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Jo, K. Co Author Listing * Curvilinear-Coordinate-Based Object and Situation Assessment for Highly Automated Vehicles
* Development of localisation and mapping software for autonomous cars
* Fast GPS-DR Sensor Fusion Framework: Removing the Geodetic Coordinate Conversion Process
* Generation of a Precise Roadway Map for Autonomous Cars
* Hierarchical Trajectory Planning of an Autonomous Car Based on the Integration of a Sampling and an Optimization Method
* Interacting Multiple Model Filter-Based Sensor Fusion of GPS With In-Vehicle Sensors for Real-Time Vehicle Positioning
* L-Shape Model Switching-Based Precise Motion Tracking of Moving Vehicles Using Laser Scanners
* Precise Localization of an Autonomous Car Based on Probabilistic Noise Models of Road Surface Marker Features Using Multiple Cameras
* Real-Time Road-Slope Estimation Based on Integration of Onboard Sensors With GPS Using an IMMPDA Filter
* Road sign detection method based on fast HDR image generation technique
* Road Slope Aided Vehicle Position Estimation System Based on Sensor Fusion of GPS and Automotive Onboard Sensors
* SpeDo: 6 DOF Ego-Motion Sensor Using Speckle Defocus Imaging
* Track Fusion and Behavioral Reasoning for Moving Vehicles Based on Curvilinear Coordinates of Roadway Geometries
* Tracking and Behavior Reasoning of Moving Vehicles Based on Roadway Geometry Constraints
Includes: Jo, K. Jo, K.[Kichun]
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Jo, K.H.[Kang Hyun] Co Author Listing * Comparison of SIFT and Harris conner features for correspondence points matching, A
* Detection of pedestrian crossing road
* Evaluation of background subtraction algorithms for video surveillance
* Fast HDR image generation from multi-exposed multiple-view LDR images
* geometry-based 3D reconstruction from a single omnidirectional image, A
* Manipulative Hand Gesture Recognition Using Task Knowledge for Human Computer Interaction
* Multi language text detection using fast stroke width transform
* Path Planning for Unmanned Vehicle Motion Based on Road Detection Using Online Road Map and Satellite Image
* Real-time hand gesture recognition for augmented screen using average background and camshift
* Smoke detection for static cameras
* Stairway tracking based on automatic target selection using directional filters
* Utilization of optimally selected features for car detection in calibrated camera and LRF system
* Vehicle Localization Using Omnidirectional Camera with GPS Supporting in Wide Urban Area
Includes: Jo, K.H.[Kang Hyun] Jo, K.H.[Kang-Hyun] Jo, K.H.
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