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Hofbauer, C. Co Author Listing * On the Exploitation of the Redundant Energy in UW-OFDM: LMMSE Versus Sphere Detection

Hofbauer, H.[Heinz] Co Author Listing * effective and efficient visual quality index based on local edge gradients, An
* Encrypting only AC coefficient signs considered harmful
* Experimental analysis regarding the influence of iris segmentation on the recognition rate
* Ground Truth for Iris Segmentation, A
* Identifying deficits of visual security metrics for images
* Iris Recognition in Image Domain: Quality-metric Based Comparators
* On rotational pre-alignment for tree log identification using methods inspired by fingerprint and iris recognition
* Secure transport and adaptation of MC-EZBC video utilizing H.264-based transport protocols
* Tree Log Identification Based on Digital Cross-Section Images of Log Ends Using Fingerprint and Iris Recognition Methods
* Visual quality indices and lowquality images
Includes: Hofbauer, H.[Heinz] Hofbauer, H.
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Hofbauer, M. Co Author Listing * Reverse Engineering Animal Vision with Virtual Reality and Genetics

Hofele, G. Co Author Listing * object oriented approach for an iconic kernel system IKS, An

Hofemann, N.[Nils] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition in a Wearable Assistance System
* Combining sensory and symbolic data for manipulative gesture recognition
* Recognition of Deictic Gestures with Context
Includes: Hofemann, N.[Nils] Hofemann, N.

Hofer, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Coupling Knowledge with GIS Operations: The Benefits of Extended Operation Descriptions
* Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure and Geoprocessing Web: A Review of Commonalities and Differences of E-Science Approaches

Hofer, H.J.[Heidi J.] Co Author Listing * Do color appearance judgments interfere with detection of small threshold stimuli?

Hofer, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Recognition and Reconstruction Based on Line Element Geometry
* Efficient 3D scene abstraction using line segments
* Fair Polyline Networks for Constrained Smoothing of Digital Terrain Elevation Data
* Geometric Method for Automatic Extraction of Sulcal Fundi, A
* Improving Sparse 3D Models for Man-Made Environments Using Line-Based 3D Reconstruction
* Incremental Line-based 3D Reconstruction using Geometric Constraints
* Line Geometry for 3D Shape Understanding and Reconstruction
* Line3D: Efficient 3D Scene Abstraction for the Built Environment
* Registration without ICP
* Semi-Global 3D Line Modeling for Incremental Structure-from-Motion
* Simultaneous Registration of Multiple Views of a 3D Object
* Theia: Multispectral Image Analysis and Archaeological Survey
* Volumetric Forest Change Detection Through Vhr Satellite Imagery
Includes: Hofer, M. Hofer, M.[Manuel] Hofer, M.[Michael] Hofer, M.[Massimiliano] Hofer, M.[Martin]
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Hofer, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Cavlectometry: Towards Holistic Reconstruction of Large Mirror Objects
* Extraction and tracking of surfaces in range image sequences
* Future Spaceborne Hyperspectral Imager Enmap: Its In-flight Radiometric And Geometric Calibration Concept, The
* Optimization on Shape Curves with Application to Specular Stereo
Includes: Hofer, S.[Sebastian] Hofer, S. Höfer, S.[Sebastian] (Maybe also Hoefer, S.)

Hoferlin, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of background subtraction techniques for video surveillance
* Interactive schematic summaries for exploration of surveillance video
* Interactive Schematic Summaries for Faceted Exploration of Surveillance Video
Includes: Hoferlin, B.[Benjamin] Höferlin, B.[Benjamin] (Maybe also Hoeferlin, B.)

Hoferlin, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Interactive schematic summaries for exploration of surveillance video
* Interactive Schematic Summaries for Faceted Exploration of Surveillance Video
Includes: Hoferlin, M.[Markus] Höferlin, M.[Markus] (Maybe also Hoeferlin, M.)

Hoff, A.[Aliya] Co Author Listing * Informing Historical Preservation with the Use of Non-destructive Diagnostic Techniques: A Case Study at Ecab, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Hoff, D.J.[Daniel J.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Solution of Jigsaw Puzzles
* Extensions of Invariant Signatures for Object Recognition

Hoff, L.E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Target Detection and Recognition in Multiband Imagery: A Unified ML Detection and Estimation Approach

Hoff, R.[Ray] Co Author Listing * Using lidar networks to explore aloft plume properties

