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Hasaballa, A.I.[Abdallah I.] Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Quantification of Myocardial Collagen Morphology from Confocal Images

Hasager, C. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Geophysical Model Functions for SAR Wind Speed Retrieval in Japanese Coastal Waters

Hasager, C.B.[Charlotte Bay] Co Author Listing * Hub Height Ocean Winds over the North Sea Observed by the NORSEWInD Lidar Array: Measuring Techniques, Quality Control and Data Management
* Offshore Wind Resources Assessment from Multiple Satellite Data and WRF Modeling over South China Sea
* Quarter-Century Offshore Winds from SSM/I and WRF in the North Sea and South China Sea
* Spectral Properties of ENVISAT ASAR and QuikSCAT Surface Winds in the North Sea

Hasan, A.[Ahmad] Co Author Listing * DEBC Detection with Deep Learning

Hasan, A.E. Co Author Listing * Impact of In-Vehicle Displays Location Preferences on Drivers' Performance and Gaze

Hasan, A.F. Co Author Listing * use of Landsat time series for identification of forest degradation levels in the eastern Brazilian Amazon (Paragominas), The

Hasan, A.M.[Ali M.] Co Author Listing * Image Enhancement Based on Fractional Poisson for Segmentation of Skin Lesions Using the Watershed Transform

Hasan, B.[Basela] Co Author Listing * Segmentation using Deformable Spatial Priors with Application to Clothing

Hasan, H.[Haswadi] Co Author Listing * Logical Heuristic Algorithm in Extracting 2D Structure Thinned Binary Image into Freeman Chain Code (FCC)

Hasan, I.[Irtiza] Co Author Listing * LIT: A System and Benchmark for Light Understanding

Hasan, K. Co Author Listing * Detection of slump slides on earthen levees using polarimetric SAR imagery
* Earthen levee monitoring with Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Effect of vegetation height and volume scattering on soil moisture classification using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images
* Enabling User Interactions with Video Contents
* Landslide detection on earthen levees with X-band and L-band radar data
* Stressed vegetation identification by SAR time series as an indicator of slope instability in Mississippi River levee segments
* Use of remote sensing to screen earthen levees
Includes: Hasan, K. Hasan, K.[Khaled] Hasan, K.[Khalad]
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Hasan, K.M.A.[K. M. Azharul] Co Author Listing * Efficient Encoding Scheme for Dynamic Multidimensional Datasets, An
* Opinion Mining Using Support Vector Machine with Web Based Diverse Data

Hasan, M.[Mahmudul] Co Author Listing * Context Aware Active Learning of Activity Recognition Models
* Continuous Learning Framework for Activity Recognition Using Deep Hybrid Feature Models, A
* Continuous Learning of Human Activity Models Using Deep Nets
* Energy efficient novel architectures for the lifting-based discrete wavelet transform
* Error Resilient Two-Layer H.263-based Codecs for ATM Environments
* Gait Gate: An Online Walk-Through Multimodal Biometric Verification System Using a Single RGB-D Sensor
* Illustrative multilevel focus+context visualization along snaking paths
* Incremental Activity Modeling and Recognition in Streaming Videos
* Incremental learning of human activity models from videos
* Interactive multilevel focus+context visualization framework
* Joint Prediction of Activity Labels and Starting Times in Untrimmed Videos
* Learning Temporal Regularity in Video Sequences
* Multi-modal Registration of SAR and Optical Satellite Images
* poisson process model for activity forecasting, A
* Regisration of hyperspectral and trichromatic images via cross cumulative residual entropy maximisation
* Robust Automatic Registration of Multimodal Satellite Images Using CCRE With Partial Volume Interpolation
* Structural Similarity Optimized Wiener Filter: A Way to Fight Image Noise
Includes: Hasan, M.[Mahmudul] Hasan, M. Hasan, M.[Mohamed] Hasan, M.[Mahmud]
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Hasan, M.A. Co Author Listing * CAMHID: Camera Motion Histogram Descriptor and Its Application to Cinematographic Shot Classification
* Using context saliency for movie shot classification
* Workflow for Automated Satellite Image Processing: from Raw VHSR Data to Object-Based Spectral Information for Smallholder Agriculture, A
Includes: Hasan, M.A. Hasan, M.A.[Muhammad A.] Hasan, M.A.[Mohammad Alfi]

Hasan, M.K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Projection Selection for Computed Tomography
* Autocorrelation model-based identification method for ARMA systems in noise
* Energy constrained frequency-domain normalized LMS algorithm for blind channel identification
* Improving facial analysis and performance driven animation through disentangling identity and expression
* Learning from weakly labeled faces and video in the wild
* Localizing Facial Keypoints with Global Descriptor Search, Neighbour Alignment and Locally Linear Models
* novel model for show-through in scan of duplex printed documents, A
* Probabilistic cost model for nearest neighbor search in image retrieval
* Removal of ring artifacts in micro-CT imaging using iterative morphological filters
* robust method for parameter estimation of AR systems using empirical mode decomposition, A
* Show-through correction in scanned images using joint histogram
* simple time domain algorithm for the detection of ventricular fibrillation in electrocardiogram, A
Includes: Hasan, M.K. Hasan, M.K.[M. Kamrul] Hasan, M.K.[Md Kamrul] Hasan, M.K.[Md. Kamrul] Hasan, M.K.[Mohammad K.]
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Hasan, M.M.[M. Mehedi] Co Author Listing * No-reference quality assessment of 3D videos based on human visual perception
* Order preserving pattern matching revisited
* Subjective evaluation and statistical analysis for improved frame-loss error concealment of 3D videos
Includes: Hasan, M.M.[M. Mehedi] Hasan, M.M.[M. Mahbubul] Hasan, M.M.

Hasan, M.N. Co Author Listing * EERC-MAC: Energy efficient Receiver Centric MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor network

Hasan, R. Co Author Listing * Cartooning for Enhanced Privacy in Lifelogging and Streaming Videos
* Evaluation of Four Supervised Learning Methods for Benthic Habitat Mapping Using Backscatter from Multi-Beam Sonar
* Urban Morphological Change Analysis of Dhaka City, Bangladesh, Using Space Syntax
Includes: Hasan, R. Hasan, R.[Rakibul]

Hasan, S.[Sayeh] Co Author Listing * Soil moisture retrieval from airborne L-band passive microwave using high resolution multispectral data

Hasan, S.F.[Sheikh Faridul] Co Author Listing * Texture classification using multimodal Invariant Local Binary Pattern

Hasan, T. Co Author Listing * Speaker Recognition by Machines and Humans: A tutorial review

Hasan, T.M.[Taha Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Relaxed collaborative representation for face recognition based low-rank matrix recovery

Hasan, Y.M.Y.[Yassin M. Y.] Co Author Listing * Image adaptive selective encryption of vector quantization index compression
* Morphological Reversible Contour Representation
* Morphological Text Extraction from Images
* novel public key self-embedding fragile watermarking technique for image authentication, A
* Secure Self-Recovery Image Authentication Using Randomly-Sized Blocks
* Semi-fragile Image Authentication Using Robust Image Hashing with Localization
* Variable block-size image authentication with localization and self-recovery
Includes: Hasan, Y.M.Y.[Yassin M. Y.] Hasan, Y.M.Y. Hasan, Y.M.Y.[Yassin M.Y.]
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Hasanabadi, M.S.[Mohammad Sadeghi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Facial Skin Segmentation Based on EM Algorithm under Varying Illumination

Hasanat, M.H.A.[Mozaherul Hoque Abul] Co Author Listing * Bayesian belief network learning algorithms for modeling contextual relationships in natural imagery: a comparative study

Hasanbelliu, E.[Erion] Co Author Listing * correntropy MACE filter, The
* Group-Wise Point-Set Registration Based on Renyi's Second Order Entropy
* Information Theoretic Shape Matching
* Recursive Online Kernel PCA Algorithm, A
Includes: Hasanbelliu, E.[Erion] Hasanbelliu, E.

Hasani, B. Co Author Listing * Facial Affect Estimation in the Wild Using Deep Residual and Convolutional Networks
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Enhanced Deep 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
* Spatio-Temporal Facial Expression Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Conditional Random Fields

Hasani, H.[Hadiseh] Co Author Listing * Sensitivity analysis of support vector machine in classification of hyperspectral imagery

Hasani, S. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition with Moment Invariants on a Machine Vision System

Hasani, Y.[Ylber] Co Author Listing * High-speed line-scan camera with multi-line CMOS color sensor

Hasankhan, M.J.[Mohammad Javad] Co Author Listing * Sparse representation-based algorithm for joint SAR image formation and autofocus

Hasanlou, M. Co Author Listing * Feasibility Study Of Landsat-8 Imagery For Retrieving Sea Surface Temperature (case Study Persian Gulf)
* Novel Snow Depth Retrieval Method Using Time Series Ssmi Passive Microwave Imagery
* Ocean Color Retrieval Using Landsat-8 Imagery In Coastal Case 2 Waters (case Study Persian And Oman Gulf)

Hasanov, K.F. Co Author Listing * Current Density Impedance Imaging

Hasanuzzaman, F.M. Co Author Listing * Robust and Effective Component-Based Banknote Recognition for the Blind

Hasanuzzaman, M. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision-Based Real-Time 3D Gesture Recognition Using Depth Image
* Feature selection for event extraction in biomedical text
* Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction Through a Knowledge Based Software Platform
* Intensity and Size Invariant Real Time Face Recognition Approach, An
* Real-Time Computer Vision-Based Static and Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition System, A
* Video Image Clustering Based On Human Face And Shirt Color

Hasbani, J.G. Co Author Listing * Impact of increased urbanization in the Calgary region on the hydrological processes in the Elbow river watershed in southern Alberta

Hasberg, C. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Rail Vehicle Localization With Eddy Current Sensors in Topological Maps
* Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Path-Constrained Motion

Hasbullah, H.B.[Halabi B.] Co Author Listing * Designing of Roaming Protocol for Bluetooth Equipped Multi Agent Systems

Hasbullah, N.A.[Nor Asiakin] Co Author Listing * Implementing Low Level Features for Human Aggressive Movement Detection
* Knowledge Driven Interface to Determine Degree of Exposure of Young Adult to Pedophile Online

Haschberger, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Calibration facility for airborne imaging spectrometers

Haschtmann, D. Co Author Listing * Robust and Accurate Two-Stage Approach for Automatic Recovery of Distal Locking Holes in Computer-Assisted Intramedullary Nailing of Femoral Shaft Fractures, A

