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Hau, C.C. Co Author Listing * Microcomputer System to Recognize Handwritten Numerals Using a Syntactic-Statistic Approach, A

Hau, F. Co Author Listing * Private Graphs: Access Rights On Graphs For Seamless Navigation

Hau, R. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of 3D city models: EuroSDR comparison

Haußecker, H.W. Co Author Listing * Study of Dynamical Processes with Tensor-Based Spatiotemporal Image Processing Techniques

Haußler, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Visual Soccer Analytics: Understanding the Characteristics of Collective Team Movement Based on Feature-Driven Analysis and Abstraction
Includes: Haußler, J.[Johannes] Häußler, J.[Johannes]

Haußler, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Efficient Parallel Strategy for Matching Visual Self-similarities in Large Image Databases, An
Includes: Haußler, T.[Tobias] Häußler, T.[Tobias]

Haußmann, M. Co Author Listing * Variational Bayesian Multiple Instance Learning with Gaussian Processes

Hauagge, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Reasoning about Photo Collections using Models of Outdoor Illumination

Hauagge, D.C.[Daniel Cabrini] Co Author Listing * Image matching using local symmetry features
* Photometric Ambient Occlusion
* Photometric Ambient Occlusion for Intrinsic Image Decomposition
* Shape from depth discontinuities under orthographic projection
Includes: Hauagge, D.C.[Daniel Cabrini] Hauagge, D.C.[Daniel C.]

Haub, C. Co Author Listing * Global Monitoring For Food Security And Sustainable Land Management - Recent Advances Of Remote Sensing Applications To African And Siberian Show Cases
* Monitoring Services for Food Security: Successful Transfer of Technology to the Sudanese Government
* Surveying European Landscape Dynamics
Includes: Haub, C. Haub, C.[Carsten]

Haubeck, K. Co Author Listing * UAV-Based Low-Cost Stereo Camera System for Archaeological Surveys: Experiences from Doliche (Turkey), A

Hauber, E.[Ernst] Co Author Listing * Age Determination of Martian Low Shield Volcanoes by Crater Size-Frequency Measurements
* Mass Movements' Detection In Hirise Images Of The North Pole Of Mars
Includes: Hauber, E.[Ernst] Hauber, E.

Hauberg, S.[Soren] Co Author Listing * Brownian Warps for Non-Rigid Registration
* Data-Driven Importance Distributions for Articulated Tracking
* Efficient Algorithm for Modelling Duration in Hidden Markov Models, with a Dramatic Application, An
* Gaussian-Like Spatial Priors for Articulated Tracking
* Geodesic exponential kernels: When curvature and linearity conflict
* Grassmann Averages for Scalable Robust PCA
* Highly-Expressive Spaces of Well-Behaved Transformations: Keeping it Simple
* Intrinsic Grassmann Averages for Online Linear and Robust Subspace Learning
* Manifold Valued Statistics, Exact Principal Geodesic Analysis and the Effect of Linear Approximations
* Means in spaces of tree-like shapes
* Model Transport: Towards Scalable Transfer Learning on Manifolds
* Natural metrics and least-committed priors for articulated tracking
* Predicting Articulated Human Motion from Spatial Processes
* Principal Curves on Riemannian Manifolds
* Scalable Robust Principal Component Analysis Using Grassmann Averages
* Spatial Measures between Human Poses for Classification and Understanding
* Stick It! Articulated Tracking Using Spatial Rigid Object Priors
* Three Dimensional Monocular Human Motion Analysis in End-Effector Space
* Transformations Based on Continuous Piecewise-Affine Velocity Fields
* Unscented Kalman Filtering for Articulated Human Tracking
* Unscented Kalman Filtering on Riemannian Manifolds
Includes: Hauberg, S.[Soren] Hauberg, S.[Søren] Hauberg, S.
21 for Hauberg, S.

Haublein, K. Co Author Listing * Real-time correlation for locating systems utilizing heterogeneous computing architectures
Includes: Haublein, K. Häublein, K. (Maybe also Haeublein, K.)

