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Gu, X.[Xin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive multi-cue fusion for visual target tracking based on uncertainly measure
* Adversarial joint domain adaptation of asymmetric feature mapping based on least squares distance
* Attribute-Driven Spontaneous Motion in Unpaired Image Translation
* Automatic and Robust Skull Registration Based on Discrete Uniformization
* Batch DropBlock Network for Person Re-Identification and Beyond
* Bayesian Diffusion Tensor Estimation with Spatial Priors
* Canonical principal angles correlation analysis for two-view data
* Cascade Cost Volume for High-Resolution Multi-View Stereo and Stereo Matching
* Clothing retrieval with visual attention model
* Collaborative Motion Prediction via Neural Motion Message Passing
* Comprehensive Evaluation And Analysis Of China's Mainstream Online Map Service Websites
* Coupled Real-Synthetic Domain Adaptation for Real-World Deep Depth Enhancement
* Cross-Calibration of the HSI Sensor Reflective Solar Bands Using Hyperion Data
* Effect of Vertical Distribution of Crop Structure and Biochemical Parameters of Winter Wheat on Canopy Reflectance Characteristics and Spectral Indices
* Evidence of Mid- and Low-Latitude Nighttime Ionospheric E-F Coupling: Coordinated Observations of Sporadic E Layers, F-Region Field-Aligned Irregularities, and Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances
* Generating Diffusion MRI Scalar Maps from T1 Weighted Images Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Genus Zero Surface Conformal Mapping and Its Application to Brain Surface Mapping
* Geometry Images
* hierarchical segmentation tree for superpixel-based image segmentation, A
* High-Spatial-Resolution Aerosol Optical Properties Retrieval Algorithm Using Chinese High-Resolution Earth Observation Satellite I
* HPLFlowNet: Hierarchical Permutohedral Lattice FlowNet for Scene Flow Estimation on Large-Scale Point Clouds
* Hybrid Distortion Ranking Tuned Bitstream-Layer Video Quality Assessment
* Interspecies Knowledge Transfer for Facial Keypoint Detection
* Intrinsic 3D Dynamic Surface Tracking based on Dynamic Ricci Flow and Teichmuller Map
* Investigation on the Occurrence of Mid-Latitude E-Region Irregularity by Wuhan VHF Radar and Its Relationship With Sporadic E layer
* Method for the Analysis and Visualization of Similar Flow Hotspot Patterns between Different Regional Groups
* Modeling Thermal Sequence Signal Decreasing for Dual Modal Password Breaking
* Multi-Modal and Multi-Domain Embedding Learning for Fashion Retrieval and Analysis
* Multisensor Data Synergy of Terra-MODIS, Aqua-MODIS, and Suomi NPP-VIIRS for the Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth and Land Surface Reflectance Properties
* new approach to create 3D fixation density maps for stereoscopic images, A
* Note on Estimating Dynamic Queue Distribution in a Signalized Network Through a Probability Generating Model, A
* On-Orbit Radiometric Calibration for a Space-Borne Multi-Camera Mosaic Imaging Sensor
* Optimal Transportation Based Univariate Neuroimaging Index, An
* Query-Free Clothing Retrieval via Implicit Relevance Feedback
* Ricci flow-based spherical parameterization and surface registration
* Robust Spatial Matching for Object Retrieval and Its Parallel Implementation on GPU
* Scalable Similarity Search With Topology Preserving Hashing
* Spherical Space Domain Adaptation With Robust Pseudo-Label Loss
* Statistical Study of View Preferences for Online Videos With Cross-Platform Information
* Stereoscopic images quality assessment based on deep learning
* Teichmuller Mapping (T-Map) and Its Applications to Landmark Matching Registration
* Temporal Knowledge Propagation for Image-to-Video Person Re-Identification
* Topic-Sensitive Tag Ranking
* Wasserstein GAN With Quadratic Transport Cost
* Withdrawn: Fast compressive tracking with robust example selection based on multiple instance learning in smart and autonomous systems
Includes: Gu, X.[Xin] Gu, X.[Xiwu] Gu, X. Gu, X.[Xuan] Gu, X.[Xingjian] Gu, X.[Xiuye] Gu, X.[Xingfa] Gu, X.[Xuemai]
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Gu, X.B.[Xian Bin] Co Author Listing * Improving superpixel-based image segmentation by incorporating color covariance matrix manifolds
* multi-feature bipartite graph ensemble for image segmentation, A
Includes: Gu, X.B.[Xian Bin] Gu, X.B.[Xian-Bin]

