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He, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Time-Resampled High-Resolution Synchrosqueezing Transform and Its Application in Seismic Data
* Attribute Learning for SAR Image Classification
* Bayesian Fusion of Multi-Scale Detectors for Road Extraction from SAR Images
* Bayesian Local Binary Pattern texture descriptor, A
* Complex Composite Derivative and Its Application to Edge Detection
* Component-Based Multi-Layer Parallel Network for Airplane Detection in SAR Imagery, A
* constrained total variation model for single image dehazing, A
* Dual Range Deringing for non-blind image deconvolution
* Employing optimized combinations of one-class classifiers for automated currency validation
* End-To-End Bayesian Segmentation Network Based on a Generative Adversarial Network for Remote Sensing Images, An
* End-to-End Conditional Random Fields and Skip-Connected Generative Adversarial Segmentation Network for Remote Sensing Images, An
* Estimating Regional Soil Moisture Distribution Based on NDVI and Land Surface Temperature Time Series Data in the Upstream of the Heihe River Watershed, Northwest China
* Fast Adaptive Parameter Estimation for Total Variation Image Restoration, A
* Fast and robust homography estimation method with algebraic outlier rejection
* Fast proximal splitting algorithm for constrained TGV-regularised image restoration and reconstruction
* Fast semantic scene segmentation with conditional random field
* Focused Detection via Multiresolution Analysis
* Forest Vertical Parameter Estimation Using PolInSAR Imagery Based on Radiometric Correction
* Fully Convolutional Networks and a Manifold Graph Embedding-Based Algorithm for PolSAR Image Classification
* Global land cover mapping at 30M resolution: A POK-based operational approach
* Handwriting Character Recognition as a Service: A New Handwriting Recognition System Based on Cloud Computing
* Hierarchical Fully Convolutional Network Integrated with Sparse and Low-Rank Subspace Representations for PolSAR Imagery Classification, A
* Hierarchical Terrain Classification Based on Multilayer Bayesian Network and Conditional Random Field
* Hybrid Beam-Forming and Direction-Finding Method for Wind Direction Sensing Based on HF Radar, A
* Improvement of Reflection Detection Success Rate of GNSS RO Measurements Using Artificial Neural Network
* Lifting Scheme Based Deep Network Model for Remote Sensing Imagery Classification
* Lifting Scheme-Based Deep Neural Network for Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Local Topographic Shape Patterns for Texture Description
* Low-Resolution Face Recognition Based on Identity-Preserved Face Hallucination
* MCA aided geodesic active contours for image segmentation with textures
* MCast: High-Quality Linear Video Transmission With Time and Frequency Diversities
* MiLeNAS: Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Mixed-Level Reformulation
* Mixture Statistical Distribution Based Multiple Component Model for Target Detection in High Resolution SAR Imagery
* Movie fill in the blank by joint learning from video and text with adaptive temporal attention
* MUcast: Linear Uncoded Multiuser Video Streaming With Channel Assignment and Power Allocation Optimization
* New Image Decomposition and Reconstruction Approach: Adaptive Fourier Decomposition, A
* Nonlinear Manifold Learning Integrated with Fully Convolutional Networks for PolSAR Image Classification
* Novelty detection employing an L2 optimal non-parametric density estimator
* Optimal 3-d coefficient tree structure for 3-d wavelet video coding
* Orthogonal Projection Algorithm to Suppress Interference in High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar, An
* parallel linearized ADMM with application to multichannel tgv-based image restoration, A
* Pattern Statistics Network for Classification of High-Resolution SAR Images
* Point Pattern Chamfer Registration of Optical and SAR Images Based on Mesh Grids, A
* Probability density estimation from optimally condensed data samples
* Progressive decoding method for fractal image compression
* Quickly tracing detection for spread spectrum watermark based on effect estimation of the affine transform
* Remote Sensing and Texture Image Classification Network Based on Deep Learning Integrated with Binary Coding and Sinkhorn Distance
* Remote Sensing Image Semantic Segmentation Based on Edge Information Guidance
* Rotation Invariant Image Description with Local Binary Pattern Histogram Fourier Features
* S-Band Doppler Wave Radar System
* Salient object detection via images frequency domain analyzing
* Sparse Manifold Classification Method Based on a Multi-Dimensional Descriptive Primitive of Polarimetric SAR Image Time Series, A
* Spatio-Temporal Series Remote Sensing Image Prediction Based on Multi-Dictionary Bayesian Fusion
* Statistics Learning Network Based on the Quadratic Form for SAR Image Classification
* Structure Aware Single-Stage 3D Object Detection From Point Cloud
* Texture Classification of PolSAR Data Based on Sparse Coding of Wavelet Polarization Textons
* Topographic gray level multiscale analysis and its application to histogram modification
* Towards Accurate One-Stage Object Detection With AP-Loss
* Unstructured road detection via combining the model-based and feature-based methods
* Validation of Sensing Ocean Surface Currents Using Multi-Frequency HF Radar Based on a Circular Receiving Array
* WLD: A Robust Local Image Descriptor
Includes: He, C. He, C.[Chu] He, C.[Chuanjiang] He, C.[Chuan] He, C.[Chao] He, C.[Chansheng] He, C.[Chaoying] He, C.[Cong] He, C.[Changtao] He, C.[Chengkun] He, C.[Can] He, C.[Chen] He, C.[Changwei]
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He, C.C.[Chu Chao] Co Author Listing * Structure Learning of Bayesian Networks by Finding the Optimal Ordering
Includes: He, C.C.[Chu Chao] He, C.C.[Chu-Chao]