Hoff, S. Co Author Listing * Experimental 3-D digital TV studio

Hoff, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Activity Identification Utilizing Data Mining Techniques
* Augmented Medial Axis Transform
* Autonomous Hazardous-Waste Drum Inspection Vehicle
* Autonomous Vehicle Video Aided Navigation: Coupling INS and Video Approaches
* Depth from Stereo
* Development and analysis of a real-time human motion tracking system
* DIRSAC: A directed sampling and consensus approach to quasi-degenerate data fitting
* Employing Sensor Repositioning to Refine Spatial Reasoning in an Industrial Robotic Environment
* Estimation and Tracking of Partial Planar Templates to Improve VSLAM
* Extracting Surfaces from Stereo Images: an Integrated Approach
* Pedestrian detection in low resolution videos
* Real-time gymnast detection and performance analysis with a portable 3D camera
* Segmentation and tracking of partial planar templates
* Space-time representation of people based on 3D skeletal data: A review
* Surfaces from Stereo
* Surfaces from Stereo: Integrating Feature Matching, Disparity Estimation, and Contour Detection
* Three Dimensional Segmentation of Intravascular Ultrasound Data
Includes: Hoff, W.[William] Hoff, W.
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Hoff, W.A.[William A.] Co Author Listing * New extensions of the 3-simplex for exterior orientation
* Pose Estimation of Artificial Knee Implants in Fluoroscopy Images Using a Template Matching Technique
* robust method for registration of three-dimensional knee implant models to two-dimensional fluoroscopy images, A
* Surfaces from Stereo: An Integrated Approach
Includes: Hoff, W.A.[William A.] Hoff, W.A.

Hoffbeck, J.P. Co Author Listing * Classification of Remote Sensing Images Having High Spectral Resolution
* Covariance-Matrix Estimation and Classification with Limited Training Data
Includes: Hoffbeck, J.P. Hoffbeck, J.P.[Joseph P.]

Hoffelder, M.[Mike] Co Author Listing * email: Hoffelder, M.[Mike]: mh AT sunblock pgh wec com
* Hough Transform Technique for Detection of Rotationally Invariant Surface Features, A
Includes: Hoffelder, M.[Mike] Hoffelder, M.

Hoffernig, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Unified Access to Media Metadata on the Web

Hoffgaard, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * System to Navigate a Robot into a Ship Structure, A

Hoffken, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Iris and Pupil Measurement on Low Resolution Images for Driver Observation
* Synchronized Submanifold Embedding for Robust and Real-Time Capable Head Pose Detection Based on Range Images
Includes: Hoffken, M.[Matthias] Höffken, M.[Matthias] (Maybe also Hoeffken, M.)Hoffken, M.

Hoffman Hall, A.[Amanda] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Record of Sampled Disturbances in Northern Eurasian Boreal Forest from Pre-2000 Landsat Data
Includes: Hoffman Hall, A.[Amanda] Hoffman-Hall, A.[Amanda]

Hoffman, A.S. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Biohybrid Materials for Therapeutic and Imaging Agent Delivery

Hoffman, B. Co Author Listing * Computational Anatomy for Generating 3D Avatars and Boosting Face Recognition Systems

Hoffman, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multiresolution Approach to Fingerprint Recognition, An
* Vehicle detection fusing 2D visual features
Includes: Hoffman, C.[Christopher] Hoffman, C.

Hoffman, C.D. Co Author Listing * Progress in Automated Virtual World Construction

Hoffman, D.[David] Co Author Listing * g-HDAF Multiresolution Deformable Models
* g-HDAF Multiresolution Deformable Models for Shape Modeling and Reconstruction
* Hierarchical video distribution over Internet-style networks
* Image Denoising Using a Tight Frame
* Recent Advances in LWIR Type-II InAs/GaSb Superlattice Photodetectors and Focal Plane Arrays at the Center for Quantum Devices
Includes: Hoffman, D.[David] Hoffman, D.

Hoffman, D.D.[Donald D.] Co Author Listing * Codon Constraints on Closed 2D Shapes
* Inferring 3D Shapes from 2D Codons
* Inferring 3D Structure from Image Motion: The Constraint of Poinsot Motion
* Inferring 3D Structure from Three Points in Rigid Motion
* Inferring Shape from Motion Fields
* Interpretation of Biological Motion, The
* Interpreting Time-Varying Image: The Planatary Assumption
* Mereology of Visual Form
* Object Recognition from a Single View Using Recognition Polynomials
* Parsing silhouettes: The short-cut rule
* Parts of Recognition
* Perception and Computation
* Recognition Polynomials
* Representing Smooth Plane Curves for Recognition: Implications for Figure-Ground Reversal
* Shape Decomposition for Visual Recognition: The Role of Transversality
* Structure from Two Orthographic Views of Rigid Motion
Includes: Hoffman, D.D.[Donald D.] Hoffman, D.D.
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Hoffman, D.K. Co Author Listing * Lagrange wavelets for signal processing

