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Hada, T.[Tetsu] Co Author Listing * Videophone terminal

Hadadan, S. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Background Subtraction Methods

Hadadnia, J. Co Author Listing * Anomaly detection in video using two-part sparse dictionary in 170 FPS

Hadani, I. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Constraint Equation for Motion Extraction, The

Hadani, R. Co Author Listing * Viewing Angle Classification of Cryo-Electron Microscopy Images Using Eigenvectors

Hadano, E. Co Author Listing * Method for Connecting Disappeared Junction Patterns on Frame Lines in Form Documents, A
* recursive analysis for form cell recognition, A

Hadap, S. Co Author Listing * Deep Outdoor Illumination Estimation
* Depth from shading, defocus, and correspondence using light-field angular coherence
* Neural Face Editing with Intrinsic Image Disentangling
* Reflectance Capture Using Univariate Sampling of BRDFs
* Shape Estimation from Shading, Defocus, and Correspondence Using Light-Field Angular Coherence

Hadap, S.I.[Sun Il] Co Author Listing * Depth from Combining Defocus and Correspondence Using Light-Field Cameras
* Reconstructing Shape from Dictionaries of Shading Primitives
* Regularized depth from defocus
* Shading-Aware Multi-view Stereo
* Specular Reflection Separation Using Dark Channel Prior
Includes: Hadap, S.I.[Sun Il] Hadap, S.I.[Sun-Il]

Hadar, D. Co Author Listing * Implicit Media Tagging and Affect Prediction from RGB-D Video of Spontaneous Facial Expressions

Hadar, E. Co Author Listing * H2 Length Estimation Method: An Algorithm for Digitized Curves for Asymmetric 3D Grid Applied on Coronary Bypass Surgery, The
* Optimal Locally Adjustable Filtering of PET Images by a Genetic Algorithm

Hadar, O.[Ofer] Co Author Listing * Complexity-Aware Adaptive Preprocessing Scheme for Region-of-Interest Spatial Scalable Video Coding
* Complexity-aware adaptive spatial pre-processing for ROI scalable video coding with dynamic transition region
* DCT-domain coder for digital video applications
* Dynamic computational complexity and bit allocation for optimizing H.264/AVC video compression
* Image Motion Restoration from a Sequence of Images
* Optimal video stream multiplexing through linear programming
* PCRTT Enhancement for Off-Line Video Smoothing
* Relative Effects of Distortion and Noise on Target Acquisition: The Advisability of Image Restoration
* Restoration of images degraded by mechanical vibrations
* Super-Resolution Mosaicing from MPEG Compressed Video
* Use of Motion Information in Super-Resolution Mosaicing
* When physics meets signal processing: Image and video denoising based on Ising theory
Includes: Hadar, O.[Ofer] Hadar, O.
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Hadas, E. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For The Automatic Estimation Of Agricultural Tree Geometric Parameters Using Airborne Laser Scanning Data

Hadas, T.[Tomasz] Co Author Listing * Weighting of Multi-GNSS Observations in Real-Time Precise Point Positioning

Hadavand, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Analysis of a Parametric Approach for Simultaneous Space Resection-Intersection of High Resolution Satellite Images Without Using Ground Control Points

Hadayer, A. Co Author Listing * novel automatic segmentation of healthy and diseased retinal layers from OCT scans, A

Haddab, S. Co Author Listing * Multifractal analysis based on discrete wavelet for texture classification: Application to medical magnetic resonance imaging

Haddad, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Hazardous material sign detection and recognition

Haddad, B.[Boualem] Co Author Listing * Design of an Antenna Array for GNSS/GPS Network
* Generation of Synthetic Multifractal Realistic Surfaces Based on Natural Model and Lognormal Cascade: Application to MRI Classification
* Ground echoes filtering using the completed local binary pattern and the support vector machine
* Semi-Automatic Cracks Correction Based on Seam Processing, Stochastic Analysis and Learning Process
Includes: Haddad, B.[Boualem] Haddad, B. Haddad, B.[Bashar]

Haddad, D.B. Co Author Listing * New Initialization Method for Frequency-Domain Blind Source Separation Algorithms, A

Haddad, H.[Hedi] Co Author Listing * Web mapping and data collection of visitors' activities towards the assessment of Lyme disease risk in a peri-urban forest

