Spatially Enhanced Satellite Rainfall Products over the Main Bolivian Watersheds
* Cross Correlation And Deconvolution of Noise Signals in Randomly Layered Media
* Localization, Stability, and Resolution of Topological Derivative Based Imaging Functionals in Elasticity
* Matched-Filter and Correlation-Based Imaging for Fast Moving Objects Using a Sparse Network of Receivers
* Modeling Active Electrolocation in Weakly Electric Fish
* Multistatic Imaging of Extended Targets
* Passive Sensor Imaging Using Cross Correlations of Noisy Signals in a Scattering Medium
* Passive Synthetic Aperture Imaging
* Resolution Analysis of Passive Synthetic Aperture Imaging of Fast Moving Objects
* Role of Climate Variability and Human Activity on Poopó Lake Droughts between 1990 and 2015 Assessed Using Remote Sensing Data
* Role of Scattering in Virtual Source Array Imaging
* Signal to Noise Ratio Analysis in Virtual Source Array Imaging
* Signal-to-Noise Ratio Estimation in Passive Correlation-Based Imaging
* Tracking of a Mobile Target Using Generalized Polarization Tensors
Includes: Garnier, J.[Jeremie] Garnier, J.[Jérémie] Garnier, J. Garnier, J.[Josselin]
16 for Garnier, J.

Garnier, L. Co Author Listing * Skeleton-based multiview reconstruction

Garnier, M.[Mickael] Co Author Listing * Grading Cancer from Liver Histology Images Using Inter and Intra Region Spatial Relations
* Object Description Based on Spatial Relations between Level-Sets
Includes: Garnier, M.[Mickael] Garnier, M.[Mickaël] Garnier, M.

Garnier, R.[Romain] Co Author Listing * Silhouette-based features for visible-infrared registration

Garnier, S.J. Co Author Listing * Mean Field Annealing: A Formalism for Constructing GNC-Like Algorithms
* Texture Characterization and Defect Detection Using Adaptive Wavelets

Garofalo, P.[Pietro] Co Author Listing * Development of motion analysis protocols based on inertial sensors

Garofolo, J.[John] Co Author Listing * AVSS Multiple Camera Person Tracking Challenge Evaluation Overview
* CLEAR 2007 Evaluation, The
* Directions in automatic video analysis evaluations at NIST
* Evaluation Framework for Video OCR
* Framework for Performance Evaluation of Face, Text, and Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Video: Data, Metrics, and Protocol
* Performance Evaluation of Object Detection and Tracking in Video
* Performance Evaluation of Text Detection and Tracking in Video
* TRECVid 2008 Event Detection evaluation, The
8 for Garofolo, J.

Garofolo, J.S.[John S.] Co Author Listing * Rich Transcription 2007 Meeting Recognition Evaluation, The

Garolera, M.[Maite] Co Author Listing * FADR: Functional-Anatomical Discriminative Regions for Rest fMRI Characterization
* Object Discovery Using CNN Features in Egocentric Videos
* Video Segmentation of Life-Logging Videos

Garon, A.[Ariane] Co Author Listing * Christoffel and Fibonacci Tiles

Garot, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Automated, Accurate and Fast Segmentation of 4D Cardiac MR Images
* Segmentation of 4D cardiac MRI: Automated method based on spatio-temporal watershed cuts
Includes: Garot, J.[Jerome] Garot, J.[Jerôme]

Garoutte, M.V.[Maurice V.] Co Author Listing * Video analysis using segmentation gain by area

Garov, A.S. Co Author Listing * Development Of A Heterogenic Distributed Environment For Spatial Data Processing Using Cloud Technologies

Garpebring, A. Co Author Listing * Novel Estimation Method for Physiological Parameters in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI: Application of a Distributed Parameter Model Using Fourier-Domain Calculations, A

Garr, M. Co Author Listing * Filling holes in complex surfaces using volumetric diffusion

Garra, B.S. Co Author Listing * Application of pattern recognition techniques in ultrasound tissue characterization

Garra, R. Co Author Listing * Fractional calculus approach to the acoustic wave propagation with space-dependent sound speed

