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Groß, H.M.[Horst Michael] Co Author Listing * Monocular 3D scene reconstruction at absolute scale
* Monocular 3D Scene Reconstruction at Absolute Scales by Combination of Geometric and Real-Aperture Methods
Includes: Groß, H.M.[Horst Michael] Groß, H.M.[Horst-Michael]

Große Stoltenberg, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Effect of Epidermal Structures on Leaf Spectral Signatures of Ice Plants (Aizoaceae), The
* Evaluation of Continuous VNIR-SWIR Spectra versus Narrowband Hyperspectral Indices to Discriminate the Invasive Acacia longifolia within a Mediterranean Dune Ecosystem
* Field Spectroscopy in the VNIR-SWIR Region to Discriminate between Mediterranean Native Plants and Exotic-Invasive Shrubs Based on Leaf Tannin Content
Includes: Große Stoltenberg, A.[Andre] Große-Stoltenberg, A.[André]

Große, A.[Andree] Co Author Listing * Detection of Non-convex Objects by Dynamic Programming
* Interactive segmentation of non-star-shaped contours by dynamic programming

Großmann, B.[Bjarne] Co Author Listing * Comparative Evaluation of 3D Pose Estimation of Industrial Objects in RGB Pointclouds
* Fast and Accurate Unknown Object Segmentation for Robotic Systems

Groat, C.G.[Charles G.] Co Author Listing * National Map - A Continuing, Critical Need for the Nation, The

Grob, J.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of skin lesions using geometrical measurements of adaptive neighborhoods and local binary patterns

Grobel, K. Co Author Listing * Real-time hand-arm motion analysis using a single video camera
* Video-Based Handshape Recognition Using a Handshape Structure Model in Real Time

Grobler, T.L. Co Author Listing * Meta-Optimization of the Extended Kalman Filter's Parameters Through the Use of the Bias Variance Equilibrium Point Criterion

Grobova, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Hidden Sadness Detection Using Micro-Expressions

Groby, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Co Author Listing * Localization and characterization of simple defects in finite-sized photonic crystals
Includes: Groby, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Groby, J.P.[Jean-Philippe]

Groch, A. Co Author Listing * Comparative Validation of Single-Shot Optical Techniques for Laparoscopic 3-D Surface Reconstruction

Groch, W.D.[Wolfgang Dieter] Co Author Listing * Absolute Orientation of Stereoscopic Cameras by Aligning Contours in Pairs of Images and Reference Images
* Detection of Pose Changes for Spatial Objects from Projective Images
* Effects of Radiometry on the Accuracy of Intensity Based Registration, The
* Extraction of Line Shaped Objects from Aerial Images Using a Special Operator to Analyze the Profiles of Functions
* Internal evaluation of registration results for radiographic images
* Selective X-Ray Reconstruction and Registration for Pose Estimation in 6 Degrees of Freedom
Includes: Groch, W.D.[Wolfgang Dieter] Groch, W.D.[Wolfgang-Dieter] Groch, W.D. Groch, W.D.[Wolf-Dieter]

Grochala, A. Co Author Listing * Calibration of Low Cost RGB and NIR UAV Cameras
* Impact of the method of registering Terrestrial Laser Scanning data on the quality of documenting cultural heritage structures
* Method of Panchromatic Image Modification for Satellite Imagery Data Fusion, A
* Some Aspects Of Satellite Imagery Integration From Eros B And Landsat 8
Includes: Grochala, A. Grochala, A.[Aleksandra]

Grochenig, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Framework for Data-Centric Analysis of Mapping Activity in the Context of Volunteered Geographic Information, A
* Framework for Evaluating Stay Detection Approaches, A
Includes: Grochenig, S.[Simon] Gröchenig, S.[Simon] (Maybe also Groechenig, S.)

Grochmalicki, J. Co Author Listing * Scanning Singular-Value-Decomposition Method for Restoration of Images with Space-Variant Blur

Grochulla, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Template Registration Using Normal Maps
* Using Spatially Distributed Patterns for Multiple View Camera Calibration
Includes: Grochulla, M. Grochulla, M.[Martin]

Grodecki, J.[Jacek] Co Author Listing * Block Adjustment of High-Resolution Satellite Images Described by Rational Functions
* Evaluation methods for curvilinear feature extraction
* IKONOS satellite, imagery, and products
* Sensor orientation via RPCs
Includes: Grodecki, J.[Jacek] Grodecki, J.

Grodecki, J.F.[Jacek Franciszek] Co Author Listing * Apparatuses and methods for mapping image coordinates to ground coordinates
* Block Adjustment of High-Resolution Satellite Images Described by Rational Functions

Grodsky, S.A.[Semyon A.] Co Author Listing * Ka-Band Dual Copolarized Empirical Model for the Sea Surface Radar Cross Section

Grodzinski, B.[Bernard] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Based Autonomous Robotic System for 3D Plant Growth Measurement

Groeger, G.[Gerhard] Co Author Listing * Achieving Integrity in Geographic Information Systems: Maps and Nested Maps

Groeller, E. Co Author Listing * EndoView: A Phantom Study of a Tracked Virtual Bronchoscopy

Groen, F.C.A. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Recognition from 2-D Images Using Geometric Hashing
* Bias reduction for stereo based motion estimation with applications to large scale visual odometry
* Box-Cox Metric for Nearest-Neighbor Classification Improvement, The
* Discretization Errors in the Hough Transform
* Fast Algorithm for Cellular Logic Operations on Sequential Machines, A
* fast computational method for minimum square error transform, A
* Fast Offline Building Recognition Application on a Mobile Telephone, A
* Freeman-Code Probabilities of Object Boundary Quantized Contours
* Global Intensity Correction in Dynamic Scenes
* Heading direction of a mobile robot from the optical flow
* Likelihood-based object detection and object tracking using color histograms and EM
* Mid-range and distant vehicle detection with a mobile camera
* Model Based Corner Detection
* Probabilistic classication between foreground objects and background
* SCILAIM: A Multi-Level Interactive Image Processing Environment
* smallest box around a package, The
* Symbol Recognition in Electrical Diagrams Using Probabilistic Graph Matching
* Three-Dimensional Skeletonization: Principle and Algorithm
Includes: Groen, F.C.A. Groen, F.C.A.[Frans C.A.]
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Groen, T.A.[Thomas A.] Co Author Listing * Changes in thermal infrared spectra of plants caused by temperature and water stress
* Identifying leaf traits that signal stress in TIR spectra
* Leaf Area Index Retrieved From Thermal Hyperspectral Data
* Naïve Overfitting Index Selection (NOIS): A new method to optimize model complexity for hyperspectral data, The
* Remotely-Sensed Early Warning Signals of a Critical Transition in a Wetland Ecosystem
* Retrieval of leaf area index in different plant species using thermal hyperspectral data
* Retrieval of leaf water content spanning the visible to thermal infrared spectra
7 for Groen, T.A.

