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Jo, H.[Hyunjoon] Co Author Listing * generalized data-driven Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for hierarchical activity search, A

Jo, H.E.[Hyung Eun] Co Author Listing * Auto-generation of Geographic Cognitive Maps for Browsing Personal Multimedia
Includes: Jo, H.E.[Hyung Eun] Jo, H.E.[Hyung-Eun]

Jo, H.G.[Hyeong Gon] Co Author Listing * Proximity-Based Asynchronous Messaging Platform for Location-Based Internet of Things Service

Jo, H.H.[Hyun Ho] Co Author Listing * Fast CAVLD of H.264/AVC on bitstream decoding processor
* Parallelized deblocking filtering of HEVC decoders based on complexity estimation
* Perceptual intra-frame coding for HEVC still picture profile based on invisible signal suppression
* Software pipelining with CGA and proposed intrinsics on a reconfigurable processor for HEVC decoders
Includes: Jo, H.H.[Hyun Ho] Jo, H.H.[Hyun-Ho]

Jo, H.J. Co Author Listing * Practical Security Architecture for In-Vehicle CAN-FD, A
* Practical Wireless Attack on the Connected Car and Security Protocol for In-Vehicle CAN, A
* Regional thinning of cerebral cortical thickness in first-episode and chronic schizophrenia
* Reliable Cooperative Authentication for Vehicular Networks
* Structured analysis of the ISI Atomic Pair Actions dataset using workflows
Includes: Jo, H.J. Jo, H.J.[Hang Joon] Jo, H.J.[Hyun-Joon]

Jo, H.S.[Han Shin] Co Author Listing * Optimal Planar Array Architecture for Full-Dimensional Multi-user Multiple-Input Multiple-Output with Elevation Modeling
* Stochastic Relational Network
Includes: Jo, H.S.[Han Shin] Jo, H.S.[Han-Shin] Jo, H.S.

Jo, H.W.[Hyun Woo] Co Author Listing * International benchmarking of terrestrial laser scanning approaches for forest inventories
Includes: Jo, H.W.[Hyun Woo] Jo, H.W.[Hyun-Woo]

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