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He, A.[Anzhi] Co Author Listing * Application of Gabor transformation to the two-dimensional projection extraction in interferometric tomography
* Implementation of multidirectional moire computerized tomography: multidirectional affine calibration

He, A.Z.[An Zhi] Co Author Listing * Theoretical analysis for moiré effect of circular gratings for volume optical computerized tomography
Includes: He, A.Z.[An Zhi] He, A.Z.[An-Zhi]

He, B.[Biao] Co Author Listing * 3D Space Shift from CityGML LoD3-Based Multiple Building Elements to a 3D Volumetric Object
* Analysis of the Phenology in the Mongolian Plateau by Inter-Comparison of Global Vegetation Datasets
* Automatic Problem Understanding from Circuit Schematics
* Automatic Timestamp Replanting Algorithm for Panorama Video Surveillance, An
* Comparison of Residence Time Estimation Methods for Radioimmunotherapy Dosimetry and Treatment Planning: Monte Carlo Simulation Studies
* Dynamic Response of Satellite-Derived Vegetation Growth to Climate Change in the Three North Shelter Forest Region in China
* Examining the Influence of Crop Residue Burning on Local PM2.5 Concentrations in Heilongjiang Province Using Ground Observation and Remote Sensing Data
* From Complex B_1 Mapping to Local SAR Estimation for Human Brain MR Imaging Using Multi-Channel Transceiver Coil at 7T
* Future Climate Impact on the Desertification in the Dry Land Asia Using AVHRR GIMMS NDVI3g Data
* Guest Editorial Functional Imaging of the Heart
* High-Accuracy and Quick Matting Based on Sample-Pair Refinement and Local Optimization
* High-Accuracy Stereo Matching Based on Adaptive Ground Control Points
* High-Accuracy Sub-Pixel Registration for Noisy Images Based on Phase Correlation
* ICM: An efficient data association for SLAM in stochastic mapping
* Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Spatiotemporal Chaos, An
* Imaging Electric Properties of Biological Tissues by RF Field Mapping in MRI
* Imaging the Social Brain by Simultaneous Hyperscanning during Subject Interaction
* In Vivo Electrical Conductivity Contrast Imaging in a Mouse Model of Cancer Using High-Frequency Magnetoacoustic Tomography With Magnetic Induction (hfMAT-MI)
* Interleaving Updating Framework of Disparity and Confidence Map for Stereo Matching, An
* Iterative transductive learning for alpha matting
* Iterative transductive learning for automatic image segmentation and matting with RGB-D data
* Joint lossless-source and channel coding using ARQ-(N, M) for image transmission
* Line Matching Algorithm for Aerial Image Combining image and object space similarity constraints
* Local matting based on sample-pair propagation and iterative refinement
* Magnetoacoustic Tomography With Magnetic Induction: Bioimepedance Reconstruction Through Vector Source Imaging
* Method of Ship Detection under Complex Background, A
* Multi-excitation Magnetoacoustic Tomography With Magnetic Induction for Bioimpedance Imaging
* Noninvasive Brain-Computer Interfaces Based on Sensorimotor Rhythms
* Noninvasive Mapping of Transmural Potentials During Activation in Swine Hearts From Body Surface Electrocardiograms
* Noninvasive Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Ventricular Activation Sequence From the Inverse Solution of Distributed Equivalent Current Density
* Noninvasive Three-Dimensional Cardiac Activation Imaging From Body Surface Potential Maps: A Computational and Experimental Study on a Rabbit Model
* Optimum Surface Roughness to Parameterize Advanced Integral Equation Model for Soil Moisture Retrieval in Prairie Area Using Radarsat-2 Data
* Panoramic video stitching in multi-camera surveillance system
* Practical Visual Positioning Method for Industrial Overhead Crane Systems, A
* QoS-Aware Resource Allocation for Video Transcoding in Clouds
* Real Time Aerial Video Stitching via Sensor Refinement and Priority Scan
* Reconstruction of Vectorial Acoustic Sources in Time-Domain Tomography
* Responses of Natural Vegetation to Different Stages of Extreme Drought during 2009-2010 in Southwestern China
* Salient object detection based on meanshift filtering and fusion of colour information
* Secure Multimodal Biometric Verification Scheme, A
* Self-Clustering Symmetry Detection
* Simultaneous Quantitative Imaging of Electrical Properties and Proton Density From B_1 Maps Using MRI
* Stereo Matching Using Local Plane Fitting in Confidence-Based Support Window
* Synergistic Methodology for Soil Moisture Estimation in an Alpine Prairie Using Radar and Optical Satellite Data, A
* Temporal Sparse Promoting Three Dimensional Imaging of Cardiac Activation
* Understanding Plane Geometry Problems by Integrating Relations Extracted from Text and Diagram
Includes: He, B.[Biao] He, B.[Bin] He, B. He, B.[Bei] He, B.[Bo] He, B.[Bing] He, B.[Binbin]
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He, B.B.[Bin Bin] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Network-Based Method to Alleviate the Ill-Posed Inverse Problem: A Case Study on Leaf Area Index and Canopy Water Content Retrieval, A
* Extended Fourier Approach to Improve the Retrieved Leaf Area Index (LAI) in a Time Series from an Alpine Wetland, An
* First Assessment of Sentinel-1A Data for Surface Soil Moisture Estimations Using a Coupled Water Cloud Model and Advanced Integral Equation Model over the Tibetan Plateau
* Global Grassland Drought Index (GDI) Product: Algorithm and Validation, A
* Use of the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) to Characterize the Drying Trend in Southwest China from 1982-2012
Includes: He, B.B.[Bin Bin] He, B.B.[Bin-Bin]

He, B.S.[Bing Sheng] Co Author Listing * Algorithmic Framework of Generalized Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient Methods for Saddle Point Problems, An
* Convergence Analysis of Primal-Dual Algorithms for a Saddle-Point Problem: From Contraction Perspective
* Convergence Study on the Symmetric Version of ADMM with Larger Step Sizes
* On the Convergence of Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient Algorithm
Includes: He, B.S.[Bing Sheng] He, B.S.[Bing-Sheng]

He, B.W.[Bing Wei] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric light estimation in hazy images based on color-plane model
* Calibration method for a central catadioptric-perspective camera system
* Game-theoretical occlusion handling for multi-target visual tracking
Includes: He, B.W.[Bing Wei] He, B.W.[Bing-Wei]

He, B.Y.[Bao Yin] Co Author Listing * new single-channel method for estimating land surface temperature based on the image inherent information: The HJ-1B case, A
Includes: He, B.Y.[Bao Yin] He, B.Y.[Bao-Yin]

He, C.[Chu] Co Author Listing * Attribute Learning for SAR Image Classification
* Bayesian Fusion of Multi-Scale Detectors for Road Extraction from SAR Images
* Bayesian Local Binary Pattern texture descriptor, A
* Complex Composite Derivative and Its Application to Edge Detection
* Dual Range Deringing for non-blind image deconvolution
* Employing optimized combinations of one-class classifiers for automated currency validation
* Fast Adaptive Parameter Estimation for Total Variation Image Restoration, A
* Fast semantic scene segmentation with conditional random field
* Focused Detection via Multiresolution Analysis
* Forest Vertical Parameter Estimation Using PolInSAR Imagery Based on Radiometric Correction
* Global land cover mapping at 30M resolution: A POK-based operational approach
* Handwriting Character Recognition as a Service: A New Handwriting Recognition System Based on Cloud Computing
* Hierarchical Terrain Classification Based on Multilayer Bayesian Network and Conditional Random Field
* Local Topographic Shape Patterns for Texture Description
* MCA aided geodesic active contours for image segmentation with textures
* Mixture Statistical Distribution Based Multiple Component Model for Target Detection in High Resolution SAR Imagery
* New Image Decomposition and Reconstruction Approach: Adaptive Fourier Decomposition, A
* Novelty detection employing an L2 optimal non-parametric density estimator
* Optimal 3-d coefficient tree structure for 3-d wavelet video coding
* Probability density estimation from optimally condensed data samples
* Progressive decoding method for fractal image compression
* Quickly tracing detection for spread spectrum watermark based on effect estimation of the affine transform
* Rotation Invariant Image Description with Local Binary Pattern Histogram Fourier Features
* Salient object detection via images frequency domain analyzing
* Sparse Manifold Classification Method Based on a Multi-Dimensional Descriptive Primitive of Polarimetric SAR Image Time Series, A
* Spatial Verification via Compact Words for Mobile Instance Search
* Spatio-Temporal Series Remote Sensing Image Prediction Based on Multi-Dictionary Bayesian Fusion
* Texture Classification of PolSAR Data Based on Sparse Coding of Wavelet Polarization Textons
* Topographic gray level multiscale analysis and its application to histogram modification
* WLD: A Robust Local Image Descriptor
Includes: He, C.[Chu] He, C. He, C.[Chuan] He, C.[Chao] He, C.[Chaoying] He, C.[Cong] He, C.[Changtao] He, C.[Can] He, C.[Chen] He, C.[Chengkun]
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He, C.F.[Cun Fu] Co Author Listing * synthetic digital signal processing method of ultrasonic guided wave pipeline inspection, A
Includes: He, C.F.[Cun Fu] He, C.F.[Cun-Fu]

He, C.H.[Cong Hui] Co Author Listing * Global-Scale Associations of Vegetation Phenology with Rainfall and Temperature at a High Spatio-Temporal Resolution
Includes: He, C.H.[Cong Hui] He, C.H.[Cong-Hui]

He, C.J.[Chuan Jiang] Co Author Listing * Fast and Effective Algorithm for a Poisson Denoising Model With Total Variation, A
* Image segmentation algorithm by piecewise smooth approximation
* Integrating clustering with level set method for piecewise constant Mumford-Shah model
* Multiscale Texture Extraction with Hierarchical (BV,Gp,L2) Decomposition
* Variational Model with Barrier Functionals for Retinex, A
* Variational segmentation model for images with intensity inhomogeneity and Poisson noise
Includes: He, C.J.[Chuan Jiang] He, C.J.[Chuan-Jiang]

He, C.K.[Cheng Kun] Co Author Listing * SELSH: A Hashing Scheme for Approximate Similarity Search with Early Stop Condition
Includes: He, C.K.[Cheng Kun] He, C.K.[Cheng-Kun]

He, C.L.[Chun Lei] Co Author Listing * Automatic Discrimination between Confusing Classes with Writing Styles Verification in Arabic Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Digit/Symbol Pruning and Verification for Arabic Handwritten Digit/Symbol Spotting
* Error Reduction Based on Error Categorization in Arabic Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Holistic Urdu Handwritten Word Recognition Using Support Vector Machine
* New Approach for Segmentation and Recognition of Arabic Handwritten Touching Numeral Pairs, A
* New Large Urdu Database for Off-Line Handwriting Recognition, A
* New Large-Scale Multi-purpose Handwritten Farsi Database, A
* Novel Handwritten Urdu Word Spotting Based on Connected Components Analysis, A
* Novel Rejection Measurement in Handwritten Numeral Recognition Based on Linear Discriminant Analysis, A
* Rejection measurement based on linear discriminant analysis for document recognition
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He, C.S.[Chan Sheng] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Evaluation of the SMAP Product Using Sparse In-Situ Network over a High Mountainous Watershed, Northwest China
Includes: He, C.S.[Chan Sheng] He, C.S.[Chan-Sheng]

He, C.T.[Chang Ting] Co Author Listing * class participation enrollment system based on face recognition, A
Includes: He, C.T.[Chang Ting] He, C.T.[Chang-Ting]

He, C.X.[Cheng Xin] Co Author Listing * Multisource Remote Sensing Imagery Fusion Scheme Based on Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition (BEMD) and Its Application to the Extraction of Bamboo Forest
Includes: He, C.X.[Cheng Xin] He, C.X.[Cheng-Xin]

He, C.Y.[Chun Yang] Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Urbanization Levels in China from 1992 to 2012: Perspective from DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
* Land-Use/Land-Cover Change Detection Using Improved Change-Vector Analysis
* Temporal logic and operation relations based knowledge representation for land cover change web services
* Urban Land Extraction Using VIIRS Nighttime Light Data: An Evaluation of Three Popular Methods
* web-based system for supporting global land cover data production, A
Includes: He, C.Y.[Chun Yang] He, C.Y.[Chun-Yang] He, C.Y.[Chao-Ying]

He, D.[Dake] Co Author Listing * Adaptive post-filtering based on Local Binary Patterns
* Efficient image retrieval in DCT domain by hypothesis testing
* Excess Propagation Loss Modeling of Semiclosed Obstacles for Intelligent Transportation System
* H.264 Deblocking Speedup
* Local Triplet Pattern for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Multi-scale FCN with Cascaded Instance Aware Segmentation for Arbitrary Oriented Word Spotting in the Wild
* Multiobjective Subpixel Land-Cover Mapping
* Multiple sign bits hiding for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Nonlocal Total Variation Subpixel Mapping for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Progressive pseudo-analog transmission for mobile video live streaming
* Progressive Pseudo-analog Transmission for Mobile Video Streaming
* Secure and Robust Authentication Scheme for Video Transcoding, A
* Secure collaboration using Slepian-Wolf codes
* Side Information Generation for Distributed Video Coding
* Smart Driver Monitoring: When Signal Processing Meets Human Factors: In the driver's seat
* Solving the Orientation Duality Problem for a Circular Feature in Motion
* Spatial-Temporal Sub-Pixel Mapping Based on Swarm Intelligence Theory
* Transform coefficient coding design for AVS2 video coding standard
Includes: He, D.[Dake] He, D.[Daan] He, D. He, D.[Da]
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He, D.C.[Dong Chen] Co Author Listing * Automatic change detection of buildings in urban environment from very high spatial resolution images using existing geodatabase and prior knowledge
* Automatic fuzzy object-based analysis of VHSR images for urban objects extraction
* Detecting Texture Edges from Images
* Hidden Markov fields and unsupervised segmentation of images
* Multiband compact texture unit descriptor for intra-band and inter-band texture analysis
* Rule-Based Classification of a Very High Resolution Image in an Urban Environment Using Multispectral Segmentation Guided by Cartographic Data
* Textural filters based on the texture spectrum
* Texture Classification Using Texture Spectrum
* Texture Discrimination Based on an Optimal Utilization of Texture Features
* Texture Feature Extraction
* Texture Features Based On Texture Spectrum
* Unsupervised Textural Classification of Images Using the Texture Spectrum
* Watershed-based hierarchical SAR image segmentation
Includes: He, D.C.[Dong Chen] He, D.C.[Dong-Chen] He, D.C. He, D.C.[Dong-Chien]
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He, D.F.[Da Fang] Co Author Listing * Aggregating Local Context for Accurate Scene Text Detection
* Bar code enhancement system and method for vision scanners
Includes: He, D.F.[Da Fang] He, D.F.[Da-Fang] He, D.F.[Duan-Feng]

He, D.J.[Da Jun] Co Author Listing * hybrid watermarking scheme for H.264/AVC video, A
* Improved Hybrid Model for Automatic Salient Region Detection, An
* Practical Print-Scan Resilient Watermarking Scheme, A
* RST resilient object-based video watermarking scheme, A
Includes: He, D.J.[Da Jun] He, D.J.[Da-Jun] He, D.J.[Dong-Jian]

He, D.K.[Da Ke] Co Author Listing * Adaptive quantization with balanced distortion distribution and its application to H.264 intra coding
* low-complexity iterative mode selection algorithm for Wyner-Ziv video compression, A
* Low-complexity rate control in video coding based on bi-geometric transparent composite models
* Rate distortion optimized quantization based on weighted mean squared error for lossy image coding
* Rate-distortion optimal downsampling of H.264 compressed video using full-resolution information
Includes: He, D.K.[Da Ke] He, D.K.[Da-Ke]

He, D.L.[Dong Liang] Co Author Listing * Structure-Preserving Hybrid Digital-Analog Video Delivery in Wireless Networks
Includes: He, D.L.[Dong Liang] He, D.L.[Dong-Liang]

He, D.Q.[Da Qing] Co Author Listing * Influences on Query Reformulation in Collaborative Web Search
Includes: He, D.Q.[Da Qing] He, D.Q.[Da-Qing]

He, D.R.[Dong Rui] Co Author Listing * Research on Camera Internal Parameters Self-Calibration Method for Mobile 3D Coordinates Vision Measurement System
Includes: He, D.R.[Dong Rui] He, D.R.[Dong-Rui]

He, D.X.[Dong Xu] Co Author Listing * Continuous Change Detection and Classification Using Hidden Markov Model: A Case Study for Monitoring Urban Encroachment onto Farmland in Beijing
Includes: He, D.X.[Dong Xu] He, D.X.[Dong-Xu]

He, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * Application of UKF Algorithm for Target Tracking in DTV-Based Passive Radar
* Belief propagation with local edge detection-based cost aggregation for stereo matching
* Beyond Chi^2 Difference: Learning Optimal Metric for Boundary Detection
* Combining Fast Extracted Edge Descriptors and Feature Sharing for Rapid Object Detection
* Deformation monitoring with off-the-shelf digital cameras for civil engineering fatigue testing
* Depth-Projection-Map-Based Bag of Contour Fragments for Robust Hand Gesture Recognition
* Face Image Matching using Fractal Dimension
* Facial Expression Synthesis
* Linear Approach for Initial Recovery of the Exterior Orientation Parameters of Randomly Captured Images by Low-Cost Mobile Mapping Systems
* local start search algorithm to compute exact Hausdorff Distance for arbitrary point sets, A
* Missile target automatic recognition from its decoys based on image time-series
* Multisensor of thermal and visual images to detect concealed weapon using harmony search image fusion approach
* Performance Evaluation of Alternative Relative Orientation Procedures for UAV-based Imagery with Prior Flight Trajectory Information
* Performance-based control interfaces using mixture of factor analyzers
* Planar Constraints for an Improved UAV-Image-Based Dense Point Cloud Generation
* Query-adaptive late fusion for image search and person re-identification
* Robust Registration Algorithm For Point Clouds From UAV Images For Change Detection, A
* Stereo Matching Based on Dissimilar Intensity Support and Belief Propagation
Includes: He, F.[Feng] He, F.[Fu] He, F.[Fei] He, F. He, F.[Fazhi]
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He, F.H.[Feng Hua] Co Author Listing * 3D Mesh Segmentation Using Mean-Shifted Curvature
Includes: He, F.H.[Feng Hua] He, F.H.[Feng-Hua]

He, F.L.[Fang Lin] Co Author Listing * Context-aware joint dictionary learning for color image demosaicking
* Self-learning approach to color demosaicking via support vector regression
Includes: He, F.L.[Fang Lin] He, F.L.[Fang-Lin]

He, F.N.[Fang Ning] Co Author Listing * Automated Ortho-Rectification of UAV-Based Hyperspectral Data over an Agricultural Field Using Frame RGB Imagery
* Region-Based 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Images Acquired by Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Systems
* Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Digital Imaging System to Derive a 3D Point Cloud for Landslide Scarp Recognition
Includes: He, F.N.[Fang Ning] He, F.N.[Fang-Ning]

He, F.Q.[Fen Qin] Co Author Listing * Research on CA Differencing for Remote Sensing Change Detection
Includes: He, F.Q.[Fen Qin] He, F.Q.[Fen-Qin]

He, G. Co Author Listing * accurate eye pupil localization approach based on adaptive gradient boosting decision tree, An
* Anti-noise Fusion Method for the Infrared and the Visible Image Based upon Sparse Representation, An
* Assessing Light Pollution in China Based on Nighttime Light Imagery
* Combined hole-filling with spatial and temporal prediction
* combined SAO and de-blocking filter architecture for HEVC video decoder, A
* Denoising of Hyperspectral Images Using Nonconvex Low Rank Matrix Approximation
* Estimation, smoothing, and characterization of apparent diffusion coefficient profiles from high angular resolution DWI
* Fast algorithm based on the sole- and multi-depth texture measurements for HEVC intra coding
* fast mode selection for depth modelling modes of intra depth coding in 3D-HEVC, A
* New Method for Geometric Quality Evaluation of Remote Sensing Image Based on Information Entropy, A
* Novel Image Registration Method Based on Phase Correlation Using Low-Rank Matrix Factorization With Mixture of Gaussian, A
* Object-Based Land Cover Classification for ALOS Image Combining TM Spectral
* Ongoing Conflict Makes Yemen Dark: From the Perspective of Nighttime Light
* Study On Modeling And Visualizing The Positional Uncertainty Of Remote Sensing Image
* Topology Preserving Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Face Recognition
Includes: He, G. He, G.[Guojin] He, G.[Gang]
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He, G.C.[Guo Chao] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Image Precision of Acoustical Imaging Diffraction by Focused Ultrasound Beam
Includes: He, G.C.[Guo Chao] He, G.C.[Guo-Chao]

He, G.F. Co Author Listing * Efficient Human Motion Retrieval via Temporal Adjacent Bag of Words and Discriminative Neighborhood Preserving Dictionary Learning

He, G.H.[Guan Hua] Co Author Listing * Compressive Regularization Imaging Algorithm for Millimeter-Wave SAIR, A
Includes: He, G.H.[Guan Hua] He, G.H.[Guan-Hua]

He, G.J.[Guo Jin] Co Author Listing * Fast and Reliable Matching Method for Automated Georeferencing of Remotely-Sensed Imagery, A
* generic framework for image rectification using multiple types of feature, A
* Integrated Feature Based Method for Sub-Pixel Image Matching, An
* Multi-Scale Residential Areas Matching Method Using Relevance Vector Machine and Active Learning, A
* Rotation Invariance Image Matching Method Based on Harris Corner Detection, A
* RPC Estimation via L_1-Norm-Regularized Least Squares (L1LS)
* Segmentation quality evaluation using region-based precision and recall measures for remote sensing images
* Visual attention based model for target detection in high resolution remote sensing images
Includes: He, G.J.[Guo Jin] He, G.J.[Guo-Jin] He, G.J.[Guang-Jing] He, G.J.[Guang-Jun]
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He, G.M.[Guang Ming] Co Author Listing * Blind image deconvolution by means of asymmetric multiplicative iterative algorithm
Includes: He, G.M.[Guang Ming] He, G.M.[Guang-Ming]

He, G.P.[Guo Ping] Co Author Listing * Augmented Lagrangian alternating direction method for low-rank minimization via non-convex approximation
* incremental learning algorithm for Lagrangian support vector machines, An
* Method to Design Filters for Image Smoothing, A
Includes: He, G.P.[Guo Ping] He, G.P.[Guo-Ping] He, G.P.

He, G.Q.[Gui Qing] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Extraction for VOI from CT Images Based on Volume Rendering
* New Method of Feature Based Image Mosaic, A
Includes: He, G.Q.[Gui Qing] He, G.Q.[Gui-Qing] He, G.Q.[Gao-Qi]

He, G.T.[Guo Tian] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Real-Time Visual Tracking Using Compressive RGB-D Features, A
Includes: He, G.T.[Guo Tian] He, G.T.[Guo-Tian]

He, H.[Haixing] Co Author Listing * 3D displacement retrieval on glacial areas by airborne multi-view photogrammetry
* Automatic object segmentation of unstructured scenes using colour and depth maps
* Color-Direction Patch-Sparsity-Based Image Inpainting Using Multidirection Features
* Distantly Supervised Lifelong Learning for Large-Scale Social Media Sentiment Analysis
* EEF: Exponentially Embedded Families with Class-Specific Features for Classification
* Enhancing information discriminant analysis: Feature extraction with linear statistical model and information-theoretic criteria
* Fast detection of small infrared objects in maritime scenes using local minimum patterns
* Feature Combination beyond Basic Arithmetics
* Fuzzy aggregated connectedness for image segmentation
* Hierarchical image representation via multi-level sparse coding
* High Fidelity Image Warping for Serial and Parallel Processing
* Human Mobility Modeling for Robot-Assisted Evacuation in Complex Indoor Environments
* Image Denoising Based on the Ridgelet Frame Using the Generalized Cross Validation Technique
* Image Super-Resolution Algorithm for Different Error Levels Per Frame, An
* Impact of the Spatial Domain Size on the Performance of the Ts-VI Triangle Method in Terrestrial Evapotranspiration Estimation
* Improving Optoacoustic Image Quality via Geometric Pixel Super-Resolution Approach
* Inshore Ship Detection in Remote Sensing Images via Weighted Pose Voting
* Lane Detection Based on Visual Attention
* Lane Detection Using Steerable Filters and FPGA-based Implementation
* Learning Race from Face: A Survey
* MAP based resolution enhancement of video sequences using a haber-markov random field image prior model
* Mapping Vegetation Communities Using Statistical Data Fusion in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Missouri, USA
* Mosaicking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery in the Absence of Camera Poses
* Multi-scale and Multi-orientation Local Feature Extraction for Lane Detection Using High-Level Information
* Object detection in 20 questions
* Probing Waveform Synthesis and Receiver Filter Design
* Quantifying Multiscale Habitat Structural Complexity: A Cost-Effective Framework for Underwater 3D Modelling
* Rare Class Classification by Support Vector Machine
* Real-Time Detection of Small Surface Objects Using Weather Effects
* Real-time lane departure warning system based on a single FPGA
* Real-Time Long-Range Lane Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Vehicle
* Recognition of Car Makes and Models From a Single Traffic-Camera Image
* Regularization Framework for Joint Blur Estimation and Super-Resolution of Video Sequences, A
* Ricci flow-based spherical parameterization and surface registration
* Robust Feature Matching Method for SAR and Optical Images by Using Gaussian-Gamma-Shaped Bi-Windows-Based Descriptor and Geometric Constraint
* Robust road detection from a single image using road shape prior
* Saliency Detection Based on Frequency and Spatial Domain Analyses
* Single Image Super-Resolution Using Gaussian Process Regression
* Single Image Superresolution via Directional Group Sparsity and Directional Features
* Stereo matching using weighted dynamic programming on a single-direction four-connected tree
* Stereo matching-based low-textured scene reconstruction for ALV navigation
* Study On Height Information Extraction Of Cultural Features In Remote Sensing Images Based On Shadow Areas, The
* Unsupervised texture segmentation using resonance algorithm for natural scenes
* Visual Saliency Based on Scale-Space Analysis in the Frequency Domain
* Visual Tracking by Sampling in Part Space
Includes: He, H.[Haixing] He, H.[Hu] He, H. He, H.[Hua] He, H.[Hangen] He, H.[Hao] He, H.[Hong] He, H.[He] He, H.[Haiqing]
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He, H.B.[Hai Bo] Co Author Listing * GIR-based ensemble sampling approaches for imbalanced learning
* Near-Optimal Tracking Control of Mobile Robots Via Receding-Horizon Dual Heuristic Programming
Includes: He, H.B.[Hai Bo] He, H.B.[Hai-Bo]

He, H.G.[Hui Guang] Co Author Listing * Accurate prediction of AD patients using cortical thickness networks
* Adaptive iterative learning control for SISO discrete time-varying systems
* Human Age Estimation with Surface-Based Features from MRI Images
* Improved MSEL and its medical application
* Multi-modal multiple kernel learning for accurate identification of Tourette syndrome children
* Network-Based Classification Using Cortical Thickness of AD Patients
* new mesh simplification algorithm combining half-edge data structure with modified quadric error metric, A
* Robust Partial Volume Segmentation with Bias Field Correction in Brain MRI
Includes: He, H.G.[Hui Guang] He, H.G.[Hui-Guang] He, H.G.[Hai-Gang]
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He, H.J.[Hong Jie] Co Author Listing * NDFT-based Audio Watermarking Scheme with High Security
* Restorable Semi-fragile Watermarking Combined DCT with Interpolation, A
* Self-recovery Fragile Watermarking Scheme with Variable Watermark Payload
* Wavelet-Based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Secure Image Authentication, A
Includes: He, H.J.[Hong Jie] He, H.J.[Hong-Jie]

He, H.L.[Hong Lin] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Water Use Efficiency Derived from MODIS Products against Eddy Variance Measurements in China
Includes: He, H.L.[Hong Lin] He, H.L.[Hong-Lin]

He, H.M.[Hai Ming] Co Author Listing * Flow field texture representation-based motion segmentation for crowd counting
Includes: He, H.M.[Hai Ming] He, H.M.[Hai-Ming]

He, H.Q.[Hai Qing] Co Author Listing * Generalized Image Scene Decomposition-Based System for Supervised Classification of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Smoke Detection Based on a Semi-supervised Clustering Model
Includes: He, H.Q.[Hai Qing] He, H.Q.[Hai-Qing] He, H.Q.[Hai-Qian]

He, H.S.[Hong S.] Co Author Listing * adequacy of different landscape metrics for various landscape patterns, The
* Bottom-up saliency detection for attention determination
* Geometrically local embedding in manifolds for dimension reduction
* image denoising algorithm for mixed noise combining nonlocal means filter and sparse representation technique, An
* Robust line detection using two-orthogonal direction image scanning
Includes: He, H.S.[Hong S.] He, H.S.[Hong-Sheng] He, H.S.[Hong-Sen]

He, H.T.[Hui Ting] Co Author Listing * Super-resolution of human face image using canonical correlation analysis
Includes: He, H.T.[Hui Ting] He, H.T.[Hui-Ting]

He, H.X.[Hai Xia] Co Author Listing * Integrating Global Open Geo-Information for Major Disaster Assessment: A Case Study of the Myanmar Flood
Includes: He, H.X.[Hai Xia] He, H.X.[Hai-Xia]

He, H.Y.[Hai Yan] Co Author Listing * ART2-based multiple MLPs neural network for speaker-independent recognition of isolated words
* De-striping For Tdiccd Remote Sensing Image Based On Statistical Features Of Histogram
* Single Image Super-Resolution Using Gaussian Mixture Model
Includes: He, H.Y.[Hai Yan] He, H.Y.[Hai-Yan] He, H.Y.[Hong-Yan] He, H.Y.[Hua-Yong]

He, J.[Jia] Co Author Listing * Automatic floor plan detection and recognition
* Balancing Performance and Fairness in P2P Live Video Systems
* BNU-LSVED 2.0: Spontaneous multimodal student affect database with multi-dimensional labels
* CBM: Online Strategies on Cost-Aware Buffer Management for Mobile Video Streaming
* Chinese sign language recognition based on trajectory and hand shape features
* Classification of Driving Postures by Support Vector Machines
* Classification of Vehicle Make by Combined Features and Random Subspace Ensemble
* Classification of vehicle type and make by combined features and random subspace ensemble
* Colour Map Classification for Archive Documents
* comparison of binarization methods for historical archive documents, A
* Configurable Text Stamp Identification Tool with Application of Fuzzy Logic
* Consistent Nonlinear Elastic Image Registration
* Convex optimization for fast image dehazing
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based Chinese Text Detection Algorithm via Text Structure Modeling, A
* effective coherence measure to determine topical consistency in user-generated content, An
* Efficient frame-level bit allocation algorithm for H.265/HEVC
* Efficient Upstream Bandwidth Multiplexing for Cloud Video Recording Services
* Efficient video-based retrieval of human motion with flexible alignment
* Extraction of Seismic Wavelets Based on the Tri-Spectrum Least Square
* FACE: Fully Automated Context Enhancement for night-time video sequences
* Fusing Incomplete Multisensor Heterogeneous Data to Estimate Urban Traffic
* GIS-Based Cultural Heritage Study Framework on Continuous Scales: A Case Study on 19th Century Military Industrial Heritage, A
* High-speed implementation of rate-distortion optimised quantisation for H.265/HEVC
* High-speed implementation of rate-distortion optimized quantization for H.264/AVC
* iCloudAccess: Cost-Effective Streaming of Video Games From the Cloud With Low Latency
* Incremental gradient on the Grassmannian for online foreground and background separation in subsampled video
* Indirect Generalization of Contour Lines Based on DEM Generalization Using the 3D Douglas-Peucker Algorithm, An
* Innovative Method to Classify Remote-Sensing Images Using Ant Colony Optimization, An
* Interactive Segmentation Techniques: Algorithms and Performance Evaluation
* Iterative Grassmannian optimization for robust image alignment
* Iterative online subspace learning for robust image alignment
* Joint DOD and DOA Estimation for MIMO Array With Velocity Receive Sensors
* Mental Visual Browsing
* Multi View Facial Action Unit Detection Based on CNN and BLSTM-RNN
* Multi-component Document Image Coding Using Regions-of-Interest
* Multi-task mid-level feature learning for micro-expression recognition
* novel scene text detection algorithm based on convolutional neural network, A
* novel text structure feature extractor for Chinese scene text detection and recognition, A
* On Achieving Cost-Effective Adaptive Cloud Gaming in Geo-Distributed Data Centers
* On Space-Time Filtering Framework for Matching Human Actions Across Different Viewpoints
* On the Application of Turbo Codes to the Robust Transmission of Compressed Images
* On the Cost-QoE Tradeoff for Cloud-Based Video Streaming Under Amazon EC2's Pricing Models
* Optimal Parameters for Locality-Sensitive Hashing
* Playing High-End Video Games in the Cloud: A Measurement Study
* Recognition of driving postures by contourlet transform and random forests
* Region-of-Interest Method for Texturally-Rich Document Image Coding, A
* Regularized single-image super-resolution based on progressive gradient estimation
* Rotation Invariant Texture Descriptor Using Local Shearlet-Based Energy Histograms
* rule-based event detection system for real-life underwater domain, A
* Semi-supervised learning through adaptive Laplacian graph trimming
* String Kernels for Complex Time-Series: Counting Targets from Sensed Movement
* Supporting ground-truth annotation of image datasets using clustering
* Three-dimensional separate descendant-based SPIHT algorithm for fast compression of high-resolution medical image sequences
* Toward Optimal Deployment of Cloud-Assisted Video Distribution Services
* User-assisted archive document image analysis for digital library construction
* Vehicles detection in complex urban traffic scenes using Gaussian mixture model with confidence measurement
Includes: He, J.[Jia] He, J.[Jian] He, J.[Jun] He, J. He, J.[Jie] He, J.[Jiyin] He, J.[Jing] He, J.[Jin] He, J.[Jiachi] He, J.[Juan]
56 for He, J.