Groenegress, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Gesture Frame: A Screen Navigation System for Interactive Multimedia Kiosks

Groenenberg, M. Co Author Listing * Towards Automated Visual Monitoring of Individual Gorillas in the Wild

Groeneveld Krentz, S.[Stefanie] Co Author Listing * Clustering of cell populations in flow cytometry data using a combination of Gaussian mixtures
Includes: Groeneveld Krentz, S.[Stefanie] Groeneveld-Krentz, S.[Stefanie]

Groeneveld, K.[Kim] Co Author Listing * Depth-based detection with region comparison features

Groenewald, A.M. Co Author Listing * Related Approaches to Gradient-Based Thresholding

Groeneweg, N.J.C. Co Author Listing * Fast Offline Building Recognition Application on a Mobile Telephone, A

Groetsch, C.W. Co Author Listing * Inverse scale-space theory for inverse problems

Groff, T.D.[Tyler D.] Co Author Listing * Kalman filtering techniques for focal plane electric field estimation

Grogan, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Exploring Patterns and Effects of Aerosol Quantity Flag Anomalies in MODIS Surface Reflectance Products in the Tropics
* Mapping Clearances in Tropical Dry Forests Using Breakpoints, Trend, and Seasonal Components from MODIS Time Series: Does Forest Type Matter?
* Review of the Application of Optical and Radar Remote Sensing Data Fusion to Land Use Mapping and Monitoring, A

Grogan, T. Co Author Listing * Global and Partial Shape Discrimination for Computer Vision

Grogan, T.A. Co Author Listing * On Poisson Solvers and Semidirect Methods for Computing Area Based Optical-Flow
* Uniqueness, the Minimum Norm Constraint, and Analog Networks for Optical Flow Along Contours

Groger, G.[Gerhard] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of building types in 3D city models: Using SVMs for semantic enrichment of low resolution building data
* CityGML: Interoperable semantic 3D city models
* Derivation of 3D Indoor Models by Grammars for Route Planning
* Evaluation Criteria for Recent LoD Proposals for City-GML Buildings
* How to achieve consistency for 3D city models
* How to Get 3-D for the Price of 2-D: Topology and Consistency of 3-D Urban GIS
* Hybrid Automatic Building Interpretation System
* Model driven reconstruction of roofs from sparse LIDAR point clouds
* Provably correct and complete transaction rules for updating 3D city models
* Sementically Enhanced Prototypes for Building Reconstruction
* Transaction rules for updating surfaces in 3D GIS
Includes: Groger, G.[Gerhard] Gröger, G.[Gerhard] (Maybe also Groeger, G.)Gröger, G. (Maybe also Groeger, G.)
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Groger, M. Co Author Listing * Structure Driven Substitution of Specular Reflections for Realtime Heart Surface Tracking

Grogna, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of pairwise calibration techniques for range cameras and their ability to detect a misalignment
* Impact of image brightness reduction on perceived quality of 3D experience for 3D cinema spectators
* Method for detecting interest points in images using angular signatures
* Stereo matching method using multiple angular signatures matched by multidimensional dynamic timewarping (MD-DTW)
Includes: Grogna, D.[David] Grogna, D.

Grogono, P. Co Author Listing * Fast robust GA-based ellipse detection

Groh, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Multi-view Continuous Structured Light Scanning

Groh, R. Co Author Listing * Aughanded Virtuality: The hands in the virtual environment
* Smart Prototyping: Improving the Evaluation of Design Concepts Using Virtual Reality
Includes: Groh, R. Groh, R.[Rainer]

Groher, M. Co Author Listing * Deformable 2D-3D Registration of Vascular Structures in a One View Scenario
* Discrete tracking of parametrized curves
* Image based rendering for motion compensation in angiographic roadmapping
* Interventional Tool Tracking Using Discrete Optimization
* Monocular Deformable Model-to-Image Registration of Vascular Structures
Includes: Groher, M. Groher, M.[Martin]

Grohman, W.M.[Wojciech M.] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy convex set-based pattern classification for analysis of mammographic microcalcifications

Grohn, S.[Sami] Co Author Listing * Compression of map images for real-time applications
Includes: Grohn, S.[Sami] Gröhn, S.[Sami] (Maybe also Groehn, S.)

Grohnfeldt, C. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Joint Sparsity for Pansharpening: The J-SparseFI Algorithm

Grois, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Complexity-Aware Adaptive Preprocessing Scheme for Region-of-Interest Spatial Scalable Video Coding
* Complexity-aware adaptive spatial pre-processing for ROI scalable video coding with dynamic transition region
* Dynamic computational complexity and bit allocation for optimizing H.264/AVC video compression
Includes: Grois, D.[Dan] Grois, D.

Groisser, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Geometric Theory of Symmetric Registration, A
* Non-Rigid Shape Comparison of Plane Curves in Images
* On the Topology and Geometry of Spaces of Affine Shapes
* Some Differential-Geometric Remarks on a Method for Minimizing Constrained Functionals of Matrix-Valued Functions
* Some New Results on Non-rigid Correspondence and Classification of Curves
* Symmetric Non-Rigid Registration: A Geometric Theory and Some Numerical Techniques

Groll, L.[Lutz] Co Author Listing * Constrained Ellipse Fitting with Center on a Line
* Lateral Vehicle Trajectory Optimization Using Constrained Linear Time-Varying MPC
* Structure from Motion Approach for the Analysis of Adhesions in Rotating Vessels, A
Includes: Groll, L.[Lutz] Gröll, L.[Lutz] (Maybe also Groell, L.)Gröll, L. (Maybe also Groell, L.)

Grolleau, A. Co Author Listing * Urban models texturing from un-calibrated photographs

Groller, E. Co Author Listing * Direction-Driven Shape-Based Interpolation of Volume Data
* Hardware-Accelerated High-Quality Filtering on PC Hardware
* Heterogeneous morphing of multimodal medical information
* Jini service to reconstruct tomographic data, A
* Visual analytics and rendering for tunnel crack analysis
Includes: Groller, E. Gröller, E. (Maybe also Groeller, E.)Gröller, E.[Eduard] (Maybe also Groeller, E.)

