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Hu, Y.[Yuan] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Landmarking Method under Pose and Expression Variations
* 3D Face Recognition Based on MPU Implicits
* 3D Feature Constrained Reconstruction for Low-Dose CT Imaging
* 3D reconstruction methods based on the rational function model
* Accelerated Dynamic MRI Exploiting Sparsity and Low-Rank Structure: k-t SLR
* Accurate And Fast Building Detection Using Binary Bag-of-features
* Adaptive Construction of the Virtual Debris Flow Disaster Environments Driven by Multilevel Visualization Task
* Analysis of Water Vapor Correction for CloudSat W-Band Radar
* Automatic Identification of Shrub-Encroached Grassland in the Mongolian Plateau Based on UAS Remote Sensing
* Automatic Multi-Organ Segmentation on Abdominal CT With Dense V-Networks
* Character Recognition via a Compact Convolutional Neural Network
* Compact And Hybrid Feature Description for Building Extraction
* Comparison of Two Simulation Methods of the Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index (TVDI) for Drought Monitoring in Semi-Arid Regions of China
* Complementary Projection Hashing
* Completed local derivative pattern for rotation invariant texture classification
* Comprehensive Study of the Rational Function Model for Photogrammetric Processing, A
* Construction and Optimization of Three-Dimensional Disaster Scenes within Mobile Virtual Reality
* Content-Aware Video2Comics With Manga-Style Layout
* Cross Dataset Person Re-identification
* Cross-modal face matching: Tackling visual abstraction using fine-grained attributes
* Curvature diffusion evolution in image filtering
* Detail-preserved real-time hand motion regression from depth
* Detecting and inferring repetitive elements with accurate locations and shapes from fašades
* Detecting repetitive elements with accurate locations and shapes from urban facade
* Detection Method of Artificial Area From High Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based On Multi Scale And Multi Feature Fusion, A
* Development of Sensory-Motor Fusion-Based Manipulation and Grasping Control for a Robotic Hand-Eye System
* Diffusion Tensor-Based Fiber Tracking in Cervical Spinal Cord with a 3T MRI
* Distributed video coding with progressive significance map
* DMCNN: Dual-Domain Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Network for Compression Artifacts Removal
* Edge-Guided Image Object Detection in Multiscale Segmentation for High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Effects of Compression on Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Fractal Analysis
* Efficient Coarse-to-Fine Patch Match for Large Displacement Optical Flow
* Efficient Reversible Data Hiding Based on Prefix Matching and Directed LSB Embedding
* Electromagnetic Waves in Multilayered Generalized Anisotropic Media
* Emergency Management of Urban Rail Transportation Based on Parallel Systems
* Empirical Algorithm to Retrieve Significant Wave Height from Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery Collected under Cyclonic Conditions, An
* Engineering Deep Representations for Modeling Aesthetic Perception
* Exploring Structural Information and Fusing Multiple Features for Person Re-identification
* Extracting Information From Previous Full-Dose CT Scan for Knowledge-Based Bayesian Reconstruction of Current Low-Dose CT Images
* Fast and Accurate Matrix Completion via Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization
* Fast Extraction of Somatosensory Evoked Potential Using RLS Adaptive Filter Algorithms
* Fast Majorize-Minimize Algorithm for the Recovery of Sparse and Low-Rank Matrices, A
* FC^4: Fully Convolutional Color Constancy with Confidence-Weighted Pooling
* Framework of Multiuser Satisfaction for Assessing Interaction Models Within Collaborative Virtual Environments
* From Local Pixel Structure to Global Image Super-Resolution: A New Face Hallucination Framework
* Fusion of noisy images based on joint distribution model in dual-tree complex wavelet domain
* Fusion Visualization Method for Disaster Information Based on Self-Explanatory Symbols and Photorealistic Scene Cooperation, A
* Generalized Higher Degree Total Variation (HDTV) Regularization
