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Ho, K. Co Author Listing * Deep Neural Networks Improve Radiologists' Performance in Breast Cancer Screening
* Edge-Coupled and Multi-Dropout Face Alignment
* Multirate Kalman Filtering Approach for Optimal Two-Dimensional Signal Reconstruction from Noisy Subband Systems
* On the Design and Implementation of a Class of Multiplier-less Two-channel 1-D and 2-D Nonseparable PR Fir Filterbank

Ho, K.C. Co Author Listing * Accurate Rigid Body Localization via Semidefinite Relaxation Using Range Measurements
* Blending-weight diffusion for image colourisation
* Discrimination Mode Processing for EMI and GPR Sensors for Hand-Held Land Mine Detection
* Endmember Variability in Hyperspectral Analysis: Addressing Spectral Variability During Spectral Unmixing
* Investigation of Using the Spectral Characteristics From Ground Penetrating Radar for Landmine/Clutter Discrimination, An
* Large-Scale Multi-Institutional Evaluation of Advanced Discrimination Algorithms for Buried Threat Detection in Ground Penetrating Radar, A
* Large-Scale Systematic Evaluation of Algorithms Using Ground-Penetrating Radar for Landmine Detection and Discrimination, A
* linear prediction land mine detection algorithm for hand held ground penetrating radar, A
* Machine Learning Approach for Classifying Ischemic Stroke Onset Time From Imaging, A
* Moving Target Localization in Multistatic Sonar by Differential Delays and Doppler Shifts
* Particle Filtering Based Approach for Landmine Detection Using Ground Penetrating Radar
* Path R-CNN for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Gleason Grading of Histological Images
* Second-Order Performance Analysis and Unbiased Estimation for the Fitting of Concentric Circles
* Simple and Accurate TDOA-AOA Localization Method Using Two Stations, A
* temporal deep learning approach for MR perfusion parameter estimation in stroke, A
* Visual Weather Temperature Prediction
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Ho, K.C.D. Co Author Listing * Radar Signal Processing for Elderly Fall Detection: The future for in-home monitoring
* Signal Processing for Assisted Living: Developments and Open Problems
Includes: Ho, K.C.D. Ho, K.C.D.[K. C. D.]

Ho, K.L.[Kin Leong] Co Author Listing * Detecting Loop Closure with Scene Sequences
* Integer lapped transforms and their applications to image coding
* M-Channel Compactly Supported Biorthogonal Cosine-Modulated Wavelet Bases
* Object-Based Approach to Image/Video-Based Synthesis and Processing for 3-D and Multiview Televisions, An
Includes: Ho, K.L.[Kin Leong] Ho, K.L.

Ho, K.M. Co Author Listing * Video-on-Demand Systems With Cooperative Clients in Multicast Environment

Ho, K.P.[Keang Po] Co Author Listing * Image transmission over noisy channels using multicarrier modulation
Includes: Ho, K.P.[Keang Po] Ho, K.P.[Keang-Po]

Ho, K.S.[Kei Shiu] Co Author Listing * Optimal Combination of Nested Clusters by a Greedy Approximation Algorithm
Includes: Ho, K.S.[Kei Shiu] Ho, K.S.[Kei-Shiu]

Ho, K.T.[Kah Tong] Co Author Listing * Improvement in real-time obstacle detection system for USV
* Spherical Conformal Parameterization of Genus-0 Point Clouds for Meshing
Includes: Ho, K.T.[Kah Tong] Ho, K.T.[Kin Tat]

Ho, K.W.[Kuan Wei] Co Author Listing * Visual Relationship Prediction via Label Clustering and Incorporation of Depth Information
Includes: Ho, K.W.[Kuan Wei] Ho, K.W.[Kuan-Wei]

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