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Hu, A.[Anzhou] Co Author Listing * Image quality assessment using a SVD-based structural projection
* Improved PDR/Magnetometer/Floor Map Integration Algorithm for Ubiquitous Positioning Using the Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter, An
* Improvement of Reflection Detection Success Rate of GNSS RO Measurements Using Artificial Neural Network
* Machine learning-based multi-channel evaluation pooling strategy for image quality assessment
* Remote sensing image compression based on double-sparsity dictionary learning and universal trellis coded quantization
* Using Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Method for the Height of F2 Peak Forecasting from Ionosonde Measurements in the Australian Region
Includes: Hu, A.[Anzhou] Hu, A.[Andong] Hu, A.

Hu, A.F.[An Feng] Co Author Listing * Image Watermarking Algorithm Based on Quantization and Integer Wavelet Transform
Includes: Hu, A.F.[An Feng] Hu, A.F.[An-Feng]

Hu, A.J.[Ai Jun] Co Author Listing * Harmonic wavelet packets method and its application to signal analysis of rotating machinery
Includes: Hu, A.J.[Ai Jun] Hu, A.J.[Ai-Jun]

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