Hascoet, J. Co Author Listing * Implementation of a Fast Fourier transform algorithm onto a manycore processor

Hase, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Comparison of XH2O Retrieved from GOSAT Short-Wavelength Infrared Spectra with Observations from the TCCON Network

Hase, H. Co Author Listing * Alignment of free layout color texts for character recognition
* Attention Navigation by Keeping Screen Layout for Switching Multiple Views
* Character String Extraction by Multi-Stage Relaxation
* Character string extraction from color documents
* Color segmentation for text extraction
* eVLBI Development in TIGO
* HMM/MRF-based stochastic framework for robust vehicle tracking, An
* New Robust Quadratic Discriminant Function, A
* Proposal for a Face Plane, A
* Quality Evaluation of Character Image Database and Its Application
* Real-time Snowfall Noise Elimination
* Recognition of rotated characters by Eigen-space
* robust method of recognizing multi-font rotated characters, A
Includes: Hase, H. Hase, H.[Hiroyuki] Hase, H.[Hayo]
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Hase, M. Co Author Listing * Method for Extracting Marked Regions from Document Images, A

Hase, T. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of an Anti-Regularization Technique in Neural Networks

Haseeb, A.[Abdul] Co Author Listing * Fairness-oriented multi-stream rate adaptation using scalable video coding

Haseeb, H. Co Author Listing * Framework for Composition and Enforcement of Privacy-Aware and Context-Driven Authorization Mechanism for Multimedia Big Data, A

Haseeb, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Classification Using Commute Time
* Eigenvector Sign Correction for Spectral Correspondence Matching
* Unsupervised Clustering of Human Pose Using Spectral Embedding

Hasegawa Johnson, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Active Planning, Sensing, and Recognition Using a Resource-Constrained Discriminant POMDP
* EAVA: A 3D Emotive Audio-Visual Avatar
* Face age estimation using patch-based hidden Markov model supervectors
* Foreground object detection in highly dynamic scenes using saliency
* HMM-Based Acoustic Event Detection with AdaBoost Feature Selection
* Lipreading by Locality Discriminant Graph
* Multichannel and Multimodality Person Identification
* Novel Gaussianized vector representation for improved natural scene categorization
* novel Gaussianized vector representation for natural scene categorization, A
* Partially Supervised Speaker Clustering
* Regression from patch-kernel
* Semantic Image Inpainting with Deep Generative Models
Includes: Hasegawa Johnson, M.[Mark] Hasegawa-Johnson, M.[Mark]
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Hasegawa Johnson, M.A.[Mark A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of auditory salience with optimized linear filters derived from human annotation
Includes: Hasegawa Johnson, M.A.[Mark A.] Hasegawa-Johnson, M.A.[Mark A.]

Hasegawa, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Neural-Network: Application to Character-Recognition on X-Ray-Films, An
* Detection of Increasing Profusion of Opacities from a Sequence of Personal Chest Radiographs
* Generalization of Shift-Invariant Neural Networks: Image-Processing of Corneal Endothelium
* Hierarchical Image Segmentation Using Adaptive Pattern Sizes
* Reduction of false positives in lung nodule detection using a two-level neural classification
* Shift-Invariant Neural Network for the Lung Field Segmentation in Chest Radiography, A
Includes: Hasegawa, A. Hasegawa, A.[Akira]

Hasegawa, D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the robustness of terminal turnaround arrangements for railways

Hasegawa, H.[Hiroyuki] Co Author Listing * Change detection of buildings using an airborne laser scanner
* Color Super-Resolution with Multiple Nonsmooth Constraints by Hybrid Steepest Descent Method, A
* Driving way judging device and method
* Improvement for 3D Coordinate Reconstruction of Facial Feature Points in Video Sequences
Includes: Hasegawa, H.[Hiroyuki] Hasegawa, H. Hasegawa, H.[Hiroshi]

Hasegawa, J. Co Author Listing * Development of motion analysis system for quantitative evaluation of teamwork in soccer games
* Endoscopic image processing device for estimating three-dimensional shape of object based on detection of same point on a plurality of different images
* System for Automated Generation of Deformed Maps, A
Includes: Hasegawa, J. Hasegawa, J.[Jun]

Hasegawa, J.I.[Jun Ichi] Co Author Listing * email: Hasegawa, J.I.[Jun Ichi]: hasegawa AT sccs chukyo-u ac
* Automated anatomical labeling of the bronchial branch and its application to the virtual bronchoscopy system
* Automated Construction of Image Processing Procedure Based on Misclassification Condition
* Automated Extraction and Visualization of Bronchus from 3D CT Images of Lung
* Extraction of Lung Region From 3D Chest X-ray CT Images by Using Shape Model Information of Lung
* Group Motion Features for Teamwork Evaluation and its Application to Soccer Games
* method for automated extraction of aorta and pulmonary artery in the mediastimun using medial line models from 3D chest X-ray CT images without contrast materials, A
* Muscle-Driven Motion Simulation Based on Deformable Human Model Constructed from Real Anatomical Slice Data
* new filter for feature extraction of line pattern texture with application to cancer detection, A
* Quantification of shrinkage of lung lobe from chest ct images using the 3d extended voronoi division and its application to the benign/malignant discrimination of tumor shadows
* Quantification of the Spatial Distributionof Line Segments with Applications to CAD of Chest X-Ray CT Images
* Quantitative diagnosis of pneumoconiosis based on recognition of small rounded opacities in chest X-ray images
* Recognition of Bronchus in Three Dimensional X-Ray CT Images with Applications to Virtualized Bronchoscopy System
* Three Dimensional Concentration Index: A Local Feature for Analyzing Three Dimensional Digital Line Patterns and Its Application to Chest X-Ray CT Images
Includes: Hasegawa, J.I.[Jun Ichi] Hasegawa, J.I.[Jun-Ichi] Hasegawa, J.I.
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Hasegawa, J.K.[Julio Kiyoshi] Co Author Listing * Real-time velocity measurement to linear motion of a rigid object with monocular image sequence analyses
* Shape from Shading with Perspective Projection and Camera Calibration
* Using Vertical Panoramic Images to Record a Historic Cemetery
Includes: Hasegawa, J.K.[Julio Kiyoshi] Hasegawa, J.K.[J˙lio Kiyoshi] Hasegawa, J.K.

Hasegawa, K. Co Author Listing * algorithm to extract convex hull on thetas Hough transform space, An
* Electronic endoscope system for shape measurement
* Estimating The Amount Of Ship Recycling Activity Using Remote Sensing Application
* Flying Laser Range Sensor: A Novel Aerial Sensing System for Large-scale Heritage
* Localization of Objects in Electric Distribution Systems by Using Segmentation and 3D Template Matching with M-estimators
* Low-Power Video Encoder/Decoder Chip Set for Digital VCRs
* Recovery of Distorted Shapes Obtained from the Flying Laser Range Sensor for Large-Scale Cultural Heritages
* Representing cultural heritage in digital forms for VR systems through computer vision techniques
* Stroboscopic Image Synthesis of Sports Player from Hand-Held Camera Sequence
Includes: Hasegawa, K. Hasegawa, K.[Kazuhide] Hasegawa, K.[Kiminori]
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Hasegawa, M.[Madoka] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Color-to-Gray Image Mapping Using Directional Transform
* Adaptive Directional Wavelet Transform Based on Directional Prefiltering
* Adaptive Directional-Wavelet Transform Using Pre-Directional Filtering
* Amplitude-only log Radon transform for geometric invariant shape descriptor
* Camera-captured document image perspective distortion correction using vanishing point detection based on Radon transform
* Demosaicking Method for Multispectral Images Based on Spatial Gradient and Inter-channel Correlation
* Digital image watermarking method using between-class variance
* Generalized selective data pruning for video sequence
* Genetic-Algorithm based Quantization Method for Fractal Image Coding, A
* Geographical Information Analysis Of Tsunami Flooded Area By The Great East Japan Earthquake Using Mobile Mapping System
* Image Denoising With Edge-Preserving and Segmentation Based on Mask NHA
* Image Inpainting on the Basis of Spectral Structure from 2-D Nonharmonic Analysis
* Implicit and Explicit Graph Embedding: Comparison of Both Approaches on Chemoinformatics Applications
* Improved image concentration for artifact-free image dilution and its application to image coding
* Local Adaptation of the Histogram Radon Transform Descriptor: An Application to a Shoe Print Dataset, A
* lossless coding method using shape information and rotation compensation for digital museum images, A
* Multispectral demosaicking algorithm based on inter-channel correlation
* Removal of Salt-and-Pepper Noise Using a High-Precision Frequency Analysis Approach
* Reversible data hiding based on two-dimensional histogram and generalized histogram shifting
* Selective data pruning based distributed video coding with modified high-order edge-directed interpolation
* Shape Descriptor Combining Logarithmic-Scale Histogram of Radon Transform and Phase-Only Correlation Function, A
* study on a watermarking method for both copyright protection and tamper detection, A
* Two-dimensional histogram expansion of wavelet coefficient for reversible data hiding
* Wavelet-based content-aware image coding with rate-dependent seam carving
Includes: Hasegawa, M.[Madoka] Hasegawa, M.[Makoto] Hasegawa, M. Hasegawa, M.[Miki] Hasegawa, M.[Masaya]
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Hasegawa, N. Co Author Listing * All-Optoelectronic Terahertz Imaging Systems and Examples of Their Application
* Application of MODIS Land Products to Assessment of Land Degradation of Alpine Rangeland in Northern India with Limited Ground-Based Information
Includes: Hasegawa, N. Hasegawa, N.[Nobumi]

Hasegawa, O.[Osamu] Co Author Listing * 3D Object recognition using a voting algorithm in a real-world environment
* 3D Texture Classification by Using Pre-Testing Stage and Reliability Table
* adaptive incremental LBG for vector quantization, An
* Detecting Faces from Low-Resolution Images
* Detection Technique for Degraded Face Images, A
* Developmental Word Acquisition and Grammar Learning by Humanoid Robots Through a Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network
* effective fractal image coding method without search, An
* Extension of higher order local autocorrelation features
* Face Detection in Low-Resolution Images
* fast no search fractal image coding method, A
* Fast online incremental approach of unseen place classification using disjoint-text attribute prediction
* fast online incremental learning method for object detection and pose classification using voting and combined appearance modeling, A
* Integration of Top-down and Bottom-up Information for Image Labeling
* kernel logic approach for face and non-face classification, A
* Motion recognition based on Dynamic-Time Warping method with Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network
* On-Line Learning Mechanism for Unsupervised Classification and Topology Representation, An
* Online incremental attribute-based zero-shot learning
* Online incremental random forests
* PIRF-Nav 2: Speeded-up online and incremental appearance-based SLAM in an indoor environment
* Position-Invariant Robust Features for Long-Term Recognition of Dynamic Outdoor Scenes
* Random Field Model for Integration of Local Information and Global Information
* Real-Time Parallel and Cooperative Recognition of Facial Images for an Interactive Visual Human Interface
* Real-Time Synthesis of a Human-Like Agent in Response to the Users Moving Image
* Realistic Image Synthesis of a Deformable Living Thing Based on Motion Understanding
* Realtime synthesis of moving human-like agent in response to user's moving image
* System for Video Surveillance and Monitoring, A
* Type classification, color estimation, and specific target detection of moving targets on public streets
* visual-SLAM for first person vision and mobile robots, A
* Wide-Baseline Visible Features for Highly Dynamic Scene Recognition
Includes: Hasegawa, O.[Osamu] Hasegawa, O.
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Hasegawa, R.[Ryoma] Co Author Listing * PLSNet: A simple network using Partial Least Squares regression for image classification

Hasegawa, S.[Shoichi] Co Author Listing * Camera signal processing device and camera signal processing method
* development and evaluation of reactive motion capture system with haptic feedback, A
Includes: Hasegawa, S.[Shoichi] Hasegawa, S.