Garrabou, J. Co Author Listing * Automating the Measurement of Red Coral in Situ Using Underwater Photogrammetry and Coded Targets

Garrard, G.[Gordon] Co Author Listing * dissemination of government geographic data: Best practices guide version 2.0, The

Garratt, C.J.[Clifford J.] Co Author Listing * Scroll Waves in 3D Virtual Human Atria: A Computational Study

Garratt, M.[Matt] Co Author Listing * Helicopter flight control using inverse optimal control and backstepping
* Integration of GPS/INS/Vision Sensors to Navigate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Includes: Garratt, M.[Matt] Garratt, M.[Matthew]

Garraux, G.[Gaetan] Co Author Listing * Development and validation of a 3D kinematic-based method for determining gait events during overground walking
* Segmentation of gait cycles using foot-mounted 3D accelerometers
* Validated extraction of gait events from 3D accelerometer recordings
Includes: Garraux, G.[Gaetan] Garraux, G.

Garre, C. Co Author Listing * Representations and Algorithms for Force-Feedback Display

Garreau, G. Co Author Listing * Low Power, Fully Event-Based Gesture Recognition System, A

Garreau, M. Co Author Listing * Data fusion of Left Ventricle Electro-Anatomical Mapping and Multislice Computerized Tomography
* Dynamic registration of cardiac US and CT data using Fourier descriptors and Dynamic Time Warping
* Edgeworth-based approximation of Mutual Information for medical image registration
* Estimation of search-space in 3D coronary artery reconstruction using angiographic biplane images
* Markov Random Field Modeling for Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle in Cardiac Angiography
* Multimodal Registration and Data Fusion for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Optimization
* mutual reference shape based on information theory, A
* Nonsupervised Ranking of Different Segmentation Approaches: Application to the Estimation of the Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction From Cardiac Cine MRI Sequences
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle From Two Angiographic Views: An Evidence Combination Approach
Includes: Garreau, M. Garreau, M.[Mireille]
9 for Garreau, M.

Garrell, A.[Anais] Co Author Listing * Interactive multiple object learning with scanty human supervision
* Multimodal Object Recognition Using Random Clustering Trees
* Online human-assisted learning using Random Ferns
Includes: Garrell, A.[Anais] Garrell, A.[Anaís] Garrell, A.

Garrell, J.M. Co Author Listing * Measuring the Applicability of Self-organization Maps in a Case-Based Reasoning System

Garrello, R. Co Author Listing * Regional Objective Analysis for Merging High-Resolution MERIS, MODIS/Aqua, and SeaWiFS Chlorophyll-a Data From 1998 to 2008 on the European Atlantic Shelf

Garren, D.A. Co Author Listing * Extraction of multiple-bounce artifacts in tomographic imaging
* Signature Morphology Effects of Squint Angle for Arbitrarily Moving Surface Targets in Spotlight Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Theory of Two-Dimensional Signature Morphology for Arbitrarily Moving Surface Targets in Squinted Spotlight Synthetic Aperture Radar

Garrett, A.J. Co Author Listing * Remote sensing data assimilation in environmental models

Garrett, G.S. Co Author Listing * Detection Threshold Estimation for Digital Area Correlation

Garrett, J. Co Author Listing * Vehicle Detection Using a Hardware-Implemented Neural-Net

Garrett, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Link-Based Approach to the Cluster Ensemble Problem, A

Garrett, T. Co Author Listing * GPU-accelerated descriptor extraction process for 3D registration in Augmented Reality

Garrett, Z.A.[Zachary A.] Co Author Listing * Live video object tracking and segmentation using graph cuts
* Real-Time Online Video Object Silhouette Extraction Using Graph Cuts on the GPU

Garretto, O.[Orazio] Co Author Listing * Cortical Bone Classification by Local Context Analysis

Garric, V. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration from Multiple Views of a 2D Object Using a Global Non-Linear Minimization Method

Garrido Cantos, R.[Rosario] Co Author Listing * Combining open- And closed-loop architectures for H.264/AVC-TO-SVC transcoding
* Fast Mode Decision Algorithm for H.264/AVC-to-SVC Transcoding with Temporal Scalability
Includes: Garrido Cantos, R.[Rosario] Garrido-Cantos, R.[Rosario]

Garrido Carrido, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Cell Image Segmentation
* new methodology to automatically segment biomedical images, A

Garrido Castro, J.L. Co Author Listing * Fast detection of marker pixels in video-based motion capture systems
Includes: Garrido Castro, J.L. Garrido-Castro, J.L.

