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Geva, A.B. Co Author Listing * Back-Projection Cortical Potential Imaging: Theory and Results
* comparison of cluster validity criteria for a mixture of normal distributed data, A
* Detection and Segmentation of Antialiased Text in Screen Images
* Lightweight searchable screen video recording
* New Algorithm for Time Series Prediction by Temporal Fuzzy Clustering, A
* Unsupervised Optimal Fuzzy Clustering
Includes: Geva, A.B. Geva, A.B.[Amir B.]

Geva, S.[Shlomo] Co Author Listing * Efficient Feature Selection and Nearest Neighbour Search for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* improved image segmentation algorithm for salient object detection, An

Geva, T.[Tal] Co Author Listing * Revealing Differences in Anatomical Remodelling of the Systemic Right Ventricle

Gevaert, C.M. Co Author Listing * Informal settlement classification using point-cloud and image-based features from UAV data
* Optimizing Multiple Kernel Learning for the Classification of UAV Data
Includes: Gevaert, C.M. Gevaert, C.M.[Caroline M.]

Geveci, B. Co Author Listing * Research Challenges for Visualization Software
* Ultrascale Visualization of Climate Data
Includes: Geveci, B. Geveci, B.[Berk]

Gevers, T.[Theo] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Gevers, T.[Theo]: theo gevers AT cvc uab cat
* 3D Scene priors for road detection
* Accurate eye center location and tracking using isophote curvature
* Accurate Eye Center Location through Invariant Isocentric Patterns
* Adaptive Image Segmentation by Combining Photometric Invariant Region and Edge Information
* Age estimation under changes in image quality: An experimental study
* Are You Really Smiling at Me? Spontaneous versus Posed Enjoyment Smiles
* Authentic Emotion Detection in Real-Time Video
* Authentic facial expression analysis
* Auto-Calibrated Gaze Estimation Using Human Gaze Patterns
* Boosting Color Saliency in Image Feature Detection
* Boosting Saliency in Color Image Features
* Calibration-Free Gaze Estimation Using Human Gaze Patterns
* Classifying color edges in video into shadow-geometry, highlight, or material transitions
* Classifying Color Transitions Into Shadow-geometry, Illumination, Highlight or Material Edges
* Classifying multimedia documents by merging textual and pictorial information
* Color based object recognition
* Color constancy by combining low-mid-high level image cues
* Color Constancy by Deep Learning
* Color Constancy for Multiple Light Sources
* Color constancy from physical principles
* Color constancy using 3D scene geometry
* Color Constancy Using 3D Scene Geometry Derived From a Single Image
* Color Constancy using Image Regions
* Color Constancy using Natural Image Statistics
* Color Constancy Using Natural Image Statistics and Scene Semantics
* Color constancy using stage classification
* Color Constant Ratio Gradients for Image Segmentation and Similarity of Textured Objects
* Color edge detection by photometric quasi-invariants
* Color for Image Indexing and Retrieval
* Color invariant density estimation for image segmentation and object tracking
* Color Invariant Snakes
* Color Measurement by Imaging Spectrometry
* Color Mode Filtering
* Color-based object recognition
* Color-metric pattern-card matching for viewpoint invariant image retrieval
* Colour Constancy from Hyper-Spectral Data
* Colour Invariance from Multispectral Images
* Combining Color and Shape Information for Illumination-Viewpoint Invariant Object Recognition
* Combining Facial Dynamics With Appearance for Age Estimation
* Combining Head Pose and Eye Location Information for Gaze Estimation
* Combining Priors, Appearance, and Context for Road Detection
* Combining Region Splitting and Edge Detection Through Guided Delaunay Image Subdivision
* comparison of color features for visual concept classification, A
* Computational Color Constancy: Survey and Experiments
* Computer Analysis of Human Behavior
* Con-Text: Text Detection for Fine-Grained Object Classification
* Content-Based Image Retrieval by Viewpoint-Invariant Color Indexing
* Content-Based Image Retrieval: An Overview
* Corner Detectors for Affine Invariant Salient Regions: Is Color Important?
* DENSE sampling of features for image retrieval
* Detect2Rank: Combining Object Detectors Using Learning to Rank
* Detection and Classification of Hyper-Spectral Edges
* Do Colour Interest Points Improve Image Retrieval?
* Edge and Corner Detection by Photometric Quasi-Invariants
* Edge classification using photo-geometric features
* Edge Steered Region Segmentation by Photometric Color Invariant
* Edge-Based Color Constancy
* Effects of chromatic image statistics on illumination induced color differences
* Emotion Recognition Based on Joint Visual and Audio Cues
* Empowering Visual Categorization With the GPU
* Estimation of Sunlight Direction Using 3D Object Models
* Evaluating Color Descriptors for Object and Scene Recognition
* Evaluating Color Representations for On-Line Road Detection
* Evaluation of color descriptors for object and scene recognition
* Evaluation of Color Spatio-Temporal Interest Points for Human Action Recognition
* Evaluation of Color STIPs for Human Action Recognition
* Evaluation of Intensity and Color Corner Detectors for Affine Invariant Salient Regions