Groller, M.E.[M. Eduard] Co Author Listing * Efficient reconstruction from non-uniform point sets
* Flexible Direct Multi-Volume Rendering in Dynamic Scenes
Includes: Groller, M.E.[M. Eduard] Gröller, M.E.[M. Eduard] (Maybe also Groeller, M.E.)

Grollich, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Automatic techniques for 3D reconstruction of critical workplace body postures from range imaging data
Includes: Grollich, D.[Daniel] Gröllich, D.[Daniel] (Maybe also Groellich, D.)

Grom, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * General-Purpose Japanese Optical Character Recognition System, A

Gromala, D.[Diane] Co Author Listing * Immersion in Cardboard VR Compared to a Traditional Head-Mounted Display

Gromball, F. Co Author Listing * Nanometer-scale Height Measurements in Micromachined Picoliter Vials Based on Interference Fringe Analysis

Gromek, A. Co Author Listing * Advanced SAR Simulator of Three-Dimensional Structures Combining Geometrical Optics and Full-Wave Electromagnetic Methods, An
* SAR imagery change detection method for Land Border Monitoring

Gromek, D. Co Author Listing * Advanced SAR Simulator of Three-Dimensional Structures Combining Geometrical Optics and Full-Wave Electromagnetic Methods, An

Gromov, M.O. Co Author Listing * UAV Aerial Survey: Accuracy Estimation For Automatically Generated Dense Digital Surface Model And Orthothoto Plan

Grompone von Gioi, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Sub-Pixel Edge Detector: an Implementation of the Canny/Devernay Algorithm, A

Gronat, P.[Petr] Co Author Listing * Learning and Calibrating Per-Location Classifiers for Visual Place Recognition
* NetVLAD: CNN Architecture for Weakly Supervised Place Recognition
Includes: Gronat, P.[Petr] Gronát, P.[Petr]

Grond, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Methods for Effective Sonification of Clarinetists' Ancillary Gestures

Grondin, J. Co Author Listing * Sparse Matrix Beamforming and Image Reconstruction for 2-D HIFU Monitoring Using Harmonic Motion Imaging for Focused Ultrasound (HMIFU) With In Vitro Validation

Gronemann, U.F.[Uri F.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and technique for generating a screen reproduction of an image

Gronvall, J.F.[John Fredrik] Co Author Listing * Automatic real-time FACS-coder to anonymise drivers in eye tracker videos
Includes: Gronvall, J.F.[John Fredrik] Gronvall, J.F.[John-Fredrik]

Gronwall, C.[Christina] Co Author Listing * Airborne 3D imaging possibilities for defense and security
* Ground Target Recognition Using Rectangle Estimation
* Least Squares Fitting Articulated Objects
* Smoothing-Based Submap Merging in Large Area SLAM
* Target Segmentation in Scenes with Diverse Background
Includes: Gronwall, C.[Christina] Grönwall, C.[Christina] (Maybe also Groenwall, C.)Gronwall, C.

Groom, G.[Geoff] Co Author Listing * Detection and Delineation of Localized Flooding from WorldView-2 Multispectral Data
* Local-scale flood mapping on vegetated floodplains from radiometrically calibrated airborne LiDAR data

Groom, S.[Steve] Co Author Listing * Assessment of satellite ocean color products of MERIS, MODIS and SeaWiFS along the East China Coast (in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea)
* Atmospheric Correction Performance of Hyperspectral Airborne Imagery over a Small Eutrophic Lake under Changing Cloud Cover

Groos, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Frequency of Low Clouds in Taiwan Retrieved from MODIS Data and Its Relation to Cloud Forest Occurrence

Groot, N. Co Author Listing * Integrated Model Predictive Traffic and Emission Control Using a Piecewise-Affine Approach
* Toward System-Optimal Routing in Traffic Networks: A Reverse Stackelberg Game Approach

Groot, P.[Perry] Co Author Listing * Error probabilities for local extrema in gene expression data

Grooten, M.H.M.[Mart H.M.] Co Author Listing * Size from Specular Highlights for Analyzing Droplet Size Distributions

Grootveld, C.J. Co Author Listing * Regularized Modified Newton-Raphson Technique Applied to Electrical-Impedance Tomography

Gropp, M. Co Author Listing * Vesselness for text detection in historical document images

Groppelli, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Land subsidence, Ground Fissures and Buried Faults: InSAR Monitoring of Ciudad Guzmán (Jalisco, Mexico)

Groppi, C. Co Author Listing * Measuring Water Vapor and Ash in Volcanic Eruptions With a Millimeter-Wave Radar/Imager

Gros, B.L. Co Author Listing * Anisotropies in Visual Motion Perception: A Fresh Look

Gros, N. Co Author Listing * KPPF: Keypoint-Based Point-Pair-Feature for Scalable Automatic Global Registration of Large RGB-D Scans

Gros, P. Co Author Listing * 3D Projective Invariants from Two Images
* Accelerating Image Retrieval Using Factorial Correspondence Analysis on GPU
* Audiovisual integration with Segment Models for tennis video parsing
* Automatically Creating Adaptive Video Summaries Using Constraint Satisfaction Programming: Application to Sport Content
* Color Illumination Models for Image Matching and Indexing
* Combining Local Recognition Methods for Better Recognition
* Content-based image retrieval from a large image database
* Content-based Retrieval Using Local Descriptors: Problems and Issues from a Database Perspective
* Geometrical Key-Frame Selection Method Exploiting Dominant Motion Estimation in Video, A
* Hamming embedding similarity-based image classification
* Hierarchical structure analysis of sport videos using hmms
* How Useful is Projective Geometry?
* Invariants of a Pair of Conics Revisited
* Language modeling for bag-of-visual words image categorization
* Matching And Clustering: Two Steps Toward Automatic Object Modeling in Computer Vision
* Matching and Clustering: Two Steps Towards Automatic Objective Model Generation
* Multimodal Processing and Interaction: Audio, Video, Text
* Novel Modeling for Video Summarization Using Constraint Satisfaction Programming, A
* Object Indexing Is a Complex Matter
* Query-Adaptive locality sensitive hashing
* Rapid Object Indexing and Recognition Using Enhanced Geometric Hashing
* Robust Technique to Recognize Objects in Images, and the DB Problems it Raises, A
* Using Local Planar Geometric Invariants to Match and Model Images of Line Segments
* Using quasi-invariants for automatic model building and object recognition: An overview
* Visual Learning for Landmark Recognition
Includes: Gros, P. Gros, P.[Patrick] Gros, P.[Patric]
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Grosbois, R.[Raphael] Co Author Listing * Analytical Study of JPEG 2000 Functionalities, An
* JPEG 2000 performance evaluation and assessment
Includes: Grosbois, R.[Raphael] Grosbois, R.[Raphaël]

