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He, Q. Co Author Listing * Acoustic Scene Clustering Using Joint Optimization of Deep Embedding Learning and Clustering Iteration
* Adaptive document segmentation and geometric relation labeling: algorithms and experimental results
* Compressed Sensing Strategy for Synthetic Transmit Aperture Ultrasound Imaging, A
* Context-based multi-label image annotation
* Cooperative and Integrated Vehicle and Intersection Control for Energy Efficiency (CIVIC-E2)
* Coping With Heterogeneous Video Contributors and Viewers in Crowdsourced Live Streaming: A Cloud-Based Approach
* Cramer-Rao Bound for MIMO Radar Target Localization With Phase Errors
* CrowdTranscoding: Online Video Transcoding With Massive Viewers
* Decomposing the Long-term Variation in Population Exposure to Outdoor PM2.5 in the Greater Bay Area of China Using Satellite Observations
* Deep Learning for Ultrasound Localization Microscopy
* Deep Unfolded Robust PCA With Application to Clutter Suppression in Ultrasound
* Detecting Thalamic Abnormalities in Autism Using Cylinder Conformal Mapping
* Development and analysis of a real-time human motion tracking system
* Downscaling of GRACE-Derived Groundwater Storage Based on the Random Forest Model
* Efficient Vector-Raster Overlay Algorithm for High-Accuracy and High-Efficiency Surface Area Calculations of Irregularly Shaped Land Use Patches, An
* Exploring Viewer Gazing Patterns for Touch-Based Mobile Gamecasting
* Face Modeling and Wrinkle Simulation Using Convolution Surface
* Forecasting the Subway Passenger Flow Under Event Occurrences With Social Media
* Fusing shape and motion matrices for view invariant action recognition using 3D skeletons
* Grid-based DBSCAN: Indexing and inference
* hierarchical model for the evaluation of biometric sample quality, A
* Influence of Different Modelling Factors on Global Temperature and Pressure Models and Their Performance in Different Zenith Hydrostatic Delay (ZHD) Models, The
* Keep It Simple with Time: A Reexamination of Probabilistic Topic Detection Models
* Learning to Autofocus
* Marker-based quadri-ocular tracking system for surgery
* Modeling Traffic Control Agency Decision Behavior for Multimodal Manual Signal Control Under Event Occurrences
* Motion intent recognition of individual fingers based on mechanomyogram
* Multi-GNSS Differential Phase Kinematic Post-Processing Method, A
* Multi-Label Classification Scheme Based on Local Regression for Retinal Vessel Segmentation
* Novel Algorithm for Automatic Brain Structure Segmentation from MRI, A
* On the Product of Two Correlated Complex Gaussian Random Variables
* Online Fault Diagnosis of Motor Bearing via Stochastic-Resonance-Based Adaptive Filter in an Embedded System
* Online Travel Mode Identification Using Smartphones With Battery Saving Considerations
* Optimal Energy Harvesting-Ratio and Beamwidth Selection in Millimeter Wave Communications
* Performance Gains From Cooperative MIMO Radar and MIMO Communication Systems
* Prediction of Railcar Remaining Useful Life by Multiple Data Source Fusion
* Real-Time GNSS-Derived PWV for Typhoon Characterizations: A Case Study for Super Typhoon Mangkhut in Hong Kong
* Refined SNR Based Stochastic Model to Reduce Site-Dependent Effects, A
* Road Extraction from High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Based on Mathematics Morphology and Seed Growth
* Significant Gains From Optimally Processed Multiple Signals of Opportunity and Multiple Receive Stations in Passive Radar, The
* Study on the Method for Cleaning and Repairing the Probe Vehicle Data, A
* Water Level Reconstruction Based on Satellite Gravimetry in the Yangtze River Basin
Includes: He, Q. He, Q.[Qichao] He, Q.[Qizhen] He, Q.[Qianshan] He, Q.[Qing] He, Q.[Qisheng] He, Q.[Qingsong] He, Q.[Qian] He, Q.[Qiyi] He, Q.[Qi] He, Q.[Qimin] He, Q.[Qun]
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He, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * GPU-CPU implementation for super-resolution mosaicking of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) surveillance video
* Individual recognition from periodic activity using hidden markov models
* Intrinsic Images by Fisher Linear Discriminant
* New Image Segmentation Technique Using Maximum Spanning Tree, A
* Planar Surface Detection in Image Pairs Using Homographic Constraints
* Research of STRAIGHT Spectrogram and Difference Subspace Algorithm for Speech Recognition
* Super-Resolution Mosaicking of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Surveillance Video Using Levenberg Marquardt (L
* Texture-Based Shadow Removal from a Single Color Image
Includes: He, Q.A.[Qi Ang] He, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]
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He, Q.C.[Qi Chang] Co Author Listing * Driver fatigue evaluation model with integration of multi-indicators based on dynamic Bayesian network
* Evaluation of driver fatigue with multi-indicators based on artificial neural network
Includes: He, Q.C.[Qi Chang] He, Q.C.[Qi-Chang]

He, Q.H.[Qian Hua] Co Author Listing * Constant-Q magnitude-phase coefficients extraction for synthetic speech detection
* improved maximum model distance approach for HMM-based speech recognition systems, An
* maximum model distance approach for HMM-based speech recognition, A
* OMEG: Oulu Multi-Pose Eye Gaze Dataset
* survey on emotional semantic image retrieval, A
Includes: He, Q.H.[Qian Hua] He, Q.H.[Qian-Hua] He, Q.H. He, Q.H.[Qiu-Hai]

He, Q.M.[Qin Ming] Co Author Listing * Multiclass Classification Framework for Document Categorization, A
Includes: He, Q.M.[Qin Ming] He, Q.M.[Qin-Ming]

He, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Four MODIS Collection 6 Aerosol Products in a Humid Subtropical Region, An
Includes: He, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] He, Q.Q.[Qing-Qing]

He, Q.S.[Qi Sheng] Co Author Listing * Classification of LIDAR Point Cloud and Generation of DTM from LIDAR Height and Intensity Data In Forested Area
* Real-Time Optoelectronic Morphological Processor for Human Face Recognition
* Using Correlated Regression Models to Calculate Cumulative Attributes for Age Estimation
Includes: He, Q.S.[Qi Sheng] He, Q.S.[Qi-Sheng] He, Q.S. He, Q.S.[Qiang-Sen]

He, Q.Z.[Qi Zhen] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Language Model for Handwritten Chinese Sentence Recognition, A
* Mr-SDM: a novel statistical deformable model for object deformation
* View topics: automatically generated characteristic view for content-based 3D object retrieval
* Volumeter: 3D human body parameters measurement with a single Kinect
Includes: He, Q.Z.[Qi Zhen] He, Q.Z.[Qi-Zhen] He, Q.Z.[Qin-Zhu]

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