He, J.C.[Joshua Congfu] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Classifiers for Detection of Fractures in X-Ray Images

He, J.F.[Jing Feng] Co Author Listing * Algorithm of Inverse Log Polar Transform Based on Neighbor Pixels, An
* Collaborative Hashing
* Compact hashing with joint optimization of search accuracy and time
* Detecting Doctored JPEG Images Via DCT Coefficient Analysis
* Fast kernel learning for spatial pyramid matching
* Fast, automatic and fine-grained tampered JPEG image detection via DCT coefficient analysis
* Hash Bit Selection for Nearest Neighbor Search
* Hash Bit Selection: A Unified Solution for Selection Problems in Hashing
* Limits of Learning-Based Superresolution Algorithms
* Mobile product search with Bag of Hash Bits and boundary reranking
* Multiple feature kernel hashing for large-scale visual search
* Spherical hashing
* Spherical Hashing: Binary Code Embedding with Hyperspheres
* Table Detection in Online Ink Notes
Includes: He, J.F.[Jing Feng] He, J.F.[Jing-Feng] He, J.F.[Jun-Feng]
14 for He, J.F.

He, J.H.[Jian Hua] Co Author Listing * Land-use Spatial Optimization Model Based On Particle Swarm Optimization
Includes: He, J.H.[Jian Hua] He, J.H.[Jian-Hua]

He, J.J.[Jia Jie] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical 3D perception from a single image
* Natural Sound Rendering for Headphones: Integration of signal processing techniques
* Primary-Ambient Extraction Using Ambient Phase Estimation with a Sparsity Constraint
Includes: He, J.J.[Jia Jie] He, J.J.[Jia-Jie] He, J.J.[Jian-Jun]

He, J.L.[Jun Liang] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Indices Derived from MODIS Data for Indicating Aerosol-Induced Air Pollution
Includes: He, J.L.[Jun Liang] He, J.L.[Jun-Liang]

He, J.M.[Jing Meng] Co Author Listing * SRN: The Movie Character Relationship Analysis via Social Network
Includes: He, J.M.[Jing Meng] He, J.M.[Jing-Meng]

He, J.N.[Jia Nan] Co Author Listing * Dense Image Matching With Two Steps Of Expansion
* Image Network Generation Of Uncalibrated UAV Images With Low-cost GPS Data
Includes: He, J.N.[Jia Nan] He, J.N.[Jia-Nan]

He, J.P.[Jin Ping] Co Author Listing * Combining image entropy with the Pulse Coupled Neural Network in edge detection
* Face Image Relighting using Locally Constrained Global Optimization
* Learning from Ideal Edge for Image Restoration
* Super-Resolution for Facial Images Based on Local Similarity Preserving
* Trust Agent-Based Behavior Induction in Social Networks
Includes: He, J.P.[Jin Ping] He, J.P.[Jin-Ping] He, J.P.[Jian-Ping]

He, J.R.[Jing Rui] Co Author Listing * evolutionary system for near-regular texture synthesis, An
* Generalized Manifold-Ranking-Based Image Retrieval
* Intrinsic dimensionality estimation based on manifold assumption
* Manifold-Ranking-Based Keyword Propagation for Image Retrieval
* Symmetry feature in content-based image retrieval
* Unified Optimization Based Learning Method for Image Retrieval, A
* W-boost and its application to web image classification
Includes: He, J.R.[Jing Rui] He, J.R.[Jing-Rui] He, J.R.[Jin-Rong]
7 for He, J.R.

He, J.X.[Jia Xi] Co Author Listing * Image Dehazing Using Regularized Optimization
* Radar mosaic based on the explicit radar ray paths
Includes: He, J.X.[Jia Xi] He, J.X.[Jia-Xi] He, J.X.[Jian-Xin]

He, J.Y.[Jie Ying] Co Author Listing * Advanced Microwave Atmospheric Sounder (AMAS) Channel Specifications and T/V Calibration Results on FY-3C Satellite
* Detection of bird nests in overhead catenary system images for high-speed rail
* Effective Face Verification Algorithm to Fuse Complete Features in Convolutional Neural Network, An
* Evaluation of a user-assisted archive construction system for online natural history archives
* Fast cloud image segmentation with superpixel analysis based convolutional networks
* Predicting grain yield in rice using multi-temporal vegetation indices from UAV-based multispectral and digital imagery
* User-configurable OCR enhancement for online natural history archives
Includes: He, J.Y.[Jie Ying] He, J.Y.[Jie-Ying] He, J.Y.[Jun-Yan] He, J.Y.[Jiao-Yu] He, J.Y.[Jing-Yu] He, J.Y.
7 for He, J.Y.

He, J.Z.[Jia Zhong] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Based on Projection Map and Fourier Transform for One Training Image Per Person
* Global plus local: A complete framework for feature extraction and recognition
* Morphable model space based face super-resolution reconstruction and recognition
Includes: He, J.Z.[Jia Zhong] He, J.Z.[Jia-Zhong]

He, K. Co Author Listing * Aggregated Residual Transformations for Deep Neural Networks
* BoxSup: Exploiting Bounding Boxes to Supervise Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation
* Circuit-Level Timing-Error Acceptance for Design of Energy-Efficient DCT/IDCT-Based Systems
* Compressive reconstruction for 3D incoherent holographic microscopy
* Computing nearest-neighbor fields via Propagation-Assisted KD-Trees
* Congestion Avoidance Routing Based on Large-Scale Social Signals
* Degraded document image binarization using structural symmetry of strokes
* Feature Pyramid Networks for Object Detection
* Fisher vector for scene character recognition: A comprehensive evaluation
* Focal Loss for Dense Object Detection
* Fusing Observational, Satellite Remote Sensing and Air Quality Model Simulated Data to Estimate Spatiotemporal Variations of PM2.5 Exposure in China
* geodesic-preserving method for image warping, A
* global sampling method for alpha matting, A
* Graph Cuts for Supervised Binary Coding
* Image segmentation using the level set and improved-variation smoothing
* Image Super-Resolution Using Deep Convolutional Networks
* Instance-Aware Semantic Segmentation via Multi-task Network Cascades
* K-Means Hashing: An Affinity-Preserving Quantization Method for Learning Binary Compact Codes
* Learning a Deep Convolutional Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Mask R-CNN
* MIHash: Online Hashing with Mutual Information
* Modeling Species Distribution Using Niche-Based Proxies Derived from Composite Bioclimatic Variables and MODIS-NDVI
* Parameterizing Object Detectors in the Continuous Pose Space
* Product Sparse Coding
* Scale resilient, rotation invariant articulated object matching
* ScribbleSup: Scribble-Supervised Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation
* Sensor Stability for SST (3S): Toward Improved Long-Term Characterization of AVHRR Thermal Bands
* Single-Image Shadow Removal Using 3D Intensity Surface Modeling
* Using Tucker Decomposition to Compress Color Images
* Video compressive sensing with on-chip programmable subsampling
* Wave Interferometry Applied to Borehole Radar: Virtual Multioffset Reflection Profiling
Includes: He, K. He, K.[Kaiming] He, K.[Kun] He, K.[Kebin] He, K.[Kai] He, K.[Kuan]
31 for He, K.

He, K.M.[Kai Ming] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Very Deep Convolutional Networks for Classification and Detection
* Constant Time Weighted Median Filtering for Stereo Matching and Beyond
* Content-Aware Rotation
* Convolutional feature masking for joint object and stuff segmentation
* Convolutional neural networks at constrained time cost
* Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition
* Delving Deep into Rectifiers: Surpassing Human-Level Performance on ImageNet Classification
* Efficient and accurate approximations of nonlinear convolutional networks
* Fast matting using large kernel matting Laplacian matrices
* Faster R-CNN: Towards Real-Time Object Detection with Region Proposal Networks
* Guided Image Filtering
* Identity Mappings in Deep Residual Networks
* Image Completion Approaches Using the Statistics of Similar Patches
* Instance-Sensitive Fully Convolutional Networks
* Is Faster R-CNN Doing Well for Pedestrian Detection?
* Joint Inverted Indexing
* Object Detection Networks on Convolutional Feature Maps
* Optimized Product Quantization
* Optimized Product Quantization for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
* Single Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior
* Sparse projections for high-dimensional binary codes
* Spatial Pyramid Pooling in Deep Convolutional Networks for Visual Recognition
* Statistics of Patch Offsets for Image Completion
* Transitive Invariance for Self-Supervised Visual Representation Learning
Includes: He, K.M.[Kai Ming] He, K.M.[Kai-Ming]
24 for He, K.M.

He, K.W.[Ke Wei] Co Author Listing * Multiframe Error Concealment for Whole-Frame Loss in H.264/AVC
Includes: He, K.W.[Ke Wei] He, K.W.[Ke-Wei]

He, K.Z.[Ke Zhong] Co Author Listing * Color Model based real-time Face Detection with AdaBoost in color image
Includes: He, K.Z.[Ke Zhong] He, K.Z.[Ke-Zhong]

He, L.[Lulu] Co Author Listing * 3D surface registration using Z-SIFT
* adaptive clustering and chrominance-based merging approach for image segmentation and abstraction, An
* Adaptive Multimodality Sensing of Landmines
* Adaptive Weberfaces for occlusion-robust face representation and recognition
* Anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery based on maximum entropy and nonparametric estimation
* Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery by Fuzzy Integral Fusion of Band-subsets
* Automatic detection of sister chromatid exchange
* Automatic Evaluation of Hypernasality and Consonant Misarticulation in Cleft Palate Speech
* Automatic Human Model Generation
* Bayesian Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Beta Process Joint Dictionary Learning for Coupled Feature Spaces with Application to Single Image Super-Resolution
* Blind deconvolution using TV regularization and Bregman iteration
* Cahn-Hilliard Inpainting And A Generalization For Grayvalue Images
* Collaborative object tracking model with local sparse representation
* Color Photo Denoising Via Hue, Saturation and Intensity Diffusion
* Common Bayesian Network for Classification of EEG-Based Multiclass Motor Imagery BCI
* comparative study of deformable contour methods on medical image segmentation, A
* connected-component labeling problem: A review of state-of-the-art algorithms, The
* Constrained optimization: a geodesic snake approach
* Deformable Contour Method: A Constrained Optimization Approach
* Depth Map Regeneration via Improved Graph Cuts Using a Novel Omnidirectional Stereo Sensor
* Design of a Mobile Charging Service for Electric Vehicles in an Urban Environment
* Discriminative Low-Rank Gabor Filtering for Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification
* divide and conquer deformable contour method with a model based searching algorithm, A
* Effective Segmentation for Noise-Based Image Verification Using Gamma Mixture Models, An
* efficient and reliable coarse-to-fine approach for asphalt pavement crack detection, An
* empirical comparison of graph-based dimensionality reduction algorithms on facial expression recognition tasks, An
* Error analysis, modeling, and correction for 3-D range data
* Examining view angle effects on leaf N estimation in wheat using field reflectance spectroscopy
* Face Recognition Using Nonlinear Regression
* Feature-Driven Active Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* FPGA Based Nature Noise Reduction and RFI Removing in Radio Astronomy
* Graph matching for object recognition and recovery
* Haze Removal Using the Difference- Structure-Preservation Prior
* Hybrid light coding for fast and high-accuracy shape acquisition
* Image color transfer to evoke different emotions based on color combinations
* Image quality assessment based on S-CIELAB model
* Image-based biomechanical relationship estimation between maximum jaw opening and masticatory muscle activities
* Integrating local distribution information with level set for boundary extraction
* Intensity statistics-based HSI diffusion for color photo denoising
* Iterative ensemble normalized cuts
* Iterative Total Variation Regularization with Non-Quadratic Fidelity
* Learning context sensitive similarity measure on pair fusion graph
* level set model without initial contour, A
* Low-Rank Approximation-Based Transductive Support Tensor Machine for Semisupervised Classification, A
* Mapping Irrigated and Rainfed Wheat Areas Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Data
* Method and apparatus for rotating or transposing a binary image
* modified Gaussian mixture background model via spatiotemporal distribution with shadow detection, A
* Morphological Edge Detector for Gray-Level Image Thresholding, A
* Multi-object detection and tracking by stereo vision
* Multi-scale patch-based sparse appearance model for robust object tracking
* Multi-way Multi-level Kernel Modeling for Neuroimaging Classification
* Multidirectional Weighted Interpolation and Refinement Method for Bayer Pattern CFA Demosaicking
* Multimodal Discriminative Binary Embedding for Large-Scale Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Multiple instance learning tracking method with local sparse representation
* new algorithm for labeling connected-components and calculating the Euler number, connected-component number, and hole number, A
* New Connected-Component Labeling Algorithm, A
* new method of automatic SCE detection, A
* Nonlocal Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method for Rician Noise Reduction in MR Images, A
* Novel Compressed Images Quality Metric, A
* novel hierarchical framework for human action recognition, A
* Object Matching Using a Locally Affine Invariant and Linear Programming Techniques
* Object matching with a locally affine-invariant constraint
* Preconditioning for Accelerated Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares in Structured Sparsity Reconstruction
* Predicting Pedestrian Counts in Crowded Scenes With Rich and High-Dimensional Features
* Quantitative Analysis Of Urban Expansion In Central China
* Real-time distributed tracking with non-overlapping cameras
* Recent Advance on Mean Shift Tracking: A Survey
* Reliable Depth Map Regeneration Via a Novel Omnidirectional Stereo Sensor
* Robust Contour Tracking by Combining Region and Boundary Information
* Shape recovery of color textured object using Fast Marching Method via self-calibration
* Simulation and SMAP Observation of Sun-Glint Over the Land Surface at the L-Band
* skeleton based shape matching and recovery approach, A
* Soil Moisture Retrieval in Agricultural Fields Using Adaptive Model-Based Polarimetric Decomposition of SAR Data
* Solving the Chan-Vese Model by a Multiphase Level Set Algorithm Based on the Topological Derivative
* Sparse representation for blind image quality assessment
* Spatial-variant Image Filtering Based on Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Spatially varying weighted HSI diffusion for color image denoising
* Spatio-Temporal Deconvolution Method to Improve Perfusion CT Quantification, A
* Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images via Spatial Translation-Invariant Wavelet-Based Sparse Representation
* Super-resolution by polar Newton-Thiele's rational kernel in centralized sparsity paradigm
* Tree-Structured Compressive Sensing With Variational Bayesian Analysis
* Voting-Based Directional Interpolation Method and Its Application to Still Color Image Demosaicking
Includes: He, L.[Lulu] He, L. He, L.[Lin] He, L.[Liang] He, L.[Lei] He, L.[Li] He, L.[Lifeng] He, L.[Lesheng] He, L.[Lihuo] He, L.[Ling] He, L.[Le] He, L.[Liping] He, L.[Liwen] He, L.[Lili]
83 for He, L.

He, L.F.[Li Feng] Co Author Listing * Bit-Quad-Based Euler Number Computing
* combinational algorithm for connected-component labeling and Euler number computing, A
* Configuration-Transition-Based Connected-Component Labeling
* efficient first-scan method for label-equivalence-based labeling algorithms, An
* Efficient Strategy for Bit-Quad-Based Euler Number Computing Algorithm, An
* Efficient Two-Scan Labeling Algorithm for Binary Hexagonal Images, An
* Fast connected-component labeling
* fast first-scan algorithm for label-equivalence-based connected-component labeling, A
* Further Improvement on Bit-Quad-Based Euler Number Computing Algorithm, A
* Linear Support Higher-Order Tensor Machine for Classification, A
* Linear-Time Two-Scan Labeling Algorithm, A
* Method for Enhancing Lung Nodules in Chest Radiographs by Use of LoG Filter, A
* Run-Based One-Scan Labeling Algorithm, A
* Run-Based Two-Scan Labeling Algorithm, A
* Two Efficient Label-Equivalence-Based Connected-Component Labeling Algorithms for 3-D Binary Images
* Very Fast Algorithm for Simultaneously Performing Connected-Component Labeling and Euler Number Computing, A
Includes: He, L.F.[Li Feng] He, L.F.[Li-Feng] He, L.F.[Li-Fang]
16 for He, L.F.

He, L.H.[Liang Hua] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning in the EEG Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
* Temperature and Emissivity Separation Algorithm for Landsat-8 Thermal Infrared Sensor Data, A
Includes: He, L.H.[Liang Hua] He, L.H.[Liang-Hua] He, L.H.[Long-Hua]

He, L.J.[Li Jie] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Optical Properties and Associated Direct Radiative Forcing over the Yangtze River Basin during 2001-2015
* Characterizing Drought and Flood Events over the Yangtze River Basin Using the HUST-Grace2016 Solution and Ancillary Data
Includes: He, L.J.[Li Jie] He, L.J.[Li-Jie]

He, L.L.[Lian Lian] Co Author Listing * Automatic geospatial metadata generation for earth science virtual data products
* Integrating semantic web technologies and geospatial catalog services for geospatial information discovery and processing in cyberinfrastructure
Includes: He, L.L.[Lian Lian] He, L.L.[Lian-Lian]

He, L.M.[Li Ming] Co Author Listing * Mapping Two-Dimensional Deformation Field Time-Series of Large Slope by Coupling DInSAR-SBAS with MAI-SBAS
Includes: He, L.M.[Li Ming] He, L.M.[Li-Ming]

He, L.Q.[Li Qiang] Co Author Listing * Speeding Up Best Neighborhood Matching Algorithm For High-definition Image on GPU Platform
Includes: He, L.Q.[Li Qiang] He, L.Q.[Li-Qiang]

He, L.S.[Ling Song] Co Author Listing * New Analytical Method for Relative Camera Pose Estimation Using Unknown Coplanar Points, A
Includes: He, L.S.[Ling Song] He, L.S.[Ling-Song]

He, L.T.[Liang Tian] Co Author Listing * Image smoothing via truncated L0 gradient regularisation
* Iterative Support Detection-Based Split Bregman Method for Wavelet Frame-Based Image Inpainting
* Unsupervised feature selection by nonnegative sparsity adaptive subspace learning
Includes: He, L.T.[Liang Tian] He, L.T.[Liang-Tian] He, L.T.

