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Girado, J.I.[Javier I.] Co Author Listing * Point-based Asynchronous Remote Visualization Framework For Real-time Virtual Reality, A

Giraldez, A.E. Co Author Listing * Smoothing of Coefficients in Wavelet Domain for Speckle Reduction in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images

Giraldi, G.[Gilson] Co Author Listing * Music Score Binarization Based on Domain Knowledge
* Priori-Driven PCA, A

Giraldi, G.A.[Gilson A.] Co Author Listing * Boundary Extraction Method based on Dual-T-Snakes and Dynamic Programming, A
* Comparing Ranking Methods for Tensor Components in Multilinear and Concurrent Subspace Analysis with Applications in Face Images
* Dual-T-Snakes model for medical imaging segmentation
* Invariant Snakes And Initialization Of Deformable Models
* new ranking method for principal components analysis and its application to face image analysis, A
* Surface Reconstruction Approach Based on Multi-resolution Methods and the T-Surfaces Framework, A
* Using Tsallis Entropy into a Bayesian Network for CBIR
Includes: Giraldi, G.A.[Gilson A.] Giraldi, G.A.[Gilson Antonio] Giraldi, G.A.
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Giraldo Forero, A.F.[Andres F.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Hyperparameter Optimization in Convolutional Neural Networks by Learning Curves Prediction
* Managing Imbalanced Data Sets in Multi-label Problems: A Case Study with the SMOTE Algorithm
Includes: Giraldo Forero, A.F.[Andres F.] Giraldo-Forero, A.F.[Andrés F.] Giraldo-Forero, A.F.[Andrés Felipe]

Giraldo, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Deletion of (26,6)-Simple Points as Multivalued Retractions
* Digitally Continuous Multivalued Functions
* Digitally Continuous Multivalued Functions, Morphological Operations and Thinning Algorithms
* Digitizations preserving shape
* On the Composition of Digitally Continuous Multivalued Functions
* Ronse deletability conditions and -retractions
* Thinning Algorithms as Multivalued NN -Retractions
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Giraldo, J.[Jhony] Co Author Listing * Markov Random Field and Active Contour Image Segmentation Model for Animal Spots Patterns, A

Giraldo, J.J.[Juan J.] Co Author Listing * Peripheral Nerve Segmentation Using Speckle Removal and Bayesian Shape Models

Giraldo, L.G.S. Co Author Listing * Group-Wise Point-Set Registration Based on Renyi's Second Order Entropy

Giraldo, L.S.[Luis Sanchez] Co Author Listing * Functional Feature Selection by Weighted Projections in Pathological Voice Detection
* Information Theoretic Shape Matching
* Recursive Online Kernel PCA Algorithm, A
Includes: Giraldo, L.S.[Luis Sanchez] Giraldo, L.S.[Luis Sánchez]

Giralt, G. Co Author Listing * Multi-Level Planning and Navigation System for a Mobile Robot; A First Approach to HILARE, A

Girao, K.T.[Karen T.] Co Author Listing * tetratricopeptide repeats (TPR)-like superfamily of proteins in Leishmania spp., as revealed by multi-relational data mining, The

Girard Ardhuin, F. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Arctic Sea Ice Drift Estimation Merging Radiometer and Scatterometer Data
Includes: Girard Ardhuin, F. Girard-Ardhuin, F.

Girard Hughes, E. Co Author Listing * Cardiac C-Arm CT: A Unified Framework for Motion Estimation and Dynamic CT
Includes: Girard Hughes, E. Girard-Hughes, E.

Girard, A. Co Author Listing * Collaborative adjustment of selection areas for polygonal modelling
* Combining spaceborne SAR images with 3D point clouds for infrastructure monitoring applications
Includes: Girard, A. Girard, A.[Alexandre]

Girard, A.L. Co Author Listing * On the applicability of modern algebra techniques to adaptive pattern recognition
* Parameter estimation and learning/classification threshold optimization applied to maxentropic adaptive pattern recognition

Girard, A.R. Co Author Listing * Stability Analysis of Runway Schedules

Girard, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * On-line fusion of trackers for single-object tracking
Includes: Girard, B.[Benoit] Girard, B.[Benoît]

Girard, C. Co Author Listing * Curvelet Based Contrast Enhancement in Fluoroscopic Sequences
* Fluorosocopic sequence denoising using a motion compensated multi-scale temporal filtering
* Image denoising using contextual modeling of curvelet coefficients
* Spatio-Temporal Multiscale Denoising of Fluoroscopic Sequence

