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Guedalia, I.D.[Isaac David] Co Author Listing * Method and system for accelerating warping

Guedes Soares, C. Co Author Listing * Maritime Traffic Monitoring Based on Vessel Detection, Tracking, State Estimation, and Trajectory Prediction

Guedes, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * connected path approach for staff detection on a music score, A
* Staff Detection with Stable Paths
* Staff Line Detection and Removal with Stable Paths

Guedes, D.[Dorgival] Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of a parallel multi-view rendering architecture using light fields

Guedes, M.[Magno] Co Author Listing * Saliency-Based Obstacle Detection and Ground-Plane Estimation for Off-Road Vehicles

Guedj, E. Co Author Listing * Brain region of interest selection for 18FDG positrons emission tomography computer-aided image classification
* Region-based brain selection and classification on pet images for Alzheimer's disease computer aided diagnosis
Includes: Guedj, E. Guedj, E.[Eric]

Guedon, J.[Jeanpierre] Co Author Listing * Direct inversion of Mojette projections
* joint multiple description-encryption image algorithm, A
* Mojette Transform on Densest Lattices in 2D and 3D
* Recovering Missing Slices of the Discrete Fourier Transform Using Ghosts
* Robust Digital Image Reconstruction via the Discrete Fourier Slice Theorem
* Rotations in the Mojette space
* Special Issue on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
* Validation of Mojette reconstruction from Radon acquisitions
Includes: Guedon, J.[Jeanpierre] Guedon, J. Guédon, J.[Jeanpierre]
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Guedon, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Co Author Listing * 2 and 3 materials scene reconstructed from some line Mojette projections, The
* Exact, Non-iterative Mojette Inversion Technique Utilising Ghosts, An
* Five Points Pose Problem: A New and Accurate Solution Adapted to Any Geometric Configuration, The
* New Solution to the Relative Orientation Problem Using Only 3 Points and the Vertical Direction, A
* Robust and Automatic Vanishing Points Detection with Their Uncertainties from a Single Uncalibrated Image, by Planes Extraction on the Unit Sphere
Includes: Guedon, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Guedon, J.P.[Jean-Pierre] Guédon, J.P.[Jean-Pierre]

Guedy, F.[Fabrice] Co Author Listing * Continuous Realtime Gesture Following and Recognition
Includes: Guedy, F.[Fabrice] Guédy, F.[Fabrice]

Gueguen, L. Co Author Listing * Change Detection Based on Information Measure
* Classifying Compound Structures in Satellite Images: A Compressed Representation for Fast Queries
* Differential Morphological Decomposition Segmentation: A Multi-Scale Object Based Image Description
* Genetic algorithms applied to binocular stereovision
* Image Time-Series Data Mining Based on the Information-Bottleneck Principle
* Interactive collection of training samples from the Max-Tree structure
* Large-scale damage detection using satellite imagery
* Local Mutual Information for Dissimilarity-Based Image Segmentation
* Multi scale Harris corner detector based on Differential Morphological Decomposition
* Toward a Generalizable Image Representation for Large-Scale Change Detection: Application to Generic Damage Analysis
* Urbanization analysis by mutual information based change detection between SPOT 5 panchromatic images
Includes: Gueguen, L. Gueguen, L.[Lionel] Gueguen, L.[Laurent]
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Gueham, M.[Mourad] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of partial shoeprints using Advanced Correlation Filters for use in forensic science
* Automatic Recognition of Partial Shoeprints Based on Phase-Only Correlation
* Automatic Recognition of Partial Shoeprints Using a Correlation Filter Classifier
* Local Image Features for Shoeprint Image Retrieval
* Retrieval of shoemarks using Harris points and SIFT descriptor
* Rotation Invariant Matching of Partial Shoeprints
Includes: Gueham, M.[Mourad] Gueham, M.

Guehring, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric calibration and accuracy evaluation of a cross-pattern stripe projector
* Reliable 3D surface acquisition, registration and validation using statistical error models
Includes: Guehring, J.[Jens] Guehring, J.

Gueirea, M.C.E. Co Author Listing * Partial Differential Equation-Based Approach for Empirical Mode Decomposition: Application on Image Analysis

Guellich, A. Co Author Listing * Patient-Specific Biomechanical Modeling of Cardiac Amyloidosis: A Case Study

Guenard, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Multiple View Reconstruction of a Quadric of Revolution from Its Occluding Contours
* Reconstructing Plants in 3D from a Single Image Using Analysis-by-Synthesis
Includes: Guenard, J.[Jerome] Guénard, J.[Jérôme]

Guenault, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Using a superfluid to image its own vortices
Includes: Guenault, A.[Anthony] Guénault, A.[Anthony]

Guendil, Z.[Zied] Co Author Listing * Computational framework for emotional VAD prediction using regularized Extreme Learning Machine

Gueniat, F. Co Author Listing * Slicing techniques for handheld augmented reality

Guenoche, A. Co Author Listing * Twelve Numerical Symbolic and Hybrid Supervised Classification Methods

Guensler, R. Co Author Listing * Real-time data-driven traffic simulation for performance measure estimation

Guenter, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Image Enhancement Using Calibrated Lens Simulations
* Method and system for capturing and representing 3D geometry, color and shading of facial expressions and other animated objects
* Statistical Approach to Continuous Self-Calibrating Eye Gaze Tracking for Head-Mounted Virtual Reality Systems, A
Includes: Guenter, B.[Brian] Guenter, B.