* Generalized Structured Low-Rank Matrix Completion Algorithm for MR Image Recovery, A
* Geometric Approach to Server Selection for Interactive Video Streaming, A
* Global and Local Consistent Age Generative Adversarial Networks
* GrabCut algorithm for dental X-ray images based on full threshold segmentation
* hierarchical fast coding unit depth decision algorithm for HEVC intra coding, A
* Hierarchical Recovery of Digital Terrain Models from Single and Multiple Return Lidar Data
* High-Speed, Real-Time Vision System for Texture Tracking and Thread Counting, A
* Higher Degree Total Variation (HDTV) Regularization for Image Recovery
* Horizontal Position Optimal Solution Determination For The Satellite Laser Ranging Slope Model
* Human Head Tracking Based on Inheritance and Evolution Concept
* Hybrid 3-D Electromagnetic Method for Induction Detection of Hydraulic Fractures Through a Tilted Cased Borehole in Planar Stratified Media, A
* Hybrid Map-Based Navigation Method for Unmanned Ground Vehicle in Urban Scenario
* Image Parallax Based Modeling of Depth-Layer Architecture
* Image perception of vision impaired by epi-retinal electrode stimulation
* Image Restoration Based on Adaptive MCMC Particle Filter
* Image segmentation based on multiresolution Markov random field with fuzzy constraint in wavelet domain
* Image-based biomechanical relationship estimation between maximum jaw opening and masticatory muscle activities
* Imaging through scattering media with intensity modulated incoherent sources
* Improved Identification Code for City Components Based on Discrete Global Grid System, An
* Improving 3D Human Pose Estimation Via 3D Part Affinity Fields
* Improving colour iris segmentation using a model selection technique
* Instance-aware representation learning and association for online multi-person tracking
* Iris liveness detection using regional features
* Joint Multiscale Direct Envelope Inversion of Phase and Amplitude in the Time-Frequency Domain
* L1-2DPCA Revisit via Optimization on Product Manifolds
* Land Cover Changes and Their Driving Mechanisms in Central Asia from 2001 to 2017 Supported by Google Earth Engine
* Learning local pixel structure for face hallucination
* Learning Oriented Region-based Convolutional Neural Networks for Building Detection in Satellite Remote Sensing Images
* Learning spatial-temporal features for video copy detection by the combination of CNN and RNN
* Localized LRR on Grassmann Manifold: An Extrinsic View
* Lyapunov Optimized Resource Management for Multiuser Mobile Video Streaming
* Mapping Development Pattern in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration Using DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
* Matching Images With Multiple Descriptors: An Unsupervised Approach for Locally Adaptive Descriptor Selection
* matching method based on marker-controlled watershed segmentation, A
* Matching of characters in scene images by using local shape feature vectors
* Matrix completion by Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization
* MCast: High-Quality Linear Video Transmission With Time and Frequency Diversities
* Mixture of Bilateral-Projection Two-Dimensional Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis
* Modelling Prostate Motion for Data Fusion During Image-Guided Interventions
* Motion differential set partition coding for image sequence and video compression
* Multi-camera Trajectory Mining: Database and Evaluation
* multi-stream convolutional neural network for sEMG-based gesture recognition in muscle-computer interface, A
* Multiple degree total variation (MDTV) regularization for image restoration
* Multiple Resolution Residually Connected Feature Streams for Automatic Lung Tumor Segmentation From CT Images
* Multiple-instance ranking: Learning to rank images for image retrieval
* Multiview geometry in traditional vision and omnidirectional vision under the L_inf-norm
* Novel Classification Method of Halftone Image via Statistics Matrices, A
* Novel Facial Localization for Three-dimensional Face Using Multi-level Partition of Unity Implicits, A
* Novel in Situ FPAR Measurement Method for Low Canopy Vegetation Based on a Digital Camera and Reference Panel, A