Haubner, N.[Nadia] Co Author Listing * Detecting interaction above digital tabletops using a single depth camera
* Investigation of profile registration with application to the FastSCAN™ range of laser scanners
Includes: Haubner, N.[Nadia] Haubner, N.

Haubold, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Classification of video events using 4-dimensional time-compressed motion features
* VAST MM: Multimedia Browser for Presentation Video
* Web-based information content and its application to concept-based video retrieval

Haubold, C.[Carsten] Co Author Listing * Diverse M-Best Solutions by Dynamic Programming
* Generalized Successive Shortest Paths Solver for Tracking Dividing Targets, A
* Network Flow Integer Programming to Track Elliptical Cells in Time-Lapse Sequences
* Semi-Global Matching: A Principled Derivation in Terms of Message Passing
Includes: Haubold, C.[Carsten] Haubold, C.

Haubt, R.A. Co Author Listing * Virtual Heritage Archives: Building a Centralized Australian Rock Art Archive

Hauck, A. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Recognition of Articulated Objects from Single Perspective Views

Hauck, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * 3D Models on Triple Paths: New Pathways for Documenting and Visualizing Virtual Reconstructions

Hauck, S.A. Co Author Listing * SPIHT Image Compression on FPGAs

Haucke, M. Co Author Listing * Preprocessing Method for the Contrast Enhancement of TV-Scanned Electron Microscopic Images, A
* Statistical Evaluation of Computer Markers to Detect Leukemias

Haueisen, J. Co Author Listing * Iterative Reweighted Mixed-Norm Estimate for Spatio-Temporal MEG/EEG Source Reconstruction, The

Hauenstein, J.D.[Jacob D.] Co Author Listing * On Reliable Estimation of Curvatures of Implicit Surfaces

Hauenstein, K.[Karlheinz] Co Author Listing * Combining DTI and MRI for the Automated Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Using a Large European Multicenter Dataset

Hauer, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Topo-Bathymetric LiDAR for Monitoring River Morphodynamics and Instream Habitats: A Case Study at the Pielach River

Hauer, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * Human Joint Angle Estimation and Gesture Recognition for Assistive Robotic Vision

Hauer, K.O.[Kai Olaf] Co Author Listing * How to efficiently characterize special effect coatings
Includes: Hauer, K.O.[Kai Olaf] Hauer, K.O.[Kai-Olaf]

Haufe, S. Co Author Listing * Multivariate Machine Learning Methods for Fusing Multimodal Functional Neuroimaging Data

Haufel, G.[Gisela] Co Author Listing * Context-based automatic reconstruction and texturing of 3D urban terrain for quick-response tasks
* Vectorization Of Road Data Extracted From Aerial And UAV Imagery
Includes: Haufel, G.[Gisela] Häufel, G.[Gisela] (Maybe also Haeufel, G.)

Haufmann, T.A.[Torkel Andreas] Co Author Listing * Real-time online camera synchronization for volume carving on GPU

Haug, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Crop/Weed Field Image Dataset for the Evaluation of Computer Vision Based Precision Agriculture Tasks, A
* Plant classification system for crop /weed discrimination without segmentation

Haugeard, J.E.[Jean Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Windows in Facade Using Kernel on Graph of Contours
* Image clustering based on a shared nearest neighbors approach for tagged collections
* Kernel on Graphs Based on Dictionary of Paths for Image Retrieval
* Windows and facades retrieval using similarity on graph of contours
Includes: Haugeard, J.E.[Jean Emmanuel] Haugeard, J.E.[Jean-Emmanuel]

Hauger, S. Co Author Listing * ECOC and boosting with multi-layer perceptrons

Haughey, S. Co Author Listing * Mobile mapping system for the automated detection and analysis of road delineation

Haugland, D. Co Author Listing * Compression of image contours using combinatorial optimization

Haugland, O.[Oddmund] Co Author Listing * System for Estimation of Pin Bone Positions in Pre-rigor Salmon