Haddad, J. Co Author Listing * Optimal Perimeter Control for Two Urban Regions With Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams: A Model Predictive Approach

Haddad, L.[Lobna] Co Author Listing * Improvement of On-line Recognition Systems Using a RBF-Neural Network Based Writer Adaptation Module
* On-line handwritten digit recognition based on trajectory and velocity modeling

Haddad, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Buffer Starvation With Application to Objective QoE Optimization of Streaming Services
* Coloring based approach for matching unrooted and/or unordered trees
Includes: Haddad, M. Haddad, M.[Mohammed]

Haddad, M.A. Co Author Listing * Green novel power control framework for dense femtocell grids

Haddad, N. Co Author Listing * disocclusion replacement approach to subjective assessment for depth map quality evaluation, A

Haddad, O. Co Author Listing * Initialized Iterative Closest Point for bone recognition in ultrasound volumes

Haddad, R.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Decimated Median Filtering
* Adaptive median filters: new algorithms and results
* Modeling and design of multidimensional vector-quantized M-channel subband codecs
* Optimum design of vector-quantized multiresolution codecs
* Projection-based eigenvector decomposition for reduction of blocking artifacts of DCT coded image

Haddad, W. Co Author Listing * Novel Iterative Optimizing Quantization Technique and Its Application to X-Ray Tomographic Microscopy for 3-Dimensional Reconstruction from a Limited Number of Views

Haddad, Z. Co Author Listing * Error Model for Biomass Estimates Derived From Polarimetric Radar Backscatter, An
* Fingerprint Identification using Radon Transform
* Image quality assessment based on wave atoms transform
* Iris features extraction using wave atoms
* online reversed French Sign Language dictionary based on a learning approach for signs classification, An
* pattern recognition approach to make accessible the geographic images for blind and visually impaired, A
* Wave atoms based compression method for fingerprint images
Includes: Haddad, Z. Haddad, Z.[Zehira]
7 for Haddad, Z.

Haddad, Z.S. Co Author Listing * email: Haddad, Z.S.: zsh AT AlbertoVO5 jpl nasa gov
* Derived Observations From Frequently Sampled Microwave Measurements of Precipitation. Part II: Sensitivity to Atmospheric Variables and Instrument Parameters
* Derived Observations From Frequently Sampled Microwave Measurements of Precipitation: Part I: Relations to Atmospheric Thermodynamics
* Filtering Image Records Using Wavelets and the Zakai Equation
* Objective Detection of Indian Summer Monsoon Onset Using QuikSCAT Seawinds Scatterometer
* Physically Based Soil Moisture and Microwave Emissivity Data Set for Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Applications, A

Haddada, L.R.[Lamia Rzouga] Co Author Listing * combined watermarking approach for securing biometric data, A

Haddadi, F. Co Author Listing * Double Detector for Sparse Signal Detection From One-Bit Compressed Sensing Measurements
* Model based variational Bayesian compressive sensing using heavy tailed sparse prior
Includes: Haddadi, F. Haddadi, F.[Farzan]

Haddadi, M. Co Author Listing * Variable selection for image quality assessment using a Neural Network based approach

Haddadi, N. Co Author Listing * Computation of Dense Optical Flow with a Parametric Smoothness Model
* Viscom: an orthogonal multiprocessor for early vision and neural computing

Haddadin, O.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive regularization of a distorted born iterative algorithm for diffraction tomography

Haddadnia, J. Co Author Listing * effective feature extraction method for face recognition, An
* efficient method for recognition of human faces using higher orders pseudo Zernike moment invariant, An
* Fast Edge-Based Stereo Matching Algorithm through Search Space Reduction
* fuzzy hybrid learning algorithm for radial basis function neural network with application in human face recognition, A
* N-Feature Neural Network Human Face Recognition
* Neural Network Based Face Recognition with Moment Invariants
* Novel dataset for fine-grained abnormal behavior understanding in crowd
* Reduction of the Search Space Region in the Edge Based Stereo Correspondence
Includes: Haddadnia, J. Haddadnia, J.[Javad]
8 for Haddadnia, J.

