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Ho, H. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a Statistical Shape Model for the Liver
* Galvanic Intrabody Communication for Affective Acquiring and Computing
* Hemodynamic Analysis for Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS) in the Liver Based on a CT-Image
* Methods and apparatus for tracking internal structures in soft objects: A phantom-based study
* Modelling Respiration Induced Torso Deformation Using a Mesh Fitting Algorithm
* Numerical Simulation of Blood Flow in an Anatomically-Accurate Cerebral Venous Tree
* System Designs for Augmented Reality Based Ablation Probe Tracking
Includes: Ho, H. Ho, H.[Hio] Ho, H.[Harvey]
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Ho, H.C.[Hung Chak] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Retrieval of Water Quality Indicators in Case-II Waters: A Case Study of Hong Kong
* Data-Driven Framework for Walkability Measurement with Open Data: A Case Study of Triple Cities, New York, A
* Estimation of Continuous Urban Sky View Factor from Landsat Data Using Shadow Detection
* High-Spatial-Resolution Population Exposure to PM2.5 Pollution Based on Multi-Satellite Retrievals: A Case Study of Seasonal Variation in the Yangtze River Delta, China in 2013

Ho, H.H. Co Author Listing * Construction of Error Resilient Synchronization Codeword for Variable-length Code in Image Transmission

Ho, H.I.[Hsuan I] Co Author Listing * Summarizing First-Person Videos from Third Persons' Points of Views
Includes: Ho, H.I.[Hsuan I] Ho, H.I.[Hsuan-I]

Ho, H.J.[Hsiu J.] Co Author Listing * On fast supervised learning for normal mixture models with missing information

Ho, H.P. Co Author Listing * Fasciculography: Robust Prior-Free Real-Time Normalized Volumetric Neural Tract Parcellation
* Level Set Active Contours on Unstructured Point Cloud
Includes: Ho, H.P. Ho, H.P.[Hon Pong]

Ho, H.T.[Huy Tho] Co Author Listing * Automatic head pose estimation using randomly projected dense SIFT descriptors
* Automatic Parametrisation for an Image Completion Method Based on Markov Random Fields
* Corrections to A Kalman Filter Approach to Direct Depth Estimation Incorporating Surface Structure
* DASH-N: Joint Hierarchical Domain Adaptation and Feature Learning
* Dictionary-Based Video Face Recognition Using Dense Multi-Scale Facial Landmark Features
* Kalman Filter Approach to Direct Depth Estimation Incorporating Surface Structure, A
* Model-Driven Domain Adaptation on Product Manifolds for Unconstrained Face Recognition
* Multi-scale Feature Extraction for 3D Models Using Local Surface Curvature
* Multi-scale feature extraction for 3d surface registration using local shape variation
* Optical flow estimation using Fourier Mellin Transform
* Pose-Invariant Face Recognition Using Markov Random Fields
Includes: Ho, H.T.[Huy Tho] Ho, H.T.
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