Garrido Jurado, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic generation and detection of highly reliable fiducial markers under occlusion
* Classification of Fiducial Markers in Challenging Conditions with SVM
* Generation of fiducial marker dictionaries using Mixed Integer Linear Programming
* Simultaneous reconstruction and calibration for multi-view structured light scanning
Includes: Garrido Jurado, S. Garrido-Jurado, S. Garrido-Jurado, S.[Sergio]

Garrido, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of coding risks in progressive transmission
* Applying deformable templates for cell image segmentation
* Boundary Simplification Using a Multiscale Dominant Point Detection Algorithm
* Computational Visual Distinctness Metric
* Control Mechanisms for Error-Resilient MPEG-2 Video Communications over ATM Networks
* Distributed Video Coding using Turbo Trellis Coded Modulation
* Fast Intra-Frame Prediction Algorithm for MPEG-2/H.264 Video Transcoders, A
* Fast MB Mode Decision Algorithm for MPEG-2 to H.264 P-Frame Transcoding, A
* Fast Mode Decision Algorithm for H.264/AVC-to-SVC Transcoding with Temporal Scalability
* Feedback free DVC architecture using machine learning
* Integrating Information About Edges Across Scale-Space
* MPEG-2 to H.264 Video Transcoder in the Baseline Profile, An
* New Edge Detector Integrating Scale-Spectrum Information, A
* optical flow probabilistic observation model for tracking, An
* Performance Evaluation of Cell Discarding Mechanisms for the Distribution of VBR MPEG-2 Video over ATM Networks
* Physically Based Active Shape Models: Initialization and Optimization
* Recovering Non-rigid 3D Shape Using a Plane+Parallax Approach
* Scale-Vector Approach For Edge-Detection, A
* simulation tool of parallel architectures for digital image processing applications based on DLX processors, A
* Speeding-Up the Macroblock Partition Mode Decision in MPEG-2/H.264 Transcoding
* Using Optical Flow as Evidence for Probabilistic Tracking
Includes: Garrido, A. Garrido, A.[Antonio]
21 for Garrido, A.

Garrido, F.J. Co Author Listing * connectionist model for local speed estimation, A

Garrido, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * HCTNav: A Path Planning Algorithm for Low-Cost Autonomous Robot Navigation in Indoor Environments
* Simplified Occupancy Grid Indoor Mapping Optimized for Low-Cost Robots

Garrido, L. Co Author Listing * Antiextensive Connected Operators for Image And Sequence Processing
* Binary partition tree as an efficient representation for filtering, segmentation and information retrieval
* Binary Partition Tree as an Efficient Representation for Image Processing, Segmentation, and Information Retrieval
* Connected Operators Based on Region-tree Pruning Strategies
* Contrast Invariant Approach to Motion Estimation, A
* Extensive Operators in Partition Lattices for Image Sequence Analysis
* Image Segmentation With Cage Active Contours
* Inpainting- Based Deinterlacing Method, An
* Level Lines Selection with Variational Models for Segmentation and Encoding
* Line Search Multilevel Optimization as Computational Methods for Dense Optical Flow
* Line Search Multilevel Truncated Newton Algorithm for Computing the Optical Flow, A
* Representing and Retrieving Regions using Binary Partition Trees
* Segmentation and tracking of video objects for a content-based video indexing context
* TV-L1 Optical Flow Method with Occlusion Detection, A
* Visual segment tree creation for MPEG-7 Description Schemes
Includes: Garrido, L. Garrido, L.[Luis] Garrido, L.[Lluís] Garrido, L.[Lluis]
15 for Garrido, L.