Hasegawa, T.[Tsutomu] Co Author Listing * 3D laser measurement system for large scale architectures using multiple mobile robots
* 3D reconstruction of a femoral shape using a parametric model and two 2D fluoroscopic images
* Active Modeling of 3D Objects: Planning on the Next Best Pose (NBP) for Acquiring Range Images
* Bayesian bi-gram scheme for HMM online handwriting recognition algorithm, A
* Computations on a spherical view space for efficient planning of viewpoints in 3-D object modeling
* Computed Imaging System Using Wavelets Sampling Model, A
* Detecting Frequent Patterns in Video Using Partly Locality Sensitive Hashing
* Dynamic Control of Mesh LODs (levels of Detail) by Using a Multiresolution Mesh Data Structure
* Dynamic gaze-controlled levels of detail of polygonal objects in 3-D environment modeling
* Early Recognition and Prediction of Gestures
* Embodied Proactive Human Interface PICO-2
* Fast alignment of 3D geometrical models and 2D color images using 2D distance maps
* Fast Discrete HMM Algorithm for On-line Handwriting Recognition
* fast narrow band method and its application in topology-adaptive 3-D modeling, A
* Hole-free texture mapping based on laser reflectivity
* Keypoint detection by cascaded FAST
* Levels of detail control based on correlation analysis between surface position and direction
* Logical DP Matching for Detecting Similar Subsequence
* Modelling and Monitoring a Manipulation Environment
* Multi-Resolution Surface Description of 3-D Objects by Shape-Adaptive Triangular Meshes
* Multiple-Hypothesis Affine Region Estimation with Anisotropic LoG Filters
* Next best viewpoint (NBV) planning for active object modeling based on a learning-by-showing approach
* Recursive Fitting-and-Splitting Algorithm for 3-D Object Modeling Using Superquadrics, A
* Regularization-Based 3-D Object Modeling from Multiple Range Images
* Reliable Parts Picking System with an Active and Multisensor Visual System, A
* Robust 2D-3D alignment based on geometrical consistency
* Surface models based on face hierarchies and dynamic control of the model LODs
* Topology-Adaptive Modeling of Objects by a Level Set Method with Multi-Level Stopping Conditions
Includes: Hasegawa, T.[Tsutomu] Hasegawa, T. Hasegawa, T.[Takahiro]
28 for Hasegawa, T.

Hasegawa, Y.[Yasumichi] Co Author Listing * Algebraically Approximate and Noisy Realization of Discrete-Time Systems and Digital Images
* New System Implementation on SIMD Processor for Reliable Fingerprint Singularity Detection by Singular Candidate Method
* Reliable detection of core and delta in fingerprints by using singular candidate method
* Target recognizing device and target recognizing method
Includes: Hasegawa, Y.[Yasumichi] Hasegawa, Y.[Yuta] Hasegawa, Y.[Yuji]

Hasekioglu, O. Co Author Listing * Ultrasound Imaging Based on Multiple Beamforming with Coded Excitation

Haselich, M.[Marcel] Co Author Listing * Model-Based Recognition of Domino Tiles Using TGraphs
Includes: Haselich, M.[Marcel] Hńselich, M.[Marcel] (Maybe also Haeselich, M.)

Haselmayr, W.[Werner] Co Author Listing * Does Vector Gaussian Approximation After LMMSE Filtering Improve the LLR Quality?

Hasenauer, H.[Hubert] Co Author Listing * Comparing MODIS Net Primary Production Estimates with Terrestrial National Forest Inventory Data in Austria
* Creating a Regional MODIS Satellite-Driven Net Primary Production Dataset for European Forests

Haseneder Lind, R.[Rainer] Co Author Listing * Diurnal Dynamics of Wheat Evapotranspiration Derived from Ground-Based Thermal Imagery
Includes: Haseneder Lind, R.[Rainer] Haseneder-Lind, R.[Rainer]

Hasenfratz, J.M.[Jean Marc] Co Author Listing * Soft Shadow Maps: Efficient Sampling of Light Source Visibility
Includes: Hasenfratz, J.M.[Jean Marc] Hasenfratz, J.M.[Jean-Marc]

Hasenfuss, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Representation of Symbolic Musical Data

Haseyama, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Bit-rate control algorithm on video packet coding and its characteristics

Haseyama, M.[Miki] Co Author Listing * 2D semi-supervised CCA-based inpainting including new priority estimation
* Accurate IFS-Based Image Enlargement Method using Line Process, An
* accurate noise detector for image restoration, An
* Adaptive KPCA-based missing texture reconstruction approach including classification scheme via difference subspaces
* Adaptive Subspace-Based Inverse Projections via Division Into Multiple Sub-Problems for Missing Image Data Restoration
* ARMA order selection method with fuzzy reasoning, An
* Automatic detection of martian dust storms from heterogeneous data based on decision level fusion
* Bregman pooling: feature-space local pooling for image classification
* cartoon character retrieval system including trainable scheme, A
* Cross-Modal Approach for Extracting Semantic Relationships Between Concepts Using Tagged Images, A
* effective detection method of rotational and divergent structures in still images based on Helmholtz decomposition, An
* Efficient contour shape description by using fractal interpolation functions
* efficient phase retrieval method using snakes for image reconstruction, An
* Estimating the number of people in a video sequence via geometrical model
* Extension of the Collage Theorem
* extraction method of hierarchical Web communities for Web video retrieval, An
* Extraction of Circles from Arcs Represented by Extended Digital Lines, The
* Extraction of hierarchical structure of web communities including salient keyword estimation for web video retrieval
* Fractal Interpolation for Natural Images
* Helicobacter pylori infection detection from multiple x-ray images based on combination use of support vector machine and multiple kernel learning
* Helicobacter pylori infection detection from multiple X-ray images based on decision level fusion
* Hierarchical content group detection from different social media platforms using Web link structure
* Image Restoration Method Using IFS, An
* Insect classification using Scanning Electron Microphotographs considering magnifications
* Kalman filter-based approach for adaptive restoration of in-vehicle camera foggy images, A
* KCFA-based missing area restoration including new priority estimation
* Kernel PCA-based semantic feature estimation approach for similar image retrieval
* Missing Image Data Reconstruction Based on Adaptive Inverse Projection via Sparse Representation
* Missing Intensity Interpolation Using a Kernel PCA-Based POCS Algorithm and its Applications
* Missing Texture Reconstruction Method Based on Error Reduction Algorithm Using Fourier Transform Magnitude Estimation Scheme
* Moving Object Extraction Using a Shape-Constraint-Based Splitting Active Contour Model
* New Fast and Robust Circle Extraction Algorithm, A
* NMF-Based Spectral Reflectance Estimation From Image Pairs Including Near-Infrared Components
* novel image recognition method based on feature-extraction vector scheme, A
* Player Tracking in Far-View Soccer Videos Based on Composite Energy Function
* POCS-Based Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm of Missing Textures
* Reconstruction Method of Missing Texture Using Error Reduction Algorithm
* simplest measurement matrix for compressed sensing of natural images, The
* soccer field tracking method with wire frame model from tv images, A
* Spectral reflectance estimation from visible light components and near-infrared components
* Super-Resolution Reconstruction for Spatio-Temporal Resolution Enhancement of Video Sequences
* Video Frame Interpolation by Image Morphing Including Fully Automatic Correspondence Setting
* Visualizing Web Images Using Fisher Discriminant Locality Preserving Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Web community-based video retrieval method using canonical correlation analysis, A
* Wiener-Based Inpainting Quality Prediction
Includes: Haseyama, M.[Miki] Haseyama, M.
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Hasgawa, O. Co Author Listing * Online Gesture Recognition Using Predicative Statistical Feature Extraction and Multivariate Analysis

Hash, R. Co Author Listing * Simulation of LWIR polarimetric observations of space objects

Hashem Co Author Listing * Improving Model Accuracy Using Optimal Linear Combinations of Trained Neural Networks

Hashem, M.[Mervat] Co Author Listing * Moving object tracking based on multi-independent features distribution fields with comprehensive spatial feature similarity
* Robust object tracking via multi-feature adaptive fusion based on stability: contrast analysis

Hashem, S.R.[Sherif R.] Co Author Listing * Self-generating prototypes for pattern classification

Hashemi, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * New Solution to the Relative Orientation Problem Using Only 3 Points and the Vertical Direction, A

Hashemi, E. Co Author Listing * Graph Theoretic Approach to the Robustness of k-Nearest Neighbor Vehicle Platoons

Hashemi, H. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Clustering of Seismic Sequences: Segmentation of Time-Frequency Representations

Hashemi, J.[Jordan] Co Author Listing * Cross-modality pose-invariant facial expression
* Intelligent Synthesis Driven Model Calibration: Framework and Face Recognition Application

Hashemi, L.[Leila] Co Author Listing * Implementation of a Single Photo Shape from Shading Method for the Automatic DTM Generation

Hashemi, M. Co Author Listing * Mean Square Error Estimation in Thresholding
* Reusability of the Output of Map-Matching Algorithms Across Space and Time Through Machine Learning
* Similarity Validation Based Nonlocal Means Image Denoising

Hashemi, M.H.[Mohammad Hasan] Co Author Listing * Implementation of a Single Photo Shape from Shading Method for the Automatic DTM Generation

Hashemi, M.R. Co Author Listing * Compressed Domain Motion Vector Resampling for Downscaling of MPEG Video
* fine-grain distortion and complexity aware parameter tuning model for the H.264/AVC encoder, A
* generic, comprehensive and granular decoder complexity model for the H.264/AVC standard, A
* Low-complexity unbalanced multiple description coding based on balanced clusters for adaptive peer-to-peer video streaming
* New Multi-Layered Coding Sequence for JPEG2000 with Reduced Memory Requirement, A
* New R-D Optimization Criterion for Fast Mode Decision Algorithms in Video Coding and Transrating
* Non-Iterative R-D Optimization Algorithm for Rate-Constraint Problems, A
* Novel Fade Detection Algorithm on H.264/AVC Compressed Domain, A
* Pattern-Based Error Recovery of Low Resolution Subbands in JPEG2000
* receiver aware H.264/AVC encoder for decoder complexity control in mobile applications, A
* Two Level Cost-Quality Optimization of 9-7 Lifting-Based Discrete Wavelet Transform
* View-Level Rate Distortion Model for Multi-View/3D Video, A
Includes: Hashemi, M.R. Hashemi, M.R.[Mahmoud Reza]
12 for Hashemi, M.R.

