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Gei, A.[Ado] Co Author Listing * Blind decision feedback equalisers, how to avoid degenerative solutions

Geiß, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Estimation of seismic building structural types using multi-sensor remote sensing and machine learning techniques
* Object-Based Morphological Profiles for Classification of Remote Sensing Imagery
* Remote Sensing-Based Characterization of Settlement Structures for Assessing Local Potential of District Heat
Includes: Geiß, C.[Christian] Geiß, C.

Geibel, R. Co Author Listing * Generation and Update of 3d-city Models from Maps and Elevation Data

Geidel, S.[Steffi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Veterinary Infrared Images with the Active Shape Approach

Geier, E.B. Co Author Listing * Cloud Detection in Nonpolar Regions for CERES Using TRMM VIRS and Terra and Aqua MODIS Data

Geier, S. Co Author Listing * Automated Data Production For A Novel Airborne Multiangle Spectropolarimetric Imager (AIRMSPI)

Geigel, J.[Joe] Co Author Listing * Motion capture for realtime control of virtual actors in live, distributed, theatrical performances

Geiger, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Traffic Scene Understanding From Movable Platforms
* Are we ready for autonomous driving? The KITTI vision benchmark suite
* Bounding Boxes, Segmentations and Object Coordinates: How Important is Recognition for 3D Scene Flow Estimation in Autonomous Driving Scenarios?
* Concept for Building Licensing based on standardised 3D Geo Information
* Deep Discrete Flow
* Discrete Optimization for Optical Flow
* Displets: Resolving stereo ambiguities using object knowledge
* Efficient Large-Scale Stereo Matching
* Exploiting Object Similarity in 3D Reconstruction
* FollowMe: Efficient Online Min-Cost Flow Tracking with Bounded Memory and Computation
* generative model for 3D urban scene understanding from movable platforms, A
* Joint 3D Object and Layout Inference from a Single RGB-D Image
* Lost! Leveraging the Crowd for Probabilistic Visual Self-Localization
* Map-Based Probabilistic Visual Self-Localization
* Multi-view Stereo Benchmark with High-Resolution Images and Multi-camera Videos, A
* Object scene flow for autonomous vehicles
* OctNet: Learning Deep 3D Representations at High Resolutions
* Patches, Planes and Probabilities: A Non-Local Prior for Volumetric 3D Reconstruction
* Rank Priors for Continuous Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction
* Realistic Modeling of Water Droplets for Monocular Adherent Raindrop Recognition Using Bézier Curves
* Semantic Instance Annotation of Street Scenes by 3D to 2D Label Transfer
* Semantic Multi-view Stereo: Jointly Estimating Objects and Voxels
* Slow Flow: Exploiting High-Speed Cameras for Accurate and Diverse Optical Flow Reference Data
* Team AnnieWAY's Entry to the 2011 Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge
* Toroidal Constraints for Two-Point Localization Under High Outlier Ratios
* Understanding High-Level Semantics by Modeling Traffic Patterns
* Video-based raindrop detection for improved image registration
* Vision meets robotics: The KITTI dataset
Includes: Geiger, A. Geiger, A.[Andreas]
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Geiger, B. Co Author Listing * Interventional 3D-Angiography: Calibration, Reconstruction and Visualization System
* Land Surface Albedo Derived on a Daily Basis From Meteosat Second Generation Observations
* Simulation of Endoscopy
* Spiral-CT-based assessment of tracheal stenoses using 3-D-skeletonization
* Visual Servoing for Automatic and Uncalibrated Needle Placement for Percutaneous Procedures
Includes: Geiger, B. Geiger, B.[Bernhard]