He, C.F.[Cun Fu] Co Author Listing * synthetic digital signal processing method of ultrasonic guided wave pipeline inspection, A
* Track circuit fault prediction method based on grey theory and expert system
Includes: He, C.F.[Cun Fu] He, C.F.[Cun-Fu] He, C.F.[Chao-Feng]

He, C.H.[Cong Hui] Co Author Listing * Global-Scale Associations of Vegetation Phenology with Rainfall and Temperature at a High Spatio-Temporal Resolution
* Real-Time Tree Crown Detection Approach for Large-Scale Remote Sensing Images on FPGAs, A
* Semantic Segmentation Based Building Extraction Method Using Multi-source GIS Map Datasets and Satellite Imagery
* Semantic Segmentation-Based Building Footprint Extraction Using Very High-Resolution Satellite Images and Multi-Source GIS Data
Includes: He, C.H.[Cong Hui] He, C.H.[Cong-Hui]

He, C.J.[Chuan Jiang] Co Author Listing * Fast and Effective Algorithm for a Poisson Denoising Model With Total Variation, A
* Image segmentation algorithm by piecewise smooth approximation
* Integrating clustering with level set method for piecewise constant Mumford-Shah model
* L0-regularized discrete variational level set method for image segmentation, The
* Multiscale Texture Extraction with Hierarchical (BV,Gp,L2) Decomposition
* Variational Model with Barrier Functionals for Retinex, A
* Variational segmentation model for images with intensity inhomogeneity and Poisson noise
Includes: He, C.J.[Chuan Jiang] He, C.J.[Chuan-Jiang]
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He, C.K.[Cheng Kun] Co Author Listing * SELSH: A Hashing Scheme for Approximate Similarity Search with Early Stop Condition
* Spatial Verification via Compact Words for Mobile Instance Search
Includes: He, C.K.[Cheng Kun] He, C.K.[Cheng-Kun]

He, C.L.[Chun Lei] Co Author Listing * Automatic Discrimination between Confusing Classes with Writing Styles Verification in Arabic Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Digit/Symbol Pruning and Verification for Arabic Handwritten Digit/Symbol Spotting
* Error Reduction Based on Error Categorization in Arabic Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Holistic Urdu Handwritten Word Recognition Using Support Vector Machine
* New Approach for Segmentation and Recognition of Arabic Handwritten Touching Numeral Pairs, A
* New Large Urdu Database for Off-Line Handwriting Recognition, A
* New Large-Scale Multi-purpose Handwritten Farsi Database, A
* Novel Handwritten Urdu Word Spotting Based on Connected Components Analysis, A
* Novel Rejection Measurement in Handwritten Numeral Recognition Based on Linear Discriminant Analysis, A
* Rejection measurement based on linear discriminant analysis for document recognition
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He, C.S.[Chan Sheng] Co Author Listing * Detecting Vegetation Variations and Main Drivers over the Agropastoral Ecotone of Northern China through the Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Method
* Multi-Scale Evaluation of the SMAP Product Using Sparse In-Situ Network over a High Mountainous Watershed, Northwest China
Includes: He, C.S.[Chan Sheng] He, C.S.[Chan-Sheng]

He, C.T.[Chang Ting] Co Author Listing * class participation enrollment system based on face recognition, A
Includes: He, C.T.[Chang Ting] He, C.T.[Chang-Ting]

He, C.X.[Cheng Xin] Co Author Listing * Multisource Remote Sensing Imagery Fusion Scheme Based on Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition (BEMD) and Its Application to the Extraction of Bamboo Forest
* SLRL4D: Joint Restoration of Subspace Low-Rank Learning and Non-Local 4-D Transform Filtering for Hyperspectral Image
Includes: He, C.X.[Cheng Xin] He, C.X.[Cheng-Xin] He, C.X.[Cheng-Xun]

He, C.Y.[Chang Yong] Co Author Listing * Advanced Machine Learning Optimized by The Genetic Algorithm in Ionospheric Models Using Long-Term Multi-Instrument Observations
* Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing of Nighttime Light Observations: Advances, Challenges, and Perspectives
* Dynamics of Urbanization Levels in China from 1992 to 2012: Perspective from DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
* Land-Use/Land-Cover Change Detection Using Improved Change-Vector Analysis
* Temporal logic and operation relations based knowledge representation for land cover change web services
* Urban Land Extraction Using VIIRS Nighttime Light Data: An Evaluation of Three Popular Methods
* Urbanization Impacts on Vegetation Phenology in China
* web-based system for supporting global land cover data production, A
Includes: He, C.Y.[Chang Yong] He, C.Y.[Chang-Yong] He, C.Y.[Chun-Yang] He, C.Y.[Chao-Ying]
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He, C.Z.[Chuan Zi] Co Author Listing * CPARR: Category-based Proposal Analysis for Referring Relationships
Includes: He, C.Z.[Chuan Zi] He, C.Z.[Chuan-Zi]

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