Hashemi, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Road Gap Detection using Fuzzy Inference System
* image contrast enhancement method based on genetic algorithm, An
* Subband-dependent compressed sensing in local CT reconstruction
* Three-dimensional FDTD modeling of neurons to solve EEG and MEG forward problem
Includes: Hashemi, S. Hashemi, S.[Sara] Hashemi, S.[Sayed_Masoud] Hashemi, S.[Soheil]

Hashemi, S.A.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Peaks Extraction from Normalized Digital Surface Model (NDSM);

Hashemi, S.M. Co Author Listing * Modeling and Forecasting the Urban Volume Using Stochastic Differential Equations

Hashemi, S.N.[Seyed Naser] Co Author Listing * Graph Characterization by Counting Sink Star Subgraphs

Hashemian, A.M.[Abraham M.] Co Author Listing * Leaning-Based 360░ Interfaces: Investigating Virtual Reality Navigation Interfaces with Leaning-Based-Translation and Full-Rotation

Hashidume, Y.[Yoshihiko] Co Author Listing * Minimum Mean Absolute Error Predictors for Lossless Image Coding

Hashiguchi, A.[Akinori] Co Author Listing * Classification of Prostate Histopathology Images Based on Multifractal Analysis
* Multifractal feature descriptor for grading Hepatocellular carcinoma
Includes: Hashiguchi, A.[Akinori] Hashiguchi, A.

Hashiguchi, H.[Hiroyuki] Co Author Listing * Range Imaging of E-Region Field-Aligned Irregularities by Using a Multifrequency Technique: Validation and Initial Results

Hashiguchi, M. Co Author Listing * Defect repair for range data observed with a laser range scanner

Hashiguchi, N.[Norio] Co Author Listing * Preceding Vehicle Detection Using Stereo Images and Non-scanning Millimeter-Wave Radar

Hashiguchi, S. Co Author Listing * System for Real-Time Extraction of Image Outlines, A

Hashihara, H.[Hideharu] Co Author Listing * System of updating an index file of frame sequences so that it indexes non-overlapping motion image frame sequences

Hashii, H.[Hayato] Co Author Listing * Hellinger Distance-Based Parameter Tuning for epsilon-Filter

Hashim, A.A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Grey Level Thresholding Through Index of Fuzziness and Entropy
* Image Description and Primitive Extraction Using Fuzzy Sets

Hashim, A.S.[Ahmad Sobri] Co Author Listing * Preliminary Study on Social Learning Using Mobile Technology Among Children with Autism
* Study on Usability of MobileSchool System for Secondary School: Role-Based Questionnaire Method, A
* User Experience of Autism Social-Aid Among Autistic Children: AUTISM Social Aid Application

Hashim, M.[Mazlan] Co Author Listing * Application of Multispectral Satellite Data for Geological Mapping in Antarctic Environments
* Application Of Palsar-2 Remote Sensing Data For Landslide Hazard Mapping In Kelantan River Basin, Peninsular Malaysia
* Assessment of Effective Seasonal Downscaling of TRMM Precipitation Data in Peninsular Malaysia
* Change Detection of Submerged Seagrass Biomass in Shallow Coastal Water
* Geological Features Mapping Using Palsar-2 Data in Kelantan River Basin, Peninsular Malaysia
* Gold Mineral Prospecting Using Phased Array Type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (palsar) Satellite Remote Sensing Data, Central Gold Belt, Malaysia
* Identification of High Potential Bays for HABs Occurrence in Peninsular Malysia Using Palsar Remote Sensing Data
* Satellite-Based Run-Off Model for Monitoring Drought in Peninsular Malaysia
* Utilization of LANDSAT-8 Data for Lithological Mapping of Basement Rocks of Plateau State North Central Nigeria
9 for Hashim, M.

Hashim, N.M. Co Author Listing * Cadastral Positioning Accuracy Improvement: A Case Study in Malaysia
* Institutional Mapping Towards Developing a Framework for Sustainable Marine Spatial Planning

Hashim, R. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Shapes via Random Chord Samplings

Hashim, S.Z.[Siti Zaiton] Co Author Listing * Logical Heuristic Algorithm in Extracting 2D Structure Thinned Binary Image into Freeman Chain Code (FCC)

Hashim, S.Z.M.[Siti Z. Mohd] Co Author Listing * Pixel distribution-based features for offline Arabic handwritten word recognition

Hashimoto, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * Shape Reconstruction of Objects in Participating Media by Combining Photometric Stereo and Optical Thickness

Hashimoto, G.[George] Co Author Listing * LED-powered mini-lidar for martian atmospheric dust studies

Hashimoto, H.[Hideyuki] Co Author Listing * 3D Video Communication System by Using Kinect and Head Mounted Displays
* Exploring Simple Algorithms for Estimating Gross Primary Production in Forested Areas from Satellite Data
* Exploring Subpixel Learning Algorithms for Estimating Global Land Cover Fractions from Satellite Data Using High Performance Computing
* Fast VQ encoding algorithms using angular constraint
* Moving Object Extraction by Watershed Algorithm Considering Energy Minimization
* Spectral Correction for the Effect of Crown Shape at the Single-Tree Level: An Approach Using a Lidar-Derived Digital Surface Model for Broad-Leaved Canopy
* Structural Uncertainty in Model-Simulated Trends of Global Gross Primary Production
* Trends and Variability of AVHRR-Derived NPP in India
* Variation of Land Surface Phenology From 1982 to 2006 Along the Appalachian Trail, The
* Watershed algorithm for moving object extraction considering energy minimization by snakes
Includes: Hashimoto, H.[Hideyuki] Hashimoto, H. Hashimoto, H.[Hirofumi] Hashimoto, H.[Hideo]
10 for Hashimoto, H.

Hashimoto, K.[Koichi] Co Author Listing * 1000 fps Visual Feedback Control of an Active Vision System over a High-Load Network
* Acquiring Manipulation Tasks from Observation
* Bayesian Approach to Image Recognition Based on Separable Lattice Hidden Markov Models, A
* Camera-Driven Power Management of Computer Display, A
* Extended Co-occurrence HOG with Dense Trajectories for Fine-Grained Activity Recognition
* High-Speed Visual Tracking of the Nearest Point of an Object Using 1,000-fps Adaptive Pattern Projection
* Identification of Basic Behavioral Activities by Heterogeneous Sensors of In-Home Monitoring System
* Location-Based Infrastructure Inspection for Sabo Facilities
* New Approach of GPU Accelerated Visual Tracking, A
* On Stereo Confidence Measures for Global Methods: Evaluation, New Model and Integration into Occupancy Grids
* Parallel Region-Based Level Set Method with Displacement Correction for Tracking a Single Moving Object
* Parsing human skeletons in an operating room
* Simple Technique for Improving Camera Displacement Estimation in Eye-in-Hand Visual Servoing, A
* Software wave receiver for the SS-520-2 rocket experiment
* Using video technology for reducing TV energy
* Visual Servoing via Advanced Numerical Methods
* Visual Servoing with Hand-Eye Manipulator: Optimal-Control Approach
Includes: Hashimoto, K.[Koichi] Hashimoto, K.[Kentaro] Hashimoto, K.[Kei] Hashimoto, K. Hashimoto, K.[Kiyoshi] Hashimoto, K.[Koji]
17 for Hashimoto, K.

Hashimoto, M.[Manabu] Co Author Listing * email: Hashimoto, M.[Manabu]: hasimoto AT fas sdl melco co jp
* 3-D Object Recognition Based on Integration of Range Image and Gray-scale Image
* Application of Co-Occurrence Frequency Image
* Arm Swing Identification Method with Template Update for Long Term Stability
* Automatic Identification of Shot Body Region from Clinical Photographies
* Co-occurrence probability-based pixel pairs background model for robust object detection in dynamic scenes
* Co-occurrence-based adaptive background model for robust object detection
* CT image compression with level of interest
* Detecting the Edges of Lung Tumors by Classification Techniques
* DPN-LRF: A Local Reference Frame for Robustly Handling Density Differences and Partial Occlusions
* Edge Detection by Estimation of Multiple-Order Derivatives
* extended method of the parametric eigenspace method by automatic background elimination, An
* face image recognition scheme with strong tolerances to lighting fluctuations, A
* Fast 6D Pose Estimation from a Monocular Image Using Hierarchical Pose Trees
* Fast and robust content-based copy detection based on quadrant of luminance centroid and adaptive feature comparison
* Genetic labeling and its application to depalletizing robot vision
* Image information summary apparatus, image information summary method and image information summary processing program
* Image processing device for processing grey level images
* Image-Matching Method Using Template Updating Based on Statistical Prediction of Visual Noise, An
* JPEG 2000 Encoding Method for Reducing Tiling Artifacts
* JPEG2000 encoder for reducing tiling artifacts and accelerating the coding process
* Keygraphs for Sign Detection in Indoor Environments by Mobile Phones
* Marker-less piano fingering recognition using sequential depth images
* Multiple straight line detection based on labeling of pixels by Genetic Algorithm
* Multiple-Order Derivatives for Detecting Local Image Characteristics
* Multiple-person tracker with a fixed slanting stereo camera
* Object Detection by Keygraph Classification
* Object recognition via recognition of finger pointing actions
* Physical Reasoning for 3D Object Recognition Using Global Hypothesis Verification
* proposal of The Rareness Measure of pixel blocks and its application to region extraction, A
* Recognition of multiple objects based on global image consistency
* SHORT: A fast 3D feature description based on estimating occupancy in spherical shell regions
* System for distinguishing a vehicle traveling ahead based on an adjustable probability distribution
* Visual Inspection System Based on Trinarized Broad-Edge and Gray-Scale Hybrid Matching, A
* Wi-Fi and keygraphs for localization with cell phones
Includes: Hashimoto, M.[Manabu] Hashimoto, M. Hashimoto, M.[Masayuki] Hashimoto, M.[Michikazu] Hashimoto, M.[Marcelo] Hashimoto, M.[Mitsufumi]
35 for Hashimoto, M.