Hauglin, M.[Marius] Co Author Listing * Automatic Estimation of Tree Position and Stem Diameter Using a Moving Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Detection and Segmentation of Small Trees in the Forest-Tundra Ecotone Using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Discriminating between Native Norway Spruce and Invasive Sitka Spruce: A Comparison of Multitemporal Landsat 8 Imagery, Aerial Images and Airborne Laser Scanner Data
* Estimating single-tree branch biomass of Norway spruce by airborne laser scanning
* Improving Classification of Airborne Laser Scanning Echoes in the Forest-Tundra Ecotone Using Geostatistical and Statistical Measures

Hauke, R.[Rudolf] Co Author Listing * Surround ImagerTM: A Multi-camera Touchless Device to Acquire 3D Rolled-Equivalent Fingerprints, The

Haun, M.A. Co Author Listing * Overdetermined Least-Squares Aberration Estimates Using Common-Midpoint Signals

Haunert, J.H.[Jan Henrik] Co Author Listing * Area Collapse and Road Centerlines based on Straight Skeletons
* Beyond Maximum Independent Set: An Extended Integer Programming Formulation for Point Labeling
* Beyond Maximum Independent Set: An Extended Model For Point-feature Label Placement
* Formal Model and Mixed-Integer Program for Area Aggregation in Map Generalization, A
Includes: Haunert, J.H.[Jan Henrik] Haunert, J.H.[Jan-Henrik]

Haung, J.Z. Co Author Listing * Self-Balanced Min-Cut Algorithm for Image Clustering, A

Haupt, J. Co Author Listing * Compressed Channel Sensing: A New Approach to Estimating Sparse Multipath Channels
* Compressive Sampling Vs. Conventional Imaging
* Level set estimation from compressive measurements using box constrained total variation regularization
* Role of driver assistance experience, system functionality, gender, age and sensation seeking in attitudes towards the safety of driver assistance systems
Includes: Haupt, J. Haupt, J.[Jarvis]