* Expression-Invariant Age Estimation
* Expression-Invariant Age Estimation Using Structured Learning
* Extracting 3D Layout From a Single Image Using Global Image Structures
* Extracting Primary Objects by Video Co-Segmentation
* Generalized Gamut Mapping using Image Derivative Structures for Color Constancy
* Geometry-constrained spatial pyramid adaptation for image classification
* Image Alignment by Piecewise Planar Region Matching
* Image Indexing using Composite Color and Shape Invariant Features
* Image retrieval and segmentation based on color invariants
* Image Saliency by Isocentric Curvedness and Color
* Image Segmentation by Directed Region Subdivision
* Impact of Color on Bag-of-Words Based Object Recognition, The
* Improving Color Constancy by Photometric Edge Weighting
* Improving HOG with Image Segmentation: Application to Human Detection
* Interactive Retrieval Of Color Images
* Introduction to the Affect-Based Human Behavior Understanding Special Issue
* Invariant Representations in Image Processing
* Isocentric color saliency in images
* Joint Attention by Gaze Interpolation and Saliency
* Learning Photometric Invariance for Object Detection
* Learning photometric invariance from diversified color model ensembles
* Learning-based encoding with soft assignment for age estimation under unconstrained imaging conditions
* Like Father, Like Son: Facial Expression Dynamics for Kinship Verification
* Lonely but attractive: Sparse color salient points for object retrieval and categorization
* Object Reading: Text Recognition for Object Recognition
* Object Recognition Based on Photometric Color Invariants
* Per-patch Descriptor Selection Using Surface and Scene Properties
* Per-patch metric learning for robust image matching
* Perceptual analysis of distance measures for color constancy algorithms
* Perceptual Comparison of Distance Measures for Color Constancy Algorithms, A
* Photometric Invariant Region Detection
* Physics-based edge evaluation for improved color constancy
* PicToSeek: A Content-Based Image Search System for the World Wide Web
* PicToSeek: Combining Color and Shape Invariant Features for Image Retrieval
* Point Light Source Position Estimation From RGB-D Images by Learning Surface Attributes
* Recognition of Genuine Smiles
* Reflectance-based classification of color edges
* Reflectance-Based Segmentation Using Photometric and Illumination Invariants
* Road Geometry Classification by Adaptive Shape Models
* Road Scene Segmentation from a Single Image
* Robust Histogram Construction from Color Invariants
* Robust histogram construction from color invariants for object recognition
* Robust optical flow from photometric invariants
* Robust Photometric Invariant Features From the Color Tensor
* Robust Photometric Invariant Region Detection in Multispectral Images
* Robust Segmentation and Tracking of Colored Objects in Video
* Robustifying Descriptor Instability Using Fisher Vectors
* Robustifying eye center localization by head pose cues
* Role of Color and Contrast in Facial Age Estimation, The
* Saliency of color image derivatives: A comparison between computational models and human perception
* Segmentation as selective search for object recognition
* Selection and Fusion of Color Models for Feature Detection
* Selection and Fusion of Color Models for Image Feature Detection
* Selective Search for Object Recognition
* Semantic Road Segmentation via Multi-scale Ensembles of Learned Features
* Semi-Supervised Face Detection
* Shadow edge detection using geometric and photometric features
* Skin detection A bayesian network approach
* Snigma: an image retrieval system
* Sparse Color Interest Points for Image Retrieval and Object Categorization
* Special Issue: Special Issue on Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Statistical Method for 2-D Facial Landmarking, A
* SuperPixel Based Angular Differences as a Mid-level Image Descriptor
* SuperPixel based mid-level image description for image recognition
* Systematic Evaluation of Spatio-Temporal Features on Comparative Video Challenges
* Understanding Road Scenes Using Visual Cues and GPS Information
* Vision-based road detection using road models
* Visual category recognition using Spectral Regression and Kernel Discriminant Analysis
* Visual Gaze Estimation by Joint Head and Eye Information
* Webcam-Based Visual Gaze Estimation
* What Are You Looking at?: Improving Visual Gaze Estimation by Saliency
* Words Matter: Scene Text for Image Classification and Retrieval
Includes: Gevers, T.[Theo] Gevers, T.
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Gevorkian, D.Z. Co Author Listing * Combining the Discrete Wavelet Transforms and Rank Order Based Filters for Image Restoration
* Efficient Nonlinear Transform Methods for Image-Processing
* Improving Gil-Werman Algorithm for Running Min and Max Filters

Gevrekci, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Depth map super resolution
* High-Resolution Image Reconstruction From Multiple Differently Exposed Images
* Illumination robust interest point detection
* Image Acquisition Modeling for Super-Resolution Reconstruction
* Reliable interest point detection under large illumination variations
Includes: Gevrekci, M.[Murat] Gevrekci, M.

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