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Hu, C.[Cheng] Co Author Listing * Accurate Focusing and Resolution Analysis Method in Geosynchronous SAR, The
* Analysis of the electrical impedance tomography algorithm based on finite element method and Tikhonov regularization
* Atmospheric Correction of Hyperspectral GCAS Airborne Measurements Over the North Atlantic Ocean and Louisiana Shelf
* BDS-2/BDS-3 Integrated Method for Ultra-Rapid Orbit Determination with the Aid of Precise Satellite Clock Offsets, A
* Bio-inspired Collision Detector with Enhanced Selectivity for Ground Robotic Vision System
* Challenges of Interpreting Oil-Water Spatial and Spectral Contrasts for the Estimation of Oil Thickness: Examples From Satellite and Airborne Measurements of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, The
* Color guided thermal image super resolution
* Compact Ground-Based Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar: Short-range structural monitoring
* Comparison of Valid Ocean Observations Between MODIS Terra and Aqua Over the Global Oceans
* Compensation Method for a Time-Space Variant Atmospheric Phase Applied to Time-Series GB-SAR Images, A
* Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control for Path Following of Four-Wheel Independently Actuated Autonomous Ground Vehicles
* Copy and Paste GAN: Face Hallucination From Shaded Thumbnails
* Deep Progressive Hashing for Image Retrieval
* Differential Steering Based Yaw Stabilization Using ISMC for Independently Actuated Electric Vehicles
* Differentially Deep Subspace Representation for Unsupervised Change Detection of SAR Images
* Discrimination of Parallel and Perpendicular Insects Based on Relative Phase of Scattering Matrix Eigenvalues
* Distributed Aggregate Privacy-Preserving Authentication in VANETs
* Efficient Reconstruction Algorithm Based on the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Joint Estimation of R_2^* and Off-Resonance in fMRI, An
* EOF-Based Algorithm to Estimate Chlorophyll a Concentrations in Taihu Lake from MODIS Land-Band Measurements: Implications for Near Real-Time Applications and Forecasting Models, An
* Evaluation of Remote Sensing Reflectance Derived From the Sentinel-2 Multispectral Instrument Observations Using POLYMER Atmospheric Correction
* Event-Driven Distributed Information Resource-Focusing Service for Emergency Response in Smart City with Cyber-Physical Infrastructures
* Experimental Results and Algorithm Analysis of DEM Generation Using Bistatic SAR Interferometry With Stationary Receiver
* Extended NLCS Algorithm of BiSAR Systems With a Squinted Transmitter and a Fixed Receiver: Theory and Experimental Confirmation
* Fitting a Single Active Appearance Model Simultaneously to Multiple Images
* Fixation prediction through multimodal analysis
* Formation Design for Single-Pass GEO InSAR Considering Earth Rotation Based on Coordinate Rotational Transformation
* Gated branch neural network for mandatory lane changing suggestion at the on-ramps of highway
* GB-InSAR-Based DEM Generation Method and Precision Analysis
* Geosynchronous SAR Tomography: Theory and First Experimental Verification Using Beidou IGSO Satellite
* Geosynchronous Spaceborne-Airborne Bistatic Moving Target Indication System: Performance Analysis and Configuration Design
* GRFT-Based Moving Ship Target Detection and Imaging in Geosynchronous SAR
* High-resolution 3D imaging of microvascular architecture in human glioma tissues using X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography as a potential adjunct to histopathology
* Hybrid Cloud Detection Algorithm to Improve MODIS Sea Surface Temperature Data Quality and Coverage Over the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, A
* Image Formation Algorithm for Asymmetric Bistatic SAR Systems With a Fixed Receiver
* Impacts of Temporal-Spatial Variant Background Ionosphere on Repeat-Track GEO D-InSAR System
* Improved Frequency Domain Focusing Method in Geosynchronous SAR, An
* Improving Human Parsing by Extracting Global Information Using the Non-Local Operation
* Insect Biological Parameter Estimation Based on the Invariant Target Parameters of the Scattering Matrix
* Insect Mass Estimation Based on Radar Cross Section Parameters and Support Vector Regression Algorithm
* iterative procedure for removing random-valued impulse noise, An
* Joint Amplitude-Phase Compensation for Ionospheric Scintillation in GEO SAR Imaging
* kCCA Transformation-Based Radiometric Normalization of Multi-Temporal Satellite Images
* Lane Keeping Control of Autonomous Vehicles With Prescribed Performance Considering the Rollover Prevention and Input Saturation
* Loopy Residual Hashing: Filling the Quantization Gap for Image Retrieval
* Marker-based quadri-ocular tracking system for surgery
* Migratory Insect Multifrequency Radar Cross Sections for Morphological Parameter Estimation
* Modeling and Quantitative Analysis of Tropospheric Impact on Inclined Geosynchronous SAR Imaging
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
* Multi-Sensor Observations of Submesoscale Eddies in Coastal Regions
* Multi-task Micro-expression Recognition Combining Deep and Handcrafted Features
* Multiangle BSAR Imaging Based on BeiDou-2 Navigation Satellite System: Experiments and Preliminary Results
* Multistatic Geosynchronous SAR Resolution Analysis and Grating Lobe Suppression Based on Array Spatial Ambiguity Function
