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Ji, R. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Retrieval and Recognition With Hypergraph Analysis
* Abnormal crowd behavior detection based on social attribute-aware force model
* Advanced deep learning techniques for image style transfer: A survey
* Body Structure Aware Deep Crowd Counting
* Category-Aware Spatial Constraint for Weakly Supervised Detection
* Continuous Probability Distribution Prediction of Image Emotions via Multitask Shared Sparse Regression
* Correntropy-Induced Robust Low-Rank Hypergraph
* Cross-Modality Binary Code Learning via Fusion Similarity Hashing
* Cross-Modality Microblog Sentiment Prediction via Bi-Layer Multimodal Hypergraph Learning
* Cross-View Down/Up-Sampling Method for Multiview Depth Video Coding
* Deep Manifold Structure Transfer for Action Recognition
* Depth-assisted RefineNet for Indoor Semantic Segmentation
* Exploring Coherent Motion Patterns via Structured Trajectory Learning for Crowd Mood Modeling
* Generative Adversarial Learning Towards Fast Weakly Supervised Detection
* GroupCap: Group-Based Image Captioning with Structured Relevance and Diversity Constraints
* GVCNN: Group-View Convolutional Neural Networks for 3D Shape Recognition
* Image Quality Assessment for Color Correction Based on Color Contrast Similarity and Color Value Difference
* Inductive Multi-Hypergraph Learning and Its Application on View-Based 3D Object Classification
* Learning-Based Shadow Recognition and Removal From Monochromatic Natural Images
* Predicting Microblog Sentiments via Weakly Supervised Multimodal Deep Learning
* Social Attribute-Aware Force Model: Exploiting Richness of Interaction for Abnormal Crowd Detection
* Stacked Sparse Autoencoder-Based Detector for Automatic Identification of Neuromagnetic High Frequency Oscillations in Epilepsy, A
* Task-Dependent Visual-Codebook Compression
* Toward Optimal Manifold Hashing via Discrete Locally Linear Embedding
Includes: Ji, R. Ji, R.[RuiRui]
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Ji, R.J.[Rong Jing] Co Author Listing * Directional lifting wavelet and universal trellis coded quantization based image coding algorithm and objective quality evaluation
* Directional lifting wavelet and universal trellis-coded quantisation-based image coding algorithm and objective quality evaluation
Includes: Ji, R.J.[Rong Jing] Ji, R.J.[Rong-Jing]

Ji, R.R.[Rong Rong] Co Author Listing * Action-Attending Graphic Neural Network
* Actively Learning Human Gaze Shifting Paths for Semantics-Aware Photo Cropping
* Actor-independent action search using spatiotemporal vocabulary with appearance hashing
* Bounding Multiple Gaussians Uncertainty with Application to Object Tracking
* Circulant Binary Convolutional Networks: Enhancing the Performance of 1-Bit DCNNs With Circulant Back Propagation
* Cyclic Guidance for Weakly Supervised Joint Detection and Segmentation
* Decomposed human localization in personal photo albums
* Deep-based fisher vector for mobile visual search
* DRM: dynamic region matching for image retrieval using probabilistic fuzzy matching and boosting feature selection
* effective eye states detection method based on the projection of the gray interval distribution, An
* Efficient semantic image segmentation with multi-class ranking prior
* Estimating viewing angles in mobile street view search
* Exploiting Kernel Sparsity and Entropy for Interpretable CNN Compression
* Face sketch aging via aging oriented principal component analysis
* Gamma Mixture Models for Outlier Removal
* High-capacity reversible watermarking scheme of 2D-vector data
* Holistic CNN Compression via Low-Rank Decomposition with Knowledge Transfer
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Through Bilayer Graph-Based Learning
* Image inpainting with LS-SVM based on additive high order kernel
* Image retrieval with query-adaptive hashing
* Joint Depth and Semantic Inference from a Single Image via Elastic Conditional Random Field
* Label Propagation from ImageNet to 3D Point Clouds
* Large-Scale Geosocial Multimedia
* Learning Compact Visual Descriptors for Low Bit Rate Mobile Landmark Search