Girard, J.M.[Jeffrey M.] Co Author Listing * BP4D-Spontaneous: a high-resolution spontaneous 3D dynamic facial expression database
* Continuous AU intensity estimation using localized, sparse facial feature space
* Criteria and metrics for thresholded AU detection
* Estimating smile intensity: A better way
* FERA 2017 - Addressing Head Pose in the Third Facial Expression Recognition and Analysis Challenge
* high-resolution spontaneous 3D dynamic facial expression database, A
* Historical Heterogeneity Predicts Smiling: Evidence from Large-Scale Observational Analyses
* How much training data for facial action unit detection?
* Multimodal Spontaneous Emotion Corpus for Human Behavior Analysis
* Nonverbal social withdrawal in depression: Evidence from manual and automatic analyses
* Open-Source Software for Continuous Measurement and Media Annotation
* Real-time dense 3D face alignment from 2D video with automatic facial action unit coding
* Sayette Group Formation Task (GFT) Spontaneous Facial Expression Database
* Social risk and depression: Evidence from manual and automatic facial expression analysis
Includes: Girard, J.M.[Jeffrey M.] Girard, J.M.
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Girard, N. Co Author Listing * Logo Detection Using Painting Based Representation and Probability Features

Girard, P.R. Co Author Listing * 3-D biquaternionic analytic signal and application to envelope detection in 3-D ultrasound imaging

Girard, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Classification of Grasslands from High Resolution Satellite Image Time Series Using Gaussian Mean Map Kernels
* Potential of Sentinel-2 and SPOT5 (Take5) time series for the estimation of grasslands biodiversity indices
* Spectro-Temporal Heterogeneity Measures from Dense High Spatial Resolution Satellite Image Time Series: Application to Grassland Species Diversity Estimation
Includes: Girard, S.[Stephane] Girard, S.[Stéphane] Girard, S.

Girard, S.C. Co Author Listing * Building and Training Radiographic Models for Flexible Object Identification from Incomplete Data
* Intrinsic dimension estimation by maximum likelihood in isotropic probabilistic PCA
* Nonlinear Modeling of Scattered Multivariate Data and Its Application to Shape Change
* Object Localization by Subspace Clustering of Local Descriptors
* Robust supervised classification with mixture models: Learning from data with uncertain labels
Includes: Girard, S.C. Girard, S.C.[Stéphane C.] Girard, S.C.[Stephane C.]

Girard, T.M. Co Author Listing * Astrometry with Reconstructed Hubble-Space-Telescope Planetary Camera (WF/PC-1) Images

Girardeau Montaut, D. Co Author Listing * Change detection on point cloud data acquired with a ground laser scanner
* Facets: A Cloudcompare Plugin To Extract Geological Planes From Unstructured 3d Point Clouds
Includes: Girardeau Montaut, D. Girardeau-Montaut, D.

Girardi, G. Co Author Listing * 3D WebGIS and Visualization Issues for Architectures and Large Sites
* Web-based Interactive Tool for Multi-Resolution 3D Models of a Maya Archaeological Site, A

Girardi, P. Co Author Listing * Target Identification Comparison of Bayesian and Dempster-Shafer Multisensor Fusion, A

Girardi, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Recording for 2D Delivering: The Employment of 3D Models for Studies and Analyses
* 3D Virtual reconstruction and visualization of complex architectures: The 3D-ARCH project

Girardin, G.[Gouenou] Co Author Listing * 3D characterization of hot metallic shells during industrial forging

Giraud, F. Co Author Listing * Acquire High Quality Meshes of Scale Models for an Automatic Modelling Process

Giraud, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Medical Image Computing and Computer-Aided Medical Interventions Applied to Soft Tissues: Work in Progress in Urology

Giraud, R. Co Author Listing * SCALP: Superpixels with Contour Adherence using Linear Path
* SuperPatchMatch: An Algorithm for Robust Correspondences Using Superpixel Patches

Giraudet, A.[Aurelien] Co Author Listing * Scenarizing CADastre Exquisse: A Crossover between Snoezeling in Hospitals/Domes, and Authoring/Experiencing Soundful Comic Strips
Includes: Giraudet, A.[Aurelien] Giraudet, A.[Aurélien]

Giraudo, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Co Author Listing * Ghost Stochastic Resonance for a Neuron with a Pair of Periodic Inputs