* novel iris weight map method for less constrained iris recognition based on bit stability and discriminability, A
* novel kernel-based framework for facial-image hallucination, A
* On the security of multiple Huffman table based encryption
* On the Use of CALIPSO Land Surface Returns to Retrieve Aerosol and Cloud Optical Depths
* Online Allocation of Communication and Computation Resources for Real-Time Multimedia Services
* Online Modeling of Esthetic Communities Using Deep Perception Graph Analytics
* optimal spatial-temporal smoothness approach for tile-based 360-degree video streaming, An
* PanNet: A Deep Network Architecture for Pan-Sharpening
* PCTV: a biologically- and psychologically-inspired edge and line detection
* Person re-identification by Local Maximal Occurrence representation and metric learning
* Photogrammetric exploitation of Ikonos imagery for mapping applications
* Pose-Guided Photorealistic Face Rotation
* Power Allocation and Relay Selection for Multisource Multirelay Cooperative Vehicular Networks
* Prediction of ship collision risk based on CART
* Progressive Significance Map and Its Application to Error-Resilient Image Transmission
* Quantization of Fully Convolutional Networks for Accurate Biomedical Image Segmentation
* Radiative Transfer Modeling of Phytoplankton Fluorescence Quenching Processes
* rational function model: A Tool for Processing High-Resolution Imagery, The
* Re-scalable V-BLAST MIMO system for FPGA
* Real-time deep image super-resolution via global context aggregation and local queue jumping
* Reconstruction of High-Contrast Proppant in Hydraulic Fractures With Galvanic Measurements
* Robust Differential Received Signal Strength Based Localization With Model Parameter Errors
* Robust Interpolation of Correspondences for Large Displacement Optical Flow
* Robust skin detection using multi-spectral illumination
* Scale-Invariant Visual Language Modeling for Object Categorization
* SDM: Semantic Distortion Measurement for Video Encryption
* Semi-automatic 3-D segmentation of Computed Tomographic imagery by iterative gradient-driven volume growing
* Sexual Dimorphism Analysis and Gender Classification in 3D Human Face
* Simple very deep convolutional network for robust hand pose regression from a single depth image
* Soccer Video Event Detection Based on Deep Learning
* Text From Corners: A Novel Approach to Detect Text and Caption in Videos
* Texture Classification Via Stationary-Wavelet Based Contourlet Transform
* Texture Feature Extraction and Analysis for Polyp Differentiation via Computed Tomography Colonography
* Texture retrieval using periodically extended and adaptive curvelets
* Textured Image Segmentation by Context Enhanced Clustering
* Through-Casing Hydraulic Fracture Evaluation by Induction Logging II: The Inversion Algorithm and Experimental Validations
* Time-Frequency Analysis for Nonlinear Lamb Wave Signal
* Transfer Learning with Convolutional Neural Network for Early Gastric Cancer Classification on Magnifiying Narrow-Band Imaging Images
* Transferability of Economy Estimation Based on DMSP/OLS Night-Time Light
* Twitter100k: A Real-World Dataset for Weakly Supervised Cross-Media Retrieval
* Underwater Image Restoration Based on a Parallel Convolutional Neural Network
* Unified and accurate diffraction calculation between two concentric cylindrical surfaces
* Unsupervised Abnormal Crowd Activity Detection Using Semiparametric Scan Statistic
* Unsupervised learning of high-order structural semantics from images
* Updating solutions of the rational function model using additional control information
* Urban Land-Cover Change and Its Impact on the Ecosystem Carbon Storage in a Dryland City
* Use of the rational function model for imagery rectification
* Uyghur Text Localization with Fast Component Detection
* Video Error Concealment Using Spatio-Temporal Boundary Matching and Partial Differential Equation
* Video verification of point of sale transactions
* Vision Navigation Algorithm for MAVs Attitude Estimation Based on Radon Transformation, A
* WI-VI fingerprint: WiFi and vision integrated fingerprint for smartphone-based indoor self-localization