Garrido, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * 3D Maize Plant Reconstruction Based on Georeferenced Overlapping LiDAR Point Clouds
* PMC-driven methodology for energy estimation in RVC-CAL video codec specifications, A
Includes: Garrido, M.[Miguel] Garrido, M.[Matias]

Garrido, M.A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Traffic Signs and Panels Inspection System Using Computer Vision

Garrido, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Face Reenactment
* MoFA: Model-Based Deep Convolutional Face Autoencoder for Unsupervised Monocular Reconstruction

Garrigos Guerrero, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * practical evaluation of the performance of the Impulse CoDeveloper HLS tool for implementing large-kernel 2-D filters, A
Includes: Garrigos Guerrero, J.[Javier] Garrigós-Guerrero, J.[Javier]

Garrigos, J. Co Author Listing * Model and hardware emulation of the first synapse of the retina using Discrete-Time Cellular Neural Networks

Garrigues, M. Co Author Listing * Fast Semi Dense Epipolar Flow Estimation
* Real Time Semi-dense Point Tracking
* Revisiting LBP-Based Texture Models for Human Action Recognition
* Video Extruder: a semi-dense point tracker for extracting beams of trajectories in real time
Includes: Garrigues, M. Garrigues, M.[Matthieu]

Garrigues, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Atom Position Coding in a Matching Pursuit Based Video Coder

Garrigues, S. Co Author Listing * Using First- and Second-Order Variograms for Characterizing Landscape Spatial Structures From Remote Sensing Imagery

Garris, M.D. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Massively Parallel Hand-Print Segmentors
* Component-Based Handprint Segmentation Using Adaptive Writing Style Model
* Correlated Run Length Algorithm (CURL) for Detecting Form Structure within Digitized Documents
* Design of a Handprint Recognition System
* Design, Collection, and Analysis of Handwriting Sample Image Databases
* Design, Integration, and Evaluation of Handprint OCR Systems
* Evaluating Form Designs for Optical Character Recognition
* Evaluating Spatial Correspondence of Zones in Document Recognition Systems
* Form Design for High-Accuracy Optical Character-Recognition
* Generalized Form Registration Using Structure-Based Techniques
* Machine-Assisted Human Classification of Segmented Characters for OCR Testing and Training
* Massively Parallel Implementation of Character Recognition Systems
* Method and Evaluation of Character Stroke Preservation on Handprint Recognition
* Methods for Evaluating the Performance of Systems Intended to Recognize Characters from Image Data Scanned from Forms
* Neural Network Based Systems for Handprint OCR Applications
* NIST Fingerprint Evaluations and Developments
* NIST Form-Based Handprint Recognition System
* Nist Form-Based Handprint Recognition System (Release 2.2)
* NIST Scoring Package Certification Procedures in Conjunction with NIST Special Databases 2 and 6
* Off-line Handwriting Recognition from Forms
* Unconstrained Handprint Recognition Using a Limited Lexicon
* Using Self-Organizing Recognition as a Mechanism for Rejecting Segmentation Errors
Includes: Garris, M.D. Garris, M.D.[Michael D.]
22 for Garris, M.D.

Garrison, J.L. Co Author Listing * Bistatic Radar Measurements of Significant Wave Height Using Signals of Opportunity in L-, S-, and Ku-Bands
* Generalized Linear Observables for Ocean Wind Retrieval From Calibrated GNSS-R Delay-Doppler Maps
* Open-Loop Tracking of Rising and Setting GPS Radio-Occultation Signals From an Airborne Platform: Signal Model and Error Analysis
* Statistical Model and Simulator for Ocean-Reflected GNSS Signals, A

Garrison, M.B. Co Author Listing * Low-Delay, Low-Complexity Rate Reduction and Continuous Presence for Multipoint Videoconferencing

Garro, B.A.[Beatriz A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Design of Artificial Neural Networks and Associative Memories for Pattern Classification and Pattern Restoration
* Face Recognition Using Some Aspects of the Infant Vision System and Associative Memories
* Low Frequency Response and Random Feature Selection Applied to Face Recognition