* Novel Azimuth Spectrum Reconstruction and Imaging Method for Moving Targets in Geosynchronous Spaceborne-Airborne Bistatic Multichannel SAR, A
* Novel Rapid SAR Simulator Based on Equivalent Scatterers for Three-Dimensional Forest Canopies, A
* Object Model for Integrating Diverse Remote Sensing Satellite Sensors: A Case Study of Union Operation, An
* Observation Capability Metadata Model for EO Sensor Discovery in Sensor Web Enablement Environments, An
* Observation Task Chain Representation Model for Disaster Process-Oriented Remote Sensing Satellite Sensor Planning: A Flood Water Monitoring Application, An
* Optimal Data Acquisition and Height Retrieval in Repeat-Track Geosynchronous SAR Interferometry
* parallel linearized ADMM with application to multichannel tgv-based image restoration, A
* Performance Analysis of L-Band Geosynchronous SAR Imaging in the Presence of Ionospheric Scintillation
* Performance and Requirements of GEO SAR Systems in the Presence of Radio Frequency Interferences
* Performance of POLYMER Atmospheric Correction of Ocean Color Imagery in the Presence of Absorbing Aerosols
* Precise Orbit Determination for GNSS Maneuvering Satellite with the Constraint of a Predicted Clock
* Progress of Instantaneity in Real-Time ROBOCUP Vision System
* Radar Measurements of Morphological Parameters and Species Identification Analysis of Migratory Insects
* Retrieval Method of Vertical Profiles of Reflectivity for Migratory Animals Using Weather Radar, A
* Robust H_inf Path Following Control for Autonomous Ground Vehicles With Delay and Data Dropout
* Satellite-Observed Black Water Events off Southwest Florida: Implications for Coral Reef Health in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
* sEMG-Based Tremor Severity Evaluation for Parkinson's Disease Using a Light-Weight CNN
* Ship Discrimination Using Polarimetric SAR Data and Coherent Time-Frequency Analysis
* Should the Desired Heading in Path Following of Autonomous Vehicles be the Tangent Direction of the Desired Path?
* Sketch-a-Classifier: Sketch-Based Photo Classifier Generation
* Space-Surface Bistatic SAR Image Formation Algorithms
* Sparse SAR Imaging Method Based on Multiple Measurement Vectors Model, A
* Sparsity-Inducing Super-Resolution Passive Radar Imaging with Illuminators of Opportunity
* Spatio-Temporal Risk Assessment Process Modeling for Urban Hazard Events in Sensor Web Environment
* Three-Dimensional Deformation Retrieval in Geosynchronous SAR by Multiple-Aperture Interferometry Processing: Theory and Performance Analysis
* Topological Data Analysis Approach to Video Summarization, A
* Validation of the Weight Function in the Leading-Edge-Derivative Path Delay Estimator for Space-Based GNSS-R Altimetry, The
* Velocity Estimation of Multiple Moving Targets in Single-Channel Geosynchronous SAR
* Visual attention analysis and prediction on human faces with mole
* Voxel-Based Method for Automated Identification and Morphological Parameters Estimation of Individual Street Trees from Mobile Laser Scanning Data, A
* Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Grid-Based Travel-Demand-Pattern Clustering: Case Study of Beijing Bicycle-Sharing System
Includes: Hu, C.[Cheng] Hu, C.[Chun] Hu, C. Hu, C.[Chao] Hu, C.[Chudi] Hu, C.[Chuanmin] Hu, C.[Chuanbo] Hu, C.[Chuan] Hu, C.[Chunhong] Hu, C.[Chen] Hu, C.[Changmiao] Hu, C.[Corey] Hu, C.[Chuli] Hu, C.[Caibo] Hu, C.[Canbin] Hu, C.[Caiyi]
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Hu, C.B.[Chang Bo] Co Author Listing * AAM Derived Face Representations for Robust Facial Action Recognition
* Active Wavelet Networks for Face Alignment
* Built-up Area Extraction from PolSAR Imagery with Model-Based Decomposition and Polarimetric Coherence
* Database for Face Presentation Attack Using Wax Figure Faces, A
* Eigenshape kernel based mean shift for human tracking
* Extraction of parametric human model for posture recognition using genetic algorithm
* Facial expression recognition with temporal modeling of shapes
* Full-motion recovery from multiple video cameras applied to face tracking and recognition
* Fusing face recognition from multiple cameras
* Hierarchical Extension of General Four-Component Scattering Power Decomposition, A
* Indoor Scene Recognition from RGB-D Images by Learning Scene Bases
* Manifold Based Analysis of Facial Expression
* Manifold of facial expression
* Multi-View AAM Fitting and Camera Calibration
* Multi-View AAM Fitting and Construction
* Nonparametric Facial Feature Localization
* Occlusion robust multi-camera face tracking
* Patch-based face recognition from video
* Probabilistic expression analysis on manifolds
* Real-time view-based face alignment using active wavelet networks
* Region Based Parametric Motion Representation
* Scattering Characterization of Obliquely Oriented Buildings from PolSAR Data Using Eigenvalue-Related Model
* Ship Recognition from Chaff Clouds with Sophisticated Polarimetric Decomposition
* TLA Based Face Tracking
Includes: Hu, C.B.[Chang Bo] Hu, C.B.[Chang-Bo] Hu, C.B.[Can-Bin] Hu, C.B.[Chuan-Bo]
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Hu, C.C.[Chia Chang] Co Author Listing * Precoding Design of MIMO AF Two-Way Multiple-Relay Systems
* Predicting the Upcoming Services of Vacant Taxis near Fixed Locations Using Taxi Trajectories
Includes: Hu, C.C.[Chia Chang] Hu, C.C.[Chia-Chang] Hu, C.C.[Chun-Chun]