He, L.W.[Li Wei] Co Author Listing * High-quality linear interpolation for demosaicing of Bayer-patterned color images
* Light Weight Background Blurring for Video Conferencing Applications
* Real-Time Whiteboard Capture and Processing Using a Video Camera for Remote Collaboration
* Rendering with Concentric Mosaics
Includes: He, L.W.[Li Wei] He, L.W.[Li-Wei] He, L.W.

He, L.Y.[Liu Yu] Co Author Listing * Coordinated and optimal acceleration and deceleration driving control for multi-axle hydrostatic driving vehicle
* Lexicon expansion for latent variable grammars
Includes: He, L.Y.[Liu Yu] He, L.Y.[Liu-Yu] He, L.Y.[Liang-Ye]

He, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * 3D nonrigid motion analysis under small deformations
* Ability of the Photochemical Reflectance Index to Track Light Use Efficiency for a Sub-Tropical Planted Coniferous Forest
* Analyzing on Pixel Positioning Accuracy of SAR Images Based On R-D Location Model
* Determination of Motion Parameters and Estimation of Point Correspondences in Small Nonrigid Deformations
* Hyperspectral Image Resolution Enhancement Using High-Resolution Multispectral Image Based on Spectral Unmixing
* Lossless and near-lossless compression of hyperspectral images based on distributed source coding
* Multifocus image fusion based on redundant wavelet transform
* On a Study of Invariant Features in Nonrigid Transformations
* Orthogonal Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Combining Multiple Features for Spectral-Spatial Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Orthogonal wideband hybrid-coding radar waveforms design
* Research on Printed Chinese Character Recognition Based on Stroke Features with Optical/Digital Hybrid Realization, A
Includes: He, M.[Matthew] He, M.[Mingzhu] He, M. He, M.[Mi]
11 for He, M.

He, M.H.[Ming Hao] Co Author Listing * algorithm of doppler frequency rate-of-change estimation for coherent pulse train, An
* Emotional tagging of videos by exploring multiple emotions' coexistence
* Posed and spontaneous expression recognition through modeling their spatial patterns
Includes: He, M.H.[Ming Hao] He, M.H.[Ming-Hao] He, M.H.[Meng-Hua]

He, M.J.[Mei Jun] Co Author Listing * Recognition confidence analysis of handwritten Chinese character with CNN
Includes: He, M.J.[Mei Jun] He, M.J.[Mei-Jun]

He, M.X.[Ming Xia] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Typhoon Locations over Ocean Surface Observed by Various Satellite Sensors
* Performance evaluation of score level fusion in multimodal biometric systems
Includes: He, M.X.[Ming Xia] He, M.X.[Ming-Xia] He, M.X.[Ming-Xing]

He, M.Y.[Ming Yi] Co Author Listing * Advance in triangular mesh simplification study
* Depth and surface normal estimation from monocular images using regression on deep features and hierarchical CRFs
* Dilation-run wavelet image coding
* Element-Wise Factorization for N-View Projective Reconstruction
* Heterogeneity-Based Ship Detection Algorithm for SAR Imagery, A
* Improving Spatial-Spectral Endmember Extraction in the Presence of Anomalous Ground Objects
* Iterative keyframe selection by orthogonal subspace projection
* Multi-resolution surface reconstruction
* Projective Multiview Structure and Motion from Element-Wise Factorization
* Satellite Image Positioning Method Based upon Aligning Surface Characteristics
* Simple Prior-Free Method for Non-rigid Structure-from-Motion Factorization, A
* Smooth Approximation of L_infinity-Norm for Multi-view Geometry
* Spatial Purity Based Endmember Extraction for Spectral Mixture Analysis
* Study on Water Bodies Extraction with FY3A Satellite Image
* Unmixing approach for hyperspectral data resolution enhancement using high resolution multispectral image
* Unsupervised Spectral Mixture Analysis with Hopfield Neural Network for hyperspectral images
* Video summarization via minimum sparse reconstruction
* Wavelet image coding by dilation-run algorithm
Includes: He, M.Y.[Ming Yi] He, M.Y.[Ming-Yi] He, M.Y.[Ming-Yuan]
18 for He, M.Y.

He, M.Z.[Mei Zhang] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Descriptor Based on Contour Clusters for Damaged Roof Detection Using Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* Performance of Linear and Nonlinear Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Models at Different Temporal Scales
Includes: He, M.Z.[Mei Zhang] He, M.Z.[Mei-Zhang] He, M.Z.[Ming-Zhu]

He, N. Co Author Listing * Image Denoising Based on the Wavelet Semi-soft Threshold and Total Variation
* Learning View-Model Joint Relevance for 3D Object Retrieval
Includes: He, N. He, N.[Ning]

He, N.J.[Nan Jun] Co Author Listing * CP tensor-based compression of hyperspectral images
Includes: He, N.J.[Nan Jun] He, N.J.[Nan-Jun]

He, P.[Ping] Co Author Listing * Constrained Clustering with Local Constraint Propagation
* Context Inspired Pedestrian Detection in Far-Field Videos
* Detecting Text in Natural Image with Connectionist Text Proposal Network
* Semi-supervised clustering via multi-level random walk
* Single Shot Text Detector with Regional Attention
* Visual Hull from Imprecise Polyhedral Scene
Includes: He, P.[Ping] He, P.[Peng] He, P.[Pan] He, P.

He, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * Novel Approach to Unsupervised Change Detection Based on a Robust Semi-Supervised FCM Clustering Algorithm
Includes: He, P.F.[Peng Fei] He, P.F.[Peng-Fei]

He, P.S. Co Author Listing * Detecting Double H.264 Compression Based on Analyzing Prediction Residual Distribution
* Double compression detection based on local motion vector field analysis in static-background videos
* Frame-wise detection of relocated I-frames in double compressed H.264 videos based on convolutional neural network
Includes: He, P.S. He, P.S.[Pei-Song]

He, Q.[Qichao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive document segmentation and geometric relation labeling: algorithms and experimental results
* Compressed Sensing Strategy for Synthetic Transmit Aperture Ultrasound Imaging, A
* Context-based multi-label image annotation
* Coping With Heterogeneous Video Contributors and Viewers in Crowdsourced Live Streaming: A Cloud-Based Approach
* Cramer-Rao Bound for MIMO Radar Target Localization With Phase Errors
* CrowdTranscoding: Online Video Transcoding With Massive Viewers
* Detecting Thalamic Abnormalities in Autism Using Cylinder Conformal Mapping
* Development and analysis of a real-time human motion tracking system
* Efficient Vector-Raster Overlay Algorithm for High-Accuracy and High-Efficiency Surface Area Calculations of Irregularly Shaped Land Use Patches, An
* Exploring Viewer Gazing Patterns for Touch-Based Mobile Gamecasting
* Face Modeling and Wrinkle Simulation Using Convolution Surface
* Forecasting the Subway Passenger Flow Under Event Occurrences With Social Media
* hierarchical model for the evaluation of biometric sample quality, A
* Keep It Simple with Time: A Reexamination of Probabilistic Topic Detection Models
* Marker-based quadri-ocular tracking system for surgery
* Modeling Traffic Control Agency Decision Behavior for Multimodal Manual Signal Control Under Event Occurrences
* Motion intent recognition of individual fingers based on mechanomyogram
* Novel Algorithm for Automatic Brain Structure Segmentation from MRI, A
* Online Fault Diagnosis of Motor Bearing via Stochastic-Resonance-Based Adaptive Filter in an Embedded System
* Online Travel Mode Identification Using Smartphones With Battery Saving Considerations
* Optimal Energy Harvesting-Ratio and Beamwidth Selection in Millimeter Wave Communications
* Prediction of Railcar Remaining Useful Life by Multiple Data Source Fusion
* Road Extraction from High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Based on Mathematics Morphology and Seed Growth
* Significant Gains From Optimally Processed Multiple Signals of Opportunity and Multiple Receive Stations in Passive Radar, The
* Study on the Method for Cleaning and Repairing the Probe Vehicle Data, A
Includes: He, Q.[Qichao] He, Q. He, Q.[Qizhen] He, Q.[Qing] He, Q.[Qingsong] He, Q.[Qian] He, Q.[Qi] He, Q.[Qun]
25 for He, Q.

He, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * GPU-CPU implementation for super-resolution mosaicking of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) surveillance video
* Individual recognition from periodic activity using hidden markov models
* Intrinsic Images by Fisher Linear Discriminant
* New Image Segmentation Technique Using Maximum Spanning Tree, A
* Planar Surface Detection in Image Pairs Using Homographic Constraints
* Research of STRAIGHT Spectrogram and Difference Subspace Algorithm for Speech Recognition
* Super-Resolution Mosaicking of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Surveillance Video Using Levenberg Marquardt (L
* Texture-Based Shadow Removal from a Single Color Image
Includes: He, Q.A.[Qi Ang] He, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]
8 for He, Q.A.

He, Q.C.[Qi Chang] Co Author Listing * Driver fatigue evaluation model with integration of multi-indicators based on dynamic Bayesian network
* Evaluation of driver fatigue with multi-indicators based on artificial neural network
Includes: He, Q.C.[Qi Chang] He, Q.C.[Qi-Chang]

He, Q.H. Co Author Listing * improved maximum model distance approach for HMM-based speech recognition systems, An
* maximum model distance approach for HMM-based speech recognition, A
* OMEG: Oulu Multi-Pose Eye Gaze Dataset
* survey on emotional semantic image retrieval, A
Includes: He, Q.H. He, Q.H.[Qiu-Hai] He, Q.H.[Qian-Hua]

He, Q.M.[Qin Ming] Co Author Listing * Multiclass Classification Framework for Document Categorization, A
Includes: He, Q.M.[Qin Ming] He, Q.M.[Qin-Ming]

He, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Four MODIS Collection 6 Aerosol Products in a Humid Subtropical Region, An
Includes: He, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] He, Q.Q.[Qing-Qing]

He, Q.S.[Qi Sheng] Co Author Listing * Classification of LIDAR Point Cloud and Generation of DTM from LIDAR Height and Intensity Data In Forested Area
* Real-Time Optoelectronic Morphological Processor for Human Face Recognition
* Using Correlated Regression Models to Calculate Cumulative Attributes for Age Estimation
Includes: He, Q.S.[Qi Sheng] He, Q.S.[Qi-Sheng] He, Q.S. He, Q.S.[Qiang-Sen]

He, Q.Z.[Qi Zhen] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Language Model for Handwritten Chinese Sentence Recognition, A
* Mr-SDM: a novel statistical deformable model for object deformation
* View topics: automatically generated characteristic view for content-based 3D object retrieval
Includes: He, Q.Z.[Qi Zhen] He, Q.Z.[Qi-Zhen]

He, R. Co Author Listing * Beyond Face Rotation: Global and Local Perception GAN for Photorealistic and Identity Preserving Frontal View Synthesis
* Coarse-to-Fine Statistical Shape Model by Bayesian Inference
* Color Constancy Via Convex Kernel Optimization
* Cross-Modal Subspace Learning via Pairwise Constraints
* Deep Aesthetic Quality Assessment With Semantic Information
* Editorial: Special issue on ubiquitous biometrics
* Efficient image retrieval based mobile indoor localization
* Evapotranspiration Estimate over an Almond Orchard Using Landsat Satellite Observations
* Explore semantic pixel sets based local patterns with information entropy for face recognition
* Extracting non-negative basis images using pixel dispersion penalty
* Face Recognition by Discriminant Analysis with Gabor Tensor Representation
* Face shape recovery from a single image using CCA mapping between tensor spaces
* Gabor volume based local binary pattern for face representation and recognition
* Half-Quadratic-Based Iterative Minimization for Robust Sparse Representation
* Highly Accurate and Fast Face Recognition Using Near Infrared Images
* Image Piece Learning for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Joint Alignment and Clustering via Low-Rank Representation
* Joint Feature Selection and Subspace Learning for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Jointly Learning Dictionaries and Subspace Structure for Video-Based Face Recognition
* l2, 1 Regularized correntropy for robust feature selection
* Learning Coupled Feature Spaces for Cross-Modal Matching
* Learning Gabor Magnitude Features for Palmprint Recognition
* Learning predictable binary codes for face indexing
* Learning Structured Ordinal Measures for Video Based Face Recognition
* Locally affine patch mapping and global refinement for image super-resolution
* Margin Based Feature Selection for Cross-Sensor Iris Recognition via Linear Programming
* Maximum Correntropy Criterion for Robust Face Recognition
* Measurement-Based Stochastic Model for High-Speed Railway Channels, A
* Measurements and Analysis of Large-Scale Fading Characteristics in Curved Subway Tunnels at 920 MHz, 2400 MHz, and 5705 MHz
* Multi-modal Subspace Learning with Joint Graph Regularization for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Near-infrared Image Based Face Recognition System, A
* Nonlinear Discrete Cross-Modal Hashing for Visual-Textual Data
* Nonnegative sparse coding for discriminative semi-supervised learning
* Online Determination of Track Loss Using Template Inverse Matching
* Recovery of corrupted low-rank matrices via half-quadratic based nonconvex minimization
* Reducing the Cost of High-Speed Railway Communications: From the Propagation Channel View
* Regularized active shape model for shape alignment
* Robust linear representation via exploiting structure prior
* Robust Low-Rank Representation via Correntropy
* Robust Principal Component Analysis Based on Maximum Correntropy Criterion
* Robust Recovery of Corrupted Low-Rank Matrix by Implicit Regularizers
* Robust Subspace Clustering via Half-Quadratic Minimization
* Robust Subspace Clustering With Complex Noise
* Robust View Transformation Model for Gait Recognition
* Semantic Pixel Sets Based Local Binary Patterns for Face Recognition
* Semi-supervised subspace segmentation
* Single Image Dehazing with White Balance Correction and Image Decomposition
* Stereo vision and laser odometry for autonomous helicopters in GPS-denied indoor environments
* Stroke extraction as pre-processing step to improve thinning results of Chinese characters
* Structured Ordinal Features for Appearance-Based Object Representation
* Transform-invariant dictionary learning for face recognition
* Transformation invariant subspace clustering
* Vehicle-to-Vehicle Propagation Models With Large Vehicle Obstructions
* Wavelet-SRNet: A Wavelet-Based CNN for Multi-scale Face Super Resolution
Includes: He, R. He, R.[Ran] He, R.[Ruyan] He, R.[Rui] He, R.[Ruisi] He, R.[Renjie] He, R.[Rong]
54 for He, R.

He, R.J.[Ren Jie] Co Author Listing * Correction of EPI-induced Geometric Distortions and Their Evaluation, The
* Video Object Segmentation with Occlusion Map
Includes: He, R.J.[Ren Jie] He, R.J.[Ren-Jie]

He, R.S.[Rui Si] Co Author Listing * Challenges Toward Wireless Communications for High-Speed Railway
Includes: He, R.S.[Rui Si] He, R.S.[Rui-Si]

He, S.[Shan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection for Group-Based Multimedia Fingerprinting
* Analyses of a Multimodal Spontaneous Facial Expression Database
* Analysis of Nonlinear Collusion Attacks on Fingerprinting Systems for Compressed Multimedia
* Assembly Planning Based On Assembly Illustration Understanding
* Beyond OCR: Multi-faceted understanding of handwritten document characteristics
* Biomedical Image Sequence Analysis with Application to Automatic Quantitative Assessment of Facial Paralysis
* Clustering-Based Approach to the Separation of Text Strings from Mixed Text/Graphics Documents, A
* Collusion-Resistant video Fingerprinting for Large User Group
* Comparison of Typhoon Centers From SAR and IR Images and Those From Best Track Data Sets
* Delta-n Hinge: Rotation-Invariant Features for Writer Identification
* Delving into Salient Object Subitizing and Detection
* DeshadowNet: A Multi-context Embedding Deep Network for Shadow Removal
* Discovering Triangles in Portraits for Supporting Photographic Creation
* FormResNet: Formatted Residual Learning for Image Restoration
* Generalized Metaphor of Chinese Restaurant Franchise to Fusing Both Panchromatic and Multispectral Images for Unsupervised Classification, A
* Hierarchical Structure Representation for Content-Based Indexing and Retrieval, A
* High-Fidelity Data Embedding for Image Annotation
* Historical manuscript dating based on temporal pattern codebook
* Image-based historical manuscript dating using contour and stroke fragments
* Joint Antenna Selection and Energy-Efficient Beamforming Design
* Junction detection in handwritten documents and its application to writer identification
* L_0-Regularized Image Downscaling
* Modified Phase-Extracted Basis Functions for Efficient Analysis of Scattering From Electrically Large Targets
* Multiple-Label Guided Clustering Algorithm for Historical Document Dating and Localization, A
* Object-Based Unsupervised Classification of VHR Panchromatic Satellite Images by Combining the HDP and IBP on Multiple Scenes
* Object-Oriented Visual Saliency Detection Framework Based on Sparse Coding Representations, An
* Polar Stroke Descriptor for classification of historical documents, A
* Real-Time Salient Object Detection with a Minimum Spanning Tree
* Real-time scheduling based on imprecise computation for scalable streaming media system over the Internet
* Real-time smoothing for network adaptive video streaming
* Reconstructing Historical Land Cover Type and Complexity by Synergistic Use of Landsat Multispectral Scanner and CORONA
* RGBD Salient Object Detection via Deep Fusion
* Robust object tracking via multi-feature adaptive fusion based on stability: contrast analysis
* Spontaneous Facial Expression Recognition Based on Feature Point Tracking
* Towards Autonomous Mars Rover Localization: Operations in 2003 MER Mission and New Developments for Future Missions
* Understanding Assembly Illustrations in An Assembly Manual Without Any Model of Mechanical Parts
* Unsupervised muscle region extraction by fuzzy decision based saliency feature integration on thigh MRI for 3D modeling
* Visual Inspection for Breakage of Micro-milling Cutter
* Writer identification using curvature-free features
Includes: He, S.[Shan] He, S. He, S.[Sheng] He, S.[Shu] He, S.[Shoujie] He, S.[Shi] He, S.[Simin] He, S.[Shuang] He, S.[Siyu]
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He, S.B.[Shuang Bai] Co Author Listing * Prominent object sharpening using reference image
Includes: He, S.B.[Shuang Bai] He, S.B.[Shuang-Bai]

He, S.F.[Sheng Feng] Co Author Listing * Egocentric Temporal Action Proposals
* Exemplar-Driven Top-Down Saliency Detection via Deep Association
* Fast Weighted Histograms for Bilateral Filtering and Nearest Neighbor Searching
* Joint Image Denoising and Disparity Estimation via Stereo Structure PCA and Noise-Tolerant Cost
* Oriented Object Proposals
* Robust Object Tracking via Locality Sensitive Histograms
* Saliency Detection with Flash and No-flash Image Pairs
* Saliency-Guided Color-to-Gray Conversion Using Region-Based Optimization
* Stereo Object Proposals
* Stylizing face images via multiple exemplars
* SuperCNN: A Superpixelwise Convolutional Neural Network for Salient Object Detection
* Visual Tracking via Locality Sensitive Histograms
Includes: He, S.F.[Sheng Feng] He, S.F.[Sheng-Feng]
12 for He, S.F.