Giraudon, G. Co Author Listing * 2-D digital curve analysis: A regularity measure
* Accurate Corner Detection: An Analytical Study
* Adaptive window algorithm for aerial image stereo
* Automatic-Generation of High-Resolution Urban Zone Digital Elevation Models
* Computational Approach for Corner and Vertex Detection, A
* Contribution To Multisensor Fusion Formalization
* Deterministic pseudo-annealing: Optimization in Markov-Random-Fields an application to pixel classification
* Edge Detection from Local Negative Maximum of Second Derivative
* Following Corners on Curves and Surfaces in the Scale Space
* High-Resolution Stereo for the Detection of Buildings
* Image processing on a SIMD/SPMD architecture: OPSILA
* Image redundancy and classification
* Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Images in a Context of Multisensor Fusion
* Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Images in a Context of Multisensor Fusion Using a Multispecialist Architecture
* Model Based Region Segmentation Using Cooccurrence Matrices
* Multi-Specialist Architecture for Sensor Fusion in Remote Sensing, A
* Multiscale Analysis Model Applied to Natural Surfaces, A
* Multiscale Regularity Measure as a Geometric Criterion for Image Segmentation, A
* On Corner and Vertex Detection
* Performing Segmentation of Ultrasound Images Using Temporal Information
* Reasoning Strategies for 3D Object Detection
* Road Extraction Guided by a Cartographic Database
* Road Modeling Based on a Cartographic Database for Aerial Image Interpretation
* Scene analysis system
* Segmentation of echocardiographic images with Markov random fields
* Singularity Analysis and Derivative Scale-Space
* Spatial Context in an Image Analysis System
* Stereo Matching Using Contextual Line Region Primitives
* Toward Robust Analysis of Satellite Images Using Map Information: Application to Urban Area Detection
Includes: Giraudon, G. Giraudon, G.[Gerard] Giraudon, G.[Gérard]
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Girault, B. Co Author Listing * Translation on Graphs: An Isometric Shift Operator

Girault, J. Co Author Listing * Multifractal analysis based on discrete wavelet for texture classification: Application to medical magnetic resonance imaging

Girault, J.M.[Jean Marc] Co Author Listing * Laplacian pyramid decomposition-type method for resolution enhancement of ultrasound images
Includes: Girault, J.M.[Jean Marc] Girault, J.M.[Jean-Marc]

Girault, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Biometric Fuzzy Extractors Made Practical: A Proposal Based on FingerCodes

Girbacia, F.[Florin] Co Author Listing * Time-Travelling with Mobile Augmented Reality: A Case Study on the Piazza dei Miracoli

Girbes, V. Co Author Listing * Active Safety System for Low-Speed Bus Braking Assistance, An
Includes: Girbes, V. Girbés, V.

Girdhar, A.[Ashish] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive survey of 3D image steganography techniques

Girdhar, R. Co Author Listing * ActionVLAD: Learning Spatio-Temporal Aggregation for Action Classification
* Binge Watching: Scaling Affordance Learning from Sitcoms
* Cutting through the clutter: Task-relevant features for image matching
* Learning a Predictable and Generative Vector Representation for Objects
* Optimizing Storage Intensive Vision Applications to Device Capacity
Includes: Girdhar, R. Girdhar, R.[Rohit]

Girdhar, Y.[Yogesh] Co Author Listing * Exploring Underwater Environments with Curiosity
* Learning deep-sea substrate types with visual topic models
* Online Visual Vocabularies
* Optimal Online Data Sampling or How to Hire the Best Secretaries
* Subsea Fauna Enumeration Using Vision-Based Marine Robots
* Wide-Speed Autopilot System for a Swimming Hexapod Robot
Includes: Girdhar, Y.[Yogesh] Girdhar, Y.

Girdziusas, R. Co Author Listing * Class-confidence critic combining
* How Marginal Likelihood Inference Unifies Entropy, Correlation and SNR-Based Stopping in Nonlinear Diffusion Scale-Spaces
* Methods for adaptive combination of classifiers with application to recognition of handwritten characters
* Optimal Ratio of Lamé Moduli with Application to Motion of Jupiter Storms
* When is a Discrete Diffusion a Scale-Space?
Includes: Girdziusas, R. Girdziušas, R.[Ramunas] Girdziusas, R.[Ramunas]

Giree, N. Co Author Listing * Sample-Based Forest Monitoring Strategy Using Landsat, AVHRR and MODIS Data to Estimate Gross Forest Cover Loss in Malaysia between 1990 and 2005, A

Girelli, V.A.[Valentina A.] Co Author Listing * Aerial Thermography for Energetic Modelling of Cities
* Integration of Aerial Thermal Imagery, LiDAR Data and Ground Surveys for Surface Temperature Mapping in Urban Environments

Giremus, A.[Audrey] Co Author Listing * Continuous-Discrete Extended Kalman Filter on Matrix Lie Groups Using Concentrated Gaussian Distributions
* From Intrinsic Optimization to Iterated Extended Kalman Filtering on Lie Groups
* Global Motion Estimation from Relative Measurements in the Presence of Outliers
* Global motion estimation from relative measurements using iterated extended Kalman filter on matrix LIE groups
* Modeling of Multipath Environment Using Copulas for Particle Filtering Based GPS Navigation
* On Computing Jeffrey's Divergence Between Time-Varying Autoregressive Models
* Robust Wearable Camera Localization as a Target Tracking Problem on SE(3)
Includes: Giremus, A.[Audrey] Giremus, A.
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Girgensohn, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Adaptive clustering and interactive visualizations to support the selection of video clips
* Automatically organizing digital photographs using time and content
* Genetic Algorithm for Video Segmentation and Summarization, A
* Genre identification for office document search and browsing
* Geometric Tools for Multicamera Surveillance Systems
* Interactive Video Search Using Multilevel Indexing
* Keyframe-Based User Interfaces for Digital Video
* Large-scale EMM identification based on geometry-constrained visual word correspondence voting
* MET: media-embedded target for connecting paper to digital media
* Methods and apparatuses for interactive similarity searching, retrieval, and browsing of video
* Methods and apparatuses for video segmentation, classification, and retrieval using image class statistical models
* Support for effective use of multiple video streams in security
Includes: Girgensohn, A.[Andreas] Girgensohn, A.
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Girgin, S. Co Author Listing * Blind area measurement with mobile robots
* Positive Impact of State Similarity on Reinforcement Learning Performance

