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Ibala, I.[Imen] Co Author Listing * Microwave Assisted Preparation of Calcium Hydroxide and Barium Hydroxide Nanoparticles and Their Application for Conservation of Cultural Heritage

Ibanez Guzman, J. Co Author Listing * Detection of range errors due to occlusion in separated transceiver LADARs
* Map aided SLAM in neighbourhood environments
* Roadmap constrained SLAM in neighborhood environment
* Sequential FDIA for Autonomous Integrity Monitoring of Navigation Maps on Board Vehicles
* Target-tracking and path planning for vehicle following in jungle environment
Includes: Ibanez Guzman, J. Ibanez-Guzman, J.

Ibanez, C.A.G. Co Author Listing * Estimating DBH of Trees Employing Multiple Linear Regression Of The Best Lidar-derived Parameter Combination Automated In Python In A Natural Broadleaf Forest In The Philippines
* Fully Automated Gis-based Individual Tree Crown Delineation Based On Curvature Values From A Lidar Derived Canopy Height Model In A Coniferous Plantation
* Mangrove Plantation Forest Assessment Using Structural Attributes Derived From Light Detection And Ranging (lidar) Data
Includes: Ibanez, C.A.G. Ibañez, C.A.G.

Ibanez, D.M.[Delano Menecucci] Co Author Listing * Geomorphometric pattern recognition of SRTM data applied to the tectonic interpretation of the Amazonian landscape

Ibanez, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * DINDOW: Towards an Interaction Based on Spatio-temporal Memory
* Musimage: A System for Automatically Presenting Pictures Depending on the Music Being Played
Includes: Ibanez, J.[Jesus] Ibáñez, J.[Jesús]

Ibanez, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Discrete Topology of (An*) Optimal Sampling Grids. Interest in Image Processing and Visualization
* IGSTK: an open source software toolkit for image-guided surgery
* Moment-based operator for sub-voxel surface extraction in medical imaging
Includes: Ibanez, L.[Luis] Ibáñez, L.[Luis] Ibanez, L.

Ibanez, M.V. Co Author Listing * Bayesian detection of the fovea in eye fundus angiographies
* Intrinsic sample mean in the space of planar shapes
* Non-homogeneous temporal Boolean models to study endocytosis
* Parameter estimation in Markov random field image modeling with imperfect observations. A comparative study
* Towards a mean body for apparel design
Includes: Ibanez, M.V. Ibáñez, M.V. Ibáñez, M.V.[M. Victoria]

Ibanez, O. Co Author Listing * Automatic Topological Active Net Division in a Genetic-Greedy Hybrid Approach
* Extended Topological Active Nets
* Forensic identification by computer-aided craniofacial superimposition: A survey
* Genetic approaches for topological active nets optimization
* Tackling the coplanarity problem in 3D camera calibration by means of fuzzy landmarks: A performance study in forensic craniofacial superimposition
* Topological Active Nets Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms
Includes: Ibanez, O. Ibáñez, O. Ibáñez, Ó.[Óscar] Ibáñez, O.[Oscar]

Ibanez, R.[Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Approximate string matching: A lightweight approach to recognize gestures with Kinect
Includes: Ibanez, R.[Rodrigo] Ibañez, R.[Rodrigo]

Ibara, M. Co Author Listing * Congo Basin Forest Cover Change Estimate for 1990, 2000 and 2005 by Landsat Interpretation Using an Automated Object-Based Processing Chain

Ibaraki, H.[Hisashi] Co Author Listing * Study of video-on-demand system using narrow band ISDN

Ibaraki, T.[Toshihide] Co Author Listing * Distances Defined By Neighborhood Sequences
* Parts of Planar Shapes
Includes: Ibaraki, T.[Toshihide] Ibaraki, T.[Toshio]

Ibarbia, I. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Segmentation Algorithms for the Zebrafish Heart in Fluorescent Microscopy Images

Ibaroudene, D.[Djaffer] Co Author Listing * Adjacency Algorithms for Linear Octree Nodes

Ibarra Fiallo, J.[Julio] Co Author Listing * Generating synthetic test matrices as a benchmark for the computational behavior of typical testor-finding algorithms
* Mixed Learning Strategy for Finding Typical Testors in Large Datasets, A
* Theoretical and Practical Framework for Assessing the Computational Behavior of Typical Testor-Finding Algorithms, A
* YYC: A Fast Performance Incremental Algorithm for Finding Typical Testors
Includes: Ibarra Fiallo, J.[Julio] Ibarra-Fiallo, J.[Julio]

Ibarra Manzano, M.A.[Mario Alberto] Co Author Listing * Color-Texture Image Analysis for Automatic Failure Detection in Tiles
* Contour Detection at Range Images Using Sparse Normal Detector
Includes: Ibarra Manzano, M.A.[Mario Alberto] Ibarra-Manzano, M.A.[Mario-Alberto]

Ibarra Mazano, M.A.[Mario Alberto] Co Author Listing * Accidental Fall Detection Based on Skeleton Joint Correlation and Activity Boundary
Includes: Ibarra Mazano, M.A.[Mario Alberto] Ibarra-Mazano, M.A.[Mario-Alberto]

Ibarra Pico, F. Co Author Listing * Comparative study of Texture Analysis Algorithms in Textile Inspection Applications, A
Includes: Ibarra Pico, F. Ibarra-Picó, F.

Ibarra, C.[Catalina] Co Author Listing * Object and Gesture Recognition to Assist Children with Autism during the Discrimination Training

Ibarra, J.[Julio] Co Author Listing * New Strategies for Evaluating the Performance of Typical Testor Algorithms

Ibarra, O.H. Co Author Listing * Designing Systolic Algorithms Using Sequential Machines
* Two-Dimensional Convolution on a Pyramid Computer

Ibarz, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Design and Evaluation of a Sound Based Water Flow Measurement System

Ibarz, J.[Julian] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Interpretation of the French Street Name Signs Dataset

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