He, S.H.[Shi Hua] Co Author Listing * Clustering-Based Descriptors for Fingerprint Indexing and Fast Retrieval
* Comparative study of features for fingerprint indexing
Includes: He, S.H.[Shi Hua] He, S.H.[Shi-Hua]

He, S.J.[Shi Jun] Co Author Listing * 3D Image Reconstruction Algorithm of Electrical Capacitance Tomography Based on Support Vector Machines, A
Includes: He, S.J.[Shi Jun] He, S.J.[Shi-Jun]

He, S.N.[Shuai Ning] Co Author Listing * Sparse Code Multiple Access Decoding Based on a Monte Carlo Markov Chain Method
Includes: He, S.N.[Shuai Ning] He, S.N.[Shuai-Ning]

He, S.Q.[Shu Qian] Co Author Listing * efficient fast block-matching motion estimation algorithm, An
* New Global Bi-Directional Motion Compensation Frame Interpolation for Rate Control in H.264/AVC CODEC, A
Includes: He, S.Q.[Shu Qian] He, S.Q.[Shu-Qian] He, S.Q.[Su-Qin]

He, S.S.[Shan Shan] Co Author Listing * Color perception of diffusion tensor images using hierarchical manifold learning
Includes: He, S.S.[Shan Shan] He, S.S.[Shan-Shan]

He, S.Y.[Shuang Yan] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Typhoon Locations over Ocean Surface Observed by Various Satellite Sensors
* real-time system for 3D recovery of dynamic scene with multiple RGBD imagers, A
Includes: He, S.Y.[Shuang Yan] He, S.Y.[Shuang-Yan] He, S.Y.[Shao-Yang]

He, S.Z.[Shi Zhen] Co Author Listing * Pixel-based Minnaert Correction Method for Reducing Topographic Effects on a Landsat-7 ETM+ Image
Includes: He, S.Z.[Shi Zhen] He, S.Z.[Shi-Zhen]

He, T. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Long-Term Sensor Radiometric Degradation Using Time Series Analysis
* Assessment of the Suomi NPP VIIRS Land Surface Albedo Data Using Station Measurements and High-Resolution Albedo Maps
* Cell tracking using deep neural networks with multi-task learning
* Detecting Text in Natural Image with Connectionist Text Proposal Network
* Different Patterns in Daytime and Nighttime Thermal Effects of Urbanization in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration
* Direct Estimation of Land Surface Albedo From Simultaneous MISR Data
* Estimation of Daily Surface Shortwave Net Radiation From the Combined MODIS Data
* Evaluation of Medium Spatial Resolution BRDF-Adjustment Techniques Using Multi-Angular SPOT4 (Take5) Acquisitions
* Fusion of Satellite Land Surface Albedo Products Across Scales Using a Multiresolution Tree Method in the North Central United States
* Joint Video Stitching and Stabilization From Moving Cameras
* Land Surface Albedo Estimation from Chinese HJ Satellite Data Based on the Direct Estimation Approach
* Mapping Surface Broadband Albedo from Satellite Observations: A Review of Literatures on Algorithms and Products
* New Method for Retrieving Daily Land Surface Albedo From VIIRS Data, A
* Satellite-Observed Energy Budget Change of Deforestation in Northeastern China and its Climate Implications
* Single Shot Text Detector with Regional Attention
* Surface Shortwave Net Radiation Estimation from FengYun-3 MERSI Data
* Text-Attentional Convolutional Neural Network for Scene Text Detection
* Use of In Situ and Airborne Multiangle Data to Assess MODIS- and Landsat-Based Estimates of Directional Reflectance and Albedo
Includes: He, T. He, T.[Tao] He, T.[Tong] He, T.[Tian]
18 for He, T.

He, T.C.[Tai Chien] Co Author Listing * Detecting and Characterizing Active Thrust Fault and Deep-Seated Landslides in Dense Forest Areas of Southern Taiwan Using Airborne LiDAR DEM
* Dynamic Respiratory Motion Estimation Using Patch-Based Kernel-PCA Priors for Lung Cancer Radiotherapy
* Manifold Regularized Multi-view Subspace Clustering for image representation
* Transductive Maximum Margin Classification of ADHD Using Resting State fMRI
Includes: He, T.C.[Tai Chien] He, T.C.[Tai-Chien] He, T.C.[Tian-Cheng]

He, T.L.[Tie Lin] Co Author Listing * Scalable portrait video for mobile video communication
Includes: He, T.L.[Tie Lin] He, T.L.[Tie-Lin]

He, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * Affine Distortion Compensation for an Isolated Online Handwritten Chinese Character Using Combined Orientation Estimation and HMM-Based Minimax Classification
* Character-Structure-Guided Approach to Estimating Possible Orientations of a Rotated Isolated Online Handwritten Chinese Character, A
* Kernel Modified Quadratic Discriminant Function for Online Handwritten Chinese Characters Recognition
* study of a new misclassification measure for minimum classification error training of prototype-based pattern classifiers, A
Includes: He, T.T.[Ting Ting] He, T.T.[Ting-Ting]

He, W. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Contribution of Woody Materials to Forest Angular Gap Fraction and Effective Leaf Area Index Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* Bayesian Framework Based Direct Reconstruction of Fluorescence Parametric Images
* Brain-inspired algorithms for retinal image analysis
* Breast Parenchymal Pattern Analysis in Digital Mammography: Associations between Tabár and Birads Tissue Compositions
* Deep Direct Regression for Multi-oriented Scene Text Detection
* dual-threshold method for photon counting imaging with the EMCCD, A
* EAST: An Efficient and Accurate Scene Text Detector
* Examples of Bivariate Nonseparable Compactly Supported Orthonormal Continuous Wavelets
* Hybrid Feature Selection Approach by Correlation-Based Filters and SVM-RFE, A
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration Using Low-Rank Matrix Recovery
* Image classification: A novel texture signature approach
* Improved Salient Feature-Based Approach for Automatically Separating Photosynthetic and Nonphotosynthetic Components Within Terrestrial Lidar Point Cloud Data of Forest Canopies
* Intelligent Carpool Routing for Urban Ridesharing by Mining GPS Trajectories
* Mining e-commerce satisfaction sentiment through a bilingual model
* Model Identification and Control Design for a Humanoid Robot
* Retrieving Directional Gap Fraction, Extinction Coefficient, and Effective Leaf Area Index by Incorporating Scan Angle Information From Discrete Aerial Lidar Data
* SURF Tracking
* Total Variation Regularized Reweighted Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Total-Variation-Regularized Low-Rank Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Image Restoration
* Universal Noise Removal Algorithm With an Impulse Detector, A
Includes: He, W. He, W.[Wei] He, W.[Wenda] He, W.[Weiji] He, W.[Wen] He, W.[Wu]
20 for He, W.

He, W.F.[Wen Feng] Co Author Listing * Automatic registration of range images based on correspondence of complete plane patches
Includes: He, W.F.[Wen Feng] He, W.F.[Wen-Feng]

He, W.G.[Wen Guang] Co Author Listing * Efficient PVO-based reversible data hiding using multistage blocking and prediction accuracy matrix
* Improved block redundancy mining based reversible data hiding using multi-sub-blocking
* Reversible data hiding based on multilevel histogram modification and pixel value grouping
Includes: He, W.G.[Wen Guang] He, W.G.[Wen-Guang]

He, W.H.[Wen Hao] Co Author Listing * Context-aware mathematical expression recognition: An end-to-end framework and a benchmark
Includes: He, W.H.[Wen Hao] He, W.H.[Wen-Hao]

He, W.J. Co Author Listing * Digital-Filters Associated with Bivariate Box Spline-Wavelets

He, W.P.[Wang Peng] Co Author Listing * Sparsity-assisted signal representation for rotating machinery fault diagnosis using the tunable Q-factor wavelet transform with overlapping group shrinkage
Includes: He, W.P.[Wang Peng] He, W.P.[Wang-Peng]

He, W.X.[Wei Xiong] Co Author Listing * Cross-view transformation based sparse reconstruction for person re-identification
* Weighted walkthroughs in retrieval by contents of pictorial data
Includes: He, W.X.[Wei Xiong] He, W.X.[Wei-Xiong] He, W.X.

He, W.Y.[Wen Yong] Co Author Listing * Using tri-training to exploit spectral and spatial information for hyperspectral data classification
Includes: He, W.Y.[Wen Yong] He, W.Y.[Wen-Yong]

He, X. Co Author Listing * Analytical Model to Characterize the Spatiotemporal Propagation of Information Under Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications, An
* Application of Three-Class ROC Analysis to Task-Based Image Quality Assessment of Simultaneous Dual-Isotope Myocardial Perfusion SPECT (MPS)
* Assessment of InSAR Atmospheric Correction Using Both MODIS Near-Infrared and Infrared Water Vapor Products
* Automatic building extraction from LiDAR data fusion of point and grid-based features
* Boundary-Aware Instance Segmentation
* CBRISK: Colored Binary Robust Invariant Scalable Keypoints
* Co-saliency Detection Linearly Combining Single-View Saliency and Foreground Correspondence
* Color categories only affect post-perceptual processes when same- and different-category colors are equally discriminable
* Contour Completion Without Region Segmentation
* Correlation-Based Facade Parsing Using Shape Grammar
* Coupled Dictionary Learning for the Detail-Enhanced Synthesis of 3-D Facial Expressions
* Deep Free-Form Deformation Network for Object-Mask Registration
* Deep Learning with Low Precision by Half-Wave Gaussian Quantization
* Depth-based distributed multi-view video coding with hierarchical Wyner-Ziv frames
* Developmental Word Acquisition and Grammar Learning by Humanoid Robots Through a Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network
* Discovering intrinsic properties of human observers' visual search and mathematical observers' scanning
* Discrete Multimodal Hashing With Canonical Views for Robust Mobile Landmark Search
* Discriminative Dictionary Learning With Motion Weber Local Descriptor for Violence Detection
* Efficient Scene Layout Aware Object Detection for Traffic Surveillance
* Fast acquisition of dense depth data by a new structured light scheme
* Fine-Grained Image Classification via Combining Vision and Language
* Forest Change Detection in Incomplete Satellite Images With Deep Neural Networks
* Frame Interpolation for Cloud-Based Mobile Video Streaming
* Hidden-Markov-Model-Based Segmentation Confidence Applied to Container Code Character Extraction
* Image Compression by Learning to Minimize the Total Error
* Image De-hazing Based on Polynomial Estimation and Steepest Descent Concept
* Influence of Increasing Water Turbidity on Sea Surface Emissivity, The
* Influence of Polarimetric Parameters and an Object-Based Approach on Land Cover Classification in Coastal Wetlands, The
* Intelligent Multifeature Statistical Approach for the Discrimination of Driving Conditions of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle, An
* Laplacian Regularized D-Optimal Design for Active Learning and Its Application to Image Retrieval
* Large Margin Subspace Learning for feature selection
* Learning to Co-Generate Object Proposals with a Deep Structured Network
* Long-Range Motion Trajectories Extraction of Articulated Human Using Mesh Evolution
* Meaning and Use of the Volume Under a Three-Class ROC Surface (VUS), The
* Moving Object Detection With a Freely Moving Camera via Background Motion Subtraction
* Moving Target's HRRP Synthesis With Sparse Frequency-Stepped Chirp Signal via Atomic Norm Minimization
* Multi-Label Transfer Learning With Sparse Representation
* new method of target recognition based on Rough Set and Support Vector Machine, A
* New Pansharpening Method Based on Spatial and Spectral Sparsity Priors, A
* Novel Bayes' Theorem-Based Saliency Detection Model, A
* novel early SKIP mode detection method for coarse grain quality in H.264/SVC, A
* Novel Robust Image Forensics Algorithm Based on L1-Norm Estimation, A
* Optimal Three-Class Linear Observer Derived From Decision Theory, An
* Practical Method for On-Orbit Estimation of Polarization Response of Satellite Ocean Color Sensor, A
* Predicting Salient Face in Multiple-Face Videos
* Random Subspace Ensembles for Hyperspectral Image Classification With Extended Morphological Attribute Profiles
* Rational function modeling for spaceborne SAR datasets
* Real-Time Fatigue Driving Recognition Method Incorporating Contextual Features and Two Fusion Levels, A
* Real-Time Object Tracking on a Drone With Multi-Inertial Sensing Data
* Regularized Image Reconstruction Algorithms for Dual-Isotope Myocardial Perfusion SPECT (MPS) Imaging Using a Cross-Tracer Prior
* Rich Image Captioning in the Wild
* Robust coding of encrypted images via structural matrix
* Robust Face Alignment Under Occlusion via Regional Predictive Power Estimation
* Rotation-Based Support Vector Machine Ensemble in Classification of Hyperspectral Data With Limited Training Samples
* Saliency Density and Edge Response Based Salient Object Detection
* Semantic Compositional Networks for Visual Captioning
* Semantic context and depth-aware object proposal generation
* Single Image Super-Resolution via Adaptive Transform-Based Nonlocal Self-Similarity Modeling and Learning-Based Gradient Regularization
* Social-Aware Movie Recommendation via Multimodal Network Learning
* Sparse Frequency Diverse MIMO Radar Imaging for Off-Grid Target Based on Adaptive Iterative MAP
* Spatial Normalization of Diffusion Tensor Images with Voxel-Wise Reconstruction of the Diffusion Gradient Direction
* Spectral-Spatial Classification for Hyperspectral Data Using Rotation Forests With Local Feature Extraction and Markov Random Fields
* Speech-Centric Information Processing: An Optimization-Oriented Approach
* SR-based radon transform to extract weak lines from noise images, A
* Three-Class ROC Analysis: A Decision Theoretic Approach Under the Ideal Observer Framework
* Three-Class ROC Analysis: The Equal Error Utility Assumption and the Optimality of Three-Class ROC Surface Using the Ideal Observer
* Three-Class ROC Analysis: Toward a General Decision Theoretic Solution
* Toward Realistic and Practical Ideal Observer (IO) Estimation for the Optimization of Medical Imaging Systems
* Tracking Large-Scale Video Remix in Real-World Events
* Unified Feature and Instance Selection Framework Using Optimum Experimental Design, A
* Validity of Three-Class Hotelling Trace (3-HT) in Describing Three-Class Task Performance: Comparison of Three-Class Volume Under ROC Surface (VU
* Visual Tracking via Nonnegative Multiple Coding
* Weight Multispectral Reconstruction Strategy for Enhanced Reconstruction Accuracy and Stability With Cerenkov Luminescence Tomography
* Zero-determinant Strategies for Multi-player Multi-action Iterated Games
Includes: He, X. He, X.[Xiufeng] He, X.[Xue] He, X.[Xin] He, X.[Xun] He, X.[Xiang] He, X.[Xuan] He, X.[Xiping] He, X.[Xiyan] He, X.[Xueyan] He, X.[Xing] He, X.[Xiaofu] He, X.[Xinyi]
74 for He, X.

He, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Co Author Listing * Development and Evaluation of a River-Basin-Scale High Spatio-Temporal Precipitation Data Set Using the WRF Model: A Case Study of the Heihe River Basin
Includes: He, X.B.[Xiao Bo] He, X.B.[Xiao-Bo]

He, X.C. Co Author Listing * Curvature scale space corner detector with adaptive threshold and dynamic region of support
* Novel Algorithm for Estimating Vehicle Speed from Two Consecutive Images, A
* Novel Merging Criterion Incorporating Boundary Smoothness and Region Homogeneity for Image Segmentation, A
Includes: He, X.C. He, X.C.[Xiao Chen] He, X.C.[Xiao-Chen]

He, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Image-to-Text Generation: A Technical Overview
* From captions to visual concepts and back
* MS-Celeb-1M: A Dataset and Benchmark for Large-Scale Face Recognition
* Stacked Attention Networks for Image Question Answering
* StyleNet: Generating Attractive Visual Captions with Styles
Includes: He, X.D.[Xiao Dong] He, X.D.[Xiao-Dong]

He, X.F.[Xiao Fei] Co Author Listing * A-Optimal Projection for Image Representation
* Active Learning Based on Locally Linear Reconstruction
* Active subspace learning
* Analyzing on Pixel Positioning Accuracy of SAR Images Based On R-D Location Model
* Approximately harmonic projection: Theoretical analysis and an algorithm
* Bayesian Shape Localization for Face Recognition Using Global and Local Textures
* Calibration and Evaluation of Precipitable Water Vapor From MODIS Infrared Observations at Night
* Class of Manifold Regularized Multiplicative Update Algorithms for Image Clustering, A
* Estimating Total Discharge in the Yangtze River Basin Using Satellite-Based Observations
* Extraction of complex wavelet features for iris recognition
* Face Recognition Using Laplacianfaces
* Fast and Accurate Matrix Completion via Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization
* fast fixed-point BYY harmony learning algorithm on Gaussian mixture with automated model selection, A
* Flat-Panel Color Filter Inspection
* Graph Regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Data Representation
* Image representation using Laplacian regularized nonnegative tensor factorization
* Image retrieval based on incremental subspace learning
* Learning a locality preserving subspace for visual recognition
* Learning a semantic space from user's relevance feedback for image retrieval
* Learning a Spatially Smooth Subspace for Face Recognition
* Local Feature Discriminant Projection
* Locality pursuit embedding
* Matrix completion by Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization
* Monitoring Groundwater Variations from Satellite Gravimetry and Hydrological Models: A Comparison with in-situ Measurements in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States
* Multi-Target Regression via Robust Low-Rank Learning
* Neighborhood Preserving Embedding
* New Fake Iris Detection Method, A
* new segmentation approach for iris recognition based on hand-held capture device, A
* Non-negative local coordinate factorization for image representation
* Nonnegative Local Coordinate Factorization for Image Representation
* Novel Iris Segmentation Method for Hand-Held Capture Device, A
* Optimal layout algorithm for reusing solar cell fragments
* Orthogonal Laplacianfaces for Face Recognition
* Quantitative Characterization of Semantic Gaps for Learning Complexity Estimation and Inference Model Selection
* Regularized query classification using search click information
* Semi-supervised Discriminant Analysis
* Small target detection in SAR image using the Alpha-stable distribution model
* Sparse concept coding for visual analysis
* Sparse Learning with Stochastic Composite Optimization
* Spectral Regression for Efficient Regularized Subspace Learning
* Statistical Texture Analysis-Based Approach for Fake Iris Detection Using Support Vector Machines
* Surface Deformation Investigated With SBAS-DINSAR Approach Based on Prior Knowledge
* unified active and semi-supervised learning framework for image compression, A
* Variance Minimization Criterion to Feature Selection Using Laplacian Regularization, A
Includes: He, X.F.[Xiao Fei] He, X.F.[Xiao-Fei] He, X.F. He, X.F.[Xiu-Feng] He, X.F.[Xiao-Fu] He, X.F.[Xue-Feng] He, X.F.[Xing-Fei] He, X.F.[Xiao-Fan]
44 for He, X.F.

He, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition with Relative Difference Space and SVM
* Modeling and Analysis of Local Comprehensive Minutia Relation for Fingerprint Matching
* MQI Based Face Recognition Under Uneven Illumination
* Multiscale Gabor Wavelet for Shoeprint Image Retrieval
Includes: He, X.G.[Xiao Guang] He, X.G.[Xiao-Guang]

He, X.H.[Xiao Hai] Co Author Listing * 3D MRI image super-resolution for brain combining rigid and large diffeomorphic registration
* Adaptive regularization-based space-time super-resolution reconstruction
* Array Pattern Synthesis Method with the Constraint of Weight Amplitude Dynamic Range, An
* Content-based group-of-picture size control in distributed video coding
* Learning-based super resolution using kernel partial least squares
* Measuring Collectiveness in Crowded Scenes via Link Prediction
* Object tracking using firefly algorithm
* Scalable Distributed Video Coding for Wireless Video Sensor Networks
* Single image super resolution based on feature enhancement
* Single image super resolution using local smoothness and nonlocal self-similarity priors
* Single Image Super-Resolution Using Local Geometric Duality and Non-Local Similarity
* Single Image Super-Resolution via Adaptive High-Dimensional Non-Local Total Variation and Adaptive Geometric Feature
* Space-time super-resolution with patch group cuts prior
* Video super-resolution using multiple complementary priors
* Wavelet Transform Based Gaussian Point Spread Function Estimation
Includes: He, X.H.[Xiao Hai] He, X.H.[Xiao-Hai] He, X.H.[Xue-Hui]
15 for He, X.H.

He, X.J.[Xiang Jian] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition by Multiple Features and Hyper-Sphere Multi-class SVM
* Adaptive Stick-Like Features for Human Detection Based on Multi-scale Feature Fusion Scheme
* Algorithm for Colour-Based Natural Scene Text Segmentation, An
* Applying Local Cooccurring Patterns for Object Detection from Aerial Images
* approach of Canny edge detection with virtual hexagonal image structure, An
* Asymmetric, Non-unimodal Kernel Regression for Image Processing
* Battle-Lemarie wavelet pyramid for improved GSM image denoising
* Bayesian salient object detection based on saliency driven clustering
* Bilateral Edge Detection on a Virtual Hexagonal Structure
* CAMHID: Camera Motion Histogram Descriptor and Its Application to Cinematographic Shot Classification
* Canny Edge Detection Using Bilateral Filter on Real Hexagonal Structure
* Car Plate Detection Using Cascaded Tree-Style Learner Based on Hybrid Object Features
* Character Segmentation for License Plate Recognition by K-Means Algorithm
* Community Detection Based on Links and Node Features in Social Networks
* Comparison of Histogram Based Image Matching Methods, A
* Comparison of Image Conversions Between Square Structure and Hexagonal Structure
* Directional high-pass filter for blurry image analysis
* Diversity-Enhanced Condensation Algorithm and Its Application for Robust and Accurate Endoscope Three-Dimensional Motion Tracking
* effective document image deblurring algorithm, An
* efficient algorithm for image retrieval through fusion of two clustering approaches based on combined features, An
* Efficient character segmentation on car license plates
* Estimation of Internal and External Parameters for Camera Calibration Using 1D Pattern
* Extracting key postures using radon transform
* Face hallucination based on nonparametric Bayesian learning
* Facial expression recognition using histogram variances faces
* Gaussian Weighted Histogram Intersection for License Plate Classification
* Generalized local N-ary patterns for texture classification
* Graph-Based Text Segmentation Using a Selected Channel Image
* Higher order prediction for sub-pixel motion estimation
* Image Rotation without Scaling on Spiral Architecture
* Learn Concepts in Multiple-Instance Learning with Diverse Density Framework Using Supervised Mean Shift
* Learning geodesic CRF model for image segmentation
* Learning-Based License Plate Detection Using Global and Local Features
* Learning-Based Number Recognition on Spiral Architecture
* Local N-Ary Pattern and Its Extension for Texture Classification
* More on Weak Feature: Self-correlate Histogram Distances
* Multiple Features Distance Preserving (MFDP) Model for Saliency Detection, A
* New Approach for Fractal Image Compression on a Virtual Hexagonal Structure, A
* New Approach for SA-Based Fractal Image Compression, A
* New Image Decomposition and Reconstruction Approach: Adaptive Fourier Decomposition, A
* Novel Fast Full Frame Video Stabilization via Three-Layer Model, A
* Number Plate Recognition Based on Support Vector Machines
* Object Categorization Based on a Supervised Mean Shift Algorithm
* On splitting dataset: Boosting Locally Adaptive Regression Kernels for car localization
* Online Learning of Multi-Feature Weights for Robust Object Tracking
* Orderless and Blurred Visual Tracking via Spatio-temporal Context
* Robust visual tracking via efficient manifold ranking with low-dimensional compressive features
* Segmenting Characters from License Plate Images with Little Prior Knowledge
* Shape-appearance-correlated active appearance model
* Subspace Analysis Methods plus Motion History Image for Human Action Recognition
* Super-resolution by prediction based sub-pel motion estimation
* Symmetric Color Ratio in Spiral Architecture
* Tensor error correction for corrupted values in visual data
* Uniformly Partitioning Images on Virtual Hexagonal Structure
* Using context saliency for movie shot classification
* Visual tracking based on weighted subspace reconstruction error
Includes: He, X.J.[Xiang Jian] He, X.J.[Xiang-Jian]
56 for He, X.J.

He, X.M.[Xu Ming] Co Author Listing * Analysis on Tree Structure Selection for MRF Inference in Low-level Vision
* Building Scene Models by Completing and Hallucinating Depth and Semantics
* Choosing Basic-Level Concept Names Using Visual and Language Context
* Connected contours: A new contour completion model that respects the closure effect
* Data-Driven Street Scene Layout Estimation for Distant Object Detection
* Discrete-Continuous Depth Estimation from a Single Image
* Efficient Image Denoising by MRF Approximation with Uniform-Sampled Multi-spanning-tree
* Exemplar-Based CRF for Multi-instance Object Segmentation, An
* Glass object localization by joint inference of boundary and depth
* Glass object segmentation by label transfer on joint depth and appearance manifolds
* Indoor Scene Parsing with Instance Segmentation, Semantic Labeling and Support Relationship Inference
* Indoor scene structure analysis for single image depth estimation
* Joint semantic and geometric segmentation of videos with a stage model
* Laplacian Margin Distribution Boosting for Learning from Sparsely Labeled Data
* Latent topic random fields: Learning using a taxonomy of labels
* Learning and Incorporating Top-Down Cues in Image Segmentation
* Learning Dynamic Hierarchical Models for Anytime Scene Labeling
* Learning Flexible Features for Conditional Random Fields
* Learning Hough Forest with Depth-Encoded Context for Object Detection
* Learning Hough Transform with Latent Structures for Joint Object Detection and Pose Estimation
* Learning Spatial Transforms for Refining Object Segment Proposals
* Learning Structured Hough Voting for Joint Object Detection and Occlusion Reasoning
* Learning to Generate Object Segment Proposals with Multi-modal Cues
* Learning to refine depth for robust stereo estimation
* Motion Segmentation of Truncated Signed Distance Function Based Volumetric Surfaces
* Multi-class Semantic Video Segmentation with Exemplar-Based Object Reasoning
* Multi-instance Object Segmentation with Exemplars
* Multiclass semantic video segmentation with object-level active inference
* Multiscale conditional random fields for image labeling
* Object Co-detection via Efficient Inference in a Fully-Connected CRF
* Object-Aware Dictionary Learning with Deep Features
* Occlusion Boundary Detection Using Pseudo-depth
* Scene Understanding by Labeling Pixels
* Separating objects and clutter in indoor scenes
* Stacked Learning to Search for Scene Labeling
* Structural Kernel Learning for Large Scale Multiclass Object Co-detection
* Superpixel Graph Label Transfer with Learned Distance Metric
* Symmetry detection via contour grouping
* Winding Number Constrained Contour Detection
* Winding Number for Region-Boundary Consistent Salient Contour Extraction
Includes: He, X.M.[Xu Ming] He, X.M.[Xu-Ming]
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He, X.N.[Xiang Nan] Co Author Listing * Venue Prediction for Social Images by Exploiting Rich Temporal Patterns in LBSNs
Includes: He, X.N.[Xiang Nan] He, X.N.[Xiang-Nan]

He, X.Q.[Xian Qiang] Co Author Listing * Diurnal Variability of Turbidity Fronts Observed by Geostationary Satellite Ocean Color Remote Sensing
* Remote Sensing Observation of Particulate Organic Carbon in the Pearl River Estuary
* Remote Sensing of Sea Surface pCO2 in the Bering Sea in Summer Based on a Mechanistic Semi-Analytical Algorithm (MeSAA)
* Unified Algorithm for the Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Remote Sensing Data over Land and Ocean, A
Includes: He, X.Q.[Xian Qiang] He, X.Q.[Xian-Qiang]

He, X.S.[Xi Sheng] Co Author Listing * simplified multi-class support vector machine with reduced dual optimization, A
Includes: He, X.S.[Xi Sheng] He, X.S.[Xi-Sheng]

He, X.T.[Xiang Teng] Co Author Listing * Object-Part Attention Model for Fine-Grained Image Classification
Includes: He, X.T.[Xiang Teng] He, X.T.[Xiang-Teng]

He, X.W.[Xing Wei] Co Author Listing * Dust Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval and Dust Storm Detection for Xinjiang Region Using Indian National Satellite Observations
* Group and collaborative dictionary pair learning for face recognition
* Image restoration with L2-type edge-continuous overlapping group sparsity
* Reconstruction algorithm for fluorescence molecular tomography using sorted L-one penalized estimation
* Two-dimensional PCA hashing and its extension
Includes: He, X.W.[Xing Wei] He, X.W.[Xing-Wei] He, X.W.[Xiao-Wei]

He, X.X.[Xiao Xu] Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation and area estimation of neural foramina with boundary regression model
* Designing robust sensing matrix for image compression
* Sensing Matrix Optimization Based on Equiangular Tight Frames With Consideration of Sparse Representation Error
Includes: He, X.X.[Xiao Xu] He, X.X.[Xiao-Xu] He, X.X.[Xiong-Xiong]

He, X.Y. Co Author Listing * active-vision system for recognition of pre-marked objects in robotic assembly workcells, An
* CAD-Based Off-Line Planning for Active Vision
* Change Detection for Map Updating with Classification Posterior Probability of HJ Image and TM Image
* Cooling Effect of Urban Parks and Its Monthly Variations in a Snow Climate City, The
* Feature subspaces selection via one-class SVM: Application to textured image segmentation
* Nearest-neighbour ensembles in lasso feature subspaces
* Random feature subset selection in a nonstationary environment: Application to textured image segmentation
* Study and Application of HHT in Vibration Signal Analysis of Bridge Structural Health Monitoring System, A
Includes: He, X.Y. He, X.Y.[Xiao-Ying] He, X.Y.[Xing-Yuan] He, X.Y.[Xi-Yan] He, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu]
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He, X.Z.[Xiao Zheng] Co Author Listing * Energy-Optimal Speed Control for Electric Vehicles on Signalized Arterials
* Nonlane-Discipline-Based Car-Following Model for Electric Vehicles in Transportation-Cyber-Physical Systems
* Segmentation of overlapping cells in cervical smears based on spatial relationship and Overlapping Translucency Light Transmission Model
Includes: He, X.Z.[Xiao Zheng] He, X.Z.[Xiao-Zheng] He, X.Z.[Xiao-Zhen]