Geiger, C.[Cathleen] Co Author Listing * Discontinuous Non-Rigid Motion Analysis of Sea Ice using C-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Imagery
* MagicLensVS: Towards a flexible framework for quick setup of visual feedback in a virtual studio
* Modified Region Growing for Stereo of Slant and Textureless Surfaces
* Motion Tracking of Discontinuous Sea Ice
* Multi-modal, Multi-touch Interaction with Maps in Disaster Management Applications
* Prototyping natural interactions in virtual studio environments by demonstration by: Combining spatial mapping with gesture following
* Towards estimation of dense disparities from stereo images containing large textureless regions
* Vector field characterization in ERS-1 imagery of sea ice
* Vector field resampling using local streamline approximation
* Virtual archery with tangible interaction
Includes: Geiger, C.[Cathleen] Geiger, C.
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Geiger, D.[Davi] Co Author Listing * email: Geiger, D.[Davi]: geiger AT cs nyu edu
* Approximate Tree Matching and Shape Similarity
* Autonomous Robot Calibration for Hand-Eye Coordination
* Bayesian Network Classifiers
* Common Framework for Image Segmentation, A
* Complex-valued hough transforms for circles
* Continuous Shape Descriptor by Orientation Diffusion, A
* convolutional approach to reflection symmetry, A
* Determining the Similarity of Deformable Shapes
* DevStaR: High-Throughput Quantification of C. elegans Developmental Stages
* Dynamic-Programming for Detecting, Tracking, and Matching Deformable Contours
* Ellipses from triangles
* Finding Tree Structures by Grouping Symmetries
* Image Recognition with Occlusions
* Integration of Vision Modules and Labeling of Surface Discontinuities
* Junctions: Detection, Classification, and Reconstruction
* Matching Elastic Contours
* Mean Field Theory for Surface Reconstruction
* Measuring Convexity for Figure/Ground Separation
* Mirror Symmetry Histograms for Capturing Geometric Properties in Images
* MRF Approach to Optical Flow Estimation, A
* Occlusion Ambiguities in Motion
* Occlusions and Binocular Stereo
* Occlusions, discontinuities, and epipolar lines in stereo
* On-Line Handwriting Recognition System using Fisher Segmental Matching and Hypotheses Propagation Network, An
* Optimal Scale for Edge Detection, An
* Parallel and Deterministic Algorithms from MRFs: Surface Reconstruction
* Parallel and Deterministic Algorithms from MRFs: Surface Reconstruction and Integration
* Rapid and accurate developmental stage recognition of C. elegans from high-throughput image data
* Recognizing articulated objects with information theoretic methods
* Representation and Self-Similarity of Shapes
* Resolution-Appropriate Shape Representation
* Salient and Multiple Illusory Surfaces
* Scaling Images and Image Features via the Renormalization Group
* Segmentation by Grouping Junctions
* Segmenting by Seeking the Symmetry Axis
* shape of illusory figures, The
* Shape statistics for cell division detection in time-lapse videos of early mouse embryo
* Sparse Representations for Image Decomposition with Occlusions
* Sparse Representations for Image Decompositions
* Statistical Morphology and Bayesian Reconstruction
* Stereo and Controlled Movement
* Stereo and Eye Movement
* Stereo integration, mean field theory and psychophysics
* Stereopsis And Eye-Movement
* Variational Convolutional Networks for Human-Centric Annotations
* Visual Organization for Figure/Ground Separation
* Visual Organization of Illusory Surfaces
* Wavelet-Based Target Hashing for Automatic Target Recognition
* Word-Level Recognition of Small Sets of Hand-Written Words
Includes: Geiger, D.[Davi] Geiger, D. Geiger, D.[Devi]
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Geiger, E.F.[Erick F.] Co Author Listing * Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Monitoring of Coral Ecosystems: New 5-km Global Products from NOAA Coral Reef Watch
* Validation of Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Satellite Products for Coral Bleaching Monitoring

Geiger, G.[Gadi] Co Author Listing * Perceptual Evaluation of Video-Realistic Speech
* Trainable videorealistic speech animation
Includes: Geiger, G.[Gadi] Geiger, G.

Geiger, J.[Jurgen] Co Author Listing * Optimizing the Number of States for HMM-Based On-line Handwritten Whiteboard Recognition
* TUM Gait from Audio, Image and Depth (GAID) database: Multimodal recognition of subjects and traits, The
Includes: Geiger, J.[Jurgen] Geiger, J.[Jürgen]

Geiger, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Gesture Components for Natural Interaction with In-Car Devices

Geilen, M. Co Author Listing * Worst-case latency analysis of SDF-based parametrized dataflow MoCs

Geilen, M.C.W. Co Author Listing * On the Discrete Gabor Transform and the Discrete Zak Transform

Geiler, M. Co Author Listing * Forced random dithering: improved threshold matrices for ordered dithering

Geilhufe, M. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Wavelet-Based Test for Isotropy of Random Fields on a Regular Lattice, A

Geimer, S.D. Co Author Listing * Microwave image reconstruction from 3-D fields coupled to 2-D parameter estimation

Geipel, J.[Jakob] Co Author Listing * Combined Spectral and Spatial Modeling of Corn Yield Based on Aerial Images and Crop Surface Models Acquired with an Unmanned Aircraft System
* Sensor Web-Enabled Infrastructure for Precision Farming, A