Hauptmann, A.G.[Alexander G.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Hauptmann, A.G.[Alexander G.]: alex+ AT cs cmu edu
* Action recognition by exploring data distribution and feature correlation
* Action recognition via local descriptors and holistic features
* Annotating News Video with Locations
* Articulated Motion Modeling for Activity Analysis
* Assessing Effectiveness in Video Retrieval
* Automatically labeling video data using multi-class active learning
* Best of Both Worlds: Combining Data-Independent and Data-Driven Approaches for Action Recognition, The
* Beyond audio and video retrieval: Topic-oriented multimedia summarization
* Beyond audio and video retrieval: Towards multimedia summarization
* Beyond Gaussian Pyramid: Multi-skip Feature Stacking for action recognition
* Bi-Level Semantic Representation Analysis for Multimedia Event Detection
* Can High-Level Concepts Fill the Semantic Gap in Video Retrieval? A Case Study With Broadcast News
* Classifier-specific intermediate representation for multimedia tasks
* Co-retrieval: A Boosted Reranking Approach for Video Retrieval
* Combining motion segmentation with tracking for activity analysis
* Complementary video and audio analysis for broadcast news archives
* Complex Event Detection by Identifying Reliable Shots from Untrimmed Videos
* Complex Event Detection via Multi-source Video Attributes
* Constrained keypoint quantization: towards better bag-of-words model for large-scale multimedia retrieval
* Deep Local Video Feature for Action Recognition
* DevNet: A Deep Event Network for multimedia event detection and evidence recounting
* Dining activity analysis using a hidden markov model
* Discriminating Joint Feature Analysis for Multimedia Data Understanding
* discriminative CNN video representation for event detection, A
* Discriminative Learning Framework with Pairwise Constraints for Video Object Classification, A
* Double Fusion for Multimedia Event Detection
* E-LAMP: integration of innovative ideas for multimedia event detection
* Efficient Margin-Based Rank Learning Algorithms for Information Retrieval
* Efficient search: the informedia video retrieval system
* Event Detection Using Multi-level Relevance Labels and Multiple Features
* Event Oriented Dictionary Learning for Complex Event Detection
* Everything is in the Face? Represent Faces with Object Bank
* Exploiting Feature Hierarchies with Convolutional Neural Networks for Cultural Event Recognition
* Exploring the Synergy of Humans and Machines in Extreme Video Retrieval
* Feature Interaction Augmented Sparse Learning for Fast Kinect Motion Detection
* Feature Selection for Multimedia Analysis by Sharing Information Among Multiple Tasks
* Feature Weighting via Optimal Thresholding for Video Analysis
* Finding Person X: Correlating Names with Visual Appearances
* Framework for Classifier Adaptation for Large-Scale Multimedia Data, A
* Harnessing Lab Knowledge for Real-World Action Recognition
* Harry Potter's Marauder's Map: Localizing and Tracking Multiple Persons-of-Interest by Nonnegative Discretization
* How many high-level concepts will fill the semantic gap in news video retrieval?
* How Related Exemplars Help Complex Event Detection in Web Videos?
* Infrared Patch-Image Model for Small Target Detection in a Single Image
* Knowledge Adaptation with Partially Shared Features for Event Detection Using Few Exemplars
* Lessons for the Future from a Decade of Informedia Video Analysis Research
* Many Shades of Negativity, The
* Measuring novelty and redundancy with multiple modalities in cross-lingual broadcast news
* Multi-Class Active Learning by Uncertainty Sampling with Diversity Maximization
* Multi-Feature Fusion via Hierarchical Regression for Multimedia Analysis
* Multi-modal information retrieval from broadcast video using OCR and speech recognition
* Multimedia Event Detection Using A Classifier-Specific Intermediate Representation
* Multimodal knowledge-based analysis in multimedia event detection
* News video classification using SVMbased multimodal classifiers and combination strategies
* People detection based on appearance and motion models
* probabilistic model for camera zoom detection, A
* Pseudo-Relevance Feedback for Multimedia Retrieval
* Real-Time Near-Duplicate Elimination for Web Video Search With Content and Context
* Representations of Keypoint-Based Semantic Concept Detection: A Comprehensive Study
* Resource Constrained Multimedia Event Detection
* Semi-Supervised Multiple Feature Analysis for Action Recognition
* Simple to complex cross-modal learning to rank
* Snippet Based Trajectory Statistics Histograms for Assistive Technologies
* Solution Path Algorithm for Identity-Aware Multi-object Tracking, The
* Space-Time Robust Representation for Action Recognition
* Spline Regression Hashing for Fast Image Search
* Symbiotic Black-Box Tracker
* Symbiotic Tracker Ensemble Toward A Unified Tracking Framework
* Text-to-video: a semantic search engine for internet videos
* Towards a Large Scale Concept Ontology for Broadcast Video
* Un)Reliability of video concept detection
* Uncovering the Temporal Context for Video Question Answering
* Unified Dictionary Learning and Region Tagging with Hierarchical Sparse Representation
* Unsupervised Video Adaptation for Parsing Human Motion
* Use and Utility of High-Level Semantic Features in Video Retrieval, The
* Using a probabilistic source model for comparing images
* Video Retrieval Based on Semantic Concepts
* Video Search via Ranking Network with Very Few Query Exemplars
* Web and Personal Image Annotation by Mining Label Correlation With Relaxed Visual Graph Embedding
* Web-Scale Multimedia Processing and Applications
* What's News, What's Not? Associating News Videos with Words
Includes: Hauptmann, A.G.[Alexander G.] Hauptmann, A.G. Hauptmann, A.G.[Alex G.]
83 for Hauptmann, A.G.

Hauptmann, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Sensors: Principles and Applications

Haurilet, M. Co Author Listing * DriveAHead: A Large-Scale Driver Head Pose Dataset

Haurilet, M.L. Co Author Listing * Naming TV characters by watching and analyzing dialogs

Haus, B.K. Co Author Listing * Gravity-Capillary Wave Spectral Modulation by Gravity Waves
* structured light method for underwater surface reconstruction, A
Includes: Haus, B.K. Haus, B.K.[Brian K.]

