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Hulbert, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Face recognition using a pictorial-edit distance

Huld, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * New Database of Global and Direct Solar Radiation Using the Eastern Meteosat Satellite, Models and Validation, A

Hulens, D.[Dries] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Lecture Recording with a PTZ Camera While Complying with Cinematographic Rules
* CAMETRON Lecture Recording System: High Quality Video Recording and Editing with Minimal Human Supervision, The
* On-board real-time tracking of pedestrians on a UAV

Hulik, R.[Rostislav] Co Author Listing * Continuous plane detection in point-cloud data based on 3D Hough Transform

Hulin, B. Co Author Listing * Improvements on obstacle detection in the pantograph gauge due to the recognition of steady arms

Hulin, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * Appearance Radii in Medial Axis Test Mask for Small Planar Chamfer Norms
* Farey Sequences and the Planar Euclidean Medial Axis Test Mask
Includes: Hulin, J.[Jerome] Hulin, J.[Jérôme]

Hulin, T. Co Author Listing * study of street-level navigation techniques in 3D digital cities on mobile touch devices, A

Hulkkonen, J.[Jenni] Co Author Listing * minimum description length principle based method for signal change detection in machine condition monitoring, A

Hull Allen, C.G.[C. Gregory] Co Author Listing * Video contour measurement system employing moire interferometry having a beat frequency pattern
Includes: Hull Allen, C.G.[C. Gregory] Hull-Allen, C.G.[C. Gregory]

Hull, J.J.[Jonathan J.] Co Author Listing * email: Hull, J.J.[Jonathan J.]: hull AT crc ricoh com
* Algorithms for postprocessing OCR results with visual inter-word constraints
* Automatic document classification using text and images
* Bayesian framework for Gaussian mixture background modeling, A
* Blackboard-Based Approach to Handwritten Zip Code Recognition, A
* Computational Approach to Visual Word Recognition: Hypothesis Generation and Testing, A
* Computational Model for Recognition of Multifont Word Images, A
* Control-Structure for Interpreting Handwritten Addresses
* Database for Handwritten Text Recognition Research, A
* Decision Combination in Multiple Classifier Systems
* Detecting duplicates among symbolically compressed images in a large document database
* Document Analysis Systems II
* Document Image Database Retrieval and Browsing Using Texture Analysis
* Document Image Similarity and Equivalence Detection
* Document Recognition III
* Document Recognition IV
* Experiments in Text Recognition with Binary N-Gram and Viterbi Algorithms
* Font and Function Word Identification in Document Recognition
* Hidden Markov Model for Language Syntax in Text Recognition, A
* Hypothesis Generation in a Computational Model for Visual Word Recognition
* hypothesis testing approach to word recognition using dynamic feature selection, A
* Hypothesis Testing in a Computational Theory of Visual Word Recognition
* Image-Based Keyword Recognition in Oriental Language Document Images
* Image-based word recognition in oriental language document images
* Improving OCR Performance with Word Image Equvalence
* Incorporating Language Syntax in Visual Text Recognition with a Statistical-Model
* Integrated Algorithm for Text Recognition: Comparison with a Cascaded Algorithm, An
* Knowledge Utilization In Handwritten Zip Code Recognition
* Method and apparatus for handwritten character recognition
* On multiple classifier systems for pattern recognition
* Performance Evaluation for Document Analysis
* Prescient Paper: Multimedia Document Creation with Document Image Matching
* Proper Noun Detection in Document Images
* Quantifying the unimportance of prior probabilities in a computer vision problem
* Recognizing Address Blocks on Mail Pieces: Specialized Tools and Problem-Solving Architecture
* Simultaneous Highlighting of Paper and Electronic Documents
* Syntactic pattern classification by branch and bound search
* Toward Massive Scalability in Image Matching
* Understanding Handwritten Text in a Structured Environment
* Use of Global Context in Text Recognition, The
* Visualizing multimedia content on paper documents: components of key frame selection for video paper
* Word Image Matching as a Technique for Degraded Text Recognition
* Word Shape Analysis Approach to Recognition of Degraded Word Images, A
* Word Shape Analysis in a Knowledge-Based System for Reading Text
Includes: Hull, J.J.[Jonathan J.] Hull, J.J.
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Hullender, G.N. Co Author Listing * efficient method for tuning handwriting parameters, An

Hullermeier, E.[Eyke] Co Author Listing * Combining predictions in pairwise classification: An optimal adaptive voting strategy and its relation to weighted voting
* Dependent binary relevance models for multi-label classification
Includes: Hullermeier, E.[Eyke] Hüllermeier, E.[Eyke] (Maybe also Huellermeier, E.)