Hashimoto, N. Co Author Listing * development and evaluation of reactive motion capture system with haptic feedback, A
* Hierarchical encryption using short encryption keys for scalable access control of JPEG 2000 coded images
* Real-time holography using the high-resolution LCTV-SLM
Includes: Hashimoto, N. Hashimoto, N.[Noriaki]

Hashimoto, R.[Ryoji] Co Author Listing * Intra texture prediction based on repetitive pixel replenishment
* Investigation of spectrally coherent resting-state networks using non-negative matrix factorization for functional MRI data
Includes: Hashimoto, R.[Ryoji] Hashimoto, R.[Ryuichiro]

Hashimoto, R.F.[Ronaldo Fumio] Co Author Listing * Analytical Solutions for the Minkowski Addition Equation
* Combinatorial Optimization Technique for the Sequential Decomposition of Erosions and Dilations, A
* Efficient incremental computation of attributes based on locally countable patterns in component trees
* Feature selection algorithms to find strong genes
* From the Sup-Decomposition to Sequential Decompositions
* Greedy Algorithm for Decomposing Convex Structuring Elements, A
* Incremental and Efficient Computation of Families of Component Trees
* Inference of Restricted Stochastic Boolean GRN's by Bayesian Error and Entropy Based Criteria
* Note on Park and Chin's Algorithm, A
* Scale-Space Representation Based on Levelings Through Hierarchies of Level Sets
* Segmentation of Microarray Images by Mathematical Morphology
* Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels Based on Ultimate Elongation Opening
* Ultimate grain filter
* Ultimate Leveling Based on Mumford-Shah Energy Functional Applied to Plant Detection
* Ultimate levelings
Includes: Hashimoto, R.F.[Ronaldo Fumio] Hashimoto, R.F.[Ronaldo F.]
15 for Hashimoto, R.F.

Hashimoto, R.T.[Roy T.] Co Author Listing * Combining digital images based on three-dimensional relationships between source image data sets

Hashimoto, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Model Generation and Recognition of Simple Three-Dimensional Bodies
* Automatic Recognition of Several Types of Musical Notation
* Catadioptric reduction projection optical system
* Computer Music System the Follows a Human Conductor, A
* Convergence Index Filter for Vector Fields
* Cracks and Displacement Feature Extraction of the Concrete Block Surface
* Design and enhancement of painting interface for room lights
* Fast crack detection method for large-size concrete surface images using percolation-based image processing
* Guest Editorial: Towards Machines Able to Deal with Laughter
* Image Processing Based on Percolation Model
* Improved percolation-based method for crack detection in concrete surface images
* inverse voting algorithm for Hough Transform, An
* Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis of Image Data, A
* Physical Facial Model Based on 3D-CT Data for Facial Image Analysis and Synthesis
* similarity-based neural network for facial expression analysis, A
Includes: Hashimoto, S. Hashimoto, S.[Sumio] Hashimoto, S.[Shuji] Hashimoto, S.[Sunao]
15 for Hashimoto, S.

Hashimoto, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Automatic fixing of ship position by simulation-and-matching

Hashimoto, Y.[Yuki] Co Author Listing * Measurement of Pedestrian Groups Using Subtraction Stereo
* MoM Analysis of Dipole Antennas in Crosshole Borehole Radar and Field Experiments
Includes: Hashimoto, Y.[Yuki] Hashimoto, Y.

Hashiyama, H.[Hideshi] Co Author Listing * Data processing method of binary graphic pattern and system therefor

Hashizume, A. Co Author Listing * Method of Detecting the Orientation of Aligned Components, A

Hashizume, C.[Chie] Co Author Listing * Focussed Color Intersection for Content Based Retrieval
* Focussed Color Intersection with Efficient Searching for Object Detection and Image Retrieval
* Object Detection Using Focused Color DCT Matching
* Robust object extraction with illumination-insensitive color descriptions
Includes: Hashizume, C.[Chie] Hashizume, C.

Hashizume, H. Co Author Listing * system for supporting group activities with a sensor-embedded board, A

Hashizume, M. Co Author Listing * Intraoperative Magnetic Tracker Calibration Using a Magneto-Optic Hybrid Tracker for 3-D Ultrasound-Based Navigation in Laparoscopic Surgery

Hashizume, T. Co Author Listing * GPS Multipath Mitigation for Urban Area Using Omnidirectional Infrared Camera

hashjin, S.S.[S. Sharifi] Co Author Listing * Band Selection Method For Sub-pixel Target Detection In Hyperspectral Images Based On Laboratory And Field Reflectance Spectral Comparison, A
* Method to Select Coherence Window Size for forest height estimation using PolInSAR Data, A
* Study toward the Evaluation of ALOS Images for LAI Estimation in Rice Fields, A
Includes: hashjin, S.S.[S. Sharifi] Hashjin, S.S.[S. Sharifi]

Hashlamoun, W.A. Co Author Listing * tight upper bound on the Bayesian probability of error, A

Hashmi, Z.[Zafar] Co Author Listing * Orientation Features-Based Face Detection by Using Local Orientation Histogram Framework

Hashoul, S.[Sharbell] Co Author Listing * Semantic Description of Medical Image Findings: Structured Learning approach

Hasi, B. Co Author Listing * Ground Surface Visualization Using Red Relief Image Map For A Variety Of Map Scales

Hasi, S. Co Author Listing * Digital description and recognition of pollen granules with invariant moments

Hasida, K. Co Author Listing * Semantics of multimedia in MPEG-7

Hasija, S. Co Author Listing * Fish Species Classification Using Graph Embedding Discriminant Analysis

Hasija, T. Co Author Listing * Determining the Dimension of the Improper Signal Subspace in Complex-Valued Data

Hasikin, K.[Khairunnisa] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fuzzy intensity measure enhancement technique for non-uniform illumination and low-contrast images

Hasimoto Beltran, R.[Rogelio] Co Author Listing * Efficient Reconstruction of Complex 3-D Scenes from Incomplete RGB-D Data
* Transform domain inter-block interleaving schemes for robust image and video transmission in ATM networks
Includes: Hasimoto Beltran, R.[Rogelio] Hasimoto-Beltran, R.[Rogelio]

Hasinoff, S.W.[Samuel W.] Co Author Listing * 4D Frequency Analysis of Computational Cameras for Depth of Field Extension
* Boundary Matting for View Synthesis
* Confocal Stereo
* Diffuse reflectance imaging with astronomical applications
* Fast and Robust Pyramid-based Image Processing
* Focal Stack Photography: High-Performance Photography with a Conventional Camera
* Laser speckle photography for surface tampering detection
* Layer-Based Restoration Framework for Variable-Aperture Photography, A
* Light-Efficient Photography
* Local Laplacian Filters: Edge-aware Image Processing with a Laplacian Pyramid
* Noise-optimal capture for high dynamic range photography
* Photo-consistent 3d fire by flame-sheet decomposition
* Photo-Consistent Reconstruction of Semitransparent Scenes by Density-Sheet Decomposition
* Search-and-replace editing for personal photo collections
* Time-constrained Photography
Includes: Hasinoff, S.W.[Samuel W.] Hasinoff, S.W.
15 for Hasinoff, S.W.

Hasituya Co Author Listing * Mapping Plastic-Mulched Farmland with Multi-Temporal Landsat-8 Data
* Monitoring Plastic-Mulched Farmland by Landsat-8 OLI Imagery Using Spectral and Textural Features
* Selecting Appropriate Spatial Scale for Mapping Plastic-Mulched Farmland with Satellite Remote Sensing Imagery

Haskell, B.G.[Barry G.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive frame/field motion compensated video coding
* Approach to Region Coding for Content-Based Scalable Video, An
* background modeling method by texture replacement and mapping with application to content-based movie coding, A
* Basics of stereoscopic video, new compression results with MPEG-2 and a proposal for MPEG-4
* Block transform coder for arbitrarily shaped image segments
* block transform coder for arbitrarily shaped image segments, A
* Buffer control for variable bit-rate channel
* Coding of Subregions for Content-Based Scalable Video
* Color Balance for Video Conferencing
* Constraints on variable bit-rate video for ATM networks
* Digital 3D/stereoscopic video compression technique utilizing disparity and motion compensated predictions
* Digital HDTV Compression Using Parallel Motion-Compensated Transform Coders
* Digital Pictures: Representation, Compression, and Standards
* Encoder-Decoder Texture Replacement Method With Application to Content-Based Movie Coding, An
* Enhancement of direct mode selection in B pictures for bit rate reduction of compressed video sequences
* Experimental Time-Compression System for Satellite Television Transmission, An
* Frame-to-Frame Coding of Television Pictures Using Two-Dimensional Fourier Transforms
* High Definition Television (HDTV): Compatibility and Distribution
* I/P/B frame type decision by collinearity of displacements
* Image and Video Coding: Emerging Standards and Beyond
* Implicit Arbitrary Shape Visual Objects via MPEG-4 Scene Description
* Interframe Coding of Videotelephone Pictures
* Method and apparatus for a region-based approach to coding a sequence of video images
* Method and apparatus for reducing the bit rate in a video object planes sequence coder
* Multiplexing of variable rate encoded streams
* On the Application of Multimedia Processing to Telecommunications
* Speech-assisted lip synchronization in audio-visual communications
* Temporal resolution scalable video coding
* texture replacement method at the encoder for bit-rate reduction of compressed video, A
* Transmission of two NTSC Color Television Signals over a Simple Satellite Transponder via Time-Frequency Multiplexing
* Video coding with motion-compensated interpolation for CD-ROM applications
* Where for art thou MPEG-4?
Includes: Haskell, B.G.[Barry G.] Haskell, B.G. Haskell, B.G.[Barin G.]
32 for Haskell, B.G.

