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Hoi, S.C.H.[Steven C.H.] Co Author Listing * Boosting Framework for Visuality-Preserving Distance Metric Learning and Its Application to Medical Image Retrieval, A
* Effective Approach to 3D Deformable Surface Tracking, An
* Enhancing Bag-of-Words Models with Semantics-Preserving Metric Learning
* Face Annotation Using Transductive Kernel Fisher Discriminant
* Fast Object Retrieval Using Direct Spatial Matching
* FSpH: Fitted spectral hashing for efficient similarity search
* Graph Matching by Simplified Convex-Concave Relaxation Procedure
* Group-based relevance feedback with support vector machine ensembles
* Learning Distance Metrics with Contextual Constraints for Image Retrieval
* Modeling and Compressing 3-D Facial Expressions Using Geometry Videos
* Multi-Scale Tikhonov Regularization Scheme for Implicit Surface Modelling, A
* Multimodal and Multilevel Ranking Scheme for Large-Scale Video Retrieval, A
* Non-parametric kernel ranking approach for social image retrieval
* Nonrigid shape recovery by Gaussian process regression
* Online Multiple Kernel Similarity Learning for Visual Search
* Output Regularized Metric Learning with Side Information
* Real-Time Non-rigid Shape Recovery Via Active Appearance Models for Augmented Reality
* Reliable Patch Trackers: Robust visual tracking by exploiting reliable patches
* Retrieval-Based Face Annotation by Weak Label Regularized Local Coordinate Coding
* Scalable Image Retrieval by Sparse Product Quantization
* Semantics-Preserving Bag-of-Words Models and Applications
* Semi-Supervised Active Learning Framework for Image Retrieval, A
* Semi-Supervised Distance Metric Learning for Collaborative Image Retrieval
* Semi-supervised SVM batch mode active learning for image retrieval
* Unsupervised face alignment by robust nonrigid mapping
Includes: Hoi, S.C.H.[Steven C.H.] Hoi, S.C.H.[Steven C. H.] Hoi, S.C.H.
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Hoi, Y.[Yiemeng] Co Author Listing * Computational Hemodynamics in Intracranial Vessels Reconstructed from Biplane Angiograms

Hoiem, D.[Derek] Co Author Listing * 3D Layout CRF for Multi-View Object Class Recognition and Segmentation
* 3D-PRNN: Generating Shape Primitives with Recurrent Neural Networks
* Aligned Image-Word Representations Improve Inductive Transfer Across Vision-Language Tasks
* Attribute-centric recognition for cross-category generalization
* benefits and challenges of collecting richer object annotations, The
* Beyond the Line of Sight: Labeling the Underlying Surfaces
* Boundary Cues for 3D Object Shape Recovery
* Building text features for object image classification
* Category Independent Object Proposals
* Category-Independent Object Proposals with Diverse Ranking
* ChromaTag: A Colored Marker and Fast Detection Algorithm
* Closing the loop in scene interpretation
* Comparative object similarity for improved recognition with few or no examples
* Completing 3D object shape from one depth image
* Computer Vision for Music Identification
* Computer Vision for Music Identification: Video Demonstration
* data driven method for feature transformation, A
* Describing objects by their attributes
* Diagnosing Error in Object Detectors
* empirical study of context in object detection, An
* Family Member Identification from Photo Collections
* Geometric Context from a Single Image
* Geometry-Informed Material Recognition
* Guest Editorial: Scene Understanding
* Improved Object Categorization and Detection Using Comparative Object Similarity
* Indoor Segmentation and Support Inference from RGBD Images
* Labeling Complete Surfaces in Scene Understanding
* Learning a sequential search for landmarks
* Learning Collections of Part Models for Object Recognition
* Learning CRFs Using Graph Cuts
* Learning Discriminative Collections of Part Detectors for Object Recognition
* Learning Image Similarity from Flickr Groups Using Fast Kernel Machines
* Learning image similarity from Flickr groups using Stochastic Intersection Kernel Machines
* Learning shared body plans
* Learning to Find Object Boundaries Using Motion Cues
* Learning to localize detected objects
* Learning to Localize Little Landmarks
* Learning Without Forgetting
* Object-based image retrieval using the statistical structure of images
* Paired Regions for Shadow Detection and Removal
* Part Localization using Multi-Proposal Consensus for Fine-Grained Categorization
* Putting Objects in Perspective
* Recovering free space of indoor scenes from a single image
* Recovering Occlusion Boundaries from a Single Image
* Recovering Occlusion Boundaries from an Image
* Recovering Surface Layout from an Image
* Recovering the spatial layout of cluttered rooms
* Seeing the World Behind the Image: Spatial Layout for 3D Scene Understanding
* Semantic Learning for Audio Applications: A Computer Vision Approach
* Single-image shadow detection and removal using paired regions
* Support Surface Prediction in Indoor Scenes
* Thinking Inside the Box: Using Appearance Models and Context Based on Room Geometry
* Where to Look: Focus Regions for Visual Question Answering
Includes: Hoiem, D.[Derek] Hoiem, D.
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Hoiles, W. Co Author Listing * Afriat's Test for Detecting Malicious Agents

Hoilund, C. Co Author Listing * Head Pose Estimation from Passive Stereo Images
Includes: Hoilund, C. H°ilund, C.

Hoischen, R.[Rainer] Co Author Listing * Playing Domino: A Case Study for an Active Vision System

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