Hulley, G. Co Author Listing * Temperature and Emissivity Separation From MSG/SEVIRI Data

Hulley, G.C. Co Author Listing * Physics-Based Algorithm for the Simultaneous Retrieval of Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity From VIIRS Thermal Infrared Data, A

Hulley, P.A. Co Author Listing * Functional Imaging of Tendon

Hullin, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Material Classification Using Raw Time-of-Flight Measurements

Hullin, M.B.[Matthias B.] Co Author Listing * Computational methods for aberration correction in simple lens imaging
* Defocus deblurring and superresolution for time-of-flight depth cameras
* Demosaicing by smoothing along 1D features
* Diffuse Mirrors: 3D Reconstruction from Diffuse Indirect Illumination Using Inexpensive Time-of-Flight Sensors
* Efficient multi-constrained optimization for example-based synthesis
* Fourier Analysis on Transient Imaging with a Multifrequency Time-of-Flight Camera
* Stochastic Deconvolution
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Hullinger, W.J. Co Author Listing * Mitigation of Sea Ice Contamination in QuikSCAT Wind Retrieval

Hullo, J.F. Co Author Listing * Advances in Multi-Sensor Scanning and Visualization of Complex Plants: the Utmost Case of a Reactor Building
* Fine Registration Of Kilo-station Networks: A Modern Procedure For Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data Sets
* Georeferencing of TLS Data for Industrial Indoor Complex Scenes: Beyond Current Solutions
* Multi-Sensor As-Built Models of Complex Industrial Architectures
* Probabilistic Feature Matching Applied To Primitive Based Registration of TLS Data
* Recording Approach Of Heritage Sites Based On Merging Point Clouds From High Resolution Photogrammetry And Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Scaling up close-range surveys, a challenge for the generalization of as-built data in industrial applications
Includes: Hullo, J.F. Hullo, J.F.[Jean-François]
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Hulls, C.C.W. Co Author Listing * Relative End-Effector Control Using Cartesian Position Based Visual Servoing

Hulot, O. Co Author Listing * Study of a Wreck in Foreshore Context

Hulpus, I.[Ioana] Co Author Listing * Using Object Detection, NLP, and Knowledge Bases to Understand the Message of Images

Hulse, G. Co Author Listing * Two Dimensional Optical Input to One Dimensional Serial Pulse Transformation Using Confocal Reflectors, A

Hulsey, D. Co Author Listing * Integrating the UAS in Undergraduate Teaching and Research: Opportunities and Challenges at University of North Georgia

Hulskamp, J.P. Co Author Listing * Parallel image processing on single processor systems

Hulsken, F. Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition Using Pseudo 3-D Hidden Markov Models

Hult, J.[Johan] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear diffusion filtering of images obtained by planar laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy

Hult, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * Combined Visualisation of Functional and Anatomical Brain Images
* Coordination of Cooperative Autonomous Vehicles: Toward safer and more efficient road transportation
* Grey-level morphology based segmentation of MRI of the human cortex
* Grey-level morphology combined with an artificial neural networks aproach for multimodal segmentation of the hippocampus
* Segmentation of Multimodal MRI of Hippocampus Using 3D Grey-Level Morphology Combined with Artificial Neural Networks
* Segmentation of T1-MRI of the Human Cortex Using a 3D Grey-level Morphology Approach
* Segmentation of the Brain in MRI Using Grey Level Morphology and Propagation of Information
* Surface Construction Especially Suited for Visualisation of Thin Structures
Includes: Hult, R.[Roger] Hult, R.
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Hulten, G. Co Author Listing * Measuring the engagement level of TV viewers

Hulten, M.A. Co Author Listing * Feature Representation and Signal Classification in Fluorescence in-Situ Hybridization Image Analysis

Hultgren, J.A. Co Author Listing * Tactical Driving Behavior With Different Levels of Automation

Hulthen, R. Co Author Listing * Restoring Causal Signals by Analytical Continuation: A Generalized Sampling Theorem for causal Signals

Hulusic, V.[Vedad] Co Author Listing * Smoothness perception
* Virtual Museum Applications and Their Public Perception in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Includes: Hulusic, V.[Vedad] Hulusic, V.

Hulze, H.G.[Hendriek Groot] Co Author Listing * Mid-air interactive display using modulated display light

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