Guenter, B.K. Co Author Listing * Lossless Compression of Computer Generated Animation Frames

Guenter, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * On Authorship Attribution via Markov Chains and Sequence Kernels

Guenther, B. Co Author Listing * Modeling the Detector Radiometric Gains of the Suomi NPP VIIRS Reflective Solar Bands
* Multiyear On-Orbit Calibration and Performance of Terra MODIS Reflective Solar Bands
* Multiyear On-Orbit Calibration and Performance of Terra MODIS Thermal Emissive Bands
Includes: Guenther, B. Guenther, B.[Bruce]

Guenther, B.D. Co Author Listing * Aided and Automatic Target Recognition Based upon Sensory Inputs from Image Forming Systems

Guenther, F.H. Co Author Listing * Self-Organizing Neural-Network Architecture for Navigation Using Optic Flow, A

Guenther, K.P. Co Author Listing * Global Burned Area Mapping From European Satellites: The Esa Fire_cci Project

Guenther, W. Co Author Listing * Estimating the number of clusters in a data set via the gap statistic

Guentzer, U. Co Author Listing * Measuring the Effects of OCR Errors on Similarity Linking

Gueorguiev, A. Co Author Listing * AVENUE: Automated site modeling in urban environments
* Design, Architecture, and Control of a Mobile Site Modeling Robot

Gueorguieva, S.[Stefka] Co Author Listing * 3D surface reconstruction using HMH algorithm
* Automated Trimmed Iterative Closest Point Algorithm
* Teaching Geometric Modeling Algorithms and Data Structures through Laser Scanner Acquisition Pipeline
Includes: Gueorguieva, S.[Stefka] Gueorguieva, S.

Guera, D. Co Author Listing * Counter-Forensic Method for CNN-Based Camera Model Identification, A
* First Steps Toward Camera Model Identification With Convolutional Neural Networks
* Tampering Detection and Localization Through Clustering of Camera-Based CNN Features
Includes: Guera, D. Güera, D. (Maybe also Gueera, D.)

Guerault, F.[Federic] Co Author Listing * Influence of the Noise Model on Level Set Active Contour Segmentation
* Location of Target with Random Gray Levels in Correlated Background with Optimal Processors and Preprocessings
* Nonparametric Statistical Snake Based on the Minimum Stochastic Complexity
Includes: Guerault, F.[Federic] Guerault, F.

Guerbai, Y.[Yasmine] Co Author Listing * effective use of the one-class SVM classifier for handwritten signature verification based on writer-independent parameters, The
* Multiple One-Class Classifier Combination for Multi-class Classification

Guerci, J.R. Co Author Listing * Signal Waveform's Optimal-under-Restriction Design for Active Sensing

Guercke, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Aggregation of LoD 1 building models as an optimization problem
* Generalization of 3D City Models as a Service
* Terrain-dependent aggregation of 3D city models

Guerecheau, M.[Marine] Co Author Listing * Mapping Entomological Dengue Risk Levels in Martinique Using High-Resolution Remote-Sensing Environmental Data
Includes: Guerecheau, M.[Marine] Guérécheau, M.[Marine]

Guerfala, E.[Emna] Co Author Listing * Performance evaluation of vehicular platoons using Webots

Guerfali, W. Co Author Listing * Generation of Oriental Characters: New Perspectives for Automatic Handwriting Processing, The
* Learning handwriting with pen-based systems: computational issues
* Normalizing and Restoring On-Line Handwriting
* Special Issue: Handwriting Processing and Applications
* Why Handwriting Segmentation Can Be Misleading
Includes: Guerfali, W. Guerfali, W.[Wacef]

Guerfi, S.[Souhila] Co Author Listing * 2D Face Recognition in the IV2 Evaluation Campaign
* 3D Anthropometric Signatures for Face Verification
* Implementation of the watershed method in the HSI color space for the face extraction
* IV2 Multimodal Biometric Database (Including Iris, 2D, 3D, Stereoscopic, and Talking Face Data), and the IV2-2007 Evaluation Campaign, The
Includes: Guerfi, S.[Souhila] Guerfi, S.