Hausberger, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Emission optimised control and speed limit for isolated intersections

Hauser, A.J.[Anthony J.] Co Author Listing * Gray tone generation

Hauser, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Hybrid, Recursive Algorithm for Clustering Expressed Sequence Tags in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, A

Hauser, D.[Darren] Co Author Listing * Capability Assessment and Performance Metrics for the Titan Multispectral Mapping Lidar
* Compact Multipurpose Mobile Laser Scanning System: Initial Tests and Results
* Dual-Polarization Measurements at C-Band Over the Ocean: Results From Airborne Radar Observations and Comparison With ENVISAT ASAR Data
* SWIM: The First Spaceborne Wave Scatterometer
Includes: Hauser, D.[Darren] Hauser, D.

Hauser, H. Co Author Listing * Hardware-Accelerated High-Quality Filtering on PC Hardware

Hauser, J.A.[Jakob A.] Co Author Listing * Longitudinal Parameter Estimation in 3D Electromechanical Models: Application to Cardiovascular Changes in Digestion

Hauser, R.[Raphael] Co Author Listing * 3D Image Reconstruction from X-Ray Measurements with Overlap
* Noninvasive 3-D Patient Registration for Image-Guided Skull Base Surgery
Includes: Hauser, R.[Raphael] Hauser, R.

Hauser, R.F. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Approach to Edge Detection, A

Hausheer, D. Co Author Listing * Future of Multimedia Distribution: An Interview with Baochun Li, Diego R. Lopez, and Christian Timmerer, The
* Network Function Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking: Advancing Multimedia Distribution

Hauske, G.[Gert] Co Author Listing * Special issue on digital signal processing in audiovisual communication
* Subjective assessment of H.264/AVC video for low-bitrate multimedia messaging services
Includes: Hauske, G.[Gert] Hauske, G.

Hausknecht, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Beyond short snippets: Deep networks for video classification

Hausler, B. Co Author Listing * Polarization in Bistatic Radar Probing of Planetary Surfaces: Application to Mars Express Data

Hausler, F. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Regulation and Trading of Emissions Using Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
* framework for real-time emissions trading in large-scale vehicle fleets, A
* Large-Scale SUMO-Based Emulation Platform, A
* On the Design of Campus Parking Systems With QoS Guarantees
* Stochastic Park-and-Charge Balancing for Fully Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
Includes: Hausler, F. Häusler, F. (Maybe also Haeusler, F.)

Hausler, G. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Object Recognition and Localization in 3D-Space, Using a Single Video Image
* How much 3D-information can we acquire? optical range sensors at the physical limit, and where to apply them
* In process 3D-sensing for laser material processing
* Processing range data for reverse engineering and virtual reality
* Refining triangle meshes by non-linear subdivision
* Sub-Atomic Subdivision Approach, A
Includes: Hausler, G. Häusler, G. (Maybe also Haeusler, G.)

Hauslschmid, R. Co Author Listing * Freehand vs. micro gestures in the car: Driving performance and user experience

Hausman, E. Co Author Listing * Fractal Analysis of Bone Images

Hausmann, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * User-Generated Geographic Information for Visitor Monitoring in a National Park: A Comparison of Social Media Data and Visitor Survey

Hausmann, M. Co Author Listing * Automated multi-view 3D image acquisition in human genome research

Hausner, A.[Alejo] Co Author Listing * new clustering algorithm for coordinate-free data, A

Hauss, B. Co Author Listing * Improved VIIRS Day/Night Band Imagery With Near-Constant Contrast