Hoffman, E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Quantification and Longitudinal Analysis of Pulmonary Emphysema With a Hidden Markov Measure Field Model
* Contour/Surface Registration Using a Physically Deformable Model
* Multi-scale Opening: A New Morphological Operator
* Physically Based Model for the Registration of a 2D Image Sequence, A
* Robust Feature Selection by Weighted Fisher Criterion for Multiclass Prediction in Gene Expression Profiling
Includes: Hoffman, E. Hoffman, E.[Eric]

Hoffman, E.A. Co Author Listing * Atlas-Driven Lung Lobe Segmentation in Volumetric X-Ray CT Images
* Automated Assessment of Pulmonary Arterial Morphology in Multi-row Detector CT Imaging Using Correspondence with Anatomic Airway Branches
* Automatic lung segmentation for accurate quantitation of volumetric X-ray CT images
* BICIR: Boundary-Constrained Inverse Consistent Image Registration Using WEB-Splines
* Explaining Radiological Emphysema Subtypes with Unsupervised Texture Prototypes: MESA COPD Study
* Extraction of Airways From CT (EXACT'09)
* Frequency-Selective Computed Tomography: Applications During Periodic Thoracic Motion
* Image-guided Endoscopy for Lung-cancer Assessment
* Intrathoracic airway trees: segmentation and airway morphology analysis from low-dose CT scans
* Matching and anatomical labeling of human airway tree
* MDCT-Based 3-D Texture Classification of Emphysema and Early Smoking Related Lung Pathologies
* Multi-scale Topo-morphometric Opening of Arteries and Veins: An Evaluative Study via Pulmonary CT Imaging
* New Approach of Arc Skeletonization for Tree-like Objects Using Minimum Cost Path, A
* Novel Iterative Method for Airway Tree Segmentation from CT Imaging Using Multiscale Leakage Detection, A
* Optimal Graph Search Based Segmentation of Airway Tree Double Surfaces Across Bifurcations
* Path-Gradient: A Theory of Computing Full Intensity-Transition Between Two Points
* robust and efficient curve skeletonization algorithm for tree-like objects using minimum cost paths, A
* Rule-based detection of intrathoracic airway trees
* Segmentation and analysis of the human airway tree from three-dimensional X-ray CT images
* Statistical Interior Tomography
* Three-Dimensional Path Planning for Virtual Bronchoscopy
* Topomorphologic Separation of Fused Isointensity Objects via Multiscale Opening: Separating Arteries and Veins in 3-D Pulmonary CT
Includes: Hoffman, E.A. Hoffman, E.A.[Eric A.]
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Hoffman, F. Co Author Listing * Global Latitudinal-Asymmetric Vegetation Growth Trends and Their Driving Mechanisms: 1982-2009

Hoffman, F.M.[Forrest M.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Arctic Plant Functional Type Distributions in the Barrow Environmental Observatory Using WorldView-2 and LiDAR Datasets

Hoffman, J.[Judy] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Discriminative Domain Adaptation
* Asymmetric and Category Invariant Feature Transformations for Domain Adaptation
* Best Practices for Fine-Tuning Visual Classifiers to New Domains
* CLEVR: A Diagnostic Dataset for Compositional Language and Elementary Visual Reasoning
* Clockwork Convnets for Video Semantic Segmentation
* Continuous Manifold Based Adaptation for Evolving Visual Domains
* Cross Modal Distillation for Supervision Transfer
* Detector discovery in the wild: Joint multiple instance and representation learning
* Discovering Latent Domains for Multisource Domain Adaptation
* Fine-Grained Recognition in the Wild: A Multi-task Domain Adaptation Approach
* Fine-to-coarse knowledge transfer for low-res image classification
* Inferring and Executing Programs for Visual Reasoning
* Learning with Side Information through Modality Hallucination
* moving image genre-form guide, The
* Patient-Specific Left Ventricular Flow Simulations From Transthoracic Echocardiography: Robustness Evaluation and Validation Against Ultrasound Doppler and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation with Instance Constraints
* Simultaneous Deep Transfer Across Domains and Tasks
* Spatial Semantic Regularisation for Large Scale Object Detection
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Object Segmentations from Web-Scale Video
Includes: Hoffman, J.[Judy] Hoffman, J.
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Hoffman, J.D. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Scheduling In-Vehicle Messages, A

Hoffman, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Overview of the Face Recognition Grand Challenge

Hoffman, L.J. Co Author Listing * Challenges of intervehicle ad hoc networks

Hoffman, M.[Matt] Co Author Listing * Inference and Learning for Active Sensing, Experimental Design and Control
* Some Trade-offs and a New Algorithm for Geometric Hashing
* Static and Dynamic Source Separation Using Nonnegative Factorizations: A unified view
Includes: Hoffman, M.[Matt] Hoffman, M.[Michael] Hoffman, M.