Girgis, M.R. Co Author Listing * algorithm for mean pyramids vector quantization using Hadamard transform and tree structure, An

Girgis, R. Co Author Listing * To Veer or Not to Veer: Learning from Experts How to Stay Within the Crosswalk

Giri Prakash, H.D. Co Author Listing * novel method of Post processing algorithms for image and VP8 video codec's, A

Giri, C.[Chandra] Co Author Listing * Global land cover mapping using Earth observation satellite data: Recent progresses and challenges
* Land Cover Characterization and Mapping of South America for the Year 2010 Using Landsat 30 m Satellite Data
* Madagascar's Mangroves: Quantifying Nation-Wide and Ecosystem Specific Dynamics, and Detailed Contemporary Mapping of Distinct Ecosystems
* mangrove forest map of China in 2015: Analysis of time series Landsat 7/8 and Sentinel-1A imagery in Google Earth Engine cloud computing platform, A
* Observation and Monitoring of Mangrove Forests Using Remote Sensing: Opportunities and Challenges

Giri, R.[Ritwik] Co Author Listing * Joint Clustering and Classification for Multiple Instance Learning
* Reweighted Algorithms for Independent Vector Analysis
* Robust Bayesian method for simultaneous block sparse signal recovery with applications to face recognition
Includes: Giri, R.[Ritwik] Giri, R.

Giribabu, D. Co Author Listing * Improving Cartosat-1 DEM accuracy using synthetic stereo pair and triplet

Giridhar, K. Co Author Listing * Enhancement in Spectral Efficiency using Transmit-side Channel Shortener for MISO-OFDM Systems
* Single Snapshot Spatial Smoothing With Improved Effective Array Aperture

Giridharan, M. Co Author Listing * Dhaksha, The Unmanned Aircraft System in its New Avatar-Automated Aerial Inspection of India's Tallest Tower

Giridharan, N. Co Author Listing * Performance comparison of texture feature analysis methods using PNN classifier for segmentation and classification of brain CT images

Girija, G. Co Author Listing * Experimental study with enhanced Vision System prototype unit

Girin, L. Co Author Listing * Exploiting the Complementarity of Audio and Visual Data in Multi-speaker Tracking
* Separation of Audio-Visual Speech Sources: A New Approach Exploiting the Audio-Visual Coherence of Speech Stimuli
Includes: Girin, L. Girin, L.[Laurent]

Girish, V. Co Author Listing * Orthonormal wavelet representations for recognized complex annotations

Girisha, R. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of motion objects from surveillance video sequences using partial correlation
* Segmentation of Motion Objects from Surveillance Video Sequences Using Temporal Differencing Combined with Multiple Correlation

Girju, R.[Roxana] Co Author Listing * Stochastic models for semantic parsing, multi-faceted topic discovery, and causal event inference: Perspectives from natural language processing

Girma, A.[Atkilt] Co Author Listing * Understanding Boswellia papyrifera tree secondary metabolites through bark spectral analysis

Girmay, G.K.[Girmay K.] Co Author Listing * Logic filters for resolution conversion of digital images

Giro i Nieto, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Giro i Nieto, X.[Xavier]: xavier giro AT upc edu
* Cultural Event recognition with visual ConvNets and temporal models
* Diversity ranking for video retrieval from a broadcaster archive
* Faster R-CNN Features for Instance Search
* From pixels to sentiment: Fine-tuning CNNs for visual sentiment prediction
* Hierarchical Navigation and Visual Search for Video Keyframe Retrieval
* Improving spatial codification in semantic segmentation
* Quality control in crowdsourced object segmentation
* SaltiNet: Scan-Path Prediction on 360 Degree Images Using Saliency Volumes
* Shallow and Deep Convolutional Networks for Saliency Prediction
* System architecture of a web service for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* ViTS: Video Tagging System from Massive Web Multimedia Collections
* Wavelet coding of volumetric medical datasets
Includes: Giro i Nieto, X.[Xavier] Giro-i-Nieto, X.[Xavier] Giró-i-Nieto, X.[Xavier] Giró-i-Nieto, X. Giro-i-Nieto, X.
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Giro, X. Co Author Listing * Audiovisual event detection towards scene understanding
* Detection of Semantic Objects Using Description Graphs

