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Heno, R. Co Author Listing * Close-Range Photogrammetric Tools for Small 3D Archeological Objects
* Costless Platform For High Resolution Stereoscopic Images Of A High Gothic Facade
Includes: Heno, R. Héno, R.

Henocq, C.[Claire] Co Author Listing * iCOR Atmospheric Correction on Sentinel-3/OLCI over Land: Intercomparison with AERONET, RadCalNet, and SYN Level-2

Henocq, H. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Invariants and Their Application to Object Recognition
* Determination of the Orientation of 3D Objects Using Spherical-Harmonics
* Registration of 3D Objects Using Linear Algebra

Henocq, X. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Sender and Receiver Driven Rate Control in Multicast Layered Video Transmission

Henon, Y. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition: Too Bias, or Not Too Bias?

Henot, J.P. Co Author Listing * Study of the subjective performance of a range of MPEG-2 encoders

Henot, J.P.M.[Jean Pierre M.] Co Author Listing * Method for the encoding of data for assistance in the reconstruction of a sub-sampled moving electronic image
Includes: Henot, J.P.M.[Jean Pierre M.] Henot, J.P.M.[Jean-Pierre M.]

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