He, Y. Co Author Listing * 2-D Shape Classification Using Hidden Markov Model
* Adaptive Denoising by Singular Value Decomposition
* Advances on Medical Imaging and Computing
* Alternatives to Variable Duration HMM in Handwriting Recognition
* Analysis of food images: Features and classification
* Automated Reconstruction of Walls from Airborne LIDAR Data for Complete 3D Building Modelling
* Automatic Algorithm to Retrieve Wave Height From X-Band Marine Radar Image Sequence, An
* Automatic Procedure for Early Disaster Change Mapping Based on Optical Remote Sensing, An
* Blind Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction using a Maximum a Posteriori Estimation
* Book Dewarping System by Boundary-Based 3D Surface Reconstruction, A
* Book inner boundary extraction with modified active shape model
* Brain Image Analysis Using Spherical Splines
* Cascaded heterogeneous convolutional neural networks for handwritten digit recognition
* Channel Pruning for Accelerating Very Deep Neural Networks
* CMOS Readout With High-Precision and Low-Temperature-Coefficient Background Current Skimming for Infrared Focal Plane Array, A
* Color Filter Array Demosaicking Using Wavelet-Based Subband Synthesis
* Combined adaptive-fixed interpolation with multi-directional filters
* Compressing 3-D Human Motions via Keyframe-Based Geometry Videos
* Conditional Random Fields in Speech, Audio, and Language Processing
* Context based food image analysis
* Cross-Modal Retrieval via Deep and Bidirectional Representation Learning
* Curve speed model for driver assistance based on driving style classification
* Delay-Rate-Distortion Optimization for Cloud Gaming With Hybrid Streaming
* Depth-Aware Video Abstraction
* Detail-preserving exposure fusion using subband architecture
* Detection and Extraction of Target With Micromotion in Spiky Sea Clutter Via Short-Time Fractional Fourier Transform
* Distributed Algorithms for Network Lifetime Maximization in Wireless Visual Sensor Networks
* dual quad-tree based variable block-size coding method, A
* Efficient Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coder Based on Logarithmic Domain, An
* Efficient Utilization of Variable Duration Information in HMM Based HWR Systems
* Efficient Video Coding Using Legacy Algorithmic Approaches
* Estimate of Tidal Constituents in Nearshore Waters Using X-Band Marine Radar Image Sequences
* Estimating and mapping chlorophyll content for a heterogeneous grassland: Comparing prediction power of a suite of vegetation indices across scales between years
* Evaluation of the effectiveness of auditory speeding warnings for commercial passenger vehicles: A field study in Wuhan, China
* Exploration of Loggerhead Shrike Habitats in Grassland National Park of Canada Based on in Situ Measurements and Satellite-Derived Adjusted Transformed Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index (ATSAVI)
* Expression-invariant and sparse representation for mesh-based compression for 3-D face models
* Extended Viterbi algorithm for second order hidden Markov process
* Face recognition using common faces method
* Fast and Accurate Text Detection in Natural Scene Images with User-Intention
* Fast disparity motion estimation in MVC based on range prediction
* Fast integer-pel and fractional-pel motion estimation for H.264/AVC
* Fast M-Term Pursuit for Sparse Image Representation
* Fast Online Video Synopsis Based on Potential Collision Graph
* Fast pruning superfluous support vectors in SVMs
* Frame Rate Up-Conversion Using Trilateral Filtering
* Framework of AVS2-video coding
* From Xetal-II to Xetal-Pro: On the Road Toward an Ultralow-Energy and High-Throughput SIMD Processor
* Gaussian Specific Compensation for Channel Distortion in Speech Recognition
* HICO: A Benchmark for Recognizing Human-Object Interactions in Images
* High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut Video Coding in HEVC: Status and Potential Future Enhancements
* High-throughput and low-complexity binary arithmetic decoder based on logarithmic domain
* Highly Efficient Compression Framework for Time-Varying 3-D Facial Expressions, A
* Human action recognition via multiview discriminative analysis of canonical correlations
* Human Action Recognition Without Human
* Human Activity Influences on Vegetation Cover Changes in Beijing, China, from 2000 to 2015
* Human motion capture data recovery via trajectory-based sparse representation
* Hurricane Tangential Wind Profile Estimation Method for C-Band Cross-Polarization SAR, A
* Image Fusion Using Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition
* Image mosaicking for polyhedral scene and in particular singly visible surfaces
* Improved DBF Algorithm for Multichannel High-Resolution Wide-Swath SAR
* Improvements on Fast Motion Estimation Strategy for H.264/AVC
* Infrared Dim and Small Target Detection Based on Stable Multisubspace Learning in Heterogeneous Scene
* integrated image and sketching environment for archaeological sites, An
* Introduction to the Special Section on Multiview Video Coding
* Joint Power and Admission Control Based on Channel Distribution Information: A Novel Two-Timescale Approach
* Landmark-Based Inductive Model for Robust Discriminative Tracking
* Learning Dilation Factors for Semantic Segmentation of Street Scenes
* local modeling approach of craniofacial shape correlation based on PLSR, A
* Low-rank based compact representation of motion capture data
* Manifold SLIC: A Fast Method to Compute Content-Sensitive Superpixels
* Manifold T-Spline
* Manipulating Ultra-High Definition Video Traffic
* Model-Based Analysis of the Influence of Forest Structures on the Scattering Phase Center at L-Band
* Model-based food volume estimation using 3D pose
* Modeling and Compressing 3-D Facial Expressions Using Geometry Videos
* Monocular catadioptric panoramic depth estimation via caustics-based virtual scene transition
* Motion Representation with Acceleration Images
* MPEG-2 to WMV Transcoder With Adaptive Error Compensation and Dynamic Switches
* Multi Focus Image Fusion Based on Spline Pyramidal Direction Filter Banks
* Multi-Viewpoint Panorama Construction With Wide-Baseline Images
* Multiscale Signal Enhancement: Beyond the Normality and Independence Assumption
* New Algorithm to Retrieve Wave Parameters From Marine X-Band Radar Image Sequences, A
* New Cost-Effective VLSI Implementation of a 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform and Its Inverse
* new fuzzy c-means method with total variation regularization for segmentation of images with noisy and incomplete data, A
* NIR-Red Spectra-Based Disaggregation of SMAP Soil Moisture to 250 m Resolution Based on SMAPEx-4/5 in Southeastern Australia
* Nonlinear Least Square Technique for Simultaneous Image Registration and Super-Resolution, A
* Nonlinear L_1-Norm Approach for Joint Image Registration and Super-Resolution, A
* Novel Hybrid Model Framework to Blind Color Image Deconvolution, A
* Off-line handwritten word recognition using HMM with adaptive length Viterbi algorithm
* On optimal order in modeling sequence of letters in words of common language as a Markov chain
* On the Transfer of Painting Style to Photographic Images through Attention to Colour Contrast
* Online visual tracking by integrating spatio-temporal cues
* OpenMP parallelization and optimization of graph-based machine learning algorithms
* Optical/SAR Sensors Stereo Positioning
* Optimized Video Multicasting Over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Using Distributed Algorithm
* Overview and performance analysis of AVS mobility features
* Overview of Color Gamut Scalability
* Parallel fast inter mode decision for H.264/AVC encoding
* Permuted and Filtered Spectrum Compressive Sensing
* pixel-wise directional intra prediction method, A
* Planar Shape Classification Using Hidden Markov Model
* Plant Cell Tracking Using Kalman Filter Based Local Graph Matching
* Polyhedral Scene: Mosaic Construction from 2 Images Taken under the General Case
* Power aware HEVC streaming for mobile
* PPHPS: a parabolic prediction-based, fast half-pixel search algorithm for very low bit-rate moving-picture coding
* Probabilistic Prediction Model for the Safety Assessment of HDVs Under Complex Driving Environments, A
* Quadtree Based Nonsquare Block Structure for Inter Frame Coding in High Efficiency Video Coding
* Radon-Linear Canonical Ambiguity Function-Based Detection and Estimation Method for Marine Target With Micromotion
* Rate-Distortion Model Based Bit Allocation for 3-D Facial Compression Using Geometry Video
* Re-texturing by Intrinsic Video
* Recent developments from MPEG in HDR video compression
* Recognition of Handwritten Words: First and Second Order Hidden Markov Model Based Approach
* refined motion estimation strategy for adaptive interpolation filter, A
* Retrieval-Based Face Annotation by Weak Label Regularized Local Coordinate Coding
* Review of Microscopic Lane-Changing Models and Future Research Opportunities
* Robust 3D LUT estimation method for SHVC color gamut scalability
* Robust Fixed Rank Kriging Method for Improving the Spatial Completeness and Accuracy of Satellite SST Products, A
* Robust laplacian matrix learning for smooth graph signals
* SAR Raw Data Simulation for Ocean Scenes Using Inverse Omega-K Algorithm
* Scalable and Compact Representation for Motion Capture Data Using Tensor Decomposition
* Scalable extension of HEVC using enhanced inter-layer prediction
* Seeded Region Merging Based on Gradient Vector Flow for Image Segmentation
* Short Distance Intra Coding Scheme for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Singular vector decomposition based adaptive transform for motion compensation residuals
* Soccer Video Event Annotation by Synchronization of Attack-Defense Clips and Match Reports With Coarse-Grained Time Information
* soft MAP framework for blind super-resolution image reconstruction, A
* Software-Based MPEG-4 Video Encoder Using Parallel Processing, A
* Solving Streaming Capacity Problems in P2P VoD Systems
* Sparse Low-Rank Matrix Approximation for Data Compression
* STD2P: RGBD Semantic Segmentation Using Spatio-Temporal Data-Driven Pooling
* Structured document classification by matching local salient features
* Subband Architecture Based Exposure Fusion
* Subband Synthesis for Color Filter Array Demosaicking
* Text detection in natural scene images with user-intention
* Time Series Analysis of Grey Forecasting Based on Wavelet Transform and Its Prediction Applications
* Transforming a 3-D LiDAR Point Cloud Into a 2-D Dense Depth Map Through a Parameter Self-Adaptive Framework
* Uniformly asymptotical stability of nonlinear time delay systems
* Uninformation Variable Elimination and Successive Projections Algorithm in Mid-Infrared Spectral Wavenumber Selection
* Use of Temporal Information in Food Image Analysis, The
* Vehicle Type Classification Using Unsupervised Convolutional Neural Network
* Vision-based fault inspection of small mechanical components for train safety
* Visual Tracking Using Multi-stage Random Simple Features
* VLSI-oriented algorithm and its implementation for AVS chroma interpolation, A
* Workflow for Building a Hyperspectral UAV: Challenges and Opportunities
Includes: He, Y. He, Y.[Yong] He, Y.[Yang] He, Y.[Ye] He, Y.[Yu] He, Y.[Yuan] He, Y.[Ying] He, Y.[Yun] He, Y.[Yi] He, Y.[You] He, Y.[Yuhong] He, Y.[Yunhui] He, Y.[Yangbo] He, Y.[Yuwen] He, Y.[Yuexin] He, Y.[Yanyan] He, Y.[Yuqi] He, Y.[Yue]
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He, Y.C. Co Author Listing * Memory-Reduced Look-Up Tables for Efficient ADMM Decoding of LDPC Codes
* Multi-task co-clustering via nonnegative matrix factorization
Includes: He, Y.C. He, Y.C.[Yang-Cheng]

He, Y.D.[Ying Ding] Co Author Listing * Automatic Skin Lesion Segmentation Based on Texture Analysis and Supervised Learning
* Decoupled H 8 control of automated vehicular platoons with complex interaction topologies
Includes: He, Y.D.[Ying Ding] He, Y.D.[Ying-Ding] He, Y.D.[Ying-Dong]

He, Y.F.[Ya Feng] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Competition between Patterns by Using Fast Fourier Transform
* Analysis of the Characteristic of Spots in Square Superlattice Pattern by Image Processing
* Efficient BOF Generation and Compression for On-Device Mobile Visual Location Recognition
* Feasibility Analysis of Ultra High Frame Rate Visual Servoing on FPGA and SIMD Processor
* On-Device Mobile Visual Location Recognition by Integrating Vision and Inertial Sensors
* Optimization of resource reconfiguration for cloud-based multimedia applications
* Processing of Signals of Ring-Shaped Spots in Dielectric Barrier Discharge
* Queueing model based resource optimization for multimedia cloud
* Real-Time Hough Transform on 1-D SIMD Processors: Implementation and Architecture Exploration
* Real-time implementations of Hough Transform on SIMD architecture
* Terahertz Measurements of Protein Relaxational Dynamics
* Towards dynamic resource optimization for cloud-based free viewpoint video service
Includes: He, Y.F.[Ya Feng] He, Y.F.[Ya-Feng] He, Y.F.[Yun-Feng] He, Y.F.[Yi-Fan] He, Y.F.[Yi-Feng] He, Y.F.[Yun-Fen]
12 for He, Y.F.

He, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Co Author Listing * Local Binary Pattern histogram based Texton learning for texture classification
* Pyramid-Based Multi-structure Local Binary Pattern for Texture Classification
Includes: He, Y.G.[Yong Gang] He, Y.G.[Yong-Gang]

He, Y.H.[Yu Hong] Co Author Listing * Ash Decline Assessment in Emerald Ash Borer Infested Natural Forests Using High Spatial Resolution Images
* Color-based road detection in urban traffic scenes
* discrepancy measure for segmentation evaluation from the perspective of object recognition, A
* Fast Fashion Guided Clothing Image Retrieval: Delving Deeper into What Feature Makes Fashion
* Image annotation via learning the image-label interrelations
* Let the robot tell: Describe car image with natural language via LSTM
* multi-band approach to unsupervised scale parameter selection for multi-scale image segmentation, A
* object-based approach to delineate wetlands across landscapes of varied disturbance with high spatial resolution satellite imagery, An
* Object-Based Canopy Gap Segmentation and Classification: Quantifying the Pros and Cons of Integrating Optical and LiDAR Data
* Relationship between an Invasive Shrub and Soil Moisture: Seasonal Interactions and Spatially Covarying Relations, The
* Species classification using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-acquired high spatial resolution imagery in a heterogeneous grassland
* Texture augmented detection of macrophyte species using decision trees
Includes: He, Y.H.[Yu Hong] He, Y.H.[Yu-Hong] He, Y.H.[Ying-Hua] He, Y.H.[Yu-Hang] He, Y.H.[Yong-Hao]
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He, Y.J.[Yu Jie] Co Author Listing * Efficient Method of Estimating Downward Solar Radiation Based on the MODIS Observations for the Use of Land Surface Modeling, An
* Ku-Band Sea Surface Radar Backscatter at Low Incidence Angles under Extreme Wind Conditions
* Optimal threshold selection algorithm in edge detection based on wavelet transform
* Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Satellite-Derived Chlorophyll-a (2000-2012) in the Bohai Sea, China
* Target Detection on the Ocean With the Relative Phase of Compact Polarimetry SAR
* Wind Speed Retrieval From VH Dual-Polarization RADARSAT-2 SAR Images
Includes: He, Y.J.[Yu Jie] He, Y.J.[Yu-Jie] He, Y.J.[Yi-Jun] He, Y.J.[Yuan-Jun]

He, Y.L.[Yan Ling] Co Author Listing * 3D Jigsaw Puzzle: Mapping Large Indoor Spaces, The
* Automatic fingerprint identification using cluster algorithm
* Face Recognition with Relative Difference Space and SVM
* Fingerprint Alignment Using Similarity Histogram
* Fingerprint Matching Based on Global Comprehensive Similarity
* Image enhancement and minutiae matching in fingerprint verification
* Maximum-Likelihood Deformation Analysis of Different-Sized Fingerprints
* Modeling and Analysis of Local Comprehensive Minutia Relation for Fingerprint Matching
* Non-Naive Bayesian Classifiers for Classification Problems With Continuous Attributes
* Progressive structural analysis for dynamic recognition of on-line handwritten mathematical expressions
* Research on Unequal Error Protection with Irregular LDPC and Application on Image Transmission
Includes: He, Y.L.[Yan Ling] He, Y.L.[Yan-Ling] He, Y.L.[Yu-Liang] He, Y.L.[Yu-Lin] He, Y.L.[Yu-Lan] He, Y.L.[Ying-Liang]
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He, Y.M.[You Min] Co Author Listing * design and implementation of a Visual Workflow Modeling tool based on Eclipse plug-ins, The
* Efficient embedded wavelet codec based on list structure
* Infrared dim target detection based on total variation regularization and principal component pursuit
Includes: He, Y.M.[You Min] He, Y.M.[You-Min] He, Y.M.[Yan-Min]

He, Y.Q.[Ya Qian] Co Author Listing * Classification of C3 and C4 Vegetation Types Using MODIS and ETM+ Blended High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Data
* Downscaling Snow Cover Fraction Data in Mountainous Regions Based on Simulated Inhomogeneous Snow Ablation
* Enhancement for Dust-Sand Storm Images
* Key Techniques and Methods for Imaging Iris in Focus
* Novel Real-Time Gesture Recognition Algorithm for Human-Robot Interaction on the UAV, A
* Vision-Based Robot Path Planning with Deep Learning
Includes: He, Y.Q.[Ya Qian] He, Y.Q.[Ya-Qian] He, Y.Q.[Yong Qi] He, Y.Q.[Yu-Qing]

He, Y.T.[Ya Ting] Co Author Listing * Penetration Depth Derived from the Synthesis of ALOS/PALSAR InSAR Data and ASTER GDEM for the Mapping of Forest Biomass, The
* Satellite-Based Inversion and Field Validation of Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Respiration in an Alpine Meadow on the Tibetan Plateau
* Tower-Based Validation and Improvement of MODIS Gross Primary Production in an Alpine Swamp Meadow on the Tibetan Plateau
Includes: He, Y.T.[Ya Ting] He, Y.T.[Ya-Ting] He, Y.T.[Yong-Tao]

He, Y.W.[Yu Wen] Co Author Listing * Block-based fine granularity scalable video coding for content aware streaming
* Block-based fine granularity scalable video coding with optimized rate allocation for content-aware streaming
Includes: He, Y.W.[Yu Wen] He, Y.W.[Yu-Wen]

He, Y.Y.[Yong Yi] Co Author Listing * Natural Landmarks Extraction Method from Range Image for Mobile Robot
* Real-time stereo matching based on fast belief propagation
Includes: He, Y.Y.[Yong Yi] He, Y.Y.[Yong-Yi] He, Y.Y.[Yu-Yong]

He, Y.Z.[Yu Zhen] Co Author Listing * Yoga Posture Recognition for Self-training
Includes: He, Y.Z.[Yu Zhen] He, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhen]

