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Himabindu, T.V.R. Co Author Listing * Recommender system algorithms: A comparative analysis based on monotonicity

Himaga, M.[Mitsutoshi] Co Author Listing * Detection of Fundus Lesions Using Classifier Selection

Himane, S.B.[Selim Ben] Co Author Listing * Inertial sensor-aligned visual feature descriptors

Himawan, I. Co Author Listing * Automatic region-of-interest detection and prioritisation for visually optimised coding of low bit rate videos
* Heteroscedastic probabilistic linear discriminant analysis for manifold learning in video-based face recognition
* User-driven saliency maps for evaluating Region-of-Interest detection
Includes: Himawan, I. Himawan, I.[Ivan]

Himayat, N. Co Author Listing * Median and robust polynomial filters for multivariate image data
* Multivariate MTM filters-analysis and design options
* Nonlinear Filtering Techniques for Multivariate Images: Design and Robustness Characterization
* Structure for Adaptive Order Statistics Filtering, A

Himberg, H. Co Author Listing * Multiple Model Approach to Track Head Orientation With Delta Quaternions, A

Himed, B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Radar Beamforming for Interference Mitigation in Radar-Wireless Spectrum Sharing
* Constrained optimal interferometric imaging of extended objects
* Detection With Target-Induced Subspace Interference
* Direct-Path Interference Resistant Passive Detector, A
* Image Feature-Based Space-Time Processing for Ground Moving Target Detection
* Joint Optimization of Transmit and Receive Beamforming in Active Arrays
* Joint Transmit and Receive Beamforming for Hybrid Active-Passive Radar
* Multi-Task Bayesian Compressive Sensing Exploiting Intra-Task Dependency
* Performance Tradeoff in a Unified Passive Radar and Communications System
* Space-Time Adaptive Processing and Motion Parameter Estimation in Multistatic Passive Radar Using Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Threshold Setting for Adaptive Matched Filter and Adaptive Coherence Estimator
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Himei, N.[Noritaka] Co Author Listing * Approximate nearest neighbor search on HDD

Himel, IV, H.D. Co Author Listing * Imaging of Cardiac Movement Using Ratiometric and Nonratiometric Optical Mapping: Effects of Ischemia and 2, 3-Butaneodione Monoxime

Himeno, R.[Ryutaro] Co Author Listing * Automatic spin measurements for pitched Baseballs via consumer-grade high-speed cameras

Himes, S.M. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of diverse image types using opening and closing

Himezawa, H.[Hidekazu] Co Author Listing * Abnormality supervising system

Himmelman, T.[Tristan] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Viola-Jones Face Detection in a Web Browser

Himmelsbach, M. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Ground Vehicles: Concepts and a Path to the Future

Himmelstein, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient architecture for collision detection between heterogeneous data structures application for vision-guided robots

Himmerich, H.[Hubertus] Co Author Listing * Structural brain changes in early-onset and late-onset depression: An update of volumetric MRI findings

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