Haddar, H.[Houssem] Co Author Listing * Generalized Linear Sampling Method for Limited Aperture Measurements, The

Haddon, J. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Structure from Motion
* FLIR Image Segmentation and Natural Object Classification
* Joy of Sampling, The
* Nearest-neighbour classifiers in natural scene analysis
* Noise in Bilinear Problems
* Shading Primitives: Finding Folds and Shallow Grooves
* Shape representations from shading primitives
* Spatio-Temporal Relaxation Labelling Applied to Segmented Infrared Image Sequences
Includes: Haddon, J. Haddon, J.[John]
8 for Haddon, J.

Haddon, J.F. Co Author Listing * Deformable templates in image sequences
* Detecting Periodic Structure
* Ego Motion from Near-Degenerate Sequences
* Generalised threshold selection for edge detection
* Grouping of Directional Features Using an Extended Hough Transform
* Image Segmentation by Unifying Region and Boundary Information
* Neural Networks for the Texture Classification of Segmented Regions of Forward Looking Infrared Images
* Neural networks for the texture classification of temporally consistent segmented regions of FLIR sequences
* Perceptual Grouping from Gabor Filter Responses
* relaxation computation of optic flow from spatial and temporal cooccurrence matrices, A
* Simultaneous region and edge segmentation of infrared images using non-maximal suppression for edge thinning
* Texture classification of segmented regions of FLIR images using neural networks
* Texture Segmentation and Region Classification by Orthogonal Decomposition of Cooccurrence Matrices
Includes: Haddon, J.F. Haddon, J.F.[John F.]
13 for Haddon, J.F.

Haddow, E.R. Co Author Listing * Parallel Binocular Stereo Algorithm Utilizing Dynamic Programming and Relaxation Labelling, A
* Relaxation Labelling and the Entropy of Neighborhood Information

Hadeid, M. Co Author Listing * Rigorous Georeferencing of ALSAT-2A Panchromatic and Multispectral Imagery

Hader, S.[Soren] Co Author Listing * System Concept for Image Sequence Classification in Laser Welding
Includes: Hader, S.[Soren] Hader, S.[Sören]

Haderlein, T.[Tino] Co Author Listing * Intelligibility of Children with Cleft Lip and Palate: Evaluation by Speech Recognition Techniques

Hadfield, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * 2D or Not 2D: Bridging the Gap Between Tracking and Structure from Motion
* Dense Rigid Reconstruction from Unstructured Discontinuous Video
* Direct-from-Video: Unsupervised NRSfM
* Exploiting High Level Scene Cues in Stereo Reconstruction
* Exploring Causal Relationships in Visual Object Tracking
* Go with the Flow: Hand Trajectories in 3D via Clustered Scene Flow
* Hollywood 3D: Recognizing Actions in 3D Natural Scenes
* Hollywood 3D: What are the Best 3D Features for Action Recognition?
* Kinecting the dots: Particle based scene flow from depth sensors
* Long-Term Tracking through Failure Cases
* Natural Action Recognition Using Invariant 3D Motion Encoding
* Particle Filter Based Probabilistic Forced Alignment for Continuous Gesture Recognition
* Scene Flow Estimation using Intelligent Cost Functions
* Scene Particles: Unregularized Particle-Based Scene Flow Estimation
* Stereo reconstruction using top-down cues
* SubUNets: End-to-End Hand Shape and Continuous Sign Language Recognition
* Taking the Scenic Route to 3D: Optimising Reconstruction from Moving Cameras
* Texture-Independent Long-Term Tracking Using Virtual Corners
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* TMAGIC: A Model-Free 3D Tracker
* Using Convolutional 3D Neural Networks for User-independent continuous gesture recognition
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Hadfield, S.[Simon] Hadfield, S.
24 for Hadfield, S.

Hadgu, K.M.[Kiros M.] Co Author Listing * Potential and Uptake of Remote Sensing in Insurance: A Review, The

Hadi, M. Co Author Listing * Prediction of Lane Clearance Time of Freeway Incidents Using the M5P Tree Algorithm

Hadi, M.A.[Muhammad Abdul] Co Author Listing * Compressive sensing applied to radar systems: An overview
* Compressive sensing based high-resolution passive bistatic radar

Hadi, R.A.[Richard Al] Co Author Listing * 1kpixel CMOS camera chip for 25fps real-time terahertz imaging applications, A