Gu, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Video Presentation for Small Display While Maximize Visual Information
* Algorithm of Adaptive Fading Memory UKF in Bearings-Only Target Tracking
* Attention Selection Using Global Topological Properties Based on Pulse Coupled Neural Network
* automatic 3D expression recognition framework based on sparse representation of conformal images, An
* Denoising Saliency Map for Region of Interest Extraction
* Face recognition algorithm based on feature descriptor and weighted linear sparse representation
* Fully Convolutional Networks for Surface Defect Inspection in Industrial Environment
* Histogram similarity measure using variable bin size distance
* Image Thinning Using Pulse Coupled Neural Network
* Improved Real Time Compressive Tracking, An
* Multiscale spatially regularised correlation filters for visual tracking
* region based multiple frame-rate tradeoff of video streaming, A
* Surface Defect Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Network, A
Includes: Gu, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Gu, X.D.[Xiao-Dong] Gu, X.D.
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Gu, X.F.[Xian Feng] Co Author Listing * 3D face matching and registration based on hyperbolic Ricci flow
* 3D facial landmark localization using texture regression via conformal mapping
* 3D Non-rigid Surface Matching and Registration Based on Holomorphic Differentials
* Approach for Intersubject Analysis of 3D Brain Images Based on Conformal Geometry, An
* Area Preserving Brain Mapping
* Brain Image Analysis Using Spherical Splines
* Brain Surface Conformal Parameterization Using Riemann Surface Structure
* Brain Surface Conformal Parameterization With the Ricci Flow
* Changes in Aerosol Optical and Micro-Physical Properties over Northeast Asia from a Severe Dust Storm in April 2014
* Compression of surface registrations using Beltrami coefficients
* Conformal Geometry Based Supine and Prone Colon Registration
* Cross-Calibration of GF-1 PMS Sensor With Landsat 8 OLI and Terra MODIS
* Dense non-rigid surface registration using high-order graph matching
* Detecting Thalamic Abnormalities in Autism Using Cylinder Conformal Mapping
* Discrete Conformal Deformation: Algorithm and Experiments
* Evaluation of Polarized Remote Sensing of Aerosol Optical Thickness Retrieval over China
* Extraction of Landmarks and Features from Virtual Colon Models
* Generic Deformation Model for Dense Non-rigid Surface Registration: A Higher-Order MRF-Based Approach, A
* Geometric Registration Based on Distortion Estimation
* High Resolution Tracking of Non-Rigid 3D Motion of Densely Sampled Data Using Harmonic Maps
* High Resolution Tracking of Non-Rigid Motion of Densely Sampled 3D Data Using Harmonic Maps
* High-Precision Soil Moisture Mapping Based on Multi-Model Coupling and Background Knowledge, Over Vegetated Areas Using Chinese GF-3 and GF-1 Satellite Data
* Higher-Order Graph Principles towards Non-Rigid Surface Registration
* Hyperbolic Harmonic Mapping for Constrained Brain Surface Registration
* Hyperbolic Harmonic Mapping for Surface Registration
* Impact of Spatial Resolution on the Classification of Vegetation Types in Highly Fragmented Planting Areas Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hyperspectral Images, The
* Integrated System for Auto-Registered Hyperspectral and 3D Structure Measurement at the Point Scale
* Intrinsic dense 3D surface tracking
* Kernel estimation from salient structure for robust motion deblurring
* Land cover classification of finer resolution remote sensing data integrating temporal features from time series coarser resolution data
* Manifold T-Spline
* Method to Reconstruct the Solar-Induced Canopy Fluorescence Spectrum from Hyperspectral Measurements, A
* Multiscale, curvature-based shape representation for surfaces
* New Asia Dust Storm Detection Method Based on the Thermal Infrared Spectral Signature
* Optimal mass transport based brain morphometry for patients with congenital hand deformities
* Optimal Mass Transport for Shape Matching and Comparison
* Parallelizable Global Conformal Parameterization of Simply-Connected Surfaces via Partial Welding
* Parallelizable inpainting and refinement of diffeomorphisms using Beltrami holomorphic flow
* Remote sensing algorithms for estimation of fractional vegetation cover using pure vegetation index values: A review
* Ricci Flow for 3D Shape Analysis
* Shape Analysis of Planar Multiply-Connected Objects Using Conformal Welding
* Shape Analysis of Planar Objects with Arbitrary Topologies Using Conformal Geometry
* Shape analysis with conformal invariants for multiply connected domains and its application to analyzing brain morphology
* Slit Map: Conformal Parameterization for Multiply Connected Surfaces
* Studying brain morphometry using conformal equivalence class
* Subdividing Prismatic Meshes by Cutting Flow
* Surface classification using conformal structures
* Surface Foliation Based Brain Morphometry Analysis
* Surface Parameterization Using Riemann Surface Structure
* Surface Registration by Optimization in Constrained Diffeomorphism Space
* Surface Registration via Foliation
* Teichmüller extremal mapping and its applications to landmark matching registration
* Teichmüller Shape Descriptor and Its Application to Alzheimer's Disease Study
* Texture Map and Video Compression Using Beltrami Representation
* Validation of the Calibration Coefficient of the GaoFen-1 PMS Sensor Using the Landsat 8 OLI
* Variational Wasserstein Clustering
Includes: Gu, X.F.[Xian Feng] Gu, X.F.[Xian-Feng] Gu, X.F.[Xing-Fa]
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Gu, X.F.D.[Xian Feng David] Co Author Listing * 3D dynamics analysis in Teichmüller space
* 3D Surface Matching and Recognition Using Conformal Geometry
* Automatic non-rigid registration of 3D dynamic data for facial expression synthesis and transfer
* Computing and Visualizing Constant-Curvature Metrics on Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds with Boundaries
* Computing Fundamental Group of General 3-Manifold
* Conformal Geometry and Its Applications on 3D Shape Matching, Recognition, and Stitching
* Discrete Curvature Flows for Surfaces and 3-Manifolds
* Enclosed Five-Wall Immersive Cabin
* Geometric Accuracy Analysis for Discrete Surface Approximation
* Image morphing with conformal welding
* Registration for 3D surfaces with large deformations using quasi-conformal curvature flow
* Ricci Flow for 3D Shape Analysis
* Ricci Flow for Shape Analysis and Surface Registration: Theories, Algorithms and Applications
Includes: Gu, X.F.D.[Xian Feng David] Gu, X.F.D.[Xian-Feng David]
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Gu, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Co Author Listing * pivot-based filtering algorithm for enhancing query performance of LSH, A
* Spatial pyramid VLAD
Includes: Gu, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Gu, X.G.[Xiao-Guang]