Hoffman, M.J. Co Author Listing * Aerial Vehicle Tracking by Adaptive Fusion of Hyperspectral Likelihood Maps
* Real-Time Vehicle Tracking in Aerial Video Using Hyperspectral Features

Hoffman, M.P.[Marc P.] Co Author Listing * High-throughput CAVLC architecture for real-time H.264 coding using reconfigurable devices

Hoffman, M.W. Co Author Listing * Error Entropy and Mean Square Error Minimization for Lossless Image Compression
* Overswamped sigma-delta LMS adaptive FIR filters

Hoffman, P.J. Co Author Listing * SMAP L-Band Microwave Radiometer: Instrument Design and First Year on Orbit

Hoffman, R. Co Author Listing * Evidence-Based 3D Vision System for Range Images, An
* Evidence-Based Recognition of 3-D Objects
* Learning Rules for 3-D Object Recognition
* Shape and Motion Engine for Parameterized Models, A
* System for Semi-Automated Modelling of Complex Environments, A
* Terrain Mapping for a Walking Planetary Rover
* Test of Randomness Based on the Minimal Spanning Tree, A
Includes: Hoffman, R. Hoffman, R.[Regis]
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Hoffman, R.G.[Robert G.] Co Author Listing * Method, apparatus and computer program product for generating perspective corrected data from warped information

Hoffman, R.L.[Richard L.] Co Author Listing * Object Recognition from Range Images
* Remarks on some statistical properties of the minimum spanning forest
* Segmentation and Classification of Range Images
* Segmentation Methods for Recognition of Machine-Printed Characters
* Sparse Decompositions for Exploratory Pattern Analysis
* System and method for image analysis using a chaincode
Includes: Hoffman, R.L.[Richard L.] Hoffman, R.L.

Hoffman, R.R. Co Author Listing * Principles for Human-Centered Interaction Design, Part 1: Performative Systems
* Principles for Human-Centered Interaction Design, Part 2: Can Humans and Machines Think Together?
Includes: Hoffman, R.R. Hoffman, R.R.[Robert R.]

Hoffman, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Curious George: An Integrated Visual Search Platform

Hoffman, W.[William] Co Author Listing * email: Hoffman, W.[William]: hoffman AT crd ge com
* Driving Vision by Topology
* Representing Objects Using Topology
Includes: Hoffman, W.[William] Hoffman, W.

Hoffman, W.C.[William C.] Co Author Listing * Equivariant Dynamical Systems: a Formal Model for the Generation of Arbitrary Shapes

Hoffmann, A. Co Author Listing * Knowledge Acquisition Technique for Recognizing Handprinted Chinese Characters, A
* Methane Isotopologues by Solar Occultation (MISO) Nanosatellite Mission: Spectral Channel Optimization and Early Performance Analysis, The
* Novel Satellite Mission Concept for Upper Air Water Vapour, Aerosol and Cloud Observations Using Integrated Path Differential Absorption LiDAR Limb Sounding, A
Includes: Hoffmann, A. Hoffmann, A.[Alex]

Hoffmann, A.L. Co Author Listing * Induction of Decision Rules That Fulfill User Specified Performance Requirements

Hoffmann, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Surface Generation in Computer Aided Design
* Continuous Stereo Self-Calibration by Camera Parameter Tracking
* Fast Object Hypotheses Generation Using 3D Position and 3D Motion
* From UAS Data Acquisition To Actionable Information: How An End-to-end Solution Helps Oil Palm Plantation Operators To Perform A More Sustainable Plantation Management
* Stereo calibration in vehicles
* Supervised and forest type-specific multi-scale segmentation for a one-level-representation of single trees
* Tracking Camera Parameters of an Active Stereo Rig
Includes: Hoffmann, C. Hoffmann, C.[Christian]
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Hoffmann, C.M. Co Author Listing * Tracing surface intersections

Hoffmann, D.[Dietrich] Co Author Listing * Recent Progress in In-Flight Radiometric Calibration and Validation of the RapidEye Constellation of 5 Multispectral Remote Sensing Satellites