Girod, B.[Bernd] Co Author Listing * 3-D image models and compression: synthetic hybrid or natural fit?
* 3-d Object Reconstruction Using Spatially Extended Voxels and Multi-hypothesis Voxel Coloring
* 3-D Reconstruction of Real-world Objects Using Extended Voxels
* 3D Motion and Scene Structure Estimation with Motion Dependent Distortion of Measurement Windows
* Adaptive Distributed Source Coding
* Adaptive Media Playout for Low-Delay Video Streaming Over Error-Prone Channels
* Adaptive Playout for Low Latency Video Streaming
* Adaptive Surface Data-Compression
* Advances in channel-adaptive video streaming
* Affine multipicture motion-compensated prediction
* Analysis of digital watermarks subjected to optimum linear filtering and additive noise
* Analysis of Error Propagation in Hybrid Video Coding with Application to Error Resilience
* Analysis of Packet Loss for Compressed Video: Effect of Burst Losses and Correlation Between Error Frames
* Automatic Reconstruction of Stationary 3-D Objects from Multiple Uncalibrated Camera Views
* Bit Allocation Methods for Closed-Loop Coding of Oversampled Pyramid Decompositions
* CHoG: Compressed histogram of gradients A low bit-rate feature descriptor
* City-scale landmark identification on mobile devices
* Classification of Compound Images Based on Transform Coefficient Likelihood
* Coding of Multi-View Image Sequences with Video Sensors
* Common principles of image acquisition systems and biological vision
* Comparison of local feature descriptors for mobile visual search
* Compressed Histogram of Gradients: A Low-Bitrate Descriptor
* Compressing Feature Sets with Digital Search Trees
* Congestion-aware rate allocation for multipath video streaming over ad hoc wireless networks
* Congestion-Distortion Optimized Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming
* Congestion-distortion optimized video transmission over ad hoc networks
* content-dependent fast DCT for low bit-rate video coding, A
* Data-Driven Multi-Frame 3D Motion Estimation
* Depth augmented stereo panorama for cinematic virtual reality with focus cues
* Depth from Focus of Structured Light
* Describing Clothing by Semantic Attributes
* Direction-Adaptive Discrete Wavelet Transform for Image Compression
* Direction-Adaptive Discrete Wavelet Transform via Directional Lifting and Bandeletization
* Direction-Adaptive Partitioned Block Transform for Color Image Coding
* Direction-adaptive partitioned block transform for image coding
* Distributed Channel Time Allocation and Rate Adaptation for Multi-User Video Streaming Over Wireless Home Networks
* Distributed Media-Aware Rate Allocation for Video Multicast Over Wireless Networks
* Distributed Media-Aware Rate Allocation for Wireless Video Streaming
* Distributed Rate Allocation for Multi-Stream Video Transmission Over Ad Hoc Networks
* Distributed Video Coding
* Dynamic selection of a feature-rich query frame for mobile video retrieval
* Efficiency Analysis of Multihypothesis Motion-Compensated Prediction for Video Coding
* Efficient video search using image queries
* Error-resilient mobile video by edge adapted multiscale transforms
* Estimation of Rigid Body Motion and Scene Structure from Image Sequences Using a Novel Epipolar Transform
* Fast Computation of Rotation-Invariant Image Features by an Approximate Radial Gradient Transform
* Fast geometric re-ranking for image-based retrieval
* Fast Public Key Watermarking of Compressed Video
* Fast search for long-term memory motion-compensated prediction
* Feedback-based error control for mobile video transmission
* Generalized B pictures and the draft H.264/AVC video-compression standard
* Gradient preserving quantization
* Hidden Sides of Names: Face Modeling with First Name Attributes, The
* Hierarchical Coding of Light Fields with Disparity Maps
* Hybrid Mobile Visual Search System With Compact Global Signatures, A
* Image Authentication Based on Distributed Source Coding
* Image Authentication Using Distributed Source Coding
* Image-domain Cost Function for 3-d Rigid Body Motion Estimation, An
* Improved Encoding of DCT coefficients for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding Using Multiple VLC Tables
* Interframe Coding of Feature Descriptors for Mobile Augmented Reality
* IPTV Multicast With Peer-Assisted Lossy Error Control
* Joint source channel coding of images with trellis coded quantization and convolutional codes
* Lagrange Multiplier Selection in Hybrid Video Coder Control
* Light field compression using disparity-compensated lifting and shape adaptation
* Localization of tampering in contrast and brightness adjusted images using distributed source coding and expectation maximization
* Long-Term Memory Motion-Compensated Prediction
* Long-Term Memory Prediction Using Affine Motion Compensation
* Low-Complexity Rate-Distortion Optimized Video Streaming
* Low-latency video transmission over lossy packet networks using rate-distortion optimized reference picture selection
* Memory-Efficient Image Databases for Mobile Visual Search
* Minimizing distortion for multi-path video streaming over ad hoc networks
* Mobile Visual Search
* Mobile visual search on printed documents using text and low bit-rate features
* Mobile Visual Search: Architectures, Technologies, and the Emerging MPEG Standard
* Model-Aided Coding: A New Approach to Incorporate Facial Animation into Motion-Compensated Video Coding
* Model-Based 3-D Shape and Motion Estimation Using Sliding Textures
* Model-Based Estimation of Facial Expression Parameters from Image Sequences
* Model-based face tracking for view-independent facial expression recognition
* Model-Based Synthetic View Generation from a Monocular Video Sequence
* Modeling the impact of keypoint detection errors on local descriptor similarity
* Motion and Disparity Compensated Coding for Multiview Video