Hadi, S.[Samekta] Co Author Listing * Image Processing in Retinal Angiography: Extracting Angiographical Features without the Requirement of Contrast Agents

Hadi, Y.[Youssef] Co Author Listing * Fundamental Region Based Indexing and Classification of Islamic Star Pattern Images

Hadid, A. Co Author Listing * accurate eye localization approach for smart embedded system, An
* Age Classification in Unconstrained Conditions Using LBP Variants
* Age Estimation Using Local Binary Pattern Kernel Density Estimate
* Biometrics Systems Under Spoofing Attack: An evaluation methodology and lessons learned
* Can gait biometrics be Spoofed?
* Coarse-to-Fine Classification Scheme for Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Color-based face detection using skin locus model and hierarchical filtering
* Combining appearance and motion for face and gender recognition from videos
* Combining Contrast Information and Local Binary Patterns for Gender Classification
* Combining motion and appearance for gender classification from video sequences
* Comments on the Kinship Face in the Wild Data Sets
* Comments on the Kinship Face in the Wild Data Sets
* Computer Vision Using Local Binary Patterns
* Deep convolutional hashing using pairwise multi-label supervision for large-scale visual search
* discriminative feature space for detecting and recognizing faces, A
* Efficient Image Appearance Description Using Dense Sampling Based Local Binary Patterns
* Experimental Investigation about the Integration of Facial Dynamics in Video-Based Face Recognition, An
* Extracting Local Binary Patterns from Image Key Points: Application to Automatic Facial Expression Recognition
* Face and Eye Detection for Person Authentication in Mobile Phones
* Face and texture analysis using local descriptors: A comparative analysis
* Face anti-spoofing based on color texture analysis
* Face Antispoofing Using Speeded-Up Robust Features and Fisher Vector Encoding
* Face Biometrics Under Spoofing Attacks: Vulnerabilities, Countermeasures, Open Issues, and Research Directions
* Face Description with Local Binary Patterns: Application to Face Recognition
* Face liveness detection using dynamic texture
* Face recognition based on the appearance of local regions
* Face Recognition under Ageing Effect: A Comparative Analysis
* Face recognition under spoofing attacks: countermeasures and research directions
* Face Recognition Using Smoothed High-Dimensional Representation
* Face Recognition with Local Binary Patterns
* Face spoofing detection from single images using texture and local shape analysis
* Face Spoofing Detection Using Dynamic Texture
* Face Verification Based on Gabor Region Covariance Matrices
* Face Verification Using Local Binary Patterns and Maximum A Posteriori Vector Quantization Model
* Facial deblur inference to improve recognition of blurred Faces
* Facial Deblur Inference Using Subspace Analysis for Recognition of Blurred Faces
* Fast Chinese character detection from complex scenes
* Fingerprint liveness detection using local texture features
* From Still Image to Video-Based Face Recognition: An Experimental Analysis
* Gender and texture classification: A comparative analysis using 13 variants of local binary patterns
* How Much Information Kinect Facial Depth Data Can Reveal About Identity, Gender and Ethnicity?
* Hybrid Approach to Face Detection under Unconstrained Environments, A
* Image and video descriptors
* Improving Gait Biometrics under Spoofing Attacks
* Improving the recognition of faces occluded by facial accessories
* In-depth Examination of Local Binary Descriptors in Unconstrained Face Recognition, An
* Kinship Verification from Faces via Similarity Metric Based Convolutional Neural Network
* Learning local image descriptors using binary decision trees
* Learning Personal Specific Facial Dynamics for Face Recognition from Videos
* Local Binary Pattern Approach and its Applications to Face Analysis, The
* Manifold Learning for Gender Classification from Face Sequences
* Measuring and mitigating targeted biometric impersonation
* Multi scale multi descriptor local binary features and exponential discriminant analysis for robust face authentication
* On pain assessment from facial videos using spatio-temporal local descriptors
* On soft biometrics
* On the Effects of Illumination Normalization with LBP-Based Watchlist Screening
* On the use of dynamic features in face biometrics: Recent advances and challenges
* On the use of Kinect depth data for identity, gender and ethnicity classification from facial images
* original face anti-spoofing approach using partial convolutional neural network, An
* OULU-NPU: A Mobile Face Presentation Attack Database with Real-World Variations
* Recognition of Blurred Faces via Facial Deblurring Combined with Blur-Tolerant Descriptors
* Scarce face recognition via two-layer collaborative representation
* Selecting models from videos for appearance-based face recognition
* Special issue on 'Soft Biometrics'
* Texture Features in Facial Image Analysis
* Unsupervised deep hashing for large-scale visual search
* Unsupervised learning of overcomplete face descriptors
* Unsupervised Learning Using Locally Linear Embedding: Experiments with Face Pose Analysis
Includes: Hadid, A. Hadid, A.[Abdenour]
68 for Hadid, A.