Hoffmann, E.[Ekkehard] Co Author Listing * Intrinsic line features and contour metric for locating 3-D objects in sparse, segmented range images

Hoffmann, E.R. Co Author Listing * Targeted-Tracking With Pointing Devices

Hoffmann, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Object recognition and pose estimation using color cooccurrence histograms and geometric modeling

Hoffmann, G. Co Author Listing * Teach-in of a robot by showing the motion
* Use of physics based models in hyperspectral image exploitation

Hoffmann, H. Co Author Listing * Explaining Distributed Neural Activations via Unsupervised Learning
* Kernel PCA for novelty detection
Includes: Hoffmann, H. Hoffmann, H.[Heiko]

Hoffmann, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * Functional description of geoprocessing services as conjunctive datalog queries
* How Complementary are SRTM-X and -C Band Digital Elevation Models?
* Ontology-Based Integration of Sensor Web Services in Disaster Management
Includes: Hoffmann, J.[Jorg] Hoffmann, J.[Jörg] Hoffmann, J.[Jörn]

Hoffmann, K.[Karina] Co Author Listing * Requirements for Digital / Digitized Aerial Imagery A Manual of the Working Group of Forest Interpreters of Aerial Photographs

Hoffmann, K.H. Co Author Listing * Validation of Vehicle Candidate Areas in Aerial Images Using Color Co-Occurrence Histograms

Hoffmann, K.R. Co Author Listing * Brachytherapy Seed Localization Using Geometric and Linear Programming Techniques
* Computational Hemodynamics in Intracranial Vessels Reconstructed from Biplane Angiograms
* Limited view CT reconstruction and segmentation via constrained metric labeling
* Limited view CT reconstruction via constrained metric labeling
* Volume rendering quantification algorithm for reconstruction of CT volume-rendered structures. 1. Cerebral arteriovenous malformations
Includes: Hoffmann, K.R. Hoffmann, K.R.[Kenneth R.]

Hoffmann, L.[Leah] Co Author Listing * All The Pretty Pictures
* Comparison of remotely sensed water stages from LiDAR, topographic contours and SRTM
* High-Resolution 3-D Flood Information From Radar Imagery for Flood Hazard Management
* Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Imaging Instrument for Natural Resources Applications, A
* Retrieving the Bioenergy Potential from Maize Crops Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Includes: Hoffmann, L.[Leah] Hoffmann, L.

Hoffmann, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * DMCtrac: Distributed multi camera tracking
* Electrophysiology Catheter Detection and Reconstruction From Two Views in Fluoroscopic Images
* MIDSCA: Towards a Smart Camera architecture of mobile internet devices
* On Interpolation by Spline Curves with Shape Parameters
* PFAAM: An Active Appearance Model based Particle Filter for both Robust and Precise Tracking
* Registration of cardiac MSCT and optical tracking data: Image-guided CABG at the arrested heart
* relational kernel-based approach to scene classification, A
* ROCAS: A Robust Online Algorithm for Spatial Partitioning in Distributed Smart Camera Systems
* Semi-Automatic Basket Catheter Reconstruction from Two X-Ray Views
Includes: Hoffmann, M.[Martin] Hoffmann, M. Hoffmann, M.[Miklós] Hoffmann, M.[McElory] Hoffmann, M.[Matthias]
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Hoffmann, M.R. Co Author Listing * Model-based robust and pecise tracking embedded in smart cameras: The PFAAM-CAM

Hoffmann, N.[Nico] Co Author Listing * Wavelet Subspace Analysis of Intraoperative Thermal Imaging for Motion Filtering

Hoffmann, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Music Genre Recognition in the Rough Set-Based Environment

Hoffmann, R. Co Author Listing * Aspects of the Standardization of Sensor and Data Fusion of Remote Sensing Data

Hoffmann, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Compression of Depth Maps with Segment-Based Homogeneous Diffusion
* Discrete Green's Functions for Harmonic and Biharmonic Inpainting with Sparse Atoms
* Evaluating the true potential of diffusion-based inpainting in a compression context
* From Optimised Inpainting with Linear PDEs Towards Competitive Image Compression Codecs
* Gradients versus Grey Values for Sparse Image Reconstruction and Inpainting-Based Compression
* Optimising Spatial and Tonal Data for Homogeneous Diffusion Inpainting
* Semidefinite Programming Based Search Strategy for Feature Selection with Mutual Information Measure, A
Includes: Hoffmann, S.[Sebastian] Hoffmann, S.
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Hoffmann, W.C.[W. Clint] Co Author Listing * Airborne Multispectral Imaging System Based on Two Consumer-Grade Cameras for Agricultural Remote Sensing, An
* Crop Classification and LAI Estimation Using Original and Resolution-Reduced Images from Two Consumer-Grade Cameras
* Evaluation of an Airborne Remote Sensing Platform Consisting of Two Consumer-Grade Cameras for Crop Identification
* Evaluation of Orthomosics and Digital Surface Models Derived from Aerial Imagery for Crop Type Mapping
* Evaluation of Sentinel-2A Satellite Imagery for Mapping Cotton Root Rot
Includes: Hoffmann, W.C.[W. Clint] Hoffmann, W.C.[Wesley Clint]