He, Z. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Critic Design for Energy Minimization of Portable Video Communication Devices
* Animal Detection From Highly Cluttered Natural Scenes Using Spatiotemporal Object Region Proposals and Patch Verification
* beamforming method for cylindrical array based on synthetic pattern of subarray, A
* Blockwise Zero Mapping Image Coding
* CFAR Knowledge-Aided Radar Detection With Heterogeneous Samples
* chordlet transform with an application to shape compression, The
* Connected Component Model for Multi-Object Tracking
* Continuous Video to Simple Signals for Swimming Stroke Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Correlation Filters with Weighted Convolution Responses
* Deep convolutional neural network based species recognition for wild animal monitoring
* Delay-Bounded Priority-Driven Resource Allocation for Video Transmission Over Multihop Networks
* Digital Halftoning through Approximate Optimization of Scale-Related Perceived Error Metric
* Discriminative Bimodal Networks for Visual Localization and Detection with Natural Language Queries
* Distributed and Collaborative Biomedical Data Exploration
* Diversity induced matrix decomposition model for salient object detection
* Dynamic programming framework for automatic video object segmentation and vision-assisted video pre-processing
* Error Resilient Video Coding Scheme Using Embedded Wyner-Ziv Description With Decoder Side Non-Stationary Distortion Modeling, An
* Estimating Leaf Area Density of Individual Trees Using the Point Cloud Segmentation of Terrestrial LiDAR Data and a Voxel-Based Model
* Exploring the Potential of WorldView-2 Red-Edge Band-Based Vegetation Indices for Estimation of Mangrove Leaf Area Index with Machine Learning Algorithms
* Extraction and Classification of Diving Clips from Continuous Video Footage
* Fast Three-Dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition of Hyperspectral Images for Class-Oriented Multitask Learning
* Fine-Granularity Transmission Distortion Modeling for Video Packet Scheduling Over Mesh Networks
* Framework of AVS2-video coding
* Fully End-to-End Cascaded CNN for Facial Landmark Detection, A
* Generative Adversarial Networks-Based Semi-Supervised Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* generic postprocessing technique for image compression, A
* GPU-Based Active Contour Segmentation Using Gradient Vector Flow
* H.264/AVC rate control with enhanced ratequantisation model and bit allocation
* Hierarchical Colorant-Based Direct Binary Search Halftoning
* Hierarchical Error Diffusion
* Indexing Sub-Vector Distance for High-Dimensional Feature Matching
* Jam-Absorption Driving Strategy for Mitigating Traffic Oscillations, A
* Joint Source and Flow Optimization for Scalable Video Multirate Multicast Over Hybrid Wired/Wireless Coded Networks
* Kernel Sparse Multitask Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification With Empirical Mode Decomposition and Morphological Wavelet-Based Features
* Kernel Sparse Subspace Clustering on Symmetric Positive Definite Manifolds
* Learning group-based sparse and low-rank representation for hyperspectral image classification
* Linear Rate Control and Optimum Statistical Multiplexing for H.264 Video Broadcast
* MMSE-Directed Linear Image Interpolation Based on Nonlocal Geometric Similarity
* multi-scale non-uniformity correction method based on wavelet decomposition and guided filtering for uncooled long wave infrared camera, A
* Multihop Packet Delay Bound Violation Modeling for Resource Allocation in Video Streaming Over Mesh Networks
* New Automatic Extraction Method of Container Identity Codes, A
* New Sparse Representation Framework for Reconstruction of an Isotropic High Spatial Resolution MR Volume From Orthogonal Anisotropic Resolution Scans, A
* Prioritized Flow Optimization With Multi-Path and Network Coding Based Routing for Scalable Multirate Multicasting
* Quality of Experience Driven Multi-User Video Streaming in Cellular Cognitive Radio Networks With Single Channel Access
* Reconstruction for Distributed Video Coding: A Context-Adaptive Markov Random Field Approach
* Reliability Analysis for Global Motion Estimation
* research of a basic language of expert systems for pattern recognition-design and realization of LOG-BASIC programming language, The
* Resource Allocation and Performance Analysis of Wireless Video Sensors
* Robust FEC-CNN: A High Accuracy Facial Landmark Detection System
* Robust multitask learning with three-dimensional empirical mode decomposition-based features for hyperspectral classification
* Robust Object Tracking via Key Patch Sparse Representation
* Robust road detection from a single image using road shape prior
* Robust Superdirective Frequency-Invariant Beamforming for Circular Sensor Arrays
* Saliency Detection via Diversity-Induced Multi-view Matrix Decomposition
* Semi-supervised learning for robust car windshield tracking and monitoring in live traffic videos
* Simple and Efficient Wavelet Image Compression
* Social Media: New Perspectives to Improve Remote Sensing for Emergency Response
* Special Issue on Video Surveillance
* Structure-Aware Slow Feature Analysis for Age Estimation
* Task-Driven Progressive Part Localization for Fine-Grained Object Recognition
* Task-driven progressive part localization for fine-grained recognition
* Tensor Block-Sparsity Based Representation for Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Transmission Distortion Analysis for Real-Time Video Encoding and Streaming Over Wireless Networks
Includes: He, Z. He, Z.[Zishu] He, Z.[Zhihai] He, Z.[Zifen] He, Z.[Zhiyu] He, Z.[Zhi_Xiang] He, Z.[Ze] He, Z.[Zhi] He, Z.[Zhichu] He, Z.[Zhen] He, Z.[Zewei] He, Z.[Zheing]
63 for He, Z.

He, Z.B.[Zheng Bing] Co Author Listing * Mobile Traffic Sensor Routing in Dynamic Transportation Systems
* Real-time estimation of freeway travel time with recurrent congestion based on sparse detector data
Includes: He, Z.B.[Zheng Bing] He, Z.B.[Zheng-Bing]

He, Z.C.[Zhi Cheng] Co Author Listing * Convolutional neural random fields for action recognition
* Fast and Effective Dichotomy Based Hash Algorithm for Image Matching, A
* Indexing Large Visual Vocabulary by Randomized Dimensions Hashing for High Quantization Accuracy: Improving the Object Retrieval Quality
* On-line map-matching framework for floating car data with low sampling rate in urban road networks
* TOCSAC: TOpology Constraint SAmple Consensus for Fast and Reliable Feature Correspondence
Includes: He, Z.C.[Zhi Cheng] He, Z.C.[Zhi-Cheng] He, Z.C.[Zhou-Can] He, Z.C.

He, Z.F.[Zi Fen] Co Author Listing * Automatic Inspection of Tobacco Leaves Based on MRF Image Model
* Boosting ordinal features for accurate and fast iris recognition
* Efficient and robust segmentation of noisy iris images for non-cooperative iris recognition
* Efficient Iris Spoof Detection via Boosted Local Binary Patterns
* Enhanced usability of iris recognition via efficient user interface and iris image restoration
* Global optimization of wavelet-domain hidden Markov tree for image segmentation
* Iris Localization via Pulling and Pushing
* Large Displacement Dynamic Scene Segmentation through Multiscale Saliency Flow
* Multiscale fusion of wavelet-domain hidden Markov tree through graph cut
* Multiscale Information Fusion by Graph Cut through Convex Optimization
* Nonlinear Regression of Saliency Guided Proposals for Unsupervised Segmentation of Dynamic Scenes
* Robust 3D face recognition in uncontrolled environments
* Robust eyelid, eyelash and shadow localization for iris recognition
* Robust Segmentation of Highly Dynamic Scene with Missing Data
* Semantic Motion Signature for Segmentation of High Speed Large Displacement Objects
* Topology modeling for Adaboost-cascade based object detection
* Toward Accurate and Fast Iris Segmentation for Iris Biometrics
* Unsupervised segmentation of highly dynamic scenes through global optimization of multiscale cues
* Video Object Segmentation of Dynamic Scenes with Large Displacements
Includes: He, Z.F.[Zi Fen] He, Z.F.[Zi-Fen] He, Z.F.[Zhao-Feng]
19 for He, Z.F.

He, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Satellite-Altimetry-Derived Pycnocline Depth Products in the South China Sea
Includes: He, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] He, Z.G.[Zhi-Gang]

He, Z.H. Co Author Listing * Activity Analysis, Summarization, and Visualization for Indoor Human Activity Monitoring
* Adaptive Silouette Extraction and Human Tracking in Complex and Dynamic Environments
* Building recognition using sketch-based representations and spectral graph matching
* Color Texture Retrieval Through Contourlet-Based Hidden Markov Model
* Constellational contour parsing for deformable object detection
* Coupled ensemble graph cuts and object verification for animal segmentation from highly cluttered videos
* Data-Driven Assessment of Biosphere-Atmosphere Interaction Impact on Seasonal Cycle Patterns of XCO2 Using GOSAT and MODIS Observations, A
* Distributed Rate Allocation and Performance Optimization for Video Communication Over Mesh Networks
* Doubling of the Operational Lifetime of Portable Video Communication Devices Using Power-Rate-Distortion Analysis and Control
* Energy Minimization of Portable Video Communication Devices Based on Power-Rate-Distortion Optimization
* Ensemble Video Object Cut in Highly Dynamic Scenes
* Fast Algorithm for Conversion from DCT Blocks to Integer Cosine Transform Blocks, A
* Histogram of Oriented Normal Vectors for Object Recognition with a Depth Sensor
* Improved Conversion From DCT Blocks to Integer Cosine Transform Blocks in H.264/AVC
* Incremental rate control for H.264/AVC video compression
* Integrated camera and sensor networks: Algorithms, design, and applications
* Joint mode selection and unequal error protection for bitplane coded video transmission over wireless channels
* Joint source channel rate-distortion analysis for adaptive mode selection and rate control in wireless video coding
* linear source model and a unified rate control algorithm for DCT video coding, A
* Lossless Image Compression Using Super-Spatial Structure Prediction
* Low-delay rate control for DCT video coding via rho-domain source modeling
* Low-Pass Filtering of Rate-Distortion Functions for Quality Smoothing in Real-Time Video Communication
* Lowpass filtering of rate-distortion functions for quality smoothing for real-time video recording and streaming
* model-based adaptive motion estimation scheme using Renyi's entropy for wireless video, A
* MPEG-4 Video Streaming Quality Evaluation in IEEE 802.11E WLANs
* Multi-scale embedded descriptor for shape classification
* Novel Frame-Level Bit Allocation Based on Two-Pass Video Encoding for Low Bit Rate Video Streaming Applications, A
* novel incremental rate control scheme for H.264 video coding, A
* Novel rate-distortion analysis framework for bit rate and picture quality control in DCT visual coding
* Optimal Bit Allocation for Low Bit Rate Video Streaming Applications
* Optimal Quantization Error Feedback Filter for Wavelet Image Compression
* Optimal retransmission timeout selection for delay-constrainfd multimedia communications
* Optimum bit allocation and accurate rate control for video coding via p-domain source modeling
* P-domain Bit Allocation and Rate Control for Real Time Video Coding
* Peak Transform for Efficient Image Representation and Coding
* Peak Transform: A Nonlinear Transform for Efficient Image Representation and Coding
* Performance Optimization of Wireless Video Sensor Networks using Swarm Optimization with Convex Mapping
* Power-Rate-Distortion Analysis for Wireless Video Communication Under Energy Constraints
* Randomized Support Vector Forest
* Rate-distortion optimized unequal loss protection for video transmission over packet erasure channels
* Robust Generalized Low-Rank Decomposition of Multimatrices for Image Recovery
* Scene text detection based on component-level fusion and region-level verification
* Smart video access control system with hybrid features in complicated environment
* unified rate-distortion analysis framework for transform coding, A
* Visible watermark removal scheme based on reversible data hiding and image inpainting
Includes: He, Z.H. He, Z.H.[Zhi-Hai] He, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua] He, Z.H.[Zhong-Hua] He, Z.H.[Zhi-Hong]
45 for He, Z.H.

He, Z.K.[Zhi Kuan] Co Author Listing * Design of area CCD imaging system based on FPGA
Includes: He, Z.K.[Zhi Kuan] He, Z.K.[Zhi-Kuan]

He, Z.L. Co Author Listing * Cost Effective VLSI Architectures for Full Search Block Matching Motion Estimation Algorithm
* Design of Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Hardware Consideration
* Generic VLSI Architecture for Block Matching Motion Estimation Algorithms
* High Performance Fast Search Algorithm for Block Matching Motion Estimation, A

He, Z.M.[Zan Ming] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Key Frame Selection for Efficient Video Coding
* Efficient Near-Field Imaging for Single-Borehole Radar With Widely Separated Transceivers
* Efficient Stolt Migration for Large Nonuniform Single Borehole Radar Surveys
* Time-Gating-Based Time Reversal Imaging for Impulse Borehole Radar in Layered Media
Includes: He, Z.M.[Zan Ming] He, Z.M.[Zan-Ming] He, Z.M.[Zhi-Ming]

He, Z.P.[Zhi Ping] Co Author Listing * Airborne Multidimensional Integrated Remote Sensing System
Includes: He, Z.P.[Zhi Ping] He, Z.P.[Zhi-Ping]

He, Z.Q.[Zhe Qi] Co Author Listing * fast and robust ellipse detector based on top-down least-square fitting, A
* Novel Generalization of Modified LMS Algorithm to Fractional Order, A
* Opportunistic Scheduling With BIA Under Block Fading Broadcast Channels
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Transmission Power Adaptation for Video Streaming over Wireless Channels
* Robust Iteratively Reweighted L_ Approach for Spectral Compressed Sensing in Impulsive Noise, A
* Saliency Detection via A Graph Based Diffusion Model
* Underdetermined DOA Estimation for Wideband Signals Using Robust Sparse Covariance Fitting
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
Includes: He, Z.Q.[Zhe Qi] He, Z.Q.[Zhe-Qi] He, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang] He, Z.Q.[Zhi-Quan] He, Z.Q. He, Z.Q.[Zhou-Qin] He, Z.Q.[Zhen-Qing] He, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qun]
8 for He, Z.Q.

He, Z.S.[Zhao Shui] Co Author Listing * Detecting the Number of Clusters in n-Way Probabilistic Clustering
* Gabor texture representation method for face recognition using the Gamma and generalized Gaussian models
* Simultaneous Feature and Model Selection for Continuous Hidden Markov Models
Includes: He, Z.S.[Zhao Shui] He, Z.S.[Zhao-Shui] He, Z.S.[Zhong-Shi]

He, Z.T.[Zheng Ting] Co Author Listing * efficient motion-adaption de-interlacing technique on VLIW DSP architecture, An
Includes: He, Z.T.[Zheng Ting] He, Z.T.[Zheng-Ting]

He, Z.W.[Zhong Wei] Co Author Listing * Digital image splicing detection based on approximate run length
* Digital image splicing detection based on Markov features in DCT and DWT domain
* Improved Run Length Based Detection of Digital Image Splicing
* New Method of Image Encryption/Decryption via Voice Features, A
* Parallel indexing technique for spatio-temporal data
* Research on the Performance Evaluation Technique for Communication Network
* State of Charge Estimation Online Based on EKF-Ah Method for Lithium-Ion Power Battery
Includes: He, Z.W.[Zhong Wei] He, Z.W.[Zhong-Wei] He, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei] He, Z.W.[Zhen-Wen] He, Z.W.[Zun-Wen]
7 for He, Z.W.

He, Z.X.[Zai Xing] Co Author Listing * Defect detection of castings in radiography images using a robust statistical feature
* Low-quality fingerprint recognition using a limited ellipse-band-based matching method
* Robust face recognition using the GAP feature
* Robust pedestrian detection in thermal infrared imagery using a shape distribution histogram feature and modified sparse representation classification
* simplest measurement matrix for compressed sensing of natural images, The
Includes: He, Z.X.[Zai Xing] He, Z.X.[Zai-Xing]

He, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] Co Author Listing * 3-D B-spline Wavelet-Based Local Standard Deviation (BWLSD): Its Application to Edge Detection and Vascular Segmentation in Magnetic Resonance Angiography
* Can the classification capability of network be further improved by using quadratic sigmoidal neurons?
* Determining Vanishing Point and Camera Parameter: New Approaches
* Discovering cluster-based local outliers
* fast and effective stereo matching method-implementation aspects, A
* Fractal Image-Coding Using Cosine-Modulated Filter Banks
* further reduction of multiplications in Wang's fast DCT algorithm, A
* Global-to-Local Matching Strategy for Registering Retinal Fundus Images, A
* Image Sequence Macroblock Classification Using Neural Networks
* Joint sparse principal component analysis
* Moving Weighted Harmonic Analysis Method for Reconstructing High-Quality SPOT VEGETATION NDVI Time-Series Data, A
* New Algorithm on MPEG-2 Target Bit Number Allocation at Scene Changes, A
* New Prediction Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation in Video Coding, A
* Novel Approach to Semantic Similarity Measurement Based on a Weighted Concept Lattice: Exemplifying Geo-Information, A
* novel method for offline handwriting-based writer identification, A
* On the Impact of Dissimilarity Measure in k-Modes Clustering Algorithm
* Passive Target Tracking Using Maximum-Likelihood-Estimation
* Simultaneous Dual-Views Reconstruction with Adaptive Dictionary and Low-Rank Representation
* Texture Image Retrieval Using Novel Non-separable Filter Banks Based on Centrally Symmetric Matrices
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Weightlessness feature: A novel feature for single tri-axial accelerometer based activity recognition
* Writer identification of Chinese handwriting documents using hidden Markov tree model
Includes: He, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] He, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] He, Z.Y.[Zhen-Ya] He, Z.Y. He, Z.Y.[Zeng-You] He, Z.Y.[Zong-Yi]
23 for He, Z.Y.

He, Z.Z.[Zhou Zhou] Co Author Listing * Data-Dependent Label Distribution Learning for Age Estimation
* Deep Learning Driven Visual Path Prediction From a Single Image
Includes: He, Z.Z.[Zhou Zhou] He, Z.Z.[Zhou-Zhou]

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