Haskell, R.E.[Richard E.] Co Author Listing * Geno-fuzzy classification trees

Haskell, R.G. Co Author Listing * Transmitting Television As Clusters of Frame-to-Frame Differences

Haskovic, E. Co Author Listing * Polarization Imaging for crystallographic orientation of large mercurous halide crystals

Haslam, J.[Jane] Co Author Listing * Image processing apparatus
* Probabilistic Fitness Measure for Deformable Template Models, A
* Use of Active Shape Models For Locating Structure In Medical Images
Includes: Haslam, J.[Jane] Haslam, J.

Haslam, R.A. Co Author Listing * Probing deeper into the risks of slips, trips and falls for an ageing rail passenger population: applying a systems approach

Haslauer, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * GIS and Transport Modeling: Strengthening the Spatial Perspective

Hasler, A.F. Co Author Listing * Coupled, Multi-Resolution Stereo and Motion Analysis
* Robust Stereo Analysis
* Tracking Nonrigid Motion and Structure from 2D Satellite Cloud Images without Correspondences

Hasler, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Descending Stairs Detection with Low-Power Sensors
* FlowBoost: Appearance learning from sparsely annotated video
* From Local to Global Parameter Estimation in Panoramic Photographic Reconstruction
* Joint Pose Estimator and Feature Learning for Object Detection
* Mapping colour in image stitching applications
* Outlier modeling in image matching
* perspectives on Panoramic Photography
* Real-Time Deformable Detector, A
8 for Hasler, D.

Hasler, F.[Frederick] Co Author Listing * Structure and Semi-Fluid Motion Analysis of Stereoscopic Satellite Images for Cloud Tracking

Hasler, J. Co Author Listing * Single-Objective Path Planning for Autonomous Robots Using Reconfigurable Analog VLSI

Hasler, K.P.[Klaus Peter] Co Author Listing * Short-Term Tide Prediction
Includes: Hasler, K.P.[Klaus Peter] Hasler, K.P.[Klaus-Peter]

Hasler, N. Co Author Listing * Analysis-by-Synthesis Approach to Tracking of Textiles, An
* Fast articulated motion tracking using a sums of Gaussians body model
* Free-Viewpoint Video of Human Actors Using Multiple Handheld Kinects
* Markerless Motion Capture with unsynchronized moving cameras
* Monocular Pose Capture with a Depth Camera Using a Sums-of-Gaussians Body Model
* Multilinear pose and body shape estimation of dressed subjects from image sets
* Performance Capture of Interacting Characters with Handheld Kinects
* Real-Time Reshaping of Humans
* Reverse Engineering Garments
* Scale Invariant Feature Transform with Irregular Orientation Histogram Binning
* Short-Term Tide Prediction
* Spatio-temporal motion tracking with unsynchronized cameras
Includes: Hasler, N. Hasler, N.[Nils]
12 for Hasler, N.

Hasler, P. Co Author Listing * Compressive Sensing on a CMOS Separable-Transform Image Sensor

Hasler, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * Rendered Benchmark Data Set for Evaluation of Occlusion-Handling Strategies of a Parts-Based Car Detector

Haslett, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Maximum likelihood discriminant analysis on the plane using a Markovian model of spatial context

Haslinger, G.[Gareth] Co Author Listing * Local Image Features Resulting from 3-Dimensional Geometric Features, Illumination, and Movement: I
* Local Image Features Resulting From 3-Dimensional Geometric Features, Illumination, And Movement: II

Haslinger, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Discrepancy Norm as Fitness Function for Defect Detection on Regularly Textured Surfaces

Haslwanter, T. Co Author Listing * Measurement of three dimensional eye position using image processing: a geometric approach

Hasmy, H.[Harshida] Co Author Listing * Construction of Computational Lexicon for Malay Language

Hasna, M. Co Author Listing * Modeling and Analysis of an Infrastructure Service Request Queue in Multichannel V2I Communications

Hasna, M.O. Co Author Listing * Power control and RB allocation in cloud radio access networks

Hasnaoui, M.[Marwen] Co Author Listing * MPEG-4 AVC stream-based saliency detection. Application to robust watermarking
* Multi-symbol QIM video watermarking

Hasnat, A. Co Author Listing * DeepVisage: Making Face Recognition Simple Yet With Powerful Generalization Skills

Hasnat, M.A.[Md. Abul] Co Author Listing * Collection, Analysis and Representation of Memory Color Information
* Color and flow based superpixels for 3D geometry respecting meshing
* Joint Color-Spatial-Directional Clustering and Region Merging (JCSD-RM) for Unsupervised RGB-D Image Segmentation
* Open Source Tesseract Based Optical Character Recognizer for Bangla Script, An
* Unsupervised Clustering of Depth Images Using Watson Mixture Model
* Unsupervised RGB-D image segmentation using joint clustering and region merging
Includes: Hasnat, M.A.[Md. Abul] Hasnat, M.A.[M. Abul]

Hasni, K. Co Author Listing * Rigorous Georeferencing of ALSAT-2A Panchromatic and Multispectral Imagery

Hason, O. Co Author Listing * Quantification and Abstraction: Low Level Tokens for Object Extraction

Hass, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Alignment of Genus-Zero Surfaces

Hass, R.[Ryan] Co Author Listing * On Numerical Analysis of View-Dependent Derivatives in Computed Tomography
* Regions of Backprojection and Comet Tail Artifacts for pi-Line Reconstruction Formulas in Tomography

Hassab, J.C. Co Author Listing * On constructing an expert system for contact localization and tracking

Hassaballah, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient eye detection method based on grey intensity variance and independent components analysis
* Eye Detection Using Intensity and Appearance Information
* Face detection evaluation: a new approach based on the golden ratio ?
* Face recognition: challenges, achievements and future directions
* Fast Fractal Image Compression Method Based Entropy, A
* On using Hough forests for robust face detection
* Random Decision Forests Approach to Face Detection, A
* Robust Method for Nose Detection under Various Conditions, A
Includes: Hassaballah, M. Hassaballah, M.[Mahmoud]
8 for Hassaballah, M.

Hassaine, A.[Abdelaali] Co Author Listing * Automatic prediction of age, gender, and nationality in offline handwriting
* ICDAR 2011 Writer Identification Contest
* ICDAR 2013 Competition on Gender Prediction from Handwriting
* ICDAR 2013 Competition on Handwriting Stroke Recovery from Offline Data
* ICFHR 2012 Competition on Writer Identification Challenge 2: Arabic Scripts
* QUWI: An Arabic and English Handwriting Dataset for Offline Writer Identification
* Restoration of Variable Area Soundtracks
Includes: Hassaine, A.[Abdelaali] Hassa´ne, A.[Abdelaali] Hassaine, A.
7 for Hassaine, A.

Hassairi, S. Co Author Listing * Sparse Wavelet Auto-Encoders for Image Classification

Hassan Esfahani, L.[Leila] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Surface Soil Moisture Using High-Resolution Multi-Spectral Imagery and Artificial Neural Networks
* Mapping Annual Riparian Water Use Based on the Single-Satellite-Scene Approach
Includes: Hassan Esfahani, L.[Leila] Hassan-Esfahani, L.[Leila]

Hassan, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * 2D articulated human pose tracking: A hybrid approach
* Efficient 2D human pose estimation using mean-shift
* Scale and Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Using Covariate Shift Methodology
* Texture Classification Using Rotation- and Scale-Invariant Gabor Texture Features
Includes: Hassan, A.[Ali] Hassan, A.

Hassan, A.A. Co Author Listing * Energy-Aware and Bandwidth-Efficient Hybrid Video Streaming Over Mobile Networks

Hassan, A.H.A.[Anwar Hasni Abu] Co Author Listing * Stereo matching algorithm based on per pixel difference adjustment, iterative guided filter and graph segmentation

Hassan, A.M.[Ammar M.] Co Author Listing * novel public key self-embedding fragile watermarking technique for image authentication, A
* Secure Self-Recovery Image Authentication Using Randomly-Sized Blocks
* Semi-fragile Image Authentication Using Robust Image Hashing with Localization
* Variable block-size image authentication with localization and self-recovery

Hassan, A.N.[Ahmed Nazar] Co Author Listing * Location information verification using transferable belief model for geographic routing in vehicular ad hoc networks

Hassan, B.[Bassem] Co Author Listing * Automated Social Behaviour Recognition at Low Resolution

Hassan, D.[Douzi] Co Author Listing * Plugin of Recommendation Based on a Hybrid Method for the Ranking of Documents in the E-Learning Platforms

Hassan, E.[Ehtesham] Co Author Listing * Annotating Dance Posture Images Using Multi Kernel Feature Combination
* CRF Based Scheme for Overlapping Multi-colored Text Graphics Separation, A
* density based method for automatic hairstyle discovery and recognition, A
* Design of Multi-kernel Distance Based Hashing with Multiple Objectives for Image Indexing
* Document Image Indexing Using Edit Distance Based Hashing
* Document Image Retrieval Using Feature Combination in Kernel Space
* Document indexing framework for retrieval of degraded document images
* Explicit invariance of Cartesian Zernike moments
* Exploiting Multimedia Content: A Machine Learning Based Aproach
* Feature combination for binary pattern classification
* Feature Combination in Kernel Space for Distance Based Image Hashing
* Hand Gesture Based Region Marking for Tele-Support Using Wearables
* Hierarchical Frame-by-Frame Association Method Based on Graph Matching for Multi-object Tracking, A
* hybrid framework for event detection using multi-modal features, A
* Identity Determination with Offline Handwritten Input Using Multi Kernel Feature Combination
* Multi-modal Information Integration for Document Retrieval
* Multiple kernel learning for image indexing
* Off-line hand written input based identity determination using multi kernel feature combination
* Pedestrian Detection via Mixture of CNN Experts and Thresholded Aggregated Channel Features
* Robust Hand Gestural Interaction for Smartphone Based AR/VR Applications
* Robust visual analysis for planogram compliance problem
* Searching OCR'ed Text: An LDA Based Approach
* Shape Descriptor Based Document Image Indexing and Symbol Recognition
* Telecom Inventory Management via Object Recognition and Localisation on Google Street View Images
* Word shape descriptor-based document image indexing: A new DBH-based approach
Includes: Hassan, E.[Ehtesham] Hassan, E.
25 for Hassan, E.