Grosch, C.B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Stereo Reconstruction of Man-Made Targets

Grosche, P. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Music Structure Annotation by Time Series Structure Features and Segment Similarity

Grosdidier, S. Co Author Listing * HF Bistatic Ocean Doppler Spectra: Simulation Versus Experimentation

Grosgeorge, D. Co Author Listing * Graph cut segmentation with a statistical shape model in cardiac MRI
* Multilabel statistical shape prior for image segmentation

Grosges, T. Co Author Listing * new image encryption scheme based on a chaotic function, A

Groshong, R. Co Author Listing * Closing Gaps in Edges and Surfaces

Grosicki, E. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of HMM and BLSTM Segmentation-Free Approaches for the Recognition of Handwritten Text-Lines
* ICDAR 2009 Handwriting Recognition Competition
* ICDAR 2011: French Handwriting Recognition Competition
* New Hierarchical Handwritten Document Layout Extraction Based on Conditional Random Field Modeling, A
* Preliminary experiments in layout analysis of handwritten letters based on textural and spatial information and a 2D Markovian approach
* Results of the RIMES Evaluation Campaign for Handwritten Mail Processing
* Unconstrained Handwritten Document Layout Extraction Using 2D Conditional Random Fields
Includes: Grosicki, E. Grosicki, E.[Emmanuèle] Grosicki, E.[Emmanuele]
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Grosjean, B.[Benedicte] Co Author Listing * A-contrario Detectability of Spots in Textured Backgrounds
Includes: Grosjean, B.[Benedicte] Grosjean, B.[Bénédicte]

Grosky, W. Co Author Listing * From Features to Semantics: Some Preliminary Results

Grosky, W.I. Co Author Listing * Continuing Reinvention of Content-Based Retrieval: Multimedia Is Not Dead, The
* Hierarchical Approach to Feature Indexing
* Hyper-Pyramids for Integration of Spatial Information
* Iconic Indexing Using Generalized Pattern Matching Techniques
* Image Database Management
* Index-Based Object Recognition in Pictorial Data Management
* Indexing and retrieval of images by spatial constraints
* Industrial part recognition using a component-index
* Managing Multimedia: Information In Database Systems
* Moving Camera Moving Object Segmentation in Compressed Video Sequences
* Negotiating the semantic gap: from feature maps to semantic landscapes
* Normalized Quadtrees with Respect to Translations
* Optimal Quadtrees for Image Segments
* Pyramid-Based Approach to Segmentation Applied to Region Matching, A
* Shape Matching Utilizing Indexed Hypothesis Generation and Testing
* Unified Approach to the Linear Camera Calibration Problem, A
Includes: Grosky, W.I. Grosky, W.I.[William I.]
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Gross Amblard, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Blind and squaring-resistant watermarking of vectorial building layers
Includes: Gross Amblard, D.[David] Gross-Amblard, D.[David]

Gross Colzy, L. Co Author Listing * Process Line for Geometrical Image Correction of Disruptive Microvibrations
Includes: Gross Colzy, L. Gross-Colzy, L.

Gross, A. Co Author Listing * Fast Parallel Algorithm for Dot Linking in Glass Patterns, A

Gross, A.D.[Ari D.] Co Author Listing * email: Gross, A.D.[Ari D.]: ari AT cvisiontech com
* Analyzing Skewed Symmetries
* Contour Grouping Based on Local Symmetry
* Digital Geometric Invariance and Shape Representation
* Digital geometric methods in document image analysis
* Digitization Constraints That Preserve Topology and Geometry
* Digitizations preserving shape
* Digitizations Preserving Topological and Differential Geometric-Properties
* Distance Learning Based on Convex Clustering
* Error of Fit Measures for Recovering Parametric Solids
* Modelling Digital Straight Lines
* Multiresolution Object Detection and Delineation
* On the Recovery of Superellipsoids
* Preserving Topology by a Digitization Process
* Realistic Digitization Model of Straight-Lines, A
* Recovery of Generalized Cylinders from a Single Intensity View
* Recovery of SHGCs from a Single Intensity View
* Recovery of Superquadrics from 3D Information
* Recovery of Superquadrics from Depth Information
* Report of the NSF/ARPA Workshop on 3D Object Representation for Computer Vision
* Report on the 1994 workshop on 3-D object representations in computer vision
* Special issue: Shape Representation and Similarity for Image Databases
* Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders: Analysis of Reflectance Properties and a Necessary Condition for Class Membership
* Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders: Constraints from Contour
* SYMAN: A SYMmetry ANalyzer
* Toward Non-Parametric Digital Shape Representation and Recovery
* Toward Object-Based Heuristics
Includes: Gross, A.D.[Ari D.] Gross, A.D. Gross, A.D.[Ari David]
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Gross, B.[Barry] Co Author Listing * Using lidar networks to explore aloft plume properties

Gross, B.A.[Brooks A.] Co Author Listing * Artificial neural networks capable of learning spatiotemporal chemical diffusion in the cortical brain

Gross, B.M. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Langley and NASA-GISS Calibration Techniques for MFRSR Aerosol Retrieval

Gross, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Improved Resolution from Subpixel Shifted Pictures

