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Hur, D.C.[Dong Cheol] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Conversational Expressions Using Latent Dynamic Conditional Random Fields
* View Invariant Body Pose Estimation Based on Biased Manifold Learning
Includes: Hur, D.C.[Dong Cheol] Hur, D.C.[Dong-Cheol]

Hur, H. Co Author Listing * Scalable Resolution Display Walls

Hur, J.[Junhwa] Co Author Listing * 3D Deformable Spatial Pyramid for Dense 3D Motion Flow of Deformable Object
* Generalized Deformable Spatial Pyramid: Geometry-preserving dense correspondence estimation
* Joint Optical Flow and Temporally Consistent Semantic Segmentation

Hur, J.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Local Illumination Change Compensation Method for H.264/AVC-Based Multiview Video Coding

Hur, K.S.[Kyu Sung] Co Author Listing * Descreening Using HOG-based Adaptive Smoothing Filter
Includes: Hur, K.S.[Kyu Sung] Hur, K.S.[Kyu-Sung]

Hur, N.H.[Nam Ho] Co Author Listing * 3D model compression in MPEG
* Asymmetric Coding of Stereoscopic Video for Transmission Over T-DMB
* Automatinc synchronization of stereoscopic video for 3DTV broadcasting system
* AVC Based Stereoscopic Video Codec for 3D DMB
* Bilateral Edge Detection on a Virtual Hexagonal Structure
* Caption insertion method for 3D broadcasting service
* Depth Image Based Rendering for 3D Data Service Over T-DMB
* Depth Scaling of Multiview Images for Automultiscopic 3D Monitors
* Depth-image-based rendering for 3DTV service over T-DMB
* Estimation of Internal and External Parameters for Camera Calibration Using 1D Pattern
* Fast Computation Algorithm of Binocular Energy Model, A
* Frame Synchronization for Depth-Based 3D Video Using Edge Coherence
* Graph Theoretical Optimization of Prediction Structure in Multiview Video Coding
* High-definition 3DTV trial service over terrestrial broadcasting network
* Improvement of segment-based depth estimation using a novel segment extraction
* Multi-view 3D video acquisition using hybrid cameras with beam splitter
* Scalable multiplexing for depth adjustment of ROI in 3D display
* Structure for 2D/3D Mixed Service Based on Terrestrial DMB System, A
* Technical development and broadcast trials of 3D service over digital multimedia broadcasting
* Uniformly Partitioning Images on Virtual Hexagonal Structure
* View interpolation using a simple block matching and guided image filtering
Includes: Hur, N.H.[Nam Ho] Hur, N.H.[Nam-Ho]
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Hur, W.[Wonchang] Co Author Listing * Future of Digital Imaging, The

Hur, W.S. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Campus Mobility Services Using Driverless Taxi

Hur, Y. Co Author Listing * Numerical Synthesis of an Optimal Low-Sidelobe Beam Pattern for a Microphone Array

Hurd, L. Co Author Listing * Video Compression by Mean-Corrected Motion Compensation of Partial Quadtrees

Hurd, L.P.[Lyman P.] Co Author Listing * Fractal Image Compression

Hurd, R.E. Co Author Listing * Generating Super Stimulated-Echoes in MRI and Their Application to Hyperpolarized C-13 Diffusion Metabolic Imaging

Hurdal, M.K. Co Author Listing * Cortical cartography using the discrete conformal approach of circle packings
* Geometric invariants for classification of cortical sulci
Includes: Hurdal, M.K. Hurdal, M.K.[Monica K.]

Hurdsman, A. Co Author Listing * Stockpile modelling using mobile laser scanner for quality grade control in stockpile management

Hurford, G.J. Co Author Listing * Regularized Visibility-Based Approach to Astronomical Imaging Spectroscopy, A

Hurkala, J.[Jaroslaw] Co Author Listing * Determining OWA Operator Weights by Maximum Deviation Minimization

Hurlbert, A. Co Author Listing * Color Correction Using Root-Polynomial Regression
* On calculating metamer sets for spectrally tunable LED illuminators
* View-Based Models of 3D Object Recognition and Class-Specific Invariances
Includes: Hurlbert, A. Hurlbert, A.[Anya]

Hurlbert, A.C.[Anya C.] Co Author Listing * Computation of Color, The
* Learning a Color Algorithm from Examples
* Synthesizing a Color Algorithm from Examples
Includes: Hurlbert, A.C.[Anya C.] Hurlbert, A.C.

Hurley Smith, D. Co Author Listing * Investigation into the effects of transmission-channel fidelity loss in RGBD sensor data for SLAM
Includes: Hurley Smith, D. Hurley-Smith, D.

