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He, G. Co Author Listing * accurate eye pupil localization approach based on adaptive gradient boosting decision tree, An
* Anti-noise Fusion Method for the Infrared and the Visible Image Based upon Sparse Representation, An
* Assessing Light Pollution in China Based on Nighttime Light Imagery
* Characterizing Light Pollution Trends across Protected Areas in China Using Nighttime Light Remote Sensing Data
* Combined hole-filling with spatial and temporal prediction
* combined SAO and de-blocking filter architecture for HEVC video decoder, A
* Denoising of Hyperspectral Images Using Nonconvex Low Rank Matrix Approximation
* Down-sampling Based Video Coding with Degradation-aware Restoration-reconstruction Deep Neural Network
* Estimation, smoothing, and characterization of apparent diffusion coefficient profiles from high angular resolution DWI
* Fast algorithm based on the sole- and multi-depth texture measurements for HEVC intra coding
* fast mode selection for depth modelling modes of intra depth coding in 3D-HEVC, A
* Hyperspectral Pansharpening Based on Spectral Constrained Adversarial Autoencoder
* Local Deep Descriptor for Remote Sensing Image Feature Matching
* Multi-Scale Water Extraction Convolutional Neural Network (MWEN) Method for GaoFen-1 Remote Sensing Images, A
* New Method for Geometric Quality Evaluation of Remote Sensing Image Based on Information Entropy, A
* Object-Based Land Cover Classification for ALOS Image Combining TM Spectral
* Ongoing Conflict Makes Yemen Dark: From the Perspective of Nighttime Light
* Semisupervised Spectral Learning With Generative Adversarial Network for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Spectral Adversarial Feature Learning for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery
* SRUN: Spectral Regularized Unsupervised Networks for Hyperspectral Target Detection
* Study On Modeling And Visualizing The Positional Uncertainty Of Remote Sensing Image
* Topology Preserving Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Face Recognition
Includes: He, G. He, G.[Guojin] He, G.[Gang]
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He, G.C.[Guo Chao] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Image Precision of Acoustical Imaging Diffraction by Focused Ultrasound Beam
Includes: He, G.C.[Guo Chao] He, G.C.[Guo-Chao]

He, G.F. Co Author Listing * Efficient Human Motion Retrieval via Temporal Adjacent Bag of Words and Discriminative Neighborhood Preserving Dictionary Learning

He, G.H.[Guan Hua] Co Author Listing * Compressive Regularization Imaging Algorithm for Millimeter-Wave SAIR, A
Includes: He, G.H.[Guan Hua] He, G.H.[Guan-Hua]

He, G.J.[Guo Jin] Co Author Listing * 30 m Resolution Global Annual Burned Area Mapping Based on Landsat Images and Google Earth Engine
* Another look on region merging procedure from seed region shift for high-resolution remote sensing image segmentation
* Cloud Detection for FY Meteorology Satellite Based on Ensemble Thresholds and Random Forests Approach
* Comparison of Spatial Interpolation and Regression Analysis Models for an Estimation of Monthly Near Surface Air Temperature in China
* Extension of Phase Correlation-Based Image Registration to Estimate Similarity Transform Using Multiple Polar Fourier Transform, An
* Fast and Reliable Matching Method for Automated Georeferencing of Remotely-Sensed Imagery, A
* generic framework for image rectification using multiple types of feature, A
* Improved GrabCut Method Based on a Visual Attention Model for Rare-Earth Ore Mining Area Recognition with High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images, An
* Integrated Feature Based Method for Sub-Pixel Image Matching, An
* Multi-Scale Residential Areas Matching Method Using Relevance Vector Machine and Active Learning, A
* Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network for Surface Water Extraction in Landsat 8 OLI Satellite Images
* Novel Image Registration Method Based on Phase Correlation Using Low-Rank Matrix Factorization With Mixture of Gaussian, A
* Rotation Invariance Image Matching Method Based on Harris Corner Detection, A
* RPC Estimation via L_1-Norm-Regularized Least Squares (L1LS)
* Segmentation quality evaluation using region-based precision and recall measures for remote sensing images
* Visual attention based model for target detection in high resolution remote sensing images
Includes: He, G.J.[Guo Jin] He, G.J.[Guo-Jin] He, G.J.[Guang-Jun] He, G.J.[Guang-Jing]
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He, G.L.[Guo Liang] Co Author Listing * Graph regularized multiview marginal discriminant projection
Includes: He, G.L.[Guo Liang] He, G.L.[Guo-Liang]

He, G.M.[Guang Ming] Co Author Listing * Blind image deconvolution by means of asymmetric multiplicative iterative algorithm
Includes: He, G.M.[Guang Ming] He, G.M.[Guang-Ming]

He, G.P.[Guo Ping] Co Author Listing * Augmented Lagrangian alternating direction method for low-rank minimization via non-convex approximation
* incremental learning algorithm for Lagrangian support vector machines, An
* Method to Design Filters for Image Smoothing, A
Includes: He, G.P.[Guo Ping] He, G.P.[Guo-Ping] He, G.P.

He, G.Q.[Gui Qing] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Extraction for VOI from CT Images Based on Volume Rendering
* Image fusion method based on simultaneous sparse representation with non-subsampled contourlet transform
* New Method of Feature Based Image Mosaic, A
* Panchromatic and multi-spectral image fusion for new satellites based on multi-channel deep model
Includes: He, G.Q.[Gui Qing] He, G.Q.[Gui-Qing] He, G.Q.[Gao-Qi]

He, G.T.[Guo Tian] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Real-Time Visual Tracking Using Compressive RGB-D Features, A
Includes: He, G.T.[Guo Tian] He, G.T.[Guo-Tian]

He, G.X.[Guang Xin] Co Author Listing * Radar Radial Velocity Dealiasing Algorithm for Radar Data Assimilation and its Evaluation with Observations from Multiple Radar Networks, A
Includes: He, G.X.[Guang Xin] He, G.X.[Guang-Xin]

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