Gross, H. Co Author Listing * 3D-Modeling of Urban Structures
* Development of a Segment-Based Description of Events in Image Sequences
* Extraction of Bridges over Water in Multi-Aspect High-Resolution InSAR Data
* Extraction of Lines from Laser Point Clouds
* Generalized propagation of light through optical systems. I. Mathematical basics
* Line-Based Registration of Terrestrial and Airborne LIDAR Data
* Nearest Neighbour Classification on Laser Point Clouds to Gain Object Structures from Buildings
* Normalization of Lidar Intensity Data Based on Range and Surface Incidence Angle
* Segmentation of Tree Regions Using Data of a Full-Waveform Laser
Includes: Gross, H. Gross, H.[Hermann] Gross, H.[Herbert]
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Gross, H.M.[Horst Michael] Co Author Listing * APFel: The intelligent video analysis and surveillance system for assisting human operators
* Automatic Calibration of Multiple Stationary Laser Range Finders Using Trajectories
* Computational Model of Early Auditory-Visual Integration, A
* Contour-based Person Localizaion by 3d Neural Fields and Steerable Filters
* Extraction of Orientation from Floor Structure for Odometry Correction in Mobile Robotics
* Feedback Estimation Approach for Therapeutic Facial Training, A
* Increasing the Robustness of 2D Active Appearance Models for Real-World Applications
* Person Localization and Posture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction
* real-time facial expression recognition system based on Active Appearance Models using gray images and edge images, A
* Resolving stereo matching errors due to repetitive structures using model information
* Robust omniview-based probabilistic self-localization for mobile robots in large maze-like environments
* Task Relevant Relaxation Network for Visuo-Motor Systems
* Tracking of Human Body Parts using the Multiocular Contracting Curve Density Algorithm
* User Localisation for Visually-Based Human-Machine-Interaction
* View Invariant Appearance-Based Person Reidentification Using Fast Online Feature Selection and Score Level Fusion
Includes: Gross, H.M.[Horst Michael] Gross, H.M.[Horst-Michael] Gross, H.M.
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Gross, H.N. Co Author Listing * Application of Spectral Mixture Analysis and Image Fusion Techniques for Image Sharpening
* Evaluation of Two Applications of Spectral Mixing Models to Image Fusion
Includes: Gross, H.N. Gross, H.N.[Harry N.]

Gross, K.C. Co Author Listing * Enhanced material identification using polarimetric hyperspectral imaging
* Mathematical model and experimental methodology for calibration of a LWIR polarimetric-hyperspectral imager

Gross, L. Co Author Listing * transfinite form of Sibson's interpolant, A

Gross, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis and VLSI Implementation of EWA Rendering for Real-Time HD Video Applications
* Automatic jumping photos on smartphones
* Benchmark Dataset and Evaluation Methodology for Video Object Segmentation, A
* ColorBrush: Animated diffusion for intuitive colorization simulating water painting
* Distinguishing Texture Edges From Object Boundaries in Video
* Evaluation and FPGA Implementation of Sparse Linear Solvers for Video Processing Applications
* Extending SVC by Content-adaptive Spatial Scalability
* Fast and Stable Color Balancing for Images and Augmented Reality
* FPGA-based processing pipeline for high-definition stereo video, An
* HS-Nets: Estimating Human Body Shape from Silhouettes with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Human Shape from Silhouettes Using Generative HKS Descriptors and Cross-Modal Neural Networks
* Improved Reconstruction of Deforming Surfaces by Cancelling Ambient Occlusion
* Interactive video segmentation supported by multiple modalities, with an application to depth maps
* Label-Based Automatic Alignment of Video with Narrative Sentences
* MasterCam FVV: Robust registration of multiview sports video to a static high-resolution master camera for free viewpoint video
* Memory Efficient Stereoscopy from Light Fields
* Methods, systems, and computer program products for imperceptibly embedding structured light patterns in projected color images for display on planar and non-planar surfaces
* Non-linear warping and warp coding for content-adaptive prediction in advanced video coding applications
* Online view sampling for estimating depth from light fields
* Phase-Based Modification Transfer for Video
* Point samples for efficient 3D processing and content creation
* Point-sampled 3D video of real-world scenes
* Sensor Fusion for Depth Estimation, including TOF and Thermal Sensors
* Shape from Selfies: Human Body Shape Estimation Using CCA Regression Forests
* Space-Time Body Pose Estimation in Uncontrolled Environments
* Surfels: Surface Elements as Rendering Primitives
* Time-of-flight sensor and color camera calibration for multi-view acquisition
* Towards next generation 3D teleconferencing systems
* Unconstrained free-viewpoint video coding
Includes: Gross, M. Gross, M.[Markus]
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Gross, M.D. Co Author Listing * Diagram query and image retrieval in design

Gross, M.H.[Markus H.] Co Author Listing * Consistent penetration depth estimation for deformable collision response
* Contact Handling for Deformable Point-Based Objects
* Multiscale image texture analysis in wavelet spaces
Includes: Gross, M.H.[Markus H.] Gross, M.H.

Gross, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning for the New York City Power Grid
* Nonparametric Temperature Controller With Nonlinear Negative Reaction for Multi-Point Rapid MR-Guided HIFU Ablation, A
* Reference-Free PRFS MR-Thermometry Using Near-Harmonic 2-D Reconstruction of the Background Phase
Includes: Gross, P.[Philip] Gross, P.

Gross, R.[Ralph] Co Author Listing * email: Gross, R.[Ralph]: rgross AT cs cmu edu
* Active appearance models with occlusion
* Appearance-Based 3-D Face Recognition from Video
* Appearance-based face recognition and light-fields
* CMU Motion of Body (MoBo) Database, The
* Constructing and Fitting Active Appearance Models with Occlusion
* Eigen light-fields and face recognition across pose
* Face Recognition Across Pose and Illumination
* Face Recognition in a Meeting Room
* Fisher Light-Fields for Face Recognition across Pose and Illumination
* Generic vs. Person Specific Active Appearance Models
* Growing Gaussian Mixture Models for Pose Invariant Face Recognition
* Image Preprocessing Algorithm for Illumination Invariant Face Recognition, An
* Lucas-Kanade 20 Years On: A Unifying Framework: Part 2
* Lucas-Kanade 20 Years On: A Unifying Framework: Part 3
* Lucas-Kanade 20 Years On: A Unifying Framework: Part 4
* Model-Based Face De-Identification
* Multi-PIE
* New Directions in Contact Free Hand Recognition
* Quo Vidas Face Recognition?
* Real-Time Non-Rigid Driver Head Tracking for Driver Mental State Estimation
* Representational Oriented Component Analysis (ROCA) for Face Recognition with One Sample Image per Training Class
* Robust Biometric Person Identification Using Automatic Classifier Fusion of Speech, Mouth, and Face Experts
* Robust Hand Geometry Measurements for Person Identification using Active Appearance Models
* Semi-supervised learning of multi-factor models for face de-identification
* Silhouette-based human identification from body shape and gait
* Towards a Multimodal Meeting Record
* Towards Real-World Face De-Identification
Includes: Gross, R.[Ralph] Gross, R.
28 for Gross, R.