Hu, C.F.[Chun Feng] Co Author Listing * composite fingerprint segmentation based on Log-Gabor filter and orientation reliability, A
* Fingerprint alignment using special ridges
* Fingerprint Minutiae Relationship Representation And Matching Based On Curve Coordinate System
* Score based biometric template selection
* systematic method for fingerprint ridge orientation estimation and image segmentation, A
* Two steps for fingerprint segmentation
Includes: Hu, C.F.[Chun Feng] Hu, C.F.[Chun-Feng]

Hu, C.H.[Chun Hua] Co Author Listing * 3D Point Cloud Filtering Method for Leaves Based on Manifold Distance and Normal Estimation, A
* Deep metric learning with dynamic margin hard sampling loss for face verification
* Deformation simulation based on model reduction with rigidity-guided sampling
* Fast Adaptive Parameter Estimation for Total Variation Image Restoration, A
* Fast proximal splitting algorithm for constrained TGV-regularised image restoration and reconstruction
* Graph-based regularization for color image demosaicking
* IL-GAN: Illumination-invariant representation learning for single sample face recognition
* Inferring Sources of Dementia Progression with Network Diffusion Model
* Linearized kernel dictionary learning with group sparse priors for action recognition
* Multi-step Coding Structure of Spatial Audio Object Coding
* Performance Analysis of the Self-Stabilizing Douglas's MCA Algorithm, The
* Segmenting the Subthalamic Nucleus Using Narrow Band Limited Variational Level Set Method
* Single Sample Face Recognition Under Varying Illumination via QRCP Decomposition
* Singular value decomposition and local near neighbors for face recognition under varying illumination
Includes: Hu, C.H.[Chun Hua] Hu, C.H.[Chun-Hua] Hu, C.H.[Chang-Hui] Hu, C.H.[Chen-Hui] Hu, C.H.[Chang-Hua] Hu, C.H.[Chun-Hai] Hu, C.H.[Chen-Hao]
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Hu, C.J.[Chang Jiang] Co Author Listing * Detecting Targets above the Earth's Surface Using GNSS-R Delay Doppler Maps: Results from TDS-1
* Dual-view medical image visualization based on spatial-temporal psychovisual modulation
* Information security display via uncrowded window
* novel multi-atlas and multi-channel (MAMC) approach for multiple sclerosis lesion segmentation in brain MRI, A
Includes: Hu, C.J.[Chang Jiang] Hu, C.J.[Chang-Jiang] Hu, C.J.[Chun-Jia] Hu, C.J.[Chang-Jun]