Hurley, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * Ear Biometrics by Force Field Convergence
* Force Field Energy Functionals for Image Feature Extraction
* Force field feature extraction for ear biometrics
* New Force Field Transform for Ear and Face Recognition, A
* On Model-Based Analysis of Ear Biometrics
Includes: Hurley, D.J.[David J.] Hurley, D.J.

Hurley, F. Co Author Listing * 200 MeV Proton Radiography Studies With a Hand Phantom Using a Prototype Proton CT Scanner

Hurley, J. Co Author Listing * Optimization of the Degree of Polarization for Enhanced Ship Detection Using Polarimetric RADARSAT-2

Hurley, M.B.[Michael B.] Co Author Listing * information theoretic approach for tracker performance evaluation, An

Hurley, N.J. Co Author Listing * framework for soft hashing and its application to robust image hashing, A
* Iterative Decoding of Scale Invariant Image Data-Hiding
* Janis: just another n-order side-informed watermarking scheme

Hurley, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Direct Printability Prediction in VLSI Using Features from Orthogonal Transforms

Hurn, M. Co Author Listing * Extension of Geman and Reynolds Approach to Constrained Restoration and the Recovery of Discontinuities, An

Hurn, M.A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian fused classification of medical images

Hurney, P. Co Author Listing * Night-time pedestrian classification with histograms of oriented gradients-local binary patterns vectors
* Review of pedestrian detection techniques in automotive far-infrared video

Hurni, K.[Kaspar] Co Author Listing * Mapping the Expansion of Boom Crops in Mainland Southeast Asia Using Dense Time Stacks of Landsat Data
* Texture-Based Land Cover Classification for the Delineation of a Shifting Cultivation Landscape in the Lao PDR Using Landscape Metrics, A

Hurni, L.[Lorenz] Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Architectures for Auto-Scalable Web Geoportals towards the Cloudification of the GeoVITe Swiss Academic Geoportal
* method to visualize the evolution of multiple interacting spatial systems, A

Hurri, J.[Jarmo] Co Author Listing * Bubbles: A Unifying Framework for Low-Level Statistical Properties of Natural Image Sequences
* Image Feature Extraction by Sparse Coding and Independent Component Analysis
* Natural Image Statistics: A Probabilistic Approach to Early Computational Vision
* Statistical Properties of Local Log-Contrast in Natural Images, The
* Wavelets And Natural Image Statistics

Hurricane, O.A.[Omar A.] Co Author Listing * Robust Extraction of Statistics from Images of Material Fragmentation

Hurst, A.[Amy] Co Author Listing * perceptive workbench: Computer-vision-based gesture tracking, object tracking, and 3D reconstruction for augmented desks, The

Hurst, D.R.[Dawn R.] Co Author Listing * Video Database of Moving Faces and People, A

Hurst, J.R. Co Author Listing * Pulmonary Lobe Segmentation With Probabilistic Segmentation of the Fissures and a Groupwise Fissure Prior

Hurst, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * constraint-based approach to table structure derivation, A
* Layout and language: exploring text block discovery in tables using linguistic resources
* Layout and Language: Preliminary Investigations in Recognizing the Structure of Tables
* Table-processing paradigms: a research survey
* Towards a theory of tables
Includes: Hurst, M.[Matthew] Hurst, M.

Hurst, N.[Nathan] Co Author Listing * Fast and Simple Heuristic for Metro Map Path Simplification, A

Hurst, P.J. Co Author Listing * High-speed computation of the Radon transform and backprojection using an expandable multiprocessor architecture

Hurst, R.T. Co Author Listing * Automating Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Video Interpretation with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Image Analysis: Full Training or Fine Tuning?

Hurst, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Video Search Combining Video Retrieval with Human-Based Visual Inspection
* Quantity versus quality: the role of layout and interaction complexity in thumbnail-based video retrieval interfaces
* Sliders Versus Storyboards: Investigating Interaction Design for Mobile Video Browsing
* Storyboard-Based Interface for Mobile Video Browsing, A
* Storyboard-Based Video Browsing Using Color and Concept Indices
Includes: Hurst, W.[Wolfgang] Hürst, W.[Wolfgang] (Maybe also Huerst, W.)