Gross, S. Co Author Listing * Hard Mixtures of Experts for Large Scale Weakly Supervised Vision
* Image quality assessment of endoscopic panorama images
* Texture Classification by Modeling Joint Distributions of Local Patterns With Gaussian Mixtures
Includes: Gross, S. Gross, S.[Sebastian]

Gross, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Content-aware compression using saliency-driven image retargeting
* Snow Extent Variability in Lesotho Derived from MODIS Data (2000-2014)
* Warp Computer: Architecture, Implementation and Performance, The
Includes: Gross, T.[Thomas] Gross, T.[Timm] Gross, T.

Gross, W.J. Co Author Listing * 3-D Brain MRI Tissue Classification on FPGAs
* Gabor Filter Based on Stochastic Computation

Gross, W.W.[William W.] Co Author Listing * Automated quantification of brain magnetic resonance image hyperintensities using hybrid clustering and knowledge-based methods

Grossauer, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Iterative Methods for Solving a Ginzburg-Landau Equation
* Combined PDE and Texture Synthesis Approach to Inpainting, A
* GPU-Based Multigrid: Real-Time Performance in High Resolution Nonlinear Image Processing
* Using the Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation for Digital Inpainting in 2D and 3D
* Variational Methods in Imaging
Includes: Grossauer, H.[Harald] Grossauer, H.

Grossberg, M.D.[Michael D.] Co Author Listing * Caustics of Catadioptric Cameras
* Determining the camera response from images: What is knowable?
* General Imaging Model and a Method for Finding its Parameters, A
* Histogram Preserving Image Transformations
* Making one object look like another: Controlling appearance using a projector-camera system
* Modeling the Space of Camera Response Functions
* Multiresolution Histograms and Their Use for Recognition
* Multispectral Imaging Using Multiplexed Illumination
* Non-Single Viewpoint Catadioptric Cameras: Geometry and Analysis
* perspective on distortions, A
* Projector-Camera System with Real-Time Photometric Adaptation for Dynamic Environments, A
* Quantitative Restoration for MODIS Band 6 on Aqua
* Raxel Imaging Model and Ray-Based Calibration, The
* Resolution Selection Using Generalized Entropies of Multiresolution Histograms
* Spatial Information in Multiresolution Histograms
* What Can Be Known about the Radiometric Response from Images?
* What is the space of camera response functions?
Includes: Grossberg, M.D.[Michael D.] Grossberg, M.D.
17 for Grossberg, M.D.

Grossberg, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * email: Grossberg, S.[Stephen]: steve AT cns bu edu
* 1995 Special Issue: Automatic Target Recognition - Introduction
* Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University
* Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University (1998 PI)
* Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University (1998)
* Fast-Learning Viewnet Architectures for Recognizing 3-Dimensional Objects from Multiple 2-Dimensional Views
* Gesture recognition system based on Adaptive Resonance Theory
* laminar architecture of visual cortex and image processing technology, The
* Massively Parallel Architecture for a Self-Organizing Neural Pattern Recognition Machine, A
* Neural Dynamics of Surface Perception: Boundary Webs, Illuminants, and Shape-from-Shading
* Pattern recognition system
* Principal Investigator Report: Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University
* Self-Organizing Neural-Network Architecture for Navigation Using Optic Flow, A
* Synthetic-Aperture Radar Processing by a Multiple Scale Neural System for Boundary and Surface Representation
* What-and-Where Filter, The
Includes: Grossberg, S.[Stephen] Grossberg, S.
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Grosse Wentrup, M.[Moritz] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Adaptive Spatial Filters with Heuristic and Optimized Region of Interest for EEG Based Brain-Computer-Interfaces
* Robust MEG Source Localization of Event Related Potentials: Identifying Relevant Sources by Non-Gaussianity
Includes: Grosse Wentrup, M.[Moritz] Grosse-Wentrup, M.[Moritz]

Grosse, G. Co Author Listing * Characterizing Post-Drainage Succession in Thermokarst Lake Basins on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska with TerraSAR-X Backscatter and Landsat-based NDVI Data
* Landsat-Based Trend Analysis of Lake Dynamics across Northern Permafrost Regions
* Object Based Thermokarst Lake Change Mapping as Part of the ESA Data User Element (DUE) Permafrost
Includes: Grosse, G. Grosse, G.[Guido]

Grosse, H.J. Co Author Listing * Improved coding of transform coefficients in JPEG-like image compression schemes

Grosse, M.[Max] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Coded Aperture Photography
* Display Pixel Caching
* Fully Connected Object Proposals for Video Segmentation
* Phase-based frame interpolation for video

Grosse, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * Ground truth dataset and baseline evaluations for intrinsic image algorithms

Grossekathofer, U.[Ulf] Co Author Listing * Calibration-Free Head Gesture Recognition System with Online Capability, A

Grossert, S. Co Author Listing * New Approach to Fuzzy Morphology Based on Fuzzy Integral and Its Application in Image Processing, A

Grosshans, F. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for the Recognition of 2D Images of M Points and N Lines in 3D

Grossi, E. Co Author Listing * Heuristic Algorithm for Track-Before-Detect With Thresholded Observations in Radar Systems, A
* New Algorithm for Identifying Possible Epidemic Sources with Application to the German Escherichia coli Outbreak, A
* Track-Before-Detect Algorithm With Thresholded Observations and Closely-Spaced Targets, A

Grossi, G.[Giuliano] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition in Uncontrolled Conditions Using Sparse Representation and Local Features
* Local features and sparse representation for face recognition with partial occlusions
* Robust face recognition using sparse representation in LDA space
* Selection Module for Large-Scale Face Recognition Systems, A
* Sparse Representation Based Classification for Face Recognition by k-LiMapS Algorithm
* Virtual EMG via Facial Video Analysis

Grossi, V.[Valerio] Co Author Listing * Extending KDDML with a Visual Metaphor for the KDD Process

Grossiord, E.[Eloise] Co Author Listing * Shape-Based Analysis on Component-Graphs for Multivalued Image Processing
Includes: Grossiord, E.[Eloise] Grossiord, É.[Éloïse]

Grossklags, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * Bitspotting: Detecting Optimal Adaptive Steganography

Grosskopf, S. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Surgery: Vision and Feasibility of an Advanced Operation Theater
* Fitting Geometrical Deformable Models to Registered Range Images
Includes: Grosskopf, S. Grosskopf, S.[Stefan]

Grossman, A.[Arthur] Co Author Listing * Hybrid, Recursive Algorithm for Clustering Expressed Sequence Tags in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, A
* Recognition of Agricultural Objects by Shape
Includes: Grossman, A.[Arthur] Grossman, A.