Haussecker, H.W.[Horst W.] Co Author Listing * email: Haussecker, H.W.[Horst W.]: horst haussecker AT intel com
* email: Haussecker, H.W.[Horst W.]: See also H W Haußecker
* Computer Vision and Applications: A Guide for Students and Practitioners
* Computing Optical Flow with Physical Models of Brightness Variation
* Detailed Human Shape and Pose from Images
* Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications. 1. Sensors and Imaging
* Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications. 2. Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
* Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications. 3. Systems and Applications
* Image statistics and anisotropic diffusion
* Loose-limbed People: Estimating 3D Human Pose and Motion Using Non-parametric Belief Propagation
* Shining a Light on Human Pose: On Shadows, Shading and the Estimation of Pose and Shape
* Simultaneous Estimation of Optical Flow and Heat Transport in Infrared Image Sequences
Includes: Haussecker, H.W.[Horst W.] Haussecker, H.W.
12 for Haussecker, H.W.

Hausser, P. Co Author Listing * FlowNet: Learning Optical Flow with Convolutional Networks
* Large Dataset to Train Convolutional Networks for Disparity, Optical Flow, and Scene Flow Estimation, A
Includes: Hausser, P. Häusser, P.[Philip] (Maybe also Haeusser, P.)

Haussmann, G. Co Author Listing * Region Extraction Approach to Blood Smear Segmentation, A
* Segmentation of Blood Smears by Hierarchical Thresholding

Haustermans, K.[Karin] Co Author Listing * Nonrigid Registration of Multitemporal CT and MR Images for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

Haustola, T.[Tomi] Co Author Listing * Juxtaposition between compression and depth for stereoscopic image quality on portable auto-stereoscopic display

Hauswiesner, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Frame Cache Management for Multi-frame Rate Systems
* Free-Viewpoint Virtual Mirror with Marker-Less User Interaction, A
* Rapid reconstruction of small objects on mobile phones
* Rapid Skin: Estimating the 3D Human Pose and Shape in Real-Time
* Simultaneous Shape and Pose Adaption of Articulated Models Using Linear Optimization
* Skeletal Graph Based Human Pose Estimation in Real-Time

Hauswirth, W.W.[William W.] Co Author Listing * Recombinant adeno-associated virus targets passenger gene expression to cones in primate retina

Hauta Kasari, M.[Markku] Co Author Listing * Accuracy in Colour Reproduction: Using a ColorChecker Chart to Assess the Usefulness and Comparability of Data Acquired with Two Hyper-Spectral Systems
* Application of Spectral Information to Investigate Historical Materials: Detection of Metameric Color Area in Icon Images
* Color and Image Characterization of a Three CCD Seven Band Spectral Camera
* Daylight Colored Optimal Spectra for Improved Color Discrimination
* Eigenvectors of optimal color spectra
* Enhanced color visualization by spectral imaging: An application in cultural heritage
* Estimating Color Signal at Different Correlated Color Temperature of Daylight
* Evaluation and unification of some methods for estimating reflectance spectra from RGB images
* Evaluation of feature sensitivity to training data inaccuracy in detection of retinal lesions
* Extending Diabetic Retinopathy Imaging from Color to Spectra
* Fiber dye classification by spectral imaging
* Forest Stand Delineation Using a Hybrid Segmentation Approach Based on Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Generalized Co-occurrence Matrix for Multispectral Texture Analysis
* Highlight detection and removal from spectral image
* Highlight Removal from Single Image
* Multi-spectral Texture Segmentation Based on the Spectral Cooccurrence Matrix
* Multichannel Spectral Image Enhancement for Visualizing Diabetic Retinopathy Lesions
* Natural Vision Data File Format as a New Spectral Image Format for Biological Applications
* Number of colors generated by smooth nonfluorescent reflectance spectra
* Prototype of the Spectral Vision System, A
* Real-time PCA calculation for spectral imaging (using SIMD and GP-GPU)
* Regularized learning framework in the estimation of reflectance spectra from camera responses
* Retinal Spectral Image Analysis Methods Using Spectral Reflectance Pattern Recognition
* Searching Technique in a Spectral Image Database
* Spectral Based Illumination Estimation and Color Correction
* Spectral vision system for measuring color images
Includes: Hauta Kasari, M.[Markku] Hauta-Kasari, M.[Markku] Hauta-Kasari, M.
26 for Hauta Kasari, M.

