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Havaei, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Efficient Interactive Brain Tumor Segmentation as Within-Brain kNN Classification
* novel plane extraction approach using supervised learning, A

Havaldar, P.[Parag] Co Author Listing * email: Havaldar, P.[Parag]: phavaldar AT ivast com
* Extraction of Groups for Recognition
* Full Volumetric Descriptions from Three Intensity Images
* Inference of Segmented, Volumetric Shape from Intensity Images
* Perceptual Grouping for Generic Recognition
* Segmented Shape Description from 3-View Stereo
* View Synthesis from Unregistered 2D Images
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Havasi, L.[Laszlo] Co Author Listing * Calibrationless Sensor Fusion Using Linear Optimization for Depth Matching
* Detection of Gait Characteristics for Scene Registration in Video Surveillance System
* Digital Video Event Detector Framework for Surveillance Applications
* Eigenwalks: Walk Detection and Biometrics from Symmetry Patterns
* Estimation of Common Groundplane Based on Co-motion Statistics
* Extraction of Horizontal Vanishing Line Using Shapes and Statistical Error Propagation
* Flexible test-bed for unusual behavior detection
* Geometrical Scene Analysis Using Co-motion Statistics
* Higher order symmetry for non-linear classification of human walk detection
* Image matching based on co-motion statistics
* method for object localization in a multiview multimodal camera system, A
* Motion Capture System for Sign Language Synthesis: Overview and Related Issues, A
* Motion-based flexible camera registration
* Multi-View Pedestrian Tracking Method in an Uncalibrated Camera Network, A
* Optimizing of Searching Co-Motion Point-Pairs for Statistical Camera Calibration
* statistical method for object localization in multi-camera tracking, A
* Stochastic View Registration of Overlapping Cameras Based on Arbitrary Motion
* Use of Motion Statistics for Vanishing Point Estimation in Camera-Mirror Scenes
* Use of Vanishing Point for the Classification of Reflections From Foreground Mask in Videos, The
* Using location and motion statistics for the localization of moving objects in multiple camera surveillance videos
* Video camera registration using accumulated co-motion maps
Includes: Havasi, L.[Laszlo] Havasi, L.[László] Havasi, L.
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Havel, J. Co Author Listing * BoxCars: 3D Boxes as CNN Input for Improved Fine-Grained Vehicle Recognition
* Efficient Schemes for Computing alpha-tree Representations
* Handwritten Digits Recognition Improved by Multiresolution Classifier Fusion
* PClines: Line detection using parallel coordinates
* Real-Time Detection of Lines and Grids: By PClines and Other Approaches
* Real-time detection of lines using parallel coordinates and CUDA
* Real-Time Line Detection Using Accelerated High-Resolution Hough Transform
* Real-time object detection on CUDA
* Real-time PCA calculation for spectral imaging (using SIMD and GP-GPU)
* Real-time precise detection of regular grids and matrix codes
* Remotely Sensed Soil Data Analysis Using Artificial Neural Networks: A Case Study of El-Fayoum Depression, Egypt
* Vanishing points in point-to-line mappings and other line parameterizations
Includes: Havel, J. Havel, J.[Jirí] Havel, J.[Josef]
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Havelock, D.I. Co Author Listing * Geometric Precision in Noise-Free Digital Images
* Topology of Locales and Its Effects on Position Uncertainty, The

Havelock, J.[Jon] Co Author Listing * Automatic blastomere detection in day 1 to day 2 human embryo images using partitioned graphs and ellipsoids

Havelock, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Robust similarity registration technique for volumetric shapes represented by characteristic functions
* Solution to the Similarity Registration Problem of Volumetric Shapes, A

Havemann, S. Co Author Listing * CityFit: High-quality urban reconstructions by fitting shape grammars to images and derived textured point clouds
* Creating Procedural Windowbuilding Blocks Using the Generative Fact Labeling Method
* Developing Parametric Building Models: The Gandis Use Case
* Irregular lattices for complex shape grammar facade parsing
* Next-generation 3D visualization for visual surveillance
* Procedural architecture using deformation-aware split grammars
* Procedural Shape Modeling in Digital Humanities: Potentials and Issues
Includes: Havemann, S. Havemann, S.[Sven]
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Havenith, H.B. Co Author Listing * Immersive visualization of geophysical data

Havens, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Grain Type Classification of Snow Micro Penetrometer Signals With Random Forests

Havens, T.C.[Timothy C.] Co Author Listing * Approximation of kernel k-means for streaming data
* Clustering ellipses for anomaly detection
* Computational intelligence in explosive hazard detection
* Dunn's cluster validity index as a contrast measure of VAT images
* Effect of Label Noise on the Machine-Learned Classification of Earthquake Damage
* High-Resolution Monitoring of Atmospheric Pollutants Using a System of Low-Cost Sensors
Includes: Havens, T.C.[Timothy C.] Havens, T.C.