Gu, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Noise Cancelling Method Based on EMD for Acoustic in Battlefield, An
* Bagging null space locality preserving discriminant classifiers for face recognition
* Extended Locality Preserving Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
* Facial Feature Selection Based on SVMs by Regularized Risk Minimization
* Prediction of Wheat Grain Protein by Coupling Multisource Remote Sensing Imagery and ECMWF Data
* Regularized Kernel Locality Preserving Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
* robust method for reconstructing global MODIS EVI time series on the Google Earth Engine, A
Includes: Gu, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Gu, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Gu, X.H.[Xiao-Hua] Gu, X.H.[Xiao-He] Gu, X.H.[Xi-Hui]
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Gu, X.J.[Xiao Jing] Co Author Listing * Colorizing single-band thermal night vision images
* Evolution modeling with multi-scale smoothing for action recognition
* Semi-supervised linear discriminant analysis for dimension reduction and classification
* Unsupervised Discriminant Canonical Correlation Analysis for Feature Fusion
Includes: Gu, X.J.[Xiao Jing] Gu, X.J.[Xiao-Jing] Gu, X.J.[Xing-Jian]

Gu, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Co Author Listing * Appearance and structural motion context for multi-target tracking in aerial video
Includes: Gu, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Gu, X.L.[Xiao-Lin]

Gu, X.M.[Xiao Min] Co Author Listing * Multiscale geometric feature extraction and selection algorithms of similar objects
Includes: Gu, X.M.[Xiao Min] Gu, X.M.[Xiao-Min]

Gu, X.Q.[Xiang Qi] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Feature Learning Approach for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval, A
* Interaction-And-Aggregation Network for Person Re-Identification
* VRSTC: Occlusion-Free Video Person Re-Identification
Includes: Gu, X.Q.[Xiang Qi] Gu, X.Q.[Xiang-Qi] Gu, X.Q.[Xin-Qian]

Gu, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * Biomass Estimation for Semiarid Vegetation and Mine Rehabilitation Using Worldview-3 and Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery
Includes: Gu, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Gu, X.W.[Xiao-Wei]

Gu, X.Y.[Xiao Yan] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Based Intelligent Basketball Arena with Energy Image
* Optimizing Quantization for Lasso Recovery
* Procedural Generation of Large-Scale Forests Using a Graph-Based Neutral Landscape Model
* psDirector: An Automatic Director for Watching View Generation from Panoramic Soccer Video
Includes: Gu, X.Y.[Xiao Yan] Gu, X.Y.[Xiao-Yan] Gu, X.Y.[Xiao-Yi]

Gu, X.Z.[Xin Zhi] Co Author Listing * Three-Step Semi-Empirical Radiometric Terrain Correction Approach for PolSAR Data Applied to Forested Areas
Includes: Gu, X.Z.[Xin Zhi] Gu, X.Z.[Xin-Zhi]

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