Includes: Hu, Y.[Yuan] Hu, Y. Hu, Y.[Yong] Hu, Y.[Ya] Hu, Y.[Yunfeng] Hu, Y.[Yue] Hu, Y.[Yao] Hu, Y.[Yang] Hu, Y.[Yi] Hu, Y.[Yuyi] Hu, Y.[Yu] Hu, Y.[Yahong] Hu, Y.[Yuwen] Hu, Y.[Yifan] Hu, Y.[Yifu] Hu, Y.[Yi'na] Hu, Y.[Yafei] Hu, Y.[Yan] Hu, Y.[Yaocong] Hu, Y.[Yina] Hu, Y.[Yongwu] Hu, Y.[Yongxiang] Hu, Y.[Yili] Hu, Y.[Yangliu] Hu, Y.[Ying] Hu, Y.[Yuting] Hu, Y.[Yuhen] Hu, Y.[Yin]
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Hu, Y.C.[Yu Chen] Co Author Listing * adaptive image authentication scheme for vector quantization compressed image, An
* Adaptive Two-Stage Edge Detection Scheme for Digital Color Images, An
* Automated Finite-Element Analysis for Deformable Registration of Prostate Images
* Dense Crowd Counting from Still Images with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Driving behaviour recognition from still images by using multi-stream fusion CNN
* Dust Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval and Dust Storm Detection for Xinjiang Region Using Indian National Satellite Observations
* Efficient image compression based on side match vector quantization and digital inpainting
* Fast VQ codebook search algorithm for grayscale image coding
* Finding fuzzy classification rules using data mining techniques
* Fine-grained sketch-based image retrieval: The role of part-aware attributes
* Gamma/X-ray linear pushbroom stereo for 3D cargo inspection
* genetic-based adaptive threshold selection method for dynamic path tree structured vector quantization, A
* Hiding secret data in images via predictive coding
* High-capacity image hiding scheme based on vector quantization
* Lossless recovery of a VQ index table with embedded secret data
* Low Bit-rate Image Compression Schemes Based On Vector Quantization
* Low-complexity progressive image transmission scheme based on quadtree segmentation
* new lossless compression scheme based on Huffman coding scheme for image compression, A
* Optimising three-band spectral indices to assess aerial N concentration, N uptake and aboveground biomass of winter wheat remotely in China and Germany
* progressive secret reveal system based on SPIHT image transmission, A
* Real-time reversible data hiding in encrypted images based on hybrid embedding mechanism
* Stereo Matching and 3D Visualization for Gamma-Ray Cargo Inspection
* Using set partitioning in hierarchical trees to authenticate digital images
Includes: Hu, Y.C.[Yu Chen] Hu, Y.C.[Yu-Chen] Hu, Y.C. Hu, Y.C.[Yao-Cong] Hu, Y.C.[Yin-Cui] Hu, Y.C.[Yi-Chung] Hu, Y.C.[Yi-Chuan] Hu, Y.C.[Yu-Chi] Hu, Y.C.[Yun-Cai]
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Hu, Y.F.[Yun Feng] Co Author Listing * automatic approach for land-change detection and land updates based on integrated NDVI timing analysis and the CVAPS method with GEE support, An
* Comments on An analytical algorithm for generalized low-rank approximations of matrices
* Deep Convolution Neural Network Method for Land Cover Mapping: A Case Study of Qinhuangdao, China, A
* Land Cover Changes and Their Driving Mechanisms in Central Asia from 2001 to 2017 Supported by Google Earth Engine
* Moving horizon shared steering strategy for intelligent vehicle based on potential-hazard analysis
* Non-invasive imaging based on speckle pattern estimation and deconvolution
* universal two-way approach for estimating unknown frequencies for unknown number of sinusoids in a signal based on eigenspace analysis of Hankel matrix, A
Includes: Hu, Y.F.[Yun Feng] Hu, Y.F.[Yun-Feng] Hu, Y.F.[Ya-Feng] Hu, Y.F.[Yi-Fu] Hu, Y.F.[Yim Fun]
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Hu, Y.G. Co Author Listing * 3d Documentation And Data Management In The Dazu Thousand-hand Bodhisattva Statue In China
* New Method of Gold Foil Damage Detection in Stone Carving Relics Based on Multi-Temporal 3D LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* Novel Method for Virtual Restoration of Cultural Relics with Complex Geometric Structure Based on Multiscale Spatial Geometry
Includes: Hu, Y.G. Hu, Y.G.[Yun-Gang]

Hu, Y.H.[Yu Hui] Co Author Listing * 3D Model Editing from Contour Drawings on Orthographic Projection Views
* Adaptive Wavelet Packet Basis for Entropy-Constrained Lattice Vector Quantizer (ECLVQ)
* Atmospheric lidar imaging and poisson inverse problems