Guergachi, A.[Aziz] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical decomposition based on a variation of empirical mode decomposition

Guerin Dugue, A.[Anne] Co Author Listing * Categorisation and Retrieval of Scene Photographs from JPEG Compressed Database
* Classification of Natural Images from Distributions of Local Dominant Orientations
* Classification of scene photographs from local orientations features
* Modelling Spatio-Temporal Saliency to Predict Gaze Direction for Short Videos
* Representation of images for classification with independent features
* Statistical Modelling for Image Retrieval Using a Biological Model of the Perceptive Colour Space
* Towards a Model of Information Seeking by Integrating Visual, Semantic and Memory Maps
Includes: Guerin Dugue, A.[Anne] Guérin-Dugué, A.[Anne] Guérin-Dugué, A. Guerin-Dugue, A.
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Guerin, A.[Anne] Co Author Listing * influence of the visualization task on the simulator sickness symptoms: A comparative SSQ study on 3DTV and 3D immersive glasses, The

Guerin, B. Co Author Listing * Implementation of Pi-I-3, A Parallel Architecture for Video Real-Time Processing: A Case-Study, The
* Novel Scatter Compensation of List-Mode PET Data Using Spatial and Energy Dependent Corrections

Guerin, C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Surface Roughness Heterogeneity and Scattering Behavior for Radar Measurements
* Dual-Polarization Measurements at C-Band Over the Ocean: Results From Airborne Radar Observations and Comparison With ENVISAT ASAR Data
* eBDtheque: A Representative Database of Comics
* Knowledge-driven understanding of images in comic books
* Sea Surface Microwave Scattering at Extreme Grazing Angle: Numerical Investigation of the Doppler Shift
* Vortex Tracking in High Density Vector Fields
Includes: Guerin, C. Guérin, C.[Clément]

Guerin, C.A. Co Author Listing * Dynamical Properties of Sea Surface Microwave Backscatter at Low-Incidence: Correlation Time and Doppler Shift
* GO4 Model in Near-Nadir Microwave Scattering From the Sea Surface, The
* HF Bistatic Ocean Doppler Spectra: Simulation Versus Experimentation
* Investigation of Azimuthal Variations From X-Band Medium-Grazing-Angle Sea Clutter
* Ku-/Ka-Band Extrapolation of the Altimeter Cross Section and Assessment With Jason2/AltiKa Data
* Nonlinear Ocean Wave Reconstruction Algorithms Based on Simulated Spatiotemporal Data Acquired by a Flash LIDAR Camera
* Revisiting the Short-Wave Spectrum of the Sea Surface in the Light of the Weighted Curvature Approximation
* Simplified Formulation for Rough Surface Cross-Polarized Backscattering Under the Second-Order Small-Slope Approximation, A
Includes: Guerin, C.A. Guérin, C.A.
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Guerin, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Coherent multi-layer landscape synthesis
* Fractal Coding of Shapes Based on a Projected Ifs Model
Includes: Guerin, E.[Eric] Guérin, E.[Eric] Guerin, E.

Guerin, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * New Application of Smart Walker for Quantitative Analysis of Human Walking, A

Guerineau, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Sharpness limitations in the projection of thin lines by use of the Talbot experiment
Includes: Guerineau, N.[Nicolas] Guérineau, N.[Nicolas]

Guerini, M. Co Author Listing * SentiWords: Deriving a High Precision and High Coverage Lexicon for Sentiment Analysis

Gueriot, D.[Didier] Co Author Listing * Iterative Refinement of Possibility Distributions by Learning for Pixel-Based Classification
Includes: Gueriot, D.[Didier] Guériot, D.[Didier]

Guerlain, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Model-Based Approach for Human Body Reconstruction from 3D Scanned Data, A

Guermazi, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Matching of multi-resolution image for remote sensing glacier detection
* O-LEACH of Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
* Optimized Multi-stream Decoding Algorithm for Handwritten Word Recognition, An
Includes: Guermazi, A.[Ahmed] Guermazi, A.

Guermeur, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Image Characterization from Statistical Reduction of Local Patterns
* new integrative approach to time varying image interpretation, A
Includes: Guermeur, P.[Philippe] Guermeur, P.

Guermeur, Y. Co Author Listing * Twelve Numerical Symbolic and Hybrid Supervised Classification Methods

Guern, Y.[Yves] Co Author Listing * machine learning approach for material detection in hyperspectral images, A

Guernine, T.[Taoufik] Co Author Listing * New Fuzzy Hierarchical Classification Based on SVM for Text Categorization, A

Gueroult, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic identification of cell files in light microscopic images of conifer wood
* Automatic identification of cell files in light microscopic images of conifer wood
Includes: Gueroult, M. Guéroult, M.

Guerpillon, M. Co Author Listing * Improving Disruption Management With Multimodal Collaborative Decision-Making: A Case Study of the Asiana Crash and Lessons Learned

Guerquin Kern, M. Co Author Listing * Accelerated wavelet-regularized deconvolution for 3-D fluorescence microcopy
* Fast Wavelet-Based Reconstruction Method for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, A
* Realistic Analytical Phantoms for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Includes: Guerquin Kern, M. Guerquin-Kern, M.

Guerra Artal, C. Co Author Listing * Real-time Detection of Faces in Video Streams
Includes: Guerra Artal, C. Guerra-Artal, C.