Hassan, E.A. Co Author Listing * Study of compressed sensing application to low dose computed tomography data collection

Hassan, E.T. Co Author Listing * Cartooning for Enhanced Privacy in Lifelogging and Streaming Videos

Hassan, F.[Firas] Co Author Listing * Exploiting redundancy to solve the Poisson equation using local information
* FPGA-based architecture for a local tone-mapping operator, An
* High Throughput Encoder for High Dynamic Range Images, A
* High throughput JPEG2000 compatible encoder for high dynamic range images
* real-time implementation of gradient domain high dynamic range compression using a local Poisson solver, A
* study of hardware-friendly methods for gradient domain tone mapping of high dynamic range images, A
* Symmetric synchronous stream encryption using images
7 for Hassan, F.

Hassan, G.M.[Ghulam Mubashar] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Color Digital Image Correlation for Deformation Measurement in Geomechanical Structures
* Digital image correlation for small strain measurement in deformable solids and geomechanical structures
* Extending Digital Image Correlation to Reconstruct Displacement and Strain Fields around Discontinuities in Geomechanical Structures under Deformation
* hybrid approach towards vision based self-localization of autonomous mobile robots, A
* Memory Efficient Vision Based Line Feature Extraction for Tiny Mobile Robots
* Stereo Vision Based Self-localization of Autonomous Mobile Robots
* Swift and Memory Efficient Hough Transform for Systems with Limited Fast Memory, A
Includes: Hassan, G.M.[Ghulam Mubashar] Hassan, G.M.[Ghulam M.]
7 for Hassan, G.M.

Hassan, H. Co Author Listing * MRA data segmentation using level sets

Hassan, H.A. Co Author Listing * Visualisation of exudates in fundus images using radar chart and color auto correlogram technique

Hassan, K.[Kamrul] Co Author Listing * Semi Supervised Learning for Wild Faces and Video

Hassan, L. Co Author Listing * Multispectral texture analysis of histopathological abnormalities in colorectal tissues

Hassan, M.[Mahmudul] Co Author Listing * Affordance detection by mid-level physical parts
* Attribute Based Affordance Detection from Human-Object Interaction Images
* Guest Editorial: Adaptive Real-Time Multimedia Transmission over Packet Switching Networks
* Guest Editorial: Video Over Future Networks
* Hyperspectral imaging of Kaposi's Sarcoma for disease assessment and treatment monitoring
* Labeling abnormalities in video based complex Human-Object Interactions by robust affordance modelling
* Multilevel Video Coding and Distribution Architectures for Emerging Broad-Band Digital Networks
* Optimizing HTTP-Based Adaptive Streaming in Vehicular Environment Using Markov Decision Process
* Video Streaming Over Wireless Packet Networks: An Occupancy-Based Rate Adaptation Perspective
Includes: Hassan, M.[Mahmudul] Hassan, M.[Mahbub] Hassan, M.
9 for Hassan, M.

Hassan, M.A.[Mohamed Abul] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Foreground Extraction for Crowd Analytics Surveillance on Unconstrained Environments
* Flow Routing for Delineating Supraglacial Meltwater Channel Networks
Includes: Hassan, M.A.[Mohamed Abul] Hassan, M.A.[Marwan A.]

Hassan, M.F.[Mohammed Fadzil] Co Author Listing * Approach to Derive Parametric L-System Using Genetic Algorithm, An
* Naturalness preserving image recoloring method for people with red-green deficiency
Includes: Hassan, M.F.[Mohammed Fadzil] Hassan, M.F.[Mohd Fikree]

Hassan, M.H. Co Author Listing * Thresholding Based on Learning Theory

Hassan, M.I. Co Author Listing * Design of 3D Topological Data Structure for 3D Cadastre Objects
* Effect of Coastline Changes to Local Community's Social-Economic, The
* Geospatial Database for Strata Objects Based on Land Administration Domain Model (LADM)

Hassan, M.M. Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Emotion-Aware Cloud Gaming Framework

Hassan, N.[Noran] Co Author Listing * AutoCaption: Automatic caption generation for personal photos

Hassan, N.U. Co Author Listing * Electric Vehicle Charging Station Placement for Urban Public Bus Systems
* Indoor Positioning Using Visible LED Lights: A Survey
Includes: Hassan, N.U. Hassan, N.U.[Naveed Ul]

Hassan, O. Co Author Listing * New optimized GPU version of the k-means algorithm for large-sized image segmentation

Hassan, Q. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Potential of MODIS-based Indices in Determining Snow Gone Stage over Forest-dominant Regions
* Potential Species Distribution of Balsam Fir Based on the Integration of Biophysical Variables Derived with Remote Sensing and Process-Based Methods
* remote sensing based framework for predicting water quality of different source waters, A
* Spatial Enhancement of MODIS-based Images of Leaf Area Index: Application to the Boreal Forest Region of Northern Alberta, Canada
* Spatio-temporal dynamics of surface wetness conditions using remote sensing data over Northern Alberta, Canada
Includes: Hassan, Q. Hassan, Q.[Quazi]

Hassan, Q.K.[Quazi K.] Co Author Listing * Development of a New Daily-Scale Forest Fire Danger Forecasting System Using Remote Sensing Data
* Development of a Remote Sensing-Based Boro Rice Mapping System
* Operational perspective of remote sensing-based forest fire danger forecasting systems
* Pan-Sharpening of Landsat-8 Images and Its Application in Calculating Vegetation Greenness and Canopy Water Contents

Hassan, R.[Rohayanti] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction for different distances of visible reflection iris using multiscale sparse representation of local Radon transform
* improved multiscale retinex algorithm for motion-blurred iris images to minimize the intra-individual variations, An
* Linear Feature Detection on GPUs
Includes: Hassan, R.[Rohayanti] Hassan, R.[Raquibul]

Hassan, S.[Samer] Co Author Listing * Agent-based modelling and simulation for the analysis of social patterns
* Automatic Localization and Quantification of Intracranial Aneurysms
Includes: Hassan, S.[Samer] Hassan, S.[Sahar]

Hassan, S.A. Co Author Listing * Effects of Multiple Carrier Frequency Offsets on the Performance of Virtual MISO FSK Systems, The

Hassan, S.S.[Sonia S.] Co Author Listing * System Biology Approach for the Steady-State Analysis of Gene Signaling Networks, A

Hassan, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Road Vector Extraction for Mobile Mapping Systems
* Common Adjustment of Land-Based and Airborne Mobile Mapping System Data
* ICDAR 2013 Table Competition
* Table Recognition and Understanding from PDF Files
* User-Guided Wrapping of PDF Documents Using Graph Matching Techniques
Includes: Hassan, T. Hassan, T.[Taher] Hassan, T.[Tamir]

Hassan, W.[Waqas] Co Author Listing * adaptive sample count particle filter, An
* Illumination invariant stationary object detection
Includes: Hassan, W.[Waqas] Hassan, W.

Hassanein, K. Co Author Listing * Image Data Mining from Financial Documents Based on Wavelet Features
* Stroke Extraction from Grayscale Images of Financial Documents Based on Relative Figures of Importance

Hassanein, M. Co Author Listing * New Automatic System Calibration Of Multi-cameras And Lidar Sensors, A

Hassani, B. Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition from World Wild Web

Hassani, F. Co Author Listing * Documentation of cultural heritage; techniques, potentials, and constraints
* Experience in Cultural Heritage Documentation in Iran Using a Low-Cost Technique, An

Hassani, M. Co Author Listing * Identification of non linear system modeled in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space using a new criterion

Hassanien, A. Co Author Listing * Transmit Radiation Pattern Invariance in MIMO Radar With Application to DOA Estimation

Hassanien, A.E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation and Classification of Liver Abnormalities Using Fractal Dimension
* BA-based algorithm for parameter optimization of Support Vector Machine, A
* Brain MR Image Tumor Segmentation with Ventricular Deformation
* Brain MRI Tumor Segmentation with 3D Intracranial Structure Deformation Features
* Ear Recognition Using Block-Based Principal Component Analysis and Decision Fusion
* effective SVD-based image tampering detection and self-recovery using active watermarking, An
* Fuzzy rough sets hybrid scheme for breast cancer detection
* Generation of Missing Medical Slices Using Morphing Technology
* Mammary Gland Tumor Detection in Cats Using Ant Colony Optimisation
* Protecting Patient Privacy against Unauthorized Release of Medical Images Using Weighted Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
* Retinal blood vessel localization approach based on bee colony swarm optimization, fuzzy c-means and pattern search
Includes: Hassanien, A.E. Hassanien, A.E.[Aboul Ella]
11 for Hassanien, A.E.

Hassannejad, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Using Small Checkerboards as Size Reference: A Model-Based Approach

Hassannia, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * SeLibCV: A Service Library for Computer Vision Researchers

Hassanpour, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Automatic estimation and segmentation of partial blur in natural images
* Cascaded Part-Based System for Fine-Grained Vehicle Classification, A
* Gender classification based on fuzzy clustering and principal component analysis
* Improving quality of fractal compressed images
* Local motion deblurring using an effective image prior based on both the first- and second-order gradients
* new fast no search fractal image compression in DCT domain, A
* noise-immune no-reference metric for estimating blurriness value of an image, A
* Non-blind image deconvolution using a regularization based on re-blurring process
* Novel Pixon-Based Approach for Image Segmentation Using Wavelet Thresholding Method, A
* Part-based recognition of vehicle make and model
* Using diffusion equations for improving performance of wavelet-based image denoising techniques
Includes: Hassanpour, H.[Hamid] Hassanpour, H.
11 for Hassanpour, H.

Hassanpour, N.[Negar] Co Author Listing * hierarchical training and identification method using Gaussian process models for face recognition in videos, A
* Quantum Probability Inspired Framework for Image-Set Based Face Identification, A
* Survey: How good are the current advances in image set based face identification?: Experiments on three popular benchmarks with a na´ve approach

Hassanpour, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Camera auto-calibration using a sequence of 2D images with small rotations
* Delaunay Triangulation based 3D Human Face Modeling from Uncalibrated Images
* Digital Video Stabilization Using Radon Transform
Includes: Hassanpour, R.[Reza] Hassanpour, R.