* Automated Entry System for Chinese Printed Documents
* Blocking Artifact Free Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform
* Blocking effect removal using regularization and dithering
* Coding Artifacts Removal Using Biased Anisotropic Diffusion
* Comparison of surface and canopy urban heat islands within megacities of eastern China
* Design and Realization of Multi-Functional Gateway Based on SingleChip
* DOA Estimation From One-Bit Compressed Array Data via Joint Sparse Representation
* Frame-level pipelined motion estimation array processor
* Fusion of Summation Invariants in 3D Human Face Recognition
* Maximum-Likelihood Parameter Estimation for Image Ringing-Artifact Removal
* Modular High Throughput Architecture for Logarithmic Search Block Matching Motion Estimation, A
* Multiple view image denoising using 3D focus image stacks
* novel modular systolic array architecture for full-search block matching motion estimation, A
* On Two-Dimensional Markov Spectral Estimation
* Online Learning for Active Pattern-Recognition
* Optimal Layered Video IPTV Multicast Streaming Over Mobile WiMAX Systems
* Optimal Linear Combination of Facial Regions for Improving Identification Performance
* Optimal Multiple-Bit Huffman Decoding
* Orthogonal locally discriminant spline embedding for plant leaf recognition
* Wavelet Based Image Coder with Entropy Constrained Lattice Vector Quantizer (ECLVQ)
* Weighted Source Localization in a Underwater Wireless Sensor Array Network
Includes: Hu, Y.H.[Yu Hui] Hu, Y.H.[Yu-Hui] Hu, Y.H. Hu, Y.H.[Yu-Hen] Hu, Y.H.[Yong-Hong] Hu, Y.H.[Yu Hen] Hu, Y.H.[Yi-Hua]
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Hu, Y.J.[Yi Jun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive weighted real-time compressive tracking
* Algorithm for Removable Visible Watermarking, An
* Analysis and Comparison of Typical Reversible Watermarking Methods
* Bag of features approach for offline text-independent Chinese writer identification
* DBN-based Spectral Feature Representation for Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis
* DE-Based Reversible Data Hiding With Improved Overflow Location Map
* Design and Application of DWT-Domain Optimum Decoders, The
* efficient reversible data hiding scheme using prediction and optimal side information selection, An
* Evaluating the Ability of NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Data to Estimate the Gross Domestic Product and the Electric Power Consumption of China at Multiple Scales: A Comparison with DMSP-OLS Data
* Exposing image forgery through the detection of contrast enhancement
* Face recognition with occlusion using Dynamic Image-to-Class Warping (DICW)
* Identifying Urban Neighborhood Names through User-Contributed Online Property Listings
* Image Fusion Based Visible Watermarking Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
* Improved Morphological Algorithm for Filtering Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Based on Multi-Level Kriging Interpolation, An
* Novel Online Bayes Classifier, A
* Reversible Data Hiding Using Prediction Error Values Embedding
* Reversible Visible Watermarking and Lossless Recovery of Original Images
* Reversible Visible Watermarking Technique for Images
* Road centerline extraction from airborne LiDAR point cloud based on hierarchical fusion and optimization
* Robust Face Recognition under Varying Illumination and Occlusion Considering Structured Sparsity
* Source camera identification from significant noise residual regions
Includes: Hu, Y.J.[Yi Jun] Hu, Y.J.[Yi-Jun] Hu, Y.J.[Yong-Jian] Hu, Y.J.[Yong-Jie] Hu, Y.J. Hu, Y.J.[Ying-Jie] Hu, Y.J.[You-Jian]
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Hu, Y.K. Co Author Listing * Global optimization in clustering using hyperbolic cross points
* Low-dimensional Illumination Space Representation of Human Faces for Arbitrary Lighting Conditions, A
* Reconstruction of 3D Face from a Single 2D Image for Face Recognition
* Similarity Measure Based on Hausdorff Distance for Human Face Recognition, A
Includes: Hu, Y.K. Hu, Y.K.[Yuan-Kui]

Hu, Y.L.[Yong Li] Co Author Listing * Automatic Dense Point Registration Method for 3D Face Animation, An
* Coarse-to-Fine PatchMatch for Dense Correspondence