Guerra Casanova, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Analysis of pattern recognition techniques for in-air signature biometrics
* approach to hand biometrics in mobile devices, An
* Mobile-Oriented Hand Segmentation Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Multiscale Aggregation, A
Includes: Guerra Casanova, J.[Javier] Guerra-Casanova, J.[Javier]

Guerra Filho, G.[Gutemberg] Co Author Listing * Correspondence-free fundamental matrix for object recognition
* Disambiguating the recognition of 3D objects
* Discretization effects in the fundamental matrix computation
* Fusing Low-resolution Depth Maps into High-resolution Stereo Matching
* human motion database: A cognitive and parametric sampling of human motion, The
* interpolation based approach for lighting variation in image recognition, An
* Iterative Combination Scheme for multimodal visual feature detection, An
* Language for Human Action, A
* optimal time-space algorithm for dense stereo matching, An
* Robust 2d/3d Calibration Using RANSAC Registration
* String Features: Geodesic Sweeping Detection and Quasi-invariant Time-Series Description
* Synthesis-and-analysis Approach to Image Based Lighting, A
Includes: Guerra Filho, G.[Gutemberg] Guerra-Filho, G.[Gutemberg] Guerra-Filho, G. Guerra-filho, G.[Gutemberg]
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Guerra Gandon, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * New Classifier Combination Scheme Using Clustering Ensemble, A
* Weighted association based methods for the combination of heterogeneous partitions
Includes: Guerra Gandon, A.[Alejandro] Guerra-Gandón, A.[Alejandro]

Guerra Hernandez, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Windowing strategy for Distributed Data Mining optimized through GPUs, A
Includes: Guerra Hernandez, A.[Alejandro] Guerra-Hernández, A.[Alejandro]

Guerra, C. Co Author Listing * 2-D Object Recognition by Multiscale Tree Matching
* 2D Object Recognition on a Reconfigurable Mesh
* Analysis of secondary structure elements of proteins using indexing techniques
* Computational Methods for the Prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions
* Computing Shape Description Transforms on a Multiresolution Architecture
* Computing the Hough Transform on a Pyramid Architecture
* Decomposition of Shape Boundaries in a Problem of Map Sequence Analysis
* DESEO: An Active Vision System for Detection, Tracking and Recognition
* ENCARA2: Real-time detection of multiple faces at different resolutions in video streams
* geometric approach to the segmentation of range images, A
* Graph-Theoretic Method for Decomposing Two-Dimensional Polygonal Shapes into Meaningful Parts, A
* Line-based object recognition using Hausdorff distance: From Range Images to Molecular Secondary Structures
* Matching Shapes: A Case Study in Time-Varying Images
* Model-based and image-based 3D scene representation for interactive visualization
* New Approach to the Template Update Problem, A
* Optimal parallel computation of the quadtree medial axis transform on a multi-layered architecture
* Parallel Algorithms for Line Detection on a Mesh
* Parallel Simulated Annealing for Shape Detection
* Performance Characterization in Computer Vision: Reply
* Proposal for a Homeostasis Based Adaptive Vision System, A
* Recognizing 2D Objects by a Multi-Resolution Approach
* Scanning the issue: Special issue on technology and tools for visual perception
* Segmentation of Range Images Through the Integration of Different Strategies
* Some Further Results of Experimental Comparison of Range Image Segmentation Algorithms
* Survey of parallel algorithms for structural pattern matching
* Systolic Algorithms for Local Operations on Images
* Towards an Evaluation of an Image Processing System
Includes: Guerra, C. Guerra, C.[Concettina] Guerra, C.[Cayetano]
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Guerra, F. Co Author Listing * 3D Integrated Methodologies for the Documentation and the Virtual Reconstruction of an Archaeological Site
* 3D Photogrammetric Recording Using DLT and CAD
* Digital Survey Techniques For The Documentation Of Wooden Shipwrecks
* New Instruments for Survey: On-Line Softwares for 3D Recontruction from Images
* Survey Methods for Earthquake Damages in the Camera Degli Sposi of Mantegna (Mantova)
* TOOTEKO: A Case Study of Augmented Reality for an Accessible Cultural Heritage. Digitization, 3D Printing and Sensors for an Audio-Tactile Experience
* Underwater Photogrammetry and 3D Reconstruction of Marble Cargos Shipwreck
Includes: Guerra, F. Guerra, F.[Francesco]
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Guerra, M.F.[Maria Filomena] Co Author Listing * Practice-Based Comparison of Imaging Methods for Visualization of Toolmarks on an Egyptian Scarab

Guerra, R. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for an Accurate Detection of Anomalies in Hyperspectral Images With a Low Computational Complexity, An
* Computationally Efficient Algorithm for Fusing Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images, A
* New Fast Algorithm for Linearly Unmixing Hyperspectral Images, A

Guerra, R.L.[Reynolds Leon] Co Author Listing * Full-Quaternion Color Correction in Images for Person Re-identification
Includes: Guerra, R.L.[Reynolds Leon] Guerra, R.L.[Reynolds León]

Guerra, S.S.[Sergio Suarez] Co Author Listing * Noise Pattern Recognition of Airplanes Taking Off: Task for a Monitoring System
Includes: Guerra, S.S.[Sergio Suarez] Guerra, S.S.[Sergio Suárez]

Guerra, V. Co Author Listing * Estimating the essential matrix by efficient linear techniques
* ill-posed operator for secure image authentication, An
* Sampling Techniques for Monte Carlo Matrix Multiplication with Applications to Image Processing
Includes: Guerra, V. Guerra, V.[Valia]