Hautala, I. Co Author Listing * Programmable Low-Power Multicore Coprocessor Architecture for HEVC/H.265 In-Loop Filtering

Hautala, R. Co Author Listing * Evolving winter road maintenance ecosystems in Finland and Hokkaido, Japan

Hautamaki, V.[Ville] Co Author Listing * Comparative evaluation of maximum a Posteriori vector quantization and Gaussian mixture models in speaker verification
* Comparison of Categorical Attribute Data Clustering Methods, A
* Fast Agglomerative Clustering Using a k-Nearest Neighbor Graph
* Improving K-Means by Outlier Removal
* Knee Point Detection in BIC for Detecting the Number of Clusters
* Outlier detection using k-nearest neighbour graph
* Probabilistic clustering by random swap algorithm
* Random swap EM algorithm for finite mixture models in image segmentation
* Random swap EM algorithm for Gaussian mixture models
* RSEM: An Accelerated Algorithm on Repeated EM
* Text-independent speaker recognition using graph matching
* Time-series clustering by approximate prototypes
Includes: Hautamaki, V.[Ville] Hautamäki, V.[Ville] (Maybe also Hautamaeki, V.)Hautamaki, V.
12 for Hautamaki, V.

Hauter, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Polarimetric Fusion for Synthetic-Aperture Radar Target Classification

Hautie`re, N. Co Author Listing * Quantitative model of the driver's reaction time during daytime fog: Application to a head up display-based advanced driver assistance system

Hautiere, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Automatic fog detection and estimation of visibility distance through use of an onboard camera
* Combination of Roadside and In-vehicle Sensors for Extensive Visibility Range Monitoring
* Computer vision for the remote sensing of atmospheric visibility
* Contrast restoration of road images taken in foggy weather
* Enhanced fog detection and free-space segmentation for car navigation
* Estimating Meteorological Visibility Using Cameras: A Probabilistic Model-Driven Approach
* Estimation of the Visibility Distance by Stereovision: A Generic Approach
* Fast Visibility Restoration from a Single Color or Gray Level Image
* Free Space Detection for Autonomous Navigation in Daytime Foggy Weather
* Meteorological Conditions Processing for Vision-based Traffic Monitoring
* Mitigation of Visibility Loss for Advanced Camera-Based Driver Assistance
* Nighttime Visibility Analysis and Estimation Method in the Presence of Dense Fog
* Rain or Snow Detection in Image Sequences Through Use of a Histogram of Orientation of Streaks
* Real-Time Disparity Contrast Combination for Onboard Estimation of the Visibility Distance
* Road Scene Analysis by Stereovision: a Robust and Quasi-Dense Approach
* Static Estimation of the Meteorological Visibility Distance in Night Fog with Imagery
* Supporting Drivers in Keeping Safe Speed in Adverse Weather Conditions by Mitigating the Risk Level
* Towards Fog-Free In-Vehicle Vision Systems through Contrast Restoration
* unified CSF-based framework for edge detection and edge visibility, A
* Visibility distance estimation based on structure from motion
* Visible Edges Thresholding: a HVS based Approach
Includes: Hautiere, N.[Nicolas] Hautiére, N.[Nicolas] Hautière, N.[Nicolas] Hautiere, N.
21 for Hautiere, N.

Hautta Kasari, M. Co Author Listing * Towards Optimal Spectral and Spatial Documentation of Cultural Heritage. COSCH: An Interdisciplinary Action in the Cost Framework
Includes: Hautta Kasari, M. Hautta-Kasari, M.

Hautvast, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Contour Propagation in Cine Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images

Hauw, J.J. Co Author Listing * Differentiation of sCJD and vCJD Forms by Automated Analysis of Basal Ganglia Intensity Distribution in Multisequence MRI of the Brain: Definition and Evaluation of New MRI-Based Ratios

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