Hadingham, P.T. Co Author Listing * Symbolic Description of Edges Using a Geometric Relaxation Technique

Hadiuzzaman, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Pixel-based heterogeneous traffic measurement considering shadow and illumination variation

Hadizadeh, H. Co Author Listing * Burst-Loss-Resilient Packetization of Video
* Color Gaussian Jet Features For No-Reference Quality Assessment of Multiply-Distorted Images
* Energy-Efficient Images
* Eye-Tracking Database for a Set of Standard Video Sequences
* Full-Reference Objective Quality Assessment of Tone-Mapped Images
* Good-looking green images
* Multi-resolution local Gabor wavelets binary patterns for gray-scale texture description
* No-reference image quality assessment using statistical wavelet-packet features
* Random Texture Defect Detection Using 1-D Hidden Markov Models Based on Local Binary Patterns
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Pixel-Based Motion Vector Concatenation for Reference Picture Selection
* Saliency-Aware Video Compression
* Saliency-Guided Just Noticeable Distortion Estimation Using the Normalized Laplacian Pyramid
* saliency-modulated just-noticeable-distortion model with non-linear saliency modulation functions, A
* Video Error Concealment Using a Computation-Efficient Low Saliency Prior
Includes: Hadizadeh, H. Hadizadeh, H.[Hadi]
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Hadj Abdelkader, H.[Hicham] Co Author Listing * Direct method for rotation estimation from spherical images using 3D mesh surfaces with SPHARM representation
* New approach for human detection in spherical images
* Spherical Image Processing for Accurate Visual Odometry with Omnidirectional Cameras
Includes: Hadj Abdelkader, H.[Hicham] Hadj-Abdelkader, H.[Hicham]

Hadj Henni, A. Co Author Listing * Shear Wave Induced Resonance Elastography of Venous Thrombi: A Proof-of-Concept

Hadj Salem, K. Co Author Listing * Memory management in embedded vision systems: Optimization problems and solution methods

Hadj Selem, F. Co Author Listing * Structured Sparse Principal Components Analysis With the TV-Elastic Net Penalty
Includes: Hadj Selem, F. Hadj-Selem, F.

Hadj, B.[Batatia] Co Author Listing * Discrete wavelet for multifractal texture classification: Application to medical ultrasound imaging
* Segmentation of oct skin images by classification of speckle statistical parameters

Hadjadj, Z.[Zineb] Co Author Listing * ISauvola: Improved Sauvola's Algorithm for Document Image Binarization
* new efficient binarization method: Application to degraded historical document images, A

Hadjadji, B.[Bilal] Co Author Listing * effective use of the one-class SVM classifier for handwritten signature verification based on writer-independent parameters, The
* Fuzzy Integral Combination of One-Class Classifiers Designed for Multi-class Classification
* Multiple One-Class Classifier Combination for Multi-class Classification

Hadjamar, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic indexing and reformulation of ancient dictionaries

Hadjar, K. Co Author Listing * Arabic newspaper page segmentation
* Configuration REcognition Model for Complex Reverse Engineering Methods: 2(CREM)
* Logical labeling of Arabic newspapers using artificial neural nets
* Minimizing User Annotations in the Generation of Layout Ground-Truthed Data
* Newspaper page decomposition using a split and merge approach
* Physical Layout Analysis of Complex Structured Arabic Documents Using Artificial Neural Nets
* Towards a canonical and structured representation of PDF documents through reverse engineering
* XCDF: A Canonical and Structured Document Format
* Xed: a new tool for extracting hidden structures from electronic documents
Includes: Hadjar, K. Hadjar, K.[Karim]
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Hadjerci, O.[Oussama] Co Author Listing * Affect Recognition Using Magnitude Models of Motion
* Nerve Detection in Ultrasound Images Using Median Gabor Binary Pattern
* Nerve Localization by Machine Learning Framework with New Feature Selection Algorithm
* On-line learning dynamic models for nerve detection in ultrasound videos
* Ultrasound median nerve localization by classification based on despeckle filtering and feature selection
Includes: Hadjerci, O.[Oussama] Hadjerci, O.