* Eigendecomposition-Free Training of Deep Networks with Zero Eigenvalue-Based Losses
* Fisher discrimination-based L_2,1-norm sparse representation for face recognition
* Highly accurate optical flow estimation on superpixel tree
* Image Outlier Detection and Feature Extraction via L1-Norm-Based 2D Probabilistic PCA
* Laplacian LRR on Product Grassmann Manifolds for Human Activity Clustering in Multicamera Video Surveillance
* Low Rank Representation on Grassmann Manifolds
* Low Rank Representation on SPD matrices with Log-Euclidean metric
* Minimum barrier superpixel segmentation
* Research on Tabu Search applied in off-line MPLS layout design problem
* Salient traffic sign recognition based on sparse representation of visual perception
* Watch, attend and parse: An end-to-end neural network based approach to handwritten mathematical expression recognition
Includes: Hu, Y.L.[Yong Li] Hu, Y.L.[Yong-Li] Hu, Y.L.[Yin-Lin] Hu, Y.L.[Yong-Liang] Hu, Y.L.[Ya-Ling] Hu, Y.L.[Yu-Long]
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Hu, Y.M.[Yuan Man] Co Author Listing * adequacy of different landscape metrics for various landscape patterns, The
* Better Guider Predicts Future Better: Difference Guided Generative Adversarial Networks
* Estimation of Soil Heavy Metal Content Using Hyperspectral Data
Includes: Hu, Y.M.[Yuan Man] Hu, Y.M.[Yuan-Man] Hu, Y.M.[Yi-Ming] Hu, Y.M.[Yue-Ming]

Hu, Y.P.[Yi Peng] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Electromagnetic Tracking Accuracy for Endoscopic Ultrasound
* Conflict resolution models on usefulness within multi-user collaborative virtual environments
* Content-based watermarking scheme for image authentication
* Freehand Ultrasound Image Simulation with Spatially-Conditioned Generative Adversarial Networks
* Global optimization in clustering using hyperbolic cross points
* Hybrid Decision Forests for Prostate Segmentation in Multi-channel MR Images
* Iterative Decision Feedback Equalization for SC-FDE Systems Without Fine Timing Synchronization
Includes: Hu, Y.P.[Yi Peng] Hu, Y.P.[Yi-Peng] Hu, Y.P.[Yao-Ping] Hu, Y.P.[Yu-Ping] Hu, Y.P. Hu, Y.P.[Yun-Peng]
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Hu, Y.Q.[Yao Quan] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition Based on an Accelerometer in a Smartphone Using an FFT-Based New Feature and Fusion Methods
* Attention-from-motion: A factorization approach for detecting attention objects in motion
* Coherent Phrase Model for Efficient Image Near-Duplicate Retrieval
* Contour Code: Robust and efficient multispectral palmprint encoding for human recognition
* Detection of visual attention regions in images using robust subspace analysis
* Dynamic distortion maps for image retargeting
* efficient VLSI implementation of the discrete wavelet transform using embedded instruction codes for symmetric filters, An
* Exploiting local dependencies with spatial-scale space (S-Cube) for near-duplicate retrieval
* Face Recognition Using Sparse Approximated Nearest Points between Image Sets
* Facial Self Similarity for Sketch to Photo Matching
* Hierarchical word image representation for parts-based object recognition
* Hybrid shift map for video retargeting
* Image Set Based Face Recognition Using Self-Regularized Non-Negative Coding and Adaptive Distance Metric Learning
* Image-to-Class Distance Metric Learning for Image Classification
* Improved learning of I2C distance and accelerating the neighborhood search for image classification
* Learning instance-to-class distance for human action recognition
* Linear Dynamical System Framework for Salient Motion Detection, A
* Motion Context: A New Representation for Human Action Recognition
* Multi-label learning by Image-to-Class distance for scene classification and image annotation
* Random Walks on Graphs for Salient Object Detection in Images
* Random walks on graphs to model saliency in images
* Salient Region Detection by Jointly Modeling Distinctness and Redundancy of Image Content
* Salient Region Detection by Modeling Distributions of Color and Orientation
* Single Image Super Resolution via Neighbor Reconstruction
* Sparse approximated nearest points for image set classification
* Sustained Observability for Salient Motion Detection