Garro, V. Co Author Listing * Automatic Camera Orientation and Structure Recovery with Samantha
* Multiscale descriptors and metric learning for human body shape retrieval
* Omnidirectional image capture on mobile devices for fast automatic generation of 2.5D indoor maps
* Retrieval and classification methods for textured 3D models: A comparative study
* Scale Space Graph Representation and Kernel Matching for Non Rigid and Textured 3D Shape Retrieval
* Shape Retrieval of Non-rigid 3D Human Models
* Solving the PnP Problem with Anisotropic Orthogonal Procrustes Analysis
* Visual localization for mobile surveillance
* Wide Area Camera Localization
Includes: Garro, V. Garro, V.[Valeria]
9 for Garro, V.

Garrote, E. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Networks for Spatial Context-Aware Spectral Image Reconstruction from RGB
* HMDB: A large video database for human motion recognition
* Pectoral Muscle Segmentation in Mammograms Based on Cartoon-Texture Decomposition
Includes: Garrote, E. Garrote, E.[Estibaliz]

Garroutte, E.L.[Erica L.] Co Author Listing * Using NDVI and EVI to Map Spatiotemporal Variation in the Biomass and Quality of Forage for Migratory Elk in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Garruto, M. Co Author Listing * multiresolution approach to on-line handwriting segmentation and feature extraction, A
* Using Strings for On-Line Handwriting Shape Matching: A New Weighted Edit Distance
Includes: Garruto, M. Garruto, M.[Marco]

Garry, J.L. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Direct Signal Suppression for Passive Radar

Garschagen, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Critical Data Source; Tool or Even Infrastructure? Challenges of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing for Disaster Risk Governance

Garson, C.D. Co Author Listing * Transform Method to Remove Ultrasound Artifacts, A
* Ultrasound Despeckling for Contrast Enhancement
* Ultrasound Despeckling Using an Adaptive Window Stochastic Approach

Garthwaite, M.C.[Matthew C.] Co Author Listing * On the Design of Radar Corner Reflectors for Deformation Monitoring in Multi-Frequency InSAR

Gartley, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Side Slither On-Orbit Calibration Technique Using the DIRSIG Model, An
* Simulation of Image Performance Characteristics of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIR
Includes: Gartley, M.[Michael] Gartley, M.

Gartmann, R.[Rudiger] Co Author Listing * Ontology-Based Approach to Personalized Situation-Aware Mobile Service Supply, An
Includes: Gartmann, R.[Rudiger] Gartmann, R.[Rüdiger]

Gartner Roer, I.[Isabelle] Co Author Listing * Accuracy assessment of airborne photogrammetrically derived high-resolution digital elevation models in a high mountain environment
Includes: Gartner Roer, I.[Isabelle] Gärtner-Roer, I.[Isabelle] (Maybe also Gaertner-Roer, I.)

Gartner, G. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Three Interface Technologies In Assisting Pedestrians' Spatial Knowledge Acquisition
* Emotional response to space as an additional concept in cartography
* Turn Left after the WC, and Use the Lift to Go to the 2nd Floor Generation of Landmark-Based Route Instructions for Indoor Navigation
Includes: Gartner, G. Gartner, G.[Georg]

Gartner, P. Co Author Listing * Evaluating the temporal stability of synthetically generated time-series for crop types in Central Germany
* Monitoring forest recovery with change metrics derived from Landsat time series stacks
* Prediction of NDVI for grassland habitats by fusing RapidEye and Landsat imagery

Garuccio, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Hippocampal Segmentation Tool Within an Open Cloud Infrastructure, An

Garud, H.[Hrushikesh] Co Author Listing * Brightness preserving contrast enhancement in digital pathology
* Diverse Low Cost High Performance Platform for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Applications, A
* High-Magnification Multi-views Based Classification of Breast Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Cell Samples Using Fusion of Decisions from Deep Convolutional Networks
Includes: Garud, H.[Hrushikesh] Garud, H.