Grossman, D.D. Co Author Listing * Traffic Control of Multiple Robot Vehicles

Grossman, E. Co Author Listing * Detection and Segmentation of Concealed Objects in Terahertz Images

Grossman, L.W. Co Author Listing * Constrained reconstruction applied to 2-D chemical shift imaging

Grossman, M.[Murray] Co Author Listing * Measuring Cortical Thickness Using An Image Domain Local Surface Model And Topology Preserving Segmentation
* Symmetric Diffeomorphic Image Registration: Evaluating Automated Labeling of Elderly and Neurodegenerative Cortex and Frontal Lobe

Grossman, R.I. Co Author Listing * Multiple sclerosis lesion quantification using fuzzy-connectedness principles

Grossman, T. Co Author Listing * HybridSpace: Integrating 3D freehand input and stereo viewing into traditional desktop applications
* Noise sensitivity signatures for model selection

Grossmann, A. Co Author Listing * Method of Estimating Oriented Surface Elements from Stereo Images, A

Grossmann, E.[Etienne] Co Author Listing * AdaTree: Boosting a Weak Classifier into a Decision Tree
* Algebraic Aspects of Reconstruction of 3D Scenes from One or More Views
* Are two rotational flows sufficient to calibrate a smooth non-parametric sensor?
* Calibration from Statistical Properties of the Visual World
* Closed-form Solution for Paraperspective Reconstruction, A
* Discrete camera calibration from pixel streams
* Discrete camera calibration from the information distance between pixel streams
* Dual Representations for Vision-Based 3D Reconstruction
* Least-squares 3D reconstruction from one or more views and geometric clues
* Maximum Likelihood 3D Reconstruction from One or More Images under Geometric Constraints
* Non-Parametric Self-Calibration
* Offline Generation of High Quality Background Subtraction Data
* Precision of 3D Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Views, The
* Terrascope Dataset: Scripted Multi-Camera Indoor Video Surveillance with Ground-truth, The
* Topological Auto-Calibration of Central Imaging Sensors
* Towards Interactive Generation of Ground-truth in Background Subtraction from Partially Labeled Examples
* Uncertainty analysis of 3D reconstruction from uncalibrated views
Includes: Grossmann, E.[Etienne] Grossmann, E.
17 for Grossmann, E.

Grossmann, H.P. Co Author Listing * Communication architecture for sensorfusion systems

Grossmann, P. Co Author Listing * Compact: A Surface Representation Scheme
* Depth from Focus
* From 3D Line Segments to Objects and Spaces
* On recognition of features in polyhedral scenes

Grossmann, R.[Ruth] Co Author Listing * Computational Surface Flattening: A Voxel-Based Approach

Grossmann, W.[Wilfried] Co Author Listing * two-fly tracker that solves occlusions by dynamic programming: computational analysis of Drosophila courtship behaviour, A

Grosso, E. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Reconstruction Using Stereo and Motion
* 3D Face Recognition Using Joint Differential Invariants
* Active Dynamic Stereo Vision
* Active Face Recognition with a Hybrid Approach
* Active vision-based face authentication
* Active/Dynamic Stereo for Navigation
* Active/Dynamic Stereo: A General Framework
* Automated quality control of printed flasks and bottles
* Automatic Detection of Adverse Weather Conditions in Traffic Scenes
* Behavioural Biometrics Using Electricity Load Profiles
* Distance Measures for Gabor Jets-Based Face Authentication: A Comparative Evaluation
* Dynamic face recognition: From human to machine vision
* Dynamic Stereo in Visual Navigation
* Face Authentication Using One-Class Support Vector Machines
* Generalization in Holistic versus Analytic Processing of Faces
* Generalized Gaussian distributions for sequential data classification
* Head-Centered Orientation Strategies in Animate Vision
* Hidden Markov Model Approach to Classify and Predict the Sign of Financial Local Trends, A
* Iconic Methods for Multimodal Face Recognition: A Comparative Study
* Large scale face identification by combined iconic features and 3D joint invariant signatures
* Log-Polar Stereo for Anthropomorphic Robots
* On Finding Differences Between Faces
* On Perceptual Advantages Of Eye-Head Active Control
* On the distinctiveness of the electricity load profile
* On the Use of SIFT Features for Face Authentication
* Person Authentication from Video of Faces: A Behavioral and Physiological Approach Using Pseudo Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models
* Recognizing People's Faces: from Human to Machine Vision
* Relative Positioning with Uncalibrated Cameras
* Robust Visual Servoing in 3-D Reaching Tasks
* Space-Variant Approach to Oculomotor Control, A
* Understanding Critical Factors in Appearance-Based Gender Categorization
* VIRSBS project: Visual intelligent recognition for secure banking services, The
* Vision During Action
* Visually Guided Mobile Robot Acting in Indoor Environments, A
* What Can I Tell from Your Face?
* Who are you?
* Why Purposive Vision: Reply
Includes: Grosso, E. Grosso, E.[Enrico]
37 for Grosso, E.

Grosso, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Interactive partial 3D shape matching with geometric distance optimization

Grosssmann, A. Co Author Listing * Decomposition of Hardy Functions into Square Integrable Wavelets of Constant Shape

Grosup, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Image exploration using online feature extraction and reranking
* Web Portal for Effective Multi-model Exploration, A
Includes: Grosup, T.[Tomas] Grošup, T.[Tomáš]

Grotan, B.O. Co Author Listing * Managing Geological Profiles in Databases for 3D Visualisation
Includes: Grotan, B.O. Grøtan, B.O.

Grote, A. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Impact of Digital Surface Models on Road Extraction in Suburban Areas by Region-based Road Subgraph Extraction
* Automatic road network extraction in suburban areas from high resolution aerial images
* Multi-spectral data acquisition and processing techniques for damage detection on building surfaces
* Road Extraction for the Update of Road Database in Suburban Areas
* Road Extraction in Suburban Areas Based on Normalized Cuts
Includes: Grote, A. Grote, A.[Anne]

Groth, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Detection of Aneurysms in 3D Time-of-Flight MRA Datasets

Groth, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Visual Genome: Connecting Language and Vision Using Crowdsourced Dense Image Annotations
* Visual7W: Grounded Question Answering in Images
Includes: Groth, O.[Oliver] Groth, O.