Hoffmann, W.D. Co Author Listing * Making Progressive Transmission Adaptive

Hoffmeister, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Landform Classification Approaches on Different Spatial Scales for the Iranian Loess Plateau
* Analysis of Multitemporal and Multisensor Remote Sensing Data for Crop Rotation Mapping
* Comparison of UAV- and TLS-derived Plant Height for Crop Monitoring: Using Polygon Grids for the Analysis of Crop Surface Models (CSMs), A
* Development of A Metadata Management System for An Interdisciplinary Research Project
* Evaluation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Rice Growth Monitoring
* Facilitating Integrated Spatio-temporal Visualization and Analysis Of Heterogeneous Archaeological and Palaeoenvironmental Research Data
* Multi-temporal Crop Surface Models Combined With The Rgb Vegetation Index From Uav-based Images For Forage Monitoring In Grassland
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Coastal Geomorphologic Research In Western Greece
* Terrestrial laser scanning for plant height measurement and biomass estimation of maize
Includes: Hoffmeister, D.[Dirk] Hoffmeister, D.
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Hoffmeister, J.W. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Breast-Cancer Detection and Diagnosis of Masses Using Difference of Gaussians and Derivative-Based Feature Saliency

Hoffner, J. Co Author Listing * Lidars With Narrow FOV for Daylight Measurements

Hofgartner, J.D. Co Author Listing * Radar Sounding Using the Cassini Altimeter: Waveform Modeling and Monte Carlo Approach for Data Inversion of Observations of Titan's Seas

Hofhauser, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Edge-Based Template Matching and Tracking for Perspectively Distorted Planar Objects

Hofheinz, F. Co Author Listing * Comments on Comparative Study With New Accuracy Metrics for Target Volume Contouring in PET Image Guided Radiation Therapy
* Influence and Compensation of Truncation Artifacts in MR-Based Attenuation Correction in PET/MR

Hofkens, J.[Johan] Co Author Listing * Curve computation by geodesics and graph modelling for polymer analysis
* Curve Extraction by Geodesics Fusion: Application to Polymer Reptation Analysis

Hofker, U. Co Author Listing * Creation and Scene Composition for High-Resolution Panoramas
Includes: Hofker, U. Höfker, U. (Maybe also Hoefker, U.)

Hofland, P.L. Co Author Listing * Interactive Histogram Equalization

Hofle, B.[Bernhard] Co Author Listing * 3D micro-mapping: Towards assessing the quality of crowdsourcing to support 3D point cloud analysis
* Analysis of the Backscattered Energy in Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* Automatic Glacier Surface Analysis from Airborne Laser Scanning
* Building Extraction from Airborne Laser Scanning Data: An Analysis of the State of the Art
* Comparative classification analysis of post-harvest growth detection from terrestrial LiDAR point clouds in precision agriculture
* Correction of laser scanning intensity data: Data and model-driven approaches
* Extraction of Vertical Walls from Mobile Laser Scanning Data for Solar Potential Assessment
* Feasibility of Facade Footprint Extraction from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* GIS-Based Detection of Gullies in Terrestrial LiDAR Data of the Cerro Llamoca Peatland (Peru)
* GIS-Based Roughness Derivation for Flood Simulations: A Comparison of Orthophotos, LiDAR and Crowdsourced Geodata
* Glacier Surface Segmentation Using Airborne Laser Scanning Point Cloud and Intensity Data
* Historic Low Wall Detection via Topographic Parameter Images Derived from Fine-Resolution DEM
* Local-scale flood mapping on vegetated floodplains from radiometrically calibrated airborne LiDAR data
* Object based analysis of airborne laser scanning data for natural hazard purposes using open source components
* Object detection in airborne lidar data for improved solar radiation modeling in urban areas
* Ontology-Based Classification of Building Types Detected from Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Roughness Mapping on Various Vertical Scales Based on Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Simulating an Autonomously Operating Low-Cost Static Terrestrial LiDAR for Multitemporal Maize Crop Height Measurements
* Urban vegetation detection using radiometrically calibrated small-footprint full-waveform airborne LiDAR data
* Vertical Vegetation Structure Analysis and Hydraulic Roughness Determination Using Dense ALS Point Cloud Data: A Voxel Based Approach
* Volunteered Geographic Information in Natural Hazard Analysis: A Systematic Literature Review of Current Approaches with a Focus on Preparedness and Mitigation
Includes: Hofle, B.[Bernhard] Höfle, B.[Bernhard] (Maybe also Hoefle, B.)Höfle, B. (Maybe also Hoefle, B.)
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Hofleitner, A. Co Author Listing * Learning the Dynamics of Arterial Traffic From Probe Data Using a Dynamic Bayesian Network