Havens, W.S. Co Author Listing * Knowledge Structuring and Constraint Satisfaction: The Mapsee Approach
* Procedural Model of Recognition for Machine Perception, A
* Representing Knowledge of the Visual World

Haverkamp, D.[Donna] Co Author Listing * Bayesian algorithm for tracking multiple moving objects in outdoor surveillance video, A
* Information Fusion for Estimation of Summer MIZ Ice Concentration from SAR Imagery
Includes: Haverkamp, D.[Donna] Haverkamp, D.

Haviv, I.[Izhak] Co Author Listing * Using Gene Ontology annotations in exploratory microarray clustering to understand cancer etiology

Havivi, S. Co Author Listing * Large Oil Spill Classification Using Sar Images Based On Spatial Histogram
* Utilizing SAR and Multispectral Integrated Data For Emergency Response

Havlena, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction from photographs by CMP SfM web service
* AWEAR 2.0 system: Omni-directional audio-visual data acquisition and processing
* Beyond Novelty Detection: Incongruent Events, When General and Specific Classifiers Disagree
* branch-and-bound algorithm for globally optimal hand-eye calibration, A
* Efficient Structure from Motion by Graph Optimization
* Globally Optimal Hand-Eye Calibration Using Branch-and-Bound
* Hyperpoints and Fine Vocabularies for Large-Scale Location Recognition
* Large-Scale Location Recognition and the Geometric Burstiness Problem
* Learned Multi-patch Similarity
* Measuring camera translation by the dominant apical angle
* Omnidirectional Image Stabilization by Computing Camera Trajectory
* Omnidirectional Image Stabilization for Visual Object Recognition
* Optimal Reduction of Large Image Databases for Location Recognition
* Predicting Matchability
* Progressive 3D Modeling All the Way
* Randomized structure from motion based on atomic 3D models from camera triplets
* Recent developments in large-scale tie-point matching
* Structure-from-motion based hand-eye calibration using L-inf minimization
* Visual Gyroscope for Accurate Orientation Estimation
* VocMatch: Efficient Multiview Correspondence for Structure from Motion
Includes: Havlena, M.[Michal] Havlena, M.
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Havlicek, J.P. Co Author Listing * Active Contour Segmentation Guided by AM-FM Dominant Component Analysis
* Adaptive Kalman Filtering for Histogram-Based Appearance Learning in Infrared Imagery
* Advanced image processing techniques for extracting regions of interest using multimode IR processing
* AM-FM image filters
* AM-FM Image Segmentation
* AM-FM models, partial Hilbert transform, and the monogenic signal
* AM-FM picture carrier beat type noise filters
* Appearance learning by adaptive Kalman filters for FLIR tracking
* automatic 3D CT/PET segmentation framework for bone marrow proliferation assessment, An
* Coherent texture decomposition using AM-FM model
* Color to grayscale image conversion using modulation domain quadratic programming
* Comparative Study of Boosted and Adaptive Particle Filters for Affine-Invariant Target Detection and Tracking, A
* conservative scene model update policy, A
* Discrete Quasi-Eigenfunction Approximation for AM-FM Image Analysis
* Discrete wavelet transform with optimal joint localization for determining the number of image texture segments
* Dual domain auxiliary particle filter with integrated target signature update
* First Results in Perceptually-Based AM-FM Image Filtering
* FM filters for modulation domain image processing
* FM processing with generalized amplitude and phase: Application to modulation domain geometric image transformations
* Frequency guided phase unwrapping for improved AM-FM reconstruction
* Frequency implementation of discrete wavelet transforms
* Gradient-based texture cartoon decomposition
* Infrared Target Tracking with AM-FM Consistency Checks
* Infrared target tracking, recognition and segmentation using shape-aware level set
* Joint target tracking and recognition using view and identity manifolds
* Joint uncertainty measures for maximally decimated M-channel prime factor cascaded wavelet filter banks
* Joint view-identity manifold for infrared target tracking and recognition
* Joint view-identity manifold for target tracking and recognition
* JPEG-2000 Scalar Quantization Using an Optimally Frequency Localized Modulated Lapped Transform
* Linear adaptive infrared image fusion
* Modulation Domain Features for Discriminating Infrared Targets and Backgrounds
* Modulation domain reference point detection for fingerprint recognition
* Modulation Domain Template Tracking
* Modulation domain texture decomposition
* Multi-component AM-FM image models and wavelet-based demodulation with component tracking
* Multichannel dual domain infrared target tracking for highly evolutionary target signatures
* Multicomponent AM-FM Image Representation, The
* Multidimensional AM-FM Models with Image Processing Applications
* Multidimensional Quasi-Eigenfunction Approximations and Multicomponent AM-FM Models
* Neighborhood-level learning techniques for nonparametric scene models
* On the amplitude and phase computation of the AM-FM image model
* Oriented texture completion by AM-FM reaction-diffusion
* Perfect Reconstruction AM-FM Image Models
* Phase algorithm for blocking artifact reduction in reconstructions from analysis-only AM-FM models
* Quantifying infrared target signature evolution using AM-FM features
* Reconstruction from the multi-component AM-FM image representation
* Signal Exclusive Adaptive Average Filter for Impulse Noise Suppression
* Simple, effective rate control for video distribution in heterogeneous intelligent transportation system networks
* Simultaneous target recognition, segmentation and pose estimation
* Skewed 2D Hilbert transforms and computed AM-FM models
* spatially selective filter based on the undecimated wavelet transform that is robust to noise estimation error, A
* Spline-Based Framework for Perfect Reconstruction AM-FM Models, A
* state vector augmentation technique for incorporating indirect velocity information into the likelihood function of the sir video target tracking filter, A
* stochastic learning algorithm for pixel-level background models, A
* Towards automatic 3D bone marrow segmentation
* Visual Target Tracking using Improved and Computationally Efficient Particle Filtering
* Visual Tracking Using Sequential Importance Sampling with a State Partition Technique
* wavelet filter bank which minimizes a novel translation invariant discrete uncertainty measure, A
Includes: Havlicek, J.P. Havlicek, J.P.[Joseph P.] Havlicek, J.P.[Joseph. P.]
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Havlicek, J.W. Co Author Listing * Analytic Image, The
* Multidimensional orthogonal FM transforms
* Skewed 2D Hilbert transforms and computed AM-FM models