Hadji, I.[Isma] Co Author Listing * Local-to-Global Signature Descriptor for 3D Object Recognition
* Spatiotemporal Oriented Energy Network for Dynamic Texture Recognition, A
Includes: Hadji, I.[Isma] Hadji, I.

Hadjicharalambous, M. Co Author Listing * Steps Towards Quantification of the Cardiological Stress Exam

Hadjidemetriou, E.[Efstathios] Co Author Listing * Appearance Matching with Partial Data
* Histogram Preserving Image Transformations
* Multiresolution Histograms and Their Use for Recognition
* Resolution Selection Using Generalized Entropies of Multiresolution Histograms
* Spatial color component matching of images
* Spatial Information in Multiresolution Histograms
Includes: Hadjidemetriou, E.[Efstathios] Hadjidemetriou, E.

Hadjidemetriou, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Implementation of Scan-to-BIM and FEM for the Documentation and Analysis of Heritage Timber Roof Structures

Hadjidemetriou, S. Co Author Listing * Bimodal Nonrigid Registration of Brain MRI Data With Deconvolution of Joint Statistics
* Comparative Characterisation of Susceptibility Weighted MRI for Brain White Matter Lesions in MS
* Non-Parametric Bayesian Registration (NParBR) of Body Tumors in DCE-MRI Data
Includes: Hadjidemetriou, S. Hadjidemetriou, S.[Stathis]

Hadjidimitriou, S.K.[Stelios K.] Co Author Listing * EEG-Based Classification of Music Appraisal Responses Using Time-Frequency Analysis and Familiarity Ratings

Hadjidj, R. Co Author Listing * Gravitational weighted fuzzy c-means with application on multispectral image segmentation

Hadjiefthymiades, S. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Trajectory Classification for Improved Movement Prediction

Hadjieleftheriou, M.[Marios] Co Author Listing * SaIL: A Spatial Index Library for Efficient Application Integration

Hadjiiski, L.M. Co Author Listing * Classification of malignant and benign masses based on hybrid ART2LDA approach
* Computer-aided characterization of mammographic masses: Accuracy of mass segmentation and its effects on characterization
* Performance Analysis of Three-Class Classifiers: Properties of a 3-D ROC Surface and the Normalized Volume Under the Surface for the Ideal Observer

Hadjileontiadis, L.J.[Leontios J.] Co Author Listing * EEG-Based Classification of Music Appraisal Responses Using Time-Frequency Analysis and Familiarity Ratings
* Emotion Recognition from Brain Signals Using Hybrid Adaptive Filtering and Higher Order Crossings Analysis
* Enhanced Sign Language Recognition Using Weighted Intrinsic-Mode Entropy and Signer's Level of Deafness
* Tomographic Reconstruction of 3-D Irrotational Vector Fields via a Discretized Ray Transform
Includes: Hadjileontiadis, L.J.[Leontios J.] Hadjileontiadis, L.J.

Hadjili, M.L.[Mohamed Laid] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised cluster-based method for segmenting biological tumour volume of laryngeal tumours in 18F-FDG-PET images

Hadjiliadis, O.[Olympia] Co Author Listing * Online Algorithms for Classification of Urban Objects in 3D Point Clouds
* Robust Online Change-point Detection in Video Sequences
* Sequential Classification in Point Clouds of Urban Scenes

Hadjiloucas, S.[Sillas] Co Author Listing * Comparison of extrasystolic ECG signal classifiers using discrete wavelet transforms

Hadjilucas, L.[Lucas] Co Author Listing * dataset for Hand-Held Object Recognition, A
* Mobile Visual Assistive Apps: Benchmarks of Vision Algorithm Performance
* Small Hand-Held Object Recognition Test (SHORT)