* Learning from mobile contexts to minimize the mobile location search latency
* Learning High-Level Feature by Deep Belief Networks for 3-D Model Retrieval and Recognition
* Learning the trip suggestion from landmark photos on the web
* Learning to Distribute Vocabulary Indexing for Scalable Visual Search
* Learning-Based Bipartite Graph Matching for View-Based 3D Model Retrieval
* Local consistent hierarchical Hough Match for image re-ranking
* Location Discriminative Vocabulary Coding for Mobile Landmark Search
* Mining Compact Bag-of-Patterns for Low Bit Rate Mobile Visual Search
* Modulated Convolutional Networks
* Multi-stage vector quantization towards low bit rate visual search
* new camera self-calibration method based on CSA, A
* Nonlinear scrambling-based reversible watermarking for 2D-vector maps
* Novel observation model for probabilistic object tracking
* Online semi-supervised compressive coding for robust visual tracking
* Ordinal Constraint Binary Coding for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
* PKUBench: A context rich mobile visual search benchmark
* Probabilistic Skimlets Fusion for Summarizing Multiple Consumer Landmark Videos
* Pursuing Detector Efficiency for Simple Scene Pedestrian Detection
* Pyramidal Person Re-IDentification via Multi-Loss Dynamic Training
* Representative Discovery of Structure Cues for Weakly-Supervised Image Segmentation
* RGBD Salient Object Detection: A Benchmark and Algorithms
* Robust nonnegative matrix factorization via L1 norm regularization by multiplicative updating rules
* Saliency detection based on short-term sparse representation
* Saliency detection by adaptive clustering
* Search-Based Depth Estimation via Coupled Dictionary Learning with Large-Margin Structure Inference
* Seeing actions through scene context
* Sentiment analysis of Chinese micro-blog based on multi-modal correlation model
* Sparse Patch Coding for 3D Model Retrieval
* Sparse representation based visual element analysis
* Spatiotemporal Grid Flow for Video Retargeting
* Special issue on weakly supervised learning
* Spectral-Spatial Constraint Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Supervised hashing with kernels
* Symbiotic Black-Box Tracker
* Symbiotic Tracker Ensemble Toward A Unified Tracking Framework
* Text Particles Multi-band Fusion for Robust Text Detection
* Top Rank Supervised Binary Coding for Visual Search
* Toward Statistical Modeling of Saccadic Eye-Movement and Visual Saliency
* Towards 3D object detection with bimodal deep Boltzmann machines over RGBD imagery
* Towards compact topical descriptors
* Towards Mobile Document Image Retrieval for Digital Library
* Towards Optimal Structured CNN Pruning via Generative Adversarial Learning
* Towards semantic embedding in visual vocabulary
* Towards Visual Feature Translation
* Understanding image structure via hierarchical shape parsing
* Using Visual Dictionary to Associate Semantic Objects in Region-Based Image Retrieval
* Visual attention modeling based on short-term environmental adaption
* Visual Reranking through Weakly Supervised Multi-graph Learning
* Visual saliency as sequential eye fixation probability
* Visual tracking via weakly supervised learning from multiple imperfect oracles
* Visual tracking via weakly supervised learning from multiple imperfect oracles 1
* Visual-Textual Sentiment Analysis in Product Reviews
* Vocabulary Hierarchy Optimization and Transfer for Scalable Image Search
* Vocabulary hierarchy optimization for effective and transferable retrieval
* Weak attributes for large-scale image retrieval
* Weakly Supervised Multi-Graph Learning for Robust Image Reranking
* Weakly supervised sparse coding with geometric consistency pooling
* Weakly supervised topic grouping of YouTube search results
* Weakly supervised vehicle detection in satellite images via multi-instance discriminative learning
* Weakly Supervised Visual Dictionary Learning by Harnessing Image Attributes
* What are we looking for: Towards statistical modeling of saccadic eye movements and visual saliency
Includes: Ji, R.R.[Rong Rong] Ji, R.R.[Rong-Rong] Ji, R.R. Ji, R.R.[Rui-Rui]
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