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Ha, J. Co Author Listing * Besta-Divergence-Based Variational Model for Speckle Reduction
* Channel-Aware Energy Efficient Transmission Strategies for Large Wireless Sensor Networks
* Cost Aggregation Table: Cost Aggregation Method Using Summed Area Table Scheme for Dense Stereo Correspondence
* Document Layout Structure Extraction Using Bounding Boxes of Different Entities
* Estimation of the Position and Orientation of a Planar Surface Using Multiple Beams
* fast scanning based message receiving method on four directed acyclic subgraphs, A
* Implementation Methodology for a CD-Rom English Document Database, The
* Moving Object Detection Using Energy Model and Particle Filter for Dynamic Scene
* Moving Object Detection Using SIFT Matching on Three Frames for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
* Photorealistic Style Transfer via Wavelet Transforms
* Robust Stereo Vision with Confidence Measure Based on Tree Agreement, A
* Single Image Haze Removal Using Single Pixel Approach Based on Dark Channel Prior with Fast Filtering
* StarGAN v2: Diverse Image Synthesis for Multiple Domains
* StarGAN: Unified Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-domain Image-to-Image Translation
* Texture Analysis of Brain CT Scans for ICP Prediction
* Zone Classification in a Document Using the Method of Feature Vector Generation
Includes: Ha, J. Ha, J.[Jeong_Mok] Ha, J.[Jeongmok] Ha, J.[Jonathan]
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Ha, J.C.[Jong Chul] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Occurrence Frequency of Seedable Clouds on the Korean Peninsula for Precipitation Enhancement Experiments
Includes: Ha, J.C.[Jong Chul] Ha, J.C.[Jong-Chul]

Ha, J.E.[Jong Eun] Co Author Listing * 3D structure recovery and calibration under varying intrinsic parameters using known angles
* detection cell using multiple points of a rotating triangle to find local planar regions from stereo depth data, A
* Fast object recognition using dynamic programming from combination of salient line groups
* Initialization method for self-calibration using 2-views
* Robust direct motion estimation considering discontinuity
Includes: Ha, J.E.[Jong Eun] Ha, J.E.[Jong-Eun]

Ha, J.M.[Jeong Mok] Co Author Listing * Cost aggregation table: A theoretic derivation on the Markov random field and its relation to message passing
* Image Synthesis and Occlusion Removal of Intermediate Views by Stereo Matching
Includes: Ha, J.M.[Jeong Mok] Ha, J.M.[Jeong-Mok]

Ha, J.S.[Jung Seok] Co Author Listing * Evolution of Backscattering Coefficients of Drifting Multi-Year Sea Ice during End of Melting and Onset of Freeze-up in the Western Beaufort Sea
Includes: Ha, J.S.[Jung Seok] Ha, J.S.[Jung-Seok]

Ha, J.W.[Jung Woo] Co Author Listing * Dual Attention Networks for Multimodal Reasoning and Matching
* Particle filter with spline resampling and global transition model
Includes: Ha, J.W.[Jung Woo] Ha, J.W.[Jung-Woo] Ha, J.W.[Jong-Won]

Ha, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Context-Dependent Search in Interconnected Hidden Markov Model for Unconstrained Handwriting Recognition
* Network-Based Approach to Online Cursive Script Recognition

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