Garudadri, H. Co Author Listing * Reweighted Algorithms for Independent Vector Analysis

Garulli, A. Co Author Listing * Estimating the Fundamental Matrix via Constrained Least-Squares: A Convex Approach
* On the Estimation of the Fundamental Matrix: A Convex Approach to Constrained Least-Squares

Garvey, C.C.[Clarissa C.] Co Author Listing * Nonrigid image registration with two-sided space-fractional partial differential equations

Garvey, G.[Graham] Co Author Listing * SRTM Data Finishing Process and Products, The

Garvey, J.E. Co Author Listing * On the Feasibility of Characterizing Soil Properties From AVIRIS Data

Garvey, T.D.[Thomas D.] Co Author Listing * AI Mechanisms for Reasoning about Terrain
* Experments in Map-Guided Photo Interpretation
* Inference Technique for Integrating Knowledge for Disparate Sources, An
* Integration of Multi-Sensor Data for Threat Assessment, The
* Interactive Aids for Cartography and Photo-Interpretation: Progress Report
* ISIS: An Interactive Facility for Scene Analysis Research
* Motion Tracking on the Spatiotemporal Surface
* On the Automatic Generation of Programs for Locating Objects in Office Scenes
* Perceptual Reasoning in a Hostile Environment
* Perceptual Strategies for Purposive Vision
* Theory, Implementation, and Practice of Evidential Reasoning, The
Includes: Garvey, T.D.[Thomas D.] Garvey, T.D.
11 for Garvey, T.D.

Garvin, G.J.[Gregory J.] Co Author Listing * Dilated Divergence Based Scale-Space Representation for Curve Analysis

Garvin, J. Co Author Listing * NASA's Earth Science Use of Commercially Available Remote Sensing Datasets

Garvin, M.K. Co Author Listing * Automated 3-D Intraretinal Layer Segmentation of Macular Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Images
* Intraretinal Layer Segmentation of Macular Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using Optimal 3-D Graph Search
* Multimodal Retinal Vessel Segmentation From Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography and Fundus Photography
* Multimodal Segmentation of Optic Disc and Cup From SD-OCT and Color Fundus Photographs Using a Machine-Learning Graph-Based Approach
* Optimal Multiple Surface Segmentation With Shape and Context Priors
* Robust Multiscale Stereo Matching from Fundus Images with Radiometric Differences
* Segmentation of the Optic Disc in 3-D OCT Scans of the Optic Nerve Head
* Simultaneous searching of globally optimal interacting surfaces with shape priors
* Splat Feature Classification With Application to Retinal Hemorrhage Detection in Fundus Images
* Three-Dimensional Analysis of Retinal Layer Texture: Identification of Fluid-Filled Regions in SD-OCT of the Macula
* Vessel Boundary Delineation on Fundus Images Using Graph-Based Approach
Includes: Garvin, M.K. Garvin, M.K.[Mona K.]
11 for Garvin, M.K.

Garvin, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Analysing the Effects of Flood-Resilience Technologies in Urban Areas Using a Synthetic Model Approach

Garway Heath, D.F. Co Author Listing * Aligning Scan Acquisition Circles in Optical Coherence Tomography Images of The Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer
Includes: Garway Heath, D.F. Garway-Heath, D.F.

Garwin, R.L.[Richard L.] Co Author Listing * Eye controlled information transfer

Gary, G.A.[G. Allen] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of solar loops by the oriented connectivity method
* Dynamic Aperture-based Solar Loop Segmentation
* Oriented connectivity-based method for segmenting solar loops
* Recovery of 3D Solar Magnetic Field Model Parameter Using Image Structure Matching

Gary, J.E. Co Author Listing * Similar-Shape Retrieval in Shape Data Management

Gary, K. Co Author Listing * IGSTK: an open source software toolkit for image-guided surgery

Garyfalia, M. Co Author Listing * State-of-the-art and -practice review of public transport priority strategies

Garyfallidis, E.[Eleftherios] Co Author Listing * On the computation of integrals over fixed-size rectangles of arbitrary dimension
* Quantitative Comparison of Reconstruction Methods for Intra-Voxel Fiber Recovery From Diffusion MRI
Includes: Garyfallidis, E.[Eleftherios] Garyfallidis, E.