Havlicek, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Adaptive highlights stencils for modeling of multi-axial BRDF anisotropy
* Effective Acquisition of Dense Anisotropic BRDF
* Moving Average Bidirectional Texture Function Model, A
* Nonparametric Hemodynamic Deconvolution of fMRI Using Homomorphic Filtering
Includes: Havlicek, M.[Michal] Havlícek, M.[Michal] Havlicek, M.

Havlicek, V.[Vojtech] Co Author Listing * Automatic Acquisition of Planar-faced Virtual Models
* Compound MRF Texture Model, A
* multiscale colour texture model, A
* Potts compound Markovian texture model
* Probabilistic Discrete Mixtures Colour Texture Models
* Simple Multispectral Multiresolution Markov Texture Model, A
* Texture Editing Using Frequency Swap Strategy
* Three-dimensional Gaussian mixture texture model
* Two Compound Random Field Texture Models
Includes: Havlicek, V.[Vojtech] Havlícek, V.[Vojtech]
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Havran, V.[Vlastimil] Co Author Listing * Adaptive multiple importance sampling for general functions
* BRDF Slices: Accurate Adaptive Anisotropic Appearance Acquisition

Havrilla, M.J. Co Author Listing * Material Classification of an Unknown Object Using Turbulence-Degraded Polarimetric Imagery

Havrlanta, J. Co Author Listing * Process Of Digitizing Of Old Globe, The

Havryluk, V.[Vassiliy] Co Author Listing * Mapping Land Management Regimes in Western Ukraine Using Optical and SAR Data

Havukkala, I.[Ilkka] Co Author Listing * Comparing Bitmapped Microrna Structure Images Using Mutual Symmetry

Havyarimana, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * novel optimization framework for salient object detection, A

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