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Ikram, J. Co Author Listing * Face hallucination scheme based on singular value content metric for K-NN selection and an iterative refining in a modified feature space

Ikram, M.[Masroor] Co Author Listing * Object extraction from T2 weighted brain MR image using histogram based gradient calculation

Ikram, M.A. Co Author Listing * Orientation Prior and Consistent Model Selection Increase Sensitivity of Tract-Based Spatial Statistics in Crossing-Fiber Regions
* Supervised Image Segmentation across Scanner Protocols: A Transfer Learning Approach
* Transfer Learning Improves Supervised Image Segmentation Across Imaging Protocols
Includes: Ikram, M.A. Ikram, M.A.[M. Arfan]

Ikram, M.T.[Muhammad Talha] Co Author Listing * Privacy Conserves Pseudonym Acquisition Scheme in Vehicular Communication Systems, A

Ikram, W. Co Author Listing * Smartphone based guidance system for visually impaired person

Ikrame, B. Co Author Listing * Customer experience in a regulated telecom market from mobile service users perspective

Ikrame, Y. Co Author Listing * Stress-free mobile app for Moroccan university students: relaxation program validation

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