Hu, C.L. Co Author Listing * Waveform Feature Extraction based on Tauberian Approximation

Hu, C.M.[Chuan Min] Co Author Listing * Challenges in Methane Column Retrievals from AVIRIS-NG Imagery over Spectrally Cluttered Surfaces: A Sensitivity Analysis
* Cheating Prevention in Visual Cryptography
* Coral reef geomorphology of the Spratly Islands: A simple method based on time-series of Landsat-8 multi-band inundation maps
* Cross-Sensor Continuity of Satellite-Derived Water Clarity in the Gulf of Mexico: Insights Into Temporal Aliasing and Implications for Long-Term Water Clarity Assessment
* Denoising Algorithm for the Pixel-Response Non-Uniformity Correction Of A Scientific CMOS Under Low Light Conditions
* Long-Term Distribution Patterns of Chlorophyll-a Concentration in China's Largest Freshwater Lake: MERIS Full-Resolution Observations with a Practical Approach
* Mapping Digital Image Texture onto 3D Model from LIDAR Data
* Non-local attention association scheme for online multi-object tracking
* Refined UNet: UNet-Based Refinement Network for Cloud and Shadow Precise Segmentation
* Variability of Particle Size Distributions in the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea
* World's Largest Macroalgal Blooms Altered Phytoplankton Biomass in Summer in the Yellow Sea: Satellite Observations
Includes: Hu, C.M.[Chuan Min] Hu, C.M.[Chuan-Min] Hu, C.M. Hu, C.M.[Chang-Miao] Hu, C.M.[Chun-Mei] Hu, C.M.[Chen-Ming]
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Hu, C.P.[Chuan Ping] Co Author Listing * Building an intelligent video and image analysis evaluation platform for public security
* Learning Discriminative Pattern for Real-Time Car Brand Recognition
* Public Security Video and Image Analysis Challenge: A Retrospective
* Vehicle Color Recognition With Spatial Pyramid Deep Learning
Includes: Hu, C.P.[Chuan Ping] Hu, C.P.[Chuan-Ping]

Hu, C.S.[Chun Sheng] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Different Non-Destructive Estimation Methods for Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Nitrogen Status Based on Canopy Spectrum
* Obstacle Recognition and Localization Based on the Monocular Vision for Double Split Transmission Lines Inspection Robot
Includes: Hu, C.S.[Chun Sheng] Hu, C.S.[Chun-Sheng] Hu, C.S.[Cai-Shi]

Hu, C.W.[Chan Wei] Co Author Listing * Anticipating Daily Intention Using On-wrist Motion Triggered Sensing
* Liquid Pouring Monitoring via Rich Sensory Inputs
Includes: Hu, C.W.[Chan Wei] Hu, C.W.[Chan-Wei]

Hu, C.X.[Cheng Xue] Co Author Listing * Comparison Between Spectral Similarity Mapping and Correlation Algorithm in Spectral Imaging Application, The
* Linear ego-motion recovery algorithm based on quasi-parallax
* Linear Quasi-Parallax SfM Using Laterally-Placed Eyes
* regularized trust region method for joint reconstruction of spin magnitude, T2* decay, and off-resonance field map, A
* Trust Region Methods for the Estimation of a Complex Exponential Decay Model in MRI With a Single-Shot or Multi-Shot Trajectory
Includes: Hu, C.X.[Cheng Xue] Hu, C.X.[Cheng-Xue] Hu, C.X.[Chuan-Xin] Hu, C.X.[Chen-Xi]

Hu, C.Y.[Chang Yuan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Synthesis of Contrast Controlled Grayscale Characters with Component-based Parametrisable Fonts
* New Type of Proxy Ring Signature Scheme with Revocable Anonymity and No Info Leaked, A
* novel random forests based class incremental learning method for activity recognition, A
* Time-Efficient Computation of 3D Topological Functions
* Time-efficient computations for topological functions in 3D images
Includes: Hu, C.Y.[Chang Yuan] Hu, C.Y.[Chang-Yuan] Hu, C.Y.[Cheng-Yu] Hu, C.Y.[Chun-Yu] Hu, C.Y. Hu, C.Y.[Chih-Yuan]

Hu, C.Z.[Chun Zhi] Co Author Listing * Robust User Community-Aware Landmark Photo Retrieval
Includes: Hu, C.Z.[Chun Zhi] Hu, C.Z.[Chun-Zhi]

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