Geirhofer, S. Co Author Listing * Moment Estimation and Dithered Quantization

Geis, I. Co Author Listing * Future role of cost-benefit analysis in intelligent transport system-research

Geiselbrechtinger, F. Co Author Listing * Mathpad: A Fuzzy Logic-Based Recognition System for Handwritten Mathematics

Geiser, E. Co Author Listing * Automated Algorithm for Analysis of 2D Echocardiographic Short-Axis Images, An

Geiser, E.A.[Edward A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic center point determination in two-dimensional short-axis echocardiographic images
* Feature extraction in 2-D short-axis echocardiographic images
* Q-Series Approach to Deblurring the Discrete Gaussian, A
* Using prior shape and intensity profile in medical image segmentation
* Using Prior Shapes in Geometric Active Contours in a Variational Framework
Includes: Geiser, E.A.[Edward A.] Geiser, E.A.

Geisler, W. Co Author Listing * Retinally Reconstructed Images: Digital Images Having a Resolution Match with the Human Eye

Geisler, W.S.[Wilson S.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian and Statistical Approaches to Vision
* Chromatic Stereopsis
* Chromaticity as a Source of Information in the Human Stereo Correspondence Problem
* Image Quality Assessment Based on a Degradation Model
* Linear color-separable human visual system models for vector error diffusion halftoning
* Multichannel Texture Analysis Using Localized Spatial Filters
* Natural Contrast Statistics and the Selection of Visual Fixations
* Non-Stationarity Detection in Natural Images
* Texture Segmentation Using Gabor Modulation/Demodulation
Includes: Geisler, W.S.[Wilson S.] Geisler, W.S.
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Geismann, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Speeding Up HOG and LBP Features for Pedestrian Detection by Multiresolution Techniques

Geiss, C. Co Author Listing * Normalization of TanDEM-X DSM Data in Urban Environments With Morphological Filters

Geisselhardt, W.[Walter] Co Author Listing * High-Capacity Invisible Background Encoding for Digital Authentication of Hardcopy Documents
* Novel Synchronisation Approach for Digital Image Watermarking Based on Scale Invariant Feature Point Detector, A
Includes: Geisselhardt, W.[Walter] Geisselhardt, W.

Geissler, G.L.[George L.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Annual Forest Cover in Sub-Humid and Semi-Arid Regions through Analysis of Landsat and PALSAR Imagery

Geissler, P. Co Author Listing * Depth from Focus with One Image
* Gaussian-Based Filters for Detecting Martian Dust Devils
* Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications. 1. Sensors and Imaging
* Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications. 2. Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
* Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications. 3. Systems and Applications
* In situ determination of cell concentration in bioreactors with a new depth from focus technique

Geissler, S. Co Author Listing * Calibration Procedures In Mid Format Camera Setups

Geist, A. Co Author Listing * NASA's L-Band Digital Beamforming Synthetic Aperture Radar

Geist, J.[Juergen] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Green-LiDAR Data for Mapping Extent, Density and Height of Aquatic Reed Beds at Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria: Germany

Geist, J.C. Co Author Listing * Design of a Handprint Recognition System
* Design, Integration, and Evaluation of Handprint OCR Systems
* Machine-Assisted Human Classification of Segmented Characters for OCR Testing and Training
* NIST Form-Based Handprint Recognition System
* OCR Error Rate Versus Rejection Rate for Isolated Handprint Characters
* Off-line Handwriting Recognition from Forms
Includes: Geist, J.C. Geist, J.C.[Jon C.]

Geist, M. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Comparison of Digital Surface Models Created by Unmanned Aerial Systems Imagery and Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Geist, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Extracting Surface Geometry from Particle-Based Fracture Simulations
* Lattice-Boltzmann Water Waves
* Relighting Forest Ecosystems

Geist, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Glacier Surface Analysis from Airborne Laser Scanning
* Glacier Surface Segmentation Using Airborne Laser Scanning Point Cloud and Intensity Data
* Object based analysis of airborne laser scanning data for natural hazard purposes using open source components

Geistert, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Robust local optical flow estimation using bilinear equations for sparse motion estimation
* Robust local optical flow: Long-range motions and varying illuminations
Includes: Geistert, J.[Jonas] Geistert, J.

Geistler, A. Co Author Listing * Robust velocity measurement for railway applications by fusing eddy current sensor signals

Geitner, C.[Clemens] Co Author Listing * Automated Extraction of Shallow Erosion Areas Based on Multi-Temporal Ortho-Imagery

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