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Izadi, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Automatic Building Detection in Aerial Images Using a Hierarchical Feature Based Image Segmentation
* Height estimation for buildings with complex contours in monocular satellite/airborne images based on fuzzy reasoning
* improved time-adaptive self-organizing map for high-speed shape modeling, An
* Robust region-based background subtraction and shadow removing using color and gradient information
* Robust Weighted Graph Transformation Matching for Rigid and Nonrigid Image Registration
* Three-Dimensional Polygonal Building Model Estimation From Single Satellite Images

Izadi, S.[Shahram] Co Author Listing * 3D scanning deformable objects with a single RGBD sensor
* Computationally bounded retrieval
* DeepContext: Context-Encoding Neural Pathways for 3D Holistic Scene Understanding
* Estimation of Intrinsic Image Sequences from Image+Depth Video
* Exploiting uncertainty in regression forests for accurate camera relocalization
* Filter Forests for Learning Data-Dependent Convolutional Kernels
* Fits Like a Glove: Rapid and Reliable Hand Shape Personalization
* Global Patch Collider, The
* HyperDepth: Learning Depth from Structured Light without Matching
* iLab-20M: A Large-Scale Controlled Object Dataset to Investigate Deep Learning
* Integration of Contextual Information in Online Handwriting Representation
* Joint Object-Material Category Segmentation from Audio-Visual Cues
* Large-scale and drift-free surface reconstruction using online subvolume registration
* Learning an efficient model of hand shape variation from depth images
* Learning to Navigate the Energy Landscape
* light transport model for mitigating multipath interference in Time-of-flight sensors, A
* Low Compute and Fully Parallel Computer Vision with HashMatch
* Modeling Kinect Sensor Noise for Improved 3D Reconstruction and Tracking
* Motion Segmentation of Truncated Signed Distance Function Based Volumetric Surfaces
* Multi-output Learning for Camera Relocalization
* Real-Time 3D Reconstruction in Dynamic Scenes Using Point-Based Fusion
* Real-Time Face Reconstruction from a Single Depth Image
* Review on Persian Script and Recognition Techniques, A
* Scene Coordinate Regression Forests for Camera Relocalization in RGB-D Images
* UltraStereo: Efficient Learning-Based Matching for Active Stereo Systems
* User-Specific Hand Modeling from Monocular Depth Sequences
Includes: Izadi, S.[Shahram] Izadi, S. Izadi, S.[Saeed] Izadi, S.[Sara]
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Izadinia, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * IM2CAD
* Incorporating Scene Context and Object Layout into Appearance Modeling
* MP)2T: Multiple People Multiple Parts Tracker
* Multi-pose multi-target tracking for activity understanding
* Multimodal Analysis for Identification and Segmentation of Moving-Sounding Objects
* new active contour model based on the Conscience, Archiving and Mean-Movement mechanisms and the SOM, A
* Recognizing Complex Events Using Large Margin Joint Low-Level Event Model
* Segment-Phrase Table for Semantic Segmentation, Visual Entailment and Paraphrasing
Includes: Izadinia, H.[Hamid] Izadinia, H.
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Izadpanahi, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Video resolution enhancement by using complex wavelet transform
* Video resolution enhancement by using discrete and stationary wavelet transforms with illumination compensation

Izaguirre, A. Co Author Listing * Learning Frequent Behaviors of the Users in Intelligent Environments
* New Development in Camera Calibration: Calibrating a Pair of Mobile Cameras, A

Izaguirre, M.A. Co Author Listing * Microbolometer Airborne Calibrated Infrared Radiometer: The Ball Experimental Sea Surface Temperature (BESST) Radiometer, A

Izatt, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * MIMD Computing Platform for a Hierarchical Foveal Machine Vision System, An

Izatt, J.A. Co Author Listing * 3-D Adaptive Sparsity Based Image Compression With Applications to Optical Coherence Tomography
* Fast Acquisition and Reconstruction of Optical Coherence Tomography Images via Sparse Representation

Izaurralde, R.C.[R. Cesar] Co Author Listing * Estimating crop net primary production using national inventory data and MODIS-derived parameters
Includes: Izaurralde, R.C.[R. Cesar] Izaurralde, R.C.[R. CÚsar]

Izawa, I.[Ippeita] Co Author Listing * Robust reconstruction of arbitrarily deformed bokeh from ordinary multiple differently focused images
* study on high-quality free viewpoint image reconstruction systems using multi-focus images by FPGA-based signal processing, A

Izawa, J.[Junko] Co Author Listing * Pose invariant robust facial expression analysis

Izawa, K.[Koji] Co Author Listing * Character reading system
* Image processing device

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