Guerra, Y. Co Author Listing * Simple solution for visual servoing of camera-in-hand robots in the 3d Cartesian space

Guerraou, Z. Co Author Listing * Investigation of Azimuthal Variations From X-Band Medium-Grazing-Angle Sea Clutter

Guerreiro Azevedo, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Polyline Spatial Join Evaluation Using Raster Approximation

Guerreiro, A.M.G.[Ana Maria G.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis between Wavelets for the Identification of Pathological Voices

Guerreiro, B.J.[Bruno J.] Co Author Listing * decision cognizant Kullback-Leibler divergence, A

Guerreiro, P. Co Author Listing * Distributed Learning With Time Correlated Information

Guerreiro, R.F.C. Co Author Listing * 3D structure from video streams with partially overlapping images
* Connectivity-Enforcing Hough Transform for the Robust Extraction of Line Segments
* Extraction of line segments in cluttered images via multiscale edges
* Global Motion Estimation: Feature-Based, Featureless, or Both ?!
* Incremental local Hough Transform for line segment extraction
* Learning simple texture discrimination filters
Includes: Guerreiro, R.F.C. Guerreiro, R.F.C.[Rui F.C.] Guerreiro, R.F.C.[Rui F. C.]

Guerreiro, T.[Tiago] Co Author Listing * haptic-based immersive environment for shape analysis and modelling, An
* Mnemonical Body Shortcuts for Interacting with Mobile Devices

Guerreri, B.G.[Bart G.] Co Author Listing * Image change detection system

Guerrero Colon, J.A. Co Author Listing * Deblurring-by-Denoising using Spatially Adaptive Gaussian Scale Mixtures in Overcomplete Pyramids
* Image denoising using mixtures of Gaussian scale mixtures
* Image Restoration Using Space-Variant Gaussian Scale Mixtures in Overcomplete Pyramids
* Two-Level Adaptive Denoising Using Gaussian Scale Mixtures in Overcomplete Oriented Pyramids
Includes: Guerrero Colon, J.A. Guerrero-Colon, J.A. Guerrero-Colon, J.A.[Jose A.]

Guerrero Curieses, A. Co Author Listing * Entropy Minimization Principle for Semi-supervised Terrain Classification, An
* Minimax classifiers based on neural networks
Includes: Guerrero Curieses, A. Guerrero-Curieses, A. Guerrero-Curieses, A.[Alicia]

Guerrero Gomez Olmedo, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Extremely Overlapping Vehicle Counting
Includes: Guerrero Gomez Olmedo, R.[Ricardo] Guerrero-Gómez-Olmedo, R.[Ricardo]

Guerrero Martinez, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Simplified spiking neural network architecture and STDP learning algorithm applied to image classification
Includes: Guerrero Martinez, J.[Juan] Guerrero-Martinez, J.[Juan]

Guerrero Meza, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Flash Flood Monitoring with an Inclined Lidar Installed at a River Bank: Proof of Concept
* Stage Monitoring in Turbid Reservoirs with an Inclined Terrestrial Near-Infrared Lidar
Includes: Guerrero Meza, V.[Vicente] Guerrero-Meza, V.[Vicente]

Guerrero Moreno, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * large margin algorithm for automated segmentation of white matter hyperintensity, A
* Semi-supervised Large Margin Algorithm for White Matter Hyperintensity Segmentation, A

Guerrero Pena, F.A. Co Author Listing * Object recognition under severe occlusions with a hidden Markov model approach
Includes: Guerrero Pena, F.A. Guerrero-Peña, F.A.

Guerrero Viu, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * RGB-D Computer Vision Techniques for Simulated Prosthetic Vision
Includes: Guerrero Viu, M.[Manuel] Guerrero-Viu, M.[Manuel]

Guerrero, D. Co Author Listing * Development Of An All-purpose Free Photogrammetric Tool

Guerrero, I. Co Author Listing * Method for Simulating Dose Reduction in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Guerrero, J.[Julio] Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust L_1-averaging-based Pose Estimation for Driving Scenarios
* Real-Time Vessel Segmentation and Tracking for Ultrasound Imaging Applications
Includes: Guerrero, J.[Julio] Guerrero, J.