* Motion Based Analysis and Segmentation of Image Sequences Using 3-D Scene Models
* Motion-Compensating Long-Term Memory Prediction
* Multi-frame motion-compensated video compression for the digital set-top box
* Multi-hypothesis Prediction for Disparity-compensated Light Field Compression
* Multi-View Coding for Image-Based Rendering Using 3-D Scene Geometry
* Multidimensional range mapping with pattern projection and cross correlation
* Multihypothesis Pictures for H.261
* Network-Adaptive Low-Latency Video Communication Over Best-Effort Networks
* Optimized Transcoding Rate Selection and Packet Scheduling for Transmitting Multiple Video Streams Over a Shared Channel
* Optimum Update for Motion-Compensated Lifting
* Overview of the MPEG-CDVS Standard
* Past, Present, and Future of Image and Multidimensional Signal-Processing, The
* Peer-to-Peer Live Multicast: A Video Perspective
* Peer-to-peer multicast live video streaming with interactive virtual pan/tilt/zoom functionality
* Performance Analysis of Multiscale Motion Compensation Techniques in Pyramid Coders
* Performance of the H.263 Video Compression Standard
* Power Spectrum Condition for Energy-Efficient Watermarking
* Pre-fetching based on video analysis for interactive region-of-interest streaming of soccer sequences
* Prescient R-D optimized packet dependency management for low-latency video streaming
* Principles of 3D Image Analysis and Synthesis
* Quality-controlled view interpolation for multiview video
* Quantization effects on digital watermarks
* Quantization schemes for low bitrate Compressed Histogram of Gradients descriptors
* Rate-constrained Multi-hypothesis Motion-compensated Prediction for Video Coding
* Rate-Constrained Multihypothesis Prediction for Motion-Compensated Video Compression
* Rate-Distortion Analysis and Streaming of SP and SI Frames
* Rate-distortion analysis for light field coding and streaming
* Rate-distortion analysis of random access for compressed light fields
* Rate-Distortion Hint Tracks for Adaptive Video Streaming
* Rate-Distortion Optimal Contour Prediction for a Region-Based Coder
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Streaming for 3-D Wavelet Video
* Rate-distortion optimized streaming of compressed light fields
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Streaming of Video with Multiple Independent Encodings
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Video Streaming over Internet Packet Traces
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Video Streaming with Adaptive Playout
* Rate-distortion optimized video streaming with multiple deadlines
* Rate-Distortion-Efficient Video Compression Using a 3-D Head Model
* Real-time video streaming with interactive region-of-interest
* Receiver-Driven Rate-Distortion Optimized Streaming of Light Fields
* Robust and efficient scalable video coding with leaky prediction
* Robust H.263 Compatible Video Transmission for Mobile Access to Video Servers
* Robust Internet video transmission based on scalable coding and unequal error protection
* Robust Low-Delay Video Transmission using H.264/AVC Redundant Slices and Flexible Macroblock Ordering
* Robust mobile video streaming in a peer-to-peer system
* Robust text detection in natural images with edge-enhanced Maximally Stable Extremal Regions
* Rotation-invariant fast features for large-scale recognition and real-time tracking
* Sensing and Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Objects and Scenes
* Sensitivity of Image-based and Texture-based Multi-view Coding to Model Accuracy
* Server diversity in rate-distortion optimized media streaming
* Shape adaptation for light field compression
* Side-information-adaptive distributed source coding
* Simple Range Cameras Based on Focal Error
* Spatial-Random-Access-Enabled Video Coding for Interactive Virtual Pan/Tilt/Zoom Functionality
* Special Issue on Image Sequence Compression
* Special Section on Biomedical Imaging
* Standard Compatible Extension of H.263 for Robust Video Transmission in Mobile Environments
* Subjective evaluation of multi-user rate allocation for streaming heterogeneous video contents over wireless networks
* Synchronization of presentation slides and lecture videos using bit rate sequences
* Systematic Lossy Error Protection of Video Signals
* Systematic Lossy Forward Error Protection for Error-Resilient Digital Video Broadcasting: A Wyner-Ziv Coding Approach
* Systematic lossy forward error protection for video waveforms
* Temporal aggregation for large-scale query-by-image video retrieval
* Theoretical analysis of geometry inaccuracy for light field compression
* Towards practical Wyner-Ziv coding of video
* Two Approaches to Incorporate Approximate Geometry Into Multi-view Image Coding
* Unified Real-Time Tracking and Recognition with Rotation-Invariant Fast Features
* Using Multiple Global Motion Models for Improved Block-Based Video Coding
* Vector quantization for entropy coding of image subbands
* Video coding with motion compensation for groups of pictures
* Video Coding with Motion-Compensated Lifted Wavelet Transforms
* Visual Communications and Image Processing 2001
* Watermarking of Uncompressed and Compressed Video
* What's in a Name? First Names as Facial Attributes
* Why B-pictures work: a theory of multi-hypothesis motion-compensated prediction
* Word-HOGs: Word histogram of oriented gradients for mobile visual search
* Wyner-ZIV coding of multiview images with unsupervised learning of disparity and Gray code
* Wyner-Ziv coding of video with unsupervised motion vector learning
* Wyner-ZIV video coding with hash-based motion compensation at the receiver
Includes: Girod, B.[Bernd] Girod, B.
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Girod, L.[Luc] Co Author Listing * Glacier Volume Change Estimation Using Time Series Of Improved Aster Dems
* MMASTER: Improved ASTER DEMs for Elevation Change Monitoring