Garz, A. Co Author Listing * Binarization-Free Clustering Approach to Segment Curved Text Lines in Historical Manuscripts, A
* Detecting Text Areas and Decorative Elements in Ancient Manuscripts
* ICDAR 2013 Competition on Handwritten Digit Recognition (HDRC 2013)
* Layout Analysis for Historical Manuscripts Using Sift Features
* Local Descriptors for Document Layout Analysis
* User-Centered Segmentation Method for Complex Historical Manuscripts Based on Document Graphs, A
Includes: Garz, A. Garz, A.[Angelika]

Garz, S.[Stefanie] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Imagery of Earth at Night: New Sources, Opportunities and Challenges

Garza Jinich, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic correction of bias field in magnetic resonance images
* Robust Retrieval of 3D Structures from Magnetic Resonance Images
* Unsupervised Segmentation Based on Robust Estimation and Cooccurrence Data
Includes: Garza Jinich, M. Garza-Jinich, M.

Garza Jinich, M.A. Co Author Listing * Image Manipulation Using M-Filters in a Pyramidal Computer-Model
Includes: Garza Jinich, M.A. Garza-Jinich, M.A.

Garza, G. Co Author Listing * Synthesis of Solid Models of Polyhedra from Their Orthogonal Views Using Logical Representations

Garza, L.E.[Luis E.] Co Author Listing * Leaks Detection in a Pipeline Using Artificial Neural Networks

Garzelli, A. Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-Fine Algorithm for Fast Median Filtering of Image Data with a Huge Number of Levels, A
* Coherence estimation from multilook incoherent SAR imagery
* Content-Matched Geometric Filtering of Image Subbands for Edge-Preserving Noise Reduction
* Context-driven fusion of high spatial and spectral resolution images based on oversampled multiresolution analysis
* Critical Comparison Among Pansharpening Algorithms, A
* Decimated Geometric Filter for Edge Preserving Smoothing of Nonwhite Image Noise
* Edge-preserving classification of multifrequency multipolarization SAR images
* Effects of multitemporal scene changes on pansharpening fusion
* FEC Coding for H.263 Compatible Video Transmission
* Intersensor Statistical Matching for Pansharpening: Theoretical Issues and Practical Solutions
* MTF-tailored Multiscale Fusion of High-resolution MS and Pan Imagery
* Multispectral and Panchromatic Data Fusion Assessment Without Reference
* Nonparametric Change Detection in Multitemporal SAR Images Based on Mean-Shift Clustering
* Optimal MMSE Pan Sharpening of Very High Resolution Multispectral Images
* Optimizing SAR change detection based on log-ratio features
* Panchromatic sharpening of remote sensing images using a multiscale Kalman filter
* Pansharpening of Multispectral Images Based on Nonlocal Parameter Optimization
* Radar image processing for ship-traffic control
* Review of Image Fusion Algorithms Based on the Super-Resolution Paradigm, A
* robust change detection feature for Cosmo-SkyMed detected SAR images, A
* Sensitivity of Pansharpening Methods to Temporal and Instrumental Changes Between Multispectral and Panchromatic Data Sets
* Spatial Methods for Multispectral Pansharpening: Multiresolution Analysis Demystified
* Target Detection With Semisupervised Kernel Orthogonal Subspace Projection
* Wavelet-Based Fusion of Optical and SAR Image Data over Urban Area
Includes: Garzelli, A. Garzelli, A.[Andrea]
24 for Garzelli, A.

Garzia, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * coarse-grain reconfigurable architecture for multimedia applications featuring subword computation capabilities, A

Garzon Lopez, C.X.[Carol X.] Co Author Listing * Sensitivity of Mapping Methods to Reference Data Quality: Training Supervised Image Classifications with Imperfect Reference Data, The
Includes: Garzon Lopez, C.X.[Carol X.] Garzon-Lopez, C.X.[Carol X.]

Garzonio, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Surface Reflectance and Sun-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy Measurements Using a Small Hyperspectral UAS

Garzotto, A. Co Author Listing * Algorithm Derived from Thalamocortical Circuitry Stores and Retrieves Temporal Sequences, An
* Reliable Recognition of Handwritten Marks in Checkboxes

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