Guerrero, J.J.[Jose J.] Co Author Listing * 3D Layout Propagation to Improve Object Recognition in Egocentric Videos
* 3D Spatial Layout Propagation in a Video Sequence
* Adapting a real-time monocular visual SLAM from conventional to omnidirectional cameras
* Automatic Line Extraction in Uncalibrated Omnidirectional Cameras with Revolution Symmetry
* Automatic Matching and Motion Estimation from Two Views of a Multiplane Scene
* Calibration of omnidirectional cameras in practice: A comparison of methods
* Camera motion from brightness on lines. Combination of features and normal flow
* Computing Homographies from Three Lines or Points in an Image Pair
* Depth and Motion Cues with Phosphene Patterns for Prosthetic Vision
* Detection and Modelling of Staircases Using a Wearable Depth Sensor
* Direct Method to Obtain Straight Edge Depth from Motion
* Exploiting line metric reconstruction from non-central circular panoramas
* Exploiting projective geometry for view-invariant monocular human motion analysis in man-made environments
* From lines to epipoles through planes in two views
* Hybrid homographies and fundamental matrices mixing uncalibrated omnidirectional and conventional cameras
* Image Measurement Techniques In Rock Glacier Modelling
* Line extraction in uncalibrated central images with revolution symmetry
* Line-based global descriptor for omnidirectional vision
* Line-Images in Cone Mirror Catadioptric Systems
* Matching of omindirectional and perspective images using the hybrid fundamental matrix
* Minimal Solution for Computing Pairs of Lines in Non-central Cameras
* Monocular 3-D Gait Tracking in Surveillance Scenes
* novel hybrid camera system with depth and fisheye cameras, A
* Omnidirectional Vision Systems: Calibration, Feature Extraction and 3D Information
* Peripheral Expansion of Depth Information via Layout Estimation with Fisheye Camera
* Projective active shape models for pose-variant image analysis of quasi-planar objects: Application to facial analysis
* RGB-D Computer Vision Techniques for Simulated Prosthetic Vision
* Scale Space for Camera Invariant Features
* Scale space for central catadioptric systems: Towards a generic camera feature extractor
* Scene structure recovery from a single omnidirectional image
* Stairs detection with odometry-aided traversal from a wearable RGB-D camera
* Tracking Features with Camera Maneuvering for Vision-Based Navigation
* True scaled 6 DoF egocentric localisation with monocular wearable systems
* Unified Framework for Line Extraction in Dioptric and Catadioptric Cameras, A
* View-invariant human feature extraction for video-surveillance applications
* Viewpoint Independent Human Motion Analysis in Man-made Environments
* Visual SLAM with an Omnidirectional Camera
* Weakly supervised labeling of dominant image regions in indoor sequences
* Wearable omnidirectional vision system for personal localization and guidance
Includes: Guerrero, J.J.[Jose J.] Guerrero, J.J.[José J.] Guerrero, J.J. Guerrero, J.J.[José Jesús]
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Guerrero, J.M.[Jose M.] Co Author Listing * Acquisition of Agronomic Images with Sufficient Quality by Automatic Exposure Time Control and Histogram Matching
Includes: Guerrero, J.M.[Jose M.] Guerrero, J.M.[José M.]

Guerrero, M. Co Author Listing * Programmable Deblocking Filter Architecture for a VC-1 Video Decoder

Guerrero, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Circular Regression Based on Gaussian Processes
* Recovering Latent Signals From a Mixture of Measurements Using a Gaussian Process Prior
Includes: Guerrero, P.[Pablo] Guerrero, P.

Guerrero, R. Co Author Listing * Group-Constrained Laplacian Eigenmaps: Longitudinal AD Biomarker Learning
* Group-constrained manifold learning: Application to AD risk assessment
* Learning Correspondences in Knee MR Images from the Osteoarthritis Initiative
* Manifold Alignment and Transfer Learning for Classification of Alzheimer's Disease
* Stratified Decision Forests for Accurate Anatomical Landmark Localization in Cardiac Images
Includes: Guerrero, R. Guerrero, R.[Ricardo]

Guerrero, S.E. Co Author Listing * Survey on RGB, 3D, Thermal, and Multimodal Approaches for Facial Expression Recognition: History, Trends, and Affect-Related Applications

Guerreschi, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Analyzing of facial paralysis by shape analysis of 3D face sequences

Guerri, G. Co Author Listing * Stereo matching method using multiple angular signatures matched by multidimensional dynamic timewarping (MD-DTW)

Guerri, J.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Mechanism for Optimal Content Download in Wireless Networks, An
* Analysis and Evaluation of Adaptive LDPC AL-FEC Codes for Content Download Services

Guerrier, S. Co Author Listing * Study of the Allan Variance for Constant-Mean Nonstationary Processes, A
* Theoretical Limitations of Allan Variance-based Regression for Time Series Model Estimation

Guerrieri, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor Approach for Volcanic Ash Cloud Retrieval and Eruption Characterization: The 23 November 2013 Etna Lava Fountain, A
* Softcast with per-carrier power-constrained channels
Includes: Guerrieri, L.[Lorenzo] Guerrieri, L.

Guerrieri, M. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation With Cage Active Contours

Guerrieri, R. Co Author Listing * complete system for NN classification based on a VLSI array processor, A
* Fuzzy-Controlled Perceptual Coding of Videophone Sequences
* In Vivo Quantitative Evaluation of Skin Ageing by Capacitance Image Analysis
* low-power system-on-chip for the documentation of road accidents, A
* Massively-Parallel Handwritten Character-Recognition Based on the Distance Transform
* Measuring Skin Topographic Structures through Capacitance Image Analysis
* Method for identifying marking stripes of road lanes
* novel metric for nearest-neighbor classification of hand-written digits, A
* Studying skin ageing throughwavelet-based analysis of capacitive images
* VLSI Array Processor Accelerator for K-NN Classification, A
Includes: Guerrieri, R. Guerrieri, R.[Roberto]
10 for Guerrieri, R.