Girod, R.[Romain] Co Author Listing * Mapping a Knowledge-Based Malaria Hazard Index Related to Landscape Using Remote Sensing: Application to the Cross-Border Area between French Guiana and Brazil

Girod, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Surface Data-Compression

Girodias, K. Co Author Listing * Linear Discriminants and Image Quality

Girolami, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Classifying EEG for brain computer interfaces using Gaussian processes
* On the Use of Diagonal and Class-Dependent Weighted Distances for the Probabilistic k-Nearest Neighbor
* Pseudo-Marginal Bayesian Inference for Gaussian Processes
* Putting the Scientist in the Loop: Accelerating Scientific Progress with Interactive Machine Learning
Includes: Girolami, M.[Mark] Girolami, M.

Girolami, M.A.[Mark A.] Co Author Listing * Combined Latent Class and Trait Model for the Analysis and Visualization of Discrete Data, A
* Combining feature spaces for classification
* empirical analysis of the probabilistic K-nearest neighbour classifier, An
* Employing Latent Dirichlet Allocation for fraud detection in telecommunications
* Employing optimized combinations of one-class classifiers for automated currency validation
* Initialized and Guided EM-clustering of Sparse Binary Data with Application to Text Based Documents
* Novelty detection employing an L2 optimal non-parametric density estimator
* Pattern recognition with a Bayesian kernel combination machine
* Probabilistic Hierarchical Clustering Method for Organising Collections of Text Documents, A
* Probability density estimation from optimally condensed data samples
Includes: Girolami, M.A.[Mark A.] Girolami, M.A.
10 for Girolami, M.A.

Giron, C.[Casey] Co Author Listing * rapidly deployable virtual presence extended defense system, A

Giron, F.[Franck] Co Author Listing * Automatic skin decomposition based on single image

Girona, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Airborne Thermal Imagery to Detect the Seasonal Evolution of Crop Water Status in Peach, Nectarine and Saturn Peach Orchards

Gironda, M. Co Author Listing * Operational Two-Stage Stratified Topographic Correction of Spaceborne Multispectral Imagery Employing an Automatic Spectral-Rule-Based Decision-Tree Preliminary Classifier

Girondel, V. Co Author Listing * belief theory-based static posture recognition system for real-time video surveillance applications, A
* Inner and outer lip contour tracking using cubic curve parametric models
* Lip contour segmentation and tracking compliant with lip-reading application constraints
* Real time tracking of multiple persons by Kalman filtering and face pursuit for multimedia applications
Includes: Girondel, V. Girondel, V.[Vincent]

Girones, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Supervised texture segmentation through a multi-level pixel-based classifier based on specifically designed filters

Giros, A. Co Author Listing * 2d Sub-pixel Disparity Measurement Using Qpec / Medicis
* Bayesian Nonparametric Model Coupled with a Markov Random Field for Change Detection in Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Images, A
* Kal-Haiti: A Research Database For Risks Management And Sustainable Reconstruction In Haiti
* New Multivariate Statistical Model for Change Detection in Images Acquired by Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Sensors, A
* Orfeo, The Pleiades Accompaniment Program and Its Users Thematic Commissioning
Includes: Giros, A. Giros, A.[Alain]