Hofler, A.[Angelika] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Mapping in Northern High Latitude Permafrost Regions with Satellite Data: Achievements and Remaining Challenges
Includes: Hofler, A.[Angelika] Höfler, A.[Angelika] (Maybe also Hoefler, A.)

Hofler, H. Co Author Listing * Fast fiber coupled clearance profile scanner using real time 3D data processing with automatic rail detection
* Monitoring and inspecting overhead wires and supporting structures
* Novel Platform for Terrestrial 3D Mapping from Fast Vehicles
Includes: Hofler, H. Höfler, H. (Maybe also Hoefler, H.)

Hofman, C.L.[Corinne L.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Indigenous Settlement Topography in the Caribbean Using Drones

Hofman, I.[Irving] Co Author Listing * Robust and Efficient Cluster Analysis Using a Shared Near Neighbours Approach

Hofman, R.[Radoslaw] Co Author Listing * Application of 2D Fourier Descriptors and Similarity Measures to the General Shape Analysis Problem
* Application of the General Shape Analysis in Determining the Class of Binary Object Silhouettes in the Video Surveillance System
* Comparing Clothing Styles by Means of Computer Vision Methods
* Detecting Parked Vehicles in Static Images Using Simple Spectral Features in the SM4Public System
* Human Detection for a Video Surveillance Applied in the SmartMonitor System
* Similarity Estimation of Textile Materials Based on Image Quality Assessment Methods
* SmartMonitor: An Approach to Simple, Intelligent and Affordable Visual Surveillance System
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Hofmann, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * Tools for semi-automatic monitoring of industrial workflows

Hofmann, A.D. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of 3D city models: EuroSDR comparison
* Knowledge-Based Building Detection Based on Laser Scanner Data and Topographic Map Information
Includes: Hofmann, A.D. Hofmann, A.D.[Alexandra D.]

Hofmann, C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Additional Stable Gain by Frequency Shifting for Acoustic Feedback Suppression using Statistical Room Acoustics

Hofmann, H.[Heike] Co Author Listing * Direct Manipulation Graphics For Data Mining
* ROCHADE: Robust Checkerboard Advanced Detection for Camera Calibration
* Towards Clinical Application of a Laplace Operator-Based Region of Interest Reconstruction Algorithm in C-Arm CT
Includes: Hofmann, H.[Heike] Hofmann, H.[Hannes] Hofmann, H.

Hofmann, J. Co Author Listing * Laughter and Smiling in 16 Positive Emotions
* Scalable High-Performance Hardware Architecture for Real-Time Stereo Vision by Semi-Global Matching, A

Hofmann, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * 3D Human model adaptation by frame selection and shape-texture optimization
* Automatic Image Colorization Via Multimodal Predictions
* Background segmentation with feedback: The Pixel-Based Adaptive Segmenter
* blind deconvolution approach for pseudo CT prediction from MR image pairs, A
* Dense spatio-temporal motion segmentation for tracking multiple self-occluding people
* Edge Preserving and Noise Reducing Reconstruction for Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Exploiting gradient histograms for gait-based person identification
* Hypergraphs for Joint Multi-view Reconstruction and Multi-object Tracking
* Improved Gait Recognition using Gradient Histogram Energy Image
* Late fusion for person detection in camera networks
* Learning similarity measure for multi-modal 3D image registration
* Multi-view 3D human pose estimation combining single-frame recovery, temporal integration and model adaptation
* Multi-view 3D Human Pose Estimation in Complex Environment
* PID-based regulation of background dynamics for foreground segmentation
* PROMETHEUS: heterogeneous sensor database in support of research on human behavioral patterns in unrestricted environments
* Sensitivity Enhancement in Magnetic Particle Imaging by Background Subtraction
* Single-Frame 3D Human Pose Recovery from Multiple Views
* TUM Gait from Audio, Image and Depth (GAID) database: Multimodal recognition of subjects and traits, The
* Unified hierarchical multi-object tracking using global data association
Includes: Hofmann, M.[Michael] Hofmann, M.[Matthias] Hofmann, M.[Martin] Hofmann, M.
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Hofmann, M.I.[Martin I.] Co Author Listing * Catchment areas of panoramic snapshots in outdoor scenes