Grother, P. Co Author Listing * IARPA Janus Benchmark-B Face Dataset
* IREX VI: mixed-effects longitudinal models for iris ageing: response to Bowyer and Ortiz
* Pushing the frontiers of unconstrained face detection and recognition: IARPA Janus Benchmark A
Includes: Grother, P. Grother, P.[Patrick]

Grother, P.J. Co Author Listing * Baseline results for the challenge problem of human ID using gait analysis
* Binary Decision Clustering for Neural-Network-Based Optical Character-Recognition
* Comparison of FFT Fingerprint Filtering Methods for Neural Network Classification
* Comparison of Handprinted Digit Classifiers
* Cross Validation Comparison of NIST OCR Databases
* Dependence characteristics of face recognition algorithms
* Design of a Handprint Recognition System
* Distinguishing identical twins by face recognition
* Evaluation of Pattern Classifiers for Fingerprint and OCR Applications
* Face Recognition Based on Frontal Views Generated from Non-Frontal Images
* Face recognition vendor test 2002
* Face Recognition Vendor Test 2002 Performance Metrics
* False Matches and Non-independence of Face Recognition Scores
* Fast Implementations of Nearest-Neighbor Classifiers
* FRVT 2002: Overview and Summary
* gait identification challenge problem: data sets and baseline algorithm, The
* Generalized Form Registration Using Structure-Based Techniques
* Handprinted Forms and Character Database, NIST Special Database 19
* How features of the human face affect recognition: a statistical comparison of three face recognition algorithms
* Human identification from body shape
* HumanID Gait Challenge Problem: Data Sets, Performance, and Analysis, The
* Massively Parallel Implementation of Character Recognition Systems
* Massively Parallel Neural Network Fingerprint Classification System
* Models of large population recognition performance
* NIST Form-Based Handprint Recognition System
* NIST HumanID Evaluation Framework, The
* Off-line Handwriting Recognition from Forms
* PCASYS: A Pattern-level Classification Automation System for Fingerprints
* Performance of Biometric Quality Measures
Includes: Grother, P.J. Grother, P.J.[Patrick J.]
29 for Grother, P.J.

Grothues, I.[Ingo] Co Author Listing * Ellipse Detection in Digital Image Data Using Geometric Features

Grotta, D. Co Author Listing * Not all pixels are created equal

Grotta, S.W. Co Author Listing * Not all pixels are created equal

Grottel, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Wifbs: A Web-Based Image Feature Benchmark System

Grotto, U.L.[Uberto Lauro] Co Author Listing * Telepresence teaching visual equipment

Grottum, P. Co Author Listing * Computing Ischemic Regions in the Heart With the Bidomain Model: First Steps Towards Validation
* supervised approach to the evaluation of image segmentation methods, A
Includes: Grottum, P. Grøttum, P.[Per]

Grotz, K.[Karlheinz] Co Author Listing * 64 kbit/s Videophone codec with forward analysis and control, A

Groumpos, P.P. Co Author Listing * Integration of Expert Knowledge and Image Analysis Techniques for Medical Diagnosis

Grout, R.[Randall] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale Topo-morphometric Opening of Arteries and Veins: An Evaluative Study via Pulmonary CT Imaging

Grove, A.J.[Adam J.] Co Author Listing * Efficient determination of shape from multiple images containing partial information
* Space/Time Tradeoffs for Associative Memory
Includes: Grove, A.J.[Adam J.] Grove, A.J.

Grove, D.[Deborah] Co Author Listing * Multimodal System for Accessing Driving Directions, A

Grove, P.M.[Philip M.] Co Author Listing * Multisensory integration of a sound with stereo 3-D visual events
* range of fusible horizontal disparities around the empirical horopters, The
Includes: Grove, P.M.[Philip M.] Grove, P.M.

Grove, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Colour Based Object Tracking
* Integrated Traffic and Pedestrian Model-Based Vision System, An
Includes: Grove, T.[Tom] Grove, T.

Grove, T.D. Co Author Listing * Attention in Iconic Object Matching

Grover, D.N.[David N.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for vectorizing documents and symbol recognition

Grover, J.[Jyotsana] Co Author Listing * Decision Level Fusion Using t-Norms
* Score level fusion of multimodal biometrics using triangular norms

Grover, N. Co Author Listing * New Method for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiattribute Decision Making, A

Grover, R. Co Author Listing * Accurate Distortion Estimation and Optimal Bandwidth Allocation for Scalable H.264 Video Transmission Over MIMO Systems

Grover, S.[Shane] Co Author Listing * IQ-Station: A Low Cost Portable Immersive Environment
* Unified Approach for Digital Image Inpainting Using Bounded Search Space, A
Includes: Grover, S.[Shane] Grover, S.[Suneet]

Groves, A.R. Co Author Listing * Ensemble Learning Incorporating Uncertain Registration

Groves, G.K.[Gillian K.] Co Author Listing * Image-based detection and tracking system and processing method employing clutter measurements and signal-to-clutter ratios

Groves, T.[Theodore] Co Author Listing * Bit-Rate Allocation for Multiple Video Streams Using a Pricing-Based Mechanism
* Buffer constrained rate control for low bitrate dual-frame video coding
* Competitive Equilibrium Bitrate Allocation for Multiple Video Streams
* Delay Constrained Multiplexing of Video Streams Using Dual-Frame Video Coding
* Iterative Pricing-Based Rate Allocation for Video Streams With Fluctuating Bandwidth Availability
* Pricing-based decentralized rate allocation for multiple video streams
Includes: Groves, T.[Theodore] Groves, T.

Growe, S. Co Author Listing * Knowledge Based Approach to Automatic Image Registration, A
* Knowledge Based Moorland Interpretation Using a Hybrid System for Image Analysis
* Knowledge-Based Concepts for the Fusion of Multisensor and Multitemporal Aerial Images
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Remote Sensing Images Using Semantic Nets
* Knowledge-Based Road Extraction from Multisensor Imagery
* Use of Explicit Knowledge and GIS Data for the 3D Evaluation of Remote Sensing Images
* Use of explicit knowledge for the reconstruction of 3-D object geometry
Includes: Growe, S. Growe, S.[Stefan] Growe, S.[Stephan]
7 for Growe, S.

Groza, B. Co Author Listing * Source Identification Using Signal Characteristics in Controller Area Networks

Grozavu, N.[Nistor] Co Author Listing * Entropy based probabilistic collaborative clustering
* VHR satellite image segmentation based on topological unsupervised learning

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