Guerriero, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Several Approaches for the Segmentation of Texture Images
* Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Image Features for Image Retrieval, An
* Image basic features indexing techniques for video skimming
* Knowledge-based methods for classifier combination: An experimental investigation
* new database of confusing characters for testing character recognition algorithms, A
* Specialized environment for medical radiological image visualization
Includes: Guerriero, A. Guerriero, A.[Andrea]

Guerriero, L.[Leila] Co Author Listing * Above ground biomass estimation in an African tropical forest with lidar and hyperspectral data
* Global Navigation Satellite Systems Reflectometry as a Remote Sensing Tool for Agriculture
* Introduction to the Special Issue on the 12th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing Applications (MicroRad 2012)
* SAVERS: A Simulator of GNSS Reflections From Bare and Vegetated Soils
* Soil Moisture Estimation by SAR in Alpine Fields Using Gaussian Process Regressor Trained by Model Simulations
* Use of Satellite Radar Bistatic Measurements for Crop Monitoring: A Simulation Study on Corn Fields
Includes: Guerriero, L.[Leila] Guerriero, L.

Guerriero, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Geometrical Look at MOSPA Estimation Using Transportation Theory, A
* Graph-Based Method for Detecting and Classifying Clusters in Mammographic Images, A
Includes: Guerriero, M.[Marco] Guerriero, M.

Guerrini, C. Co Author Listing * Fast Compressed Sensing Approach to 3D MR Image Reconstruction, A

Guerrini, F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Compression Based on Regions of Interest and a Modified Contrast Sensitivity Function
* HVS-based adaptive coder for perceptually lossy image compression, An
* Image symmetries: The right balance between evenness and perception
* InnerSpec: Technical Report
* taxonomy for image authentication techniques and its application to the current state of the art, A
* Toward a multi-feature approach to Content-Based Copy Detection
Includes: Guerrini, F. Guerrini, F.[Federico] Guerrini, F.[Fabrizio]

Guerrini, V.[Veronica] Co Author Listing * Binary Pictures with Excluded Patterns

Guerry, J.[Joris] Co Author Listing * SnapNet-R: Consistent 3D Multi-view Semantic Labeling for Robotics

Guerschman, J.P.[Juan Pablo] Co Author Listing * Strengths and Limitations in Using the Daily MODIS Open Water Likelihood Algorithm for Identifying Flood Events, The

Guerti, M.[Mhania] Co Author Listing * Towards a high quality Arabic speech synthesis system based on neural networks and residual excited vocal tract model

Guerzhoy, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Rectangular Objects Lying on an Unknown Background in a Small Preview Scan Image

Gues, C. Co Author Listing * Method to Contrast Enhancement of Digital Dense Breast Images Aimed to Detect Clustered Microcalcifications, A
Includes: Gues, C. Gües, C. (Maybe also Guees, C.)

Guesalaga, A. Co Author Listing * Chebyshev Series for Designing RF Pulses Employing an Optimal Control Approach
* Matching Radar and Satellite Images Employing the Hausdorff Distance for Ship Positioning and Trajectory Estimation

Guesalaga, A.R.[Andres R.] Co Author Listing * Robust estimation of 3D trajectories from a monocular image sequence
Includes: Guesalaga, A.R.[Andres R.] Guesalaga, A.R.[Andrés R.]

Guesmi, H.[Hanene] Co Author Listing * Affixal Approach versus Analytical Approach for Off-Line Arabic Decomposable Vocabulary Recognition
Includes: Guesmi, H.[Hanene] Guesmi, H.[Hanêne]

Guessoum, A. Co Author Listing * CSM neural network for degraded printed character optical recognition
* FAST Algorithm for Adaptive Filtering, A
* Fast Algorithms for the Multidimensional Discrete Fourier Transform
* Multi scale multi descriptor local binary features and exponential discriminant analysis for robust face authentication
* Parametric Filtering Algorithms for Edge Detection
* Score Fusion of SVD and DCT-RLDA for Face Recognition
Includes: Guessoum, A. Guessoum, A.[Abderrezak] Guessoum, A.[Abderazek] Guessoum, A.[Abderrazak]

Guessoum, Z.[Zahia] Co Author Listing * Distributed and Collective Approach for Curved Object-Based Range Image Segmentation, A
* Multi-agent Approach for Range Image Segmentation with Bayesian Edge Regularization, A
* New Distributed Approach for Range Image Segmentation, A
* Small Red Lesions Detection Using a MAS Approach

Guest, C.C. Co Author Listing * High Accuracy Monocular SFM and Scale Correction for Autonomous Driving
* New Objective Quality Metric for Frame Interpolation using in Video Compression, A
* Perceptual Temporal Quality Metric for Compressed Video
Includes: Guest, C.C. Guest, C.C.[Clark C.]

Guest, E.[Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * Robust Point Correspondence Applied to Two- and Three-Dimensional Image Registration
* Robust surface matching for registration
* Using the CSM Correspondence Calculation Algorithm to Quantify Differences between Surfaces
Includes: Guest, E.[Elizabeth] Guest, E.

