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Ho, W. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Representation for Multigrid Computation in Surface Interpolation Problem

Ho, W.H.[Wai Han] Co Author Listing * Are Younger People More Difficult to Identify or Just a Peer-to-Peer Effect
* New Performance Evaluation Method for Face Identification: Regression Analysis of Misidentification Risk, A
* Robustness of the New Owner-Tester Approach for Face Identification Experiments

Ho, W.J.[Wen Jen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive frame-skipping for video transcoding
* Layer-Adaptive Mode Decision and Motion Search for Scalable Video Coding with Combined Coarse Granular Scalability (CGS) and Temporal Scalability
Includes: Ho, W.J.[Wen Jen] Ho, W.J.[Wen-Jen]

Ho, W.K.[Weng Khuen] Co Author Listing * Detection of wafer warpages during thermal processing in microlithography

Ho, W.M. Co Author Listing * Simulation-Assignment-Based Travel Time Prediction Model for Traffic Corridors

Ho, W.P. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Programming Approach for Stereo Line Matching with Structural Information, A
* Multi-Level Based Stereo Line Matching with Structural Information Using Dynamic Programming
* multi-level dynamic programming method for stereo line matching, A
Includes: Ho, W.P. Ho, W.P.[Wing-Ping]

Ho, W.T.[Wing Teng] Co Author Listing * Estimating traffic condition using just a single image

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