Hassanpour, S. Co Author Listing * Looking Under the Hood: Deep Neural Network Visualization to Interpret Whole-Slide Image Analysis Outcomes for Colorectal Polyps

Hassanzadeh, A.[Aidin] Co Author Listing * Outlier Robust Geodesic K-means Algorithm for High Dimensional Data
* Unsupervised Multi-manifold Classification of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images with Contractive Autoencoder

Hassapis, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Boredom in Video Games Using Novel Biosignal Moment-Based Features

Hassberger, J.A. Co Author Listing * Fault tree based diagnostics using fuzzy logic

Hasse, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Housing-Unit-Level Approach to Characterizing Residential Sprawl, A

Hasse, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Morphological multiscale decomposition of connected regions with emphasis on cell clusters
* Radial symmetries based decomposition of cell clusters in binary and gray level images

Hassebrook, L. Co Author Listing * Multistage, Optimal Active Contour Model, A

Hassebrook, L.G.[Laurence G.] Co Author Listing * Gamma model and its analysis for phase measuring profilometry
* Intensity-Invariant and Distortion-Invariant Pattern-Recognition with Complex Linear Morphology
* Maximum SNR pattern strategy for phase shifting methods in structured light illumination
* Near-infrared composite pattern projection for continuous motion hand-computer interaction
* new approach to unwrap a 3-D fingerprint to a 2-D rolled equivalent fingerprint, A
* Noncontact, depth-detailed 3D fingerprinting
* Numerically Efficient Angle, Width, Offset, and Discontinuity Determination of Straight Lines by the Discrete Fourier Bilinear Transformation Algorithm
* Period Coded Phase Shifting Strategy for Real-time 3-D Structured Light Illumination
* Robust Active Stereo Vision Using Kullback-Leibler Divergence
* Scene reconstruction from partially overlapping images with use of composite filters
* Translation-Invariant Optical-Pattern Recognition without Correlation
Includes: Hassebrook, L.G.[Laurence G.] Hassebrook, L.G.
11 for Hassebrook, L.G.

Hasselberg, A. Co Author Listing * Petri-Net-Based Modeling of Human Operator's Planning for the Evaluation of Task Performance Using the Example of Air Traffic Control

Hasselbrack, W.E.[William E.] Co Author Listing * Airborne Measurements of CO2 Column Concentration and Range Using a Pulsed Direct-Detection IPDA Lidar

Hasselgren, J.[Jon] Co Author Listing * Adaptive enhancement and noise reduction in very low light-level video
* Efficient multi-view ray tracing using edge detection and shader reuse

Hassemer, C. Co Author Listing * System-Theoretic Approach to Modeling and Analysis of Mammography Testing Process, A

Hassen, A.E. Co Author Listing * FPGA-based detection of QRS complexes in ECG signal

Hassen, R.[Rania] Co Author Listing * Flexible Framework for Local Phase Coherence Computation, A
* Image Sharpness Assessment Based on Local Phase Coherence
* Multi-sensor image registration based-on local phase coherence
* Multifocus Image Fusion Using Local Phase Coherence Measurement
* Objective Quality Assessment for Multiexposure Multifocus Image Fusion

Hassen, Y.H. Co Author Listing * Mono-camera person tracking based on template matching and covariance descriptor

Hassenpflug, P. Co Author Listing * Medical imaging: examples of clinical applications

Hassibi, K. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Arabic Machine-Printed Cursive Text

Hassim, N.[Norhidayah] Co Author Listing * computationally efficient technique for real-time detection of particular-slope edges, A

Hassin, A.H.[Abbas H.] Co Author Listing * new algorithm for machine printed Arabic character segmentation, A

Hassler, K. Co Author Listing * Efficient Numerical Method for General L_{p} Regularization in Fluorescence Molecular Tomography, An
* Sparsity-Driven Reconstruction for FDOT With Anatomical Priors

Hassler, U. Co Author Listing * Fast automatic X-ray image processing by means of a new multistage filter for background modelling
* Improvement of X-ray castings inspection reliability by using Dempster-Shafer data fusion theory
Includes: Hassler, U. Hassler, U.[Ulf]

Hassncer, T.[Tal] Co Author Listing * Age and gender classification using convolutional neural networks

Hassner, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Markov Random Field Models of Digitized Image Texture
* Markov Random Fields as Models of Digitized Image Texture
* Use of Markov Random Fields as Models of Texture, The

Hassner, T.[Tal] Co Author Listing * Action Similarity Labeling Challenge, The
* Approximate Nearest Subspace Search
* Approximate Nearest Subspace Search with Applications to Pattern Recognition
* Critical Review of Action Recognition Benchmarks, A
* CUDA LATCH Binary Descriptor: Because Sometimes Faster Means Better, The
* Dense Correspondences across Scenes and Scales
* Descriptor Based Methods in the Wild
* Do We Really Need to Collect Millions of Faces for Effective Face Recognition?
* Effective face frontalization in unconstrained images
* Effective Unconstrained Face Recognition by Combining Multiple Descriptors and Learned Background Statistics
* Example Based 3D Reconstruction from Single 2D Images
* Face recognition in unconstrained videos with matched background similarity
* Face recognition using deep multi-pose representations
* FacePoseNet: Making a Case for Landmark-Free Face Alignment
* general framework for Approximate Nearest Subspace search, A
* LATCH: Learned arrangements of three patch codes
* Motion Interchange Patterns for Action Recognition in Unconstrained Videos
* Multiple One-shots for Utilizing Class Label Information
* OCR-Free Transcript Alignment
* On SIFTs and their scales
* One-Shot similarity kernel, The
* Piggyback Representation for Action Recognition, A
* Pooling Faces: Template Based Face Recognition with Pooled Face Images
* Rapid Synthesis of Massive Face Sets for Improved Face Recognition
* Regressing Robust and Discriminative 3D Morphable Models with a Very Deep Neural Network
* SIFTing Through Scales
* Similarity Scores Based on Background Samples
* Temporal Tessellation: A Unified Approach for Video Analysis
* Texture instance similarity via dense correspondences
* Viewing Real-World Faces in 3D
* Violent flows: Real-time detection of violent crowd behavior
* Viral transcript alignment
* What Does the Scene Look Like from a Scene Point?
* When standard RANSAC is not enough: Cross-media visual matching with hypothesis relevancy
* Wide Baseline Stereo Matching with Convex Bounded Distortion Constraints
Includes: Hassner, T.[Tal] Hassner, T.
35 for Hassner, T.

Hasson, S. Co Author Listing * No-reference quality metric for watermarked images based on combining of objective metrics using neural network

Hassoun, M.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Ho-Kashyap Rules for Perceptron Training

Hassouna, M.S.[M. Sabry] Co Author Listing * Accurate Tracking of Monotonically Advancing Fronts
* Geometric Features Based Framework for Colonic Polyp Detection using a New Color Coding Scheme
* MultiStencils Fast Marching Methods: A Highly Accurate Solution to the Eikonal Equation on Cartesian Domains
* On the Extraction of Curve Skeletons using Gradient Vector Flow
* PDE-Based Robust Robotic Navigation
* Robust Centerline Extraction Framework Using Level Sets
* Robust Robotic Path Planning Using Level Sets
* Robust Skeletonization Using the Fast Marching Method
* Stochastic Segmentation of Blood Vessels from Time-Of-Flight
* Variational Curve Skeletons Using Gradient Vector Flow
Includes: Hassouna, M.S.[M. Sabry] Hassouna, M.S.[Mohamed Sabry] Hassouna, M.S.
10 for Hassouna, M.S.

Hassouni, L. Co Author Listing * Mining tweets of Moroccan users using the framework Hadoop, NLP, K-means and basemap

Hassouni, S. Co Author Listing * design of power management for passive UHF RFID tag in 90nm CMOS process, A

Hassouny, A.E. Co Author Listing * Hybrid method for background modeling and subtracting
* Video based human fall detection using von Mises distribution of motion vectors

Hast, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3DS conversion of historical aerial photographs
* Efficient Descriptor Based on Radial Line Integration for Fast Non-invariant Matching and Registration of Microscopy Images, An
* GeoMemories: A Platform for Visualizing Historical, Environmental and Geospatial Changes in the Italian Landscape
* Improved textures for 3D virtual reconstruction and visualization by a modified texture synthesis approach
* Retrospective Illumination Correction of Greyscale Historical Aerial Photos
* Robust and Invariant Phase Based Local Feature Matching
* Simple filter design for first and second order derivatives by a double filtering approach
* Towards automatic stereo pair extraction for 3D visualisation of historical aerial photographs
Includes: Hast, A. Hast, A.[Anders]
8 for Hast, A.

Hastedt, H.[Heidi] Co Author Listing * Digital Photogrammetric Camera Evaluation Generation of Digital Elevation Models
* Evaluation of the geometric stability and the accuracy potential of digital cameras: Comparing mechanical stabilisation versus parameterisation
* Evaluation Of The Quality Of Action Cameras With Wide-angle Lenses In UAV Photogrammetry
* Investigations on a Combined RGB/Time-of-flight Approach for Close Range Applications
* Investigations on the Quality of the Interior Orientation and Its Impact in Object Space for UAV Photogrammetry
* Modelling of chromatic aberration for high precision photogrammetry
* Performance Evaluation of Several High-Quality Digital Cameras
* Precise Laser-Based Optical 3D Measurement of Welding Seams Under Water
Includes: Hastedt, H.[Heidi] Hastedt, H.
8 for Hastedt, H.

Hastenteufel, M. Co Author Listing * Medical imaging: examples of clinical applications
* ROPES: a semiautomated segmentation method for accelerated analysis of three-dimensional echocardiographic data

Hastie, T. Co Author Listing * 3-D Curve Matching Using Splines
* Discriminant Adaptive Nearest-Neighbor Classification
* Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference and Prediction, The
* Estimating the number of clusters in a data set via the gap statistic
* Representing cyclic human motion using functional analysis
* Statistical Methods for On-Line Signature Verification
* Statistical Model for Signature Verification, A
Includes: Hastie, T. Hastie, T.[Trevor]
7 for Hastie, T.

Hastings, A.R.[Albert Robert] Co Author Listing * System and method for capturing facial and body motion

Hastings, D.E. Co Author Listing * Logical Approach to Real Options Identification With Application to UAV Systems, A

Hastings, R.O.[Robert O.] Co Author Listing * Disambiguation of Fingerprint Ridge Flow Direction: Two Approaches

Hastreiter, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Non-linear Integration of DTI-based Fiber Tracts into Standard 3D MR Data

Hastriter, M.L. Co Author Listing * investigation of bistatic calibration objects, An
* investigation of bistatic calibration techniques, An

Hasui, A. Co Author Listing * Measurement of Large-scale Solar Power Plant by Using Images Acquired by Non-metric Digital Camera on Board UAV
* Some Aspects in Height Measurement by UAV Photogrammetry

Hasuike, K. Co Author Listing * Document Image Processing Based on Enhanced Border Following Algorithm

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