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Ilea, D.E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive noise removal approach for restoration of digital images corrupted by multimodal noise
* Adaptive Pre-Filtering Techniques for Colour Image Analysis
* Colour saliency-based parameter optimisation for adaptive colour segmentation
* CTex: An Adaptive Unsupervised Segmentation Algorithm Based on Color-Texture Coherence
* Image feature enhancement based on the time-controlled total variation flow formulation
* Image segmentation based on the integration of colour-texture descriptors: A review
* Multi-resolution Texture Classification Based on Local Image Orientation
* Texture Enhanced Histogram Equalization Using TV-L^1 Image Decomposition
Includes: Ilea, D.E. Ilea, D.E.[Dana Elena] Ilea, D.E.[Dana E.]
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Ilea, I.[Ioana] Co Author Listing * Covariance Matrices Encoding Based on the Log-Euclidean and Affine Invariant Riemannian Metrics
* M-Estimator for Robust Centroid Estimation on the Manifold of Covariance Matrices, An
* Statistical hypothesis test for robust classification on the space of covariance matrices
* Texture image classification with Riemannian fisher vectors
* Texture image classification with Riemannian fisher vectors issued from a Laplacian model
Includes: Ilea, I.[Ioana] Ilea, I.

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