Hadjimitsis, D. Co Author Listing * 3D Documentation and BIM Modeling of Cultural Heritage Structures Using UAVS: The Case of the Foinikaria Church
* Establishing a Remote Sensing Science Center in Cyprus: First Year of Activities of ATHENA Project
* Integration of Innovative Surveying Technologies for Purposes of 3D Documentation and Valorisation of St. Herakleidios Monastery in Cyprus
Includes: Hadjimitsis, D. Hadjimitsis, D.[Diofantos]

Hadjimitsis, D.G.[Diofantos G.] Co Author Listing * Development of an image based integrated method for determining and mapping aerosol optical thickness (AOT) over urban areas using the darkest pixel atmospheric correction method, RT equation and GIS: A case study of the Limassol area in Cyprus
* Evaluating the Potentials of Sentinel-2 for Archaeological Perspective
* Evaluation of Broadband and Narrowband Vegetation Indices for the Identification of Archaeological Crop Marks
* Experiencing Cultural Heritage Sites Using 3D Modeling for the Visually Impaired
* More Than a Flight: The Extensive Contributions of UAV Flights to Archaeological Research: The Case Study of Curium Site in Cyprus
* Observing Landscape Changes Around the Nicosia Old Town Center Using Multi-temporal Datasets
* Orthogonal Equations of Multi-Spectral Satellite Imagery for the Identification of Un-Excavated Archaeological Sites
* Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites from Geo-Hazards: The PROTHEGO Project, The
* Study of the Variations of Archaeological Marks at Neolithic Site of Lucera, Italy Using High-Resolution Multispectral Datasets
Includes: Hadjimitsis, D.G.[Diofantos G.] Hadjimitsis, D.G.
9 for Hadjimitsis, D.G.

Hadjinicolaou, M.[Marios] Co Author Listing * MPEG-2 streaming of full interactive content
* Novel Method for Supporting Full Interactive Media Stream Over IP Network, A

Hadjitodorov, S. Co Author Listing * RBF Network with Tunable Function Shape, An

Hadjkacem, B.[Bassem] Co Author Listing * Accordion Representation Based Multi-Scale Covariance Descriptor for Multi-shot Person Re-Identification

Hadler, H. Co Author Listing * Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Coastal Geomorphologic Research In Western Greece

Hadley, B.C.[Brian C.] Co Author Listing * Significance of Altitude and Posting Density on Lidar derived Elevation Accuracy on Hazardous Waste Sites

Hadley, E.M.[Edward M.] Co Author Listing * Risk Classification of Mammograms Using Anatomical Linear Structure and Density Information

Hadmi, A.[Azhar] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the robustness of wavelet-based perceptual signatures
* robust and secure perceptual hashing system based on a quantization step analysis, A
* Statistical analysis of the quantization stage of robust perceptual image hashing

Hadorn, M. Co Author Listing * Lexicon Reduction in an HMM-Framework Based on Quantized Feature Vectors

Hadoux, X. Co Author Listing * Mapping of Foliar Content Using Radiative Transfer Modeling and VIS-NIR Hyperspectral Close-Range Remote-Sensing

Hadsell, R.[Raia] Co Author Listing * Complex Terrain Mapping with Multi-camera Visual Odometry and Realtime Drift Correction
* Dimensionality Reduction by Learning an Invariant Mapping
* High-precision localization using visual landmarks fused with range data
* Learning a Similarity Metric Discriminatively, with Application to Face Verification

Hadwiger, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Cavlectometry: Towards Holistic Reconstruction of Large Mirror Objects
* Clustered Deep Shadow Maps for Integrated Polyhedral and Volume Rendering
* Hardware-Accelerated High-Quality Filtering on PC Hardware
Includes: Hadwiger, M.[Markus] Hadwiger, M.

Hadyanto, V.[Vina] Co Author Listing * Influence of surround proximity on induction of brown and darkness

Hadzi Velkov, Z. Co Author Listing * Wireless Networks with Energy Harvesting and Power Transfer: Joint Power and Time Allocation
Includes: Hadzi Velkov, Z. Hadzi-Velkov, Z.

Hadzialic, M.[Mesud] Co Author Listing * efficient troubleshooting testing scenario for IPTV over DSL: Preliminary discussion, An

Hadzic, L. Co Author Listing * Participatory Imaging Mapping of Cultural Heritage Across Internal Borders Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hadzilacos, T. Co Author Listing * Usability Guidelines for the Design of Robot Teleoperation: A Taxonomy

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