Girosi, F. Co Author Listing * Computational Approach to Motion Perception, A
* Constraints for the Computation of Optical Flow
* Correlation Kernel Reconstruction and Superresolution
* Differential Techniques for Optical Flow
* Mathematical Properties of the 2D Motion Field: From Singular Points to Motion Parameters
* Mean Field Theory for Surface Reconstruction
* Networks for Approximation and Learning
* Parallel and Deterministic Algorithms from MRFs: Surface Reconstruction
* Parallel and Deterministic Algorithms from MRFs: Surface Reconstruction and Integration
* Regularization Algorithms for Learning That Are Equivalent to Multilayer Networks
* Regularization Theory and Neural Networks Architectures
* Theory of Networks for Approximation and Learning, A
* Training Support Vector Machines: An Application to Face Detection
Includes: Girosi, F. Girosi, F.[Fredrico]
13 for Girosi, F.

Girouard, D.[David] Co Author Listing * System and method for hosting of video content over a network

Giroud, F.[Francoise] Co Author Listing * random-periods model for the comparison of a metrics efficiency to classify cell-cycle expressed genes, A

Giroux, M.F. Co Author Listing * Segmentation in Ultrasonic B-Mode Images of Healthy Carotid Arteries Using Mixtures of Nakagami Distributions and Stochastic Optimization

Giroux, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Online Prediction of People's Next Point-of-Interest: Concept Drift Support

Girres, J.F. Co Author Listing * First, Do No Harm: Eliminating Systematic Error in Analytical Results of GIS Applications

Girshick, R.[Ross] Co Author Listing * Actions and Attributes from Wholes and Parts
* Aggregated Residual Transformations for Deep Neural Networks
* Aligning 3D models to RGB-D images of cluttered scenes
* Analyzing the Performance of Multilayer Neural Networks for Object Recognition
* CLEVR: A Diagnostic Dataset for Compositional Language and Elementary Visual Reasoning
* Contextual Action Recognition with R*CNN
* Deep3D: Fully Automatic 2D-to-3D Video Conversion with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Deformable part models are convolutional neural networks
* Editorial: Deep Learning for Computer Vision
* Efficient Human Pose Estimation from Single Depth Images
* Efficient Regression of General-Activity Human Poses from Depth Images
* Fast R-CNN
* Faster R-CNN: Towards Real-Time Object Detection with Region Proposal Networks
* Feature Pyramid Networks for Object Detection
* Focal Loss for Dense Object Detection
* Generalized Sparselet Models for Real-Time Multiclass Object Recognition
* Hypercolumns for object segmentation and fine-grained localization
* Indoor Scene Understanding with RGB-D Images: Bottom-up Segmentation, Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
* Inferring and Executing Programs for Visual Reasoning
* Inside-Outside Net: Detecting Objects in Context with Skip Pooling and Recurrent Neural Networks
* Learning Features by Watching Objects Move
* Learning Rich Features from RGB-D Images for Object Detection and Segmentation
* Low-Shot Visual Recognition by Shrinking and Hallucinating Features
* Mask R-CNN
* Object Detection Networks on Convolutional Feature Maps
* Object Instance Segmentation and Fine-Grained Localization Using Hypercolumns
* Part-Based R-CNNs for Fine-Grained Category Detection
* Perceptual Organization and Recognition of Indoor Scenes from RGB-D Images
* Region-Based Convolutional Networks for Accurate Object Detection and Segmentation
* Rich Feature Hierarchies for Accurate Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
* Seeing through the Human Reporting Bias: Visual Classifiers from Noisy Human-Centric Labels
* Simultaneous Detection and Segmentation
* Sparselet Models for Efficient Multiclass Object Detection
* three R's of computer vision: Recognition, reconstruction and reorganization, The
* Training Deformable Part Models with Decorrelated Features
* Training Region-Based Object Detectors with Online Hard Example Mining
* Understanding Objects in Detail with Fine-Grained Attributes
* Using k-Poselets for Detecting People and Localizing Their Keypoints
* You Only Look Once: Unified, Real-Time Object Detection
Includes: Girshick, R.[Ross] Girshick, R.
39 for Girshick, R.

Girshick, R.B.[Ross B.] Co Author Listing * Cascade object detection with deformable part models
* discriminatively trained, multiscale, deformable part model, A
* Object Detection with Discriminatively Trained Part-Based Models
* Visibility constraints on features of 3D objects
* Visual Object Detection with Deformable Part Models

Giryes, R.[Raja] Co Author Listing * Poisson inverse problems by the Plug-and-Play scheme
* Postprocessing of Compressed Images via Sequential Denoising
* Sparsity Based Methods for Overparameterized Variational Problems
* Sparsity based poisson inpainting
* Sparsity-Based Poisson Denoising With Dictionary Learning

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