Hurt, H. Co Author Listing * Analyzing Effects of Intra-Uterine Cocaine Exposure on Adolescent Brain Structure with Symmetric Diffeomorphisms

Hurt, S.L. Co Author Listing * Noise Reduction in Three-Dimensional Digital Images

Hurtado Cortegana, A.[Alicia] Co Author Listing * Drug Activity Characterization Using One-Class Support Vector Machines with Counterexamples
Includes: Hurtado Cortegana, A.[Alicia] Hurtado-Cortegana, A.[Alicia]

Hurtado Melgar, I.M.[Isabel M.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Water Quality by Video Monitoring Fish Swimming Behavior
Includes: Hurtado Melgar, I.M.[Isabel M.] Hurtado-Melgar, I.M.[Isabel M.]

Hurtado Ramos, J.B.[Juan B.] Co Author Listing * Double Layer Background Model to Detect Unusual Events, A
Includes: Hurtado Ramos, J.B.[Juan B.] Hurtado-Ramos, J.B.[Juan B.]

Hurtado, A. Co Author Listing * systemic approach for 3D recognition of simple primitives in discrete models, A

Hurtado, C. Co Author Listing * Content-Based Image Retrieval and Characterization on Specific Web Collections

Hurtado, D.E. Co Author Listing * 3D Quantification of Wall Shear Stress and Oscillatory Shear Index Using a Finite-Element Method in 3D CINE PC-MRI Data of the Thoracic Aorta
* Improving the Accuracy of Registration-Based Biomechanical Analysis: A Finite Element Approach to Lung Regional Strain Quantification

Hurtado, F. Co Author Listing * Nice Perspective Projections
* Optimal projections onto grids and finite resolution images

Hurtado, J.[Julio] Co Author Listing * Boosting SpLSA for Text Classification

Hurtado, L.F.[Lluis F.] Co Author Listing * Active Learning Approach for Statistical Spoken Language Understanding, An
* Adaptive Training for Robust Spoken Language Understanding
* Combining Several ASR Outputs in a Graph-Based SLU System
* Dialog Management Methodology Based on Neural Networks and Its Application to Different Domains, A
* Language Modelization and Categorization for Voice-Activated QA
* Phonetic-Based Approach to Query-by-Example Spoken Term Detection, A
* Statistical User Simulation Technique for the Improvement of a Spoken Dialog System, A
Includes: Hurtado, L.F.[Lluis F.] Hurtado, L.F.[Lluís F.]
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Hurtado, M. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised classification algorithm based on EM method for polarimetric SAR images

Hurtado, O.M. Co Author Listing * Assessment of methods for image recreation from signature time-series data

Hurtadoa, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Girapim: A 3D Information System for Surveying Cultural Heritage Environments

Hurtaud, Y. Co Author Listing * Measurements of Sea Clutter at Low Grazing Angle in Mediterranean Coastal Environment

Hurter, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Visualization of Frequent Itemsets with Nested Circular Layout and Bundling Algorithm

Hurter, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Avatar Types Matter: Review of Avatar Literature for Performance Purposes
* Contrasting Instructional Strategies Suited to a Detection Task: Examining Differences in Subjective Workload

Hurtgen, B. Co Author Listing * On the problem of convergence in fractal coding schemes
* Statistical evaluation of fractal coding schemes

Hurtl, F. Co Author Listing * Calibration and registration framework for 3D reconstruction of the Kirche Seefeld

Hurtos, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * Cognitive system for autonomous underwater intervention
Includes: Hurtos, N.[Natalia] Hurtós, N.[Natàlia]

Hurtt, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Kalman Filter-Based Method to Generate Continuous Time Series of Medium-Resolution NDVI Images, A
* NASA's Earth Science Use of Commercially Available Remote Sensing Datasets
Includes: Hurtt, G.[George] Hurtt, G.

Hurtt, G.C.[George C.] Co Author Listing * Human Land-Use Practices Lead to Global Long-Term Increases in Photosynthetic Capacity
* Remote Sensing Assessment of Forest Disturbance across Complex Mountainous Terrain: The Pattern and Severity of Impacts of Tropical Cyclone Yasi on Australian Rainforests

Hurtut, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Adaptive image retrieval based on the spatial organization of colors
* Automatic Closed Edge Detection Using Level Lines Selection
* Grading Cancer from Liver Histology Images Using Inter and Intra Region Spatial Relations
* Object Description Based on Spatial Relations between Level-Sets
* Optimal Patch Assignment for Statistically Constrained Texture Synthesis
* Red Lesion Detection Using Dynamic Shape Features for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
Includes: Hurtut, T.[Thomas] Hurtut, T.

Hurvich, L.M. Co Author Listing * Opponent-Process Theory of Color Vision, An

Hurych, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Active Shape Model and linear predictors for face association refinement
* Exploiting Features: Locally Interleaved Sequential Alignment for Object Detection
* Non-Rigid Object Detection with Local Interleaved Sequential Alignment (LISA)

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