Hofmann, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Defuzzification Strategies for Fuzzy Classifications of Remote Sensing Data
* Detecting informal settlements from QuickBird data in Rio de Janeiro using an object based approach
* Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis: Towards a new paradigm
* Mapping Green Spaces in Bishkek: How Reliable can Spatial Analysis Be?
* Multi-resolution, object-oriented fuzzy analysis of remote sensing data for GIS-ready information
Includes: Hofmann, P.[Peter] Hofmann, P.

Hofmann, S. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Analysis of a Low-Cost Platform for Positioning and Navigation
* Accuracy Assessment Of Mobile Mapping Point Clouds Using The Existing Environment As Terrestrial Reference
* HCI Benchmark Suite: Stereo and Flow Ground Truth with Uncertainties for Urban Autonomous Driving, The
* Stereo Ground Truth with Error Bars
* Vesselness for text detection in historical document images
Includes: Hofmann, S. Hofmann, S.[Sabine]

Hofmann, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Beyond sliding windows: Object localization by efficient subwindow search
* Deterministic Annealing Framework for Unsupervised Texture Segmentation, A
* Efficient Subwindow Search: A Branch and Bound Framework for Object Localization
* Histogram Clustering for Unsupervised Image Segmentation
* Histogram clustering for unsupervised segmentation and image retrieval
* Learning Aerial Image Segmentation From Online Maps
* maximum entropy approach to pairwise data clustering, A
* Mixture models for co-occurrence and histogram data
* Non-Parametric Similarity Measures for Unsupervised Texture Segmentation and Image Retrieval
* Optimization Approach to Unsupervised Hierarchical Texture Segmentation, An
* Pairwise Data Clustering by Deterministic Annealing
* theory of proximity based clustering: structure detection by optimization, A
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Textured Images by Pairwise Data Clustering
* Unsupervised Texture Segmentation in a Deterministic Annealing Framework
Includes: Hofmann, T.[Thomas] Hofmann, T.
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Hofmann, U. Co Author Listing * EMS-Vision: Application to Hybrid Adaptive Cruise Control
* Radar and vision data fusion for hybrid adaptive cruise control on highways
* Radar and Vision Data Fusion for Hybrid Cruise Control on Highways

Hofmann, U.G.[Ulrich G.] Co Author Listing * Fast Level-Set Method for Accurate Tracking of Articulated Objects with an Edge-Based Binary Speed Term, A
* Local Region Descriptors for Active Contours Evolution

Hofmanninger, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Mapping visual features to semantic profiles for retrieval in medical imaging

Hofmeier, A. Co Author Listing * Intellix: End-User Trained Information Extraction for Document Archiving

Hofmeyr, D.P. Co Author Listing * Clustering by Minimum Cut Hyperplanes

Hofs, D.[Dennis] Co Author Listing * Supporting Engagement and Floor Control in Hybrid Meetings

Hofstatter, M. Co Author Listing * Embedded contours extraction for high-speed scene dynamics based on a neuromorphic temporal contrast vision sensor
* Embedded neuromorphic vision for humanoid robots
* Event-driven embodied system for feature extraction and object recognition in robotic applications
* Novel HDR Depth Camera for Real-Time 3D 360 deg Panoramic Vision, A
Includes: Hofstatter, M. Hofstatter, M.[Michael]

Hofstetter, R. Co Author Listing * Classification of colonic polyps using Hidden Markov Models
* False Positive Reduction in Colonic Polyp Detection Using Glocal Information
Includes: Hofstetter, R. Hofstetter, R.[Robert]

Hofsticka, B. Co Author Listing * Orientation- and Scale- Invariant Recognition of Textures in Multi-Object Scenes

Hofton, M. Co Author Listing * Arctic Sea Ice Freeboard Retrieval With Waveform Characteristics for NASA's Airborne Topographic Mapper (ATM) and Land, Vegetation, and Ice Sensor (LVI
* Characterization of Canopy Layering in Forested Ecosystems Using Full Waveform Lidar
* Empirical Assessment of Temporal Decorrelation Using the Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar over Forested Landscapes, An
* Validation of SRTM Elevations Over Vegetated and Non-vegetated Terrain Using Medium-Footprint Lidar
Includes: Hofton, M. Hofton, M.[Michelle]

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