Guest, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Age dependency in handwritten dynamic signature verification systems
* Predicting sex as a soft-biometrics from device interaction swipe gestures

Guest, R.M. Co Author Listing * Analysing Constructional Aspects of Figure Completion for the Diagnosis of Visuospatial Neglect
* Assessment of methods for image recreation from signature time-series data
* Automatic classification of hand drawn geometric shapes using constructional sequence analysis
* clustering approach to corner point analysis in hand drawn images, A
* Combining forces: Data fusion across man and machine for biometric analysis
* effect of the inhibition-compensation learning scheme on n-tuple based classifier performance, The
* evolutionary algorithm for classifier and combination rule selection in multiple classifier systems, An
* Framework for Biometric and Interaction Performance Assessment of Automated Border Control Processes, A
* Implementing Word Retrieval in Handwritten Documents Using a Small Dataset
* Method for the Synthesis of Dynamic Biometric Signature Data, A
* New Method for the Synthesis of Signature Data With Natural Variability, A
* PENTOOLS: A MATLAB Toolkit for On-line Pen-Based Data Experimentation
* synthesised word approach to word retrieval in handwritten documents, A
* Task-related population characteristics in handwriting analysis
Includes: Guest, R.M. Guest, R.M.[Richard M.]
14 for Guest, R.M.

Guestrin, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Learning Everything about Anything: Webly-Supervised Visual Concept Learning

Gueth, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Digital Surface Regularization by Normal Vector Field Alignment

Guethmundsson, S.A.[Sigurjon Arni] Co Author Listing * Improved 3D reconstruction in smart-room environments using ToF imaging

Guettala, A.[Abdelheq] Co Author Listing * VizAssist: an interactive user assistant for visual data mining

Guettari, N.[Nadjib] Co Author Listing * Fusion of imprecise data applied to image quality assessment

Guetter, C. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Cardiac Motion Effects on the Fiber Architecture of the Human Heart In Vivo
* Nonparametric Priors on the Space of Joint Intensity Distributions for Non-Rigid Multi-Modal Image Registration
Includes: Guetter, C. Guetter, C.[Christoph]

Guevara Lopez, M.A.[Miguel Angel] Co Author Listing * Introducing ROC Curves as Error Measure Functions: A New Approach to Train ANN-Based Biomedical Data Classifiers
Includes: Guevara Lopez, M.A.[Miguel Angel] Guevara-López, M.Á.[Miguel Ángel]

Guevara, A.[Alvaro] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Guevara, A.[Alvaro]: alvaro guevara AT vsi cs uni-frankfurt de
* Boosting segmentation results by contour relaxation
* Curvature oriented clustering of sparse motion vector fields
* Learning multi-view correspondences from temporal coincidences
* Minimum variance image interpolation from noisy and aliased samples
* Multichannel Segmentation Using Contour Relaxation: Fast Super-Pixels and Temporal Propagation
Includes: Guevara, A.[Alvaro] Guevara, A.
7 for Guevara, A.

Guevara, A.E.[Andres Echeverri] Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Self-contained Target Following Robot Using Bayesian Data Fusion
Includes: Guevara, A.E.[Andres Echeverri] Guevara, A.E.[Andrés Echeverri]

Guevara, E.[Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * Encoding Polysomnographic Signals into Spike Firing Rate for Sleep Staging
* New Radial Basis Function Neural Network Architecture for Pattern Classification: First Results

Guevara, J. Co Author Listing * Environmental wireless sensor network for road traffic applications

Guevara, J.A.[J. Armando] Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Run-Encoding for Quadtree Representation

Guevara, M.A.[Miguel A.] Co Author Listing * Breast Cancer Diagnosis Based on a Suitable Combination of Deformable Models and Artificial Neural Networks Techniques
* Computer Aided Diagnosis System to Detect Breast Cancer Pathological Lesions
* Set of Methods for Spontaneous ICH Segmentation and Tracking from CT Head Images

Guevara, P.[Pamela] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Short Association Bundles in Massive Tractography Datasets Using a Multi-subject Bundle Atlas

Guevorkian, D. Co Author Listing * Method for Designing High-Radix Multiplier-Based Processing Units for Multimedia Applications, A
* Parametric Haar-Like Transforms in Image Denoising

Gueye, L.[Limamou] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of colonoscopic anomalies using capsule endoscopy

Gueye, L.A. Co Author Listing * Development of a Cartographic Strategy and Geospatial Services for Disaster Early Warning and Mitigation in the ECOWAS Subregion

Gueziec, A. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Triangulated Surface Extraction Using Tetrahedral Decomposition
* Virtual strike zone
Includes: Gueziec, A. Gueziec, A.[Andre]

Gueziec, A.P. Co Author Listing * Large deformable splines, crest lines and matching
* Medical image registration using geometric hashing
* New Developments on Geometric Hashing for Curve Matching
* Smoothing and Matching of 3-D Space Curves

Gueziri, H.E.[Houssem Eddine] Co Author Listing * generalized graph reduction framework for interactive segmentation of large images, A
* Graph-Based 3D-Ultrasound Reconstruction of the Liver in the Presence of Respiratory Motion
* Modelling Postures of Human Movements
* User-guided graph reduction for fast image segmentation
Includes: Gueziri, H.E.[Houssem Eddine] Gueziri, H.E.[Houssem-Eddine]

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