* Unified Neighbor Reconstruction Method for Embeddings, A
* Unsupervised Feature Selection for Salient Object Detection
Includes: Hu, Y.Q.[Yao Quan] Hu, Y.Q.[Yao-Quan] Hu, Y.Q.[Yi-Qun] Hu, Y.Q.[Yi-Qiang]
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Hu, Y.R.[Ying Rui] Co Author Listing * Motion compensation of non-linear stepped-frequency pulse train by least step error
Includes: Hu, Y.R.[Ying Rui] Hu, Y.R.[Ying-Rui]

Hu, Y.S.[Yih Shin] Co Author Listing * Retrieving digital images from a JPEG compressed image database
* watermarking-based image ownership and tampering authentication scheme, A
Includes: Hu, Y.S.[Yih Shin] Hu, Y.S.[Yih-Shin]

Hu, Y.T.[Yu Ting] Co Author Listing * Design of multi-channel CCD signal processing system based on FPGA
* Progressive Feature Matching with Alternate Descriptor Selection and Correspondence Enrichment
* Ultrafast Facial Tracker Using Generic Cameras with Applications in Intelligent Lifestyle
* Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation Using Motion Saliency-Guided Spatio-Temporal Propagation
* VideoMatch: Matching Based Video Object Segmentation
Includes: Hu, Y.T.[Yu Ting] Hu, Y.T.[Yu-Ting] Hu, Y.T.[Yuan-Ting]

Hu, Y.X.[Yu Xiao] Co Author Listing * Action detection in complex scenes with spatial and temporal ambiguities
* aerial image recognition framework using discrimination and redundancy quality measure, An
* Automatic 3D reconstruction for face recognition
* Bayesian Shape Localization for Face Recognition Using Global and Local Textures
* Building Large Scale 3D Face Database for Face Analysis
* Camera-Assisted Video Saliency Prediction and Its Applications
* Channel Imbalances and Along-Track Baseline Estimation for the GF-3 Azimuth Multichannel Mode
* Discriminant Analysis on Embedded Manifold
* Dynamic Assessment of Soil Erosion Risk Using Landsat TM and HJ Satellite Data in Danjiangkou Reservoir Area, China
* Efficient 3D reconstruction for face recognition
* Efficient initialization of Mixtures of Experts for human pose estimation
* Estimating face pose by facial asymmetry and geometry
* Face Recognition Using Laplacianfaces
* Gender and ethnicity identification from silhouetted face profiles
* Head pose estimation using Fisher manifold learning
* Intermediate multimedia node: Implantable spinal cord stimulator
* Learning a locality preserving subspace for visual recognition
* Learning a Person-Independent Representation for Precise 3D Pose Estimation
* Learning a Spatially Smooth Subspace for Face Recognition
* Minimum Variance Estimation of 3D Face Shape from Multi-view
* Monitoring Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Flood Regimes and Their Relation to Wetland Landscape Patterns in Dongting Lake from MODIS Time-Series Imagery
* Monitoring Trends in Light Pollution in China Based on Nighttime Satellite Imagery
* MS-Celeb-1M: A Dataset and Benchmark for Large-Scale Face Recognition
* Multi-view facial expression recognition
* Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis on Embedded Manifold
* On the use of joint sparse representation for image fusion quality evaluation and analysis
* One-Class Classification for Spontaneous Facial Expression Analysis
* Probabilistic Skimlets Fusion for Summarizing Multiple Consumer Landmark Videos
* Real-Time Multi-View Face Detection, Pose Estimation, Tracking, Alignment, and Recognition
* Realtime Shrug Detector, A
* Searching Human Behaviors using Spatial-Temporal Words
* study of non-frontal-view facial expressions recognition, A
Includes: Hu, Y.X.[Yu Xiao] Hu, Y.X.[Yu-Xiao] Hu, Y.X.[Yu-Xing] Hu, Y.X.[Yu-Xin] Hu, Y.X.[Yan-Xia] Hu, Y.X.[Yan-Xiang]
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Hu, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Co Author Listing * Image Hashing Algorithm via Iterative Scale Interaction Geometric Model
* Novel Perceptual Image Hashing Method via Geometric Features and Distance Invariant, A
* Study on the Assessment of Multi-Source Satellite Soil Moisture Products and Reanalysis Data for the Tibetan Plateau, A
Includes: Hu, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Hu, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan]

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